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What are the differences between single- and double-barrel speakers?

The biggest difference between our single- and double-barrel marine T-Top speakers comes down to one thing: your sound experience. That’s because both speaker options use the same high-quality components in either anodized or powder coated cans, but our single barrel speaker only has one speaker while our double barrel has two. Additionally, our double-barrel speakers come with a swivel mount, giving you the option to face the speakers in two different directions at the same time for better sound quality for everyone on board.

Which amp do I need?

Once you have decided whether the single- or double-barrel T-Top speakers are right for you, it’s time to choose an amplifier. Having the right amplifier minimizes sound distortion and provides a power boost to your boat’s radio system so you get the best possible sound experience with your marine T-Top speakers. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Single Barrel Speakers – At least a 200W, 2 channel amplifier.
  • Double Barrel Speakers – At least a 400W, 4 channel amplifier.

Have plans to upgrade to double-barrel speakers in the future or think you might? Go with the 400W, 4 channel amplifier. This way you only need to make one investment in your amplifier and then you will be set to go whenever it’s time to upgrade your T-Top speakers.

Do these speakers work with my current boat speaker system?

Yes! Our selection of boat T-Top speakers are designed to work with your boat’s existing sound system so there’s no need to change the head unit or amplifier. That said, although you technically don’t need an amplifier for your T-Top speakers, we highly recommend one for a better sound experience! For example, if you plan to pull a rider, having an amplifier will help make sure they hear and enjoy your playlist just as much as everyone else on board. Plus, the amp will boost the music over the engine, making it sound that much better.

If I don’t have a Fishmaster T-Top, will these speakers still work on my t-top?

Yes! Here at Fishmaster we work diligently to provide accessories that work with a wide variety of boats and T-Tops. All T-Top mounted speakers come standard with universal inserts, allowing them to fit virtually any diameter tubing on your T-Top from 1-5/8” to 2-1/2”. This means even if your T-Top isn’t from Fishmaster, you can still enjoy our T-Top speakers for high quality sound out on the water.

How do I take care of my T-Top speakers?

You can choose to have your marine T-Top speakers either anodized or powder coated for a layer of protection against corrosion (and because this means you’ll never need to polish them), but there’s no denying that saltwater can still be tough on speaker cans. With this in mind, we always recommend rinsing and drying your T-Top speakers after each saltwater boating adventure and rinsing them with water and a mild soap at the end of each season. This will help reduce water spots.

Which brand should I choose?

There are several brands that have come to be known and trusted in the marine speaker game. That means that you’re going to be able to find high quality, reliable speakers that have been put to the test and come out on top no matter which brand you choose, but we know there can only be one “best” brand. Which brand this is really depends on you and your boat. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you narrow down your choices:

  • Wet Sounds is known for speakers that produce a richer sound with a solid sub.
  • Polk and Kicker won’t be able to provide a robust sound like Wet Sounds with donut-shaped subs, but they’re still quality, reliable speakers.
  • Monster Tower’s speakers are marine certified and have built-in LED backlighting alongside quality speaker components.

And remember, you can always match your T-Top speakers to your boat’s existing sound system if you’re finding it hard to decide!

What does powder coated and anodized mean?

No matter which coating you choose for your boat T-Top speakers, you can feel confident you’re getting the same high quality and value that Fishmaster is known for! Unlike many other marine T-Top speakers, our T-Top speaker cans are given a protective coating (either polished and bright-dipped anodized or powder coated) that provides them with added durability with a corrosion-resistant shield that never needs polishing. Although both the anodized and the black powder coat share the same protective properties, how they are manufactured differs. Here are the main differences:

  • Polished and Bright-Dipped Anodized: Anodizing your T-Top speaker cans is a must to help avoid corrosion, especially for saltwater boaters, but very few marine T-Top speakers have anodized cans because of production costs. We know what happens when marine T-Top speakers aren’t protected, so we offer speaker cans that are polished and bright-dipped anodized with resilient aluminum metal for a high-quality speaker that lasts.
  • Powder Coated: Our powder coat is impenetrable because the coating is literally baked onto the T-Top speaker’s metal at 500 degrees. This is the same coating you see on car wheels because it provides a durable protective layer that will last through tough, wet environments.

PD Combo1200 Powered Speaker Package

PD Combo1200 Powered Speaker Package – 12″ Sub + 2x 6. 5″ Tops

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  • Complete active speaker system
  • The included subwoofer produces a deep bass output
  • Bluetooth connection allows you to stream music wirelessly from a smart device
  • Volume adjustment for the satellite and sub speakers separately
  • Adjust the frequency output using built-in DSP settings


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Product Description

Easy to transport active 1200W sound system equipped with an intelligent digital sound processor, which ensures optimal and constant reproduction. Ideal for mobile DJs, karaoke shows, drive-in shows, presentations and other mobile applications. This professional set includes a 12″ subwoofer (2,5″ voice coil) and two 6.5″ satellite speakers (midrange 1.5″ voice coil and tweeter 1″ voice coil). The subwoofer covers a frequency range of 40Hz – 150Hz while the satellite speakers cope frequencies of 150Hz to 17kHz. This system is designed for “on the road” applications.




  • Class-D amplifier 400W + 2x 100W RMS
  • Using Bluetooth Wireless technology for audio streaming
  • 24bit 96KHz DSP with 3 presets
  • Electronic limiter
  • Electronic crossover
  • Volume control for subwoofer and satellite speakers
  • +5dB switch for boosting input signal
  • Mono/Stereo switchable
  • NL2 output connectors
  • Lightweight with integrated carrying handles
  • Power on delay
  • Including wheels and 2x 5m speaker cable





  • Supplied features: Speaker pole mount
  • Input connections: 6. 3mm Jack RCA XLR (3-pin)
  • Output connections: NL-4 XLR (3-pin)
  • Output power: Max: 1200W
  • Output power: RMS: 600W
  • Amplifier type: Class D
  • Diameter tweeter: 1″
  • Tweeter type: Dome
  • Diameter woofer: 12″
  • Magnet type: Ferrite
  • Magnet weight: 60 oz
  • Amount of woofers: 1
  • Voice coil: 2.5″
  • Frequency response : 40Hz – 17.000Hz
  • Dispersion: 90 degrees x 60 degrees
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Crossover frequency: 120Hz
  • SPL 1W/1m: 94dB
  • SPL max: 119dB
  • Weight: 33.4
  • MPN: 178.660


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The best speakers 16 cm for cars

The quality of regular speakers in a car is often mediocre. Therefore, there is a need to purchase a new one – good and at an affordable price. The size of 16 cm is the most popular today, even universal, because such systems can be installed both in the front doors and on the rear shelf. The speakers selected by our editors for our review of the best 16 cm car speakers outperformed the competition on key metrics: build quality, price and sound. This is what deserved a place in the independent rating of car acoustics.


  • TOP 10 best 16 cm speakers for cars
  • 4. Hertz Uno K 165
  • 5. Alpine SXE-1725S
  • 6. Nakamichi NSE-CS1617
  • 7. JVC CS-J610
  • 8. Ural AS-C1647
  • 9. JBL Stage3 637F
  • 10. SWAT SP-M1620
  • Which speakers are best for vehicle

TOP 10 best speakers 16 cm for cars

It is believed that a good speaker system requires significant financial costs, but in practice you can find a very worthy alternative – reliable, high quality and reasonable cost. These are the speakers our editors have combined in an independent review of the best speakers for 2023.

Many of the best speakers can be connected directly to the radio. They are able to produce a good sound that will appeal to most buyers. This conclusion is the result of an analysis of all the reviews on authoritative sites.

1. Pioneer TS-650C

One of the finest 16cm car speakers in the tradition of the renowned manufacturer. The stylish midbass housing houses durable polypropylene diffusers on rubber suspensions, which, unlike more familiar materials, do not distort the sound at low temperatures and are not afraid of moisture. Separate crossovers connected in parallel to the source and filtering frequencies are responsible for the correct sound of the tweeters. Such an acoustic set easily fits into the regular places of the front doors, because the component speakers have a very small seating depth. However, according to customer reviews, despite the overall high quality, in the first two or three days after installation, you should not expect good sound from the speakers, they need to play out.


  • power;
  • excellent equipment;
  • quality of materials;
  • sound quality;
  • crossovers included;
  • are suitable for thin doors.


  • “break-in” required.

2. JBL Stage3 607CF

Robust woofers are a great replacement for stock speakers for bass lovers. The standard diameter of 16 cm and a small landing depth allow installation in the doors of any car without alterations and additional spacers. According to the owners, the sound level of the speakers is an order of magnitude higher than that of most analogues in terms of cost. The absence of distortion and wheezing at maximum volume makes it possible to enjoy music with good instrumental rendering. High frequencies are played separately through tweeters connected to crossovers. This solution elevates the stage and increases the variability of editing.


  • deep bass;
  • ease of installation;
  • price-opportunity combination;
  • moderate cost;
  • included with mounting adapter.


  • controversial tweeter design.

3. Pioneer TS-1639R

Pioneer’s full-range coaxial speakers are highly acclaimed by users for their rich bass and clear highs and mids. Their sound level, according to motorists, is close to ideal and allows you to install such acoustics as front or rear paired with component speakers. Honest 50 watts of nominal power pulls out any tracks, regardless of genre, especially when connected through an amplifier. The quality of the materials used by the manufacturer clearly hints at the extended life of the columns. So, for example, polypropylene diffusers, more typical for subwoofers, do not tan in the cold, are not afraid of moisture and are distinguished by a large stroke.


  • purity of the entire range;
  • high power;
  • excellent combination of price and quality;
  • possibility to use without amplifier;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • rigid frame.


  • no safety net.

4. Hertz Uno K 165

The most powerful loudspeakers in the rating play the entire frequency range cleanly and in detail. Regardless of whether the acoustics are connected through an amplifier or directly to the radio, according to the owners, it will make your favorite tracks sound in a new way. Up to the maximum volume, the midbass hold on without distorting the music and voices, but the tweeters will require an equalizer adjustment, otherwise the treble will dominate. Round-shaped speakers fit into regular places without problems. At a standard 6″ in diameter and 63mm deep, most vehicles won’t need podiums or other modifications during installation.


  • power 70 W;
  • good looking;
  • high sensitivity;
  • clear sound and good detail;
  • high quality materials;
  • volume.


  • thin frame midbass;
  • at a volume above average, a lot of treble.

5. Alpine SXE-1725S

A popular model from a well-known Japanese manufacturer easily replaces standard 16 cm speakers. Installation variability is realized due to a large number of openings for bolts. And the optimal combination of price and sound quality made the speakers a popular solution for budget speaker systems. Despite the simplicity of design and the plastic frame, the speakers are not inferior to more expensive lines in terms of service life, which is confirmed by a large number of owner reviews. Only the lack of rich bass let the speakers down a bit. However, demanding users correct this shortcoming by installing a not too powerful amplifier.


  • proven brand;
  • low cost;
  • long service life;
  • soft treble and midrange;
  • many fixing holes.


  • plastic housing requires careful installation;
  • no deep bass.

6. Nakamichi NSE-CS1617

Good, inexpensive speakers do not need a powerful head unit or amplifier to reveal their capabilities. They are designed to be used in tandem with a radio installed by the automaker instead of regular 16 cm speakers. Despite the modest rated power of 20 watts, the sound they produce has earned a large number of accolades. Full-fledged external crossovers keep the high frequency range in comfortable values ​​for perception. Polymeric midbass diffusers, due to a sufficiently large stroke, win back the lows and the middle well, which together makes the sound more natural.


  • external crossovers included;
  • natural sound;
  • polypropylene diffusers;
  • soft bass;
  • Easy to install.


  • tweeters are not fixed in housings;
  • short wires.

7. JVC CS-J610

The best inexpensive standard size speakers, in addition to high-quality performance, delight owners with purity in a wide range. When connected directly to the “head”, the speakers work without wheezing up to 75% of the volume of the device. And the regular equalizer of the radio allows you to adjust the frequency balance depending on the genre of music. In the case of working with an amplifier, the result is even more positive. Deep bass appears, mids become noticeable. But even in this case, experienced users advise not to neglect the noise and vibration isolation of the seat, otherwise the full potential of the speakers will not be revealed.


  • lowest price in the class;
  • standard installation size;
  • rigid basket;
  • attractive design.


  • in the absence of noise and vibration isolation do not work at full capacity.

8. Ural AS-C1647

This speaker model has been designed for optimum performance when connected to a radio. Ural coaxial speaker system – these are two high-quality speakers with a sensitivity of 92 dB, maximum power 140 W and a complete set, including wires, grilles and fasteners. The sound, according to reviews, is more than worthy: pleasant mids and highs, good, soft basses. On the Yandex.Market service, the model scored 4.6 points, buyers especially noted the build quality and clear sound, as well as a simple installation – it definitely will not cause difficulties. Only regular wires were criticized, experienced car owners decided to replace them with new, copper ones.


  • good build quality;
  • reasonable cost;
  • pure sound;
  • easy installation;
  • nice design.


  • wires from the kit are rather weak.

9. JBL Stage3 637F

JBL speakers combine patented Plus One™ woofer technology, stylish and modern DCR design, and the purest professional sound. The three-way coaxial speakers are well made, deliver a wide frequency range and extract every watt of power. By shifting the attachment point between the spatial sound and the frame, the designers achieved an increase in the cone area by 35%. Due to the leveled stage, the speakers are recommended for installation in the rear. According to reviews, the cons of the speakers have not been identified, but objectively, the rated power is rather low.


  • Harman patented speakers;
  • extended frequency range;
  • look stylish;
  • decent sound;
  • easy installation.


  • low rated power.

10. SWAT SP-M1620

Coaxial speakers are excellent replacements for stock speakers and perform well, even in difficult conditions of use – significant temperature fluctuations and moisture. Powerful two-band speakers, of course, do not give out the declared values, but they are very close to them. The volume and clarity of the tracks played are almost comparable to those that can be obtained from the more popular Japanese acoustics. A relatively young company, SWAT is moving forward steadily and is becoming more and more visible among the regulars of premium CarAudio. The company’s products often fall into the TOP of the best and are used to build powerful speaker systems.


  • compatible with any brand of HU;
  • loud and clear sound;
  • rigid base;
  • justified cost;
  • maximum power 350 W.


  • slightly oversized;
  • thin wires.

Which speakers are better to choose for a car

The choice of acoustic system directly depends on the musical preferences of the car owner. Fans of powerful bass will certainly be pleased with products from Pioneer. Midbass with a large amplitude and a polypropylene cone are tailored for electronic tracks, which are often listened to from outside, not inside, the car. The famous brands JBL, JVC, Alpine are leaders in natural sound. The Hertz line is a gift for a music lover who expects to hear the smallest details for little money when playing an instrumental concert or listening to his favorite piece.

Sets from other manufacturers, included in the rating of the best speakers with a diameter of 16 cm, according to motorists, have become the best replacement for standard music for budget speaker systems. Despite the modest power in terms of sound quality, they are head and shoulders above what car manufacturers install.

Review of speakers from our editors – an independent opinion, supported by user experience. It will help you decide which speakers are better to buy and not miscalculate with the purchase.

Best speakers with Alice in 2023: model rating

I found four models and I will explain why I chose them

Evgeniy Vildyaev

spoke with a speaker

Author profile

A speaker with an electronic assistant helps in many tasks.

As a person who has been reviewing technology for a long time, I understand that smart speakers usually cost more than regular bluetooth models, and they do not sound as loud and bass. But music is not their only function. And the ability to turn on a random track from a smart selection with one phrase saves you in the morning, when making and drinking coffee is much more important than digging into your phone and connecting it to external speakers.

Also, with the help of a smart speaker, you can control a smart home, listen to news and weather forecasts, set timers or turn on fairy tales for children. True, all models from the selection work only from the outlet, and you cannot take them with you to the park. But some can be connected to powerful home acoustics to listen to your favorite tracks in high quality.

Why do we choose a column with Alice

In 2021, almost 3 million smart devices with voice assistants were sold in Russia, 63% of them were occupied by Yandex gadgets. Now it is the most popular voice assistant. Alice has natural speech, many additional features and excellent integration with Yandex services.

The selection includes only Yandex Stations. We considered speakers from other manufacturers like LG, JBL, Prestigio and others, but they were not included in the top: some are very hard to find on sale, while others are simply not good enough.

You can read more about smart speakers with different assistants in a separate selection of Tinkoff Magazine.

How to choose a smart speaker with Alice

All smart speakers with Yandex smart assistant work on the same principle: the speaker with microphones picks up the voice command, transmits it to the server in encrypted form, and already there the system decrypts the speech and sends a clear instruction to the speaker . Without an Internet connection, the column is practically useless, but it does not require an expensive powerful processor: all complex calculations are carried out outside.

The main features of the column with Alice. All columns from Yandex and partner companies are arranged differently and differ in quality and feature set. But the capabilities of the voice assistant itself are the same everywhere. Alice can:

  • report the exact time, date, weather, traffic conditions;
  • read news from pre-added sources – topics and specific sites can be selected in the Yandex application;
  • set timers, alarms and reminders – the latter are also duplicated by a push notification to a smartphone;
  • include tracks from Yandex Music – a paid Plus subscription is required;
  • manage smart home devices added to the Home with Alice application;
  • entertain children – tell stories, answer questions, play “hot chair”, conversational quests and quizzes.

“I made sure that laziness is the engine of progress”: 5 ways to set up a smart home with Alice

Sound quality. None of the smart speakers claim to be approved by sophisticated audiophiles, no matter what the ads say. But still, there is a difference in volume and sound quality between the speakers, and a significant one. Here are some things to watch out for:

  1. The total power of the speakers determines the maximum volume of the music and the sound quality below 80%.
  2. The sound quality of different frequency ranges depends on the number of speakers. Separate drivers for treble and bass deliver clearer, more detailed sound than a single all-in-one full range speaker.

Volume. For loudspeakers, loudness is measured by the total power of all speakers in watts. All columns can be conditionally divided by power into three categories:

  1. Up to 5W – Entry level, slightly louder than a smartphone and about laptop-level.
  2. 10-40 W – average volume of portable acoustics, enough for an apartment.
  3. 50 W or more – powerful devices with which you can arrange a disco in a large country house.

Additional functions. In addition to speakers, a smart speaker has many more elements. Here are the main ones:

  1. Bluetooth support – all speakers in the selection have it, it allows you to stream music from your phone or computer.
  2. Wi-Fi 5 is a fast wireless data transfer standard. Alice needs to quickly load information and broadcast music in high quality without delay.
  3. Clock Screen – Available on Station Max and Station Mini 2. Shows the time, outside temperature, countdown timer and funny faces when Alice answers questions.
  4. AUX output – 3.5 mm jack for connecting external speakers. With the help of the inexpensive “Station Mini” you can give a second life to an old music center.
  5. HDMI output – only available on large 1st generation Station and Station Max. The column is connected to the TV and works as a set-top box for watching clips, YouTube and TV shows on Kinopoisk.
  6. Zigbee module – available only for “Station 2”. Needed to control some smart home gadgets that are connected not via Wi-Fi, but through a special protocol to save energy.

How to assemble a smart home in a rental apartment

Design and assembly. It is important that the column fits into the interior and does not annoy the owner: it will always be in sight. For example, most devices are available in three or more colors, many have a fabric cover so as not to look like an alien monolith in the middle of an apartment with a grandmother’s Czech wall.

The best of the best Best for smart home
Station Max Station 2
Powerful speakers, built-in 4K TV box, smart display with clock, weather and animations Good sound quality, original backlight, built-in Zigbee protocol
In “M-video” – 27 999 R;
on Yandex Market – from 27 980 R
In “M-video” – 16 999 R;
on Yandex Market – from 16 990 R
Best Choice The most affordable
Station Mini 2 with clock Station Light
Decent sound quality, convenient display, compact size – ideal for the kitchen, bedroom or nursery An excellent inexpensive option for those who want to try a smart speaker and are undemanding in terms of quality. This is the cheapest option for smart home control
In “M-video” – 7999 R;
on Yandex Market — 6990 Р
In “M-video” – 3999 R;
on Yandex Market – from 3990 R

The best of the best

Station Max

Powerful speakers, built-in 4K TV box, smart display with clock, weather and animations

M-video — 27,999 R;
on Yandex Market — from 27,980 R

Best for smart home

Station 2

Good sound quality, original body illumination, built-in Zigbee protocol

V “M-video” – 16 999 R;
on Yandex-Market-from 16 990 p

Optimal choice of

Mini 2 station with Cups

Decent sound quality, convenient display, compact dimensions-ideal option for the kitchen, bedroom or children

in M- video” – 7999 R;
on Yandex Market — 6990 Р

The most affordable

Station Light

An excellent inexpensive option for those who want to try a smart speaker and are undemanding to quality. This is the cheapest option for smart home control

V “M-video” – 3999 R;
on Yandex Market – from 3990 R

But we do not distort or embellish the reviews. The choice of specific things does not depend on whether we receive a commission.

Product reviews in Tinkoff Magazine are independent. We make a verdict based on reviews of things and devices that we carefully studied, or how these things performed during editorial tests.

For reviews, we either request goods from the manufacturer for a test, or we buy them ourselves, or we study reviews in other publications and user opinions. Our reviews are subjective, but honest and expert: opinions are written by authors who have more than one review behind them. The editorial team of Tinkoff Magazine double-checks the texts, proofreads them and conducts fact-checking.

All prices are at the time of publication of the material, but we update them periodically to keep the reviews up to date.

The best of the best – Max Station

The largest, most powerful and most versatile Yandex Station in the collection. And also the most expensive.

Looks like a rectangular turret covered with thick fabric. Its dimensions are 141 × 141 × 231 mm. At the top there is a large volume control ring, a light indicator and buttons to call Alice and mute the microphone. The presence of physical rather than touch controls is definitely a plus, all pressing is clearly felt by touch. The column is sold in four colors: black, white, burgundy and blue.

There is a display on the front of the case, it shines through the fabric. The screen shows various animations during voice commands or music playback, and in static mode displays the current time. When the timer is turned on, the countdown is duplicated on it.

Station Max sounds better than most other speakers on the market. Separate speakers are provided for high, medium and low frequencies, the total power is 65 watts. For listening to music in a quiet apartment, 40% volume is enough, and the maximum is enough for a rather crowded house party.

There is a special HDMI port for connecting TV, the corresponding cable is included in the kit. The maximum resolution is 4K, there is HDR support, but the choice of online cinemas is limited by Kinopoisk. The desired series or video on YouTube can be selected by voice, the speaker will even turn on the connected TV itself. When connected to a TV, the sound will come from the TV, and not from the speaker, so using the Max Station as a soundbar will not work.

The case has a 3.5mm AUX output port. If the volume or sound quality of the built-in speakers seems insufficient, Station Max can be connected to a more powerful home audio system.

How much:

  • in M-video — 27,999 R;
  • on Yandex Market – from 27 980 R.

The best choice – “Station Mini 2”

Relatively inexpensive speaker for the kitchen, bedroom or nursery. It is sold in two versions: with and without a clock screen. For the article, we chose the version with a clock, since the LED dial makes the speaker noticeably more useful in everyday life.

The column looks like a large washer measuring 97 x 97 x 54 mm. The main body is plastic, with fabric upholstery around the edge. It looks nice, but in my experience, not very practical. Dust and any dirt eat into the fabric, and it will be difficult to remove them, so it is better to place the column in the kitchen away from the cooking area. The column is available in four colors: black, white, blue and red.

The built-in clock screen not only shows the time, but also the weather, musical animations and volume percentages. When the timer starts, the display shows the remaining time. This is very convenient in the kitchen, during urgent gatherings and in other similar cases. In the bedroom, it does an excellent job as an alarm clock, and even turns off the lights in the entire apartment with one command if you use smart bulbs.

The brightness of the display adjusts to the level of light: during the day, the numbers do not fade in the sun, and at night they do not blind in the dark. Through the Home with Alice application, you can set the shutdown time – my speaker is in the bedroom and goes out completely from midnight to eight in the morning, so that it definitely does not interfere with rest.

Who needs “Station Mini” and TV set-top box with Alice: review

The speaker has one active speaker with a power of 10 W and four microphones. The column is twice as powerful as the “Mini” of the first generation and “Station Light”. The difference is felt immediately, Alice easily shouts over the noise of the TV or vacuum cleaner. The sound is not particularly clear, but there is even a hint of bass, which the Light version lacks, so the speaker does not spoil your favorite tracks on the alarm clock, and more is not required at all for weather forecasts and news.

Like Station Max, it has a 3.5 mm AUX output. Through it, the speaker can be connected to a music center, soundbar or other home acoustics so that the sound is louder and clearer.

How much:

  • in M-video – 7999 R;
  • on Yandex Market – 6990 R.

Best for smart home – Yandex Station 2

A portable speaker is always a compromise between compactness and sound quality. “Station 2” is more compact than the “Max” version and does not play as loudly, but for most users its capabilities will be enough.

Column dimensions – 123 × 99 × 199 mm. The case is also covered in fabric upholstery, available in four colors: dark gray, beige, copper-orange and red. The colors are universal, and you can choose the right one for any interior.

A special light panel is located on top, which shimmers in time with the music and when commands are received. When the volume is increased, its color will change from green to orange, and when the timer is set, a gradually decreasing circle will appear. “Station 2” can work as a night light in one of three modes: monochromatic glow, iridescent lava lamp or flickering candle. The speaker will not fully illuminate the room, but it will create a pleasant soft glow if you place it near a light wall.

The total output of the two built-in speakers is 30 W, which is significantly more than the compact versions. Four microphones with excellent sensitivity. “Station 2” sounds neutral and balanced: it won’t become a rave queen, but the music plays clean and not flat. The best thing is to turn on something peppy in the morning or put the noise of nature with an off timer before going to bed.

Yandex Station 2 review with Alice: so far the best speaker for smart home control

It is worth highlighting the work with the Zigbee protocol for smart home. If it’s very rude, then this is an analogue of Wi-Fi with low power consumption, which is used by some smart home gadgets: switches, motion and lighting sensors, smart cornices and much more. Usually, for Zigbee devices, you need to buy a separate hub box that will connect them to the Internet and transmit commands, on average it costs 3000-4000 R. But such a hub is already built into Station 2 and works with devices from most manufacturers, they are easy connect through apps.

Station 2 does not have an AUX output for external speakers, so its sound cannot be improved in any way. This is a good speaker for any part of the apartment, but versions with a built-in clock are better suited for the kitchen or bedroom.

How much:

  • in M-video – 16 999 R;
  • on Yandex Market – from 16,990 R.

The most affordable – Yandex Station Light

The initial model in the Yandex line. The body is entirely plastic, available in several bright colors: turquoise, purple, pink, red, beige and yellow. The shades are very saturated and may look out of place in a strict interior.

This is the most compact speaker with Alice – 90 × 55 mm. The only 5W speaker plays well but is quiet. Sometimes it is difficult for her to shout over the TV at a moderate volume, and while cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is likely to drown out the music on it. But for background playback while studying, before going to bed or at dinner, the speaker is quite suitable.