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Get your cracked Samsung TV screen repaired

If the screen on your Samsung TV is cracked, there’s no need to worry. We have all the information you need right here for servicing your curved, flat, LCD, LED, QLED, UHD, or Full HD TV, including a few steps to take before sending your TV in for repair. Our recommended procedures will ensure your service goes smoothly so you can get back to enjoying your TV.

Note: Your TV’s screen must be 32-inches or smaller to qualify for mail-in service.

When setting your TV up for service, you should make sure to choose the location that is closest to you. Then you can set up an appointment and track the status of your repair.

We’ve included some links to help you get started.

If you have a TV that is on the smaller side (32 inches or smaller), you can send it for service through the mail. There are a few things you should take care of before shipping your TV.

  1. Make sure you have a copy of all your login information for your TV’s apps. This way, you can log back into your apps when your TV returns. For example, you may be using Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, VUDU, Prime Video, and a Samsung Account on the TV.

  2. Remove any USB drives, dongles, or accessories you have attached to your TV and keep them in a safe place.

  3. The power cord must be sent with your TV, so make sure to include it.

  4. Next, ship your TV for service. If you have arranged to have it repaired, you should have received mailing instructions. See the previous section for more information on setting up repair service.


    If you didn’t receive instructions or if you misplaced them, you can contact Samsung Support.

If your TV is bigger than 32 inches, you can have it repaired by a local Samsung Repair center. There are a few things you should take care of before getting it serviced.

  1. If you haven’t done so already, find a Repair Center near you and set up an appointment.

  2. To prepare for your appointment, make sure you have a copy of all your login information for your TV’s apps. This way, you can log back into your apps after your repair. For example, you may be using Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, VUDU, Prime Video, and a Samsung Account on the TV.

  3. Remove any USB drives, dongles, or accessories you have attached to your TV and keep them in a safe place.

  4. If you take your TV to a local service center, the power cord must be with your TV, so make sure to include it.

  5. If you set up carry in service, transport your TV to your local repair center at the designated time. Once it’s dropped off, you can track your repair status by entering your Service Request Number and telephone number on our website.

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Samsung TV Repair In Houston Texas – Bammel TV Technology Services

At Bammel TV Tech Services, we’ve fixed hundreds of Samsung TVs over the years. We’re the Master of technology repairs in Houston, including all brands of TV—most certainly including Samsung TVs and displays. Samsung sets, compared to some other brands that we service, generally present no major technical challenges, although Samsung plasma displays, like those of other manufacturers, can offer some head-scratching opportunities on occasion! And some few modern flat-screen TVs will suffer the dreaded “panel fault,” that is, a fault in the actual display panel, the final picture stage, which is often a catastrophic finding. However, the number of panel-fault flat screens we see is low: on the order of only 8% of all the sets, we examine, according to our most recent and current statistics.

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“How Often Do You Get Samsungs
In For Repair?”

This is, as used to be said, the $64,000 question. Yes, we see a lot of Samsung—but there are millions sold! It’s only because we’re the leading service center in Texas that we see so many. And because of Samsung’s huge market penetration, access to replacement parts for Samsung TV’s is generally excellent. Of 34 Samsung carry-in sets we treated in the 3rd Quarter of 2016, only 4 had unavailable parts—that’s an 88% probability of successful parts diagnostics, requisition, and fill-rate/replacement. Of course, any statistic may or may not be pertinent to your particular repair, which will require a specific diagnosis and could quite possibly require a unique solution: even with our vast experience, we are still discovering new things about TV electronics, almost every week!

Our Service and Repair Options
for your Samsung

Some folks prefer on-site service, others wish to economize on their repairs and choose to carry in their TV to us for service. Certainly, it’s cheaper to do that, but we do offer on-site service over much of the Houston metro area. Please contact us at our main number if you need home service and we’ll discuss the options and service call charges for your area, as well as a convenient time frame for your appointment to get your Samsung TV fixed.


For Samsung TV Repair in Houston Texas, call Bammel TV Technology Services! For even more detailed repair information, go to our free White Paper download page. For a Quick Repair Quote, go here. For our general TV repair page, click here or see the navigation menu at the top of this page.

To fix Samsung TV—Call the Professionals! Call Bammel TV Tech Services!
Call +1 (281) 444-0287!

Here’s a Youtube link to a typical Samsung repair. Got more questions?
Visit our FAQ page.

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My relatively new Yamaha home audio receiver lost sound for Zone 2. I saw that they were an authorized Yamaha repair facility, and I think the only one in Houston. I talked to John over the phone before I brought it in, and understood there would be a non-refundable diagnostic fee which would be applied to the total invoice (this part seems to be overlooked by many reviewers). They fixed it ahead of schedule, which was appreciated. John was very professional and made me feel like a valued customer. I’ll be coming back here for any future electronic repair needs.


I’m glad I took my TV to these guys these guys were the best Bammel TV technology service really save me a lot of money I would have thrown away a good TV I would definitely recommend these guys to my friends and family.


I reached out to Bammel Tv to inquire about some repairs to my CDJ 900s. Fearful that the 4th of July holiday would prolong my repairs John was able to diagnose and repair in 3 business days. Work was exceptional and my CDJs are back running at optimal level. Thanks for your assistance John and I will definitely be back for any further needs.


This company was very professional and did outstanding work on restoring my Adam A7 speaker to spec. Will use them again in the future.


Had my vintage Pioneer amplifier recapped and serviced here- they did a first rate job in communication, turnover time, and results. It now sounds better than I ever remember it sounding.

I will use them again- thanks!


They are very professional, knew exactly what they needed to fix with the projector. Projector working perfectly since it was fixed, about a year ago. Great job!!


We had an MC2102 that was in Desperate need of a face lift and refresh, searched a few shops in the Texas area that did Mcintosh repair, and unfortunately wasn’t thrilled about shipping it anywhere or driving 2-3 hours away to get it serviced. Bammel TV does great work! Polite, Responsive, takes there time, and is in constant communication during the process. Keep in mind when you have a unit like this repaired its not a quick process, but They made it worth the wait!
We will definitely use them again, and glad we found some new friends we can send our Clients too!

DEFINE Audio Video
The Woodlands Tx, 77380


I was a bit hesitant to drop off my equipment to this store with whom I have never done business. These people are awesome! They are quick to analyze the issue and get back with me with results and cost estimate. I wouldn’t call it an estimate but rather an exact cost projection. From one VERY skeptical person (who doesn’t do reviews often), to any others, I HIGHLY recommend Bammel TV for any of your AV repairs.



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