Tv cord hider kit: In-Wall Power Cable Management Kit To Hide Your Power Cables


CableClear is a patented cable management solution to hide tv wires in wall for mounted TVs and digital photo frames.

CableClear is super easy to install and the in-wall conduit is engineered to comply with international building safety standards.

BEST PRODUCT FOR HIDING WIRES AND CABLES! Amazing! This product comes with everything you need. Top notch product.

– Anthony, Aus

A must have for any in wall media wiring! Fantastic product! I had my installer put 2 of these behind my new 82″ Samsung and it made wiring so simple.

– Dain, USA

Absolutely amazed with how easy installation was. I will recommend this to anyone I know that’s remodeling and or reinstalling a television. Love love love it!

– Janeen, USA

This is an excellent product that I would absolutely recommend and will purchase again in the future for other projects.

– Rob, Canada

A Global Solution

$49.95 USD


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CableClear is quick and easy to install in a new or existing wall. It only takes a few minutes and you don’t need any special DIY skills or extra tools; a hole saw, plumb bob and nose cone are all included.

There’s no removing plasterboard and you won’t need to repair or re-paint any walls.

CableClear standard kit can hide cables up to 3’4″ (1.0m) inside the wall however the flexible hose is fully adjustable to suit almost any TV height.

An extension kit is available to hide cables a total length of 6’8″ (2.0m) inside the wall for TVs mounted extra high.

All CableClear components are manufactured to the UL94 V0 flammability standard. So CableClear not only meets but exceeds the V1 standard set by most international building safety codes for in-wall electrical conduits.

CableClear is designed for new or existing standard stud walls including 70mm (2 ¾“), 90mm (3 ½“) and thicker. The elbow and spring mechanism is designed for all plasterboard / drywall sheeting from 9mm (⅜”) up to 13mm (½”) thick.

More on elbow dimensions

The 50mm (2″) diameter hose allows most cables to be gravity fed through without needing any wire pulling rods. USA, Australian and Euro wall plugs generally fit right through so there is no cutting cables and voiding your TV warranty.

Additional cables can be added anytime with no hassle. There’s no need for a costly call back to add that one extra cable.

$49.95 USD

$93. 95 USD

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$73.95 USD

$44.95 USD

The 5 Best Ways To Hide TV Cables

If you’ve spent the time and effort to mount your television, you probably don’t want wires hanging down where you can see them. Luckily, there are easy, inexpensive solutions to making sure your finished result is sleek, clean, and organized. The best ways to hide TV cables come in two primary types you’ll have to decide between: on the wall and behind the wall. For on-floor cables, there are also breezy solutions to keep those tidy but accessible.

On-the-wall solutions are often affordable and the easiest to do yourself, since they don’t require any tools or cutting. (They’re also usually the best option for those with hard-to-cut wall materials, like brick or concrete, too.) Most on-the-wall solutions feature some kind of tube or sleeve that goes from your television to your outlet, hiding the cords underneath. Note, however, that this solution will still be visible — it’ll just be streamlined and much less noticeable. The best cable management sleeves are easy to adhere for convenience and can be painted so they further blend into your wall.

Behind-the-wall solutions are admittedly a lot more work, but for truly invisible TV wires, many buyers think it’s worth it. These solutions require that you cut into your wall to feed wires through. As a result, it’s a more permanent method that, at the very least, requires a basic knowledge of power tools and drywall cutting. At the most, you’ll need to know how to find studs and connect electrical plates. Fortunately, a few best-selling kits on Amazon help streamline the process.

And while those with TV stands or consoles probably don’t need on-wall or behind-wall solutions, they might benefit from floor boxes that keep wires (and power strips) condensed and hidden. Cable boxes are pretty handy for those with mounted televisions, too.

Whether you’re looking to conceal, reroute, or organize your TV cables, these are some of the best ways to do it.

1. The Best Way To Hide TV Wires On The Wall

Delamu Cord Cover Raceway Kit


With more than 8,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating, this cable-management kit is a number-one best-seller on Amazon. In short, it comes with everything you need to disguise your TV wires on almost any surface. The kit includes 10 PVC channels that are over a foot in length, multiple elbows and connectors so you can route your wires in different directions, and screws, anchors, and self-adhesive tape so you can install the kit your way. All exterior materials can be painted so they blend right in with your wall color, and reviewers say the whole thing is “easy to install” and “looks very professional” when finished.

One reviewer wrote: “We bought a wall mounted media console and choose these cable covers to make the area neater in appearance. They are white, but I painted mine to match the wall color. They were easy to cut to the size I needed and easy to install and pop in place. I chose the adhesive tape as opposed to screws.”

2. The Cheapest & Easiest Solution

D-Line Cable Raceway On-Wall Cord Cover


This is also a wall-mounted solution, but it’s simpler and cheaper than the one above; as a result, it’s the best pick for someone who wants a no-hassle, one-step cable management system. The D-Line cable raceway is a one 39-inch channel (which you can cut to size) with a self-adhesive strip on the back. It’s paintable and features a slit so you can add or re-route wires later on. You can also get it in three different sizes and five different colors. It’s not the most subtle option, but it’s definitely the easiest to install for someone with minimal experience.

One reviewer wrote: “This makes such a big difference in the living room. I just used the white finish it comes as and it looks great. The swing door is awesome and easy to use. Install was a breeze!”

3. The Best Way To Hide TV Wires In The Wall

Echogear White In-Wall Cable Management Kit


For a basic behind-the-wall setup, the Echogear cable management kit is without a doubt the easiest and most affordable option. It has nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon because you don’t need to hand-cut the wall or secure anything to studs. Instead, the kit comes with a circular drill attachment that’s designed to fit the two grommets, which lock into your drywall and have a slit big enough for HDMI, aux, and wall-rated power cables. The set comes in white, off-white, or black, but if installed correctly, the color doesn’t really matter — it’ll be entirely invisible behind your TV and console.

One reviewer wrote: “Anyone can do this. It was so easy to install and I felt like a pro when working on my interior design project. My client was not only super happy, they were really impressed it didn’t cost them thousands to hide their wires for the home entertainment system. Only drawback, you will need to clean up the mess.”

4. A Cable Organizer Kit With A Power Solution

Cable Organizer Kit With Power Solution


The DataComm Electronics cable management system definitely requires a handle on DIY jobs; you’ll need to find studs, trace lines, cut drywall, and run and connect some electrical wires — but if you know how to do those things, this kit allows you to route and fully hide all of your wires while also placing power solution outlets where there weren’t any before. Each order comes with a recessed top plate, a recessed bottom plate (both with drywall wings), a 6-foot grounded extension cord, electrical building wire, a paper template, and wire nuts.