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How to Configure Inbound Routes on Grandstream UCM Series IP PBXs

Expert & Clear — Learn from a certified VoIP engineer how to add and configure inbound call routes on Grandstream UCM Series IP PBXs in just 8 minutes!

How to Configure Outbound Routes on Grandstream UCM Series IP PBXs

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IP Phones, VoIP Phones, Conference Phones

Shop the most extensive selection of VoIP Phones online — including Desktop VoIP Phones, VoIP Conference Phones and Wireless VoIP Phones. Find VoIP phones with professional features to enable your workers — HD audio, advanced noise reduction, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, support for headsets and expansion modules, color touchscreen displays, video conferencing integration, enterprise class security — and much, much more.

Buy business phones that work with your VoIP Phone System — on-premise or cloud. Open SIP phones work with standards-based phone systems. Microsoft Teams Certified Phones provide a native experience and seamless integration across devices. For cloud phone services like 8×8, Google Voice By Google Workspace, Nextiva, OnSIP, RingCentral and more — we have your phones. 3CX compatible phones integrate effortlessly with the software IP PBX.

IP Phone Warehouse — the most trusted online reseller of business VoIP phones. We have specialized in VoIP for a decade and a half — expertise you can’t fake. Give us a call! Our helpful, friendly support staff are here to help.

To learn more about VoIP phones, check out our detailed VoIP Phone Buyer’s Guide >

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    Yealink MP54 Microsoft Teams IP Phone – MP54-Teams


    $239. 00


    Yealink MP54 is a Microsoft Teams Certified desk phone for everyday use in the office, at the front desk or in common areas. Featuring a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display, MP54 runs Android 9.0 for a familiar, modern user interface — with a…

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    Poly Trio C60 IP Conference Phone – 2200-86240-025




    Poly Trio C60 brings people together for professional conferencing. Designed to handle groups of eight or more people, Trio C60 works beautifully for audio conferencing with a broad range of Open SIP platforms and services — optimized for…

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    Poly Trio C60 IP Conference Phone, Microsoft Teams Edition – 2200-86240-019




    Get a world class conference phone certified for use with Microsoft Teams. Trio C60 MS provides a native Teams experience — seamless collaboration. Designed to handle groups of eight or more people, Trio C60 is a professional conference phone that…

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    Grandstream GRP2614 Dual Display Bluetooth Wi-Fi IP Phone


    $175. 00


    Grandstream GRP2614 is a flagship IP phone with dual color displays and Wi-Fi support. GRP2614 has a gorgeous 2.8″ color LCD screen with four customizable feature keys as a primary display. It also has a 2.4″ color LCD screen with eight feature keys…

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    Yealink MP58 Wi-Fi Microsoft Teams IP Phone – MP58-Teams




    Yealink MP58 is a Microsoft Teams Certified desk phone with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for a superior communications experience in the office. MP58 runs Android 9.0 — modern, familiar user interface. The 7-inch touchscreen display makes it a joy. ..

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    Yealink MP56 Microsoft Teams IP Phone – MP56-Teams




    Yealink MP56 is a professional VoIP phone for use with Microsoft Teams — professional communications experience. Certified by Microsoft and compatible with Microsoft 365, MP56-Teams features a 7-inch touchscreen display and takes on the familiar…

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    Yealink T33G 4-Line PoE Gigabit IP Phone – SIP-T33G


    $109. 00


    Yealink T33G is a powerful solution for everyday communications in the office — color display, HD Voice audio and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. Designed to be an affordable professional VoIP phone, T33G features a color display and four line keys…

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    Grandstream GRP2616 Dual Display Bluetooth Wi-Fi IP Phone




    Grandstream GRP2616 is a high-end IP phone that is simple to deploy as part of an enterprise phone fleet. GRP2616 features a large color display with six line keys and five soft keys. It also comes with an integrated sidecar with a color display and. ..

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    Grandstream GRP2615 Bluetooth Wi-Fi IP Phone




    Grandstream GRP2615 is an executive IP phone with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. Part of the Grandstream GRP2600 Series of carrier-grade VoIP phones, GRP2615 is built to be simple to deploy and manage as part of a fleet. The phone offers HD…

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    Grandstream GRP2613 IP Phone


    $95. 00


    Grandstream GRP2613 is a midlevel IP phone with Gigabit Ethernet speed. GRP2613 is designed for how work happens today with six customizable feature keys, three SIP accounts, and a clear, 2.8″ color display. The phone gives you rich HD audio…

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    Grandstream GRP2612W Wi-Fi IP Phone




    Grandstream GRP2612W is a basic VoIP phone with Wi-Fi support for flexible installation. GRP2612W is an everyday desk phone that runs the open SIP protocol. It supports 2 SIP accounts. Fit for use in any office, the phone has a lovely 2.4″ color display…

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    Grandstream GRP2612 IP Phone




    Grandstream GRP2612 is an entry-level IP phone for basic users and cubicles. GRP2612 supports two SIP accounts. The 2.4″ color display has four multipurpose line keys with dual-color LEDs plus four context-sensitive soft keys. You sound great with…

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D-Link Phone with LCD IP SIP VoIP, (PoE) DPH-150SE/F5A

Phone with LCD IP SIP VoIP, (PoE)

Buy at low prices D-Link DPH-150SE/F5A

, home offices, small and medium businesses. Featuring a classic corporate design, this phone is ideal for business thanks to its high performance and versatility. The DPH-150SE can be used in network environments that use a cable modem, digital subscriber line (DSL) or local area network (LAN) connection to the Internet. Also, the device can connect to a PoE-enabled switch to receive power over PoE when power outlets are not available. The phone can be registered to a SIP server, connection controller (soft switch), telephone exchange, IP-PBX or IMS, and connected to SIP-enabled terminals. It is also possible to connect the user’s computer to this phone instead of directly to the local network. The device is made in a plastic case, the delivery set includes a telephone set, a handset, a cord to the handset and a wall mounting kit. On the front of the phone is a color LCD display that provides a variety of information display. The user can use the keypad/LCD or Web browser to set up the phone.


9001 8

9002 0

• 0.51 kg

9001 3



• WAN Port 10/1 00Base-TX to connect to Internet/PoE switch

• 10/100Base-TX LAN port to connect to PC

• Headset connector

• Expansion module connector

9 0002 Display

• Active matrix color LCD

• Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels


• 12 number keys

• 11 function keys

• 4 programmable keys

• 4 navigation keys

• 8 DSS keys


• BCM 1190


• 16 MB

Flash memory

• 8 MB

Power connector

• DC power connector



• VxWorks OS

• D-Link SIP Stack

• Software Platform: VxWorks

System Requirements

• Web browser: Microsoft Windows IE or other Web browser

• Autoconfig Server: TFTP, FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS compatible

Keyboard functions

• 4 firmware keys

• 8 DSS keys

• 4 navigation keys and OK key to navigate settings

• Call hold (Hold)

• Call forward (Call forward)

• Three-way conference


• Headset

• Redial (Redial and record to access call history; end dialing and calling)

• Speaker (Speaker)

• 12 number keys including * and #

9000 2 • Mute

• Volume control (Vol – / Vol +)

Phone functions

• Multiple users (4 SIP accounts)

• Display caller name display

• Call history: 100 missed calls, 100 incoming calls, 100 outgoing calls

• Phone book (up to 500 contacts and phone numbers)

• Remote phone book support XML, LDAP

• Date/time display 9000 3

• Ring time display

• 9 selectable ringtones

• 9 speed dials

• Incoming call indicator

• Flexible dialing plan

• Password protection when accessing the setup interface

• Pre-dial before sending

• Key extension option

• Note



• Keypad lock

• Emergency call

• Custom DSS Key / Soft Key

Audio Codecs

• G. 711a/u (64Kbps)

• G.729A/B (8 kbps)

• G.723.1 (high/low)

• G.726-32

• G.722

Voice functions

• Silence suppression

• Acoustic echo cancellation (G.168): headset can support 96 ms

• Voice Activity Detection (VAD)

• Background Noise Generation (CNG)

• Jitter Buffer

• DTMF Transmitter (SIP info, InBand, RFC 2833)

• Packet Loss Concealment (PLC) )

• HD voice support

Signaling, media and network protocols

• SIP RFC 3261

• SDP RFC 2327

• RTP RFC 1889

• Destination IP address a: Static IP, DHCP and PPPoE

• STUN, static port mapping (for NAT traversal)



• TFTP/FTP/HTTP for autoconfiguration


Additional call features

• Call Hold Resume

• Call Mute

• Call Transfer (Unattended, Attended and Early Followed)

• Call Forward (Busy, No Answer, Unconditional)

• Call Waiting 900 03

• Call Waiting Indication

• Three-Way Conference

• Anonymous Call / Anonymous Call Blocking

• Message Waiting Indication

• Do Not Disturb

• Auto Answer

• Blacklist

• Limit list

• Auto hangup

• Ban outgoing for certain outgoing calls

• Hotline

• BLF/Presence

9 0002 • Intercom

• Call Pickup

• Action URL/Active URI

Remote Software Update

• FTP/TFTP/HT TP for remote software update

• APS auto-configuration for software and profile updates

• Update in case of software corruption

User interface/network management

• User interface: screen/keyboard in English and others languages ​​

• Web Based User Interface (HTTP) in English and other languages ​​


• IEEE 802. 1Q and IEEE 802.1p

• Diffserv (DSCP)/ToS

Security/Class of Service

• Full range VLAN ID support (voice vlan/data vlan)

• Class of Service Support by VLAN Tag 900 03



• OpenVPN – (Attention! Devices delivered to the territory of the Customs Union do not have this functionality)

Physical parameters

Dimensions (L x W x H)

• 195 x 188 x 51 mm


Operating conditions


• Power over Ethernet (Po E) 802.3af (Class 1)

• Power adapter (not included)

• Input: 100 to 220, 220 to 240V AC

• Output: 5V/1A DC

Power consumption

• 1.3 W (standby)

• 4.3 W (talk)


• Operating: 0 to 40°C

• Storage: -20 to 60°C


• Operating: 10% to 65% (non-condensing)

• Storage: 15% to 85% (non-condensing)

Package contents

• DPH-150SE IP phone

• Handset

• Handset cord

• CAT5 Ethernet Cable

• Quick Installation Guide

• Phone Stand

• Wall Mount Screw Kit

• Warranty Card









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For Moscow and Moscow Region:

+7 495 108-64-95

For Russian regions:

8 800 533-79-44



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