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It is no secret that Big Rigs, 18 Wheelers and Long Haul drivers spend countless hours on the road, so the need for healthy, nutritious meals is no small matter to them. That is especially true for over the road truckers who spend weeks on the road, without coming back home.

It is true that the USA has plenty of road-side restaurants, serving all kinds of snacks and dishes. However, you cannot be sure whether the food is fresh or well-prepared. Improper nutrition might result in acute stomach problems, chronic diseases and other conditions that can have a major impact on one’s health, productivity and income in the long run.

With this in mind, many drivers choose to bring homemade food along for the trip. This calls for proper selection of food and storage appliances, as the trucker’s job means spending long periods of time on the road, and it is critical to keep the food fresh and healthy.

In this article, we aim to present all the pros and cons of purchasing various types of truck refrigerators in a market brimming with brands and models.


  1. How to Choose a Semi-truck Refrigerator?
  2. Important Points to Consider When Choosing a Semi-truck Refrigerator
  3. What Types of Devices Can Truly Be Called Refrigerators for Truckers?
  4. Best Mini Fridge for Truckers
  5. Best Large Fridges for Truckers
  6. Best Portable Fridges for Truckers
  7. Best Built-in Fridges for Truckers
  8. Best 12V Truck Fridges
  9. Best Electric Cooler for Truckers
  10. Conclusion

How to choose a semi-truck refrigerator?

Here are some tips on how to choose quality refrigerators for truckers.

  1. Available space in the cab is the main point to consider: the more space you have the bigger fridge you can fit.
  2. Choose your favorite format: a portable trucker freezer or fridge you can carry with you any time, a built-in model for maximum comfort, or even a small standalone fridge you can jerry-rig inside your cab.
  3. Think of the way you will open your fridge: it may be a hinged door (right and left options are available), a chest, or a drawer type.
  4. Next, do you want a freezer? Some models are the combined refrigerator/freezer type, others are single purpose (refrigerator, cooler or freezer).
  5. Volume and power are interdependent and they ultimately mean self-sufficiency. The greater they are the longer you can drive without stopping. Keep in mind that excessively high power consumption can drain your battery fast!
  6. Power type is important, too. There are two general options here: 12V models ready to be plugged into your cigarette lighter socket, or high voltage models that require a 110/220V source — this must be available on board or requires an inverter device. The 12V models are the best and consume less power. Or, if you want real self-sufficiency, look at models that run on propane.
  7. The devil is in the details. Small features, such as lighting, can make your life easier or harder, so keep your eyes open and think ahead.
  8. The refrigerator should maintain a certain temperature throughout the trip, regardless of whether it is hot or cold outside, night or day, and that might mean choosing a more expensive model. Buy nice or buy twice!

Important points to consider when choosing a semi-truck refrigerator

The purpose of a fridge you take on a trip is more than just providing space to store stuff you eat. This is food, which has to stay fresh and keep you healthy for the duration of the trip. Below are just a few of the things to consider.


The price of a fridge depends on the type, size, features, brand and many other properties. For example, small coolers are cheaper than thermoelectric refrigerators, whereas compressor refrigerators are the most expensive ones.

On the other hand, compressor-type refrigerators are the coldest (and the coolest!) option, and they can keep your food cold or even frozen. By choosing a quality device, you save on maintenance.

Ultimately, the question is: how much are you willing to spend to get what you want? It is true that the price of a regular truck fridge can start at $500 and higher, but they are the best in terms of usability.

  • Thermoelectric coolers/warmers start at $130 and go up to $300.
  • Portable refrigerators and freezers go for $500–$700, with both DC and AC versions available.
  • Built-in refrigerators can cost $700–$1200 and offer a range of options.
  • Freestanding refrigerators are $250–$500 depending on volume.


Take the time to understand and properly consider your needs. The volume of the refrigerator is a very important property that is directly related to its dimensions.

The most compact devices have a capacity up to 21–39 quarts. They are large enough to store a moderate amount of snacks and drinks.

For longer trips, choose a fridge with a capacity of 31–52 quarts, as it allows storing much more food than compact models.

The largest models have a capacity of 73–84 quarts. Remember, though, that not every truck is capable of accommodating a huge 84 quart refrigerator. In our opinion, the ideal truck fridge should have a capacity of 73 quarts or smaller.


The best truck fridges connect to the vehicle power circuit via a 12V lighter socket. This is the perfect plug-and-play solution, where you simply connect the cable to the socket on the front panel and you are good to go.

Mini-fridges, originally intended for home use, can be wired via a 120V inverter, which is connected to the battery and looks like a box with 1–3 standard sockets to connect your fridge. Note that the voltage itself does not affect power consumption much, but devices which are not intended to run off of a car battery might just be too powerful. You may want to consider putting a larger battery into your truck to compensate for that.

A mostly European phenomenon, 24V refrigerators are not very common in the US, but if you do come across one, you can use a voltage inverter to adapt the power supply.

What types of devices can truly be called refrigerators for truckers?

Factory Fridges

Many trucks leave the factory with a built-in truck cab fridge already installed. This option normally suits truckers best in terms of power supply specs, noise level, etc., in addition to being a perfect match for the truck cabin size, designed by the truck manufacturer’s experienced engineers.

However, there is a catch. If the stock fridge breaks — and unless covered by the warranty — you might be shocked at the price of the original unit. It is not uncommon to see replacement fridges costing upward of $1600.

This is the reason why many truckers choose to replace stock units with cheaper, but still adequate, alternatives. Remember that you still can use the original installation space for the new fridge after some adjustment.

Thermoelectric models

Thermoelectric fridges operate based on the Peltier effect. To put it differently, the operating principle is based on the temperature difference under the current flow. The effect creates a temperature difference by transferring heat between two electrical junctions. A voltage is applied across joined conductors to create an electric current. When the current flows through the junctions of the two conductors, heat is removed at one junction and cooling occurs. Heat is deposited at the other junction.

The pros of buying a thermoelectric fridge:

  1. Compact and occupy little space;
  2. Completely silent;
  3. Rugged.

Standalone mini fridges for truckers

The main advantage of freestanding models is that you can put them anywhere, even inside a trailer. You can even find models with temperature adjustment controls, and choose from a wide range of volume, power input, opening type and cooling type options. However, securing and wiring a freestanding fridge inside the cab can be a real pain. Luckily, there are installation kits available — God bless whoever invented those!

Large fridges for truckers and a trucker freezer

If the capacity of your vehicle is high enough, a large fridge can be a good option, as it allows you to store more and refill rarely. Naturally, you want a large fridge if you work on an interstate or intercontinental route where Walmarts are few and far between.

Portable fridge for truckers

Every long-distance traveler knows that a portable fridge is a must-have. These things are fairly small and light, and they fit inside a relatively small space. They are the best choice for those truckers who work local routes, and they can save them time, money and energy on a busy day.

Built-in fridges for truckers

You can often upgrade your stock fridge, and built-in models should be your number-one choice when doing so. They take up minimal space and often can even go into the slot designed by vehicle manufacturers. Alternatively, you can put one into your cabinet or replace it altogether. When choosing a built-in fridge, make sure it is compatible with your truck — see the fridge specs for the list of supported truck models. Built-in refrigerators are roomy and are often combined with freezers. Besides, they have a minimum footprint area, helping you to save the space inside the cab.

Electric coolers with a top lid

A 12V truck cooler with a top lid is the ideal choice for a long trip, as this is a convenient option that easily fits inside the limited space of a truck cabin. The fridges use little energy, yet they perform well.

Best mini fridge for truckers

If you are in the market for a semi truck refrigerator, you are probably focusing on the following qualities:

  • Low noise;
  • Low price;
  • Up to 30 quarts of capacity;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Compact size.

In our opinion, the option below can be officially declared as the best mini fridge for truckers.

Midea WHD-113FB1 Double Door Mini

We have chosen this fridge as the best small refrigerator for truckers because it is:

  • compact;
  • stylish;
  • easy to install.


  • Adjustable temperature ranges;
  • Reversible door that can open from the left or right;
  • Low power consumption.


  • Freezer compartment on top;
  • Slight temperature fluctuations.

Best large fridges for truckers

What you have to keep in mind when choosing a device like this is the potential need for custom installation. High capacity goes hand in hand with a large size, so be sure to measure the space inside your truck cabin before you buy. The option below seems to have the best ratio of footprint to price and overall efficiency.


This space-saving compact fridge is definitely a good choice for truck drivers, with dimensions of 17.5″ x 18.5″ x 26.6″ and a capacity of 73 quarts.


  • Large capacity. The appliance has extra door shelves to store taller bottles;
  • Low noise;
  • Leveling legs for easy height adjustment.


  • Requires an inverter to power.

Best portable fridges for truckers

We suggest you consider the device linked below, as it is very reliable, easy to carry and capable of fitting into practically any space.

Whynter 62 Quart Dual Zone Portable Fridge

This powerful and compact stainless steel refrigerator has a capacity of approximately 63 quarts and operates at 12V. It holds the temperature well and also can be used as a freezer. The specifics of the device are:


  • Adjustable temperature ranges with a “fast freeze mode”;
  • A dual zone, so you can rearrange the space inside the fridge to your liking;
  • Operates under both AC and DC power;
  • Insulated lid and walls;
  • Quiet.


  • Price: this fridge is a little expensive.

Best built-in fridges for truckers

At the end of the day, the ideal choice for limited spaces, such as trucks, cars and trailers, are built-in bridges.

It should be noted, though, that these units are on average 30% more expensive than other types of fridges. They are also difficult to clean and maintain, as the access to some of their parts might be obstructed.

The following model is worth considering.

ARB 10801352 Portable Fridge Freezer

This unit can be easily built into the case under the cabin bed. The model has the following specs: capacity of 37 quarts, dimensions of 30.31″D x 18.9″W x 16.93″H. This compact appliance is the best choice for trucks with limited space in the cab.


  • Bluetooth transmitter that allows full control and monitoring via Android and Apple devices.


  • An additional battery may be required for the unit to run it when the engine is off;
  • Many users say the internal temperature of the fridge is always several degrees off compared to what the front panel says.

Best 12V truck fridges

Smad Mini Fridge for Truckers – 12 V Truck Fridge

The Smad Mini fridge is a compact refrigerator with a lock. It has a capacity of 31 quarts. This is enough for storing one person’s food and drinks. However, it normally requires a deep-cycle battery.


  • Quiet;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Reversible doors;
  • Safety locks;
  • Automatic defrosting system;
  • Adjustable thermostat.


  • Does not cool well — just keeps food from heating up.

Best electric cooler for truckers

AA Products Car Fridge

This is a portable 12 V truck fridge having a capacity of 25 liters, enough to cover the daily needs of one person.


  • Battery protection;
  • Two modes: fast cooling and energy saving;
  • Two power supply options.


  • Small capacity.

Read about other best coolers for truck drivers in our article.


Any device that is used for work rather than leisure has to be chosen very carefully, as it might directly affect how much money you are making.

After reviewing available products, we have selected the most popular and reliable options for a fridge for truckers and presented these in the article above. We hope that this overview will help you to make the right choice and enjoy the device you purchase.

One more option for getting a truck with a high-quality fridge inside is joining HMD, as each truck in our fleet is equipped with a fridge by default. That is not the only benefit of working with us, so please visit our website for more, and join our team.

We also recommend that you read our article on cooking equipment for truck drivers.

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Refrigerator Freezers for Semi-Trucks – 12Volt-Travel

Refrigerator Freezers for Semi-Trucks – 12Volt-Travel


Truck Refrigerators

Storing perishable foods while over the road just became much easier and much more reliable. Installing any of our DC powered refrigerator freezers in your semi-truck or mothorhome typically takes about an hour. These are the best performing semi-truck refrigerators available and when you shop 12Volt-Travel you’ll save a pile of cash compared to dealer pricing.

All our truck and RV refrigerator freezers have thermostat control and use 12Volt DC power directly.

Drawer Style Portable 32-Qt 12/24V DC Fridge Freezer

Drawer Style DC Powered Fridge/Freezer. Turn dial temperature control.

• Power Consumption 2.7A

• 14qt/21 12oz can Capacity

• 27lbs Empty Weight

• Ext. LxWxH: 28″ x 17.5″ x 9.75″

• Int. LxWxH: 18.75″ x 13.25″ x 6.5″

• Max-Cold Temp 17.5°F

Rated 4.67/5

Semi-Truck Refrigerator – Freezer

This DC Powered Truck Refrigerator makes truckers happy. A powerful thermostat controlled refrigerator freezer made to fit your truck and provide…

Rated 5/5

Under Bunk Drawer Style Refrigerator

Dometic built-in drawer refrigerators for trucks offer generous cold storage in a robust and compact package. The Dometic CD series drawer…

Rated 5/5

Truck – RV Refrigerator Freezer 12V-24V-110V

This fridge/freezer is a great replacement refrigerator for Boats, Trucks & RVs!

• Thermostat controlled

• Generator and Solar compatible

• 42qt Capacity

• SR48 Exterior WxDxH: 16.5″ x 20″ x 21″

• SR70 Exterior WxDxH: 20″ x 23″ x 21″

• Freezer HxWxD: 4″ x 6″ x 11″

• 50lb Empty Weight

Choosing the Right Refrigerator Which refrigerator is best for your truck, RV or other installation is pretty easy if you know what to look for. On each refrigerator details page you will find the unit dimensions as well as the cut-out dimensions. The cut-out dimensions refer to the size hole required for safe and optimal performance.

Installing Your New Refrigerator Installation should be fairly easy and can be carried out by most truckers and RVers in a short amount of time. Once the installation location has been determined and prepared simply connect the fridge to power and slide into place. Once the unit is properly positioned it can be secured in place using included or self supplied screws or other appropriate hardware.

Time Till Cold Once your new fridge is installed and powered on set the thermostat to the middle of the dial and close the door. The fridge should be noticeably cold in just 15-20 minutes. The fridge and freezer(on equipped models) should be cold enough within one hour that the thermostat is now turning the compressor on and off as needed. Enjoy your new fridge!

The Best Refrigerator for Over The Road Truckers The best fridge really depends on the truck. Each of our heavy-duty fridge/freezers are made for specific tractor makes and models.

Refrigerator Model PPCRX50 is best for Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, Volvo and International trucks.

Refrigerator Model PP604304 is intended for International Pro Star trucks.

Refrigerator Model PPCRX65 is for the Peterbilt 379.

Now with that being said, these semi-truck refrigerators can actually be used in any 12V vehicle or off-the-grid application where power and cabinet space are available.

Were you looking for 12 Volt Coolers or Portable 12 Volt Refrigerators?

Customer Service and Sales 1-888-412-8058 Call Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM est.

Copyright © 2023 12Volt Travel®

isuzu 100p refrigerator freezer van truck suppliers,manufacturers,factory from China

refrigerator freezer ISUZU 100P Van Truck

The refrigerator mainly consists of a chassis, a heat-insulating box body, a refrigeration unit, and temperature recorders in the carriage. For special purpose, optional parts including meat hook, aluminum alloy rail, ventilation duct, etc. Depending on the chassis model, we have mini type, medium, large, etc. refrigerated trucks for your choice of various brands.

Quick Details

Van length


Van material


Chassis brand




Refrigeration unit





A refrigerated truck is a closed van that is used to transport frozen or fresh goods. This truck is composed of chassis, insulation box, refrigeration unit, temperature recorder, etc.
It is used for short distance transportation in large supermarkets, greengrocers and city shops. According to customer requirements, it is converted into refrigerated trucks, insulated cars, refrigerated trucks, etc. for a variety of purposes, such as transporting medicines (medical vaccine transport vehicles), vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, frozen meat, seafood, and chicken .

Competitive advantages

1. Sandwich bonding piece by piece is now adopted by major domestic refrigerator manufacturers, and refrigerators made by this technology have high thermal insulation performance.

2. Refrigerated vehicle body structure: Polyester wet plate manufacturing process and fiberglass reinforced stainless steel column frame structure using the world’s most advanced fifth generation fully bonded polyurethane joint.

3.Panel material: Indoor and outdoor wall panels are made of 2.2mm quality domestic FRP mechanism; the intermediate insulation material is made of thick imported polyurethane; car body thickness 80 mm; door thickness 80 mm; general aluminum plate on the bottom plate, color plate on the bottom, imported polyurethane;

4. Accessories: 2.5mm aluminum alloy car framing, stainless steel winding angle, stainless steel door lock, anti-collision rubber 4, stainless steel door frame, stainless steel hinge, energy-saving lighting inside the box.

5. Refrigeration unit: domestic famous brand Hanxue refrigeration unit or Huatai suspension unit, vehicle temperature is 0 to 5 degrees and 18 degrees (optional for Korea Hana, American Carrier, etc. imported units).

Product details

Customer Service

to sales service

— Technical liaison with engineer
— factory and workshop visit
— Making design drawings

After Sales service
— Overseas installation & amp; commissioning
— Foreign and spare parts support
— Technical and spare parts support


According to your request, choose a good chassis and install it on the truck.

Upper body
We supply only the upper part of the body without the chassis. According to your chassis drawing,

constructive functions of parts.

Communicate with an engineer, make design drawings and make customized products.

Spare parts
Supply of all kinds of spare parts for chassis and upper body, replacement of main parts

on trucks both tank and box.

Product parameters

Chassis specification

Chassis brand



Single row cab with power steering, electronic flame

Type of driving


Maximum speed (km/h)


Dimensions (mm)

5995 * 2070 * 29606980 × 2070. 2130 × 3050 (mm) 6980 × 2070.2130 × 3050 (mm) 6980 × 2070.2130 × 3050 (mm)

Total weight (kg)


Operating weight (kg)


Wheelbase (mm)


Caterpillar F/R (mm)


Protrusion F/R (mm)


Approach / Departure Angel



7.00R16 8PR7.00R16 14PR


Single plate dry diaphragm spring clutch


5speed + 1reverse


Front axle


Rear axle



Fuel type



4Kh2CN5LS (5 EUR)

Exhaust (ml)


Maximum power output (hp)


Braking system

Service brake

Oil brake

Parking brake

Spring Energy

Electrical system


Upper body

Van size (mm)

4095 × 1900 × 1800

Van material


Insulation thickness (mm)


Refrigeration units



Independent unit

Temperature setting range

-25℃ – +30℃

Refrigerant type


Refrigerant quantity (kg)

1. 8

Compressor model


Compressor cylinders


CompressorDeplacement (cm3)


Cooling capacity (W)

Ambient temperature 30℃ (A.T.P.)

0℃ 4050

-25℃ 2300

Ambient temperature 38℃ (A.R.I.)

0℃ 3800

-25℃ 2200

Air volume (static pressure @ 0) (m3/h)


Air speed (m/s)


Current consumption

12V DC / 36A

24VDC / 18A

Weight (kg)






4. 7

How to choose a refrigerated truck? – Rambler/news

Transport and Logistics Newsmore We tell you how to choose the right refrigerator on wheels.

© Transport and Logistics News

A refrigerated truck is needed to transport products that can only be transported under certain temperature conditions. Usually these are food products – meat, fish, dairy products, ice cream and others. Our correspondent Dmitry Ulyanov found out what types of refrigerators are and how to choose the transport that suits your company.

Video of the day

What are refrigerators?

Most often, several different types of food can be transported in one refrigerator. The vans in the refrigerator truck are divided into several sections. In each section, you can set the temperature required for a particular product.

In Russia and the CIS countries, refrigerators are mainly divided into 3 types: isothermal, semi-trailers and thermal vans made of sandwich panels. There is no such division in the European Union. There, food is transported in so-called sandwich-panel bodies. According to European concepts, they are isothermal trucks. Let’s take a look at each type.

Isothermal refrigerators

There are different designs – single-volume and multi-temperature. The latter speak for themselves – they can carry a variety of products. For example, meat and drinks. Such trucks have built-in racks in which you can adjust the temperature. There are several temperature regimes: cooling from 0 to +5 degrees for vegetables and fruits, light freezing from 0 to -4 degrees for fish and meat, medium freezing from -10 to -20 for frozen meat and deep freezing to -35 degrees for dumplings and ice cream.


The production of refrigerated semi-trailers has some differences from isothermal vans. They have different technologies and equipment. For the construction of semi-trailers, basic technologies for the production of frames and sandwich panels are used. These technologies are interconnected with the leading role of the frame. It is its length that determines the thickness of the semi-van.

Sandwich panel thermo vans

These machines are made of 50 mm thick sandwich panels. Trucks lose a lot to isothermal refrigerators, as they cannot provide very low temperatures. The temperature in thermal vans can vary only from +12 to -10 degrees.

These parameters are excellent for transporting chilled and lightly frozen foodstuffs. They are well suited for transporting dairy products, sausages, vegetables and fruits. However, for products requiring deep freezing, such machines are not suitable. The product will lose quality during transit.

Tips: what to look for when buying a refrigerated truck?

Load capacity

Check the box specifications of the refrigerator you like. They are metal and plastic. Booths differ in wall thickness. The thicker it is, the less its carrying capacity. For example, if the booths are intended only for transporting meat, then, as a rule, they have 12-ton axles under them. Booths can also be for vegetables or flowers. However, they also produce multi-purpose ones.

Booth condition

Another important detail. It depends on this whether you will deliver the transported cargo to the point. The reason is that on bad roads, many booths often fall apart. Sometimes it looks like the destruction of a house of cards. To choose a strong booth, pay attention to the joints of the walls and especially inspect them near the gate. If there is even the slightest hint that the booth has been repaired, do not buy it even at a very low price. It is also recommended to inspect the gate hinges and their attachment points.


When buying any equipment, you need to carefully consider the technical specifications:

Engine power. It depends on him whether your truck will pull the right cargo or not;

Gas tank. Auto experts recommend purchasing any truck with large fuel tanks. Firstly, it will deprive you of the need to once again make stops and refuel on the way, and secondly, it will prevent you from being left without gasoline in regions where there are few gas stations. It is worth noting that some trucks are equipped with two gas tanks at once. But, as a rule, the prices for such transport are higher;

Wheel formula. When choosing a truck, it is better to stop at the option that has a third axle with a wheel arrangement of 6×2, 6×4, or 6×6. The first number shows the total number of wheels, and the second – how many of them are driving. The third bridge is needed to improve traction. It also increases the load capacity of the machine;

Gearbox. Driving is easier with an automatic transmission. At the same time, the manual transmission is more reliable. What is more suitable, it is up to the driver to decide. However, pay attention to the clutch. For a truck with good and reliable grip, precipitation and dirt on the roads, which are so common in Russia, especially in the off-season, will not be terrible;

Comfort. Not the least important human factor, on which the safety of the entire trip primarily depends. The driver’s seat must be comfortable and convenient.