Slide in electric double oven range: The 5 Best Slide-In Electric Ranges of 2023

7.3 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Slide-In Range (LTEL7337F)

7.3 cu. ft. Double Oven Electric Slide-In Range (LTEL7337F)

7.3 cu. ft. Smart Electric Double Oven Slide-in Range with InstaView®, ProBake® Convection, Air Fry, and Air Sous Vide


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Key Features

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  • 7.3 cu ft. Capacity
  • InstaView® Window

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Features and Specs

ProBake® Convection Delivers Perfection on Every Rack

LG’s ProBake® Convection is the gold standard in convection technology.¹ Roast meats to perfection and evenly bake your favorite cookies and pies on every rack, every time.

Air Fry Crispy Favorites to Feed a Crowd

With huge capacity and no preheat needed, air fry enough crispy favorites like wings, fries and more while saving time and counter space. ²

Seal in Restaurant-Quality Flavor with Air Sous Vide

Using low oven temperatures and airflow around vacuum-sealed ingredients, Air Sous Vide locks in moisture to deliver meats, fish and poultry with melt-in-your mouth flavor.³

Flexible 2-in and 3-in-1 UltraHeat™ Elements

Go from 12” to 9” to 6” with the turn of a knob, for the flexibility to cook either a large pot of chili or a small pan of sauce on the same spot. With this 3-in-1 element, you’ll always have the right size and power when you need it.

For Owners

Discover the 7.3 cu. ft. Smart InstaView® Electric Double Oven Slide-in Range with ProBake® Convection, Air Fry, and Air Sous Vide (LTEL7337F).

¹As compared to LG’s conventional ovens.

²Air fry basket included. Refer to owners manual for recommended cooking instructions. Model design may vary.

³Refer to owners manual for proper cooking instructions.

⁴Based on LG internal survey (October 2018) for 6.3 traditional self clean gas & electric single ovens, 6. 9 gas double ovens and 7.3 electric double ovens.

⁵Available on select LG smart appliances

⁶Participating products vary. Refer to ThinQ app for details

⁷Available on select LG smart appliances

⁸Heavy build-up may require additional manual effort or use the full self-clean feature.

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GE Profile™ 29.

88″ Black Stainless Steel Slide-In Electric Double Oven Convection Range-PS960BLTS


At a Glance

Precisely control element temperature with just the swipe of a finger. Internal probe allows monitoring of roasts and meats to assure they are thoroughly and accurately cooked without opening the oven door.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Residents


Lower 4.4


Control Knobs Black Stainless
Handle Black Stainless
Oven Door Features Big View Oven Window
Full-Wrapped Metal Frame
Textured Steel Side Panels Yes


Bake Wattage 2650W Upper / 2650W Lower
Broiler Wattage 3000W Upper / 3600W Lower
Convection Wattage 2500W
KW Rating at 208V 12. 0
KW Rating at 240V 16.0

Weights and Dimensions

Cabinet Width 30 in
Depth with Door Open 45 1/8 in
Depth Without Handle 27 3/8 in
Oven Interior Dimensions (lower) 24 x 17 1/2 x 18 1/4
Oven Interior Dimensions (upper) 24 x 8-7/8 x 18
Height to Top of Rear Vent Trim 37 1/4 in
Height to Cooking Surface (in.) 36

Misc. Specs

Product Weight (lbs.) 170
Appliance Fit Width (in.) 30
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labor
Capacity (cu ft) 6.6
Total Capacity (cu. ft.) 6.6
Total Upper Oven Capacity (cu. ft.) 2.2
Color Finish Name Black Stainless Steel
Number of Elements Burner Cooking Zones 5
ADA Compliant No
Range Type Slide-In
Fuel Type Electric
Number of Oven(s) Double
Appliance Color Black Stainless Steel
Depth (in.) 28.25
Height (in.) 37.25
Width (in.) 29.88


Cooktop Burner Type Radiant
Cooktop Surface Black Ceramic Glass
Configuration Double Oven Range
Control Location Front
Hot Surface Indicator Lights 1
Oven Cleaning Type Self-Clean with Steam Clean Option
Oven Control Features Audible Preheat Signal
Auto Oven Shut-Off with Override
Auto Recipe Conversion
Auto Self Clean
Certified Sabbath Mode
Chef Connect
Control Lock Capability
Convection Bake
Convection Roast
C° or F° Programmable
Delay Bake Option (Time Cook)
Delay Clean Option
Electronic Clock & Kitchen Timer
Fast Preheat
Hi / Low Broil
Oven “ON” Light
Self-Clean Cool Down Time Display
Steam Clean
Warm Mode
Oven Cooking Modes Frozen Pizza Multi Rack (Lower Oven)
Frozen Pizza Single Rack (Lower Oven)
Frozen Snacks Multi Rack (Lower Oven)
Frozen Snacks Single Rack (Both Ovens)
Proof (Both Ovens)
Warming (Both Ovens)
Control Type Digital Temperature Display
Cooking System True European Convection with Precise Air
Heating Element “ON” Indicator Light 1
Oven Features 6-Pass Broil Element
Hidden Bake
Oven Rack Features 1 Self-Clean Oven Rack (Upper)
2 Self-Clean Oven Racks (Lower)
6 Rack Positions
Connected Capabilities Amazon Alexa
The Google Assistant
Melt Setting Yes
WiFi Connect Built-In
Cooking Technology Traditional Upper; Convection Lower
Oven Interior 1 Halogen Light
1 Incandescent

Oven Convection: 3 Main Types

The average oven today is often equipped with an important feature called the convection mode. Why is it needed in the oven, what is it in general and what is its use – more on that below in the text.

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The principle of operation of the oven

It’s worth starting with a simple one: classic oven models consist of one or more heaters (burners), above which baking sheets are placed at different heights. In such ovens, food is heated only from below, and natural convection, or heated air, acts at the top. So the dish is often baked unevenly.

Innovative models with top heating. For example, in the Zanussi ZZB 510301 X model, it is possible to turn on both heaters at once. An additional source speeds up and facilitates cooking. Many models – for example, Gorenje BO625E01BK – have a grill.

Types of ovens:

A fan takes part in heating the oven, which combines hot and cold air flows. In multifunctional ovens, the top heat is adjustable and can be switched on independently or together with the bottom heat.

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What is convection?

Understanding what a convector in an oven is is not difficult. Inside the cabinet, light warm air occupies the upper part, and cold air descends below, where, in turn, it is heated. And so – until the temperature is completely stabilized. This phenomenon is called natural or natural convection.

Even in older models of ovens, it is present, but in a natural order, the process is very slow and does not always cope with its intended purpose. Therefore, in modern versions – for example, HANSA BOEI 68434 – it is forced. In such devices there is a fan that evenly distributes air throughout the working chamber.

Why convection in the oven? Its presence will enable:

  • to bake large and thick pieces of meat;
  • get crisp;
  • dry out large amounts of escaping juice;
  • defrost vegetables or meat quickly.

The activated convection mode assumes that the full volume of the oven is used effectively. You can put several baking sheets, and not worry about the uniform baking of the dish. It is not necessary to run the function every time you cook, but in the case of baking a bird carcass or large pies, it is indispensable.

What are convectors?

Convection is strongly present in all types of ovens. It happens:

  • Natural. Well known to any person, provided in standard ovens. Based on the natural process of moving hot and cold air through the oven. Not the most convenient option to use.
  • Forced. It is equipped in multifunctional models, such as Electrolux EOB55351AX. Heat in such ovens is present evenly distributed by the fan. Sometimes it is combined with electric heating elements for full baking.
  • Wet or steam. Assumes saturation of the air inside the oven with steam. So the dough rises better, the food does not dry out and does not fry, retaining all the beneficial properties.

Convection is sometimes combined with a grill – for example, as in the PYRAMIDA F 105 S IX model. In some ovens, convection is combined with an enhanced grill (this is a combination with top heat, for cooking large portions and browning).

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The answer to the question of whether convection is needed in a gas or electric oven is quite simple. It definitely won’t be superfluous, but useful – how. Convection is useful for lovers of healthy food and just for those who love it when it is crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Combining with different types of heating, grill, convection contributes to a more complete realization of the capabilities of the multifunctional oven. Thanks to this option, baking any dish will be hassle-free.

Functions of a modern oven Hephaestus

Not only electronics, but also household appliances are moving forward. Now it is difficult to imagine kitchen helpers without additional functions, which are sometimes difficult to understand. In the store, the buyer is surrounded by sales assistants, who are literally dumbfounded by a huge number of incomprehensible terms. It is not surprising to get confused and completely forget why you went to the store. After our review article, you will have no questions about what convection means and how a regular grill differs from a turbo.

We also invite you to read our article “How to choose an oven” – which brings together all the nuances and details about ovens.

Grilled meat at home

The most useful addition to modern cookers is the oven grill function . Gas models of the manufacturer Gefest have several types of it: regular and turbo. Both of them are presented in the form of an upper burner that converts heat into infrared range: the effect is like coals in a barbecue. In the case of a turbo grill, the burner works in tandem with the fan on the back of the oven. This option spends less time on cooking, due to the even distribution of heat.

In addition to its intended purpose, the turbo grill can be used to defrost foods: turn on the function, lower the operating temperature to 50 degrees, put the frozen food inside. Each model of stove or oven with grill comes with an electric spit. It can withstand considerable weight: you can place a whole chicken carcass or a large piece of meat. Some models also come with a barbecue grill, which has 6 skewers on the mount. Works also with the grill function.

The barbecue grill is provided in the following models: 5100-04, 6500-04 0069, 6100-04 0001. Thanks to the rotation, the meat is browned evenly on all sides, the crust will turn out crispy and beautiful. In most models, the power button of the electric drive is combined with the backlight button. The burner flame is ignited by electric ignition, if there is one in the oven. These models of gas stoves have a grill burner: 5100-02 0081, 5100-02 0010, 5100-02, 3500. And this is not a complete list.

If you liked the electric oven, the function is also available in them. The grill in them is represented by heating elements, which are located below and above. A big plus of this heating is that even without rotation, your dish will be baked from all sides. But there is also a negative point: cooking on an electric grill takes more time. But the temperature is set much more precisely. In models of electric stoves 5140-02, 5560-03 0057, 6140-03 0001, 5560-03 0001, an electric grill is combined with a turbo grill.

Ventilation inside the oven

Another extremely useful function is convection . Previously, in order for the dish to bake well, it was necessary to manually rearrange the baking sheets or grates higher or lower in the oven: the higher, the less heat; at the back wall of the oven, the dish burned, and closer to the door it remained half-baked. Modern stoves save the hostess from such torment. Forced convection is available in almost all models of stoves and ovens Gefest. It works by placing a fan in the rear wall: the distribution of heat inside the cabinet is uniform, the dish is baked equally well anywhere in the oven space. Thanks to this function, all pastries acquire a beautiful golden color.

Strictly by the clock

Timer function available on most Gefest cookers. They are divided into two types: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical is a rotary knob with divisions from 0 to 60 minutes. At the end of the set time, a loud bell will sound.

Electronic timer looks like a small display that can not only set an alarm, but also use it as a clock. The advantages of the electronic version are that there is no such strict time limit and there is a backlight that is convenient in the dark. Out of all gas oven functions timer is an important feature for any housewife.

Let there be light!

The backlight function is also found in almost every modern manufacturer’s oven. It can be single and double, respectively, according to the number of installed bulbs inside the oven. Two light bulbs provide volumetric lighting and better visibility, which is much more convenient for the hostess. Dual illumination available on the following models:

  • DSh 602-02 K61
  • PG 6100-02
  • PG 6100-02 0003
  • EP 6140-02
  • EP 6560-03 0001
  • Flash ignition burners

    The electric ignition function helps you get your oven up and running with just one click. Mechanical electric ignition is carried out using a button on the control panel. Also, the spark supply mechanism can be built into the rotary knobs that regulate the strength of the flame: when pressed, the selected burner is ignited. There is also an automatic electric ignition, which works independently when the knob is turned. The following models are equipped with such electric ignition: 5100-03, 5100-04 0001, 5300-02 0047. It goes without saying that this function only works when the unit is connected to the network.

    Controlled temperature

    Most Gefest ovens are equipped with thermostats. There are two types: temperature gauge and thermostat. The thermostat independently controls the temperature level inside the oven using a special probe and takes appropriate measures: when the temperature rises above the target level, it turns off the heat source; when the oven cools down, it increases the gas supply. In electronic ovens, respectively, electronic thermostats that perform the same function, but have a slightly different mechanism of operation. The temperature indicator simply indicates the temperature inside the cabinet, but does not have the ability to independently change it.

    Safety first

    Gas control is an important function of Gefest ovens. This device ensures the safety of using the oven.