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Great curves, great resolution, great color with LG UltraWide Curved Monitors.

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    Monitor Curvature: All the Info You Need About Curved Monitors!

    Monitor curvature is a valuable measurement of how deeply a monitor’s screen curves. It typically ranges from 1800R to 4000R. Why is this important? Monitor curvature also determines the optimum viewing distance. Curved monitors are especially popular for entertainment – gaming, film, and television – and a good screen can have a dramatic effect on your enjoyment.

    But is a curved monitor a good fit for you? You’ll have to find out below. You can also check out ViewSonics range of curved monitors, here.

    Do you know what your eyes, your spine, and your curved monitor all have in common?

    Read on to discover that the answer…

    … is that they all possess Curvature!

    Believe it or not, the human eye actually produces a field of view with a forward-facing arc, with parts of the field of view extending out to the sides. This is also known as peripheral vision. This curvature is said to be similar to a curvature rating of 1000R. We’ll elaborate more on curvature ratings below. All this can also be said for curved monitors. 

    Curved monitors are thus able to provide a viewing experience that is more comfortable to the naked eye!

    This is so true that a Harvard Medical School study independently revealed that blurred vision was 4x more prevalent on flat monitors than on curved monitors.

    Below we’ll delve into everything curved, from why curved monitors became popular in the first place to the different types of monitor curvatures and the tech that goes into them.

    Read on to brush up on this new monitor trend and see if a curved monitor might be the next upgrade for you!

    Monitor Curvature Ratings

    When shopping for a curved monitor, there an array of options to choose from when it comes to the amount of monitor curvature a monitor can have.

    Rather than models adhering to a “one size fits all” design philosophy, there are, in fact, several different curved monitor radius options to choose from. Each of these monitor curvatures differs slightly and appeals to different preferences and applications.

    Monitor curvature is expressed numerically; below are some examples of monitor curvatures ratings that you may see in the specs section of a curved monitor:

    • 1800R
    • 2300R
    • 3000R
    • 4000R

    The ‘R’, in this case, stands for radius, while the number before it is the radius in millimeters (or the distance from the circle’s perimeter to its center).

    So why is this important?

    Let’s break this down further:

    A monitor with a curvature of 3000R refers to a curved monitor radius of 3000mm or three meters.

    Interestingly enough, this measure of radius also acts as the recommended maximum suggested viewing distance

    To clarify what this means, imagine yourself sitting in front of the same curved monitor mentioned above. If that monitor has a 3000R monitor curvature, then you would want to ensure that you’re positioned no more than 3 meters away from the monitor screen. If you happen to exceed that number, your viewing experience may be less than perfect.

    The same holds true for other curved monitor radiuses as well:

    • 1800R: Maximum viewing distance = 1.8 meters
    • 2300R: Maximum viewing distance = 2.3 meters
    • 3000R: Maximum viewing distance = 3 meters
    • 4000R: Maximum viewing distance = 4 meters

    This means that a lower monitor curvature rating will result in a more pronounced curve, while a higher monitor curvature rating will result in a more subtle curve. Keeping the 1000R curvature of the human eye mentioned above will give you a good reference point when looking into monitor curvature ratings.

    Therefore, a monitor’s curvature can tell us two important pieces of information:

    1. How aggressive a monitor’s curve is
    2. How far away from the monitor you’ll be able to sit for the optimal viewing experience

    What Are the Benefits of Curved Monitors?

    When making a switch from flat to curved monitors, there are a few basic benefits that come along with a curved panel.

    Immersion. Curved monitors cover more of your peripheral vision than their flat counterparts. The result is a more immersive experience that allows you to interact with your work in a completely new way, whether it be for gaming, entertainment, editing, work, and more.

    Eye comfort.  Curved monitors follow the natural curvature of the human field of view more closely than flat panels. The benefit here is that it is actually more comfortable for your eyes to look at your monitor under these conditions. This allows you to spend more time in front of your screen without feeling irritated.

    In fact, studies have shown that eye strain and eye ache are 60% more common on flat monitors than on curved monitors.

    Larger perceived images. By covering more of your field of view, images on curved monitors have the benefit of feeling bigger than they would on a flat-screen monitor.

    Less distortion. By extending closer to you at the corners, monitor curvature is able to reduce minor instances of distortion that are present at the edges of a flat display as a result of our curved field of view. In addition, curved displays also cover a larger portion of our field of view, resulting in bigger looking images and improved depth perception.  

    Design aesthetic. To put it simply, curved monitors look pretty cool! Yes, it’s true that this is more of a quality of life benefit, but if you enjoy style just as much as you do functionality then a curved monitor will add a nice touch to your space. Chances are you’ll receive a comment or two from your friends.

    How Does Monitor Curvature Improve Your Viewing Experience?

    Curved displays are oft-touted for having superior viewing experiences over those of flat-screen displays (see our curved vs. flat monitors post for more on that).

    On the whole, it’s a difficult claim to dispute! Curved displays, by their very nature, have a high capacity for immersion. As with their immersive characteristics, many improvements that curved displays make to the average viewing experience revolve, obviously, around their shape.

    Consider for a moment that when you look around, you’re not just seeing what’s directly in front of you, but also what’s on the sides by way of peripheral vision. This peripheral vision is made possible entirely by way of our curved field of view.

    These curved monitor benefits also translate into application-specific benefits for anything from office work to gaming and more.

    Curved Monitors for Work

    The benefits of a curved monitor come down to efficiency. The fact that curved monitors are easier on the eyes is a plus when putting in long hours at the office. A 2016 study about the eyestrain caused by intensive visual search tasks concluded the following:

    • General discomfort was 33% more common on flat monitors than on curved monitors
    • Tired eyes were 10% less common on curved monitors than on flat monitors

    While this is a major benefit on its own, where curved monitors in the office really excel is when they are in ultrawide form. By having one long monitor running parallel to your field of view, the number of possible simultaneously open applications and windows increases dramatically. Check out our ultrawide vs. dual monitor article for a more in-depth look at the benefits of ultrawide monitors.

    Curved Monitors for Professional Photo and Video Editors

    The reduction of distortion at the edges of a screen provided by curved monitors can result in a higher quality editing process. 

    Curved Monitors for Gaming and Entertainment

    The appeal of curved monitors for gamers and entertainment lovers alike is all about:

    • Immersion
    • Realism
    • Viewing comfort

    Not only would the resultant use of peripheral vision provide a greater sense of ‘real life’, but the benefits of curvature also have to do with the limiting nature of flat screens. Curved displays, with their wider fields of view, contribute a greater sense of immersion and realism to the user by their very nature, resulting in more enjoyable experiences.

    *An additional benefit of curved monitors that appeals to anyone using a computer screen is the way that light interacts with the curve itself. Curved screens actually have the potential to greatly reduce glare and other external light-based issues, which are of great benefit no matter what you are viewing on your screen. Try to find a flat-screen that can do that!

    The Technology Behind Curved Monitors

    The method by which curved displays are manufactured depends on the technological era. Early on in the lifespan of LCD and curved displays, monitor curvature was achieved by physically bending pre-existing monitor panels.

    Today, curved displays are produced with greater finesse, by way of two competing technologies – in-plane switching (IPS panels) and vertical alignment (VA panels).

    Broadly speaking, both methods deal with monitor curvature through the ‘liquid crystals’ of an LCD’s ‘liquid crystal display’. Vertical Alignment uses electric currents, or lack thereof, to keep said crystals in a uniformly tilted or perpendicular (vertical) position, respectively. This flexibility allows for easy, long-term visual consistency with curved displays of all sizes.

    Conversely, in-plane switching technology keeps these crystals in a collectively horizontal position.

    In the past, curved IPS monitors gained a bad reputation for having certain anomalies such as mura and the color mixture effect, however curved technology has progressed in recent years to the point where these anomalies are not an issue anymore.

    What Type of Curved Monitor Should You Purchase?

    Based on everything we covered above, selecting the right monitor curvature for you will depend largely on your application.

    If your primary focus is gaming, then you may benefit from a more aggressive curve, as it will create a more immersive experience.

    If your primary application will be office work or photo and video editing, then a curved professional monitor with a more conservative monitor curvature with a broader radius may be a better option for you.

    There are even curved monitors like the VX3216-scmh, VX3258-2kc-mhd, and the VX2758-c-mh by ViewSonic that are versatile enough for work, entertainment, and even gaming.

    With curved monitors that cater to almost every type of user, you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you so get out there and check one out for yourself. You never know, this may be just the upgrade you’ve been waiting for! To read more about curved monitors, check out our post comparing ultra-wide and duel monitors. If you’d like to learn more about the range of monitors on offer by ViewSonic, click here.


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    Monitor 27″ Acer Nitro XZ272UPbmiiphx VA, curved , 2560×1440 (16:9), 400cd/m2, 144 Hz , 4ms, FreeSync, HDMI, DisplayPort, black (UM. HX2EE.P13)


    34 990

    Monitor 34 ” Xiaomi Mi VA, Curved , 3440×1440 (21:9), 300cd/m2, 144 Hz , 4ms, FreeSync, HDMI, DisplayPort, Black (XMMNTWQ34/BHR4269GL/BHR5133GL) 900 03 TO STORE

    15 990

    23.8″ Monitor AOC G2490VXA, 1920×1080, 144 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 23.80″, screen type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080 24″ MSI Optix G24C4 VA, curved , 1920×1080 (16:9), 250cd/m2, 144 Hz , 1ms, 178°/178°, FreeSync, HDMI, DisplayPort, Black


    52000 90 003

    Monitor 31.5″ Iiyama G-MASTER GB3266QSU-B1 VA, curved , 2560×1440 (16:9), 400cd/m2, 144 Hz , 1ms, 178°/178°, FreeSync, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-Hub, black


    25 037

    27″ Monitor AOC C27G2ZU/ BK, 1920×1080, 240 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 27″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080


    29 300

    Monitor 27″ Samsung C27G55TQBI VA, curved , 2560×1440 (16: 9), 300cd/m2, 144 Hz , 1ms, 178°/178°, FreeSync Premium, HDMI, DisplayPort, Black (LC27G55TQBIXCI)


    29 400

    Monitor 27″ D ELL S2721HGF VA, curved , 1920×1080 (16 :9), 350cd/m2, 144 Hz , 1ms, 178°/178°, AMD FreeSync/NVIDIA G-Sync, HDMI, DisplayPort, Black (2721-0841)


    29 369

    34″ Monitor Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34, 3440×1440, 144 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 34″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 3440×1440 Iiyama G-MASTER GB3466WQSU-B1VA, curved , 3440×1440 (21:9), 400cd/m2, 144 Hz , 1ms, 178°/178°, FreeSync, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-Hub, black

    STORE 9 0003

    81 200

    Monitor 32″ Samsung Odyssey G7 S32BG700EI IPS, curved , 3840×2160 (16:9), 350cd/m2, 144 Hz , 1ms, 178°/178°, FreeSync Premium, G-Sync Compatible, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-Hub, black (LS32BG700EIXCI)

    monitor 2, 144 Hz , 4ms, HDMI, DisplayPort, black (UM .UX2EE.P01)


    63 600

    Monitor 34″ AOC CU34G2X VA, curved , 3440×1440 (21:9), 300cd/m2, 144 Hz , 1ms, 178°/178°, FreeSync, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-Hub , black/red (CU34G2X/BK)


    18 000

    Monitor 23.5″ Samsung C24RG50FZI VA, curved , 1920×1080 (16 :9), 250cd/m2, 144 Hz , 4ms, 178 °/178°, FreeSync, HDMI, DisplayPort, black (LC24RG50FZIXCI)


    -57% 9Black Screen type: IPS,



    14 894


    32″ Monitor TF-STARS 144 hz gaming curved frameless full hd, white Screen type: IPS,



    18 589


    LCD Gaming Monitor Curved 27″, 144 Hz Gaming Monitor : Yes

    9 0011 DETAILS

    Curved monitors


    24 614


    Curved Game LCD- Monitor , 32 inches, 144 Hz /165 Hz , 2 mm, without a side frame, HDMI, DVI, VGA Entrance, Eye Care, without flicker


    15 205

    White LCD Monitor Curved Edges 27″ 144 Hz Gaming Monitor Wide Viewing Angle Thin Computer 4K monitor


    19 749

    23. 6″ Monitor AOC C24G2AE, 1920×1080, 165 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 24″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080


    15 355

    27″ Monitor XAO donsi 27″ curved borderless, 144 Hz , black Colour: black


    28 400

    34″ Monitor Teefy 144 hz gaming curved frameless, black


    12 705

    24-inch curved LCD monitor for computer, 4K, 9006 2 144 Hz


    13 613

    Samsung Odyssey G5 C27G54TQWR 27´´ WQHD LED Curved 144 Hz 90 063 Games Monitor Manufacturer: Samsung,


    20 998

    27-inch curved ultra wide gaming monitor E-sport monitor 2560 1440 144 Hz gaming monitor : Yes


    22 859 9 0003

    144 monitor Hz 32 inch curved LED IPS panel anti-glare screen Screen type: IPS


    14 837

    4K Resolution Computer Monitor 27 Inch Curved Screen New Design LED 165 / 144 Hz gaming monitors


    12 229

    4K LCD 24″ HDMI 144 9006 3 Hz , curved


    15 064

    27″ Monitor Philips 271E1SCA, 1920×1080, 76 9 0062 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 27″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080


    28 020

    Monitor AOC 24″ Professional X24P1/GR X24P1/GR Manufacturer: AOC, Max resolution: 1920×1200, Type 9000 3 DETAILS

    16 132

    24″ Monitor Kongkay IPS 144Hz curved frameless 1920×1080, black Colour: black, Max. resolution:


    21 903

    23.6″ Monitor Viewsonic VX2468-PC-MHD, 1920×1080, 165 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed) but): 23.60″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080


    16 964

    32″ Monitor Teefy 144 hz gaming curved frameless full hd, black Colour: black, Max 9Black black, Max


    19 315

    27″ Monitor Samsung Odyssey G3 S27AG320NM, 1920×1080, 165 Hz , *VA screen aspect ratio – 16: 9, screen surface: matte, matrix type: VA


    11 792

    9 0002 24″ Monitor IeeSys 24-inch curved borderless, 144 Hz , black Color: black, Response time: 1 ms


    17 801

    90 002 27″ Monitor 144 hz Monitor 2k gaming curved frameless, black Color: black, Manufacturer: Without


    19 123

    24″ Monitor MSI Optix G24C6, 1920×108 0. 144 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 24″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080 02 Original monitor MSI PAG343CQR with curved Screen, 34″ 4K, 144 Hz , WQHD, 21:9, 3440×1440, HDR400, LED Smart Screen, Screen, Gaming


    14 326 9 0003

    Curved gaming monitor for 2K PC 24″ 144 Hz Game monitor : Yes


    20 990

    27″ AE, 1920×1080, 165 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 27″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080



    17 906


    Curved Gaming LED Monitor 9 0063 27″ 144 Hz /165 Hz , Edge-Less AMD FreeSync DisplayPort DP/HDMI interface





    27″ Monitor 9006 3 HKGK HKC / Huike 27 inch Gaming 144 Hz 2k 1800R curved screen hdmi game 1ms raise and rotate non-flashing computer screen LCD monitor CG271Q, black


    42 546

    34″ Monitor 900 63 GIGABYTE G34WQC A, 3440×1440, 144 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 34″, max. resolution: 3440×1440, brightness: 350 cd/m2



    13 040


    2K resolution curved 24 inch freesync hdr 144 Hz 1ms gaming monitors gaming monitor : Yes,


    108 242

    High Resolution Full Size LED Monitor , 49inch, 4k, curved gaming monitor for computer, 144 Hz , 1ms


    24 990

    27″ Monitor HUAWEI MateView GT XWU-CBA, 2560×1440, 165 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 27″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 2560×1440


    54 004

    Monitor Samsung G5 Odyssey 32″ LC32G55TQWMXUE,HDR10 – black, curved screen 1000R, 144 Hz , 1ms, FreeSync, WQHD 1440p


    17 218

    SAUEY PC 24 27 3 2 34″ LCD monitor 144 Hz 165 Hz 2k 4k Computer Display Rgb Light Panel Gaming Curved Monitors


    25 247

    YGM Pc 24 32 34 Inch LCD Monitor 90 063 144 Hz 165 Hz 2K 4K Computer Display Rgb Light Panel Gaming Curved Monitors


    12 553

    Gaming Curved 9006 3 LCD 4K 144 Hz 24 inch Game Monitor : Yes


    22 843

    Hot Selling Curved Gaming Monitor 27/28/32/34″ 1k 2k 144 Hz


    43 235

    Gaming Monitor HKC 34″ WQHD 144 Hz 1ms Swivel Lift Curved 21:9 Screen TG34C3U


    41 990

    34″ Monitor AOC CU34G2X/BK, 3440×1440, 144 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 34″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 3440×1440


    26 486

    Haijing Cool 34 inch Monitor 4K 165 Hz Wide Display 21:9 VA 144 Hz WQHD Desktop LED Gaming Computer Screen Curved 1440

    READ MORE 900 03

    27 470

    34″ Monitor HKC HKC 34″ Fish wide color gamut WQHD screen 144 Hz 21:9 swivel lift curved game entertainment gaming screen monitor TG34C3U, black


    14 290

    23.5″ Monitor Samsung C24RG50FZI, 1920×1080, 144 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed) ): 23.50″, screen matrix type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080


    46 949

    Samsung C24FG70FQM 24 inch curved gaming monitor 1MS QLED 144 9 0063 Hz , LC24FG70FQMXUE


    46 990

    Monitor 144 Hz Xiaomi Mi Curved Gaming Monitor 34″ Xiaomi Manufacturer: Xiaomi, Max Resolution:


    14 366

    27″ Monitor Teef y 144 hz gaming curved frameless full hd, black Colour: black, Gaming monitor :


    17 335

    Monitor Kongkay IPS 144Hz curved frameless 2560* 1440 HDR Color: Black, Max. resolution:


    12 750

    27″ Monitor AOC 27B2AM, 1920×1080, 76 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 27″, screen matrix type: * VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080


    12 027

    24″ Monitor 24″ Monitor curved , 200 Hz 24″ Russian computer screen, white 27″ Monitor JCNAM Curved Gaming Monitor , 144 Hz , 2k HD Ultra Slim & Borderless White


    15 247

    900 02 27″ Monitor XAO donsi curved borderless 144 Hz , white Color: black, Response time: 1 ms


    15 828

    27″ Monitor 165 Hz 2k gaming curved 9 0063 unframed, black Colour: black, Manufacturer: Unbranded,


    15 250

    27″ Monitor JCNAM 144 hz gaming curved frameless full hd white white, Matrix type


    11 690

    23. 8″ Monitor Samsung S24R356FZI, 1920×1080, 75 Hz , IPS diagonal (detail): 23.80″, screen type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080


    12 170

    23.5″ Monitor Samsung C24F396FHI, 1920×1080, 72 Hz , *VA diagonal (detailed): 23.50″, screen type: *VA, max. resolution: 1920×1080


    2 pages of 56 90 003

    Curved monitor 144 Hz

    Samsung LC34J791 34″ 21:9 Ultra-Wide Curved QLED Monitor, 100Hz Refresh Rate, AMD Freesync, 4ms Response Time, Quantum Dot, 2x Thunderbolt 3, DP, H

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