Replacement remote for tcl tv: 9 Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacements (2023 Guide)

9 Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacements (2023 Guide)

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The best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacements range from the official model from Roku, to the third party alternatives that have additional shortcut buttons. 

There is a significant difference between the official and the third party alternatives you should know before choosing a Roku TV Replacement:

  • The official remote from Roku will work with minimal flaws, but may lack certain shortcut buttons. 
  • Third party alternatives will be cheaper, but have more capabilities and may occasionally not work as smoothly as the official model.

In this post, we’ll dive deeper on specifically which are the best Roku TV remote that connect to specific Roku TV brands: TCL, Element, Phillips, Hisense, and several others.

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We’ll cover the pros and cons of using a third party alternative vs the official remote and which out of those worked the best during our hands on tests.

What Remotes work with a TCL Roku TV?

There are several remote types that work with a TCL, Hisense, Element, and several other Roku TV’s. These are:

  • Standard Roku TV Voice Remote: The original Remote made by Roku themselves, which is very balanced as far as basic features go.
  • Click tech: A cheap Roku remote that mimics to official, made by a third party (less expensive)
  • Loutoc Universal TCL Remote: A Third party universal Remote that can control an audio system or receiver in addition to the Roku TV.
  • Official Roku remote (Pro Model): This remote provides some serious advantages, but is difficult to find. It allows for universal control and streambar control (typically expensive).

Note: Most universal remotes in general are compatible. However, you’ll need to configure it to the Roku TV with a specific code. 

The third party universal remote will provide you with this Roku remote code. These also work with Hitachi and Insignia Roku TV’s.

Table Of Contents

  1. 1. Loutoc Universal TCL Remote: Best Roku TV remote alternative with netflix and hulu buttons
  2. 2. Official Roku TV & Roku Stick Remote: Voice Remote for TV and Roku streaming stick, Ultra, and soundbar
  3. 3. Motiexic: TCL Roku Smart TV Remote with remote cover (Pack of 2)
  4. 4. Alizen: Best Universal TCL Roku TV Remote replacement with Disney plus (IR)
  5. 5. Loutoc replacement: Best Hisense, Sharp, and TCL Replacement Roku Remote
  6. 6. Clicktech: Best cheap Roku TV remote replacement for Hisense, Sharp, and element
  7. 7. ENW: Best Roku Remote Replacement RF with Wifi and Voice
  8. 8. Amaz247: Basic IR Roku remote replacement for Roku Express, Ultra
  9. 9. Yimaut: Top Infrared Roku TV Remote for JVc, Phillips, westinghouse and TCL Roku’s
  10. 10. ZdalaMit: RC280 Roku TV Remote Control Replacement alternative
  11. Do I need to contact a manufacturer to replace my Roku TV remote or can I just get a new remote online?
  12. Can I use a universal remote instead of a Roku remote on a Roku TV?
  13. Can I use an Xfinity remote on my Roku TV?
  14. How to use a RF Roku TV remote
  15. Conclusion

How to choose a Roku Remote

When choosing a Roku remote, many users aren’t properly educated on their options. 

The most important aspect to keep in mind is whether you need the ability to control other devices (connectivity), how much compatibility you require, and what your budget is.

Here are the 3 most important factors that are critical when choosing a replacement TV remote:

  • Connectivity: A third party, universal remote can be used to control audio systems in addition to the Roku TV.  It will also control other devices if needed such as receivers.
  • Streaming Shortcut Buttons: any remotes will have additional buttons such as Disney plus, Netflix, and Hulu.
  • Cost: As far as price goes, the official Roku remote competes closely with third-party remotes. The advantage is that it is prone to less errors, while the disadvantage is all the extra features a third party universal remote for Roku Tv allows for.
  • Voice command capability: Some Roku remotes do not have voice command capability. You’ll need to decide whether you need this feature or not when considering your options.

A remote control with major capability limitations will cause frustration on a Roku TV, so make sure you are choosing a Roku TV compatible remote, and not a Roku streaming stick remote.

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Best TCL Roku TV Remote Replacements

We’ve hand tested each of the following remotes on our TCL Roku Tv. In the following list, we will go into further detail of the best Roku TV remotes for TCL, Element, Hisense, and Phillips Roku TV models

We will cover the disadvantages and benefits of each as well as how the price point compensates for a lack of specific features on some models.

1. Loutoc Universal TCL Remote: Best Roku TV remote alternative with netflix and hulu buttons

The Loutoc is one of the most inexpensive universal remotes for TCL Roku TV. This is one of the best Roku TV remotes for the money if you don’t need all the extra features of the more premium remotes.

Note: This specific choice will not work on the Roku streaming sticks or Roku Ultra. 

So, are your TLC Roku TV remote arrows not working? Or maybe, your TCL Roku TV remote volume is not working?

As far as value goes, this is a Remote to beat. It has both a low price point and four buttons for streaming services: Netflix, sling, hulu, and Directv now.

One benefit to note is that the Loutoc Roku TV remote has a considerably smoother surface and clickier buttons, which I enjoyed using.

However, I did find some disadvantages:

  • It is compatible only with the TCL TV and will not control third party devices such as a denon receiver. 
  • If you need the capability to control other devices in addition to the Roku, then you’ll need to check out the remainder of universal remotes on this list, which may have a higher price point.
  • functions at around 90% of the original’s capacity when I tested it. It will (very rarely) fail to input/send to the TV the commands I give it. 

It has a different feel than the original and differs as it doesn’t have the default ESPN and HULU buttons included on the original. One thing to note is that it also does not have a Disney+ button.

This model does require two AAA batteries and uses IR technology (infrared). It will work on the 32S3800, 32S305, and several other TCL Roku TV models. Also, you can connect it to the Roku TV with no pairing required (not for Roku stick).

2. Official Roku TV & Roku Stick Remote: Voice Remote for TV and Roku streaming stick, Ultra, and soundbar

If you’ve lost or broken your current remote, then the official Roku TV remote (made by Roku) is the most safe and reliable choice. This accessory is designed to work smoothly with your Roku TV as Roku themselves created it.

This remote is compatible with nearly every Roku TV brand. For example, if you have a Hitachi, TCL, or Hisense Roku TV, this will work with minimal flaws. It also works on both Roku TV’s and Roku streaming sticks and players, which is a big advantage for some users who have several devices.

Note: I didn’t find any problems with the volume buttons after extended use, which is common in third party remotes with Roku TV’s.

While it is voice enhanced and has all the required features of a strong controller,  it’s not without its disadvantages. It requires 2 AAA batteries and some models do not have a headphone jack, so you’ll need to look closely at exactly what your needs are before committing. 

As far as compatibility goes, it can control the Roku Smart soundbar. This is a benefit because determining the compatibility of a non-official option with a soundbar (like a third party universal remote) can get confusing.

3. Motiexic: TCL Roku Smart TV Remote with remote cover (Pack of 2)

Motiexit is one of the most well-known TCL Remotes for Roku for good reasons. Considering its price, the Motiexic offers more than expected for all TCL Roku TV users. 

First of all, the brand has included 2 remotes in this affordable pack. So, even if one of them breaks after a few months or years, you can use the second Roku TV remote replacement. 

As an IR remote, the Motiexic device also doesn’t require any configuration to be used. We had no issues connecting this to our Roku TV (the remote automatically connected).  

But, the Motiexic remotes have some disadvantages compared to the official Roku TV remote:

  • From time to time, the remote freezes up one when you watch pre-recorded videos on Roku. 
  • After a few months, the buttons get a bit sticky.

On the flip side, the remote has 4 super-handy shortcut buttons for Netflix, HULU, ROKU-Channel, and Disney+ streaming channels (you can’t change input). Another unique feature of this remote is that it will glow in the dark making it hard to lose. 

When it comes to the batteries, the Motiexic remote works with two AAA batteries (not included). 

Finally, the remote is fully compatible with most TCL Roku Smart TV models but also the Roku 3, Roku 4, Roku 5 and Roku 6 series. 

4. Alizen: Best Universal TCL Roku TV Remote replacement with Disney plus (IR)

If you are looking for a Roku TV remote that has a Disney plus button, Alizen is a great remote replacement for you. And that’s not just it. This Alizen remote includes numerous shortcut buttons for streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+, HBO Max, YouTube and more. 

Setting up the Alizen TCL Roku TV remote replacement was very simple. A great advantage of this replacement is that it seamlessly (and automatically) connects to almost any Roku TV (TCL, Hisense, Philips, LG, etc.). 

On the flip side, Alizen remote isn’t compatible with the Roku Streaming Stick. Another disadvantage of this replacement is that it doesn’t include a headphone jack or voice control feature. 

But, this is reasonable considering the price-tag of the Alizen. Compared to the previous Alizen remote, the new version has bigger (more comfortable) shortcut buttons and a better battery autonomy (2x AAA batteries, not included).

In a few words, if you need a reliable Roku remote with numerous shortcut buttons that will automatically pair with your Roku TV, the Alizen is a great solution. 

5. Loutoc replacement: Best Hisense, Sharp, and TCL Replacement Roku Remote

Loutoc is one of the most easy-to-use replacement Roku remotes on the market. It is small, lightweight, and has only the essential buttons someone needs to control a Roku TV. Also, the brand has included the two AAA batteries required while creating an ultimately budget-friendly remote.

Compared to the previous version, the Loutoc remote provides a longer transmitting distance (25+ feet), a faster reaction time (0.3 seconds), and long-lasting buttons that promise to support over 120000 clicks.

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The device also included 4 shortcut buttons that you can use (Netflix, PrimeVideo, Hulu and Disney +). The only disadvantage of this device is that it doesn’t support any model of the Roku Stick and Roku Box. 

It also felt a bit odd that we didn’t have the numbers to change the channel. But, after a while, you get used to controlling the Roku TV with the essential menu that the remote offers.

The Loutoc remorse is fully-compatible with all TCL Roku TVs, Hisense Roku TVs and Sharp Roku TVs. All you need to do is install the batteries, and you’re ready to go.

6. Clicktech: Best cheap Roku TV remote replacement for Hisense, Sharp, and element

Our next remote replacement suggestion is an affordable Roku remote with prime espn netflix and youtube buttons. If having shortcut buttons is a priority for you, Clicktech is a smart way to go. 

Apart from that, the  big buttons, ergonomic design and weight of this device reminded us of the Luotic remote. But, the Clicktech remote has more buttons for you and the latest version is compatible with the SANYO Roku TV, the Element Roku TV and more. 

Also, this remote can be programmed to work with a regular non-Roku TV. Except for Roku Sticks, this IR remote works with any Roku player like the Roku Express, Express+, Premiere, Premiere+, Ultra, Roku Streambar, etc.

When it comes to disadvantages, we noticed that sometimes, when we clicked a button on the remote, the red light at the top continued to light up.  

But, apart from that, the Clicktech remote proved to be an all-rounder Roku remote replacement, ideal for those looking for an ergonomic remote with shortcut buttons. 

7. ENW: Best Roku Remote Replacement RF with Wifi and Voice

Unlike most Roku TV remote replacements, this ENW remote works with RF technology. What this means is that this remote connects with your Roku device via WiFi and offers voice control. 

In fact, RF remotes are ideal for control systems and really helpful when it comes to increasing the maximum range of a device (source). So, with a maximum range of 30 feet and an ultimately ergonomic design, this is the best remote replacement for those seeking high quality. 

If you’re not interested in the remote replacement and need to connect your Roku or Roku TV to wifi, you can do so without the remote.

The only disadvantage of the ENW is that it isn’t compatible with the latest Roku devices.

Still, if you own a TCL Roku TV created between 2016 and 2019, there’s nothing better than the ENW remote. During our testing, the remote and Voice Search were very simple to set up and the headphone jack port worked seamlessly. 

This is one of the few Roku TV remote replacements that offer the point anywhere function of the official remote. 

If you are not sure if your Roku TV is compatible with the ENW remote, you can check the model of your official remote. The ENW remote can substitute the remote models: BRC64, RC580 and RC-AL5. 

8. Amaz247: Basic IR Roku remote replacement for Roku Express, Ultra

The latest Amaz247 IR remote was one of the most affordable replacements that made it in our top selection. The reason for that was that this remote works right out of the box, and is compatible with the Roku Express, Premiere and Ultra (which is pretty rare).

On the flip side, the Amaz247 doesn’t work with Roku TVs and the Roku Stick. A noticeable disadvantage is that this remote doesn’t have a power button and volume buttons for you to use. 

When it comes to shortcut buttons, the remote has 4 and helps you easily navigate to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ streaming apps.

Also see: 7 Best Roku Speed Tests to Fix your Connection if you’re having connection issues beyond the Roku remote & WiFi.

Unlike the previous model of Amaz247, during our testing, we didn’t need to set up anything. The remote simply connected to our Roku Ultra after we installed the AAA batteries (not included). 

In short, if you need a Roku Media player remote replacement that costs almost nothing, this is the one for you. 

9. Yimaut: Top Infrared Roku TV Remote for JVc, Phillips, westinghouse and TCL Roku’s

The Yimaut remote is a universal remote that works seamlessly to most Roku TVs on the market and comes at a great price. As with most remote replacements on this list, there is no need to set up anything. All you need to do is insert the batteries (2x AA, included) and it will work right away.

Compared to the official Roku remote, the Yimaut doesn’t have a headphone jack or voice control. Some users also claimed that the power button not working, but we had no problem with that during out review.  

But, if you don’t use these two features, you will find this remote to be a great substitute for your Roku remote.    

In the latest version of the Yimaut remote, the brand made the device compatible with more Roku TVs (TCL, Onn, Element, LG, Westinghouse, and much more). 

Finally, if you spend hours watching movies and videos on Netflix, Youtube and Hulu, Yimaut has you covered. If Netflix is not working on Roku, see our full guide.

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The device includes 4 shortcut buttons that will allow you to instantly access your favorite streaming platform. 

10. ZdalaMit: RC280 Roku TV Remote Control Replacement alternative

If all you need is a Roku TV remote replacement with ergonomic design and awesome price, the ZdalaMit is a smart way to go. This is the most affordable remote on the list that can connect to TCL Roku TV. 

The remote works as a replacement for the RC280 TCL Roku TV Remote Control. When it comes to the advantages of ZdalaMit, the remote comes with Netflix, Sling, Hulu and Vudu APP shortcut buttons and doesn’t require programming or pairing.

On the flip side, the two AAA Alkaline Batteries required are not included (which slightly increases the cost) and the remote isn’t compatible with other Roku TVs (only TCL models), the Roku boxes and sticks.  

Still, if you have a TCL Roku TV and need a cheap remote replacement, ZdalaMit is a reliable solution. Although the replacement remote was not identical to the one that came with my TCL Roku TV, it performed admirably (and still does!).

How to get a replacement Remote TCL Roku TV

Those who have lost, broken their current Roku TV remote want a replacement and may not be sure of the best way to get it. You have a few options here which include going local and a store like Best Buy, or ordering online.

However, It’s not uncommon for users to use their mobile phone, tablet or another mobile device to control their Roku TVs. This is possible through the Roku App. 

A replacement Roku Remote for the Roku Ultra, premiere, stick, and express have some options that are similar to replacing a Roku TV remote. 

I personally was surprised when I tested some of the TCL Roku TV remotes by hand and found some of the new remote models are slightly smaller than the previous ones – so keep size (as well as colors) in mind if those aesthetic features matter to you or your family using Roku.

However, in the past, in order to get multi-device control you’ll need to use Roku only streambar on the Roku devices, but on the TV you could always set up a universal remote. Modern Roku models have evolved to enable this as well now.

Do I need to contact a manufacturer to replace my Roku TV remote or can I just get a new remote online?

In most cases, you won’t need to contact the TV manufacturer to replace a remote, however there is a warranty to look over if you’re on a budget and are up to do some research.  

The main advantage to going local when considering a Roku TV remote is that you’ll of course receive your remote within a few hours, however if you really need an instant fix and you can’t pick up a new replacement locally, then you can grab it online and use the Roku mobile app on your iPhone or Android to control the TV in the meantime.

Can I use a universal remote instead of a Roku remote on a Roku TV?

Yes, most universal remotes can be used to control your Roku TV. A universal remote for Roku TV works the same way as it would on a standard Smart TV. It’s a remote control that can be programmed to operate multiple devices. 

For example, if you have a denon receiver and a Roku TV, you can control both with the proper third party universal remote. This is because a universal remote works by programming the device codes for each of your devices (soundbar, TV, etc) into the remote. 

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The codes for the components are normally printed on the back or bottom of the device. Once you program a device code into the Roku TV, you can use your universal remote to operate that device.

Can I use an Xfinity remote on my Roku TV?

Yes, you can use an Xfinity remote on a Roku TV because i uses the same code as the Tcl Roku tv, you may also use the Admiral codes. Which are TV codes that are widely available. These include 12246, 12258, 12286, 10093, 10463, 12282, and 10179.

Consider television codes from companies like Admiral, Insignia, and Dynex to pair an Xfinity remote to a Roku TV. For instructions on how to input the codes correctly, you’ll need to follow your cable box’s instructions. 

Without a doubt, the Hisense and Sharp Roku televisions do not use the Admiral code set; instead, they utilize the Goldstar, LG, or Vizio code sets.

There’s also an alternative way to Connect a Xfinity remote and use it on your Roku TV, this is normally if there is a Setup button on it. Here are the steps:

  • Turn on the TV
  • Hold ‘Setup’ until the red light changes to green.
  • Input 9-9-1. LED light will flash, not once, but  twice.
  • Continue pressing CH until the TV goes black.
  • Once the television has been turned off, hit Setup to secure the code.
  • On the remote, press the power button for the television. If the television is turned on. You’re xfinity remote will now be paired to Roku TV

How to use a RF Roku TV remote

The difference between a Roku ‘RF’ Remote and Roku ‘IR’ remote is the pairing button. You can use the RF remote by pairing it with your Roku device, but you won’t have the point and click benefit of a IF type.

  • To see what type you have, you can remove the battery to reveal the ‘IR’ remote – if there is no pairing button at the bottom, then it’s a ‘IR’ type remote for Roku.

If your remote has a pairing button, then it is an ‘RF’ remote. Most Roku devices use IF technology, though some do require RF.

What are the best Roku Remote control cases?

There are many remote control cases, however these are mostly suited to the official Roku TV Voice remote rather than the third party alternatives available for Roku TV’s. If you have a universal third party remote that is popular, it’s likely there is a case for it.

I personally use the Motiexic which comes with two covers for the Roku TV remote. It also comes with 2 alternative remotes itself, which is of course a huge bonus. The disadvantage is that this remote may not work for all types of Roku the way the official model does.

What is the TCL Roku TV Remote app and how can I use it?

You can use a tcl roku tv remote on your phone, if your current remote is not working.The reason to do this is that there may be a gap in which you don’t have a remote when you order a replacement online. Also it’s free to use, all you need to do is download it on your iPhone or Android. It works through WiFi, so that is the one requirement you need to keep in mind.

Here’s how to the TCL Roku remote app instead of a physical remote control:

  • Locate the Google play app or Apple app store and search for the “Remote for TCL”
  • Once you download it, follow the on-screen guidance and log into the WiFi.  
  • From here you can adjust shortcuts and use the app to control your TCL Roku TV.

Keep in mind, you cannot connect your phone to a Roku TV without Wifi.

How to pair a Roku Universal Remote to your Roku TV

The pairing process of a Roku universal remote to your Roku TV depends on the technology of the remote. IR remote replacements like the Clicktech or the Alizen will automatically connect to your device after you install the batteries for your first time. 

If your TCL remote pairing failed and you purchased a universal remote for your Roku TV, you should know how to pair it. So, what if you need a remote with RF technology (like the ENW remote) that connects via WiFi to your Roku device? 

I often get asked: “Can you program a universal remote to a Roku TV?”

Well, if that’s the case and you want functions like voice control and point anywhere, you have to pair your remote to your Roku TV. Thankfully, all you need to do is: 

  1. Unplug your Roku from the power
  2. Reattach Roku power and wait for the home screen to appear
  3. Insert the batteries on your remote and the remote sync screen will appear.
  4. Wait for approximately 20 sec. The sync was successful, and you should be able to use your new RF remote.

It is a common problem when the TCL Roku tv remote is not working. Asking how to program a replacement TCL Roku TV remote is also reasonable. By following the simple steps above, you won’t have any issues pairing your IR or RF remote to your Roku device.

How to Pair a Roku Remote to two different TVs

You can pair your Roku remote to 2 or more TVs. This means you can use just one Roku remote for all your Roku devices, or Roku TVs. You’ll need to use a official Roku remote, or a universal remote to program the remote to more than one TV.

  • You can use two Roku voice remotes, but not two standard Roku remotes to control multiple TVs or Roku devices. This is because each remote uses a different technology..
  • If you have two IR remotes (the simple Roku remote) then it will command buttons on both TVs, so you’ll be changing the channel or volume.
  • Most common solution: Use the Roku remote app to control two TVs.

Let me explain it in more simply if you are not particularly tech savvy: IR and RF are two different technologies – your Roku remote will use one of the two. These signal types will transmit commands differently and if you have a Roku voice remote or enhanced voice remote, then you’re using a RF (Radio frequency remote).

Which Roku TV Remotes have a headphone jack?

There are only a few Roku Remotes that have a headphone jack. Some speculate this is because of the technology that bluetooth on Roku uses and that there is less of a demand for wired headphones. You can find a headphone jack on the following Roku TV accessories:

  • Official Roku Remote
  • Official Voice Remote Pro from Roku
  • Third party remotes typically do not have a headphone jack for Roku TV’s.


Perhaps your Roku remote stopped working, or maybe you lost the remote for tcl roku TV. If so, you are probably looking for the best Roku remote replacement for your Roku. 

The most critical piece of information you should know before searching is the exact model of your Roku device, streaming player, and overall entertainment center (this includes soundbars and sound systems connected to the Roku TV). This will help you decide which universal remote is compatible and which are not.

For example if you need an affordable Hisense Roku TV remote replacement or Element Roku TV remote replacement, you can consider purchasing a remote like the Clicktech or the Alizen.

On the flip side, if you want a remote that will offer a great experience with the TCL Roku TV remote app, the Loutoc universal is probably the best replacement for you. 

Although you can find such replacements in stores like target, bestbuy, or walmart, you will probably find better prices for the same remote replacements online. 

Finally, keep in mind that the Official Roku TV remote is the safest and most reliable choice if you’ve lost or broken your remote. And the price difference between this remote and its replacements isn’t as big, especially if you buy it online. 

7 Best Remotes for TCL TVs & TCL Roku TVs [2023]


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