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  • Apple iPad 10.9″ 10th Gen Bundle with Bluetooth Keyboard


  • Apple MacBook Air 13″ M2 256GB SSD Bundle w/Apple AirPods 2nd Gen


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    LINSAY 10.1″ HD 32GB Quad-Core Tablet with Stylus & Keyboard Case


  • Apple iPad Air 10.9″ 5th Gen 64GB Wifi Bundle


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    Apple iPad 10.2″ 9th Gen 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular Bundle


  • Apple iPad Gen 9 10.2″ Bundle with Bluetooth Keyboard & Voucher


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    Apple iPad Gen 9 10.2″ Bundle with Keyboard & Case


  • Apple iPad Gen 9 10.2″ with Wireless Earbuds & Keyboard


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    Apple iPad mini 6th Gen, 64GB, Wi-Fi Bundle


  • Apple 12.9″ iPad Pro 5th Gen, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage, Wi-Fi Bundle


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    Apple iPad Air 5th Gen 64GB Bundle w/Bluetooth Keyboard & Case


  • Apple iPad 10.9″ 10th Gen Bundle


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    Apple iPad Gen 9 10.2″ Bundle with Keyboard & Case


  • Apple iPad Mini 6 64GB Bundle with Case & Keyboard


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    Apple iPad Air 10.9″ 5th Gen Bundle w/2nd Gen Apple AirPods


  • Apple 11″ iPad Pro 3rd Gen Bundle


  • LINSAY 7″ 32GB Android 12 Tablet Bundle


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    Contixo V10 7-Inch Kids Learning Tablet with Educator Approved Apps


  • LINSAY 7″ 32GB Android 12 Tablet Bundle


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    LINSAY 10.1″ 2GB RAM 32GB Android 12 Tablet with Pen Stylus

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  • LINSAY 7″ 32GB Android 12 Tablet Bundle

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    LINSAY 10″ IPS 2GB RAM 32GB Android 12 Tablet Bundle


  • LINSAY 7″ 32GB Kids Tablet Android 12


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    LINSAY 32GB 10.1″ Android 12 Tablet with Protective Case


  • LINSAY 7″ 32GB Android 12 Tablet with Protective Case


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    LINSAY 10.1″ IPS 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage Android 12 Tablet Bundle


  • LINSAY 10.1″ Kid’s Quad-Core 32GB Android 12 Tablet


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    PBS KIDS Playtime Pad 2.0 7in. HD Kid Safe Tablet


  • Core Innovations 7in. Android 10 1GB Slim Portable Tablet – Teal


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    Core Innovations 10.1in. Quad-Core Tablet Android 10 – Teal


  • LINSAY 7″ 32GB Android 12 Tablet Bundle


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    LINSAY 10″ IPS 32GB Android 12 Tablet Bundle


  • Contixo V10 Kids Tablet Google Kid Space Bundle with Stylus


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    LINSAY 2 Pack 10″ IPS 32GB RAM, 128GB SSD Android 12 Tablet Bundle


  • Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Tablet 13″ i5 8GB 128GB w/ Type Cover


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    Boox 7.8in Nova Air E-Ink tablet with Nova Air Sleeve


  • Contixo 10 Inch Kids Tablet with Value Educator Approved Academy


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    Contixo K102 10-Inch Kids Learning Tablet Bundle


  • Contixo 7-Inch Kids Tablet Accessories Bundle


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    Microsoft Surface Go 3 Pentium 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD (Platinum)


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  • Microsoft Surface Go 3, i3, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD (Platinum)


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    Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Tablet with Pen


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  • Amazon Fire 10″ HD 64GB Tablet Bundle with Case Voucher


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    Apple iPad Mini 6, 64GB, Wi-Fi with Apple AirPods 3rd Gen Bundle


  • Wacom Cintiq 16″ Creative Pen Display


  • Wacom 10.

    1″ Pen Display


  • Wacom Intuos Small Black Tablet with Pen


  • Wacom Intuos Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet


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    Wacom Intuos Pro Medium Bluetooth Creative Pen Tablet


  • Wacom One 13.3″ Drawing Tablet with Screen


  • Wacom Cintiq 22″ Creative Pen Display


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    Wacom Cintiq Pro 24″ Creative Pen Display


  • Boox 6in Poke3 E-Ink Tablet with Poke3 Cover Case


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    Microsoft Surface Pro X SQ1 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD (Platinum)


  • Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio i5, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD (Platinum)


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  • Gentle Green Mouthwash Tablets – 5 Sachet Travel Bundle


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    Travel-friendly alternative to bottled mouthwash without all the bulky plastic waste! Meet our new waterless Gentle Green Mouthwash Tabs. The perfect way to take the ounces out of travel while enjoying fresh breath on-the-go! 

    More than a mint, our plant-based functional tablets are formulated with nano-Hydroxyapatite to strengthen and restore your pearly whites. Inspired by Ayurveda our natural mouthwash tabs are alcohol-free and fluoride-free designed to whiten your teeth, reduce sensitivity, and balance your mouth’s pH.

    Simply crush to activate and swish to refresh instantly! Conveniently packaged in a recyclable sachet containing a weekend getaway amount. The perfect pocket size for travel or camping for long-lasting freshness while on the go! 

    Key beneficial ingredients

    • nano-Hydroxyapatite: a naturally occurring “fluoride alternative” mineral to strengthen enamel, repair, and remineralize micro-cavities.
    • Xylitol (from birch): The perfect sweet touch that works to repel harmful cavity-causing bacteria.
    • Sodium Bicarbonate: “baking soda” – a gentle cleanser, teeth whitener, and growth inhibitor of bad bacteria.
    • Taric Acid: derived from fruit, when paired with baking soda gives our tablets an effervescence when exposed to water.
    • Mint Essential Oil: gentle refreshing effect – beneficial in reducing biofilm on teeth.

      How to Use

      Bite down to activate until dissolved. Sip water, if preferred. Gently swish thoroughly and discard when done. Do not swallow. Rinse well.


      5 sachets – 6 tabs each

      TSA approved

      Biocompatible non-toxic formula

      Natural coloring and flavors

      Cruelty-free and vegan



      Designed for travel, our reusable packaging is 95% plastic-free. What makes the 5%? The reclosable zipper and the barrier lining that keep your tabs fresh. Discard into trash knowing you are making a difference in reducing global plastic waste.



      Tartaric acid, sodium bicarbonate, dichlorose, polyethylene glycol, mannitol, mint  essential oil, xylitol, plant (coconut oil)extract, hydroxyapatite, magnesium stearate.  

      CAMROC: Plate Kit

      CAMROC: Plate Kit

      since 1997

      weekdays during business hours


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      A set of 20 plates can be assembled in one column.

      Video instruction for assembling a column with plates

      Plate Options:

      Antique Brick 32320

      Antique Brick 32440

      Alpine Village 08640

      Booth 08110

      Byzantine Palace 029 30

      Mountain chalet 53130

      Hanseatic brick 35010

      Hanseatic brick 35130

      Dolomite wall 02320

      Stone town 13050

      9 0071 Clinker brick 34550

      Linear relief 24070

      Sea breeze 05030

      Roman brick 32990

      Rocky Mountain 52040

      Rocky Grotto 52820

      Scandinavian Stone 37110/38110

      Old Castle 02150

      Old Brick 32090 90 072

      Old brick 32250



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      brick tiles
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      Ventilated facade
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      paving stones
      garden tiles


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      “LOGICO-Baby” Large set of 2 tablets and 48 cards in a container

      “LOGICO-Baby”, what is it?

      The “LOGIKO-Kid” manual is a universal didactic material that combines the high level of developments of the national pedagogical school and the European quality of workmanship.

      The principle on which the manual is built is one control device (tablet) and many sets of cards in the main directions of development of a preschool child. Sets of cards are issued for ages 3 to 7 and maintain consistency in the presentation of the material.

      “The LOGICO-Baby card sets are both a textbook, and a game, and a way of organizing collective activities, and an option for spending leisure time at home or in the garden, and a manual for frontal and individual work, and a stimulator for the development of thinking, speech, and an encyclopedia of knowledge. ” (E.Yu. Protasova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor)

      “LOGIKO-Kid” in preschool educational institution

      The manual is a universal didactic material. Its application does not depend on the program according to which the pre-school institution works. “LOGIKO” is easily integrated into work when organizing frontal classes, classes in a mini-group, as well as in the individual work of a psychologist and speech therapist. The use of the allowance does not contradict the Federal state requirements. Teachers speak positively about the results of working with the manual and in remedial education.

      An important advantage of the grant is the possibility of gradually completing the methodological fund of the kindergarten with newly issued sets of cards.

      In addition to being used directly in the classroom, “LOGIKO-Kid” can be in the group as a free access play tool that children can access in everyday life.

      One of the main advantages that made LOGICO popular in preschool educational institutions is its long service life, thanks to which more than one generation of children can use the allowance.

      Children very quickly understand the tasks and begin to perform independently:

      What does LOGICO-Kid consist of?

      “LOGIKO-Kid” consists of a tablet and sets of cards.

      The tablet is made in Germany from environmentally friendly plastic in compliance with European quality and safety standards. To get started, only one tablet is needed, it performs the function of a control device.

      Cards are made from imported thick coated board. They are purchased separately according to the areas of development that are of interest to teachers or parents.

      Regularly, both the tablet and check card sets are tested for compliance with current standards and hygiene standards of the Russian Federation. The duration of the grant is not limited.