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Not all server racks are made equal, and one size does not fit all applications. In order to fill the need for all scenarios we carry air-conditioned, NEMA rated, soundproof cabinets for loud servers, and a wide variety of open racks tailored to fit your exact environment. From a budget friendly rack to a high end custom cabinet solution, we can help.

Servers come in a wide variety of depths, that’s why we carry server racks from all major brands to source from hundreds of options to find the right fit for you. From standard 42u 19″ rack to fit an HP, Dell, IBM or other top brand, to specialty 23″ server enclosures, cabinets, and open frames, it can be difficult to find the exact solution you need.  We can help you find the right rack mounted enclosure.

Call or Chat for help finding the best server rack for your IT project, or get a Free Quote from Rackmount Solutions: (800) 352-6631. You can also email us at [email protected]

Standard Racks

A standard server rack is often quite a bit cheaper than more robust versions, but these are still long-lasting durable high quality racks designed for deployment in any data center in the country. Customers often choose these server racks because they are standard heights ranging from 18u to 48u and standard 19″ and 23″ widths with traditional options like removable side panels and basic locking front and rear doors.

Above the economy version you can find a myriad of additional features like door options, complex accessory options (fan tops, cable management trays, lighting, etc.) and often heavier gauge metal for additional rack strength.  We work with manufacturers to insure that the products we offer are super sturdy and easy to assemble if necessary.

Cruxial RS Server Racks

This server rack features a plexi front door and vented rear door with removable airflow plates. Solid side panels are removable and also available in an IR version – internally removable only. Mounting rails are M6 square hole, 10-32 tapped or 12-24 tapped, your choice. Casters and levelers standard. This sturdy, steel and aluminum welded rack ships completely assembled. PCI Compliant with 2500 lbs static load. Unpack and rack! 

Cruxial RSP Server Racks

Like the RS series server racks above, the PCI Compliant, RSP rack utilizes similar modular pieces, with perforated doors. Manufactured 100% in the USA, this superior quality Rackmount enclosure comes standard with a fully perforated (63% open) front and rear door for maximum airflow. Can be customized with a variety of door handles such as a card reader, remote monitor or combination lock.

Acoustic Soundproof Server Racks

We offer three different models of acoustic sound deadening quiet racks ranging from 14dB to 28.5dB sound attenuation. These racks make it possible to sit or work beside loud server equipment and still concentrate or speak with co-workers or clients. Quiet racks come fully assembled with the UCoustic soundproof server rack series in 24u and 42u, and the Acousti Quiet racks in 9u, 12u, 24u, 35u and 44u. The AcoustiQuiet can be customized to different sizes. The AcoustiRack Active features noise cancelling technology and is available in 15u and 33u sizes. 

Air Conditioned Server Cabinets

With the same strong welded steel and aluminum frame as our RS and RSP series, these PCI compliant, air conditioned server racks have been sealed for optimal airflow. You have the choice between internal Rackmount air conditioned units or externally side mounted HVAC units. Units range from 4,000 BTU to 20,000 BTU and can be made in almost any height, width or depth. These AC rack solutions are designed for areas where ambient air temperature is not sufficient to support hot IT equipment or dirty environments where sealed airflow is desired.

NEMA 12 Dust and Water Resistant Rackmount Enclosure

Built to NEMA 12 specs (IP54 equivalent) when dust and water drips or splash resistant racks are required. These Rackmount enclosures are offered up to 47u with up to 41.75” usable rack depth. Useful in factory environments, construction areas, power stations, shipping facilities, warehouses or processing plants. Made in the USA, ships fully assembled. 

Cruxial Switch Network Rack

Designed specifically for sidemount large switches such as Cisco’s Nexus or MDS series, this PCI Compliant, oversized network rack will redirect airflow to properly vent equipment. Switch can be mounted front or rear facing as your application requires. Made in the USA, these racks ship fully assembled allowing you to unpack and rack. 

19” 4 Post Open Rack

The knocked down frame allows these racks to ship economically while still supporting 3000 lbs when fully assembled. These open rack frames expand from 22.5” to 35.25”, allowing greater flexibility in mounting equipment depth. Bottom plates serve as a free shelf and unit can be purchased with or without angle support brackets. Other product details include: steel construction, m6 square hole rackrails and made in the USA. 

Heavy Duty 4 Post Rack Frame

Same rack frame as the RS, RSP series, this welded steel and aluminum frame has three sets of infinitely adjustable vertical rack rails. Maximum flexibility in mounting multiple pieces of equipment, all different depths. BONUS: if your needs change from an open 4 post rack to a rack enclosure, call and order doors and side panels. Saves money and time. No need to re-rack equipment. Just enclose it! Made in the USA, ships fully assembled. 

Slim 5 Series 4 Post Rack

The Slim 5 series is a medium/light duty frame ideal for AV, closets, or light equipment needs. Supports 400 lbs and ships knocked down. The narrow 20”w Rackmount frame uses minimal floor space with the posts of the rack being the vertical mounting rails. Made in the USA.

Small 19” 4 Post Rack

Highly portable, we offer 9u or 12u small 4 post racks that fit neatly under desks, conference tables, on top of work benches or any other area where a small profile is needed. Comes standard with levelers. Caster ordered optionally. Manufactured in the USA, ships knocked down.

At Rackmount Solutions, we have had the pleasure of working with thousands of IT professionals and their buying departments.
– Purchasing wants a fair price
– IT wants the server rack or network cabinet to be on time, assembled without problems, and with design that stands the test of time and best practice.
– Both want cold rolled steel and innovation that keep up with the highest quality industry standards.

Since 1999, we have provided server racks, cabinets, and enclosures that continuously satisfy our customer’s high standards and are Made in the USA! Our IT products are flexible and compatible with all rack mount servers or other electronics, to adapt to changing needs.

Call or Chat for help finding the best server rack for your IT project, or get a Free Quote from Rackmount Solutions: (800) 352-6631. You can also email us at sales@rackmountsolutions. net

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Standard Server Rack | Rack Mount Enclosure

Learn more about Standard Server Rack

The Cruxial Core Standard 42u, Linier Series Standard Server Cabinet, Rack Basics, and ERK Standard Server Cabinet, are excellent values on a tight budget. These standard server racks typically ship same or next day and provide the same great features as your high end server cabinets for a fraction of the cost. The variety of standard server cabinets below includes shallow depth, extra depth, skinny frames, multiple door styles, and extra strong. This provides an excellent selection of standard server racks. Need custom? We can also design something for you.

Call 1-800-352-6631 or Chat with our in-house expert IT solutions team.

Cruxial Core Standard Server Rack

The Cruxial Core Standard Server Rack is a 19″ wide 42u server rack built with high-end features at a budget friendly cost. With multiple built in, this rack mount enclosure is prepared for cable to exit the top, bottom, or to be tied down the provided cable management rail. The vertical mounting rails are adjustable and pre-labeled for simple installation for multiple depths of equipment. This standard server rack includes a 50 piece set of cage nuts and screws, casters and levelers, as well as split locking side panels.

If you need help finding accessories or would like to purchase accessories and have them pre-installed talk to our sales team at 1-800-352-6631!

What Makes the LINIER Server Rack Series the Best?

Multiple heights and depths

These 19″ server cabinets are made in the USA to provide a cost effective, flexible and reconfigurable rackmount solution while maximizing your investment. Available with glass or perforated front door and perforated rear door.

Universal Storage

Designed around EIA universal standards, and compatible with OEM manufactured servers, from the leading vendors such as IBM, HP, Dell and Sun, as well as all 19″ rack mountable products.

Cooling Requirements

This server cabinet provides advance storage flexibility while ensuring that multiple cooling requirements are met. The SR Series achieves significant cooling efficiency through a number of outstanding design and engineering features. The expanded steel design of all rack mount enclosure doors give 80% perforated area that ensures an ultimate air flow pattern.


Linier cabinets provide a simple, versatile cabling pathway throughout the rack frame. The rack framework, consisting of end frames, verticals, horizontal panel mounting brackets, and reducing cable channels, give multi-directional cable pathways and numerous efficient cabling options for easy passage of large quantities of cables.

PCI Compliant Server Rack

If you need more versatility in sizes and options, our standard Server Rack series, made in the USA, will meet your needs.

Rack Basics Economy Server Cabinet

With Hammond’s Rack Basics Server Cabinets you have multiple height options with extra depth at 37″ of usable space. Constructed of 16-gauge steel and featuring locks on all sides, this PCI compliant server rack is an excellent choice for your IT needs. Also included with your choice of 24u, 42u, or 48u rack, is a starter pack of rack screws, two toolless PDU cable trays, and perforated doors providing 65% of additional airflow. Need to join multiple cabinets together? The RB-DC Series also features the ability to gang together with the joining kit. Talk to a sales rep today about ordering this along with your other accessories. Call today at 1-800-352-6631!

ERK Series Economy Server Cabinet

Multiple heights, one depth, front doors, and 2nd set of rails optional

The ERK Server Cabinet series is made in the USA. Seismic rated to satisfy the UBC seismic zone 4 and IBC seismic use group III upper floor requirements for 600 lbs of essential equipment with optional ERKZ4 floor anchor brackets.

This 19″ server cabinet series includes a grounding/bonding stud in the base of rack which facilitates proper grounding and bonding of electronic equipment, as per NEBS and NEC standards.

The server cabinets have one front set of 10-32 tapped rack rails, which are pre-punched for built-in cable management. Multiple lacing points and slotted rail brackets add vertical or horizontal cable management convenience. The ERK server cabinet series have removable rear plates which allow cable bundles to be easily passed over or under the standard key-locking rear door. Add a rear set of rack rails if you need to four point mount AV, security or IT equipment.

PCI Compliant for security if you add an optional locking front door.

The ERK is not suitable for all rack servers at 23.5″ usable depth. If you need more versatility and options, our standard Server Rack series, made in the USA, will meet your needs.

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Server cabinets and racks – manufacturing company CMO.

A server or universal telecommunications cabinet is the basis for the correct placement of dozens of types of electronic equipment, produced in a standard 19-inch size, as well as non-standard units.

We can say that the entire virtual world, Internet, industry and communications management is stored in server cabinets. Server cabinets are practically the basis of all modern human civilization. Especially now that cloud technologies have entered almost all types of human activity related to computers.

It is interesting that server racks are familiar to mankind even before the appearance of the first servers and computers. At first, railway relay equipment was placed in such cabinets. Then they moved to communication equipment, scientific and everything else that needed quick access, convenient location and comfortable working conditions.

We supply racks for almost all types of telecommunications equipment: computer, video monitoring and remote control systems, professional audio and video equipment, industrial automation control systems, power equipment, industrial computers and much more that can be neatly placed in our cabinets.

Our products provide the four most important parameters for the smooth operation of any equipment:

  • Temperature rating
  • Compact arrangement
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Tamper protection

Any servers are placed in server cabinets: banking, industrial, for Internet resources and corporate networks, and much more.

What is stored on the servers? More than 20 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube servers every minute. And Facebook users post over 3.5 billion photos every month. You will have to look through all the pages of VKontakte for over a thousand years. But there are hundreds of millions of sites, and all their content is stored on servers, which are comfortably located in server cabinets. Such as ours.

By the way, the servers of the social network “VKontakte” are located in the server cabinets of our production. This suggests that our products are great for hosting any server.

Why do you think our server cabinets are ideal for your equipment as well?

Because we have taken into account all the factors that make the work with the equipment easy, and the operating conditions optimal.

Comfortable temperature for equipment with any operating modes is maintained due to the large area of ​​door perforation. The perforation area in server cabinets of the ShTK-S series is 60%, the perforation area in server cabinets of the ShTK-S Prof series is 65%. Nothing will overheat even in the summer heat!

Convenient organization of cables and cords. Nothing will be confused with admins with straight hands!

Unobstructed access to cables in case network reconfiguration is required.

High fault tolerance: completely closed ground loop of the server cabinet.

And many, many more advantages: a durable polymer coating, a solid maximum permissible load, cable entry both from above and from below. Our cabinets are full all inclusive for your professionals: quick-release side panels, adjustable mounting rails and leveling feet.

Our cabinets are used by small companies and Internet giants, public institutions and corporations. We have no limits for your requests.

Google servers are capable of handling over 40 billion requests per month. And our cabinets can easily withstand Google servers. And any other company.

What are server rooms

A special room that maintains optimal conditions for the placement and operation of servers is called a server room or simply a server room.

What are the conditions under which your servers should work?

The air pressure must be positive.

It is advisable to provide a backup power supply. For example, using a diesel generator, solar panels, wind turbines, or at least batteries.

The state of the microclimate in the server room is controlled by sensors for humidity, temperature, voltage, smoke and many others.

What are data centers

Data center, also known as DPC or TsHOD – Data Storage and Processing Center. These are many, many server rooms located in one or more specialized buildings. The area of ​​such a center is measured in tens of thousands of square meters.

For example, the largest data center in Europe in the Spanish city of Alcala de Henares covers an area the size of eight stadiums!

What does a data center do? In short, it ensures the operation of the Internet and corporate networks, communications, storage and distribution of data.

Do you think that data centers should be located in the coldest places on the planet – to reduce the cost of cooling servers? In fact, it could be the other way around. For example, the Ebay data center is located in the Arizona desert and works fine even at an air temperature of +46 degrees. And all thanks to modern energy-saving technologies that protect servers from heat.

What does a typical data center consist of?

Of course, from server cabinets with servers! But not only. Servers make up the information infrastructure, which is responsible for storing and processing information.

The telecommunications infrastructure is responsible for communication, because a data center with the latest servers, but with poor access times, loses all meaning.

The engineering infrastructure is responsible for maintaining the health of the data center.

Do you know how Apple data centers are supplied with electricity? They are 100% powered by renewable energy! For example, in Maiden, 60% of electricity comes from 400,000 square meters of solar panels, and the rest comes from a biofuel power plant.