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Premium Water

Cosmo Water


Area coverd


(except Okinawa and remote islands)


(except remote islands)


(except Okinawa and remote islands)


Basic Charge

6,400JPY ~ /Month

8,900JPY ~ /Month

8,700JPY ~ /Month

7,900JPY ~ /Month

Water Fee






Award-winning performance


6,400 JPY/Month~

(48L For Four Family + Electricity Fee)

※1:2020.12 Niffy`s Delivery Water Survey – 10th consecutive year of customer satisfaction No.1

※2:2020.12 Anetis`s Survey – Maternity`s Best Water Dispenser Maternity Hospital Usage No. 1

Dispenser Rental Fee: Free (Some models need rental fee)

Deliverly Fee: Free 

Admission Fee: Free

Water Fee: 1,460JPY(12L)


At Crecla, we design, distribute, and provide unrivaled purified water. We are trusted by nearly 560 maternity hospitals, only because our advanced reverse osmosis water dispensers provide an even higher level of filtration over ordinary carbon filters. That is perfect for making baby food and formula milk.

Our prices are the lowest in the industry.

No server rental fee, no joining fee, no delivery fee.

Recommended for

  • Families with children

※We’re sorry to say that but if the official site doesn’t provide a foreign language page, Please use a web translator such as Google Translator.

Premium Water

8,900 JPY/Month~

(48L For Four Family + Electricity Fee)

※4:2020.11 Benesse Corporation – Tabihiyo BEST AWARD OF BABY GOODS 2021 No.1


Server Rental Fee: Free (Some models need rental fee)

Deliverly Fee: Free 

Admission Fee: Free

Water Fee: 2,116JPY(12L)

Filtered slowly and fully through layers of lava rock of Mount Fuji, one of the world’s most pristine ecosystems. The Premium Water possesses a greatly desirable and rare of natural alkaline drinking water. The kind of nectar so pure, nothing is added or taken away.

Unheated natural water that has not been sterilized.

Household plans are more affordable.

Recommended for

  • single-person household

  • Families with children

※We’re sorry to say that but if the official site doesn’t provide a foreign language page, Please use a web translator such as Google Translator.

Cosmo Water

8,700 JPY/Month~

(48L For Four Family + Electricity Fee)


Dispenser Rental Fee: Free (Some models need rental fee)

Deliverly Fee: Free 

Admission Fee: Free

Water Fee: 2,052JPY(12L)

The tempting taste of Cosmo Water is fetch only from the exceptional water source. We reap the jewels of tens of year journey of filtration and purification, to bring you water as crisp as the morning country air. We have a stringent externally audited systems ensure the composition of Cosmo water is remarkably consistent and meets the minimum standards of purity set by EPA.

※1:Winning the Good Design Award, A family-friendly design

All you need to pay for is the natural water.

Electricity bill of only 474 yen per month.

※2:2020 Monde Selection Gold Award (Natural Water Part)

Recommended for

  • single-person household

  • Families with children

※We’re sorry to say that but if the official site doesn’t provide a foreign language page, Please use a web translator such as Google Translator.


7,900 JPY/Month~

(48L For Four Family + Electricity Fee)

※1:Winning the Good Design Award, A family-friendly design

※2:Winning the Kids Design Award.


Dispenser Rental Fee: Free (Some models need rental fee)

Deliverly Fee: Free 

Admission Fee: Free

Water Fee: 1,231JPY(7.2L)

Harness the power of the volcanic rock from Mt. Fuji, and give yourself the lift you need with Frecious Water; which is naturally filtered slowly over the years. Starting as sigle as a rain drop, the water falls over the unique mountainous landscape and is filtered through layers of natural filters, giving it a unique mineral content. Makes Frecious Water the purest, safe, and delicious drinking water which you long desired.

A coffee function is recommended.

First in the industry to receive the Good Design Award.

Recommended for

  • single-person household

  • Families with children

※We’re sorry to say that but if the official site doesn’t provide a foreign language page, Please use a web translator such as Google Translator.


5 Merits of Home Water Dispensers

Best drinking water

even for babies

Instantly dispenses warm and purified water to make formula milk – No more waiting for water to heat up!



It decreases the number of working times at home and You can save the time for buying water. Even you don`t have to move heavy water from the supermarket to your home

Provide Hot & Cold water


Set your preferred temperature so that you can enjoy cold, hot, or even lukewarm water at a touch of a button!

​● We provide a cost saving alternative to bottled water.

​● Countermeasure against COVID-19(Work from home, Avoid going outside)

For who

Recommended for these people

Recommend for using water dispenser for these people

For Every Parent

It’s perfect for baby formula as well as drinking water for everyone! It creates the perfect temperature and filtrate all the unwanted minerals like calcium or magnesium. Making formula milk has never been easier.

It’s perfect for baby formula as well as drinking water for everyone! It creates the perfect temperature and filtrate all the unwanted minerals like calcium or magnesium. Making formula milk has never been easier.

Busy People

Our water dispenser is ideal for everyone- Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur, hard-work businessman or even new parents. Could really save both time and money for you on grocery shopping.

The perfect balance in a glass of water. Delivered right to your door.

Purified warm water with constant temperature could be provided anytime you need. Making baby formula has never been this easy and fast.

Our water’s exceptional quality and well-balanced taste make for the perfect accompaniment to food and great wines.


Answers to your frequently asked questions.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Japan?


Japanese tap water is properly tested for water quality and is said to be safe for drinking. However, clean water from the water purification plant will also be stored in water storage tanks by the time it reaches the faucet of each household. “If the water pipes or reservoirs deteriorate or become dirty…” When I think about it, I can’t get rid of the fear of drinking unsanitary water without realizing it. In addition, some people are worried that water may contain toxins such as residual chlorine and trihalomethane because chlorine is disinfected during purification. Therefore, it is also true that many people use water dispensers, and buy bottles of water.

Is Alkaline water good for our health?

Alkaline water has higher pH levels(8~9) than regular tap water(7. 5)

It means that it helps to neutralize excess acid that may be produced in the stomach

due to factors such as stress and diet

Difference of natural water & RO water

Natural water is mineral water that minimizes the processing of water pumped up from carefully selected areas to make the most of its natural flavor.
RO water is artificially treated with minerals after filtering impurities with a fine filter.

How can I choose a water dispenser?


“Cold water/hot water” and “child lock” are installed in almost all models, so there is not much difference in functionality.
“First, compare “”water”” and “”price””, and then +α such as design and campaign information.” It will be easier to choose if you look at


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How to disassemble and lubricate the cooler (fan) of the computer

An increase in acoustic noise coming from the computer system unit is usually associated with a malfunction of the fans (coolers) for cooling the processor, video card or installed in the system unit case. At first, the noise appears at the moment the computer is turned on and disappears after a couple of minutes. The noise disappears, as the lubricant on the impeller axis heats up from its rotation, becomes more liquid and penetrates into the bearing. But over time, the noise becomes constant, as all the lubricant has been used up. If noise appears, it is necessary to urgently lubricate the cooler bearing, otherwise it will wear out and you will have to replace the cooler with a new one.

Cooler bearings can be lubricated with machine oil. If there is no oil at hand, then a couple of drops of engine oil taken from the dipstick to check the oil level in the car engine will do.

Lubricating cooler bearings with various lubricants, I came to the conclusion that the best lubricant for computer cooler plain bearings is factory-made or self-made graphite grease. Graphite grease is universal, well suited for lubricating locks, window hinges, doors and any other moving metal pairs, including for a car.

Lubrication of rolling bearings (ball bearings) and cooler sliding bearings is not always successful if the noise is due to physical wear of the axle, bushing, cage and balls. In this case, it will be possible to achieve a positive result only for a short time. If the cooler makes noise or rotates slowly (by the way, one of the reasons for the slowdown in computer performance and freezing as a whole as a result of processor overheating) due to drying out or running out of lubricant, then a new lubricant will extend the life of the cooler by at least twice.

How to disassemble a computer cooler

Coolers installed to cool the processor, power supply, video card are designed the same way. They only differ in the method of fastening, overall dimensions and performance. Therefore, any coolers installed in the computer are disassembled and lubricated using the same technology.

To lubricate the cooler, it must be removed from the radiator and disassembled. It is impossible to lubricate the cooler without removing it, since the access side to the lubrication point is usually pressed against the radiator. The cooler is often attached to the processor heatsink with latches that are invisible at first glance. You can read about one of the common options for attaching a cooler to a processor heatsink in the article “How to remove a cooler from a processor heatsink”.

To disassemble the grease cooler, on the side where the wires fit, carefully peel off the label, which is stuck on with a sticky layer. To tear it off, so as not to damage, should be slow.

Some coolers have a rubber plug installed. In order to remove it, you need to pry the cork over the edge with a sharp tool and remove it. This is easy to do, as the cork is simply inserted with an interference fit.

The impeller is held in the cooler housing by a flat plastic split washer fixed in the shaft groove. In order to remove the impeller for bearing lubrication, this washer must be removed.

Remove the washer very carefully with two tools. The incision is invisible to the eye and you need to use a needle, slightly pressing, to guide the washers in a circle until you hook on the incision site. With a small screwdriver, press the washer next to the cut on one side, and with an awl or needle pry it on the other side of the cut and remove the washer from the groove in a circle.

This operation must be done carefully so as not to break or lose the washer. Sometimes it flies away and you have to look for a long time. Without this washer, the cooler will not be able to work, since the impeller will not be fixed.

Remove the rubber ring and remove the impeller. Another rubber ring is removed from its axis.

In a cooler that has been operating for a long time, the rubber rings can be completely worn out and only wear products remain at the place of their installation. Unfortunately, such rubber rings as spare parts are not sold, and without them, even a lubricated cooler bearing can make noise due to the longitudinal displacement of the impeller axis during operation. If there are old coolers, you can try to remove the ring from them, maybe they survived. Usually, the rubber ring installed at the fixing washer is subjected to more wear, since during the operation of the cooler all the pressure falls on it.

If one of the rings has survived in the cooler, then it must be installed on the impeller axis in front of the fixing washer when assembling the cooler. In this case, it is quite possible that the cooler will work quietly. Otherwise, you will have to put up with the noise or replace the cooler with a new one. How to replace a cooler, including non-standard ones, about altering the connector for connecting to power and color coding of wires is described in detail in the article “How to replace a cooler for a processor, video card, computer power supply”.

How to lubricate cooler

Before applying graphite grease to the surface of the cooler bearing, use a cloth soaked in any solvent to remove old grease and bearing wear products, especially carefully from the bore of the bearing bush. A thin layer of fresh graphite grease is applied to the friction parts of the cooler bearing, and the cooler is assembled in the reverse order.

If the label is torn or does not want to stick, it is most likely that grease has got on the surface of the cooler body. You need to remove it with a solvent. If the sticker is torn or the adhesive layer has lost its adhesive properties, then tape can be glued instead to protect the bearing from dust.

Graphite itself is a lubricant because its crystals are scaly and densely cover the surface in a thin layer. The oil performs rather a graphite-binding function. Applying a homemade graphite lubricant to the bearing wear surfaces, in combination with synthetic engine oil and graphite, will ensure a long cooler life without replacement and maintenance.

Make your own graphite cooler grease

To make graphite grease, take a few drops of synthetic engine oil and add graphite powder to it. Mix thoroughly until smooth. You should get graphite grease with a thick consistency.

Graphite for the preparation of cooler lubricant can be obtained by grinding the lead of a simple pencil on fine sandpaper, or a brush from a commutator motor. Some brushes are made from a mixture of graphite and charcoal. Therefore, if you are not sure that the brush is graphite, then it is better not to use such a brush. Of course, industrial grade graphite is best used for lubrication.

How to make a split plastic washer

Where to find a replacement rubber ring

I received an e-mail in which Vasily, a visitor to the site, shared his experience in repairing coolers. I liked his advice, I believe that they will be useful to many who are faced with the repair of the cooler.

Often I have to repair coolers and decided to share my experience:

✔ If a split plastic washer is lost or broken, then it can be made from a plastic ticket card, the main thing is to choose a card of suitable thickness. Business cards that are made of the same material are also suitable.

✔ If the rubber ring is scattered, torn or lost, a gas lighter can serve as its donor. There is a suitable rubber ring in it under the valve. In different models of lighters, the ring is of different thickness, so you need to choose the right one. If the ring is thicker than necessary, then it must be installed on the bottom of the impeller axis, and under the fixing washer, put what previously stood on the impeller axis from below.

Nikolay 05/31/2022

Good afternoon!
I read your article “Lubricating the Cooler” from the “Computer -> Computer Repair” section of the site.
It describes how to lubricate with the removal of the impeller and full access to the bearing.
Can you please tell me if it is possible to lubricate the cooler by dropping lubricating oil into the hole without removing the washer? And can oil get into the cooler stator in this way?
Before I found your article, I came across several other guides on the Internet where the washer is not removed, and did the same. Isn’t this stator dangerous?


Hello Nikolay.
You can lubricate the cooler without removing the washers, simply by dropping a drop of oil into the bearing gap and moving the impeller by hand with rotation along the axis so that the oil penetrates into the bearing.