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Quality, Affordable Laptop Repairs in Boise, ID

Laptops have become ubiquitous. We carry them everywhere–work, school, coffee shops, libraries. From preschools to nursing homes, we’re using them for everything. That also means they’re more likely to break anywhere. That can leave you asking, “Where’s the best place to fix my laptop near me?” If you’re in the Boise area, the answer is always going to be Computer Central.

We Fix Common Laptop Problems
To keep life simple for our customers, Computer Central has two core packages for laptop repair, priced at reasonable fees.

$135 Laptop screen replacement
(for almost any PC)

Occasionally, specialized screens will have a slightly higher price due to the higher cost of the parts. Otherwise, the $135 is for both parts and labor. Laptop screen repair is generally more expensive than all-out replacement, which is why Computer Central offers this service.

This goes for replacing cracked laptop computer screens, laptop touch screens, and screens that need to fix broken pixels or have lost connection to the graphics card. We make sure to get the exact screen for your laptop and replace it within days of receiving the part.

$140 A/C or D/C jack replacement

What many people think is a laptop failing power supply or a broken battery is often just a worn out or corroded A/C or D/C jack. The laptop’s charging port isn’t allowing enough electricity to even get to the battery to store it.

This common computer problem can be misdiagnosed, incorrectly repaired, and become very expensive if not presented to someone who knows how to catch the problem and fix it. Computer Central has experts to save you the runaround, all at a flat fee for parts and labor.

Other Common Laptop Issues We Repair

Since we use our laptops in such a variety of ways, it’s reasonable that a variety of issues can also arise that need our attention. Computer Central can:

  • Solve other common laptop screen problems that don’t require replacement
  • Fix broken laptop keyboard keys
  • Repair laptop hinges
  • Recover deleted files from your laptop (For more information on our data recovery services, click here.)
  • Buy extra memory for and add memory to your laptop (RAM memory upgrades are a hardware improvement. Your existing laptop may have some limitations.)
  • Decide if and how to fix a laptop with water damage

If you want to avoid having to repair your laptop in the first place, you may want to check out our laptop maintenance services as well. We can help stop some issues before they really start.
Finally, if you’re really at your wit’s end with your current laptop, we can help you shop online or in-store for a new or refurbished laptop to give you a fresh start.


Whatever you decide, Computer Central is always the Treasure Valley’s best stop for laptop repair. Call (208) 938-6300 and contact us so we can get your laptop in all your favorite locations, doing all your favorite tasks again.

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Repair Laptops and Computers – grandville

If you are looking for computer repair services we are here to help.  Device Pitstop Phone Repair in Grandville, MI offers quality computer repair at affordable prices.

Whether you need a motherboard replacement to overheating and power issues, we’re ready to fix your desktop.  If you break it we can fix it.  As repair experts, it doesn’t matter what happen to your desktop or how old it is – we can fix your computer.

When you bring your desktop in, we also run a full diagnostic test for FREE to ensure everything is running in top condition.  Not only do we fix the problem, but we alert you to any other issues.  We also can offer options to make your desktop run better.

Come visit our store or give us a call: (616) 288-3170

Why Repair Your Computer With Device Pitstop?

As the premier computer repair service in Grandville, MI Device Pitstop Phone Repair takes pride fixing your computer. Our staff at Device Pitstop is never satisfied with fixing one issue and then assuming everything else is ok. That’s not how we do things.

We strive to ensure your PC is fully repaired before we send the device back to you. As such, we run a full diagnostic test on your PC when you bring it in. We make sure everything’s running great before you head home with your repaired or upgraded PC.

Why repair your computer with us? Because Device Pitstop Phone Repair offers no surprises when fixing your device. You’ll leave our store with the confidence of knowing your device is properly repaired and good to go.

Our Computer Repair Process?

The repair process is simple at Device Pitstop Phone Repair. Gather your desktop computer up or laptop if you require laptop repairs and bring it into our store located in Grandville. One of our technicians will quickly take a look at the device and run a diagnostics test.

Device Pitstop Phone Repair will then let you know what is going on with the model. We don’t like surprises, so we’ll detail every issue and how much it’ll cost to fix your computer.

If you’re ready to repair your machine, our technicians get to work and start properly repairing your PC. Your computer will then be fixed within 1-5 days – unless we have to order special parts to complete the job.

Once the computer is repaired or upgraded, you’ll get a call informing you it’s ready. You come in, pay, and pick up the repaired PC. It’s that simple.


Stop dealing with a malfunctioning PC today. Bring your desktop computer into Device Pitstop Phone Repair, and we’ll typically have it fixed within five days or less. Our certified technicians are ready and willing to get your computer running properly – like the good old days.

Other Services We Offer:
iPhone Repair in Grand Rapids, MI
iPad Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

Tablet Repair in Grand Rapids MI
Game Console Repair in Grand Rapids, MI

At Device Pitstop Phone Repair, we buy, sell, and offer full-service repairs and upgrades. If your computer needs a repair, it’s almost certain we can do it.

Here is a short sampling of the computer repairs we offer:

  • Overheating Repair
  • LCD Screen Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Fan Replacement
  • Memory and Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Data Transfers and Backups
  • Webcam Repair
  • Full Diagnostic Testing
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Power Supply Repair
  • Video Card Issues
  • Motherboard Repair and Replacement
  • System Optimizing
  • Optical Drive Replacement

This is not a comprehensive list of our repair offerings. If you have an issue with your PC, just get in touch. Stop by, call, or shoot us an email. Our staff can answer any questions about PC repair and let you know if we can fix your device.

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    There is one 24-hour establishment in the Oktyabrsky district: Samaraprinter.

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Laptop repair | Professional laptop repair service


The iPhone 13 turned off while charging and did not turn on quickly explained by phone what needed to be done to restart told about the problem. Thanks a lot!


Thanks a lot! Masters in my name is Iman if I’m not mistaken. The son broke the phone. Today I handed it over for repair today and repaired it. Got checked. Happy as an elephant. Fast, high quality and inexpensive (I know what I’m talking about because there is something to compare with). Thanks a lot!


It was my first visit to your center and I was very pleased. Thank you! I will recommend to friends and relatives


The guys did a great job at 110 percent. Thank you so much!!!! I will recommend to my friends and relatives. THANK YOU!!!!


Very quickly and deftly cleaned iphone11. Now it’s charging. Thanks master.


Excellent service nice staff. They changed the display right in front of me – quickly and inexpensively⭐

Ivanisko Yuriy

I am very glad. Everything is fast and available. Very friendly or helpful master


Brought my phone in for a battery replacement. The specialist changed it for me quite quickly and inexpensively. I have been using the phone for about two weeks now and I have no complaints. While the charge is holding well.

Alexander Polyakov

I come for the second time with a screen replacement. I bought a module on Ali, but I didn’t manage it myself, due to the lack of experience and a normal tool (a set of tools from Ali came disgusting). The master delivered in 5 minutes (+/-). Everything is clear and fast. Well, the price is more than reasonable.


Gorgeously done instantly and with high quality, I thought it would take a long time and I would have to leave the phone, but everything worked out) I highly recommend it!


I changed the battery on the phone, they did it quickly, unfortunately I didn’t remember the names, but the boys who work there are good, I recommend it.

Dmitry Styrov

Master Anton performed diagnostics as soon as possible and identified a problem with 7 IPhone! Within 2 hours, all damaged/faulty parts were replaced! The phone functions, and a 90-day repair guarantee insures! The possibility of paying by card was a pleasant surprise! Reception / repair point within walking distance from Babushkinskaya metro station! I recommend!


Applied twice, and twice for alteration after the crooked “masters”. Attention to the client and the work done on 5+ struck. I recommend and will be back!


The phone broke, the sensor did not respond to touch. Contacted your company. Very fast, high quality, inexpensive. Liked the good attitude of the staff. Thank you very much.


Great company and close to home. The master did everything quickly and efficiently. The prices are acceptable. In general, everything is super, I advise ☺️


Thank you for the prompt repair of the smartphone. They replaced the glass, glued the hydrogel film and all this within an hour of work! They even did a free diagnostic! Thank you very much for the quality and fast work. \


Very good service, the employees treat customers with respect. They repaired it very quickly at a cheap price, and most importantly, qualitatively. I advise everyone!

Excellent service – fast, high quality and budget, they did everything in front of me, spare parts are available, the price is super. They explained everything, gave a guarantee, everything works perfectly.

Polina Solodova

Hello, I would recommend this company because they have very reasonable prices and quality service. I will contact this company more than once because I really like it as a client


Very good service. I will definitely come again, I will advise all my friends and acquaintances.\ Everything was done quickly, efficiently and not expensively. Well, very pleased. Thank you very much. I will put 5 stars!


Hello, a month ago my phone turned off and did not turn on, I turned to you (I was advised) \ The next day I took it, and now the phone works as before. I want to thank you for the quality work! I am very pleased!


Excellent iPhone repair service. Fast repair, reasonable price. Friendly staff. Great guys. Will recommend. Thank you


Good service, my phone was fixed pretty quickly. I will recommend your service to family and friends. Low prices deserve special attention.


Very good service. The phone has been repaired. Result on the face. Maybe expensive, but good quality.

Alexey Chernichko

Thanks to the masters for such attentive work. I took the phone for repair, they repaired it very quickly and efficiently for an inexpensive price. I will advise everyone this particular service center


I recommend this service. All work was done at the highest level. I really liked the staff and the speed of work. Kind, polite, you will not always find such an attitude towards customers. I will only use this service here.


Everything is super, I came with the confidence that the type-c jack in my phone is broken due to the use of a stretchable wire in the car, because. a large axial load, but the master first of all cleaned the nest, blew it and checked it, everything was fine! 5 min and done)

Alexandra Krivenkova

Recently turned off the phone, the wire stopped charging. I found this service center nearby, the guys promptly provided assistance, picked up a new charging cord and recharged the phone itself! The instructors are friendly, courteous and customer oriented. Thanks

Polina Vladimirovna Solodova

Hello, I would recommend this company because they have very reasonable prices and quality service. I will contact this company more than once because I really like it as a client


Today I applied to the branch near metro station Chekhovskaya. I am very grateful to Andrey and Ilya for their prompt assistance. The employees showed high professionalism, efficiency and skill. I advise everyone!


The glass was glued for free, I recommend excellent service, I will contact more than once


Great service!!!! Master Vlad is a professional in his field. He did everything quickly and efficiently. Many thanks to the company Pedant, represented by the master Vlad, for the work!

Ivanenkov Roman

I can not call this service good …. This is too pale a word. Service on Domodedovo – SUPER DELICIOUS!!! Master Igor is simply a magician and wizard! Clearly, literally in a minute made an assumption about the malfunction. Focused on price. I did not have time to get home, after putting the phone in for repair, as I received a message about the successful completion of the repair. The cause of the malfunction and the cost of the repair were fully consistent with those declared at the time of delivery for repair. I am not a young enthusiastic girl, moreover, I myself am a serviceman in another area, I can objectively assess the quality of services. I am delighted. Separate respect and respect to Igor. The man knows his business.

Alina Satyukova

The first thing I want to say is – thank you for the prompt resolution of my issue and for the desire of the guys to help as much as possible. Repaired my favorite Samsung. I was walking from a nearby bar in the morning and broke my phone. She raised her head in tears and saw a sign across the road. In the afternoon I was already there and the next day I took my phone as new. There were different options for the price / quality of the display, but the guys advised exactly the original – that is, exactly the same as what I had. It also seems to me that the manager liked me and he made me some kind of display protection as a gift – it is practically invisible, but after that, my daughter dropped the phone, I picked it up with bated breath and the display turned out to be alive. \


The speaker on the phone began to work poorly, I can hear someone well during a conversation, some are simply disgusting. I thought about changing my phone, but I went to your center on Novoslobodskaya. In 2 minutes they cleaned the speaker and everything was fine. Was very pleasantly surprised. Thank you! Keep it up!


The phone was fixed quickly at a low cost. Very satisfied, thank you very much.

Viktor Petrovich

I express my deep gratitude to the Service! And, personally, master Alexei! Worked great and solved my problem! Thank you! Repaired two Samsung smartphones.


I liked the interior of the office. The employees are literate. They solve all issues on the gadget. They made repairs within an hour. I liked the guarantee: I have 3 months. So I recommend it. The price, by the way, is sane.


Many thanks to the service at Novoslobodskaya metro station! Applied on 04/24/2022. Everything is made for you! Honest, fast, high quality with a guarantee!


Thank you very much for excellent service. Satisfied with the repair. Everything is prompt and friendly.


Thank you very much service center. Convenient work schedule. You can sign up through social networks. They give a guarantee, which is the most important thing when repairing a phone. The phone broke down, the master arrived at the appointed time and place. He assessed the damage and took all measures to eliminate the cause of the failure. The owner is polite and apparently knowledgeable. The time of his work took no more than 20 minutes.


I turned today with a banal problem for a specialist, which I am not) The reaction to the appeal is instant, so to speak, “giving up everything.”
Received my smartphone back serviceable in just 5 minutes.
Master in one word! Thank you.
I recommend, credit!


Good afternoon I recommend the service on Mayakovskaya. Professional, responsive and caring employees who are ready to help the “blonde with a smartphone”. They set up, updated and explained in detail what’s what, for which they deserve a big human thanks!


Great service, courteous and efficient staff. No complaints, everything is great.


After the fall, the phone started to turn off constantly, I came to this service, the specialist quickly found the problem, did everything quickly and efficiently, for which I am very grateful to him. They made a big discount))) in general, I recommend the service, we can’t find better specialists in the city!!!


I want to express my gratitude to the employee Timofey for the high-quality and fast work. Good customers to you!


Good afternoon Thank you very much for the fast and high-quality work on replacing the display on the iphone and the protective glass as a gift, it’s very nice, now my phone is like new.


Many thanks to Rostislav for the quickly completed work, for honesty and quality. We did not expect that everything would be done so quickly and they would not even take the money.


The service is really good, help is timely, good service, everything was explained and told, a small minus that they do not fit into the declared 90 minutes, but still they did everything at the highest level. I will definitely use again and recommend to everyone. The prices justify themselves and the efforts of the staff. Everything is quite popular and accessible.


in just a few minutes again came to life in my phone!!!!
thank you, young man! You are very attentive and sensible in your business!!!
I recommend in the Arena shopping center !!!!


Good day everyone! Back in winter, I turned to this service with a serious problem of my then new Xiaomi Redmi-8 (six months from the date of purchase). The screen was buggy in my mobile, and in such a way that some operations were performed on their own and could not be controlled. There were even cases when, having entered the Sberbank Online application, a transfer could be automatically made. Typing any text in SMS became impossible: it turned out some kind of ABRACADABRA … In short, the phone began to create problems for me in everything. And I had to turn to specialists. I found the address on the internet. From a detailed conversation with the master, I immediately realized that nothing would be imposed on me here, so I trusted him. I was offered several options for solving the problem with a detailed description of the costs (the prices were the same as on the website). I chose to replace the screen… And I didn’t regret it! The very next day when everything was done. my problems disappeared as if they never existed… RESPECT and RESPECT!!! I recommend!


Fortunately, I rarely use smartphone repair services, but …. everything happens for the first time. And the first positive experience in this business is very important. The first time I came with the fact that the phone was not charging from charging. In 2 minutes!!! the master cleaned the connector on the phone and did not charge a penny for it. shock. On the radio market, they would probably say that you got a guy – there is a lot of work with the replacement of a half-phone. Therefore, the choice of the center for the second time (drowned an iPhone in the pool) was obvious, although driving from Odintsovo to the center of Moscow is still a pleasure. And everything is great again. And it’s not just the cost of an old iPhone, but the fact that I really don’t like the process of transferring data to a new one. In general, quickly, efficiently and for a reasonable price. And many thanks to Lydia Konovalova for constantly keeping me informed about the stages of the repair. It’s so nice when such nice people help you solve your temporary life troubles.
So far everything is fine with the phone. I hope for a long time. Thanks guys.


Good afternoon Once again I turned to your service center and was once again satisfied. Parts are always in stock, repairs take a minimum of time, you will not have time to drink coffee before everything is ready. Great artists, thank you! I advise everyone!


Competent and polite staff, quality repairs! The best place in town, I recommend it to everyone!

Nikolai Yurievich Polyansky

Very nice team, prices do not bite) Masters of their craft! I advise everyone to service

Ekaterina Romanova

I am very glad that I got to them


Very polite staff, everything is fast and efficient, I was satisfied with the services provided


I really liked the quality of service in this service center. In a couple of minutes they fixed the problem with charging the phone, free of charge, politely and efficiently. I recommend this center.


Came in to replace the charging port. The young man looked and just cleaned it. It took less than 5 minutes. They didn’t take the money. Highly recommended


I broke my phone badly, before going to the salon I consulted on the phone about prices and opening hours, I really liked the chat, politeness and quick response to any questions. The repair itself took less than the promised time. On the website and in the salon it is written that as a gift a free protective glass, unfortunately, the glass was not delivered to me, because it was not available, but they made cleaning the phone a bonus. Most of all, I was surprised by the papers that I signed, in the previous salon, in which I had already repaired another phone, there were no guarantees and contracts, I really liked the responsibility of the salon!
The prices are average but the quality of the work is amazing!
I can safely recommend this salon0003

I addressed a problem on the iPhone 7, the phone did not charge, everything was explained and told on the spot, a very competent employee Alexander, answered all questions, offered alternative options, did his job efficiently and quickly, I will definitely contact you again


We contacted the service on Alekseevskaya repeatedly, always quickly, efficiently, kindly.