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Ryans World Series 1 MINI Egg Mystery Surprise Blue Pocket Watch

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Pocket Watch


Ryan’s World


Series 1

Item Type:

Mystery Surprise

Release Date:

January 2019

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Product Description

Great things come in smaller packages! Based the success of the award-winning Ryans World Giant Mystery Egg, Bonkers Toys has created the Mini Mystery Egg for Spring 2019. The 5 inch tall egg is filled with fun including a surprise Mystery Figure, Squishy or new Build-a-Ryan Figure, exclusive putty, bouncy ball, stickers and Ryans World tattoos. The Mini Mystery Egg is the ideal unboxing experience at an affordable price. Based on Ryan Toys Review, the most popular kids YouTube channel on the planet. Mini Mystery Egg is filled with surprises including a Mystery Figure, Squishy or new Build-a-Ryan Figure, exclusive putty, bouncy ball, stickers, and Ryan’s World tattoos. The ideal addition to Easter baskets for Ryan’s fans.

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    This New Ryan’s World Mystery Egg Is the Biggest One Ever

    Ryan superfans can unbox more than 25 surprises.


    Marissa Silva

    2 m

    The Ryan’s World Mighty Titan Mystery Egg features more than 25 surprises for kids to unbox in a multi-level experience. | Source: Bonkers Toy Co.

    Bonkers Toy Co. is taking the fun of unboxing Ryan’s World toys to a new level with its biggest surprise egg ever. The Ryan’s World Mighty Titan Mystery Egg is a multilayered egg with more than 25 surprises hidden inside. It stands more than a foot tall and contains an overwhelming amount of blindbags (in a good way). Designed for Ryan’s World fans ages 3 and up, this unboxing experience will last more than just a few quick minutes.

    Hidden inside each layer, kids will find Red Titan-themed trading cards that feature a puzzle on the flipside, stickers featuring iconic characters from Ryan’s World, figures of the entire family, a pull-back vehicle, a squishy, and a fidget spinner. Plus, there’s mystery sand hidden in the center, and role-play items including a Red Titan mask, a cape, and a foam gauntlet that kids can strap to their wrist. 

    Parents will love that once the unboxing is complete and all of the blind bags are tossed away, the multilayered egg can store all of the toys back inside so everything stays neatly in place. Kids can also use the egg to create their own unboxing adventure and hide anything they want inside. 

    The Mighty Titan Mystery Egg is ideal for Ryan’s World superfans. Kids will instantly recognize all of the iconic characters from the Ryan’s World YouTube channel, which boasts more than 33.7 million subscribers and more than 52 billion views (Read as: There is no shortage of Ryan fans out there!). Parents will love the quality of the toys hidden inside, which hit some of kids’ favorite categories, like stickers and figures. 

    Kids can go on an imaginative adventure just like Ryan with all of the surprises inside this biggest-ever mystery egg.

    Marissa Silva

    Marissa Silva, AKA That Toy Girl, is the editor-in-chief at The Toy Insider and The Pop Insider. With more than a decade of experience in the toy industry, Marissa is a trusted toy expert, providing parents, gift-givers, retailers, manufacturers, and licensors with information on the latest news related to toys, games, kids’ products, pop culture collectibles, and licensed merchandise for adults.

    A board game pro and puzzle queen, Marissa spends most of her free time shopping for superhero T-shirts, dominating at Mario Kart, and anxiously awaiting her Hogwarts acceptance letter. She is also a new mom to her baby girl Lucy Jo and has quickly become an expert in high-contrast cards, wooden toys, and plush.

    Marissa has been featured on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, the Tamron Hall Show, Access Hollywood, Fox & Friends, ABC World News Now, MSNBC, CBS, NY1, WPIX, and more. You can follow her on Instagram @thattoygirl.

    Meet Ryan, the five-year-old who makes millions in toy reviews

    The family’s YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview, was launched in March 2015 but wasn’t very popular at first. Four months later, this video appeared there, and the number of views every month began to double. Ryan’s mom, who prefers not to be named for now, quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher to devote her time to her YouTube channel.

    Ryan is the youngest YouTube star in historyFor 18 weeks now, Ryan ToysReview has held the title of the most watched YouTube channel in the US and the second most watched in the world, surpassing the channels of stars like PewDiePie and Justin Bieber, as well as media corporations like BuzzFeed, The Tonight Show and WWE. Such popularity brings the owners of the channel only advertising fees in the amount of about a million dollars a month.

    “He’s definitely the youngest YouTube star ever,” says Josh Cohen, industry analyst and creator of TubeFilter. At the time of the launch of the channel, Ryan was only three years old. “He is the star of a genre that gets billions of views every week. Nobody talks about it, but if you look closely, the scope is breathtaking.”

    Shooting reviews of toys and posting them on YouTube has been around for a long time. In the fall of 2013, a channel called DisneyCollectorBR made the list of the ten most popular channels in terms of the number of views. The channel was hosted by an adult woman who never showed her face. She opened the toys and played with them, spoke in a low, soft voice, and shot from the same large angle all the time. By the summer of 2014, her channel topped the list of the most popular in the United States.


    The genre experienced its second birth when children began to act in commercials . Last March, just as the Ryan family was launching their channel, the media was talking about another family that made a fortune from videos of their children just playing with toys. According to a report by The Guardian, 20 of the top 100 YouTube channels talk about toys and garner 4.5 billion or more monthly views. Before becoming a commercial hero, Ryan himself was a spectator for a long time.

    One in five of the top 100 YouTube channels is about toys”Ryan loved to watch toy review channels – EvanTubeHD and Hulyan Maya were some of his favorites – because they often made videos about Thomas the Tank Engine, which Ryan liked a lot,” he said. mom in a conversation with TubeFilter. – Once he asked me: “Why are all the children filmed on YouTube, but I’m not?” We decided yes, why not give it a try. We went to the store to buy our first toy – I think it was a Lego train set – and that’s how it all started.

    Although Ryan’s channel is part of a larger phenomenon, it has managed to reach a scale never seen before. The Ryan ToysReview channel is less than two years old, but already has 5.5 million subscribers, more than both of Ryan’s favorite channels combined. The videos from the channel, created by the boy’s mother, bring this unusual new genre and its features to perfection – a mixture of personal vlog and “unboxing” videos, combining innocent childish fun and an overarching, excessive consumer culture.

    Most of the videos, as you might guess from the channel’s name, involve Ryan evaluating new toys. In the very first video (above), he does just that, at least to the extent that a three-year-old child is able to express his thoughts on Lego Duplo. Ryan takes the pieces out of the box and starts playing. There is very little action in the video, the same angle lasts almost ten minutes. Ryan continues to play calmly, then waves his hand and says, “See you next time.”

    More and more, Ryan seems to be reading from a pre-made script, but over time, these toy reviews have evolved into something else. In his second video, Ryan is already reviewing two toys, and now he can immediately talk about dozens of different ones in one issue. In the most popular video on the channel, Ryan is given a hundred toys at once. You can only see how he spends only a few seconds on each of them, and by the end of the video, he makes his way through a huge pile of toys that have just been opened and already thrown further, raking them on top of each other. The video scored 568 million views.

    In the newer cutscenes, the illusion that Ryan is actually acting is completely eroded. Listen as he conscientiously delivers his lines to the camera in the video below. He is about to open the plastic egg. “I wonder what’s inside. I’m so excited,” he says, though his voice is completely devoid of any interest or excitement.

    We are quickly shown from two angles to a car that Ryan is not even going to play with, and then, without ceasing to smile and wave his hand, several times he asks viewers to subscribe to the channel.

    Often, new commercials are titled with the names of four or five toys, and the description includes hundreds of words and dozens of links to products and companies. “His parents are very good at everything,” says Cohen. “They make toys that Ryan likes, but they don’t forget about those that are simply popular on YouTube right now.”

    YouTube Stars Help Boost Retail SalesIn the toy industry, people like Ryan get the most attention. “If a product video gets 10, 20 million views, Ryan and other kids like it, it has a huge effect on sales,” says Jim Silver, CEO of reviews site Toys, Tots, Pets and More – he is the youngest of all stars, which we have seen. Most often, children from six years of age and older are filmed in the reviews simply because from this age they already have sufficient vocabulary and perseverance.

    Silver paid Ryan’s family to take him to the winter show. According to the manager, toy manufacturers and retailers often sponsor shoots and send free merchandise to popular YouTubers: “If your child is fun for other kids to watch, it can really take off. Especially now that kids are spending so much time with their gadgets.”

    Subliminal advertising at its finest Relationships between toy manufacturers and young reviewers are not yet well regulated. “This is a new, very promising and effective, if somewhat subconscious, type of promotion for companies, I think we will see this more often in the future,” said Jason Moser, toy industry analyst at Motley Fool. Ryan’s parents say they buy all the toys for reviews themselves, although his father also told TubeFilter that the channel plans to enter advertising business. Commercial episodes now appear with disclaimers as required by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

    The essence of these videos also fits well with YouTube’s larger goals. “The changes to the algorithm matched the preferences of the Ryan ToysReview channel audience,” adds Cohen. – In , YouTube modified the algorithm to increase the average viewing time. Children who watch these videos spend more time watching than the average YouTube user. I think three- or four-year-olds who get their parents iPad watch the entire video, and YouTube itself very much approves of this.

    In other words, Ryan’s popularity turns into income for large corporations. Before the advent of YouTube, there was no way to commercialize the games of an ordinary child and attract the attention of hundreds of millions of viewers every week without some form of contract with a major media company. Today, an ordinary family can run a highly profitable business right from their own home.

    Many states and states do not regulate the participation of children in advertising. This raises several important and difficult questions. When shooting traditional movies and television films, the working day for children is clearly regulated. Ryan and his work at YouTube do not have such standards. “In the US, all the rules for child actors are determined by the state. The federal government leaves this up to each state in the country,” explains Tony Casala, CEO of Children in Film. “In 17 states, the law does not restrict the use of child labor in show business.”

    For example, the Texas Labor Law Commission ruled: “If a business is owned or operated by a parent or legal guardian, the parent or legal guardian may use their child to work at any age and for any number of hours provided the work is not dangerous (prohibited) to the child and is under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian.”


    To the credit of Ryan’s parents, it is worth noting that they maintain a reasonable approach to work. The boy’s mom told TubeFilter: “We upload one video every day and usually shoot two or three videos at once, two or three times a week. We try not to interfere with Ryan’s kindergarten schedule, so we usually shoot most of it on the weekends and edit while he’s in class.”

    But the channel has long been not only about how Ryan plays. Now, when he goes to Disneyland, goes to the hairdresser, or even gets sick, his parents decide how much to shoot and what to post on the channel.

    Ryan’s mom would like her son to stay in control. “Now he really likes to act. He is so happy every time I tell him that we will be making a new video soon! she shared. “We’re going to continue as long as he likes it and doesn’t interfere with his daily routine. As soon as Ryan loses interest in this, we will stop.”

    But will Ryan dare to ask his parents to stop filming and can he explain what it’s like to be on camera all the time? How does a five-year-old child feel when he is frightened and his mother comes to the rescue, but at the same time does not stop filming him? This is something completely new. These views can bring in millions of dollars, and things like that are very hard to turn down.

    Such a business is a tempting prospect for any family. What should parents think about Ryan’s channel? On the one hand, an endless stream of new toys would seem to spoil any child. On the other hand, on the Ryan ToysReview page in the “About” section, it is written that most of the toys are donated to charity. And although at times Ryan’s behavior on camera seems too artificial and rehearsed, more often than not, he looks like an ordinary child who is having a good time. It’s not hard to be cynical about the family’s sudden success. But the life of many parents is a constant struggle to find a balance between work and family. If you could provide for your kids for years to come just by playing with them on camera, would you say no?

    Videos are less and less focused on reviews of toys and more and more on the story of the life of an ordinary family, about its routine. Ryan’s family has launched another channel that is more like a traditional vlog. The camera, most often from the most ordinary smartphone, never turns off. Ryan may still be the youngest YouTube star right now, but his twin sisters, who appeared on the platform at the age of just a few weeks, have every chance to take this title for themselves.


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    How YouTube, Instagram and Pixar succeeded by fundamentally changing the original plan

    Red Notice – action adventure from Netflix. The tape is available for viewing online in good quality and dubbed.

    Description on Kinoposka:

    More than two thousand years ago, the ancient Roman general Mark Antony, who was in love with Cleopatra, presented her with three eggs adorned with gold and precious stones. Since then, legends have surrounded these gizmos, until two of them were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century: now one egg is on display in a museum in Rome, another is in a private collection, and the whereabouts of the third is unknown.

    When an Egyptian billionaire announces a big reward for anyone who delivers three Cleopatra eggs for his daughter’s wedding, FBI agent John Hartley uses it as an opportunity to catch the most wanted art thief, Nolan Booth. But he, having stolen an egg from a Roman museum, escapes persecution. Soon, under the pressure of circumstances, Booth and Hartley will have to not only team up in search of precious eggs, but also play a cunning game against another “lover” of antiquities wanted by Interpol, nicknamed Rook.

    • About:

    An Interpol agent is tracking the most wanted thief in the art world.

    • Cast and Characters:

    An FBI agent (Dwayne Johnson) is obsessed with catching one of the world’s top international thiefs (Ryan Reynolds). Booth (Ryan Reynolds) is looking for Cleopatra’s eggs this time and has not only FBI agents on his tail, but also another thief (Gal Gadot) who wants to move him on the thieves’ Olympus.

    Actors in their usual identities – The Rock, Wonder Woman and Deadpool. The actors do not bring anything new to their images. There’s something surreal about it right from the start, more than its ridiculous superhero action structure.

    Actors come together to star in the most expensive film in Netflix history to date – that’s about all there is to say about acting. You don’t believe in heroes, and therefore you don’t empathize.

    • Technical:

    This movie looks like a giant excuse for the stars and crew of the movie to go on holiday around the world. There are many locations – Italy, Russia, Indonesia, Egypt. Too bad I filmed everything on a green screen. Some random shots were taken with a drone.

    The work of the operator is sometimes annoying due to a non-static camera. And the more I watch movies from Netflix, the more I get the feeling that they release films designed to be watched with a phone in hand.

    • Bottom line:

    Red Notice is a new two-hour play attraction that wants to feel like a nifty adventure, in the vein of an Idiana Jones or Lara Croft movie. The film is full of plot holes and logical problems. The tape is not entirely funny, for two hours of timing a couple of relevant jokes.

    “Red Notice” is a movie that you will hardly remember in a few weeks. A soulless, superficial, empty corporate product, devoid of character, chemistry, warmth, charm, or any semblance of personality.

    The action is quite dynamic, literally in the “picture-dialog-action” scheme, but the script and plot are rather mediocre. Hence the depressing plane of their dialogues and the narrowness of the emotional spectrum, which they – in some places successfully, but more often not very much – demonstrate on the screen.

    The ensemble cast together is a parade of mediocrity. Ryan Reynolds is starting to get seriously annoying, despite the fact that this guy is not a one-dimensional actor.