Toys for geek: Best Gifts for Geeks & Nerds for 2023 (250+ Cool Products)

Best Gifts for Geeks & Nerds for 2023 (250+ Cool Products)

250+ Products Updated on Jun 6, 2023

Find the perfect gift for the nerd in your life. From unique gadgets to the best Star Wars gifts we have handpicked the best gifts for geeks. No matter what kind of geek you have in your life we have the best selection of geek gifts. Whether they are a gamer, 90s kid at heart, or even a computer lover there is sure to be a gift for them here.

Cool Gadgets 📱
Star Wars Gifts Gifts for Gamers 🎮

Bring your cosplay game to the next level with this Stormtrooper Voice Changer Helmet. Not only will it complete your galactic ensemble, but it also electronically alters your voice, making you sound…

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Craving for some galactic nostalgia? Light up the Homesick Tatooine Scented Candle and be whisked away to the iconic desert planet from Star Wars! With fragrant hints of dune grass and bergamot,…

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Battle water rings like a true Pokemon Master with these vibrant Pokemon Game Boy Box Coasters! These geeky coasters bring a pop of color and a nostalgic touch to your gaming space,…

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Embrace your wild side with the Bear Park 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle! Dive headfirst into a vibrant wilderness teeming with excitement and adventure. Ideal for solo puzzling sessions or a friendly race against…

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Want to unleash the power of Thor in your kitchen? Look no further than the Mjolnir Meat Tenderizer. This mini version of the God of Thunder’s hammer is not only a functional…

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Transport your Star Wars-loving friend to the 80s with this awesome vintage tee. Featuring iconic characters such as C-3PO, Vader, Leia, Chewy and Luke, this t-shirt is the perfect fit for any…

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Transform your room into the ultimate Star Wars fan zone with this stunning Star Wars Watercolor Print! This premium matte print was made with love and has a beautiful watercolor design of…

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Relive all your childhood favorites with the SEGA Genesis Mini 2. With 60 classic titles like Sonic CD, Echo the Dolphin, Toe Jam and Earl, plus many more you’ll have no lack…

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Wht fan of The Office wouldn’t want a copy of Somehow I Manage by Michael G. Scott on their bookshelf. Keep in mind the inside of this ‘book’ is a notebook to…

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sip a Cardassian Kanar at Quark’s bar? Well now you can find out! And what’s better, you don’t even have to worry…

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Any science lover will love looking at all of the elements of the periodic table of elements. This unique display includes 83 individual elements samples viewable through a clear acrylic block.

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The Quest Pro brings a high end VR experience to the masses. With incredible optics, full-color mixed reality, and a new slim design the Meta Quest Pro is sure to level up…

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Made from a real vinyl record this Star Wars themed clock is battery-powered and features light saber hands.

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Enter the Matric every day with this uniquely futuristic lamp. This geeky accessory will make a great addition to any bedroom or gamer cave.

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Captain’s log: we’ve encounter a stunning book full of hand illustrated cats in iconic Star Trek scenes. The Star Trek Cats book features 64 pages of cats dressed up as your favorite…

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Train your very own R2-D2 to master various skills with this Star Wars Tamagotchi toy. You’ll be able to train R2-D2 through 19 skills and unlock 7 mini games.

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Just about any gamer will recognize the iconic piranha plant from Super Mario. This Super Mario piranha plant light will bring a bit geek culture to anyone’s bedside table.

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Any geek will instantly recognize the orange and blue portals from the game Portal by Valve. Whether it’s for a book collection or a physical game collection these bookends are the perfect…

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Hydrate like Thor with this 1.7-liter water bottle shaped like Thor’s hammer! You’ll be extremely hydrated with this XXL water bottle designed for Marvel fans.

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I suggest a new strategy, R2…always use the Wookiee cup! A great gift for the Star Wars fans, this BPA-free ceramic mug features Chewbacca’s likeness just the way we’ve always imagined him:…

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Star Wars Gifts

What Makes Someone a Geek?

Each person has their own definition of the word “geek”. If we were to define it in a general way, we’d say a geek is someone who has an above-average interest in something that’s outside of mainstream culture or is a specific subculture.

For example you can like Spiderman, like thousands of kids do around the world. And there are adults who like the web-slinging superhero as well. But just liking Spiderman doesn’t make you a geek. Knowing all the comics, having merch that exceeds the one or two things someone else might have and spending time collecting more merch and knowledge would.

Some other people would define a geek just by the amount of energy they expend on a certain topic. For example you could say we’re geek-geeks. We love geeks (and we self-identify as them) but more than that, we’ve created an entire business around them.

Finally, let’s look at the verb version, which is to “geek out”. Most people use that to mean they get excited over something other people don’t find riveting, such as … the specific models of ships in Star Wars.

Or French history, or tech – it doesn’t have to be in the science subculture to be geeky!

What Kind of Gifts Do Nerds Like?

Again, we come back to the idea that being a nerd or a geek means something different to each person. If you want to get them something along those lines – shop at a geek-friendly retailer. You want to find things that are useful in daily life, but that play to their specific obsession.

Let’s say your friend is a gardening-geek. They probably don’t need another shirt with plants on it, but you can’t find a plant they don’t already own. Get them something that will help them foster their plants – like a Verdmo Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor.

It’s still plant themed, and it won’t sit collecting dust on a shelf.

Factors When Buying Geek Gifts

You want to make sure your geek gift is three things:

  1. Related to the thing they nerd out over (duh). If they’re obsessed with Spiderman, don’t get them something Superman-themed. It’s not the same thing!
  2. It needs to be relatively useful. Like our example of the plant water moisture checker, you want to get them something that isn’t (necessarily) in the collectibles category. Those are things that don’t get looked at often, though they do collect value over time.
  3. Finally, it needs to be a little out-of-the-box. Your friend probably already has a Spiderman lunchbox, or socks, or plates – you know their level of interest best. Try to find them something they don’t already have – but don’t pull your hair out over it.

Two of a good thing is sometimes just that – a good thing! We hope this guide to nerd gifts was helpful! If you have any suggestions please submit a product here.

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  • Geek’s Dream: Top 10 Coolest Toys of 2016

    This article was created by Onedio. There were no changes from the editorial side. You can also create your own articles on our website.

    Onedio favorites > Men- ata_dayOnedio User

    If you’re still a child at heart despite a prestigious, well-paid job, wife, and two kids, you’ll never be too old for toys.

    So what kind of chic, innovative toys will we have this year’s International Toy Fair?

    With the release of the new Star Wars episode, a huge range of franchise-themed toys (worthy of any geek!) have been released, ranging from the life-size BB-8 droid to the LEGO line of toys. By the way, speaking of LEGO, the new series dedicated to Doctor Who is also undoubtedly gorgeous.

    The Barbie makers have already announced life-size dolls earlier this year (chubby, short and very tall Barbie), but they’ve also come up with something big we didn’t expect at all: Dreamhouse is a smart home for Barbie.

    Throw in robot dolls that you can talk to and a virtual reality device that allows you to see the beginning of the universe, and you will realize that 2016 is the perfect year for a child. And now let’s take a look at the TOP 10 best toys of 2016:

    1. Life size BB-8 droid

    Life Size BB-8 Droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is everything you could ever want. This replica can be controlled by remote control or by voice. It even has a “follow me” feature so you can feel like Rey in the dunes of Jakku.

    2. Dreamhouse – smart home for Barbie

    The house is equipped with Wi-Fi, connects to the application and has a voice recognition system so that the child can call the house directly. Bite it, Apple’s HomeKit!

    3. Code Gamer

    Code Gamer from Thames & Kosmos is a controller that connects to a tablet and allows you to play video games that teach the basics of Arduino by introducing the player to the interaction between software and hardware.

    4. Geckobot

    The Thames & Kosmos Geckobot is more than just a gecko robot. The schematic contains everything you need to know to build a robot that can climb smooth surfaces, as well as 6 other suction cup models. It uses small gears, pressure valves and runners so you learn how air pressure works as you play.

    5. Lego Doctor Who set

    This set has received the right to exist as a result of an Internet vote. And, oh yes! This set really deserves to be. The set includes a Tardis with a console room (and a direct control console). Includes miniature figures of the 11th and 12th Doctors, Clara Oswald, Weeping Angel and 2 Daleks.

    6. Lego Star Wars Set

    Lego has been churning out Star Wars-themed sets for years, but sets inspired by the latest The Force Awakens movie are only now gaining full acceptance. From the Resistance Military Transport to the X-Wing Starfighter, these sets will impress any fan. Throw in 10 characters from the latest movie that appear in more than seven sets, including Kylo Ren, First Order snowtroopers, Resistance soldiers, Maz Kanata, Admiral Ackbar, General Leia Organa, and, of course, tiny BB-8.

    7. Sky Viper Hover Racer

    Skyrocket’s remote controlled Sky Viper Hover Racer takes your craft to the next level. They are equipped with infrared beacons, allowing you to create your own racing tracks. You can even arrange competitions among friends for the title of the best pilot.

    8. ThingMaker

    Mattel’s ThingMaker is a 3D printer that allows you to print toys at home with just the push of a button. By downloading an additional program, you can choose the design of the toy you want to print. It takes about half an hour to print a small toy, while large toys can take about six hours. As with a conventional 3D printer, ink can be purchased separately.