Room heaters portable: The 9 Best Space Heaters of 2023

12 Best Space Heaters 2023

12 Best Space Heaters 2023 | The Strategist

Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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Katherine Gillespie,
a writer at the Strategist covering outdoors and travel gear. 
She was previously an editor at Paper.

Photo: Marcus McDonald

Photo: Marcus McDonald

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  • Best compact
  • Best stylish
  • Best stand
  • Best infrared
  • Best oil

A ceramic space heater works by heating up a ceramic plate and uses a convection fan to distribute this warmth outward. If you’re sitting close to it, this style of heater will provide a more immediate effect compared with the slower burn of an oil-based one. The trade-off? A noisy fan and higher energy consumption. Oil-based heaters will eventually succeed in heating up a larger space for longer periods.

Although the CPSC offers guidelines for safely utilizing space heaters (as well as an archive of products recalled for safety issues), it does not enforce any mandatory safety features. Instead, Hoehn-Saric explains, “there are voluntary industry standards” that some manufacturers will choose to meet. Two U.S.-based independent laboratories, Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Intertek (ETL), assess heater safety, and products approved by these labs will be advertised as such. “When you see the markings of an accredited laboratory, you know that that product has been manufactured to those standards,” Hoehn-Saric advises. “So if you’re buying a new space heater, look for those markings.” National Fire Protection Association communications manager Susan McKelvey told me the same thing: “Our only general guideline for buying a space heater is to check that it bears the mark of an independent testing laboratory, which ensures that the product meets established safety standards.”

I’ve noted the output and thermostat settings of our heaters, so you can buy the best one for your particular space. Many of these picks have adjustable thermostats or fan-only settings that will use less power. Just note that while space heaters can provide comfort when central heating systems fail, they likely won’t save you money unless used sparingly. “There’s no such thing as an energy-efficient space heater,” says Michael Thomas, the founder of Carbon Switch. “The only scenario where a space heater is ecofriendly or energy efficient is when it’s used to reduce the amount of energy a central heating system uses. For example, you might want to warm up just one room or a small section of a house. If doing so means turning off the central heating system, then it might save energy.”

Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater


Heating style: Convection ceramic | Safety features: ETL listed, cool touch, overheat protection, tip switch | Efficiency: 1,500 watt, adjustable thermostat

Ideal for small rooms and single-person use, this space heater is affordable, portable, and plenty warm. It meets all the criteria I looked for and then some. Its highly adjustable thermostat offers 11 temperature settings, and the fan strength is adjustable, too, which allows volume control. This heater has both overheat protection and a tip switch — though, being compact in form, it’s less likely to topple than larger models. If you’re looking for a space heater to take the edge off for a few hours when your radiator isn’t doing the trick, this one is safe and efficient.

Comfort Zone CZ499R Ceramic Electric Tower Fan-Forced Heater


Heating style: Convection ceramic | Safety features: ETL listed, cool touch, overheat protection, tip switch | Efficiency: 1,500 watt, adjustable thermostat, timer

com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/cl517g3p6001r3e6iqznfargj@published” data-word-count=”75″>Better for medium-size rooms, this oscillating heater is ETL listed and received an unusually high safety score from Consumer Reports. It offers conveniences like an easy-to-read digital display, a remote control, and a timer. Rotating fans (with two adjustable settings) will distribute heat effectively around your room, and they do so very quickly. It will shut off automatically in the case of overheating and features a tip switch — unlike Lasko’s very similar tower heater.

Vornado Velocity 3R Whole Room Space Heater



Heating style: Convection ceramic | Safety features: UL listed, overheat protection, tip switch | Efficiency: 1,500 watt, adjustable thermostat, timer

com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/cl517hyr0002d3e6it9scayog@published” data-word-count=”90″>For a little more money than our best overall pick, this compact Vornado offers powerful yet quiet convection heating with a minimalist aesthetic. It comes recommended to us by Lyons Den Power Yoga founder Bethany Lyons, who uses it for hot yoga classes. Compared with those by other brands she’s tried, she says, Vornados are longer lasting, quieter, and even more aesthetically pleasing. And while some people doing hot yoga at home will use several small heaters at once, this one is powerful enough to heat up your whole room.


at Amazon


Lasko Compact Heating Space Heater


$67 now 43% off


Heating style: Convection ceramic | Safety features: ETL listed, cool touch, overheat protection | Efficiency: 200 watt

com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/cl517irt9002h4e6itc6qi5os@published” data-word-count=”40″>A cute little under-the-desk buddy, this mini space heater is essentially a smaller and more colorful version of our best overall pick above. While it definitely won’t warm up the room, it’s great for keeping your feet or hands toasty.


at Amazon



at Walmart


Vornado VHEAT Vintage Metal Heater, Green



Heating style: Fan | Safety features: UL listed, overheat protection, tip switch | Efficiency: 15,00 watt, low and high settings

Most space heaters, I must admit, are rather ugly. Resembling a mid-century desk fan, this retro-styled Vornado is an exception, and it’s highly effective at warming up medium-size spaces. The heater uses a quiet fan to gently move warm air around the room, and it features both overheat protection and a tip switch. Set it up next to your Eames recliner and enjoy a cozy reading session.


at Amazon



at Wayfair


Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Portable Heater



Heating style: Ceramic | Safety features: Cool-touch, overheat protection, tip-switch | Efficiency: 15, 000 watt, low and high settings

Strategist senior editor Simone Kitchens owns two of these “slightly retro” Honeywell heaters, which will suit those who are design-minded yet unwilling to invest in a pricey Vornado. This heater doesn’t forgo safety for style either — with its cool-touch housing, overheat protection, and a tip-switch for peace of mind. Kitchens says these heaters do their best work in the bathroom, and she places one under a kitchen bench for use on chilly mornings. Two rubber feet, as well as a sturdy stand at the back, also make them ideal for tabletop use.


at Amazon


Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater



Heating style: Convection ceramic | Safety features: ETL listed, overheat protection, cool-touch | Efficiency: 15,00 watt, adjustable thermostat

Or, if you’re sick of mid-century-modern aesthetics, this heater offers a pleasingly elegant Mediterranean-inspired look. Our junior writer Brenley Goertzen uses hers to heat a large (and occasionally drafty) sunroom in chilly Minnesota. “It gets our space warm in about ten minutes,” she says. “In winter, we use it nearly every morning.” She likes that this heater, with its unusual coiled stand, “blends with the surrounding décor,” looking right at home alongside a floor lamp and plant stand. The heater comes with its own remote, and its temperature and oscillating fan are both adjustable, including two “quiet comfort” settings that prioritize warmth while limiting fan noise.

Dr. Infrared Heater Advanced Dual Heating System With Humidifier and Oscillation Fan



Heating style: Infrared | Safety features: UL listed, overheat protection, tip switch, 12-hour automatic shut-off | Efficiency: 1,500 watt, low and high settings

com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/cl517l2pm003d3e6i7hzgyk92@published” data-word-count=”59″>Hot-yoga instructor Nicole Katz stands by infrared heaters as more effective at warming up entire spaces than ceramic ones. She says this under-$200 one is a “solid choice” that even has a built-in humidifier, which will keep your skin from drying out and add a dose of extra-cozy comfort even if you’re not setting up a home hot-yoga studio.

DeLonghi Safe Heat ComforTemp Portable Oil-Filled Radiator

$100 now 7% off


Heating style: Oil | Safety features: Overheat protection | Efficiency: 1,500 watt, adjustable thermostat

Oil heaters work by gradually warming up oil then radiating that heat outward. They don’t offer instant gratification or spot heating but will slowly heat up a large room then keep it warm all night — even after you flick the “Off” switch. This one offers a “comfort temp” button that allows you to regulate temperatures within your preferred range for long periods, and it’s sealed, meaning you’ll never have to replace the oil, as you do with some older styles.


at Amazon



at Amazon


Pelonis 1,500-Watt Oil-Filled Radiant Electric Space Heater



Heating style: Oil | Safety features: ETL-listed, overheat protection, tip-over switch | Efficiency: 1,500 watt, three thermostat settings

Our writer Jeremy Rellosa has “very toasty, cozy memories” associated with this affordable oil heater that’s lighter and more compact than the DeLonghi above. “In January, the heat in my apartment was broken for a few days, and no amount of sweaters or blankets alone could make it warm enough to focus when working from home,” he recalls. This Pelonis was able to warm up his Brooklyn apartment bedroom within 20 minutes. “It’s super quiet,” Rellosa adds. “The subtle ticking of the oil heating up is actually quite soothing.”

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier

$750 now 27% off


Heating style: Convection | Safety features: ETL Listed, UL Listed | Efficiency: Adjustable thermostat and airflow

We here at the Strategist love Dyson’s products. Though pricey, the brand is known for quality and innovative heating and cooling technology, from vacuum cleaners to TikTok-hyped hair styling tools to heaters like this one, which purifies the air and utilizes that iconic oscillating fan to cool things down in the summer. Blasting HEPA-purified warm air, this heater can warm up a medium-size room with ease and minimal noise. Controllable via remote or smartphone app, it has an impeccable safety pedigree, being both ETL and UL listed. Kitchens, as well as fellow senior editor Jen Trolio, have invested in a Hot + Cool and are happy with the purchase. “It heats really well,” says Trolio of hers, which she uses to heat a small home office. “There are better air purifiers out there for the cost, but for the design and the all-in-one product in a reasonably compact footprint, I like it a lot.” And a final underrated feature, she adds, is the remote that’s “nicely designed to magnetically attach to the top of the unit.”


at Amazon


Mr. Heater MH9BX Portable Buddy Heater

$144 now 38% off


Heating style: Propane | Safety features: Tip-switch | Efficiency: 9,000 BTUs

For cozy evenings on the porch or stoop or even cold nights in the RV, you can’t beat a Mr. Heater. This propane-powered heater is beloved by outdoor experts for its affordability, ease of use, and toasty, radiant heating power. According to the manufacturer, if run on high, a one-pound propane canister can power the Buddy for up to three hours; on a lower setting, you’ll get more like five. Strategist editor Maxine Builder is a fan of Mr. Heater, saying it “puts out serious heat” and is a cinch to use: “All you have to do is screw on the propane canister, click the pilot light on, and once it catches, set it to either high or low. ” She finds it so effective and easy to use that she “convinced my husband’s mom to buy two more for outdoor hangs.” Michael Dean, an outdoor-living consultant and the founder of Pool Research, says it has “a nice carrying handle and can easily heat up a patio or be placed on a tabletop. It’s plenty warm if you have three or four folks around it.”


at Amazon



at Walmart


Slippers that are like ‘puffer jackets for the feet’

A highly rated electric blanket with a foot pocket



31% off

The warmest portable outdoor space heater

• Maxine Builder, editor, the Strategist
• Michael Dean, outdoor-living consultant and founder of Pool Research
• Brenley Goertzen, junior writer, the Strategist
• Alexander Hoehn-Saric, chair, U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
• Nicole Katz, hot-yoga instructor
• Simone Kitchens, senior editor, the Strategist
• Bethany Lyons, founder, Lyons Den Power Yoga
• Susan McKelvey, communications manager, National Fire Protection Association
• Jeremy Rellosa, writer, the Strategist
• Michael Thomas, founder, Carbon Switch
• Jen Trolio, senior editor, the Strategist

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The 12 Very Best Space Heaters

Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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Best Space Heaters of 2023

By Mary H. J. Farrell

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CR has tested (left to right) the Lasko AW315, Vornado VMH 600, and Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04 space heaters.

Photos: Lasko, Consumer Reports, Dyson

A space heater can provide some extra warmth in a drafty room or chilly office. In Consumer Reports’ space heater tests, we found multiple models that work well and even look good. We also found that you don’t have to pay a premium for top performance—many models we rate highly cost less than $100.

If you’re shopping for a space heater right now, consult our space heaters buying guide for some baseline considerations (a space heater won’t necessarily save you money, for example) and our expert tips on finding the right model for you.

And be sure to review how to find a safe-to-use space heater, as well as our safety tips around operating one at home—and in the bathroom. Notably, it’s safest to keep space heaters on the floor rather than on a table. That means a remote control can come in handy, especially if the knobs and dials are on the bottom of the unit (less stooping over and squinting at the settings).

Finally, there’s noise. A machine that makes a racket can be annoying if you’re running it while trying to watch TV (or work).

Most of the space heaters in CR’s ratings earn a Very Good or Excellent score in our noise test, and those that did worse typically had other shortcomings. Here are the quietest space heaters we currently rate.

We evaluate space heaters for heating a standard-sized room in 15 minutes and directly heating a person—spot heating—in the same amount of time. “Our spot-heating test uses a mannequin wired with sensors,” says test engineer Chris Regan, who oversees our space heater ratings. “We want to know how your body will feel when you’re sitting within 4.5 feet of the appliance.”

Chris Regan, who leads CR’s tests of space heaters, measures how hot a model’s surface gets during use.

Photo: John Walsh/Consumer Reports
Photo: John Walsh/Consumer Reports

We also test space heaters for safety, as shown above, including how hot the surface gets (so that you don’t burn your fingers) and whether the model gets so hot that it can ignite a piece of fabric (like nearby curtains, for example).

Below, grouped alphabetically by task, are ratings and reviews of space heaters that excel at both heating a room and directly heating a person—as well as models that aced either one task or the other. For even more options, see our comprehensive space heater ratings.

Mary H.J. Farrell

Mary H.J. Farrell is a senior editor at Consumer Reports whose real passion is for cooking and all that entails. She has expanded CR’s cookware category to include not only more pots and pans but also other essentials like stand mixer attachments, sheet pans, and vacuum sealers. Mary also covers vacuums but finds cooking way more fun than cleaning. Since the mid-1990s, Mary has held senior positions at, MSNBC, and Ladies’ Home Journal. One of her earliest jobs was at Good Housekeeping.

Portable heaters | portable heaters


Posted on 2021-10-22 00:27:56

Portable heaters are devices that provide heat indoors. They are ideal for rooms where there is no central heating or it works intermittently, they can be installed in garages, utility rooms, construction sites. They are a good solution for people who are sensitive to cold, providing local heating in a specific room without heating the whole house.

  1. Key criteria for choosing a portable heater.
  2. Energy sources.
  3. Portable electric heaters.
  4. Gas heaters.
  5. Design and execution of heaters

    • Baseboard heater
    • Tower
    • Electric radiator
    • Panel radiators
  6. Outdoor heaters
  7. Heater power
  8. Cost of energy saving
  9. Controls
  10. Heater safety systems
  11. Precautions

In addition to primary heating, when used correctly, portable heaters can improve energy efficiency by allowing you to maintain a lower overall temperature setting throughout your home.

There is a wide range of electric and gas heaters on the market today, of your choice, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This article will help you understand what types of portable heaters are available in terms of price and quality, so you can be sure that you will choose the one that best suits your individual needs.

Key criteria for choosing a portable heater:

  • Energy source: electricity or gas.
  • Execution and design.
  • Power .
  • Cost and energy efficiency (costs of fuel, electricity, etc.)
  • Controls (mechanical or electronic thermostat, timer, programmable, etc.)
  • Safety – Residual current devices, overtemperature protection, flame retardant housing, heat dissipation requirements, etc.

Energy sources:

  • Electric heaters generate heat by converting electrical energy into heat.
  • Gas heaters produce heat by burning fuels such as propane, natural gas.

Electric heaters:

There are two main types of electric heaters according to the type of heat distribution: convection and infrared. Electric heaters:

  • Convector or convection heaters are most efficient for heating large, frequently used living spaces for short periods of time. Convection heaters are oil-filled and with an open heating element. In an oil-filled heater, the coolant is heated by a built-in heating element, and the liquid retains and distributes heat. Convectors use the natural air circulation in the room. Some convection heaters include fans for additional, forced air circulation. Convection heaters are most effective in rooms with low heat loss and no open doors or windows.

  • Fan heaters with ceramic heating element provide warm air that can be easily directed to a specific part of the room where it is needed at a given time. Ceramic heating elements automatically stop heating if the air intake or outlet is blocked. These heaters come in a variety of sizes and features to suit any need. They are widely used in solariums, residential areas and offices.

  • Infrared heaters, also known as radiant heaters, instantly generate heat by directing infrared rays to directly heat objects, just like heat from the sun. Infrared heaters are an effective solution for local heating, but can also be used for the main heating of a home and even industrial premises. They have several advantages over convection heaters, such as no moving parts, quietness, freedom from air sweats and drafts, and low power consumption.

  • Panel heaters combine the processes of convection and radiant heat. They reach full power within a few minutes, distribute 80% of the heat by convection and 20% of the heat by infrared radiation evenly throughout the room, without fans.

Gas Heaters:

Portable gas heaters are generally best used for heating large, well ventilated spaces such as a garage or outside yard. The two main types of gas heaters are ventilated and non-ventilated.

  • Non-ventilated gas heaters are often not designed for indoor use because they can emit harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and reduce the amount of oxygen in the areas where they operate.
  • Ventilated gas heaters are designed to be placed near a vent to vent exhaust gases outside the building. This type of gas heaters is the safest.

Heater design:

Once you have chosen the type of heater that best suits your needs, your next step is to select the design and execution of the heater.

Baseboard heater


It is located along the skirting board of the room, is small in size and does not create visible defects in the interior. They provide stable heat, do not require complex installation, operate silently, and are an ideal solution for the first floors in country houses.

Tower Heater

They provide a directed flow of warm air and are ideal for living spaces, solariums and virtually any area that has low heat loss.

Electric radiator

Ideal for long term heating. Dries the air unlike infrared heaters.

Panel radiators

Provides “silent heat”. They are very light and most of them are wall-mountable. Panel radiators have no visible radiation, and their modern design complements the decor of the room.

Outdoor heaters:

Outdoor heaters can be electric or gas. Electric models are usually wall-mounted infrared radiators that provide directional heat for outdoor areas in cafes or gazebos. Gas models produce infrared heat using kerosene, propane or natural gas. Structurally, it is usually located on poles.

Heater wattage:

When making your selection, contact your dealer or manufacturer for assistance in selecting the rated heater wattage to provide sufficient heat to the area in which it will operate.

  • An oversized electric heater for a small space will consume a lot of energy, resulting in high costs.
  • A gas heater too large for the room can discharge too much hazardous combustion products.
  • Both electric and gas heaters can overheat if they are too small for the space in which they are used.

Energy Saving Cost :

While portable heaters can be an effective way to cut down on energy costs, all features and specifications must be taken into account to determine what is the best option for your individual needs. These include fuel costs and the climate in your area, the maximum allowable electrical power in your home, and the age and efficiency of central heating, if available. Also, how much you save can be based on how much time you spend in your home using a portable heater. If you are not at home for a long time, you can use the antifreeze mode on the thermostat and maintain the temperature at 5-10C, which saves energy significantly.

You can determine the cost of running your portable heater using this formula:
(Power divided by 1000) x average cost of electricity per kilowatt hour (kWh) x hours used per day = Cost


Portable heaters with mechanical or programmable thermostats can provide the most convenience and flexibility and avoid energy waste . They allow you to control the amount of electricity or fuel the heater consumes and will help you save on electricity over time.

  • Programmable thermostats allow you to set a program to turn the heater on/off and maintain the desired room temperature.
  • Programmable timers provide the highest degree of convenience and energy savings. Instead of continuously operating based on temperature measurement, these units turn the heater on and off at specific times throughout the day. You can heat up the bedroom before you wake up, leave the heater off during the day and it will turn on after you get home.

Heater Safety Systems:

Regardless of the type of heater, it is important to follow certain precautions and requirements that will increase safety. Buy portable heaters that have all the necessary certificates. The following protections can be installed in the heaters:

  • Automatic rollover cut-out.
  • Overheating protection turns off the heater when the sensor detects that the temperature of the heater body is exceeded.
  • Thermally protected fan motors.


  1. Liquid-filled heaters are generally safer than heaters with exposed heating elements.
  2. Remember to turn off the heaters when you are not at home.
  3. Do not use heaters in bathrooms or other wet areas unless they have an appropriate IP rating.
  4. Use the heater away from flammable objects.
  5. Use gas heaters only in properly ventilated areas.
  6. Use gas leak detectors.

ThermostatInsulationUnderfloor heatingHeaters

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Heating appliances for apartments, houses and garages

The cold is just around the corner and now is the time to take care of the right choice of a heater that will come in handy in apartments in case of failures of public heating, for heating a garage, a suburban home construction site, a summer house or a private house, in rooms where there is no heating system, there are problems with wiring or she is absent.

In winter and autumn, it is difficult to do without a heater to maintain a comfortable temperature in a large warehouse, production site and other facilities. Heaters create the right temperature on the verandas of cafes and restaurants, help to quickly heat the necessary space.

Making the right choice when buying a heater is not at all difficult, you just need to decide on the list of tasks that it should perform – for heating which rooms and what area it will be used. In this article, we will talk about the types, capabilities and functional characteristics of existing heating devices.

Room, outdoor and combined heaters

All heaters can be divided into indoor, for heating housing, offices, utility rooms, any work sites and outdoor models, for heating gazebos, terraces, balconies. There are also combined heaters that can equally successfully heat residential buildings, any premises and open spaces.

Mobile and stationary heaters

Heating devices are divided into mobile and stationary. Mobile heaters can be transported and used in the required location. Such heaters, as a rule, have a wheelbase for comfortable movement. The equipment takes air from the premises, so it is necessary to monitor ventilation and regularly ventilate the living or working space.

Stationary heaters have the ability to take air from the street and are connected to a smoke exhaust system for the safe removal of combustion products. Heating appliances are also equipped with sensors to detect the concentration of carbon dioxide or gas leakage.

Heaters for direct and indirect heating

Heaters are divided into models of direct and indirect heating. Direct heating appliances are not equipped with filters and exhaust system for combustion products.

The premises in which the equipment is used must be regularly ventilated or have a working ventilation system. Such devices are suitable for heating industrial and production sites, for repair and construction work.

Heaters of non-direct heating are equipped with filtration systems and are connected to chimneys to remove combustion products from the environment. Such models are used in living quarters and in workspaces.

Types of heaters

The variety of heaters is divided into electric, gas and diesel models, which differ in size, design, performance, power, performance, additional functions and operating conditions.

In the instructions for the use of any heaters, the manufacturer must indicate which room the device is designed to heat. This helps the buyer to purchase the most suitable equipment.

Electric heaters

Consider the most common types of electric heaters: fan heaters, convector heaters, oil coolers and infrared radiators. Some are more suitable for heating a living space, others for working in technical, warehouse and industrial premises.

Thermal electric fans

The design of the fan heater includes a heating element made of metal or ceramic and a fan, which is designed to distribute and maintain the circulation of heated air in the room.

Fan heaters with ceramic heating elements actually do not produce the smell of “scorched dust” during operation. This smell can sometimes appear from the ingress of dust particles on the hot metal wire of the heating device.

The thermal effect of the operation of such devices is immediately noticeable, they help to quickly heat the required area.

The heat gun also works on the principle of a fan heater. The high power of the device allows you to heat large production facilities, warehouses and workshops.

Fan heaters are connected to a 220V power supply. More efficient models require 380V wiring.

Convector electric heaters

Practical and silent heating devices that are perfect for heating living rooms in an apartment, in a country house and in a country house, work and office premises. Convectors have a stylish design and fit beautifully into the interior of the space.

The principle of operation of convectors is as follows – the air temperature rises with the help of a heating element, the air is heated to the required temperature and naturally rises to the ceiling, warming the required area.

Heating elements in convectors consist of several sections, they are comparable to central heating batteries. Convectors are equipped with electronics with a set of functions for convenient use. Can be placed on the floor or mounted on walls.

Oil coolers

Oil radiators are also great for heating a home or office space. The hermetic metal body of the radiator is filled with special mineral oil, which is heated by a coil. The oil, when heated, transfers heat to the metal case of the device, which gradually warms the air in the room to the desired temperature.

Oil radiators have several compartments and are visually similar to central heating batteries in apartments. They feature silent operation. Equipped with a thermostat and wheels for easy transportation. Keep warm for a long time after turning off. The operation of such devices is not accompanied by the smell of burnt dust.

Infrared electric heaters

Infrared heaters are suitable for heating garages, warehouses, workshops, they are used to maintain a stable temperature on the verandas of cafes and restaurants, in arbors in summer cottages, in rooms of guest houses. With the help of infrared radiation, such devices quickly heat surfaces: floors, walls, objects in the room, clothes and the human body.

Heating elements in infrared heaters are quartz coils or tubular heating elements. The reflective coating inside the device scatters heat rays from the heating elements in the desired direction. Such devices are silent in operation, can be installed on the floor and mounted on walls or ceilings.

Infrared film heaters are equipped with a heating element made of film and foil. They can be made in the form of rugs, wall paintings, used to create a warm floor.

Gas heaters

Gas heaters are simple, efficient and easy-to-use equipment based on the combustion of liquefied gas. Such heaters work from the main gas network or are connected to cylinders. Some models need to be connected to an electrical outlet or battery, others are autonomous and do not depend on electricity.

Gas heaters are used to heat residential space, warehouse, production and construction sites, to increase the temperature in outdoor gazebos and on verandas.

According to the principle of operation, gas heaters can be divided into three categories: convection, infrared, catalytic.

Convection gas heaters

The design of the convection heater is a gas heat gun. The principle of operation of a gas gun is as follows: the air heated by the device is accelerated by a fan and mixed with the air in the room, warming it up to the desired temperature.

Gas heat guns are designed for quick heating: garage, warehouse, production, construction and other sites. The operation of such a device is accompanied by a certain level of noise and needs to be connected to an electrical network or a battery for the fan to operate.

Infrared gas heaters

Infrared heaters or IR heaters are practical and easy-to-use equipment for heating residential premises, used in cottages, verandas, terraces, to increase the temperature in the required workspace, allow a person to warm up in a matter of minutes.

The principle of operation is based on the projection of infrared heat rays that fall on surfaces, objects, clothing and the human body and heat them up. Subsequently, heated objects give off their heat to the air.

Catalytic gas heaters

Gas catalytic heaters produce heat using a catalyst that reacts with the gas inside the appliance. Combustion does not occur, the reaction of the catalyst with gas is accompanied by the release of heat, which is transferred to the atmosphere through the heating element. Catalytic heaters are safe and environmentally friendly equipment.

Diesel heaters

Diesel heaters are productive and efficient heating devices that are able to heat up the required room in a short period of time. They are used for heating residential areas, production sites, garages, warehouses, car services, for home construction and large construction sites, for agricultural buildings. They are equipped with a fuel tank that lasts for a long time and a fan for rapid air distribution. Some models are able to work up to 24 hours without interruption.

Diesel heaters can be used on sites and in rooms where there is no electricity or there are restrictions on the operation of the power grid.

Liquid fuel heaters are divided into heat guns and infrared heaters, they have several installation options for convenient placement of equipment on a wall, floor or ceiling, depending on the mounting options for a particular model.

Diesel heat guns

Powerful heating devices are used in working premises, in production, in car services and garages. The fuel tank in such devices is reliably isolated from the combustion chamber, the burner is ignited by a spark plug or electric igniter, which ensures safety of use.

With the help of a fan, heated air is distributed over the required area. Such models are equipped with fuel and air filters that prevent contamination of the working system and the formation of a burning smell. The fan in the heater is powered by the mains or battery.

Diesel infrared heaters

They can be used for heating residential premises, terraces, gazebos, outdoor spaces of cafes and restaurants, and are used at production sites. The principle of operation of such devices is based on the release of heat rays that are generated during the combustion of fuel. Such devices project heat onto surfaces: walls, floors, furniture, clothing and the human body.

Where to buy a reliable heating device?

A wide range of heaters is available in stores and on the TMK Instrument website. You will be able to choose and buy at a low price the most suitable heater that will effectively perform the assigned tasks and heat residential and work premises. We are waiting for you on the website and in TMK Instrument stores!

Gas air heater REDVERG RD-Gh22

Portable gas air heaters – an economical means for heating the air in a well-ventilated room (warehouse, garage, construction sites, greenhouses). Piezo ignition facilitates the start of air heaters. Small expenses of the electric power and gas do air heaters economic. Small dimensions and weight make it easy to transport gas air heaters in the trunk of a car.

Heating output, kW


Max. liquefied consumption. gas, kg/h


5 190r

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Diesel air heater REDVERG RD-DHD30T

REDVERG RD-DHD30T diesel air heater with flame failure protection: photocell monitors the flame in the combustion chamber during normal operation. When flame extinction is detected, the photocell turns off the solenoid valve, the fuel supply is automatically stopped. The high air temperature at the outlet provides rapid heating of the premises. The air pump (compressor) provides air supply for effective burning.

Heat output, kW


Fuel consumption, l/h


Fuel type


21 490r 900 03

Available for pickup July 17th

Electric air heater REDVERG RD-EHR5A

Electric air heater REDVERG RD-EHR5A – compact portable electric air heater with thermostat. Thermal power 5 kW. Degree of protection against dust and moisture IPX4. Does not spread foreign odors during operation. A self-resetting thermal cut-out switches the device off when it overheats for safety reasons. The heating element is made of stainless steel. Three heating modes for rooms of different sizes. Convenient handle for transportation. Sheet steel body covered with fireproof paint. Product weight 4.6 kg.

Number of heating modes


Heating power, kW


Recommended heating area, m²


Heating element

9000 2 heating element

4 990r

Available for pickup July 20

Electric air heater REDVERG RD-EHS15/380

Electric air heater REDVERG RD-EHS15/380 is safe for people because it does not produce harmful emissions. Its compact dimensions and light weight allow it to be easily transported and placed in rooms of any size. The thermostat will give you the ability to control the operating parameters of the equipment and adjust it so as to achieve maximum heating efficiency. REDVERG appliances will be an excellent choice for your home and business.

Number of heating modes


Heat output, kW


Recommended heating area, m²


Heating element

Heating element

90 002 14 990 rub

Available for pickup July 20

Gas air heater REDVERG RD-GH57R

Gas air heater REDVERG RD-GH57R – thermal power 57 kW. Handle and wheels for quick and comfortable transport. Suitable for heating rooms with a length of 20 m, a width of 15 m and a height of 4 m.