Supplier of computer: Top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Computer Hardware in the USA

Top Manufacturers and Suppliers of Computer Hardware in the USA

Computer hardware can be defined as the collection of physical components that a computer system needs in order to function. The components that may be classified as computer hardware include both internal components and external components. Internal components include everything that is installed inside a computer system, such as memory boards, disk drives, power supplies, etc. External components include items such as interface cables, monitors, keyboards, and other devices that are part of the HIM (Human-Machine Interface).

This article will discuss the top featured manufacturers and suppliers of computer hardware on Thomas, as well as the top computer hardware suppliers in the USA by revenue.

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Basic Internal Computer Hardware Components

Collectively all the internal computer hardware components process or store instructions such as delivered programs or operating systems. Internal hardware components are all found within a computer system’s chassis.


The motherboard is the main printed circuit board of a computer system. It houses the CPU and serves as a location for all the hardware to operate through. It allocates power to the other components and enables communication between them.


Short for “Central Processing Unit”, the CPU processes all of the information from the programs run by a computer. They contain a clock speed, which represents the number of instructions in it can process in a second, measured in gigahertz.


Representing Random Access Memory, a computer’s RAM is the hardware component that temporarily stores data. It functions as a computer’s working memory in regard to the information being created by programs.


The Hard Disk Drive, HDD, is the main data storage device within a computer. It is where the operating system, software, and files are stored. They are non-volatile meaning they can maintain the stored data even when powered off, unlike RAM.


Meaning “solid-state drive”, SSDs function as an alternative to traditional HDDs. It uses less power, accesses data faster, and is generally more reliable than HDDs. SSDs are flash storage and have no moving parts whatsoever, unlike HDDs which are made up of magnetic disks and utilize mechanical components inside.


ODD stands for an optical disk drive. It uses laser lights or electromagnetic waves to read or write data onto optical discs. Optical disc drives are also known as disc drives, CD drives, DVD drives, and BD drives.

Card Reader

Card readers allow computer systems to read data from memory cards, which are portable electronic storage devices.

Power Supply

The power supply converts the alternating current, or AC from an outlet, to direct current, or DC. Computer hardware components required DC power in order to operate. The power supply also has the ability to prevent overheating by controlling voltage.


Short for Graphics Processing Unit, GPU ensures content displays and renders on a computer screen or monitor correctly. GPUs are typically installed onto a slot within the motherboard.


Meaning Network Interface Cards, NICs enable a computer to connect to a network. It controls the wired and wireless connections of a computer system in order to exchange information with other computers and the internet.

Basic External Computer Hardware Components

Also known as peripherals, external computer hardware components are connected to the computer system in order to control either its input or output.


The mouse of a computer is a hand-held pointing device that is used to manipulate and control objects on a computer screen. It directs a cursor using optical sensors. A mouse typically has a right-click button, a left-click button, and a scrolling wheel.


A keyboard allows a computer user to interact with their computer by inputting text, characters, and other commands. This is done by pressing buttons which are known as keys. The keyboard is one of the most essential computer hardware parts.


The monitor is the computer hardware device that displays the video and graphics information generated by the computer via the GPU. Monitors are also known as video display units, video display terminals, or just screens.


Printers are used to generate hard copies of electronic data stored on the computer, usually in the form of text or images on paper. They are a type of output device that can connect to a computer system either by a USB port or via Wi-Fi.


Scanners are a device that can transfer images or text to a computer using optical technology. A computer system converts the signal sent by a scanner to a digital image, enabling it to be edited, emailed, printed, or stored.


Speakers are output devices that are used for listening to music, movies, or other audio. They convert analog audio signals into equivalent air vibrations in order to produce audible sound.


Headphones are hardware output devices that are used to listen to audio. They usually either plug into a computer line-out or into the speakers. They allow listeners to listen to music, movies, or other audio in private and without disturbing the people around them.


A microphone is a device that allows computer users to input audio into their computers. It does this by translating sound vibrations in the air into electronic signals.


Webcams are input devices that connect to computers and the internet in order still pictures or motion videos.  Webcams are either embedded into the display or connected to the computer system via USB.

USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are portable data storage devices. They contain an integrated USB interface that allows them to connect to the computer via a USB port.

Top Featured Computer Hardware Manufacturers and Suppliers on Thomas

Table 1 below lists the top featured manufacturers and suppliers of computer hardware on Included in the information, you’ll find details on each company’s location, year founded, number of employees, and brief summary of activities. Dashes indicate where data was unavailable.

Table 1: Top Featured Computer Hardware Manufacturers and Suppliers on Thomas
Company Location Year Founded No. of Employees
Keystone Electronics Corp. New Hyde Park, NY 1950 100-199
DIGICOM Electronics, Inc. Oakland, CA 1982 10-49
Daco Precision – Tool Kewaskum, WI 1984 10-49
Daisy Data Displays, Inc. Mechanicsburg, PA 1982 10-49
Device Technologies, Inc. Southborough, MA 1984 10-49
Amtek Computer Services San Clemente, CA 1980 1-9
Pro-face America Ann Arbor, MI 1972 10-49
Tedco Precision Sheet Metal Livermore, CA 1987 10-49
ALLHDD Jamaica, NY
Samsung Electronics America Ridgefield Park, NJ 2015 1-9

Top Featured Computer Hardware Manufacturers and Suppliers on Thomas—Company Summaries

Keystone Electronics Corp.  is a custom manufacturing company that provides interconnect electronic hardware, as well as components including battery holders, terminal block connectors, screw terminals, and more. The company has its headquarters located in New Hyde Park, NY, and has been in business since 1950.

DIGICOM Electronics, Inc. is a custom manufacturing firm that supplies the electronics, aerospace, military, biomedical, medical device, and telecommunications industries, among others, with a wide range of computer hardware such as ethernet ports, interconnect breakout boards, and capacity DRAM memory. It also offers a selection of additional services including cleaning, testing, kitting, inspection, warehousing, and labeling. The company is headquartered in Oakland, CA, and was founded in 1982.

Daco Precision – Tool manufactures custom computer hardware, as well as hardware and components for recreational vehicles, appliances, and agriculture purposes. It also offers CNC lathe turning, laser cutting wire and sinker electrical discharge machining, CNC drilling, burnishing, and spot welding services. The company is located in Kewaskum, WI, and serves the aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, and military sectors, among others. It was established in 1984.

Daisy Data Displays, Inc. is a manufacturing company that provides accessories for industrial computers and monitors that are designed to provide workstation customization. Its line of products includes conduit seal kits, cooling devices, air connection kits, and barcode scanners. The company has its headquarters located in Mechanicsburg, PA, and has been in business since 1982.

Device Technologies, Inc. is a custom manufacturing company that provides hardware for computers including PCB standoffs that are flame-resistant, impact-resistant, and made from black nylon material. The company has its headquarters located in Southborough, MA, and has been in business since 1984.

Amtek Computer Services is a distributor that provides a wide range of computer hardware such as servers, data storage equipment, copiers, printers, and network devices. The company is headquartered in San Clemente, CA, and serves the banking, manufacturing, financial, government, healthcare, education, and insurance industries. It was established in 1980.

Pro-face America is a custom manufacturing company that provides a wide range of hardware and software. Its line of products includes industrial computers, operator interfaces, flat panel monitors, operator interfaces with controls, and HMI/SCADA software. The company has its headquarters located in Ann Arbor, MI, and has been in business since 1972.

Tedco Precision Sheet Metal is a custom manufacturer and service company that provides precision sheet metal, aluminum, and steel hardware for computers including cabinets, chassis, boxes, and card guides. It also offers spot welding, MIG & TIG welding, shearing, deburring, band sawing, and more. The company has its headquarters located in Livermore, CA, and has been in business since 1987.

ALLHDD is a distributor that provides a variety of computer hardware and components such as hard drives, batteries, solid-state drives, controllers, networking devices, cables, storage devices, optical drives, servers, hot-swap trays, video cards, power supplies, and motherboards. The company has its headquarters located in Jamaica, NY.

Samsung Electronics America manufactures both consumer and industrial computer hardware products. Their offerings include computers, laptops, monitors, and networking equipment.

Top Computer Hardware Manufacturers and Suppliers on Thomas by Revenue

Table 2 below lists the top manufacturers and suppliers of computer hardware in the USA, ranked by estimated annual revenue as found on Besides the revenues, you’ll find details on each company’s location, year founded, and brief summary of activities.

Table 2: Top Computer Hardware Manufacturers and Suppliers on Thomas by Revenue
Company Location Year Founded Annual Revenue
HP Inc. Palo Alto, CA 1939  $250 Mil. and over
Intel Corp. Santa Clara, CA 1968  $250 Mil. and over
Cisco Systems, Inc. San Jose, CA 1984  $250 Mil. and over
ABB Cary, NC 1988  $250 Mil. and over
GracileIT Melville, NY 2012  $250 Mil. and over
Lenovo Group Ltd. Morrisville, NC 2005  $250 Mil. and over
WPG Americas Inc. San Jose, CA 2006  $250 Mil. and over
Moredirect Boca Raton, FL 1991  $250 Mil. and over
Western Digital Irvine, CA 1970  $250 Mil. and over
Technology Integration Group Las Vegas, NV 1986  $250 Mil. and over

Top Computer Hardware Manufacturers and Suppliers on Thomas by Revenue—Company Summaries

HP Inc. provides imaging and printing solutions when it comes to computer hardware. The company makes various types of printers and scanners, as well as ink and toner. They also produce monitors, keyboards, mice, audio devices, and storage solutions.

Intel Corp. designs manufacture and sells computer components and other related products. Their company hardware offerings include processors, motherboards, chipsets, power solutions, server products, and memory devices.

Cisco Systems Inc. designs manufacture and sells networking-related computer hardware products. Their offerings include switches, routers, controllers, and other network management solutions.

ABB is a manufacturer and distributor that provides the design and installation of automation and power technology. Its line of products includes drives, control systems, high voltage systems, generators, electronics, robotics, transformers, and measurement tools. The company has its headquarters located in Cary, NC, and serves the automotive, cement, infrastructure, OEM, and food & beverage sectors, among others. It was established in 1988.

GracileIT distributes a wide variety of computer-related supplies such as CPU boards, memory cards, solid-state drives, hard disk drives, AC power supplies, and more. The company has its headquarters located in Melville, NY, and serves the healthcare, defense, financial, legal, and education sectors. It was established in 2012.

Lenovo Group Ltd.  designs, develops, and manufactures different computer products. Their product line includes desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, and storage devices.

WPG Americas Inc. is a distribution firm that provides industrial electronic components including capacitors, audio, switches, connectors, display products, fans, inductors, blowers, transformers, diodes, and much more. The company has its headquarters located in San Jose, CA, and has been operating since its founding in 2006.

Moredirect is a distribution company that provides hardware and software related to computing and technology. The company has its headquarters located in Boca Raton, FL, and has been in business since its founding in 1991.

Western Digital supplies computer hardware products mainly for the data storage, management, and protection sectors. Their product line includes hard drives, solid-state drives, and networking equipment.

Technology Integration Group is a distributor and service company that specializes in the supply of hardware for computing and electronics purposes. The company has its headquarters located in Las Vegas, NV, and has been operating since its founding in 1986.

Top Computer Hardware Manufacturers and Suppliers in the USA—Summary

Above we’ve outlined some general knowledge about computer hardware by explaining both the basic internal and external computer hardware components. Then we’ve listed the top featured manufacturers and suppliers of computer hardware on Thomas, as well as the top computer hardware suppliers in the USA by revenue. For more information on North American-based commercial and industrial suppliers, head over to the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform, where you can find information on over 500,000 commercial and industrial suppliers, including over 700 computer hardware suppliers.


  • https://www.dedicatedcomputing. com/embedded-computing-systems/

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Russian suppliers of computers and office equipment from: Kaliningrad region Kemerovo region Kirov region Krasnoyarsk region Leningrad region Show more 11 02 Suppliers of computers and office equipment from the CIS countries, Foreign countries

  • A1TIS Group


    A1TIS Group dates back to 1991. All these years we have not just worked, but developed ourselves and helped to develop the market, making it civilized and efficient. Many years of experience and an impeccable reputation have allowed us to create reliable partnerships with the largest manufacturers of office and IT equipment, as well as software. To date, A1TIS is one of the largest and most successful partners for brands such as Brother, Canon, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, Oki, Ricoh, Sharp, Xerox and many more. More than 1500 partners in Russia and the CIS countries cooperate with the A1TIS group of companies.
    We value the trust of our customers and work with each client based on the principles of an integrated approach to the tasks set, mutual long-term partnership and complete information transparency.
    Traditionally, the A1TIS group of companies pays great attention to staff development. Training and certification at the training centers of our suppliers …

    Moscow, Moscow region

  • Web-Veko


    Webcam shutter “Web-Veko”
    Made in Russia!
    Gadget for Closing-Opening the Eye of the built-in Webcam of media devices.
    – Protection from illegal surveillance.
    – Protection, webcam lenses, from dirt and damage.
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  • RU Electronics


    RU Electronics is a specialized wholesale supplier and manufacturer of electronic components and electrical products for industrial and commercial businesses.
    The company’s products are used in the fields of electricity generation and distribution, mechanical engineering, coal mining and processing, metal smelting and processing, shipbuilding, railway transport and oil and gas networks, and the rocket and space complex. …

    Moscow, Moscow region

  • KLS, LLC


    Trade and Service Company KLS has been operating in St. Petersburg since 1991. The company provides a full service of office equipment: from sale and commissioning to disposal. Our company supplies wholesale and retail various office equipment and consumables, original and compatible cartridges, maintains and repairs office equipment, refills and restores cartridges. Free consultations of our leading experts on the acquisition and operation of office equipment will help save significant financial resources. The prices for our services are among the lowest in St. Petersburg, and the quality is one of the highest.

    St. Petersburg, Leningrad region



    Wholesale flash drives with logo to buy in Moscow. …

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  • Anicotrade


    Our company is a manufacturer of receipt tape.
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    – stationery for school and office
    – office paper …


    Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Territory

  • Brand Trade LLC


    Brand Trade Company is engaged in wholesale deliveries of computer components, such vendors as INTEL, SAMSUNG, CRUCIAL, etc., as well as software. Supply of servers and workstations for the purposes of artificial intelligence, machine learning and high performance computing. The goods are placed in warehouses in Moscow and St. Petersburg, we also bring them to order. Delivery by courier to the customer’s door. …

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    Russian manufacturer of smartphones, tablets and chargers. All products are manufactured in the free economic zone of China, are certified by Rostest and have a 12-month warranty in the Russian Federation.
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    Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd(China)
    Sapphire Technology (Hong Kong)
    Railway spare parts – Ural ATI (Russia)
    OAO Ritm TPTA
    Industrial equipment, machine tools-China, Europe …