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RV Air Conditioner 13.5K Quiet AC Unit with Remote Control, Non-Ducted


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While the summer is a great time to go camping, there are a few considerations like bugs, the sun, and the heat. While we can’t remove the bugs from your campsite or shield you from the sun, one thing we can do is help you deal with the heat. By installing an air conditioning unit in your RV, you are not only helping to feel more comfortable in your rig, but you’re also creating an environment that brings your vacation one step close to perfection. But we want to give you even more. For example, what if you camp not only in the warmer months but in the cooler months as well? What if you don’t want to hear the low hum of an AC unit while you’re trying to sleep? And what if you want to save on power so that you can use other devices rather than devoting all of your electricity to your RV air conditioner? Here at RecPro, we want to give you what you want. We want to give you an air conditioner that can operate at fewer amps, is quieter, and still has amazing temperature quality. And with this air conditioning unit, that’s exactly what we’re offering.

Why choose this model? Well, the answers are simple and numerous.

  1. This isn’t just a cheap rooftop AC unit. Unlike other models that are made of cheap plastic that has been molded to shape around the unit, these are made from high-quality, tough plastic built to withstand what life throws at it. In warmer climates, other models of air conditioning units can melt from the heat. Not this one. Built tough and built durable, this AC unit will last you through a good many adventures.
  2. The remote that is included with the model allows you to control the temperature and settings of the unit from the comfort of your couch. Are you worried that you’ll lose it? We’ve thought of that, too. Along with the remote is a wall carrier for the remote. Simply place it in an easy to reach location and rest the remote in it. The digital display on the inner plenum unit of the air conditioner allows you to control it without the remote as well, just in case you really do lose the remote.
  3. There are many amazing features on this RV AC unit, however, one of the best ones is the dehumidifying feature. Helping you control the amount of humidity that’s inside of your RV, this air conditioning unit doesn’t just keep you cool.
  4. The second amazing feature to pay attention to is the temperature monitoring system. If you like to leave the AC unit on while you sleep, you can often wake up to a freezing room. Because our bodies are naturally cooler when we sleep, leaving on the air conditioner can make your morning feel like ice. To prevent this, the air conditioning unit has a temperature monitoring system that senses the temperature of the surrounding air and adjusts to accommodate whatever temperature you’ve set it to, keeping you comfortable even through the night.
  5. Most RV air conditioning units blow the air from the top unit through the space between them and out of the bottom unit without a tube to control the air. With the air moving around in the space between, it loses some of the temperature quality and cleanliness. With the directional tube in this model, the airflow is controlled to provide optimal temperature quality and cleanliness.
  6. The low amp draw on this model enables it to not only keep your energy use lower than other models, but it allows you to use more than just the AC unit at one time. For other models that have a higher amp draw, you have to think about how many appliances are on that circuit, as the circuit breaker can only handle so much. With the low amp draw of this model, however, you have more room for other appliances. Saving you power and frustration, it’s definitely the best model for energy efficiency.
  7. Because of the directional air tube, the high-quality design, and the efficient cooling and temperature control system, this AC unit produces air that is of very high quality. Temperature and humidity-controlled for your desired environment, you can feel the difference with this model.
  8. Perhaps the most important feature of this air conditioning unit is the noise level. Many of the models that come with your RV are loud and a bit obnoxious. Even those that you replace it with can be loud enough for you to notice it. This model, however, only produces 59.7 decibels of sound when on high. For reference, that’s about as loud as a gentle rain; not loud at all. With this low sound level, you can relax in your RV, have a conversation, or watch your movie, all without competing with the AC unit.
  9. Our RV air conditioner model does NOT require the use of a soft starter device. A soft starter device is a tool that protects an AC unit by reducing the initial influx of current to the AC when your RV battery is turned on. When your RV battery is initially turned on it can put out a charge that is too high for your AC to handle, which can result in malfunction or damage to the unit. soft starter devices can be very expensive, often costing $300 or more! With our RV AC model you will not need to worry about having a soft starter, saving you cash before you even install the AC! 

*This AC unit requires a minimum 2500-watt generator with a dedicated 30-amp service. Using a lower-rated generator may cause difficulty when starting the AC unit or may require a soft starter.*

*It is recommended to use a 3000-watt generator with a dedicated 30-amp service. *

  Houghton Competitor A Competitor B
  Power Demand      
  Approx. Full-Load Amps/Cooling 14A 15.3A 15.9A
  Cubic Feet Per Minute 375 320 387
  dB Indoor High Speed 59.7 db 67 db  70.4 db
  dB Indoor Low Speed 55.4 db  59 db  61. 1 db


This air conditioning unit measures 26-3/4″ wide by 39-5/16″ long by 13-11/16″ high on the side of the unit that sits outside of your RV and 21-1/8″ wide by 21-15/16″ long by 1-11/16″ high for the interior ceiling assembly. This unit can fit roofs up to 5 1/2″ thick. For roofs thicker than 5 1/2″ up to 7 3/32″ thick, you can add on an optional set of bolts. This AC unit is non-ducted and comes in the two colors of black or white. Attractive and durable, it runs off 115V power. Unlike other AC units on the market, this RV air conditioner has a much quieter sound level. Have you ever turned on the TV and the air conditioner only to find out that you can’t hear your show over the AC unit? This model solves that problem with a low decibel level of 59.7 (which is about the level of a casual conversation or a gentle rain). Now, instead of choosing between a quiet night in and a cool night in, you can have both. The quality of the temperature control is also quite high, giving you a more comfortable and consistent temperature and internal environment. In addition to being convenient for your environment and comfort, this AC unit is convenient for your energy usage and, in return, your wallet. Because of the lower amps on this unit, it uses less power and less money that you can use towards the other devices and appliances in your RV. With the low power draw, you don’t have to chooses between plugging in your microwave or plugging in your AC unit. Now, you can enjoy the conveniences of both. As a plus, you don’t even need a start-up capacitor. Included with this unit is a remote control that allows you to change the settings while not leaving the comfort of your favorite piece of furniture. With comfort like this, you can spend your vacation how you want to spend it instead of fussing over the heat. This AC Unit comes with a preinstalled gasket.


  • Outdoor unit dimensions: 26-3/4″W x 39-5/16″L x 13-11/16″H
  • Plenum (ceiling assembly) unit dimensions: 21-1/8″W x 21-15/16″L x 1-11/16″H
  • Direct replacement for 14″ x 14″ fan
  • Use a minimum of 12 gauge wire for installation
  • Colors: black and white (both black and white colors have a white interior plenum unit)
  • Non-ducted
  • Come with removable screen filters that can be cleaned and replaced
  • Remote control with cooling, dehumidifying, dry, sleep, and timing functions (stored inside AC unit display for protection during shipping)
  • Ultra low plenum design and streamlined canopy design
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Easy to remove and clean air filter
  • Lightweight UV stabilized polypropylene chassis and canopy able to withstand tough conditions
  • Low amp draw allows for limited amps or generators in operation, rather than adding on a soft starter unit
  • Temperature control for rooms up to 650 square feet
  • Low noise
  • Decibels:
    • Indoor High speed: 59. 7
    • Indoor Low speed: 55.4
    • Outdoor: 71.9
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • Fits roofs up to 5 1/2″ thick
  • If the roof’s thickness is greater than 5 1/2″, you can purchase a set of bolts for roofs up to 7 3/32″ to suit your unit
  • Minimum roof thickness is 1″
  • Best installed on a flat roof – less than 5 degrees inclination
  • *Make sure to create a tight seal between air conditioner unit and the roof. A poor seal can lead to the compressor cycling on and off
  • *Do not include a wall thermostat
  • *Does not work with other brand wall thermostats
  • *Will not control the furnace, only the air conditioning unit
  • *Fan will run continuously

** If installed on a curved/mesa/grooved/otherwise not smooth and flat roof, you may need a frame or filler for the gaps as well as sealant. Any modifications to the AC unit itself will void the warranty **

**This AC Unit is not intended for marine use. **

**This AC Unit comes with a preinstalled gasket.**

*This AC unit requires a minimum 2500-watt generator with a dedicated 30-amp service. Using a lower-rated generator may cause difficulty when starting the AC unit or may require a soft starter.*

*It is recommended to use a 3000-watt generator with a dedicated 30-amp service.*

 Technical Data:

  • Power supply: 115V/60Hz
  • Refrigerant charged: R410A/470g
  • Rated cooling capacity: 13500BTU/H
  • Input needed for cooling: 1300W
  • Rated current for cooling: 12Amp
  • Maximum power input: 1550W
  • Maximum Amp Draw: 14Amps
  • Startup Amp Draw: 14Amps
  • Energy Efficiency Rating (EER): 10.38
  • Maximum design pressure: 550PSIG
  • Minimum design pressure: 236PSIG
  • CFM (high speed): 375
  • Installed weight: approx. 73.7 pounds
  • Recommended for space up to 650 Square Feet
  • Recommended wire gauge: 12 AWG or larger
  • Does not require a soft starter

**There is an extra $75 shipping charge for residential addresses**

*This AC unit requires a minimum 2500-watt generator with a dedicated 30-amp service. Using a lower-rated generator may cause difficulty when starting the AC unit or may require a soft starter.*

*It is recommended to use a 3000-watt generator with a dedicated 30-amp service.*


While this air conditioner is powerful and efficient, there are ways to further cool your rig down and keep your air conditioner from doing all the work by itself. Close all the doors to your rig as well as skylights and windows so that the colder air does not escape and so that hot air does not replace it. Close the curtains and open the awning to keep the heat of the sun from warming up your rig. Cook outside whenever possible and park your RV in the shade if there is any available to park under. Doing this will keep the heat down quite a bit. Next, turn off any unnecessary appliances to give more energy to the air conditioner and adjust the temperature settings of the AC unit at cooler points of the day, rather than turning it off. This will prevent frequent starting and stopping of the unit. During days of extremely high temperatures, turn on the unit before the day starts so that it can adjust to a lower temperature first and gradually cool down your interior living space. Doing these will help the life of your AC unit and cool down your rig even further.

Many people who have air conditioning units in their RV also have fans. This is a terrific way to create air circulation to clean up your air, keep your space fresh, and help even out the temperature to a more relaxing level. You can place the air conditioning unit at one end of your rig and the fan at the other end, pushing in air with the AC unit and pulling the air back out again with the fan. This air flow is great, especially if you place the fan above your kitchen, which is a place where heat, humidity, and smells can accumulate and cause problems. Using this method, you can have even more use from an RV air conditioner, creating the RV interior feel that you’re looking for.


While those tips increase the life of the unit in an indirect way, there are more direct steps you can take to keep up the life of your air conditioner. The most important step is to maintain the return air filter. This part needs regular maintenance. To clean it, check the filter each week and wash it with warm water and a little detergent if it looks dirty. Make sure the filter is dry before replacing it. After the first three months, you should also check that the bolts holding the unit on are still stable. After this, these bolts should be checked once a year throughout the life of the unit. If you only use the unit occasionally, then it should be operated for about 20-30 minutes every six months.

Ready to replace your older model air conditioner with a high-quality, low-energy, and quiet-functioning unit? Just stop on by and check this model out! Have any questions? Contact us online or call our friendly Customer Care team today!

*Fits roofs up to 5 1/2″ thick*

*For roofs thicker than 5 1/2″ and up to 7 3/32″ thick, use our optional bolts*


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‎AC Freedom on the App Store


AC Freedom applied unique cloud computing technique. You can realize remote control of turning on and regulating the smart air conditioner through “AC Freedom” on mobile client. You can also check the working condition and set weekly timing. The interface is simple and friendly to customers which is only designed for specific home-used smart air conditioner rather than the whole production line.

Version 3.1.1

fix some bug

Ratings and Reviews

91 Ratings

Great App

The application controls all aspects of my AC. Even has scheduled timers to switch the AC on and off at different time of the day.

It integrates with google home but does not give you other than an on/off capability. The app is also sometimes slow/laggy.

I hope more features can be added to google home and the app can be a bit more snappy.

Every update makes it worse!

If I couls give it a ZERO, I would… each and every update it gets worse! First it was the never ending terms and condition that I have to accept every time I use the app, but then connection between the app and the air conditioning equipment started failing and I had to delete and add again every equipment installed… if that was not enough, another update came and I thought it would repair everything, but guess what, it didn’t! They added now for us to select a server between “European” and “other area” that has to be done every time to access the software. And with this last update, they went for the whole enchilada, now if you want to add the air conditionar again, you need to select the wifi, eventough, you already did… and if you change it, it will not detect the wifi and you are never able to add the equipment again!…

Perfec crap…

Update bugs

I had this app after purchasing an ac unit and before the last update, everything worked amazing! The app was a little slow from time to time but did get the job done. Ever since the newest update, I keep failing connection to the AC. I know for a fact it’s not the internet but everything time I click a button it tells me the service in my area is down and needs to be repaired… after waiting months… still the same message. I’ve given up on this app and just use the remote when in range but wish the app was like it was before.
On a side note, my boyfriend is able to use the app on his phone and it works for him but still no luck for me.

The developer, AUX AIR CONDITIONER CO.,LTD, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More



53.6 MB



Age Rating



  • App Support

  • Privacy Policy

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Modern air conditioners not only look nice, but also have new features, including air purification, ionization and remote control via Wi-Fi. Such models can be turned on / off from a smartphone or tablet, from the same place they can be configured to work, set a schedule and other parameters. So that you do not get confused in the variety of such models, we have selected the top 10 popular air conditioners with Wi-Fi using data.


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  • 1 Cooper&Hunter Vital
  • 2 Cooper&Hunter AIR MASTER INVERTER
  • 3 Neoclima Therminator 3.2
  • 90 013 4 WetAir WPAC-M07K

  • 5 Bosch Climate
  • 6 LG PC07SQ
  • 7 OLMO OSH- 10LD7W
  • 8 Midea BreezeleSS
  • 10 TOSOT Smart Wi-Fi

Cooper&Hunter Vital

Cooper&Hunter Vital (CH-S09FTXF-NG) is not a budget air conditioner, but it can do a lot. The model is equipped with an inverter motor, designed for rooms up to 25 square meters and hung on the wall. There are functions of cooling, heating, ventilation and air drying. The CH 7-SKY Technology filtration system and the CH SMART-ION Filter ionization system are announced.

The air conditioner works even at low temperatures down to minus 15 degrees, and also can automatically turn on at the same settings in case of an emergency power outage or emergency failure. Usually in such cases, air conditioners “freeze” and need to be restarted, but not Cooper&Hunter Vital CH-S09FTXF-NG.


The Cooper&Hunter AIR MASTER INVERTER (CH-S07FTXP-NG) split system is designed to work in rooms up to 20 square meters, but it can do more than the previous model from the same manufacturer. The air conditioner can cool, heat and dry the air, and it also has a full-fledged purifier. If desired, the model can remove unpleasant odors, bacteria, fungal spores and allergens from the air in the room.

The Cooper&Hunter AIR MASTER INVERTER is equipped with a powerful inverter motor with reduced energy consumption. The split system can work even at minus 15 degrees Celsius, and if the air conditioner suddenly turns off, for example, due to power outages, then it will automatically start with the same mode.

Neoclima Therminator 3.2

Neoclima Therminator 3.2 (NS/NU-09EHXIw1) is a more affordable air conditioner with Wi-Fi remote control. The model works on an area of ​​up to 25 square meters, can cool, heat, clean, dry, ionize and ventilate the air. The air conditioner cools the outside air at temperatures from plus 5 to plus 50 degrees Celsius, and also works for heating at temperatures up to minus 15 degrees.


PM in IT

I want to teach you the best

I want to take a course

Neoclima Therminator 3.2 has a quiet and energy efficient inverter motor. The Auto Restart function is declared, in which the air conditioner automatically continues to work after a power failure or power surge. Management of all available features occurs not only from the complete remote control, but also using a tablet or smartphone.

WetAir WPAC-M07K

The WetAir WPAC-M07K air conditioner does not need to be mounted on the wall – it is a compact (700×300×300 mm) floor model with an operating area of ​​up to 25 square meters and a relatively low noise level of up to 60 dB. It can be easily and quickly carried into the room or carried with you from home to the country.

The air conditioner does not have the function of air ionization, as well as the possibility of heating. It can cool and dry the air, as well as be controlled remotely from a tablet or smartphone. If desired, control over the work is carried out through the complete remote control.

Bosch Climate

The Bosch Climate 3000i-Set 26 WE split system is designed to work in rooms up to 25 square meters. The model is mounted on the wall, and the unit and the remote module with an inverter motor look neat and modern. The air conditioner works for cold and heat, and the maximum noise is 62 dB. The split system can dry and purify the air, but does not ionize it. The minimum allowable temperature is up to -15 degrees Celsius.

Bosch Climate 3000i-Set 26 WE is equipped with self-diagnosis and automatic cleaning functions. Declared “Autorestart” and night mode with reduced noise from work. The kit comes with a remote control, but if desired, the air conditioner is connected via Wi-Fi to a smartphone and controlled from it.


The LG PC07SQ wall-mounted split system is designed for rooms up to 20 square meters and operates in several of the following modes: cooling, heating, cleaning, dehumidification and air ventilation. The model has an inverter motor that remains operational at temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius.

The LG PC07SQ features Jet Cool, a proprietary rapid cooling technology that cools the room down to the desired temperature within 5 minutes. Declared night mode, when the air conditioner reduces the fan speed and sets the optimum temperature for sleep. The split system is equipped with intelligent diagnostics and a timer. There is an auto-restart and a remote control, as well as remote control from a smartphone using the native LG SmartThinQ application.


The affordable OLMO OSH-10LD7W air conditioner received a housing with Blue Fin anti-corrosion coating and Hi Power mode. A split system can heat, cool, dehumidify and ventilate the air. The recommended range of external temperatures for the model is from -70 to +43 degrees Celsius, and the working area of ​​the room is up to 25 square meters.

OLMO OSH-10LD7W is quite quiet in operation, and its maximum noise level is 35 dB. There are Eco & Evergy modes for saving electricity, as well as Smart Flow for comfortable cooling without drafts. Declared automatic self-cleaning and self-diagnosis. Do not forget about the timer, complete remote control and remote control via Wi-Fi.

Midea BreezeleSS

The Midea BreezeleSS split system (FA-09N8D6-I) is designed to work in rooms up to 32 square meters, and the inverter motor produces a maximum noise level of 32 dB. In addition to cooling, there is dehumidification and heating of the air, but there is no ionization. The air conditioner can be turned on at outside temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius. In addition to the remote control, the model is controlled from a smartphone or tablet via an application.


Learn financial management strategies for the successful development of your business.

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Model GREE GWH07AAB-K3DNA5A is a classic air conditioner with an inverter motor for wall mounting. The declared effective area of ​​use is up to 20 square meters. In terms of volume, it is quiet and does not exceed the threshold of 40 dB. There are cooling, heating, dehumidification and air purification modes using the Cold Plazma system, as well as a ventilation mode. The split system operates at temperatures down to -15 degrees Celsius. Do not forget about self-diagnosis and self-cleaning, as well as convenient control from a smartphone or remote control.

TOSOT Smart Wi-Fi

The TOSOT Smart Wi-Fi (GS-12DW) air conditioner is suitable for home or office use in rooms up to 35 square meters. The engine is inverter, which means with reduced power consumption and low noise up to 40 dB. Control is available from the remote control or via Wi-Fi from a smartphone or tablet. In addition to the basic modes of cooling, heating and dehumidification, there are ionization and purification functions. TOSOT Smart Wi-Fi can automatically clean itself, removing mold and bacteria from the fan. There is also a powerful Turbo mode.

Air conditioner remote control: all variations

The operation of any modern air conditioner is controlled remotely. Even floor and column air conditioners, the indoor units of which are installed in the easy access zone, must have a remote control included. But this is not the only way to remote control.

Infrared Remotes

The most common way to remotely control “smart technology” is to use infrared remotes. Moreover, they provide the full scope of “intelligent control”. The built-in pushbutton control panels perform the simplest functions (on / off, step-by-step adjustment of the main indicators) that are needed if the remote control is broken.

The main disadvantage is the limited range in the line of sight. Typically, the remote “works” at a distance of up to 10 m (depending on the signal strength of the transmitter and the condition of the batteries / accumulator).

Wired remotes

This type is used to control multiple indoor units of multi-split systems (or multiple systems).

Such a remote control is mounted on the wall, and connected to all subscribers using cables that transmit not only control signals, but also serve to provide feedback and display data on the current state of the system.

Remote power control

This is one of the possible ways to control from a remote control.

The load remote control device is mounted in the “break” of the power supply circuit and allows you to turn on/off the network by a signal from a router or a GSM modem. In the first case, commands are received via the Internet, in the second case, via SMS messages.

GSM air conditioner control

There are ready-made control systems for any equipment using a GSM module. Including for air conditioning systems.

The control signal is given from a cell phone using a protocol SMS message. The control module will process the message and send a control signal to the air conditioner (via IR transceiver or wired remote control).

Unlike remote power control, this circuit can have any change of indoor unit setting parameters. There is also feedback, including messages about emergencies.

Internet control

Leading manufacturers of air conditioners provide the possibility of direct control of air conditioners via the Internet using built-in modules (in-house development) and proprietary software.