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9 Best Outdoor Security Cameras (2023): Battery-Powered, LTE, No Subscription

We have tested several other outdoor security cameras. These are the ones we like that just missed out on a place above.

Wyze Cam OG for $24 and Wyze Cam OG Telephoto for $34: This interesting pair of affordable cameras from Wyze work well together, and you can get them bundled with a stack kit for $56. The OG gives you a 120-degree wide view and sports a spotlight, and the OG Telephoto has a 3x optical zoom. For example, you might have the OG cover your backyard and use the Telephoto to focus on the gate area, and you can set up a picture-in-picture view in the Wyze app. Both are IP65 rated, but if you want to use an outdoor socket, you must buy the Wyze Outdoor Power Adapter ($14).

Swann AllSecure650 4 Camera Kit for $700: This kit includes four wireless, battery-powered cameras and a network video recorder (NVR) that can plug into a TV or monitor via HDMI. The cameras can record up to 2K, and footage is crisp and detailed enough to zoom in on, though there is a mild fisheye effect. The night vision is reasonably good, but the two-way audio lags and sounds distorted. I like the option to view all camera feeds simultaneously, the backup battery in the NVR makes it a cinch to swap batteries when a camera is running low, and everything is local with no need for a subscription. Unfortunately, the mobile app is poor, camera feeds sometimes take several seconds to load, and there doesn’t seem to be any 2FA. The NVR interface is also clunky to navigate with the provided mouse.

Arlo Pro 4 for $154: This camera was our top pick and it is still an excellent buy that is widely available. Its successor, the Pro 5, has slightly better battery life and enhanced color night vision, but there isn’t a huge difference. This camera provides crisp, clear footage, responds swiftly, and has an excellent detection and notification system, but you must also factor in the cost of an Arlo subscription starting from $5 per month for a single camera.

Reolink Argus 3 Pro for $120: There’s a lot to like with this security camera, not least the affordable price. It offers 2K video, local or cloud storage, two-way audio, a siren, and person recognition. The live feed loads fast, and it’s cheap to buy a solar panel accessory for power. The app is a little confusing, but Reolink recently added 2FA. I also tested the Reolink Argus PT with solar panel ($160), which is a solid pan and tilt camera with an otherwise similar feature set. Both Reolink cameras also support dual band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

Eve Outdoor Cam for $250: This stylish floodlight camera must be wired in, and installation is tricky (you may want an electrician). It can replace an outdoor light to give you motion-activated light (up to 1,500 lumens), 1080p video (157-degree field-of-view), and two-way audio. But as a Homekit camera, you will need an Apple Homekit hub (Apple TV, HomePod, or iPad) and an iCloud+ storage plan. Sadly, the video and sound quality are average, it only works on 2.4-GHz Wi-Fi, and there’s no Android support.

Toucan Wireless Outdoor Camera for $100: Toucan’s wireless camera resembles our top pick from Arlo with a smart magnetic mount and easy installation. The 1080p video is good in ideal conditions but struggles with mixed lighting (no HDR). Two-way audio is passable. The app works well and loads the live feed quite quickly, but this is cloud-only, which means you need to subscribe (from $3 per month) if you want tagged events, more than the last 24 hours recorded, or to download more than five videos per month.

Wyze Cam V3 Outdoor Camera for $35: This camera has an IP65 rating making, it suitable for outdoor use. It comes close to matching the Wyze Cam Outdoor on video quality and features, but because it must be plugged in, you might easily end up spending more on a lengthy cable than on the camera itself. Local storage is also limited to a microSD card on the device.

Toucan Security Light Camera for $180: You can simply plug this camera into an outlet, and it comes with an 8-meter waterproof cable. It has a motion-activated light (1,200 lumens), records 1080p video, and supports two-way audio. I found the footage quite detailed, but it struggled with direct sunlight. You can record locally on a microSD card (sold separately), and you get 24 hours of free cloud storage, but it has limitations. Plans start from $3 per month. Even with motion detection set to the lowest sensitivity, this camera triggered too often during testing, and there’s no way to filter for people, so I got frequent false positives (blowing leaves, moths, and birds all triggered alerts).

Ezviz C3X for $90: The C3X gets the basics right, offering crisp footage and reliable alerts. It sports a dual-lens camera for better night vision, offering full-color video without the need for a spotlight. It is also easy to set up, takes a microSD card, and supports convenient two-factor authentication with a fingerprint. Unfortunately, you have to run a power cable (there’s optional Ethernet too), and the cloud subscription is too expensive. I also tested the wireless Ezviz EB3 (£80), a 2K, battery-powered outdoor security camera with on-device person detection and a microSD card slot, but it’s only available in the UK.

Blurams Outdoor Lite 3 for $65: This is a feature-packed security camera for the price, with support for pan, tilt, and zoom functionality, spotlights, siren, motion tracking, continuous recording, and two-way audio. You can store footage locally on a microSD card (sold separately) or subscribe to a cloud plan. Video quality is reasonable, but the app is very glitchy and loading the live feed was inconsistent (sometimes it just buffered indefinitely).

SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera for $190: A solid set of features, crisp 1080p video, and support for HDR sounds tempting, but you need a Simplisafe security system (9/10, WIRED recommends) and monitoring plan to make this camera worthwhile, making it too expensive for what you get. (The Arlo Pro 4 offers better-quality video and more features.) It may be a useful add-on for existing SimpliSafe customers, though.

Mi Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 1080p

Mi Wireless Outdoor Security Camera 1080p*Easy wire-free installation
High-resolution monitoring

  • IP65 dust and water resistant*Stable and reliable even in tough weather
  • 130° wide viewing angle Capture wider area in high resolution
  • 90-day long battery life* 5700mAh large battery, automatic records abnormal activity
  • PIR human detection7m detection distance, real-time alerts sent to your phone

Wire-free installation, 3-step easy pairing

  • 1. Open the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app
  • 2. Scan the QR code on the indoor receiver through Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP to pair the device
  • 3. Scan the QR code on the outdoor camera through Mi Home/Xiaomi Home APP to finish pairing

Capture clear details of outdoor conditons in FHD

130° wide angle1080p resolutionF 2. 1 large aperture7m night vision distance*

One indoor receiver supports up to four outdoor cameras connection, for simultaneous recording

130° wide angleWider angle, larger areaCapture more area with 130° wide angle, see what’s happening around your house in 1080p high resolution80° regular angle130° wide angleGarage viewBackyard view1080p resolution* The camera views are for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the actual product.

WDR technology + Smart night visionClear images in dark and backlit settingsWith WDR technology and F 2.1 large aperture, the camera can record clear detailed images even in darkness and backlightNight vision distance up to 7m*, display the outdoor environment clearly at night

  • Smart night vision
  • WDR display

One indoor receiver can support up to 4 outdoor cameras connectionFour cameras recording at the same time, with no blind spotsMultiple cameras can be operating at the same time and recording every corner around the house from any angle. You can check images of four cameras on your smartphone at the same time, and can also tap one image to check the details, keeping an eye on your house from anywhere.*Purchase more cameras according to your need

Reliable monitoring day and night

IP65 dust and water resistance

Reliable in hot and cold weather

Anti-theft design

Reliable in hot and cold weatherStable and reliable even in different temperaturesWith a wide operating temperature range, the camera can work normally at temperatures ranging from -20°C to 50°C*, guarding your house all year round

-20°Cto 50°C

Power efficient design, multiple modes for different scenarios*

Low motion sensitivityBattery life approx. 5 months

Suitable for warehouses, garages, etc. Average number of triggered recording is about 5 times a day.

Medium motion sensitivityBattery life approx. 3 months

Suitable for passageway, front gargen, etc. Average number of triggered recording is about 20 times a day.

High motion sensitivityBattery life approx. 0.5 – 1 months

Suitable for shops, streets and other public settings. Average number of triggered recording is about 100 times a day.

*Battery usage depends on motion sensitivity and recording time. Motion sensitivity, recording time, alert interval and other settings can be personalised in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app, to meet the requirements of different settings. Additional accessories can be purchased to increase battery life, including long power cable and solar panel. If connected to such accessories, the camera should be mounted under a roof overhang where it is protected from rain, and the ambient temperature should be between 0–45°C when charging.

Anti-theft designReal-time alert sent to your phone in case of suspicious activitiesThe camera features an anti-theft screw structure and a built-in gyroscope.
If abnormal activity is detected, a real-time alert will be sent to your phone.Users can disable the alert function in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app before taking the camera down for charging or other related operations.

Smart protection, convenient viewing

Human detection

Intercom voice changer

Independent indoor receiver

H.265 video encoding

PIR human detectionReal-time alert in case of abnormal activity outsideStarts recording and sends notifications if an unexpected temperature change and unusual activity within 7m are detected.Smart human detection, real-time alert.

Display camera video output on your Mi Smart Clock,
smartphone and tabletSmart control with voice, simply ask your Mi Smart Clock to show real-time video output from your camera** Alexa and Google Assistant voice control features require smart voice control devices to function. Related connecting devices are sold separately.
* Google and its related logos are trademarks of Google LLC.
* Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.
* Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are not available in certain languages and countries. Availability of services varies by country and language.

Independent indoor receiverMultiple storage optionsThe indoor receiver can store videos via local TF card, USB drive and/or 3-day rolling cloud storage, to meet your video storage need and prevent information loss and leakage.Adopts the new-generation H.265 video encoding technology, save more storage space, view seamless images in fast and stable connection with the new-generation H.265 video encoding technology without having to upgrade your networkSaves 50% of video storage spaceSaves 50% of bandwidthH.265


Ethernet portUSB portTF card slotUSB-C port

  • USB drive
  • TF card
  • 3-day rolling cloud storage

Notes:*Set version includes 1 indoor receiver and 1 outdoor camera*Single outdoor camera version is available. Outdoor camera(s) must be paired with an indoor receiver to use *The outdoor camera must be paired with an indoor receiver to use. One indoor receiver can support up to 4 outdoor cameras.*IP65 protection rating test was performed by EMTEK (Guangzhou) Co. , Ltd., Test Report No.: EY201218013MCV1.*90-day battery life is an estimated value. The test was performed by Moshontek AI Labs. Test method: the camera was triggered 10 times during the daytime and 10 times at night and worked for 15 seconds each time.* 7 m night vision distance was tested by Moshontek AI Labs. The sensitivity of the machine was set to high. In the test, the PIR detection distance reached 7 metres.* -20°C to 50°C working temperature was tested by Moshontek AI Labs. Actual data may vary depending on environmental factors. *3-day rolling cloud storage means that the camera records videos on a rolling basis. Each video will be stored on the cloud for 3 days and be deleted after that. *Disable the alert function in the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app before taking the camera down for charging or other related operations.

Wireless PTZ WIFI IP Camera 3G/4G LTE 2Mp

Wireless PTZ IP WIFI Camera supporting 3G/4G LTE wireless networks.

Equipped with 2. 0 megapixel SONY™ sensor with 5X/10X optical zoom Captures Full HD (1920x1080p) video. The camera has a Wi-Fi module – a built-in own router. The body of the camera is made in outdoor performance according to the IP66 standard. The design of the IP camera will perfectly fit into your interior or exterior. Ideal for tracking a small area. The IP camera can send notifications in the form of snapshots, by motion sensor, to an e-mail or ftp server. The camera fully complies with the IP66 protection class, is not afraid of rain, snow, frost and other precipitation and can be installed outdoors. The camera can be recommended for monitoring a small area, yard, parking lot, etc. The camera has a built-in waterproof microphone and audio output, which allows you to establish 2-way communication. The 2-way communication function perfectly showed its performance at a distance of 10 meters, and it is possible to hear what is happening up to 30 meters.

Professional outdoor PTZ IP video camera 2 Mpx video camera for IP video surveillance system designed for round-the-clock surveillance at objects of any complexity and in all weather conditions.

IP-Videocamer is equipped with a modern 2.7-13mm 1/3 “ SONY ™ CMOS IMX 307 Starvis with a resolution of 2 MPX. The video capture speed is 25 frames per second. It has a 5-time optical and 10-time digital zoom

The powerful processor of the IP camera is capable of outputting 3 independent video streams in different resolutions: 1920 x 1080/1280 x 720 / 704 x 576 / 640 x 360 / 360 x 288 / 320 x 240 / 176 x 144. This function will allow you to configure optimally e quality video images and frames per second, depending on the speed of the Internet connection at the access point to the camera. For example, you can transfer video to a mobile device with Internet access via GPRS from one IP camera in a lower resolution, while the same camera can transmit an HD image to a computer with an Internet connection.

3G / 4G LTE IP cameras are used in cases where it is necessary to conduct video surveillance in places with a complete lack of wired Internet, in other cases it is better to use standard wifi cameras. Today, all mobile operators have 3G / 4G LTE, different in terms of speed and cost of services. All 3G / 4G LTE IP cameras have a SIM card module that can transmit a signal over a mobile network or record them on a memory card, depending on the model, with further viewing via the 3G / 4G LTE Internet.

3G/4G LTE IP cameras are most often used far from the city. These can be summer cottages, remote warehouses, kiosks or shops, garage cooperatives. The connection is very simple – after activating the SIM card and replenishing it, it is inserted into the 3G camera. After that, it will automatically connect to the p2p server and will be available for connection in the client application.

If there is no wired internet, but there is an installed WiFi router, you can connect via wifi. You can view the video both in real time and view the recording. The latter is very convenient, since video is recorded on a microSD card with a maximum capacity of up to 128Gb. Therefore, when saving video to a micro SD card with a capacity of 128 GB, you can get 5-8 days of permanent video recording in the archive. In order to view the recorded video from the 3G-camera, you can connect remotely using a computer or mobile device and view the video archive. If you need to download some video fragment from a 3G camera, the Windows application will help you and you can easily remotely download all the videos recorded on a micro SD card to your computer, while being 1000 km away from the 3G video camera / 4G LTE.

In some systems, instead of a memory card, you can connect a DVR that works in P2P remote access via a 3G/4G LTE network.

The IP camera is connected to a local network and/or the Internet using a standard RJ-45 connector (10/100Base-T) or via a WIFI network (a WIFI unit with an external antenna is mounted in the camera). Power is supplied from a 12V AC power supply (included).
The camera is equipped with a Micro SD card slot for local storage of recordings. Supports memory cards up to 128Gb (about 60 days of continuous recording)

This camera model is multifunctional and has very high specifications. It simultaneously supports 3G and 4G standards. In addition, the camera can operate in conjunction with SIM cards of various mobile operators. It is also possible to shoot video via a wireless Wi-fi connection. You can control the 3G/4G LTE camera by first downloading the mobile application (it is available for technical devices based on Android and iOS). The second option for controlling the camera is through the appropriate software for a personal computer or laptop. Thanks to the powerful Exir IR illumination at night, you will be guaranteed a clear detailed image even in pitch darkness. You will be able to recognize objects even at a distance of 50 meters.

You can use the outdoor camera anywhere. It will function perfectly even if there is a mobile signal in the countryside, but there is no Internet. 3G camera is used not only to shoot video, but also acts as an alarm. When it captures moving objects in the protected area, the camera automatically sends an alert to four users at once. Users can be assigned when setting up the camera in advance.

264 codec compression and CAMHI’s innovative software enables the camera to transmit images at speeds as low as 100 kilobits per second. Thus, the consumer will be able to use it in places where the mobile Internet does not catch well.

The camera supports two video streams. With their help, when transferring at a low Internet speed, you will, of course, lose on image quality, but the video recording itself will be of the highest quality.


Vandal resistant outdoor camera body made of durable metal alloy. Protection class IP66 (classification system for the degree of protection of the enclosure of electrical equipment), which means that the internal components are reliably protected from dust and moisture, as well as resistant to temperature extremes (-32°C ~ +50°C). The position of the camera is adjustable in 3 axes, thanks to a three-axis knee bracket. The retractable adjustable visor protects the lens from direct sunlight and raindrops. White color makes installation of this camera almost imperceptible and will suit any exterior.


IP Surveillance Camera installation: fix the camera with self-tapping screws supplied and supply 12V power from the DC power supply. Set up remote access using the VMS software for PC or via the CAMHI mobile app on your smartphone. (detailed instructions and software can be found on our website in the “Download Center” section)

An outdoor IP camera can be used to solve a wide range of tasks: as a separately installed surveillance device connected to a PC, and to build a complete security IP video surveillance system using an NVR IP video recorder.

5x optical and 8x digital zoom.

Matrix light sensitivity – 0.05 Lux. There are also automatic functions:

• D-WDR – equalizes the brightness of light and dark areas throughout the image;
• 2D/3D-DNR – improved video noise elimination in poor lighting conditions;
• ATW – White balance.

The camera has a sensitivity of 0.1 lux, equipped with 4 IR LED arrays, which allows you to shoot at night up to 50 meters.


You can view the video image from the installed IP camera from the local network, but also from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available. Thanks to the built-in web server, the IP camera receives a unique IP address on the network, through which it connects and remotely accesses the settings and video image of the IP camera, in addition to a computer and laptop, using a tablet or smartphone running iOS | Android.

Configuring the IP camera functionality (network access, video stream resolution, video image quality, etc.) is performed through an intuitive graphical web interface using a browser on a PC or smartphone. To protect against unauthorized changes to the IP camera settings, access to the web interface is password protected. Encryption of WIFI wireless data transmission uses WPA algorithm, WPA2 encryption.

Connecting the camera to the network is very simple, for this you need to disassemble the camera, find the slot where the SIM card is installed. First you need to activate the starter pack in a regular mobile phone, and also check the Internet connection and performance on your smartphone. If the mobile phone has Internet, then you need to install this SIM card in the camera slot. After that, the camera will automatically configure all the settings and will be available on the Internet. The next step is to install the “client” mobile application on your mobile phone. Further, when adding a new device in the application, we will need the ID number of the camera in which the SIM card is already installed and it is connected to the mobile 3G / 4G LTE Internet. Often this number is indicated on the sticker of the camera, or it can be in the booklet that comes with the camera. After entering the unique ID number and password of the camera, you will automatically see the images from the camera.

After that, you will have to set up the camera, specify such parameters as the frame rate, bit rate, recording method on the card – constantly or by movement. More precise camera settings may be needed when your Internet coverage is not stable. It will be necessary to reduce the frame rate on the camera or reduce the bitrate (quality) of the transmitted image. But often throughout Russia there is a stable 3G coverage, which will be enough to get a high-quality picture and view the archive remotely.

A motion sensor is built into the camera, thanks to which it allows you to use the camera as a reliable addition to the alarm system. The functionality of the camera provides for the possibility of sending Push-messages when a motion sensor is triggered, notifications are sent to mobile devices via E-mail.

Wireless IP WiFi outdoor video camera FULL HD panning 360 with night view and motion sensor

Wireless WIFI camera designed for outdoor surveillance and remote viewing via free e V380PRO app on your smartphone, cms on your computer or the PTZ menu of the DVR.

The IP camera supports Onvif protocol and is compatible with other tracking devices. The camcorder works equally well both day and night. At the same time, night shooting is carried out almost imperceptibly, thanks to infrared and LED illumination (4 + 4 LEDs). The outdoor camera is equipped with a 270-degree horizontal swivel mechanism, while the wireless camera can rotate 90 degrees vertically.

Hidden camera has a high quality of shooting with a resolution of 1920 x 1080P. Thanks to the ability to install a memory card (up to 128GB), the camera can work offline – record video, even if it is not connected to any device. You can also activate the setting for motion detection and tracking area, which will significantly save space on the SD card, while you will receive a push notification on your smartphone.

The PTZ camera has a rugged, dust and moisture resistant housing, so it can be used in almost any weather conditions and in various areas. The Smart Camera KasBrand surveillance camera is equipped with a microphone, so you can also use it as an intercom.

As for installation, everything is very simple here – thanks to wi-fi technology, you do not have to run wires and make complex and incomprehensible settings. It is enough to install a dome camera and connect a phone, tablet or laptop to it via wi-fi. Now you can monitor your site from any device!

Camera connection instruction:

1. Download “”V380PRO”” APP to your mobile device via “AppStore” or “Google Play”.

2. Use the supplied power adapter to connect the camera to the mains. IMPORTANT! Wait for the camera beep.

3. At the first launch of the program, a menu will appear: Select “Login”, then “Register” and, following the step-by-step instructions, create your account.

4. To add a camera to the program, you need to place your mobile device next to the camera and click “+” in the upper right corner of the screen and click “expand”. Then select “Add via WiFi”. Then, in accordance with the message on the screen, click “”Next step””, confirm the selected WiFi network in which the camera is planned to be used.