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Looking for a way to help reduce temporary discomfort due to an injury? Pain relief devices, like TENS units, allow you to benefit from the latest innovations in pain management treatment in the comfort of your own home. CVS carries a number of pain relief devices and makes it easy to purchase products online. Explore the options now and click on any of the products to learn more about its features and benefits.

There are a number of reasons why people may choose to use pain relief devices. In some cases, prescription and over-the-counter medications may not do enough to alleviate pain completely. For these individuals, pain relief devices may further reduce discomfort. People who are unable to take medications due to side effects or who prefer not to use medicines for pain relief may decide to use devices as alternative interventions.

What Does a TENS Unit Do? 

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS therapy is an alternative pain relief therapy that involves the use of a battery-operated device called a TENS unit. The TENS unit delivers electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the surface of your skin. The electrodes are placed at or near nerves where the pain is located or at trigger points.A TENS unit emits low voltage electric current that stimulates the nerves. By doing so, TENS units may interfere with the brain’s ability to sense pain. TENS therapy is commonly used to address back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, fibromyalgia arthritis patients and a number of other conditions.

Electric Massage Therapy for Pain

A massage can be incredibly relaxing and is great for relieving tension. Massage also enhances blood flow to affected areas to ease tightness and stiffness in the muscles. This makes massage therapy a common intervention for various types of muscle pain and discomfort. With electric massage therapy devices, you can administer a massage to yourself. These devices produce vibrations that mimic the actions of a masseuse. You can find handheld massagers that can be used on many parts of the body to relieve pain as well as wraps and cushions that massage specific areas like the neck or back.

Best Pain Relief Device

Many people find that TENS units are great options to help relieve back pain or strained muscles. The muscle stimulation that is brought about with use of a TENS unit has brought much relief to many users as they are able to attach the electrode pads to the exact area they are feeling the pain. However, at this time, there is not enough evidence to prove that pain relief devices like the TENS unit will provide relief for everyone who uses them and for all types of conditions. Devices may not be suitable for everyone, as they could pose a potential for side effects or health complications in individuals with certain conditions. As a result, you should always consult your doctor before using any pain relief device for the first time. Make sure to follow the instructions for use provided by the manufacturer to ensure best results.

What are the Best Pain Relief Devices Brands?

Does CVS Sell Tens Units?

Yes, CVS sells a variety of Tens Units in stores and online.

Are Tens Units Available For Same Day Pickup?

Yes Tens Units are available for same day pickup at most locations, check your local stores availability and add to cart to pick up today.

Does CVS Deliver Tens Units?

Yes CVS delivers Tens Units to your home. Delivery is always free over $35, join carepass to enjoy free shipping on a variety of items.

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TENS Units for Pain Relief and Treatment

What Is a TENS Unit?

TENS stands for (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). TENS therapy units are predominately used for nerve related pain conditions (acute and chronic conditions). TENS machines work by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands.

The stimulating pulses help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. TENS devices also help stimulate your body to produce higher levels of its own natural painkillers, called “Endorphins”.

If you want to learn more about how a TENS therapy machine can help with pain relief, we also encourage you to read about How a Tens Unit Works.

What Is an EMS Device?

E. M.S. stands for (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) which are predominately used to prevent, or reduce, muscle atrophy. Atrophy is the weakening and loss of muscle tone, which is usually experienced after surgeries or injuries. EMS has been proven to be an effective means of preventing muscle atrophy. EMS also helps by increasing blood flow to muscles, increasing range of motion, increasing muscle strength, as well as enhancing muscle endurance. Muscle Stimulators have pain management attributes in helping muscle related pain, such as a spastic muscle, sore muscles, or tight muscles.

Both methods have been proven to be an effective pain therapy option to help ease the effects of acute or chronic pain. If you’re looking for high-quality pain relief equipment, buy TENS units, EMS devices, and other muscle stimulating machines from our extensive online store.

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Learn how a Tens Unit breaks the Cycle of Pain

TENS Units can help back and neck pain that may be caused by trauma or continual strain. The body responds to such pain with muscle guarding, an attempt to immobilize the painful area by tightening the muscles. Muscle guarding impairs circulation in the affected area. The decrease in blood supply leads to a decrease in metabolism with an accumulation of waste products. TENS therapy (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulator) can help break this pain cycle and aid in the normal healing process.

Waited. Several dozen former orphans received apartments in the new building of Berezovsky

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Zh Life of the City

Yulia Adamova and her family have not yet moved into the apartment. The chores are pleasant: moving to a house about which you can say “mine” is a joyful event. Both Julia and her beloved man do not get tired of thanking Ekaterina Semyonovna for her help

Photo: ©
Julia Adamova

Last summer, 72 orphans who were on the waiting list for housing received keys to new apartments in the Uyut City residential complex.

The event went almost imperceptibly for the city. The problem was solved with the release of the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk region Vyacheslav Brozovsky to the Ministry of Construction and Infrastructure Development of the region.

Initially, the construction of an orphanage was planned in the village of Monetnoe. A site was allocated for it, but even the first brick was never laid. Then Brozovsky raised this topic in the Legislative Assembly. Less than a year has passed since then, and now several dozen people have received the coveted keys.

The problem of obtaining housing for this (and many other beneficiaries) category of citizens is not new. Over the past years, there were practically no apartments allocated to them in Berezovsky.

Many of them have long had a court decision in their hands, which recognizes the long-term waiting as illegal. But – the federal law orders, but there is no money at the local level. Many manage to get married or get married, surround themselves with children, but at the same time they remain either in a rented apartment, or live with relatives, or in hostels. Who is completely desperate to wait – gets himself a mortgage.

There are also those who went to see a deputy. When Brozovsky had accumulated enough requests from orphans about housing, he took up this issue in earnest. Sometimes their relatives came to defend the interests of those on the waiting list – simply because they themselves no longer believed in anything.

Ekaterina Shugina became one of such residents of Berezovsky who came to the reception room of Brozovsky. For her, this story of “knocking out” a legitimate apartment began 2. 5 years ago, when she began to beat up the thresholds of various offices. She did not do this for herself: Yulia Adamova was an orphan, almost three years ago she gave birth to Ekaterina Semyonovna’s granddaughter.

Yulia Nikolaevna’s parents were deprived of their parental rights. She applied to the guardianship authorities while pregnant. It’s good that there was an older friend nearby: without her energy, the young mother would not have been able to reach a happy ending.

– I started with the guardianship authorities, I really did not like their attitude. After the words thrown by someone there: “Why give birth if there is nowhere to live?” I decided to go all the way. We were not put in a queue right away. I forced Yulia to write a statement, but the administration refused. With this refusal, having paid a lawyer, we went to court – and won. Only in this way we ended up in the queue – the ninth, – says Ekaterina Semyonovna. – A year later, they began to recognize their order – it is already 89-I. I had to again write a statement addressed to the head of the social policy department. They waited for the answer: we are ninth again.

Just this summer, Ekaterina Shugina came to Brozovsky’s public waiting room. She knew that a new house in the Cozy City area would soon be commissioned, and she decided to try her luck. The woman really liked how she was met by Natalia Uporova, who is receiving citizens: she listened, took the application, advised something …

– And then we receive a notification to receive a warrant. We didn’t believe. It was such a joy! – says Ekaterina Semyonovna, who works in a society of disabled people and, as she says about herself, is used to helping many.

Yuliya Adamova and her family are satisfied with the apartment they have received. They say they didn’t think it would be so good. We are glad that there is a separate room for children. They have not yet arrived: they have ordered some furniture for the apartment, they are waiting. I don’t want to move into bare walls. According to Shugina, the house has already filled with residents, but many are still sorting things out.

The family received the keys at the Ministry of Social Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region, after which they were contacted by Deputy Brozovsky’s office to clarify whether everything worked out. Ekaterina Semyonovna calls the human attitude towards herself and her problem the main thing in this story.

Member of the Legislative Assembly of the Sverdlovsk Region Vyacheslav Brozovsky:

– We have applications from large families, they are in line for a land plot. This is also not easy, because you can’t give a plot in a bare field, it needs to be backed up with infrastructure, and this is again an expense,” explains Vyacheslav Brozovsky. – Therefore, the queue moves very slowly, often children in such families have time to reach the age of 18, which removes the family from the queue. It’s not fair. I appealed to the relevant committee of the Legislative Assembly, to the government of the Sverdlovsk region, I managed to amend the law: now the achievement of the age of 18 by one of the children is not a reason to reduce the list. Of course, we will continue to work with orphans. There is room to move in this direction.

Elena Medvedeva, mother of Pavel Tsibulsky (unrelated guardianship):

– Our eldest child, son Pavel, he was 23, received the apartment.

We have three adopted children, now they are all grown up. The eldest daughter is adopted, she is not entitled to housing from the state. The youngest from Moscow, Moscow gave her immediately upon reaching 18 years. And the son lived with us, tried to rent a house for a year, expensive, of course. Yes, and uncomfortable: he is already an adult, he will come with a girl – the hostess is unhappy. We aimed at him so that he would not expect much housing, thinking about a mortgage. Like many now. But, of course, I wanted him to get, as a start, so to speak. They counted on an apartment in Monetnoye, well, at best, in Shilovka. In Monetnoye, a not very good option is a house opposite the boarding school and the orphanage, where he lived for quite some time. Yes, and his blood relatives are nearby there.

The housing option in Berezovsky is just perfect! He works here, in housing and communal services, he is used to it, and away from his past life, which is good in his case. At one time, we received a court decision in order to advance in the queue, and at any opportunity in guardianship we were interested in the state of affairs with housing. When they realized that there was no movement, I made an appointment with Vyacheslav Piusovich, although he then held a reception on the topic of improving housing, and not at all on orphans. But I knew from the media that he talked on this topic with the Minister of Construction and wanted to know if there were real prospects.

My second question to him was as a deputy of the Legislative Assembly about amending the regional law on the provision of housing for orphans: to give a secondary housing. After all, Moscow’s orphans are precisely why they receive their housing so quickly, that they are given a secondary one. Vyacheslav Piusovich listened to me attentively, answered my questions exhaustively and promised to do everything he could.

When we learned in the construction fund that there would be a new house, but not in Monetnoye, and even 72 apartments, we did not believe it! I have been monitoring the allocation of housing for orphans in Berezovsky since 2010, since our son appeared in the family. Never before has such a number of apartments been provided! And when we saw that these were Euro-twos, our joy was beyond words. After all, in such an apartment you can live a lifetime, so it is a successful layout. We were also satisfied with the quality of construction. Of course, winter will show the main thing – warmth in the house. But, judging by the house as a whole, it seems to us that everything in it is done to last.

We really wanted to thank Vyacheslav Piusovich for this priceless gift at the solemn handing over of the keys. More precisely, for a noble deed. I think it would be easy and profitable just to sell privately odnushki, which already fly like pies, and even such a modern layout. An initiative group of orphans communicated with all well-known housing developers in the city – it is unprofitable and difficult to build for orphans. Lots of statutory requirements. So they directly answered that it was more profitable and easier for them to sell in a rough finish, for example, or even more directly – that it was unprofitable for them to build for the money allocated by budgets for the construction of housing for orphans.

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On the topic

“The main thing that the city has is its inhabitants!”

01 July 2023, 06:38

Vyacheslav Brozovsky congratulates Berezovsky residents on the anniversary of their native city

01 July 2023, 06:23

Children’s camp and visiting parents: the rules of this summer June 15, 2023, 14 :49

Is it worth it to move to Germany – NO

Some arguments against moving to Germany for permanent residence.

To move to Germany or not – a reason to think

If earlier the question of leaving for another country from the territory of the former USSR was not raised at all, now at least there is a reason for discussion. Too much has changed since the early 2000s in both countries.

Immigration now and 15 years ago are two different things.

In 2002, when I left Russia, the situation there was completely different. Everything has changed over the years. The need for “sausage” migration has passed, when the quality and quantity of consumer goods in Russia and in the West were very different. Now this difference is almost leveled. In matters of quick response to customer requests, the speed of service in Germany is completely behind.

Many immigrants, to use the terminology of the Strugatskys, “want the strange.” It seems to them that upon arrival in Germany, they are waiting for a sharp jump in the consumer sense. But this doesn’t happen.

Yes, more quality assurance. Yes, better customer service. But in general, the difference has become not so big and it is hardly worth considering the level of consumption in Germany in the context of making a decision to move. The time of the high cost of household appliances, computers, mobile communications and the Internet in Russia has passed. Friends no longer ask me to buy a used laptop or phone, as they did in the zero years. And the German prices for the Internet and the quality of communication are shocking. Things that are better in Germany, such as autobahns or railways, are much more expensive for consumers.

Potential migrants often perceive Germany from the point of view of a tourist. But it’s one thing to admire the Christmas market, to stand on the street, drinking mulled wine and eating sausage, thinking that life is good. And another thing – it will not work, and it will get boring. As in any other place, everyday life consists of sleep, office, transport and shopping. Like everywhere else, it takes 90% of the time. Is the 10% difference worth immigrating? When the excitement and euphoria subside, it turns out that in essence it is the same thing. The country is not without problems, even if they are less serious.

Yes, there is a big gap between provincial towns in Europe and Russia or other Eastern countries. But big cities are not so far from German standards in terms of infrastructure. To raise incomes and quality of life, it is not necessary to leave for another country, you can move to the capital of your state.

One third of the colleagues who came to Germany at the same time as me have long since returned to their homeland. The motives for returning are different, but the key point for the decision was that they did not lose money at home. In Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kyiv, experienced programmers get no less net.

Of course, you can’t measure everything with money alone. High German taxes and social fees allow residents to be content with many of the benefits of civilization.

Eloquent statistics on the difference between those who left and arrived in Germany in recent years. The Germans are literally “knocking out of this country”! Every year several thousand more holders of German passports leave Germany than come back. If not for immigrants, the population would have been declining since 2005.

Balance of those who left and arrived in Germany
Year Germans Foreigners
2010 -26248 153925
2011 -23528 302858
2012 -18204 387149
2013 -21857 450464
2014 -26441 576924
2015 -17560 1156962
2016 -135364 635308
2017 -82478 498558

Recently at work, German colleagues asked me what was the decisive factor in my coming to Germany. I said: “Youth and lack of experience.” I don’t regret living here in any way. But something tells me that if I were older in 2002, it would be much more difficult to make a decision.

Should you personally move? Seek advice. We will consider your situation and tell you about the prospects.


Real estate prices in Germany

Very many potential migrants cite low mortgage interest as a positive argument, which greatly simplifies the purchase of housing in Germany.

But, if we take Moscow and St. Petersburg out of the brackets, it turns out that the prices for German real estate are on average much higher. Germans pay mortgages all their lives. Thanks to the low interest rates on mortgages, Germans prefer to pay a month the amount that would be spent on renting this housing. It turns out that for a year of monthly installments they pay 1-2% of the total amount of a rather large loan. It takes decades to pay off the debt, during which the loan is refinanced, a new one is received for repairs, and so on.

If you calculate how much housing costs, taking into account the interest paid to the bank, taxes and related expenses, you are simply horrified. A high interest rate on a mortgage turns out to be a boon, because, coupled with a low price of housing, it motivates you to quickly pay off your debts. And as a result, real estate is much cheaper than in Germany. If in Russia by the age of 33-35 it is considered normal to have your own housing, then 80% of Germans live all their lives in rented or not fully paid apartments .

In recent years, the growth in prices for rent and purchase of real estate amounted to 5-10% annually. 30-60% of the income of burghers goes to pay for housing. A generation of young Germans is not able to earn a new home, even if they start plowing immediately after receiving a diploma and before retirement.

Market methods cannot solve the problem. The lack of housing leads to a steady increase in value, which is further fueled by the presence of firms and investors putting funds and savings into apartments. The state is forced to introduce laws that limit the amount of rent, which should scare away those who want to invest money. But so far the results are not impressive.

Adaptation is an underestimated factor

In Germany, it will not be possible to remain a “Russian foreigner”, no matter how hard you try. Here you have to become like the Germans. Someone can do it, someone dreams about it, someone even wants to be a real German.

I see migrants who live for decades, speak German even in the family, behave like Germans. But local strangers after two minutes of communication ask the question: “Wo kommst Du her?” – Where did you come from? No matter how a foreigner behaves, no matter how well he speaks, for a German he will forever remain a visitor. And the attitude towards it is appropriate. This becomes noticeable not immediately, after years. But that’s when it starts to get annoying.

Many migrants focus on their own adaptation , on the determination to overcome difficulties, which completely forgets about family members. A programmer going to work in Germany plunges into work with great interest, adapts to new conditions, joins the team. Life is full of interesting events. And the second half sits at home and waits for him to return home.

Often a spouse has a higher education, for example, a law degree, which cannot be implemented in a new place. She had a career in her homeland. But the need to establish a life in a foreign country is not allowed to realize itself.

Not everyone has language skills. It only at first glance seems that staying at home is easy. For some it might even be tempting. I know from my own experience that after six months, the wife begins a real breakdown. In 50 percent of cases, the second half is dissatisfied with life in Germany. Even if there is prosperity and there are no problems with communication.

I saw a lot of cases when migration provoked people to divorce. It happens that spouses do not get divorced, but live in two countries.

For children, especially those of school age, moving to Germany means a huge moral shock. It is hard for parents when one child screams, bring me back to Russia, and the other, with no less emotion, declares that he does not intend to move anymore, because he has just got used to a new life.

I can only mention such obvious things as homesickness, separation from loved ones, the need to learn the language and other “charms”. But there is no point in revealing these topics, everything is already clear.

Homeland is not where you know every tree, but where the trees know you – German proverb.

The complex process of obtaining a residence permit and citizenship

One of the important disadvantages of immigration to Germany is the complexity. There are many countries in which migration policy is simpler.

Germany aims to simplify the procedure for obtaining a German residence permit. The country needs immigrant workers for demographic reasons. Unemployment in Germany is at a record low of 5%. Skilled workers are constantly in short supply.

But lawmakers are also seeking to limit the flow of low-skilled migrants. Because of this, additional checks and requirements are introduced. The German economy needs professionals, not bums.

As a result, conscientious employees have to overcome obstacles and barriers to obtain a German work visa :

  • show evidence of recognized education,
  • choose from a limited range of vacancies,
  • looking for a job with an above average salary,
  • to compete with workers from EU countries that have no restrictions on obtaining a work permit.


We translate and notarize with understanding of the context and knowledge of German immigration laws.

Translations fully comply with the requirements of the German Embassy.

We work remotely with clients anywhere in the world.


Contact directly:

  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram

An important point for those wishing to stay in Europe for a long time is that German citizenship, in comparison with other EU countries, is rather difficult to obtain for those who come to work.