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Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2022

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It can be a little trickier to adhere a screen protector to the curved display of the Galaxy S8 and other phones like it than with a standard flat-screened phone. But if you’re worried about a cracked or scratched screen, it’s well worth the hassle. We’ve rounded up some of the most highly-recommended screen protectors for the Galaxy S8 if you still have one as your primary or secondary device.

Best for edge-to-edge protection

Whitestone Dome Glass

The Whitestone Dome Glass screen protector is arguably the best screen protector you can buy for your Galaxy S8. The kit includes a UV light, which is used in the curing process to ensure a perfect installation that covers the curved edges of the screen.

Great budget pick

i-Blason Tempered Glass Screen Protector

i-Blason makes a tempered glass screen protector that’s designed to conform to the Galaxy S8’s curved display. It’s also slightly shorter than the full height of the phone so that a case won’t lift the edges.

Case-friendly film

Spigen NeoFlex screen protector (2-pack)

Spigen makes plenty of exceptional cases for the Galaxy S8, so it only makes sense that it would also offer a screen protector that’s case compatible. Because it’s a flexible film, the NeoFlex can provide full protection for your screen without affecting the touch responsiveness.

An even better option

IQShield Case Friendly Film Screen Protector (2-pack)

IQShield offers a 2-pack of plastic film screen protectors that are compatible with even the most rugged cases. These are paper-thin screen protectors with oleophobic coatings to help prevent fingerprints and smudges so that you’ll barely notice they’re there after a clean installation.

Easy installation

LK Film Screen Protector (3-pack)

This three-pack of self-healing film screen protectors offer a bit of a different installation with four tabs that LK says ensures a bubble-free install. If you have any issues, you got two backups to use.

Wet install for best adhesion

Armorsuit MilitaryShield Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Armorsuit claims its screen protectors use self-healing technology that defends against minor scratches from keys or pocket sand with ease. As with most wet install screen protectors, you need to let this thing sit and dry for a good long time (up to 12 hours) to ensure proper adhesion and get an excellent clean fit.

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The Galaxy S8 is over three years old now, so you might have a phone that’s beginning to show some microabrasions. And since they’re so cheap you might have just opted to buy one because it’s still a pretty decent phone, even if it isn’t the latest and greatest.

No matter how you got your phone, you should be using a screen protector to defend against unsightly scratches or to cover up any noticeable markings on the display. I recommend spending a bit more on the Whitestone Dome Glass, which has proven to be a very reliable option for curved displays such as the Galaxy S8. Alternatively, the Spigen NeoFlex (2-pack) is an excellent value from a brand that also makes outstanding cases.

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The Best Screen Protectors for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

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Mark Jansen
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When you have a phone with a screen as artistically graceful as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, you must have a screen protector that keeps it in one piece. Since some screen protectors don’t do much, it is important to know which ones work well and which ones are a waste of money. Here are some of the best screen protectors to keep your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus safe from harm.


  • Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • Tech Armor Glass Screen Protector
  • Rhinoshield Impact Flex
  • Peel Glass Screen Protector
  • ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Case-Friendly Protector
  • Spigen NeoFlex
  • Skinomi TechSkin
  • IQ Shield LiQuidShield Full Coverage Screen Protector

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Installing glass screen protectors can be tricky if you’re not sure what you’re doing — Supershieldz has taken care of this by providing you with an easy installation tray. Their tempered glass screen protector is made with high-quality tempered 2D rounded edge glass, for a seamless fit, and bubble-free adhesives, so you won’t have any issues installing it. Oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings keep sweat and fingerprints at bay, and this screen protector comes in a two-pack, so you’ll have a spare on hand if you need it.

Galaxy S8:

Galaxy S8 Plus:

Tech Armor Glass Screen Protector

For an affordable glass screen protector that also offers excellent protection against drops and scratches, this one from Tech Armor ticks all the boxes. Made from multilayered Asahi branded Japanese HD ballistic glass, it’s curved to fit the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus display seamlessly. It’s easy to install and won’t interfere with the phone’s sensors — and an oleophobic coating keeps pesky fingerprints at bay.

Galaxy S8:

Galaxy S8 Plus:

Rhinoshield Impact Flex

It’s not often a film screen protector claims to be impact-resistant, yet here we are. Despite being only as thick as a piece of printer paper, Rhinoshield claims its Impact Flex can take about four times as much impact energy as Gorilla Glass 3, making this film protector a good choice if you’re worried about bumps. It does this through a special impact layer that disperses and dampens the energy of impacts. Add to that the oleophobic coating and thinness, and you’ve got a winning formula. It’s quite expensive, though.

Galaxy S8:

Galaxy S8 Plus:

Peel Glass Screen Protector

Hate the idea of always seeing your screen protector and always knowing it’s there? Then maybe check out the Peel screen protector. Like Peel’s ultrathin cases, this screen protector has been engineered to blend in with your phone once applied, leaving as little a trace as possible. The bezels are color-matched to the Galaxy S8 range, and the edge-to-edge design seamlessly covers the phone’s entire screen. It’s designed to complement Peel’s own cases, running perfectly into the case’s bezel, and Peel promises the glass emulates the feel of the original screen. On the minus side, it’s expensive for a single protector, and it doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty, as many others do.

Galaxy S8:

Galaxy S8 Plus:

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Case-Friendly Protector

Quality doesn’t have to break the bank, and ArmorSuit’s excellent screen protector is evidence of that. It’s made from a protective film, and while it won’t be as strong against damage as tempered glass, ArmorSuit’s MilitaryShield is made from the same film material used to protect military aircraft, helicopters, and space shuttles — which is pretty cool. It’s been treated to resist yellowing as it ages, it can cope with moisture and corrosion damage, and it comes with self-healing properties that close up small scratches over time. While it won’t protect against heavier threats to your device, this will do an excellent job of keeping dirt and scratches away from your phone.

Galaxy S8:

Galaxy S8 Plus:

Spigen NeoFlex

Unlike the other screen protectors on this list, the NeoFlex screen protector from Spigen doesn’t have glass like the others on this list. The NeoFlex protector utilizes a TPU material that more aptly resembles film protectors for its thinness and malleability in place of glass.

What it lacks in glass materials, it more than makes up for in capabilities, like the one that allows it to self-heal, subtly erasing minor scratches over time. It cuts down on the number of oils and fingerprint residue that could appear on the display, prevents bubbling during application and use, and touchscreen sensitivity remains unaffected.

The one potential downside may be the spray-on solution required to make it stick to the Galaxy S8, but if you’re not bothered by a small amount of mist, then Spigen’s NeoFlex is one of the cheaper solutions to keep your display intact. Right now, this is only available for the S8.

Skinomi TechSkin

Skinomi’s TechSkin respects your need to use a screen protector in addition to your phone case. For a fair price, your screen protector can be touch to puncture, flexible, and self-healing.

The Skinomi’s TechSkin prevents discoloration and fading, and you can easily remove it without the nuisance of having to wipe off sticky residue. This particular skin doesn’t feature anything fancy; it’s pretty straightforward in its overall design. However, it’s an affordable, dependable option that proves effective.

Galaxy S8:

Galaxy S8 Plus:

IQ Shield LiQuidShield Full Coverage Screen Protector

Similar to the Skinomi TechSkin we just discussed (see above), the IQ Shield is also an impressive product that doesn’t require a lot of spending. It’s easy to put this film protector on any case you have; the design and size don’t matter. 

To apply the protector to your screen, simply use a liquid solution and squeegee and paint the shield onto the surface. This method will stop bubbles from developing between the screen and the protector. 

If you’re not already impressed, we should mention that the IQ Shield LiQuidShield Full Coverage Screen Protector heals itself from minor damages. We think that’s remarkable. This self-healing technology won’t hinder the use of your device in any way or interrupt your phone’s touchscreen capabilities. IQ Shield is a reputable brand with an impressive track record of high-quality and incredible performance. We believe this product falls into those two categories. 

Galaxy S8:

Galaxy S8 Plus:

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The best screen protectors and glasses for Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 was introduced to the world in March this year. Samsung has added additional protection against dust and water to its new brainchild and practically rid the phone of the frame, giving users a 5.8-inch screen. Despite the glass Gorilla Glass 5, the smartphone is considered very fragile – when dropped from a height of less than 2 meters, the display and body are covered with cracks. We recommend that you take care of protecting your smartphone in advance and choose a protective case for it to protect the case and a film or glass to protect, as it turned out, a very fragile display. Today in our article we will tell you about the best screen protectors and glasses for Samsung Galaxy S8.

3D tempered safety glass Calans

It is very important to provide the smartphone with comprehensive protection, especially the display, as the most fragile part of it. Calans tempered 3D protective glass will help you with this! Glass is available in two variations – both with a black frame and completely transparent. It completely covers the display, given its rounded edges, thus providing all-round screen protection for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Glass sticker does not require any professional knowledge and skill, it is simple and clear.
Buy glass

DF tempered 3D protective glass with black frame

DF’s 3D glass also provides full coverage of the phone’s screen. The black frame fully corresponds to the dimensions of the frame of the phone itself, which makes this glass invisible on the smartphone screen. No one will even guess that there is an additional protective glass on the display. A good oleophobic coating will ensure a clean screen surface free of contaminants. The glass is scratch-resistant and will serve you for a long time, protecting your phone screen.
Buy glass

OneXT 3D tempered safety glass with black frame

We present to your attention one more tempered protective glass for your Samsung Galaxy S8 with a black frame. The OneXT accessory will reliably protect the screen from damage and remain invisible on the phone display. Its thickness is only 0. 3mm with a hardness of 9H, and this guarantees reliable protection of the display with a minimum volume. The oleophobic coating with water-repellent properties leaves the glass clean, free of fingerprints and greasy stains. Crystal-clear glass does not interfere with color reproduction, so the picture remains clear and saturated.
Buy glass

Protective film Calans

Along with tempered glass, a protective film is also a popular way to protect your phone display from damage. Unlike glass, the film does not add any additional volume to the phone screen at all. It is soft and covers the entire display, protecting it from scratches and dirt. The film will not be able to protect the screen from impacts and save from breakage, it is only designed to prevent minor damage, such as screen scuffs and scratches. If you purchased a book case for your phone, then the film will be enough to protect the screen.
Buy film

Curved protective film Calans

This protective film from Calans has rounded edges and completely repeats the graceful curves of the phone screen itself. It is completely transparent and has all the necessary cutouts for the speaker and camera to ensure comfortable use of the phone with the confidence that it is protected from scratches. The film comes with special lint-free cloths for high-quality cleaning of the screen, as well as instructions for sticking the film.
Buy film

Protective film Red Line

The protective film from Red Line does not have roundings, as in the previous version, but it also sticks to the entire screen of the phone from edge to edge, leaving no gaps or gaps. The crystal clear film, made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S8, has all the necessary cutouts, does not darken the screen and does not distort the image quality. You will forget that there is additional protection on the phone screen, because it will be completely invisible!
Buy film

We hope our review helped you decide on the most suitable option for protecting the fragile display of the Samsung Galaxy S8. We will be happy to answer your questions in the comments regarding the selection of protective accessories for your phone model! You can also find us on twitter @printofon and Thanks for reading!

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Screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 (G950) | screen film for Samsung Galaxy S8


  1. ⏩ Is hydrogel film better than regular film?
  2. ⏩ Pluses of pads and ease of use
  3. ⏩ Where to buy so as not to regret

As in the rest of the world, Samsung mobile devices are prestigious and highly demanded. Despite the relatively high cost of devices, students, successful entrepreneurs, and office workers tend to have them. The company introduces and uses advanced technologies, endows devices with a unique design, and installs powerful hardware.

However, if you plan to use your smartphone for a long time, you should take care of its protection, for example, for Samsung S8 film is one of the best solutions to forget about scratches and minor defects. The online store offers to purchase protective accessories on favorable terms. There is a solid selection of diverse positions on sale, among which you can easily choose the best option in terms of price and quality.

Film for Samsung Galaxy S8: what parameters to pay attention to

A thin panel is used to maintain the integrity of the screen. It will not save you from serious falls and bumps, but at the same time it will ensure that there are no minor cosmetic defects, it will keep the display clean and attractive for a long time, it will resist damage if the phone is adjacent to a pocket or bag with sharp objects.

To buy a protective film for the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen, which will please you with functionality, we recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

  • Easy to install – it is guaranteed by the adhesive layer, as well as the presence of additional tools in the kit, such as dry and wet wipes, guides, etc.;
  • Surface cleanliness – ensured by a high-quality oleophobic coating that allows you to eliminate fingerprints with a single sweep of the napkin;
  • Slight movement of the finger over the sensor – any obstacle will make the operation of the device uncomfortable;
  • Complete frontal closure;
  • No adhesive residue after removal;
  • Tear resistant.

Armor film for Samsung C8 in our online store is presented in assortment. When selecting, make sure that the product fully matches the design features of the tube – matching cutouts, perforations and overall size.

Is hydrogel film better than regular film?

There are many variations on sale in the profile market at high and low prices. Recently, the hydrogel film for the Samsung Galaxy S8 G9 has been in special demand.50, which has increased resistance to tearing. It is almost invisible, and its competitive advantages include:

  • Easy to install – after cleaning the sensor, simply apply the coating and distribute. If air bubbles remain in the process, they will disappear within a day;
  • Very thin and light, remains invisible throughout the entire operational period;
  • Does not come off when putting on the cover;
  • Covers up to 99% display;
  • Provides cutouts for camera, speakers and other components;
  • Does not affect weight and thickness;
  • Reasonable cost, giving a chance to buy goods to everyone.

Pluses of pads and ease of use

Today, stores sell a large selection of products that can be divided into two categories. The first is shock-resistant glass, the second is the protective film of the Samsung Galaxy S8. If the glass has increased rigidity and is able to save the device from a serious blow, then its counterpart has a number of other strengths:

  • Equipped with a good oleophobic coating;
  • Cost several times cheaper;
  • Keep original appearance longer;
  • Do not crack, and therefore do not need frequent replacement;
  • Do not change the appearance of the device;
  • Repairs cosmetic damage easily.

These advantages make the protector a strong competitor and the choice of customers more often.

Where to buy so as not to regret

The Samsung S8’s silicone film is the best option for those who don’t like the bulky design but still want to keep the handset secure.