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How to use multiple Bluetooth speakers for amazing sound

Now that we store our playlists on our smartphones or tablets, a quality pair of wireless Bluetooth speakers are a must-have. These small, portable, battery-powered speakers let you enjoy amazing quality sound anywhere, and there are quite a few models that let you pair two or more two portable speakers for more immersive sound. You can even use portable Bluetooth speakers to set up a mini home stereo system or mini home theatre at home.

Why should you pair Bluetooth speakers?

Bluetooth speaker are small enough to grab and go, making them a great choice for a small home theatre set up or a speaker system you can take with you on camping trips, vacations, or for parties. There are a few reasons why you’ll want to pair two or more Bluetooth speakers.

  • You can achieve dynamic sound quality with more than one speaker
  • With two or more Bluetooth speakers you can set up multi-room audio
  • You’ll enjoy hearing your music as you move from room to room in your house
  • Portable speakers are a great option for anyone who moves around a lot or who doesn’t have a lot of space for a home theatre
  • Set up is quick and easy
  • Bluetooth speakers are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy great audio when they travel

While there are many benefits to pairing, one thing to keep in mind is that you’ll want to choose the highest quality Bluetooth speakers your budget will allow. If you pair multiple speakers with poor sound quality, they will definitely be louder, but they won’t sound better.

For more details on how to create a multi-room speaker setup, take a look at this article.

Which speaker brands are pairable?

While most speaker brands offer smart Bluetooth speakers, there are definitely some brands that stand out in terms of reliability and quality. Here are a few examples.

1. Ultimate Ears (UE)

UE speakers are designed to connect to the UE app. When you’d like to pair two or more UE speakers together all you have to do is tap the ‘Double Up’ feature.

2. JBL

Thanks to the technology built into JBL Speakers, connecting multiple speakers at once has never been easier. These speakers let you connect multiple devices via the JBL Connect app. They allow multiple Bluetooth connections so you can connect up to 3 smartphones or tablets to control your speaker setup.

3. Sony

Sony has been always been a household name, and their line of Bluetooth speakers makes it very easy to create a mini home stereo system. Depending on the model you choose, you can connect up to 10 speakers at one time. Some Sony party speakers also have colorful LED lights or sound effects to create a party atmosphere.

4. Bose

When it comes to sound quality, Bose is at the top of the class, and Bose portable speakers can actually pair with their home speakers. That means you can add your portable speaker to your home speakers when you’re at home for full multi-room audio and then take your portable speaker with you when you’re on the go.

Take a look at a detailed overview of Bluetooth speakers on the portable Bluetooth speakers buying guide. You can also see a great list of Bluetooth speakers in this article.

How to pair multiple Bluetooth speakers together

The first thing to keep in mind when pairing two or more Bluetooth speakers is that you almost always need to have two or more speakers from the same brand. With that in mind, the steps to pairing Bluetooth speakers is pretty simple and straightforward.

  1. Power the speakers on.
  2. Find the ‘pairing’ button on the speaker and press it. You may need to tap the pairing button on both speakers.
  3. Wait for the speaker to connect to your phone or app. Some speakers play a tone or sound so you know they have connected.
  4. If the speaker doesn’t connect, open your phone’s Bluetooth menu and look at the bottom for the name of the speaker. If you see it you can tap ‘Connect.’

Troubleshooting multiple Bluetooth speaker pairing

With the latest Bluetooth speakers, pairing should be quick and seamless. If you do have trouble pairing your speakers together, try moving them closer together. Once they find each other they will maintain their connection.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that some speakers may require you to pair them each time you use them together while some offer an auto pair function when both are powered on. You’ll want to check the features on the speakers you choose to confirm whether they offer auto-pair.

If you have trouble pairing, you may also want to check the battery levels of your speakers. They may need a quick charge to connect.

Use Bluetooth speakers together for stereo sound

Most of the speaker brands will let you alternate between playing the same audio on both speakers at once, and some will let you use them to create a surround sound system. Models that offer a stereo sound option will split up the left and right channels and play distinct audio on each. You can place the speakers on either side of the room or your TV and enjoy the full surround sound experience.

Upgrade to pairable Bluetooth speakers

Finding the right Bluetooth speaker for you depends on what you’re using the speaker for and what your must-haves are in terms of features. When choosing two or more portable Bluetooth speakers you’ll want to look at battery life, whether you need a water-resistant speaker for outdoor use, and how small and portable the speaker is. No matter what type you’re looking for, you’ll find a lot of great options at Best Buy.

Kove Commuter 2 Review – RTINGS.com

Tested using
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Reviewed Feb 09, 2021 at 08:48 am

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By John Panoryios, Becca Fischer, and Yannick Khong






Voice Assistant



test results

Battery Powered




Voice Assistant






The Kove Commuter 2 is a split portable Bluetooth speaker. You can connect both ends of the speaker horizontally, or you can use them separately as a stereo pair. It’s very easy to bring on-the-go, and it even has an IPX7 rating for water resistance, though we don’t currently test for this. While it can reproduce clear, detailed vocals and lead instruments, it struggles to produce the thump and punch in the bass range. Unfortunately, there aren’t any sound customization features to help you switch up its sound.

Our Verdict



The Kove Commuter 2 is middling for music. This speaker struggles to reproduce a thumpy, punchy bass, so it isn’t ideal for fans of bass-heavy music genres. It doesn’t get very loud, either, and it lacks sound customization options so you can’t tweak its sound. That said, it can still reproduce vocals and lead instruments pretty clearly, which is suitable for pop music and other vocal-centric music.



The Kove Commuter 2 is disappointing for videos and movies. While it can reproduce dialogue clearly, it lacks a thumpy, punchy bass, so you don’t feel the deep rumble in action-packed scenes. It doesn’t get very loud, and it has high latency when paired with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. However, some apps compensate for latency differently, so your experience may vary. Fortunately, it has a good soundstage performance, so your audio is still pretty immersive.



The Kove Commuter 2 is decent for podcasts. It can reproduce dialogue clearly and accurately thanks to its balanced mid-range. Also, it has a very portable design, so you can easily bring it with you from one room to the next. However, it doesn’t get very loud, and you can only pair it with one device at a time, which some listeners may find a bit limiting.


  • Portable design.


Voice Assistant

The Kove Commuter 2 doesn’t support voice assistants.



The Kove Commuter 2 is fair for outdoor use. It’s battery-powered, so you can use it outdoors without having to plug it into an outlet, and it can last for over eight hours off of a single charge. It even has an IPX7 rating for water resistance, though we don’t test for this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get very loud, and its sound profile struggles to reproduce a thumpy low-bass.

  • 5.9


  • 5.2


  • 7.2


  • 2.8

    Voice Assistant

  • 6. 5


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  1. Updated Mar 24, 2021:
    After reviewing our methodology, we updated the results for RGB Lights from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’.

  2. Updated Feb 09, 2021:
    Review published.

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Differences Between Sizes And Variants

The Kove Commuter 2 comes in ‘Black’, and you can see the label for the model we tested here.

If you come across another version, let us know in the discussions so we can update our review.

Compared To Other Speakers

The Kove Commuter 2 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a unique split design, so you can use the left and right speakers separately or connected horizontally. Like most small speakers, it struggles to reproduce low-bass and it doesn’t get very loud. That said, it has a neutral mid-range that can reproduce voices clearly and accurately, though it lacks sound customization features. See also our recommendations for the best Bluetooth speakers, the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers, and the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.


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The Kove Commuter 2 is a bit better than the DOSS SoundBox Plus for most uses. The Kove is better-built, and it has a better soundstage performance, so you feel more immersed in your audio. That said, the DOSS supports voice assistants from your smartphone, and it has longer battery life.


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The Kove Commuter 2 is a better speaker for most uses than the OontZ Angle 3. The Kove’s sound profile is more balanced and neutral, and it has a better soundstage performance. However, the OontZ gets slightly louder with less compression at max volume, and it has longer battery life.


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The Marshall Emberton is a better speaker than the Kove Commuter 2. The Marshall has a more neutral sound profile and a better soundstage performance. Also, it has lower latency with iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth, though some apps compensate for latency differently. However, the Kove gets louder with less compression at max volume.


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The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 is a better speaker than the Kove Commuter 2. The Ultimate Ears is better-built with longer battery life. Its sound profile is more balanced and neutral, and it offers a more open, spacious soundstage performance. However, some listeners may prefer the Kove’s split design.

Test Results

Sort Category───────────RATINGSMusicVideos/MoviesPodcastsVoice AssistantOutdoors

Category AllDesignSoundActive FeaturesConnectivity


RGB Lights


Update 03/24/2021: After reviewing speaker light functionality, we updated our result for RGB Lights from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. Even though the white light doesn’t change colors, it still pulses to the beat, so we’ve determined that it’s a responsive party light.

The Kove Commuter 2 is a split Bluetooth speaker. You can connect the two speakers horizontally, or you can use them separately as a stereo pair. When you connect the speakers, one speaker points forward and the other speaker points backward. The speakers are almost identical, but the left speaker comes with a built-in rubber hook so you can attach it to a bag or backpack. Also, there’s a light ring at the end of each speaker that pulses to the beat of your music and lights up when you’re pairing to a device via Bluetooth. You can turn off the lights if you prefer, but you aren’t able to customize them.


80 in³ (1,311 cm³)


1.9 lbs (0.9 kg)

Power Source

Battery & USB

One-Hand Carry


The Kove Commuter 2 is incredibly portable. When connected, the speakers are still small, lightweight, and easy to carry with one hand. They’re also battery-powered, so you can bring them on-the-go without having to plug them into an outlet.

Material Quality


Water Resistance

Submersible (IPx7)

Dust Resistance


Impact Resistance


Floats In Water


The Kove Commuter 2 has a decent build quality. It’s made of two separate speakers that can be twisted together to create one unit. Once they’re twisted in place, they have a tight connection that shouldn’t fall apart. There’s tight nylon wrapping around most of the speaker and the ends of the speaker are made of plastic and rubber. Also, the hook on the left speaker is made of rubber. It has an IPX7 rating for water resistance, though we don’t currently test for this.

Ease Of Use




Music Play/Pause

Yes (Physical)

Call Answer/End

Yes (Physical)

Volume Up/Down

Yes (Physical)

Track Next/Previous

Yes (Physical)

Microphone On/Off


Additional Controls


The controls are decent. There’s an identical set of controls on each speaker. You can press the middle button once to play/pause your music. If you press the middle button on the left speaker, you can answer/end a call. Press the middle button twice to enter Bluetooth pairing mode, or three times to disconnect True Wireless Stereo pairing. The left and right arrows let you control the volume. You can also hold the left arrow to skip to the next track or hold the right arrow to skip back to the previous track. If you press both volume buttons at the same time, you can turn on/off the white LED lights during music playback. While there’s a chime that plays when you reach max volume, there isn’t a lot of other audible feedback, and the buttons aren’t very clicky. Note that adjusting the controls on one speaker adjusts them on the other; for example, turning the volume down on one speaker turns it down on the other since they’re a stereo pair.

  • Kove Commuter 2 speaker
  • 2 Micro-USB to USB-A charging cable
  • User guide



-0. 43

Std. Err.

2.71 dB

Low-Frequency Extension

140.5 Hz

High-Frequency Extension

12.5 kHz

The Kove Commuter 2 has disappointing frequency response accuracy. It struggles to reproduce a thumpy, punchy bass, which isn’t ideal for fans of bass-heavy music like EDM. Thanks to its balanced mid-range, vocals and lead instruments are reproduced clearly and accurately. However, there aren’t any sound customization features to help you tweak its sound.

Note: We tested these speakers separated at one meter apart and slightly angled to mimic sound towards the rear of the listener’s head. Our results are only valid in this configuration.

Binaural Recording @ 1m

Binaural Recording @ 2m

Directivity Index

4.43 dB



The soundstage is good. It can play stereo content without downmixing it to mono, which is nice. Its directivity is reasonable, but its soundstage may be perceived as a bit narrow.

SPL @ Max Volume

86.4 dB SPL

DRC @ Max Volume

1.14 dB

The Kove Commuter 2 has a decent dynamics performance. It doesn’t get very loud, so it may not be suitable to use in large rooms or at crowded parties. That said, audio reproduction is clear and pure when you play it at max volume, which is good.

Active Features

Battery Life

8.2 hrs

Charge Time

2.3 hrs

Power Saving


Charging Port


Battery Powered


The Kove Commuter 2 has a good battery performance. It lasts for over eight hours off of a single charge, which isn’t as impressive as other speakers we’ve tested like the OontZ Angle 3 but should still be enough for long listening sessions. However, battery life can vary depending on usage, so your experience may vary. Also, the speaker has a power-saving feature that shuts it off after ten minutes if it isn’t paired to a Bluetooth device. This can help conserve its battery life.



Google Assistant






Voice Assistant


Voice Activation


Microphone Mute

No Microphone

Far-Field Performance

No Microphone

Ambient Noise Performance

No Microphone

This speaker doesn’t support voice assistants.

App Name

No App





Stereo Pair Mode


Party Mode




This speaker doesn’t have a companion app.


Aux Input


USB Audio


Other Ports


The Kove Commuter 2 doesn’t have any wired inputs.



Bluetooth Version


Bluetooth iOS Latency

282 ms

Bluetooth Android Latency

294 ms

Bluetooth Range

223.1 ft (68.0 m)

Multi-Device Pairing


The Kove Commuter 2 has fair Bluetooth connectivity. Its range is outstanding, so it can receive audio from your paired mobile device even if it isn’t very close to the speaker. Unfortunately, its latency with iOS and Android devices is likely too high to be suitable for watching videos. However, some apps compensate for latency differently, so your experience may vary.

Wi-Fi Version

No Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Frequency Band

No Wi-Fi



Apple AirPlay


AirPlay Latency


Google Chromecast


Chromecast Latency


This speaker isn’t Wi-Fi compatible.

MJBOX-301 (silver) Wi-Fi Internet radio – Internet radio – portable bluetooth speaker with WiFi MJBOX

Color: silver .

The main differences from the MJBOX-101 are its stylish and strict design, as well as the fact that the MJBOX-301 is a device with a speaker power of 10W (2 x 5W) and support for stereo sound. The sound became much louder and richer.

Music Joy Box or MJBox is a portable Internet radio receiver that combines a number of additional features:

  • This is a WiFi Internet radio receiver with a built-in list of Internet radio stations and the ability to add your own stations
  • This is a Bluetooth speaker for playing sound directly from your phone, for example, from Youtube, Yandex.music or VKontakte
  • This is an MP3 player that plays files from an SD card
  • This is a convenient player for listening to Audiobooks, as it allows you to start listening to a book from the point where you finished listening, quickly switches between files and folders.
  • MJBOX supports mobile phone remote control with free
  • mobile app

  • Voice control using Yandex Alice, more details https://mjbox.ru/yandex_alisa/
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery for long autonomy
  • Headphone output allows you to connect not only headphones, but your music center or speakers
  • Sleep timer allows you to fall asleep to your favorite radio, book or music. The player will turn off after the set time.

MJBox supports WiFi, which connects to your hotspot and accesses a huge number of Internet radio stations around the world.

We recommend watching the new MJBOX-301 brief video review, which describes its main functions, button control and phone control:

buttons on the device and on your home router, similar to MJBOX-101:

MJBox is controlled by 5 buttons on the top panel, from a mobile phone or from a computer, like a remote control, only much more convenient.

MJBox supports voice prompts in Russian: it will say “Hello” after loading, report a network connection error or low battery, say goodbye when switching to “sleep mode”. Thanks to voice and sound prompts, the device is very convenient to use – you do not need to watch what is happening on the screen.

MJBOX will turn itself off to save battery after a few minutes of inactivity or by Sleep Timer. This feature can be disabled in Settings.

When playing mp3 files, MJBox, unlike many portable players, can pause the file playback and can continue playing the file from where it left off. At the same time, information about the last playback is saved and playback can be resumed from the last place even after turning off the power.

MJBox 301 will give a “second life” to your music centers with an audio input. The device has a headphone output to which you can connect your music system. This will give you the opportunity to listen to not only Internet radio stations and music from the card, but everything that your mobile phone is capable of playing if you connect it via Bluetooth. Thus, MJBOX 301 is a gateway that will allow you to broadcast your musical capabilities and mobile phone functions to your audio systems!

Useful feature: Separate volumes for speakers and headphone output. Now you do not have to worry that the receiver will play loudly when you turn off the headphones, if you listened to music loudly in them. The volume of the speakers will be the same as when the headphones are connected.

Using a mobile application or a computer, you can start or continue playing mp3 from any moment, just move the file playback slider.


Radio station list


The device supports children’s functions: it is the creation of a Playlist (for example, a fairy tale, lullaby and Internet radio “Sounds of Nature”), as well as the “Children’s Mode” function (child pressing the buttons will be able to switch only inside the Playlist) and fixing the volume at the required level.

The MJBOX-301 is a replacement for wired 3-program radio if you have internet at home.

Thus, the MJBOX Internet radio receiver is a useful functional device at a great price, it is a wonderful gift for you and your loved ones.

  • 7 advantages of MJBOX. GO>
  • 7 reasons to get MJBOX. GO>


Type: Internet Radio, Portable Bluetooth Speaker, MP3 Player

Dimensions: 240mm (Length) x 50mm (Depth) x 70mm (Height)

Weight: 550g

Power supply: 5V (MicroUSB connector, cable included)

Battery: built-in, Li-lon

Charging time: 3 hours.

Radio station catalog: online catalog of more than 20 thousand stations

Operating time: up to 10 hours from SD card, up to 5 hours in Wi-Fi radio mode

Wireless technologies: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WPS (Wi -Fi Protected Setup)

MP3 support: microSD, pause, rewind

Broadcast formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+

Control: control buttons, via smartphone or computer

Speakers: 10 W (2 x 5 W , 4 Ohm)

Headphone output: yes, Jack 3.5mm

Warranty: 12 months from the date of sale

Country of origin: Russian Federation

Learn more about mobile phone control

It is important to understand that the device is autonomous and a phone is not required for its operation. The phone serves only as a remote control, expanding the possibilities and ease of use. To control from a mobile phone, you need to download the MJBox application for iOS in the AppStore or Android in the Play Store. You can read more about management here >

PC control requires both PC and MJBox to be connected to the same WiFi hotspot. Next, in the browser, you need to type “http://mjbox.local” or “http://device_IP_address”. The IP address can be found through the Settings menu, for example,

List of built-in Internet radio stations

Internet radio contains 2 lists of radio stations:

1. List of built-in and locally stored stations, including Favorites, available for editing and replacement.

2. Online catalog containing over 20 thousand online radio stations from around the world. Stations from this directory can be stored on the Internet radio itself, including adding to favorites.



Bluetooth speaker with FM radio and Power Bank function

Portable Design Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmission Power Bank Car Bluetooth Computer Small Speakers $29. 44

The product was provided free of charge for review by Chinabuye.com
I bring to your attention a review of a good wireless Bluetooth speaker from an unnamed Chinese manufacturer. The column is equipped with a microphone, FM radio and a capacious battery that can be used as a Power Bank to recharge mobile devices.

Specifications0165 – Battery capacity: 4000mA
– Playing time: about 15 hours
– Speaker parameters: 4Ω3W × 40MM
– Dimensions: 165*60*35mm
– Housing colors: red, blue, black, pink, white

Speaker supplied here in a box with information about the device.

The package includes:
– Speaker
– USB charging cable
– Audio cable
– English manual The mesh is fully dyed, no defects or dents were noted.

The control buttons are located on the upper end and are touch-sensitive, i.e. react to a light touch (from left to right):
– short press – track (fm-station) back, long press – volume is lower
– short press – pause / turn off the sound, long press – auto search for radio stations
– short press – track ( fm station) forward, long press – volume more than
– short press – switch modes (Bluetooth, FM, memory card, etc. ), long press – lock / unlock touch buttons

On the right, here, there is a battery charge indicator

On the right side are:
– mechanical power switch
– microSD memory card slot
– mini-USB for charging the speaker itself
– USB output for charging other devices
– Line In (3,5) for connecting an external sound source

There are no controls on the left side

There is a special rubber strip on the bottom, thanks to which the speaker does not slip on the surface

On one side there is a small sticker with brief characteristics

A protective mesh is present on both sides and well hides the speakers located under it

If you look closely, you can see that two small speakers are located in front

Another rectangular speaker is also visible behind the mesh

The speaker is quite compact but at the same time heavy

When turned on, the speaker automatically switches to bluetooth mode and a blue LED starts blinking under the front grid, while a female voice in English loudly announces this.
The column is defined in the phone as “JL BT”, we confirm the connection, after which the column will report something like “Bluetooth connected” in a voice.
The range of high-quality Bluetooth signal reception is 3-4 meters in direct line of sight, then interference and “stuttering” of sound begin.

You can control the playback of tracks and adjust the volume both from your smartphone and using the speaker buttons. When touched, they are highlighted in blue.

Switching between operating modes is very simple by touching the “M” button, while the column will tell you in a female voice which mode is selected.

If the phone receives a call while music is playing, the music will turn off and the female voice will start counting in English, allowing you to answer the call.

The speaker can receive an FM signal without connecting an external antenna, but still, in order to find the maximum number of radio stations, it is worth using the AUX cable as an antenna at least once.