Wifi radio: Best internet radios 2023: modern radios with streaming smarts

Best Internet Radio 2023 Reviews & Buying Guide

Internet radios are the perfect sweet spot that connects you with the old radio technology and advanced smart devices. Here, you can listen to even more channels with the help of the internet. 

Also, they provide you with smart alarm features that have a great impact on your daily lifestyle.

However, the only catch here is to pick the ideal internet radio according to your needs. And this is why we’ve created a list to help you out. 

After performing a tonne of research on different internet radios, we’ve concluded the list of the ‘Bests’.

To have better speculation over the internet radios, you should have at least a concise knowledge about these factors.

  • Connectivity: Internet radio is a great example of a smart device. And smart devices also mean more connectivity options. In general, every internet radio is equipped with Wifi for getting access to the internet. Along with that, you can also expect Bluetooth as a lending hand.
  • However, there are some internet radios that allow you to connect them with the LAN interface for powerful control via the internet.
  • Controls: Every internet radio allows you with manual controls. But being able to control the internet radio remotely makes things even better.

For this, many top-notch radios even provide you with dedicated applications. On the other hand, some even feature a remote along with a radio.

Want more such factors that make a difference? For your convenience, a detailed “Buying Guide” is included at the bottom of the article. It includes several other factors that’ll help you to make a firm and satisfying decision.

But now, let’s dive in and begin your internet radio hunt. 



Best Internet Radio List 2023

Best Internet Radio Power Source Hardware Interface Connectivity Technology Buy Now
Arylic Internet Radio AC Bluetooth, USB, 802. 11 b/g/n Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Check On Amazon
Grace Digital Mondo Elite Smart Internet Radio AC & Battery Bluetooth, 3.5mm Audio, Headphone, USB 2.0, 802.11 ac/b/g/n Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AUX Check On Amazon
Como Audio: Solo – Wireless Internet Radio Bluetooth Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Check On Amazon
SiriusXM Wi-Fi Sound Station Check On Amazon
Sangean Internet Radio AC USB Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, AUX, and Ethernet Check On Amazon
Sungale 2nd Gen WiFi Internet Radio Battery Powered 3.5mm Audio Wi-Fi Check On Amazon
LEMEGA IR4S Stereo Smart Internet Radio Battery Powered USB, 3.5mm Audio Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Check On Amazon
C. Crane CC Wi-Fi 3 Internet Radio Corded Electric USB Wi-Fi Check On Amazon

Best Internet Radio Reviews

1. Arylic Internet Radio

Up2stream S10 by Arylic is a compact device turned my ordinary speakers into a wireless multiroom system. Setting up this radio was a breeze, and quickly able to stream music wirelessly from any device in home. Whether in the same room or even 30 meters away, the streaming was stable and uninterrupted.

The multiroom feature allowed to connect multiple Arylic devices, creating a synchronized audio experience throughout my house. Controlling it all was easy with the intuitive 4stream app on my phone. It made feel like a conductor, choosing different tracks for each room or playing the same music everywhere. It supports lossless music formats, ensuring every detail of my favorite songs comes through with exceptional clarity. Whether streaming from Spotify or playing music from USB drive, the audio reproduction was top-notch. Also connect it to my TV, computer, or even outdoor speakers. It transformed any space into a high-quality music zone.

Controlling audio setup was a breeze with the 4STREAM app. Could choose music sources, fine-tune the EQ, and manage multiple rooms effortlessly. Plus, could access everything through a web browser, making it even more convenient. WiFi streaming feature was a standout. Unlike Bluetooth, it delivered music without compression, preserving the original audio quality. Combined with gapless playback, there were no interruptions between tracks.

For audio enthusiasts, the ACPWorkbench software provided advanced customization options. Although it is paid and only available on Windows, it allowed to adjust settings like L/R balance and EQ, giving full control over my sound.

Best Features:

  • Supports a wide range of music sources, including Spotify, Tidal, and Qobuz
  • Can stream music wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  • Supports gapless playback
  • Has a built-in speaker protection circuit
  • Can be controlled via a free app for iOS and Android
  • Can be controlled via a web browser


  • Great sound quality
  • Wide range of features
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Some users have reported issues with the app
  • The speaker protection circuit can sometimes be too sensitive

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2. Grace Digital Mondo Elite Smart Internet Radio

Introducing you to the current best seller in the Amazon platform, Mondo Elite. The Mondo Elite is one of the high-end effective radio of Grace Digital. And the company has poured its heart and soul into this product. You won’t be able to ignore this if tech-related features fascinate you.

Starting with the connectivity of the radio that is one step ahead of other competitors. Needless to say, you can easily connect the radio to other smart devices via Bluetooth and Wifi. But, along with this, the radio also features Chromecast to make things a lot easier. 

Adding more strength to the compatibility factor, you can group this radio with other audio products. Thus, you can build your multi-room audio for utmost entertainment. Also, you can easily control the Mondo Elite with any of the voice assistant devices.

Here comes some surprising facts about the radio. Its powerful miscellaneous features will add more comfort to your family, especially the old family members. This smart radio uses both 12 hours and 24-hour clock to feature convenient alarm systems. Here, you’ll surely respond to the powerful alarm that has 5 individual escalating volume alarms. 

The alarm feature doesn’t only stop here, there’s more to it. You can pick among 8 buzzer options. And even customize the Sleep and Snooze timers according to your schedule. For the style purpose too, this radio will not fail to amaze you in any way.

For powerful control, the Mondo Elite provides you with an additional remote. Moreover, you can always use an App that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


  • Equipped with Chromecast
  • Powerful alarm system
  • Comes with a dedicated application


  • Found nothing so far

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3. Como Audio: Solo – Wireless Music System with Internet Radio

Como Audio,  from Boston, might be one of the recent audio companies. But their solutions for utmost listening experience is what makes them one of the popular brands currently. And its solo internet radio will surely make your day if you’re in love with antiques. Let’s discuss further.

Talking about what makes it unique, its handmade design. This Como Audio internet radio comes with hand-crafted furniture-grade real wood veneer cabinets. Thus, you’ll get one of the premium-looking devices for the interiors of your house.

The radio even allows you to set up a Multi-room music system. This will allow you to create a complete sound zone in the whole room. The best part here is, everything can be easily done with the help of a one-touch streaming feature.

The radio is popular for premium sound production as well. Here, the device comes with a special custom digital signal processor. Out of this, 30 Watts of RMS digital amplifier is also there to make things even better.

Apart from that, all the basic features are covered here. From necessary ports to the alarm system, the device lacks nothing as compared to the other top-notch internet radios.


  • Handcrafted furniture-grade real wood cabinet.
  • Features a Multi-room music system.
  • Comes with 30 Watts of RMS digital amplifier


  • Found nothing so far

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4. SiriusXM Wi-Fi Sound Station

The SiriusXM Wi-Fi Sound Station has quickly gained popularity in the whole market. It’s more of a satellite receiver that comes with its subscription that lets you stream its own creation. Also, all this comes with a subscription plan. If this fits your needs, this would be the best pick for you. Let’s have more insight on this.

Starting with the unique thing that this radio features to you. You’ll get here to enjoy the benefits of the Pandora stations. Thus, you can easily create your personalized radio channel based on the interest, and genre. Not only this, but you’ll also get recommendations based on your interest and play history.

The sound quality you’ll listen to here will be top-notch and crystal clear. The complete sound production here is backed by Integrated MaxxAudio technology from Waves Inc. Thus, no doubts are left about the quality of entertainment you’ll get here. 

This radio has a decent-sized LCD-colored screen. It displays all the information related to the current file you’re indulging with. Along with that, it also shows information about alarms and timer confirmation as well.


  • Features its own radio service
  • Decent-sized LCD screen
  • Integrated MaxxAudio technology for utmost sound quality.


  • Requires paid subscription.

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5. Sangean Internet Radio

Starting with one of the oldest radio manufacturers serving every kind of need since 1974. In the technology era, Sangean has also stepped into smart radios to maintain its position in the market. This DDR-63 internet radio is equipped with everything you can expect here (including high-quality, & performance).

This DDR-63 all-in-one wi-fi tabletop internet radio supports every listening medium for your entertainment. It features memory for 10 presets each on internet radio and FM (total of 20 preset stations) that let you listen & enjoy your favorite stations with a crystal-clear sound.

There are over 15,000 internet channels and podcasts available worldwide on this Wi-Fi iRadio, including pandora, Ethernet LAN connections, FM tuner, CD player, and USB/SD card.

With its full-function remote controller, you can change the playlist from anywhere for a comfortable operation. Also, use iPhone to play the digital music library and adjust the music and tone.

It offers 8 EQ Presets (Jazz, Flat, Classic, Rock, News, Movie, Pop, or My EQ) for diverse enjoyment to have your personal listening preference.

This iRadio has an SD slot, a built-in USB port, and a headphone jack for public and private listening. Thus, you can record and save the music to MP3 from USB, FM, SD, iPhone, CD, music player, and iRadio.

Simply connect the internet radio to a wireless or ethernet network to stream various media formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, FLAC, and real audio format. In addition, it features a sleep timer, and dual alarm with a radio buzzer, and has easy to read large LCD display.

Furthermore, Sangean offers a 1-year limited manufacturing warranty on this portable and tabletop radio upon the original date of purchase.


  • Decent-sized easy to read large LCD screen
  • Powerful alarm system and sleep timer
  • 20 memory preset stations
  • Full-function remote control for comfortable working.
  • Gives access to over 15000 stations
  • 8 EQ presets for personal listening preferences.
  • Ergonomic touch panel for maximum comfortable operation
  • Uses SD card/USB MP3 playback and recording.


  • Found nothing so far.

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6. Sungale 2nd Gen WiFi Internet Radio

The simple words to describe this Sungale Internet Radio is it’s the combination of smartphone and radio. This time the company has experimented to provide you with all the smart features in the form of radio. The best part here is, you’ll not have to sacrifice your comfortable budget range.

Starting with the smart features that’ll surely surprise you. This radio is equipped with its OS and a fast quad-core CPU. Thus, you’ll get better support in listening and accessing different audio streaming applications for utmost convenience. 

Another intriguing part about the Sungale 2nd Gen radio is its touch screen display. The 4.3 inches sleek display will allow you to navigate better with the command of your fingertip. Thus, making it one of the smartest radios in the market.

Want some more features of a smartphone? This internet radio comes with 16GB of internal storage. Here, you can easily store your favorite songs and podcasts and listen to them without wasting much time. 

You’ll get a decent battery life here. Depending on your usage of applications, the radio can easily provide you with two to six hours of non-stop entertainment. 

The visible downside here is the volume of the sound. This Sungale 2nd Gen radio is equipped with many advanced features. As a result, the volume capacity of the radio has been sacrificed.


  • Quad-core processor 
  • Touch-screen
  • 16GB internal storage


  • The sound is not loud enough.

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7. LEMEGA IR4S Stereo Smart Internet Radio

This LEMEGA internet radio is one of the great options for those who are on a strict budget. It is portable, lightweight, compact, and extremely simple to use yet offers powerful features. Also, this LEMEGA IR4S is available in other color options as well.

The LEMEGA IR4S is a smart flagship internet radio that offers All-in-One Systems support by allowing you to get access to over 30,000 internet radios from local or worldwide through Wi-Fi streaming services like Podcast & Spotify. Thus you can listen to various millions of music tracks.

You can connect the radio to the power cord (mains or USB cord) for a seamless audio experience. Alternatively, if you are willing to take it somewhere outside, then use 4 AA batteries for the backup in absence of the power cord. With its two 2.5-inch full-range speakers, the radio will deliver immersive and powerful stereo sound that you can enjoy from your tablet or smartphone wirelessly through built-in Bluetooth and use 3.5mm headphone output.

It offers an innovative feature called a dual independent alarm system with snooze, which let you select the favorite buzzer or the radio system as the alarm ringtone. Thus, you can begin your day with the most desirable sound and offer a sleep timer/snooze. Also, it set time and date automatically from the internet or FM stations.

However, IR4S is easy to set up and offers powerful FM features, while its quick auto-scan will let you quickly search the favorite stations from its 40 preset stations, either to recall or store the favorite radio stations. It has a 2.4-inch TFT HD full-color screen that displays radio information, images, graphics, album artwork, etc.


  • Stereo smart radio supporting 30000 (+) internet radio channels, FM digital radio, and podcasts.
  • Features dual alarms/sleep timer/snooze
  • Powered either by mains adapter, USB devices, or battery (4X AA).
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker for wireless seaming.
  • Gives access to 40 preset stations
  • 4-inch TFT color display screen
  • Dual 2.5-inch speakers of 8W audio power for excellent sound quality
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Takes time in switching functions
  • A bit low sound quality.

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8. C. Crane CC Wi-Fi 3 Internet Radio


The C. Crane is one of the best brands of radio, especially for those who feel missing their favorite local radio stations, or shows. This internet portable radio is an ideal bridge between advanced and traditional radio devices.

This CC Wi-Fi 3 internet radio offers more than 25000+ internet radio stations to listen to various radio stations (free rock, news, jazz, and talk shows) from all around the world categorized by genre, popularity, and location. It requires an internet connection to add a station by submitting a URL to Skytune.

Its included Bluetooth receiver will send and receive audio from a tablet or smartphone. While its 5 dBi long-range external antenna will aid in long-distance Wi-Fi reception in the home. It comes with a line-out with an amplified speaker system or AM, FM stereo receiver that provides excellent audio with clarity. With its adjustable equalizer (line out and headphone) and adjustable 3D setting for depth, the radio let the settings as per your requirement.

It is small, compact, lightweight, portable, and easy to use and comes with various features like a dual alarm, clock, sleep timer (15 to 180 minutes), stereo headphone jack, adjustable backlight, and large-sized remote control to offer quick access to preset stations.


  • Backed by a 2-year limited warranty and tech support.
  • Small, compact, and lightweight internet radio
  • Features dual alarm and sleep timer.
  • Includes large-sized remote control
  • 5 dBi long-range external antenna
  • Access to 25000+ internet radio stations.


  • Found nothing so far.

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Buying Guide For The Best Internet Radios

1. Controls

Controlling the internet radio is the next important factor to consider. Apart from manual control, being able to use the radio from a distance makes things easier.  

This is why many internet radios even provide you with their dedicated application. Thus, allowing you to control your internet radio via your smartphone. 

On the other hand, some radios even include a remote for the utmost control. 

2. Numbers of Channels

Getting access to the internet provides you with almost limitless options. Most of the internet radio claims here to provide you with over 10-20 thousand internet channels. Apart from this, you have the choice to listen to the FM radio all the time.

A noteworthy point to consider here is. Some of the internet radios like SiriusXM provide you with their own radio services. In that case, you won’t be able to access the general internet stations. If you’re someone who prefers a more personalized service in exchange for a subscription charge, go for it.

3. Connectivity

Connectivity is one of the important factors to consider while looking for internet radio. The more the connectivity option, the utmost control you’ll have. 

Some of the most common connectivity mediums an internet radio comes with are Bluetooth and Wifi. These are the easiest way to connect the radio with other smart devices of the house. 

Here’s a point to remember. Some internet radio provides you with only Wifi features. And that is okay, having Wifi under the arsenal will mostly eliminate the use of Bluetooth. Thus, this shouldn’t become an obstacle towards purchasing a particular radio.

You’ll also notice some of the internet radio even supports the LAN interface. This allows you to control the radio via the internet. If you’re already having a LAN connection in your house, things will be solely in your favor.

4. Screen

The majority of internet radios are equipped with 2-4 inches of the display screen. This offers you a better insight into the current file playing on the radio. Also, you’ll get additional confirmation on setting up alarms and timers.

On the other hand, some of the internet radios even provide you with a TFT display and touch display. Here, you’ll get one of the easiest navigating options. 

5. Alarm

The internet radio becomes a part of our daily lifestyle. We listen to it almost all day long and don’t spend brainpower, unlike smartphones. In such a situation, it would be best if these smart devices come with an alarm system as well. 

This feature becomes even more fascinating when you get additional benefits in the alarm. Some of the radios even provide you with buzzer options, 5-level alarm sound, and a lot more.  

6. Styles

The internet radios compete toe-to-toe in terms of appearance. Some of them come with traditional designs with smart features, while others seem more aesthetic. 

It isn’t mandatory to get a decent-styled radio. But, having something that even praises the interiors of your house is always a noteworthy thing. Moreover, if you’re someone who prefers the appearance before anything, consider getting Como audio or Auna connect 150.


We hope the above information will help you to make a confident and satisfying purchase. Indeed, there are so many intriguing radios on the list. Each of them has its own unique selling point. It’s up to you what matters to you the most.

Going along with the buying guide and comparing the radios will surely get you towards your ideal internet radio. 

Feeling stuck among the choices? Well, there are higher chances of this. In that case, we would love to suggest our favorite, Sangean WFR-28. It has everything you can expect in smart internet radio. Moreover, it’s already trusted by thousands of happy customers on the Amazon platform.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a budget radio, Ocean Digital has got your back. It costs you around 70 dollars but the features it offers to you reveals a different story.

Moreover, if you’re preferring a radio according to the styles, nothing can beat Como Audio. Its handmade wooden design will surely grab anyone’s attention in the blink of an eye.

Please comment below, if you’ve any doubt left regarding the internet radios. Also, do mention which one you are going with. 

Reviewing a pilot C.Crane CC Wifi 3 and taking a closer look at radio station aggregators

In January 2021, C.Crane announced the latest addition to their radio line-up: the C.Crane CC WiFi-3.

C.Crane was one of the first radio manufacturers that embraced the world of Internet radio with their CC WiFi product line.

The WiFi-3 is the latest iteration and offers the following upgrades over previous models:

  • This radio uses the Skytune radio station aggregator
  • Faster boot-up, connection, and response times
  • Can be powered from a common USB source or the supplied AC adapter
  • Enhanced audio EQ settings
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Ability to add station streams manually

Before we dig into the CC WiFi-3, however, let’s first take a step back and talk about the current state of WiFi radios in general. This is an important consideration with any WiFi radio purchase these days.

Those of us who like WiFi radios appreciate a dedicated device that gives us the tactile experience of turning the knobs of a radio. We appreciate the simplicity of a dedicated listening device that doesn’t rely on a connected computer, tablet, or phone. In addition, most WiFi radios like the CC WiFi-3 don’t track your listening activity/habits like many internet radio listening apps and digital assistants do. They also don’t force feed you click-through ads.

But let’s face it: any of us who own Internet or WiFi Radios have had a rough couple of years. While WiFi radios can open the door to tens of thousands of radio stations across the globe, they do have an Achilles’ heel.

 Internet radio station aggregators

WiFi radios are Internet appliances with the ability to stream Internet content, but they’re not endowed with the ability to seek out stations in the wild and import their audio streams. WiFi radios rely on “aggregators,” or online databases of curated links to radio stations.

In the early days of WiFi radio, there were several models of radios on the market that linked to proprietary/niche aggregators, many of which eventually closed down without warning. When a WiFi radio loses its ability to link to an aggregator, it becomes no more than a pricey paperweight, especially if the WiFi radio doesn’t have traditional AM/FM reception as a backup or a back-end means to program radio station stream URLs directly.

Over the past two years, some of the major radio station aggregators have experienced issues that have truly frustrated their users. Most notably:

  • In 2019, vTuner and Frontier Silicon’s relationship dissolved which lead to Internet radio outages for Como Audio and Sangean WiFi radios. Fortunately, Frontier Silicon was able to restore service, but not without a few hiccups and outages.
  • In 2020, a TuneIn ruling lead to station restrictions for UK smart speaker and Internet radio users. Many readers of the SWLing Post noticed this change on their Sonos devices and radio applications.
  • In November 2020, the popular aggregator Reciva gave a 90 day notice that they were closing down their service permanently. This came as a complete surprise to radio manufacturers like Grace Audio and C.Crane who were able to pressure Reciva into extending the closure date to April 30, 2021. Once Reciva is shut down, many WiFi radios will no longer function properly, although some have found ways to essentially create their own streaming server.

With this aggravating aggregator history, why would anyone want to invest their money in another WiFi radio? Let’s take a closer look at this new device from C.Crane so you can decide.

When C.Crane introduced the CC Wifi 3, they acknowledged the inherent issues with WiFi radios and how the Reciva closure affected their customers up-front. Here’s a statement they released:

We were happy to be one of first companies to offer ad-free Internet radio because it allowed anyone to listen to the world without a fee. Fifteen years ago, Ben, the founder of Reciva, had a small staff to create the software and volunteers around the world to help manage the station streams. We are sorry, but Reciva’s software will soon not work anymore. The software would need to be recreated from scratch. Even If this was done, it would not be possible for the existing radios to be compatible with this new type of software. This is the same way Apple and Microsoft might release a new operating system that is not compatible with older hardware.

We are working on a new radio called the CC WiFi-3. We will be testing the first pilot run of the new CC WiFi-3 in January with the first delivery by April if all goes reasonably well. There are still no ads or graphics to annoy you and nobody tracks your habits for advertising offers. It looks almost the same as the previous CC WiFi but has been upgraded in several ways:

  1. It uses a new 3rd party stream provider called Skytune.
  2. You can add your own streams (URLs) yourself so you are somewhat protected if the service fails for any reason.
  3. It is a little easier to use and it has a good built-in equalizer available.
  4. This radio comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

[…]The CC WiFi-3 comes with the risk of losing connection to Skytune’s server if they were to shut down in the future. As we have previously documented in our catalog and on the web: C. Crane has no control over content or the stream provider for Internet radios and cannot be responsible for Internet radio programs or availability.

I love this about C.Crane: they’re honest and transparent with their customers even during a new product release.

In January (2021), C.Crane sent me a pilot run, pre-production CC WiFi-3 for review and a thorough evaluation at no cost to me. Of course, I don’t typically share reviews of pre-production radios, but in this case, I believe the production model should function identically–or perhaps better–than my pilot model. I’m not concerned with variations in receiver sensitivity, selectivity, filtering, AGC, and noise floors as I would with a legacy receiver.

At first blush, the CC Wifi-3 could be mistaken for the CC WiFi-2. Other than the prominent model number, it has an identical form-factor and interface. Inside, though, there have been a number of updates we’ve already mentioned.

First thing I did, of course, was connect the CC WiFi-3 to the internet. It was a pretty simple process to go into the settings, have the radio find my WiFi service, and input the network password. If you have a long or complicated password, allow a few minutes to do this as the input method is character-by-character using the main front panel knob.

Once connected, the radio has access to the new Skytune aggregator to search for radio station streams. I’m familiar with Skytune because they are the aggregator also used by my recently reviewed Ocean Digital radio. I like how Skytune organizes their database allowing users to search by by location/region, popularity, genre, etc. I found most of the stations I enjoy in short order.

If Skytune doesn’t have the station you’re looking for, they make it easy to suggest an addition via their website.

Adding Presets couldn’t be any easier. I’ve been using the most simple method: finding a station, then pressing and holding the PRESET button. This will save the radio station to the next available preset with more than 100 slots available.

As C.Crane mentioned in their statement, even if the Skytune aggregator were to shut down in the future, the CC WiFi-3 makes it relatively easy to directly add your own streams by logging into the radio from a web browser.

First, make sure you’re using a computing device that is connected to the same WiFi network as the CC WiFi-3.

Secondly, find the IP address of your CC Wifi-3 by pressing the HOME button, then selecting SETTINGS -> INFORMATION -> NETWORK INFORMATION -> IP: (immediately below the signal strength information).

Note the IP address. Mine is currently but yours will likely be a different number.

Next, open a web browser and in the URL bar, type in the IP address of your CC WiFi-3 radio and press Enter:

Your web browser will then load a page served up by your radio’s CPU (allow time for it to load):

From this page you can add, organize, and label your station presets manually.

The CC WiFi-3 owner’s manual actually gives you hints about how to find URLs for radio stations. There’s certainly an art to it.

First thing I did, in fact, was add one of my favorite AM radio stations (WAIZ) to the WiFi-3 directly by finding their main and backup stream URLs and adding them manually via the presets page. This instantaneously added them to the WiFi-3 presets:

This pleases me to no end because I’ve never been able to play WAIZ from one of my WiFi radios.

From the presets web page you can also control some basic radio functionality like volume up/down, mute on/off, and channel selection.

While this isn’t quite as handy as a dedicated app, I like the fact that I can load this presets page from my phone, tablet, PC, Mac, or Linux box. It’s universal and simple.

I’m happy C.Crane added Bluetooth to the CC WiFi-3 because it makes this already capable radio even more useful.  As I write this portion of the review, in fact, I’m listening to music from YouTube via my MacBook Air streaming to the CC WiFi-3 via Bluetooth. Handy!

I prefer the audio from the CC WiFi-3 over previous models. It’s balanced and has hints of bass and treble. It is robust enough to fill a sizeable room with audio.

It isn’t anything that would impress my audiophile brother-in-law because, in the end, the speaker and enclosure are not very large. It does reproduce voice and music with ample fidelity for casual listening, however.

You can tailor the audio with 12 EQ settings included in the WiFi-3 settings menu. I like the Jazz preset.

In addition, the CC WiFi-3 has a line-out and headphone jack that makes it easy to export audio to a component stereo system or amplified speaker system. (Note above the “Not For Resale” label on the back of this pilot/pre-production unit.)

The CC WiFi-3 also ships with an excellent full-size remote control. I love how much functionality this remote offers, making it much easier to navigate and control the radio from across the room. I also much prefer the form factor of this remote compared with the small credit card-sized remotes with membrane buttons.

Every radio has its pros and cons. When I begin a review, I take notes from the very beginning so that I don’t forget some of my initial impressions. Here are the notes I made for the CC WiFi-3 pre-production/pilot model:


  • Ability to input streaming stations manually via a simple web browser interface
  • Best in class WiFi reception via a dedicated antenna
  • Input power is 5VDC meaning, you can use the supplied USB cable to plug into any USB power source, or you can use the supplied dedicated wall wart power supply. C. Crane includes both.
  • Audio EQ can be tailored
  • Included remote control (full size!)
  • Backed by C.Crane 2 year warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Line out and headphone ports
  • Bluetooth


  • No battery power option (Pro: can use a 5VDC USB power bank)
  • Backlit screen is small and can be difficult to read at a distance
  • No dedicated iOS or Android control application (Pro: remote control)
  • As with any WiFi radio, dependent on a station aggregator for easy radio station searches

If you’re not intimidated by the “aggregator aggravation” we mentioned early in this article, I would suggest you give the CC WiFi-3 a try. Since the WiFi-3 offers easy, open access to add your station streams manually, you always have a backup if, for instance, the Skytune service  were to unexpectedly close down in the distant future.

For $119.99 US, you’ll be purchasing a radio from a company that takes care of their customers.

Indeed, C.Crane was so upset by the unexpected closure of Reciva, they have offered their existing CC WiFi customers the following options:

This is a one-time offer from C. Crane. This offer will end June 1, 2021.

    1. If you have purchased a CC WiFi and it is under the 1 year limited warranty, contact us for the available options.
    2. If you have purchased a CC WiFi and it is no longer under warranty, the CC WiFi-3 is available for half price – $60.00 USD plus shipping. You must fill out the form (click here) and include a picture of your serial number(s). Instructions are included on the form for how to locate your serial number. If you need help with this, please contact us. You will be contacted once we receive our shipment to get payment information and to confirm your address.

To my knowledge, no other radio manufacturer or retailer has made an offer like this to compensate for the loss of the Reciva service. Kudos to C.Crane for giving their customers options and discounts.

C.Crane expects to have the CC WiFi-3 in stock and shipping in June 2021. We’ll post updates on the SWLing Post when they become available.

Click here to check out the CC WiFi-3 at the C.Crane website.

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Many people love to listen to music. And I love too. And I like a rather rare style: gansta rap. I have a lot of soundtracks of this direction pumped up, probably for 40 or 50 hours of continuous playback. However, listening to them constantly bothers.

I often thought: “I wish there was a radio of this musical direction. ” After all, listening to the radio is more interesting than a flash drive, because DJs at radio stations have excellent musical taste, and music from the playlists of radio stations does not get bored. But the radio stations presented in our FM band have never satisfied me with their repertoire.

And not so long ago I installed a program on my phone called PC-Radio, which opened the world of Internet radio to me. This program has about 2000 links to various online stations, which can be sorted by musical direction and broadcasting region. There I found about 15 radio stations broadcasting rap music.

You get used to good things quickly. While in my car, I launch a program on my phone, select one of my three favorite online radio stations and listen to them in the car audio system, relaying the signal from the phone to it via bluetooth.

However, if you want to listen to music at home or at work, then the speaker of the phone will not allow you to enjoy high-quality sound. And recently, in an audio equipment store, I saw a new gadget – a Wi-Fi radio. And something clicked in me and I … understood – this is what I need or, as they say, what the doctor ordered.

Internet radio stations

What is the difference between Internet radio stations and regular ones? As a rule, they are narrow-minded. In other words, they broadcast music of a certain style. It can be jazz, techno, rap or metallic. For these reasons, such Internet radios are intended for a fairly narrow audience. In other words, on the Internet, you can choose a radio station to your liking.

The advantages of Internet radio stations include the ability to listen to music from almost any region – French, Cuban, whatever. The sound quality will not disappoint the listener. Usually it is at the proper level and does not depend on the weather, as is the case with a conventional radio. And, of course, the lack of advertising is an additional plus in the treasury of the advantages of online broadcasts. With the help of the Internet, it is much easier to contact the presenters and order your favorite song. While it can be difficult to get through in the traditional way.

In business, the use of background music is becoming increasingly necessary in the service and retail industries. Often restaurant and cafe managers limit themselves to broadcasting traditional radio, forcing customers to listen to the same songs, interrupted by commercials and DJ conversations. At the same time, it is worth thinking about how such a choice can affect the attendance of the institution and affect its image.

Internet radio is a convenient and modern solution for creating the audio style of an establishment.

Wi Fi internet radios

Wi Fi radio receiver is capable of playing radio stations broadcasting on the Internet. Moreover, if in a conventional radio you can catch 10-20 FM radio stations, then in the Wi-Fi Internet receiver there are up to 10,000 preset radio stations, not to mention the fact that if the desired Internet station is not in this list, you can manually enter a link to it in the gadget. Most of these radio stations broadcast only via the Internet. So you can get to know them only with the help of a Wi-Fi Internet receiver.

Most Wi-Fi internet radios also have a built-in traditional FM radio for listening in the absence of Wi-Fi networks. In addition to the Internet, the receiver can also play media files from network shared folders. Various formats are supported, including MP3, WAV, OGG, etc. Another advantage of Wi Fi radios is a convenient and intuitive interface, the presence of a remote control, the ability to install anywhere in the apartment, much smaller dimensions and no noise compared to a personal computer.

A very interesting feature is the use of the receiver as a wireless speaker based on DLNA technology, when you can play your favorite music on a computer in one room and listen to it in the kitchen or in another room on the Internet radio. DLNA also allows you to control the receiver using smartphones connected to the same home network. The UPnP technology supported by the receivers allows you to listen to the music that is on your computer.

Being electronic gadgets, Internet radios have additional useful functionality. For example, Net’n’Joy NJ-881 receivers can be used as an alarm clock, and you can see the weather forecast on the device’s screens. It is possible to listen to music from a regular flash drive, where you can download your favorite songs in mp3 format.

If you have an old music system with good acoustics, then the Net’n’Joy NJ-110 or NJ-004 models with Line-out output may be very interesting for you. By connecting a music center to such a receiver, you will give a second life to your music system!

The Net’n’Joy NJ-360, NJ-380 and NJ-390 Wi Fi radio models are built on the Android OS platform. These models have a 7-inch color touch screen, have connectors for connecting USB and SD media, as well as a headphone output. The NJ-390 has an HDMI output for connecting the device to a TV. With the Android operating system, you have the ability to install any applications from the Google Play Market on devices, thereby expanding the functionality of the device. The receivers are preinstalled with applications for listening to Internet radio, watching Youtube, and a video file player.


By and large, we can safely say that online radio broadcasting is the future. Experts in this field, at least, are sure of it. The thing is that the Internet is now ubiquitous, and conventional receivers are gradually fading into the background. So far, of course, such music broadcasts do not attract such a significant audience. Traditional radio is still the leader in terms of the number of listeners. Again, not everyone has access to the Internet, although most do. However, the number of users who want to enjoy their favorite music on the Web is growing.

In general, online broadcasting will breathe new life into the radio. By purchasing an Internet radio with built-in Wi-Fi, you not only enjoy stylish music, you get a stylish and functional gadget.

Source: teplo-spb.ru

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MJBOX-101 Internet radio receiver (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) – Internet radio receiver – portable bluetooth speaker with WiFi Internet radio receiver with a built-in list of Internet radio stations and the ability to add your own stations

  • This is a Bluetooth speaker for playing sound directly from your phone, for example, from Youtube, Yandex.music or VKontakte
  • This is an MP3 player that plays files from an SD card
  • This is a convenient player for listening to Audiobooks, as it allows you to start listening to a book from the place where you finished listening, quickly switches between files and folders. There is a special version of the player for the visually impaired with support for advanced navigation and a special audiobook format MJBOX-101S
  • MJBOX supports mobile phone remote control with free mobile app
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery for long autonomy
  • Sleep timer allows you to fall asleep to your favorite radio, book or music: the player will turn off after the set time
  • MJBox supports WiFi, which connects to your hotspot and accesses a huge number of Internet radio stations around the world.

    You can easily connect MJBox to Wi-Fi, including using WPS technology, by pressing one button on the device and on your home router:

    MJBox is controlled by 4 buttons on the top panel, from a mobile phone or from a computer, like a remote control, only much more convenient. Below is a video on how to control the buttons:

    MJBox supports voice prompts in Russian: it will say “Hello” after loading, report a network connection error or low battery, say goodbye when going into “sleep mode”. Thanks to voice and sound prompts, the device is very convenient to use – you do not need to watch what is happening on the screen.

    MJBox will go into “sleep mode” to save battery after a few minutes of inactivity or by Sleep Timer, and pressing any button on it will “wake up” the device.

    Using a mobile application or a computer, you can start or continue playing mp3 from any moment, just move the file playback slider.


    Radio station list


    fairy tale, lullaby and Internet radio “Sounds of Nature”), as well as the “Children’s Mode” function (by pressing the buttons, the child can switch only within the Playlist) and fixing the volume at the required level. A unique toy “Panda Sonyushka” was created on the basis of the player (link will open in a new window) .

    The MJBOX-101 is a replacement for wired 3-program radio if you have internet at home.

    Thus, the MJBOX Internet radio receiver is a useful functional device at a great price, it is a great gift for you and your loved ones.

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    Type: Internet radio, portable Bluetooth speaker, MP3 player

    Dimensions: 120 mm (L) x 39 mm (D) x 56 mm (Height)

    Weight: 200 g

    Power: 5V (plug MicroUSB, cable included)

    Battery: built-in, Li-lon

    Charging time: 3 hours.