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      Series Info

      The animated series is not for children. In fact, its goal seems to be to offend as many as possible as it presents the adventures of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman. The show has taken on Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, politicians of every stripe and self-important celebrities. Oh, and Kenny is killed in many episodes.

      • Starring:

        Trey Parker,

        Matt Stone

      • TV Network:
        Comedy Central
      • Premiere Date:
        Aug 13, 1997
      • Genre:
      • Executive producers:

        Trey Parker,

        Matt Stone,

        Anne Garefino

      Seasons 1-26

      Seasons 1-26

      Seasons 1-26

      Seasons 1-26


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      The Good Place

      The Last Man on Earth

      Rick and Morty

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      South Park videos

      South Park: Season 25 Episode 4 Sneak Peek – We are Going to Be Prepared

      TRAILER 0:21

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      Cast & Crew

      Trey Parker

      Stan Marsh


      Matt Stone

      Kyle Broflovski


      Trey Parker

      Executive Producer

      Matt Stone

      Executive Producer

      Anne Garefino

      Executive Producer

      Trey Parker


      News & Interviews for

      South Park

      South Park – Season 18 – TV Series

      South Park – Season 18 – TV Series | South Park Studios Deutsch

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      • Ganze Folgen
      • Clips
      • 21:56

        Die Jungs geben ihrem neuen Start-up den Namen ‘The Washington Redskins’.


      • 21:57

        Laut Eric Cartman ist Wendy Testaburger jetzt lesbisch.


      • 21:56

        Die Einwohner von South Park verzichten auf Gluten.


      • 21:56

        Timmys erfolgreicher neuer Fahrdienst bringt ihm jede Menge Feinde ein.


      • 21:57

        Cartman und Butters erkunden mit einer Drohne die Nachbarschaft.


      • 21:56

        Stan ist süchtig nach dem neuen Handyspiel von Terrance und Phillip.


      • 21:56

        Butters ist davon überzeugt, in einer virtuellen Welt festzusitzen.


      • 21:56

        Im Keller von City Wok finden illegale Aktivitäten statt.


      • 21:57

        Kyle will mit seinem kleinen Bruder Ike Videospiele spielen. Als der nicht mehr mit ihm spielen will, hat Kyle Angst, dass er die Kids von heute nicht mehr versteht.

        03. 12.2014

      • 21:56

        CartmanBra ist total angesagt, und Amerika bereitet sich auf das größte TV-Weihnachtsspecial aller Zeiten vor.


      Schließt euch Cartman, Kenny, Stan und Kyle an, während sie sich in der virtuellen Realität verlieren, mit Cock Magic in den Untergrund gehen und die schockierende Wahrheit über einen Popstar aufdecken. Einfach der ganz normale Wahnsinn wenn man in South Park aufwächst.

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      South Park

      Season 26

      – Marry her

      Episode 602

      Total 76076 users

      Eric Cartmanez


      Shelley McCormick




      Denis Maslov


      SP FAN



      today at 00:35
      Please note that Sheila, when she finds out about Hayk’s “misconduct”, is not so angry and is in no hurry to take him to an orphanage. So, most likely, Gerald would not have had any special problems …


      yesterday at 20:18
      Anonymous, read the literature of the times of ancient Greece, they said the same thing there, about generations.


      yesterday at 17:47
      Kyle has seen things he hoped he would never see… He still likes Heidi




      Spring Break
      Harrison is returning to old habits.


      Hot dogs DiKimble
      Butters has a new job. The boys open a restaurant.


      Deep Learning
      ChatGPT has made it to South Park!


      Japanese toilets
      Randy is preoccupied with buying a new toilet.


      World Confidential Tour
      The Prince of Canada and his wife are trying to find solitude in a small mountain town.


      Cupid Ye
      Cartman is not happy about the friendship between Kyle and Tolkien, and goes into action.


      South Park, Season 18 – TV industry renaissance

      Every fall, geeks and other guys with a sense of humor gather around torrents of Comedy Central to check out the new season of the South Park mega-series (on Russian air: South Park). Rumor has it that fall 2015 is mercilessly approaching, so it would be nice to have a little retrospective of what we saw in 2014, in season 18.

      Moreover, I created this draft back in January, as soon as this very season ended.

      Geek Town South Park

      Well what is more important, my friend? The result, or good customer service?
      Steve, Customer Service

      It’s no coincidence that I singled out geeks from all other South Park viewers, because this season, to a large extent, is aimed specifically at them. Startups and Kickstarter, quadcopters, Oculus Rift and holograms are just a few of the topics covered this season.

      It’s amazing how the show teeters on the edge between classic Apple presentation trolling and typically consumerist themes like healthy eating, gluten-free diets, and conflict between the NFL’s Washington Redskins and Native Americans.

      This season for the first time violates the classic scheme for this type of series, in which each episode is viewed separately and very little in common with the previous ones. Contrary to her, all the episodes of this season are tightly connected with each other and the characters regularly recall the events that occurred earlier.

      Gluten free diet and exploding cock

      Shut up! Beer’s bad for you?!
      Randy Marsh

      One of the hottest topics in the States is food, because it makes a huge amount of money, obviously. And not only on the nutrition itself, but also on drugs, nutritional supplements, weight loss programs, diets and more. This is an incredible industry, the whole essence of which is quite simple and is based on the lies and stupidity of people.

      At the moment, there is a terrible oversaturation of the market with various diets, trainings on exiting diets and entering others and … well, you understand.

      So the producers and writers of South Park are going down the only path they know how to ridicule – vulgar hypertrophy. According to rumors, if you consume gluten, you will die a painful death, and before that, your penis will explode and fly off. After a terrible panic on a federal scale, the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture), with the help of Cartman, comes to the only right decision – to eat more fat and meat, as everyone is used to.

      South Park and celebrity trolling

      South Park has always been known for its unscrupulous trolling of famous people. We perfectly remember the whole series dedicated to Barbara Streisand, Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck, Bono and fifty other celebrities of various sizes.

      The last season was no exception, rather the opposite. In it, we saw not only a series in which Matthew McConaughey was very cool, but almost the entire series is devoted to good trolling by the New Zealand singer Lorde.

      By the way, not only South Park remembered McConaughey, after a series of commercials that he recorded for The Lincoln Motor Company, even Jimm Carrey recorded a parody for Saturday Night Live.

      Rehashing of everything

      Of course, the main theme of the entire 18th season is the so-called Rehash. In Russian, it can be given as “a discussion of something again, a remake.