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Samsung Wireless Charger Pad Trio

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  • Charge Together (3-in1) With room to hold three devices at once — a smartwatch and two phones, or a smartwatch, earbuds, and phone — you can power up your ecosystem all at once**. So when you’re done for the day, just put your devices down in one place to be ready for tomorrow.

    Key Features More coils make it easier to align – Six coils inside the Wireless Charger Trio makes it simple for you to put your device down and charge it up. No more messing with alignment — just set it on the pad to get a boost of power.

    The right fit for your Galaxy Watch – With the dedicated spot for Galaxy watch, you can keep your timepiece powered up to get you through your day. An interior magnet on the right side of the charger guides your watch into place to charge. And on the left you can charge your phone, Galaxy Buds series and more.

    Power up with a quickness – Get a fast battery boost with the Fast Charging capability. You and your friends with compatible devices can get back to 100% even faster by harnessing extra watts of power. The glow that lets you know – The LED light intuitively tells you the charging status of your device with different colors: red for charging, flashing red for charging error, and green for fully charged. When it’s time for lights out, you can dim it to not disturb your beauty sleep.

    Keep your case on – Give your phone a rest and keep it protected. The charge reaches through cases up to 3mm thick, so you don’t have to take off your cover when you need more juice.


    3-in-1 Charger

    Dedicated Samsung Galaxy Watch charging area

    Qi Wireless Charging: 9W (Samsung 9W, Apple 7.5W)

    Product Dimension: 9. 45 x 3.39 x 0.60 in

    Weight: 8.11 oz

    Inbox: Trio, QSG, 25W PD wall Charger, C-C USB Cable

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  • Key Features

    • Additional, easy-align coils

    • Power up fast

    • LED battery status indicator light

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    UPC 887276462868
    SKU 4851N
  • California Proposition 65 warning

    WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Wireless Chargers

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TOP 7 Best Wireless Chargers for Samsung


The delivery set of most wireless charging units consists of documentation, a cable (removable or non-removable) and the base itself. Manufacturers today offer bases of any shape and design. In addition, charging units are distinguished by the ability to charge one device or several at the same time.

Today, in the vast majority of cases, the Qi wireless magnetic energy standard is used. That is, any wireless charging is suitable for any phone, including the latest generation flagships. Just be sure to support Qi on both sides. To achieve maximum charging speed, it is recommended to use an original wireless charger from the appropriate manufacturer. However, there are exceptions in the gadget market that offer fast charging capabilities for Samsung flagships.

Powerful stations are made with active cooling (fan), which allows you to charge for a long time with high power. A prerequisite for powerful wireless charging is a powerful AC adapter.

Power and current

Technical parameters that are responsible for the rate of battery replenishment. Before buying, you need to check how much wireless charging power your smartphone supports. Current recommended for flagships is at least 2 A.

Charging area

The larger the charging surface, the more devices it can accommodate. If you have several gadgets at your disposal that support modern technology, then you should choose a charger that evenly distributes energy (that is, it can charge several gadgets at the same time). The choice of such a unit will help to reduce the time of the battery replenishment process.

Availability of moisture protection

In order for the charger to last a long time, it is necessary to give preference to a charger with a high IP rating. Not all manufacturers produce chargers with this function, as this significantly increases the cost of production.

Form factor

Manufacturers offer a wide range of devices of different shapes: a standard pancake for charging one smartphone, vertical designs, a charging mat, charging holders in a car and portable batteries (power banks). If you prefer to drink a cup of coffee every morning and watch the agenda, news, or any other content, then we recommend a charging unit that allows you to place your smartphone at an angle of 45 degrees while charging.

Presence of protection systems

Chargers must have a security system that protects the smartphone battery and yours when using it. The presence of special technologies will protect the smartphone from overheating, sudden significant increases in voltage, short circuits and objects that affect the process of work (for example, objects with a magnetic component).

Which Samsungs support wireless charging

Want to know which Samsungs support wireless charging and if your smartphone has this capability? Let’s take a closer look at which Korean company phones support this wireless feature.

This company was the first to offer customers to charge their devices wirelessly, over the air. For the first time, this technology from Koreans appeared at various exhibitions a couple of years ago, and Samsung still does not change itself. However, not every device of the company boasts the function of replenishing the battery charge by air. In this article, you will learn about all the models of the company with the implemented technology for transmitting energy through the air.

Samsung Wireless Charging Support: How does it work?

After looking at the main competitors from Apple Corporation, Samsung engineers decided to implement their own Qi interface.

Let’s see how smartphones with this function are charged. The device must be connected to the network and be close to your smartphone with a built-in receiver (you will read about which Samsung models support wireless charging below). A magnetic field is created between the phone and the device at the moment when the first is applied to the second. You do not have to activate any modules or run software – Samsung is able to automatically activate when touched.

In total, the company’s smartphones support two standards – Qi and PMA. The first is newer and has a faster battery charge rate. However, it is found only in flagship devices that many users cannot afford.

What other phones with wireless charging are there, except for Samsung – you will learn from another article.

Samsung Wireless Charging Supported Models0003

  • for the first time, Qi support appeared already in the fifth generation of the Note phablet;
  • generation galaxy S6;
  • extended version of the Galaxy S6 Plus;
  • galaxy S6 Edge curved version;
  • last generation galaxy S7;
  • Galaxy S7 Edge version.

Does Samsung A50 and A70 support wireless charging

Unfortunately, Samsung A50 and Samsung A70 do not have built-in wireless charging.