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  • Jul 6, 2023

    What is an Ethernet Patch Cable?

    • bulk cable
    • Cat5E
    • Cat6

    Ethernet patch cables connect a network router or Ethernet switch to network devices of different types, such as computers, digital display monitors, Wi-Fi access points or any of the new IoT devices on the market right now.

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  • Jun 30, 2023

    Q&A: Are YOU terminating your Ethernet cable all wrong? You probably are!

    • 5G
    • ANEXT
    • Cat6

    In this informative Q&A session, True Cable’s Don and Dave share valuable insights on properly terminating Ethernet cables. Discover the common mistakes to avoid and learn about the best practices for achieving reliable high-performing connections.

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  • Jun 22, 2023

    Calculating Ethernet Cable Overall Channel Length for Success

    • Ethernet Cable

    Consider this situation: An installer runs 290 feet of solid copper Ethernet cable and dutifully punches down both ends of the cable into patch panels and/or keystone jacks. The installer then plugs in some stranded copper patch cords at both ends, both totalling about 30 feet and turns the equipment on. The speeds are not what is expected and there is severe packet loss. What’s worse is the cable system does not seem to work well in the afternoons. On very hot days, it does not work at all. The next morning everything seems OK. What the heck is going on? Isn’t 328 feet (100 meters) the magic number? The answer is sometimes “no”. It all depends on the installation. Please note the video is a short demonstration. The written blog that follows is far more detailed and gives actual calculation tables.

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  • Jun 15, 2023

    Punch Down, Feed-Through, and Toolless Keystone Ethernet Patch Panels Explained

    • Couplers
    • Keystone
    • Networking

    Chances are, if an Ethernet installation involves more than one or two cable drops, it’s also going to involve the use of a patch panel. A patch panel provides a common termination point for all of the cables that will eventually connect to a common distribution device, such as a switch or router. An Ethernet patch panel consists of a method to permanently attach the solid copper cables that are part of the permanent infrastructure (horizontal cables) to outlet ports where flexible patch cords can be connected between the patch panel and a switch.

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Buy Cat6 Plenum Cable – Cat6 Plenum 1000ft

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  • Rated 5.00 out of 5


    Bulk Cat6 Plenum Cable 1000ft UTP CMP Rated 23 AWG 550 MHZ
    The cat6 plenum 1000ft UTP, CMP rated cable is perfect for air plenum spaces where the chances of a fire event are high. It has a thick CMP ….Read More

    SKU: NYC-601



  • Rated 5.00 out of 5


    CAT6 Plenum 1000ft Cable White Ethernet UTP:
    We are offering Cat6 Plenum that has undergone a Fluke DTX-1800 Versiv Cable Analyzer to certify its quality and customer gratification. Cat6 Plenum has a….Read More

    SKU: NYC-602



  • Rated 5. 00 out of 5


    Cat6 Plenum 1000ft Cable Black UTP Ethernet:
    Our Cat6 Plenum Cable has a plenum-rated jacket that is fire retardant and has undergone much rigorous fire safety testing. We highly recommend it to inst….Read More

    SKU: NYC-608



  • Rated 5.00 out of 5


    Cat6 Plenum 1000ft Cable Ethernet Yellow UTP:
    We are offering this high-quality ethernet Cat 6 Plenum Rated cable that is ideal for applications that require high bandwidth capacity and a high data t….Read More

    SKU: NYC-603



  • Rated 5 out of 5


    Gray Cat6 1000 Feet Plenum UTP Cable:
    We offer you quality and durable network connection with our gray cat6 1000 feet plenum UTP cable. This cable can cater to high data transfer rates up to 1000Mbp. …Read More

    SKU: NYC-606



  • Rated 5.00 out of 5


    Cat6 Plenum Cable 1000ft:
    Cat6 Plenum Cable is a 1000ft long bulk cable with a plenum-rated outer jacket in green. This Cat 6 Plenum Rated cable exceeds the minimum requirements for the data transfer….Read More

    SKU: NYC-604



  • Rated 5.00 out of 5


    Bulk Cat6 Plenum 1000ft Cable Red UTP 550MHz:
    Cat6 Plenum red UTP cable comes with a higher bandwidth speed and a higher data transfer rate. You’ll also get a secure connection with reduced crossta….Read More

    SKU: NYC-607



  • 1000ft Cat6 Plenum UTP 550MHZ, 23AWG Ethernet Cable Pull Box, Orange. …Read More

    SKU: NYC-605



  • 1000ft Cat6 Plenum UTP 550MHZ, 23AWG Ethernet Cable Pull Box, Purple….Read More

    SKU: NYC-609



A Cat6 Plenum Cable is one of the most wanted plenum Ethernet cable. Newyork Cables are trying to create the Cat6 Plenum Cable in the best possible specifications and at a competitive price on the marketplace.

Also, we provide the most useful after-sale product and services support to our clients. We always make sure that we meet the customer requirements and keep the customer satisfied by providing the Best Quality bulk cat6 plenum cable at a reasonable price.

Why plenum Jacketing?

Today before going through all the specifications of the plenum Ethernet cable, consider air recurrence. A plenum chamber has an influential presence of gas, which then makes this room quite prone to catching fire easily. To prevent this, the atmosphere return must be at a suitable height, which is adjusted depending on the company’s specifications and that of your pet product. It shouldn’t be too low or too high, as neither would be ideal.

The atmosphere yield should beat a good enough height that they do not confront it with the possibility of contact. The borders of the suspended ceiling to trim the borders of the plenum room and the risk.

Solid Construction

The next element that you should consider is the material of the Cat6 Plenum Cable. That is dependent on the manufacturer and you can get a variety of unique substances in the industry today. The one that is recommended significantly more than the others are metal, aluminum plating, and nickel on plenum ethernet cable production.

Along with the thickness of the plating is also a determinant variable in the finished performance and life span of one’s own Cat 6 Ethernet cable. Copper is also a highly popular material in the past, but its usage is now being replaced with stainless steel and aluminum ones.

The Flip Side

On the flip side, the Cat6 Riser Cable and the Cat6 Plenum Stabilizer are both helpful developments for the company. Cat6 Plenum Cable to a wide assortment of equipment and the stabilizer assists in providing additional safety for your equipment when connected to these Cable. The two types of Ethernet network cables on average differ from how they are used nevertheless since both forms provide various functions.

As we use the plenum rated cable more often for industrial and business applications. The plenum is frequently utilized in residential areas for providing access to balconies or areas of a building that will not need an accessible wiring method.

A Safe Investment with NewYork Cables

As the master of a business that uses one or more Cat6 Ethernet wires. You will need to be fully conscious of the risks inherent in the installation and functionality of one’s own Cat 6 Plenum Cable. By ensuring that you protect yourself with an excellent Cat6 Cable Jacket Material. You may reduce the risk of an electrical fire occurring in your workplace or any place else on your property.

When doing your research for Cat6 Ethernet Cables, sure to ask about the manufacturer’s safety standard certificate. A plenum ethernet cable that has passed the Fluke tests will supply you with years of safe use and superior functionality. We offer bulk cat6 plenum cable, you can order cat6 plenum 1000ft cable that provides the best quality product with free shipping in the USA. 

High-quality network cables on reels

Threaded network cables are indispensable for independent (or custom) production of network connectors for AV equipment. This may be required in cases where the equipment is planned to be placed at a great distance from the electrical outlet, or the cable needs to be equipped with special plugs – in general, in all cases when ready-made network cables are not suitable for the task. Threaded network cables are also popular with “homemade” people.

Cut network cables should be selected, first of all, based on the permissible loads, comparing the cable rating data and the power (or current) consumed by the connected equipment. In addition, in some cases, the flexibility of the cable or the resistance of its insulation to external aggressive environments may turn out to be an important parameter. It should be noted that the performance of work related to the mains voltage requires a certain qualification, and in its absence, in order to avoid possible damage to the equipment, as well as other emergency situations, you should seek help from specialists.

Network cables with a footage can also be useful when implementing a special “audiophile” electrical wiring in an apartment or house to replace the existing one, which will be used to connect only AV equipment. Despite popular belief, a few meters of network cable from the electrical panel to the equipment rack can indeed have a significant impact on its operation, allowing you to fully realize the quality potential inherent in AV equipment.

Cut network cables Analysis-Plus

Cut network cables Bespeco

Cut network cables Cold Ray

Cut network cables Supra

  • 900 02 Clean nutrition at any distance: POWERGRIP plus Supra

  • Test of Cold Ray cables of the Cu and Ag series: copper and retro, silver and modern

  • Analysis Plus Oval 10. AudioVideo Salon magazine

Watch all reviews of cut network cables

Analysis-Plus Power Oval Supra LoRad

Power cables 3×0.75 mm Power cables 3×1.5 mm Power cables 3×2.5 mm Power cables with copper conductors Copper power cables Mains cables for audio equipment Power cords for radio equipment Shielded mains cables Shielded power cables

  • Mains cable. Nominal cross section 3 x 0.75 mm2. PVC inner and outer sheath provide protection against damage and quiet operation. Designed and manufactured by the famous Italian company La Triveneta Cavi by order of Bespeco.

    Threaded mains cable

    Bespeco/La Triveneta Cavi 21CVR375

  • Mains cable with a nominal cross section of 3 x 1.5 mm2. PVC inner and outer layer for quiet operation and damage protection. Designed and manufactured by the Italian company Icel for Bespeco.

    Threaded mains cable

    Bespeco/Icel 21CVR320

  • Shielded mains cable, 3×2.5 mm² bare copper conductors, 204×0.127 conductors, 11 mm outer diameter. Made in Europe.

    Cut-out power cable

    Cold Ray Power Line CU

  • Flexible shielded power cable (250 V, 10 A), 3 x 1.5 mm tinned copper conductors, price per meter

    Cut-out power cable 900 05 Supra LoRad (3×1.5)

  • Flexible shielded power cable (250 V, 16 A), 3 x 2.5 mm tinned copper conductors, price per 1 meter

    Threaded network cable


  • Screened mains cable, 3×2. 5 mm² silver-plated bare copper conductors, 322×0.10 strands, outer diameter 11 mm. Made in Europe.

    Threaded mains cable

    Cold Ray Power Line AG

  • Balanced power cable, silver-plated copper wire screen, linear resistance 7 mΩ/m.

    Threaded power cable

    Analysis-Plus PRO Power Oval

  • Power cable on reel, AWG10 conductors, price per meter

    Cut power cable

    Analysis-Plus Power Oval 10

These reviews are written by real customers of cut power cable in our store. We do not publish the names of customers for reasons of safety of personal data. Buying from us this or that product, you also have the opportunity to add your review.

Network cable not connected. What to do if it is connected but not working

It is not uncommon for situations when, after connecting a computer or laptop to the Internet using a network cable, the error “Network cable is not connected” appears. This is more likely not even an error, but simply the status of the network adapter, which can be observed in network connections.

It turns out that the computer does not respond to the connection in any way, the network cable is not connected, although it is connected to the computer, inserted into the network card connector. The icon on the notification panel with a red cross. Well, the internet doesn’t work. Here’s what it looks like:

And most importantly, the cable is connected. From a router, modem, or directly from the provider’s equipment. This error can appear both on a PC and on a laptop. It also doesn’t matter which Windows is installed on your computer. Only in Windows 10, the inscription “Network cable is not connected” will be next to the “Ethernet” adapter, and in Windows 7 – next to “Local Area Connection”. And in Windows XP, a pop-up window with this error still appears if you hover over the connection icon with the mouse. Also, the “Unidentified network” error often occurs.

May come in handy: Internet does not work in Windows 10 after connecting a network cable

Same with connection method. For someone, the network cable comes directly from the provider (for example, Rostelecom), and for someone through a modem, Wi-Fi router, or terminal.

What could be the problem?

There can be many reasons. We list the main ones:

  • The network cable is connected incorrectly or not completely.
  • The network cable is damaged. It is possible that the contacts in the connector (into which the network cable itself is crimped) have come off.
  • Hardware problems with the router, modem, provider equipment. Or the network card itself has broken in your laptop or PC.
  • Problems in network card settings. More often than not, it cannot automatically detect the speed and duplex. I will talk about this in more detail.
  • Some problem with the network card driver.
  • Viruses, firewalls, some programs. Yes, yes, because of them, the error “Network cable is not connected” may also occur.

How to find out the cause and what to do first?

  • First, restart your computer, modem, router (if any).
  • Disconnect the network cable and reconnect. Also check the connection on the router (if the Internet is connected through it). Connect the cable to another LAN port. Pay attention to whether the LAN indicator on the router lights up after the cable is connected. You can see the instructions: how to connect the Internet from a router to a computer via cable.
  • If possible, connect using a different cable.
  • You can gently move the network cable where it enters the connector. And look at this moment at the status of the network adapter on the computer. Perhaps contacts are leaving there, and in this way it will be possible to find out.
  • If there is another PC or laptop, try connecting it. So we can find out what’s wrong.
  • If the Internet goes through a router, then try connecting the cable from the provider directly to the computer.

I would divide solutions into software and hardware ones.

The network cable is not connected, although it is connected: solutions to the problem

I would try removing the network card from device manager. After reboot it should be restored automatically. Go to the device manager (the easiest way to find it is through the search, or press the Win + R key combination and run the devmgmt.msc command).

On the Network adapters tab, find the network card. Depending on the manufacturer and driver, the name may be different. The name may contain “LAN”. For example, on my laptop it is “Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller”. By the way, pay attention to whether there is a yellow icon next to it. Right-click on it and select “Remove device”.

We confirm the deletion and restart the computer. Perhaps after a reboot everything will work, and the computer will see the connected network cable.

Checking the settings for determining speed and duplex. In Device Manager, right-click on the network card (as I showed above) and select “Properties”.

Next, go to the “Advanced” tab. Find and select “Spped&Duplex” in the list. And on the left in the drop-down menu, set the value to “Auto Negotiation”. But if you initially had this option installed there, then try setting a different value. For example: “100 Mbps Full Duplex”. You can try different options. Don’t forget to click Ok and restart your computer.

It just often happens that the network card cannot automatically determine the speed and duplex.

Network card driver. You should try reinstalling it. Download the driver on the website of the manufacturer of the card itself (LAN), laptop, or motherboard of your computer and start the installation. You can see an article on this topic: what driver is needed for a network card (Ethernet controller)? Download and installation.

Other reasons why the computer does not respond to a network cable connection

Network card failure. True, in this case, you most likely will not see it in the device manager. But it happens differently. To find out, you need to connect another cable to it. Connect to another router or ISP. Or connect other devices to the same cable.
Provider problems. For example: an employee of the provider connected the Internet to another subscriber, and accidentally disconnected your cable from the equipment, or the cable was broken somewhere in the entrance. Or maybe someone cut it off on purpose. In such cases, the message “Network cable is not connected” will be displayed. You need to contact your provider’s support. Just before that, it would be good to make sure that the problem is not in the network card of your computer. It also often happens that the contacts on the connector disappear, into which the network cable from the provider is crimped. You just need to compress the network cable again and correctly.