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“I never would have thought that having a turntable untethered from my stereo would be so liberating, but it’s a game-changer. To be able to spin vinyl from anywhere — where I’m working, where I’m entertaining — seems like not a big deal until you experience it.”

“Sweet little portable turntable. Love the Bluetooth functionality combined with the old school vinyl experience. Suitcase design makes it easy to take anywhere and the sound quality is awesome!”

“I have the Empire and just love it. It is designed beautifully, and I can also use it for CD’s and radio. I can’t believe how great it is to listen to my old records. It feels like home again.”

“I am a huge Vinyl collector, I have everything from movie sound tracks to classic rock legends. However, your average radio player doesn’t play them, so I haven’t even gotten to listen to any of them! That’s when I found this product — and I ABSOLUTELY love it!”

“What sound! I am truly blown away. My wife purchased this for me as a Christmas gift as I have a growing box of Vinyl but no record player. I can tell you after one listen I was stunned, the V1 sounds amazing, I even replaced my entire home stereo with the V1, the built in speakers paired with the wireless sub is simple to use, sounds amazing for vinyl, movies and it even has Bluetooth, score!”

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Revolution GO Portable Rechargeable Record Player

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Making lifelong music memories in every home is the mission of Victrola. Music is a universal language that unites us when words aren’t enough. It conjures powerful emotions and takes us on long journeys. Through it all, our favorite vinyl albums are there when we need them most. 

Everyone at Victrola is a music lover who cares deeply about our products and our customers. Victrola products are meticulously designed by a team of development experts and acoustic engineers to create the signature Victrola sound that remains unparalleled in the industry. 

Our record players provide the ideal listening experience and deliver exceptional sound quality whether you’re an experienced collector or a first-time vinyl listener. Features like belt-driven turntables, custom-tuned speakers, and premium cartridges allow our customers to hear how much we care about our products.

With styles ranging from classic vintage record players to sleek and modern audio speaker systems, the Victrola record player store offers products designed to transcend time, delivering a truly unforgettable experience the moment you place your favorite vinyl record on the platter.  From record players to albums, jukeboxes to boomboxes, radios to Bluetooth® speakers, we have something for you. Welcome to the Victrola family.

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  • The answer to the riddle.

    Victrola floor phonograph.

    Original taken from marinni in Answer to the riddle. Victrola floor phonograph.

    Victrola is a type of phonograph produced in the first half of the 20th century by the American firm Victor Talking Machine Company, a leading American manufacturer of gramophones and records.

    “Victrola instruments $25 to $1500”.

    tanuka and schrotmueller 9 answered that these phonograph lockers were “Victrola”0004 .
    They were of different shapes – elongated in length or in height.

    “Cabinet for a gramophone”, “floor gramophone”, a gramophone or a phonograph is hidden there – which, in fact, is correct, they answered: , schrotmueller ,
    ankhin , sleepy_f , zauberinn ,
    v_l_s_p_d_s_t , onfencing , auto_biograf , ting_li 9 0004 mis2tofus
    Music center, jukebox:
    anny_panda , p_a_n_y_a , dynazz .
    Thanks to all who answered, all answers can be found HERE

    Rudolf Valentino is dancing with a lady.

    The gramophone and victrola differed favorably from their predecessors – they did not have a remote pipe that amplified the sound.

    Victrola was a stationary version of the phonograph, in addition to the player and sound amplifier, which was played by the case itself, it had compartments for storing records.
    Victrolls were the “musical center” of that time, they played very loudly, the power of the horn body was enough for a large dance hall or a hall-living room.

    —————–Johnson Victrola Museum——————
    ========= =============================== =======

    Same as the name “Gramophone ” came from the company “Pate”, the name “Victrola” – on behalf of Victor Orsier, who owned the company together with
    Emile Berliner. Later, these words became a household word.

    In September 1906, Johnson and his engineers developed a new line of turntable gramophones and the horn-amplifier was assembled inside a wooden case.

    Victrola models at the Johnson Victrola Museum

    This was done for both sound quality and visual aesthetics. Horned gramophones often did not fit into the interior, the goal was to make them look like a piece of furniture.

    This idea was quickly patented and the new invention was named “Victrola”.
    Victor Orsier made agreements with furniture factories and they made cabinets specifically for different interior styles.

    ——————– Models————-


    —- ——————First Models————–
    =============== =======================

    The term Victrola therefore only applies to phonographs with internal horn made by Victor Machine Company,
    and is not a generic term for all old gramophones.

    The first Victrols went on sale in 1906 and, despite the high price, were an immediate hit.

    Soon a wide range of “Victrola” was on the market, ranging from small tabletop models for $15, to a variety of designs and sizes of cabinets with decor in the range of $100 to $250 for the middle class, up to $600 in the style of Chippendale, chinoiserie and others, from precious woods with gilding and rich finishes for elegant mansions.

    For wealthy customers, Victrola was also available in a variety of custom designs, hand painted, exotic woods, Japanese and Chinese style lacquer finishes. These machines were produced in small numbers and are now valuable rarities.

    The new inexpensive machines were a resounding success, and Victrol production rose from a few thousand a year in 1906 to about 250,000 a year by 1913.

    Victrols became the most popular brand of home phonographs, and were sold in large quantities until the late 1920s, only the Great Depression prevented sales from increasing, but the company continued to work.

    Chinoiserie style

    How much did victrola cost in 2008 in terms of modern dollars, as you can see, it was an expensive pleasure: 9
    $4,430.00 using the GDP deflator
    $13,400.00 using the value of consumer bundle
    $26,100.00 using the unskilled wage 9 0011 $34,900.00 using the nominal GDP per capita
    $120,000.00 using the relative share of GDP

    When using the CPI/RPI, the (average) value in 2008 of $250 from 1908 is £4310. 00.
    From 1908 an advertisement for the ‘Victrola’ and not so cheap either

    A Victor Victrola 8-30 “Credenza” phonograph from the Salvador Velez collection

    —————————— —–

    The floor model VV-XI was the most popular of all, with over 850,000 copies sold: —Wide models———–
    ================================ ======= ======

    Victor Victrola ModelW440
    ——————————- —


    1946 RCA Victor Victrola 59V1

    —————Device–open doors—————
    ======= ================================= ==============

    Instead of a horn on a gramophone in the Victrola, the sound is amplified by the very shape of the case, and the volume is adjusted by opening the doors.

    Behind the curtain, the acoustic structure made of wood is visible:

    Model of 1912

    one. Victrolas with electric motors were called “Electrolas” and the Victrola brand was used until at least 1987.

    ——————-Victrola Chaliapin——————–
    ====== ================================== ===================

    From the Theater Arts Museum.

    After the sensational performances of F.I. Chaliapin at La Scala, the sound engineer of the company “His master’s voice” US Darby persuaded the singer to record on one-sided gramophone records. Chaliapin signs the contract.

    Gilded victrola was presented by F.I. Chaliapin, the recording company “Gramophone”.

    According to legend, this is a gift from the company for the tenth anniversary of cooperation with the artist. The date on the annotation – 1912 – allows us to agree with this assumption. And the design of the gramophone – gilding and painting – testifies that this copy was made for the solemn date.

    Similar from the victrol museum.

    ———————Photo———- —– ———————-
    ==================== =================== =====


    Woman with early Victor Victrola, model XVI – c.1908
    Somewhere in the USA, an unidentified woman demonstrates an early version of the Victor Victrola, model XVI

    Rudolf Valentino is dancing with a lady.
    Rudolph Valentino, dancing with an unknown lady. Alice Terry, serves as spectator and phonograph crank winder.
    ————————– ————–

    actress / singer Geraldine Farrar, dressed as the opera character “Carmen”, leaning on a Victor Victrola.

    Claire Dux leaning over a Brunswick gramophone, c.1922

    ————– ———Advertising———- —————-
    =========== ============================= ====

    ————- —————-

    1909 Ad Victor Victrola Talking Machine Phonograh Music


    The company released many records of leading artists,
    recordings by Enrico Caruso between 1904-1920 . were especially successful.

    Victor has recorded numerous classical musicians and orchestras: Arturo Toscanini, Jascha Heifetz, Sergei Koussevitzky and Sergei Rachmaninov in a series of recordings at his studio in Camden, New Jersey.
    Rachmaninov, by the way, became one of the first composers-performers for mass circulations, he was the first to make several recordings with Thomas Edison in 1919.


    1913 $25 to $1500″.

    1914 Vintage Ad Victor Victrola Phonograph Dance Record


    1914 Ad Fashionable Couples Dancing Victrola Phonograph
    —————————————- ——- —-

    Victrola Advertisement_from_1915

    1917 Ad Victor Talking Machine Co Records Enrico Caruso

    victrola 1918

    191 4


    victrola christmas 1921

    An Impromptu Get Together
    Victor Talking Machine Company, 1915.

    1916 Ad Victor Victrola Couples Dancing


    victrola 1918


    Victrola ad
    The House Beautiful March 1919

    1920 Victor Victrola Ad ~ Dance to the Music

    — —————————-

    1920 Ad Victrola Victor Records Caruso Canio Clown

    Vintage Advert for Victrola Phonograms 1920

    Vintage Advert for Victrola Gramophones (Christmas) 1920


    victrola 1922


    900 10
    Famous Artists endorse Victrola Gramaphones in 1923

    1924 Ad Victor Talking Machine Victrola Portable Radio

    ===== =============================

    ——————- ——-




    There were still different companies, but in the mass phonographs of this type were still called floor gramophone or victrols:

    ===== =================================== ==

    carola 1916

    columbia grafonola 1919
    – ———————–

    http://www. =16&p=3&q=victrola

    ———————-Cows———– ———— —

    Many have seen this trademark: the fox terrier Nipper listening to the gramophone (original painting by artist Francis Barraud from 1893 “His Master’s Voice”).

    Nipper Fox Terrier, originally owned by the artist’s brother, Marc Barro. When Mark Barro died, Francis inherited Nipper, along with a cylinder phonograph and recordings of Mark’s voice. Francis noticed that the dog was listening intently to the recorded voice of his deceased owner coming from the phonograph tube.
    So he got the idea for this picture, later this company bought the rights to the image from him and made Nipper’s dog world famous.

    in gold

    There are still many different images and sculptures of Nipper and his fan clubs.

    At the Victrol Museum

    Victrol in Antarctica
    Antarctic photo

    : “History of household appliances”

    History of the iron-TUT

    Ancient meat grinders-TUT

    Antique stoves-TUT

    The history of washing and the first washing machines-TUT

    The history of Victrol:
    ———————— ———– =text

    ———————-Johnson Victrola Museum——— /?q=Johnson+Victrola+Museum#page=2
    — ————
    Johnson Victrola Museum website: n.shtm
    ====================================== == =
    http://soundofthehound .com/tag/alexander-graham-bell/

    Old Victrola brings back the sounds of the past, resurrects the past

    N finally our dream came true: we got a real Victrola (Victrola VI), made in Camden, New Jersey (Camden, NJ), way back in 1923 year. The date can also be traced on the label: March 15 (only the last letter “h” has been preserved from the name of the month, and only March has such an ending). This is exactly the inexpensive model that was most often purchased in the South in the mid-twenties and on which records were played in poor black and white families. This is the same model that listened to race records great bluesmen and folksingers of the past. Yes, bluesman too! And jazzmen from New Orleans, St. Louis, Chicago… They all heard the same sound that we hear today, playing an old shellac disc on the Victrolle… How many such gramophones have we seen during our wanderings around the States – and much older ones, and much more luxurious and expensive, with original bells that make an incomparable sound, at a very reasonable price – take it, take it home, listen, enjoy! But… Their inaccessibility was so obvious to us that we were not even very upset: it was not possible to transport such a unit to another hemisphere. ..

    It is probably possible to find a similar Victrola in Europe with great desire, considerable effort and equally considerable expenditure of money. Probably, it can also be found through an online store, but … During our travels in Europe, such a gramophone was not seen, and if it was, it was of an exorbitant cost or of dubious quality. As for the online store, then I will never decide to buy such a thing in absentia, without seeing or hearing it, and I do not advise you. Through an online store you can buy books, vinyl records, some static and obvious trifles, but musical instruments, players and similar serious and fragile things that you then have to live with – no, no … So, dreaming about Victrol for years, I hoped that someday I would be lucky …

    And so it happened!

    At the very beginning of July, during a car trip through the archipelago near Turku in the antique shop of the town of Nauvo (Nauvo), where we visit two or three times a year, we found what we had been looking for for so long – a perfectly preserved, trouble-free, inexpensive by today’s standards (250 euros!) – Victrola. This is a classic, probably the most common and probably the most advanced and reliable unit of this kind of product. Of course, such luck would not have happened if Gennady Lvovich Golstein, an outstanding musician, composer and band leader, who was visiting us that day, had not been next to us. This, of course, is for him, but such luck did not smile at us, but he, in his generosity, passed this luck on to us, so now Victrola decorates our house, pleases the ear and pleases the eye …

    Indeed, look at how simple and at the same time beautiful the internal mechanism-motor that sets in motion the gigantic disk (turn-table) with an old, old shellac record placed on it. Take a look at how powerful, strong and at the same time elegant gears and screws driven by a steel spring, which is enclosed in a huge rotating drum and therefore invisible to our eyes … And all this is tightly fixed on a powerful and heavy cast-iron bed, similar to the one on which rotating the mechanisms of a walking excavator insatiable in earthmoving. .. If you look closely, we see a real factory, but what is there – a plant, with workshops, buildings, warehouses, with its own special life… And what a sound box , the so-called “pickup”, which is crowned with the treasured steel needle (needle) , which needs to be changed the more often – the better! Why is this worse than the highest technologies that humanity is just getting to?! I’m not talking about the aesthetics of these finest man-made details, reminiscent of the poetry of the beginning of the old century…

    And what are the smells of this amazing unit! This combination of the aroma of old bog oak with the smell of centuries-old lubricating oil, which we used to call a solid word grease . It smelled exactly the same in the electrical repair shops at the Kalinin plant in Sverdlovsk, where I once worked at the very least for several years; so it smelled in the red-brick shops on the Vyborg side of St. Petersburg before and during the First Russian Revolution, and in the same way, only even earlier, it smelled in the factory shops of Chicago, Detroit and Boston . .. This frozen smell of grease in rotating mechanisms, immediately conjuring up thoughts about social struggle and revolutionary upheavals, it turns out, is inseparable from music, for it accompanied it in those distant days, when the world was just discovering the advantages and virtues of electricity … However, are they advantages ?!

    Listen to the violin of the great Fritz Kreisler… Its lively, even and youthful sound is not yet weighed down by the disastrous noise and deathly rattle of the impending 20th century, when the main thing in any art was to surprise and delight, or even educate and lead oneself, and only then – to give pleasure… the sound of the instrument, I feel some kind of higher resurrection work, There, in heaven, and then my soul, and I myself, seem to be immersed in what was once called by John Ruskin “a quiet haven in the midst of the sea of ​​life, erected by a storm …” , and I immediately recall the thoughtful statement of Ruskin, which he addressed to his students:

    “People constantly rely on the fact that they will admire the world in the sky; but you know that world must already be prepared. Whatever peace is promised blessedness, it must be done here on earth; and not by means of weapons, but by the arrangement of quiet havens among the sea of ​​life, erected by a storm … We complain that we lack much – we want the right to vote, freedom, entertainment, money. But who among us feels or knows that he needs the world?

    And if you need this world, then there are two ways to achieve it. And one of the ways is entirely in our power is to become a nest of gratifying thoughts. These are really the same nests on the sea, but safer than any others; it just takes a lot of skill to weave them. None of us yet knows, since none of us in our early youth were taught what magical palaces we can build from beautiful thoughts and what a wonderful protection from all kinds of vicissitudes of fate. Brilliant fantasies, soothing memories, noble stories, authentic stories, treasures of precious and soothing thoughts, no care can disturb them, no suffering can overshadow, no poverty can deprive us of such a miraculous abode for our soul.