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8 Best Cordless Vacuums 2023

8 Best Cordless Vacuums 2023 | The Strategist

Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

Best in Class

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Photo: Marcus McDonald

Photo: Marcus McDonald

  • Best overall
  • Best run time
  • Best handheld
  • Best filtration
  • Best lightweight
  • Best stand-alone charger
  • Best for pet hair

Even in the smallest homes, a vacuum cord is limiting (and untangling it is a chore in itself). As Lori Williamson, creator of Now It’s Clean, puts it: “A cord while cleaning is a nightmare.” Luckily, cordless vacuums can liberate you from the outlet and take you to new heights in cleaning. Cordless models also boast a variety of attachments, increased suction power, and laser dust detection, all of which will help you reach your home’s nooks and crannies and eradicate more dust, hair, and debris than ever before. To choose the very best, I asked professional organizers, cleaning experts, and consultants what they use at home and at work — and, along with Strategist contributors, tested a few picks myself.

Air watts (AW) indicate how much suction you can expect to get out of your vacuum. Jon Gibbons, a writer and consultant for the U.K. review site Smart Vacuums, recommends sticking to models with a minimum of 100AW, a standard all our recommendations meet (providing the information is listed).

Air watts (AW) indicate how much suction you can expect to get out of your vacuum. Jon Gibbons, a writer and consultant for the U.K. review site Smart Vacuums, recommends sticking to models with a minimum of 100AW, a standard all our recommendations meet (providing the information is listed).

Lighter is better when it comes to cleaning equipment, and cordless vacuums tend to weigh less than their corded ancestors. I’ve indicated the heft of each pick below.

Cordless vacuums come with an assortment of attachments, dust detection lights, HEPA filters, and extra batteries. I’ve included the bells and whistles for each model.

Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Stick Vacuum



Suction power: 240 AW | Run time: 60 min | Weight: 6.83 lbs. | Extras: LCD data display, hair screw tool, crevice tool, dust detection light

From vets to vacuum pros, our experts couldn’t say enough good things about the Dyson V15 Detect. Already a favorite of Strategist editors, the V15 comes with three cleaning modes (Eco, Auto, and Boost) and an assortment of attachments. Dr. Zay Satchu, co-founder and Chief Veterinary Officer at New York’s Bond Vet, says the Dyson V15 “handles like a champ” in her “never-ending battle against pet hair, dust, and all sorts of debris. ” It’s also a go-to for Smart Vacuums’s  Jon Gibbons. He has been using the V15 for about 18 months and loves the advanced brush design and powerful suction the vacuum offers in Boost mode, calling it “the highest of any cordless vacuum on the market.” His favorite extra feature is the hair screw — living in a home with several women with long hair, it gets constant use. “It twists as it cleans, making it incredibly effective,” he says. Reka Viktoria Repka, professional cleaner at Wizard of Homes, and Azure MacCannell, founder of the home organizing company Live Composed, also swear by this vacuum. For MacCannell, the V15 was a birthday present from her husband last year. With four kids and a golden retriever named Harry who loves to shed and explore the nearby swamp, MacCannell uses her V15 everywhere in her home, including “under my dining room table after the kids eat, where it will suck up leftover mac and cheese,” she says. “It just sucks up everything.”


at Target


Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum



com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/cljx86qiz00413b6xe7zin0iq@published” data-word-count=”25″>Suction power: Not listed | Run time: 12 minutes on carpet, 17 minutes on bare floor | Weight: 7.5 lbs. | Extras: large dust cup

Professional organizer Katrina Green, who specializes in systems for neurodivergent people, opted for the compact Shark Navigator Freestyle as her affordable go-to cordless stick vacuum cleaner. With its shorter run time, Green, who owns Badass Homelife, recommends it for use in smaller houses and apartments, where it can be most effective. “I love how you can really see how much it takes away from carpets and rugs,” she says, adding that within minutes the Shark cleaned up an entire bag of oatmeal she had dropped on the floor. Strategist contributor Hannah Selinger is also a fan, calling the Shark Navigator a true bargain for your buck. Selinger writes that it “picks up crackers, pet hair, and whatever other detritus happens to be lying around my kitchen and living room.”


at Amazon



at Amazon


Shark ION F80 Cord-Free MultiFLEX



Suction power: Not listed | Run time: up to 80 minutes (with both batteries) | Weight: 8.51 lbs. | Extras: Two removable, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

The one hard truth about cordless vacuums, according to Melissa Homer, professional cleaning expert and chief cleaning officer of Microfiber Wholesale, is that the batteries will eventually lose their ability to hold a charge. “It’s just the nature of lithium, so you can’t hold that against any specific product,” she says. Still, some vacuums hold charges better than others, says Anna Harasim, founder of Anna’s Cleaning Service. The one she’s found with the longest battery life is the Shark ION F80 Lightweight cordless stick vacuum. Harasim, who has used this model for the past two years, loves the extended run time: “One battery is on the vacuum cleaner and one is on the charger, so when one dies, you don’t have to wait to charge the battery.” Harasim recommends the vacuum to her family and clients alike because long battery life is ideal for professional cleaning services. “When my cleaners go to clean the houses, a lot of people forget to put the vacuum cleaner on the charger and then they can’t clean. With the Shark, you always have one battery on the charger.” She says each battery lasts for about 40 minutes. Note: The Shark ION F80 is currently out of stock, but as an alternative, Harasim recommends the similar Shark IZ682H Vertex Pro Cordless Stick Vacuum, which also comes with an extra battery.

beyond by BLACK+DECKER dustbuster

$44 now 32% off


Suction power: Not listed | Run time: 15 minutes | Weight: 2.3 lbs. | Extras: mountable wall charger, lightweight, washable dirt bowl

If you’re in the market for a small cordless vacuum, Badass Homelife’s Katrina Green loves the Beyond by Black and Decker Dustbuster handheld vacuum. “I use it for work when I have to vacuum the inside of cabinets or small spaces, and I highly recommend using it for your car as well,” she says. “I rely on it a lot.” Green has owned hers for about a year and recently used it to clean out a “very dirty junk drawer” with ease. Donna Dougherty, CEO of Go Green Cleaning Experts, also prefers Black and Decker, opting for the QuickClean Dustbuster cordless model that costs $25 on Amazon. The QuickClean has a built-in crevice tool and includes a charger wall mount. “It has great battery life” for a small vacuum, explains Dougherty. “It is very simple and easy to use for my steps and couch.”


at Amazon



at Amazon


Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

$500 now 7% off


Suction power: 151 AW | Run time: 60 minutes | Weight: 5.9 lbs. | Extras: whole machine filtration

Trusting your vacuum’s filtration system is a must for those with allergies and asthma. As Melanie Carver, chief mission officer for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, explains, some vacuums release dust particles back into the air, “so you’ll want one with a system proven to trap and remove those particles.” The Dyson V10 Animal does just that, according to Microfiber Wholesale’s Melissa Homer. Its filtration system offers “solid levels of suction,” includes a washable HEPA filter, and has versatile attachments that she says transforms the vacuum from broom to upright vacuum to dust buster and back. “I found its performance is really the closest you can get to a commercial grade vacuum for home use,” says Homer. It’s also a favorite of musician and self-professed cleaning queen Yuna Zarai, who told the Strategist it was the first thing she invested in when getting her own apartment. “This vacuum was life-changing for someone who lives with two cats and a husband. I use it every day.” For a further upgrade, Lori Williamson of Now It’s Clean recommends trying the Dyson Gen5, which combines advanced HEPA filtration — trapping 99. 97 percent of microscopic particles as small as 0.1 microns — with laser dust detection. “I totally think something looks clean to the naked eye,” Williamson says. “But all of a sudden this green laser goes on and highlights all the dust particles. It’s really great.”


at Amazon



at Amazon


Dyson V8 Origin Cordless Stick Vacuum


$430 now 30% off


Suction power: 115 AW (on Max mode) | Run time: 40 min | Weight: 5.64 lbs. | Extras: crevice tool, handheld convertible

Dyson’s V8 series makes frequent appearances on the Strategist’s Best in Class lists, and the V8 Origin is a favorite of Naeemah Ford Goldson, owner of Restore Order in Atlanta and founder of the National Association for Black Professional Organizers, for how light it is, weighing in at just 5. 64 pounds. “Traditional vacuums are bulky and heavy, which always caused me to have back pain,” Ford Goldson explains, “so I wanted something that was easier to use.” The V8 Origin is still plenty powerful for Ford Goldson, who uses it all the time. “We have two kids and Twinkie, our cute golden mix, who sheds like crazy,” she says. One of her favorite features is how the V8 can convert into an even lighter handheld vacuum, which she uses to clean up messes in the car and between the sofa cushions. It does have trouble tackling her thick bath mat, but elsewhere, “it works wonders,” she says. Ashley La Fond, founder and CEO of Of Space + Mind, and Ann Lightfoot, co-founder of Done & Done Home, are also enthusiasts of the V8. As a professional organizer, La Fond says the lack of cords and light weight make cleaning much more efficient and feel less like a chore. Lightfoot got hers seven years ago as a Christmas gift from her children. She uses hers every few days, including after her grandson dumped an entire bottle of baby powder all over her kitchen floor. “I tell people I love my vacuum almost as much as the kids who gave it to me!” she says.

Strategist writer Ambar Pardilla traded in her taped-up Dirt Devil for the V8 Animal model. The V8 Animal, which topped our previous best-of list, has comparable weight and runtime to the Origin. After watching her new vacuum guzzle up everything from fallen planter soil to hair mounds, Pardilla was sold.


at Target


LG A9 Cord Zero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner



Suction power: 160 AW | Run time: up to 50 minutes | Weight: 5.7 lbs. | Extras: portable stand-alone charging stand, handheld convertible, telescope wand

com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/cljx8hbos008u3b6x9zp31voa@published” data-word-count=”156″>Content creator Alexandra Beuter recommends the LG CordZero A9 for those looking for a portable charging stand, saving you the hassle of drilling holes into your wall for a charging mount. “I’ve tested a crazy amount of vacuums,” says Beuter, “and I have yet to find a comparable product at this price range, especially one that comes with a stand-alone charging base.” Beuter also likes the simplicity of the LG CordZero, which she’s had for two years and is still going strong battery-wise. “I find cordless vacuums that come with many attachments end up only taking up space or are easily lost. You’re essentially paying for items you’ll rarely use.” With its convertible handheld, five-step filtration system, and powerful suction, Beuter says the CordZero has enough power and battery to clean her entire two-story home; it’s especially good at getting into the corners of stairs and cleaning up her car. “It’s a real game-changer,” she says.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


$700 now 29% off


Suction power: 185 AW | Run time: 60 minutes | Weight: 6.61 lbs. | Extras: crevice tool, anti-tangle tool, LCD screen

Pet-cafe owners, pet owners, and vets who spoke to the Strategist recommended the Dyson V11 as the optimal tool for cleaning up after pets. Rita Li, founder of the pet-accessories brand Roririri, told us that she uses her V11 at her retail shop, where the daily progression of fur means the store needs constant cleaning. The V11, she said, is efficient and lightweight, making it easy to vacuum around displays and underneath furniture. Similarly, Rebecca Fadden, founder of Finn + Me, a dog-accessories brand, uses the V11 to suck up the mounds of hair her hypoallergenic goldendoodle sheds. Fadden finds that the V11 makes it easy to alternate between head attachments, so she can move seamlessly from her carpet to couches. Strategist contributor Margaret Rhodes tested out the V11 Torque, going so far as pouring an entire box of white sugar onto her hardwood kitchen floor. She found that the V11 got every grain, but it took about four swipes to do so. Caitlin Hanson, a general manager at Neko Cat Cafe, endorses an older Dyson model, the V7, to manage the excess fur of the 15 or so cats at the cafe’s Seattle location. During a recent heatwave, “It was almost like we had 15 new cats because of the amounts they were shedding; we thought it was going to be insurmountable in terms of the amount of fur,” says Hanson. “But the Dyson did a great job.”


at Amazon



at Amazon


Bissell’s ‘compact, sleek’ cordless handheld vacuum

at Amazon

LG’s cordless vacuum that can also be used to mop

The very best robot vacuum

at Amazon

com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/cljrd9hbl001g3b6x9tvi0a1g@published” data-word-count=”130″>• Dr. Zay Satchu, co-founder and chief veterinary officer at Bond Vet
• Azure MacCannell, founder of Live Composed
• Naeemah Ford Goldson, organizing and design expert, founder of Restore Order
• Anna Harasim, founder of Anna’s Cleaning Service
• Katrina Green, owner of Badass Homelife
• Jon Gibbons, consultant and writer at Smart Vacuums
• Becky Rapinchuk, founder of Clean Mamaz
• Donna Dougherty, CEO of Go Green Cleaning Experts
• Melissa Homer, chief cleaning officer at Microfiber Wholesale
• Ashley La Fond, founder and CEO of Of Space + Mind
• Alexandra Beuter, content creator
• Lori Williamson, creator of Now It’s Clean
• Ann Lightfoot, co-founder of Done & Done Home
• Caitlin Hanson, general manager at Neko Cat Cafe
• Melanie Carver, chief mission officer, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
• Reka Viktoria Repka, professional cleaner at Wizard of Homes

com/strategist/_components/clay-paragraph/instances/cljrdhbuy00353b6xfyr713w1@published” data-word-count=”8″>Additional reporting by Ambar Pardilla and Liza Corsillo.

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The 8 Very Best Cordless Vacuums

Every product is independently selected by (obsessive) editors. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission.

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Best Cordless Vacuum of 2023

What is the best cordless vacuum?

The best cordless stick vacuums are lightweight and maneuverable without sacrificing the cleaning power of a corded model (and without costing too much, either). After years of testing dozens of models, CNET’s ultimate favorite is the Tineco Pure One S11, which offers top-tier cordless cleaning power, a lightweight design and a lower asking price than comparable models from the likes of Dyson, Samsung and other top manufacturers.

That said, there are plenty of other perfectly capable cordless vacuums that we can recommend, too. To find them, we’ve spent countless hours testing the top models from brands like Shark, Bissell, Dyson, Tineco, Eureka and Samsung at the CNET Home product testing lab in Louisville, Kentucky. Specifically, we run a rigorous slate of tests to determine each cleaner’s capabilities when it comes to picking up a variety of messes on a variety of different floor types. Whether it’s sucking fine particles like dust and sand out of thick, plushy carpets or collecting crumbs and pet hair off of hardwood floors, we take a complete look at how each vacuum performs in a controlled setting before recommending anything.

So which cordless vacs did the best in our tests? Glad you asked. Our picks for the best cordless vacuums are listed below — and keep checking back, because we’ll update this list periodically whenever new models make their way through our lab.

Best cordless vacuums of 2023

Cordless vacuum price scale:

  • $ = Budget: $299 and below
  • $$ = Average: $300 to $500
  • $$$ = Premium: $500 and up

These reflect MSRP or list prices. Sales and other price fluctuations may cause a vacuum to move within the scale for a given period of time. 

Other cordless vacuums with great cleaning power

Tineco Pure One S15 Pet: Another top performer from Tineco, the Pure One S15 Pet is nearly identical to our top pick, the S11, but it costs an extra $100 at a retail price of $500. For the money, you’re essentially getting the same basic cleaner as the S11, but with an anti-tangle brush head that’s better designed for tackling excess amounts of pet hair, as well as a free-standing dock design that doesn’t need to be drilled into your wall. It was a top five finisher in both our sand and rice tests, but the S11 actually edged it out on both fronts with even better cleaning power at an even better value.

Samsung Jet 90: Our toughest cordless vacuum cleaning challenge is the mid-pile sand test, where we see how much sand each vacuum can suck out of thick, plushy carpet. Only three of the 15 cordless vacuums we’ve tested in recent years have been able to average pickup percentages better than 80% in that test: the Dyson V15 Detect, the Tineco Pure One S15 Pet, and the Samsung Jet 90, which led the way overall with an outstanding mid-pile sand pickup percentage of 98%. It’s a splurge for sure at a retail price of $650, but it’s still worthy of consideration if you have lots of thick carpets in your home.

Samsung Jet 75: Nearly identical to the Jet 90, the Samsung Jet 75 offers comparable cleaning power and a similarly attractive build, as well as the same 60-minute battery life, the same HEPA filtration, and the same 200 air watts of suction. Build-wise, the main difference is that the Jet 90 uses a free-standing dock while the Jet 75’s dock needs to be drilled into your wall. It wasn’t nearly as strong a performer as the Jet 90 in that mid-pile sand test, but the Jet 75 still performed well overall, and at $600, it retails for a little less.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive: With a motor that automatically adapts to the type of floor it’s cleaning and a fancy LCD display, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive certainly feels the part of an upgrade pick. At a retail price of $700, with sale prices often bringing that number down closer to $500, it’s priced like one, too. The good news is that the vacuum lived up to the hype with highly consistent cleaning power across all of our tests, but it was outperformed by newer models like the Dyson V15 Detect, as well as competitors that cost less from Tineco and Samsung.

Other cordless vacuum value picks

Shark Rocket Pet Pro: Our previous pick for best value, the Shark Rocket Pet Pro remains a solid budget option in 2023 provided you can find it in stock. Typically retailing for less than $300, it offers excellent cleaning performance on hardwood floors and with crumbs and other small bits of debris, along with satisfactory pickup power on carpets and with dust. It features HEPA filtration and a self-cleaning, anti-tangle brush head that’s helpful for preventing pet hair clogs, and it also converts to a convenient handheld cleaner when needed.

Moosoo XL-618: It wasn’t a strong performer in our toughest tests, but the Mooso XL-618 proved perfectly capable for basic cleaning — particularly with crumbs and on hardwood floors. It also converts to a handheld vac you can use to clean your car or clean furniture. Retailing for $150 and frequently on sale for closer to $100, the XL-618 is about as inexpensive as cordless vacuums get, so if you’re willing to sacrifice some cleaning power in order to save some cash, it’s worth a look.

How we test cordless vacuums

Putting cordless vacuums through their paces isn’t as complicated as testing a robot vacuum cleaner, but it still takes lots of time and careful effort to find the best cordless vacuum.  

To get started, we hauled in 15 of the latest models from leading vacuum brands with high user ratings and reviews, and ran them through a series of tests designed to measure overall proficiency. We also tested cordless vacuums in a range of prices to see how much of a difference you can expect when you opt for a pricier model over a budget pick.

Testing cordless vacuums on different flooring 

We run each vacuum in a straight line across three different surfaces (hardwood, low-pile carpet and midpile carpet). On all three test beds, the test area is 30.25 inches long.

The width of the test bed is proportional to the vacuum’s nozzle width, which we measure ourselves. We also use nozzle width, plus the flooring type, to calculate the soil density for each test, per International Electrotechnical Commission guidelines. The IEC is a global standards body responsible for managing testing procedures, among other things, for vacuum manufacturers.

Enlarge Image

We test vacuums on three types of floor surfaces.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Testing the cleaning ability of each cordless vacuum

We use three types of soil. To simulate small particle size, we use a mix of play sand and landscaping sand. To emulate larger dirt particles, we use uncooked black rice. To see how vacuums deal with pet hair, we use a mixture of clippings sourced to us through our local pet groomer. 

We run tests in a straight line across all three floor types.

Brian Bennett/CNET

We perform three runs (at minimum) on each floor type. We also test suction power with sand and rice separately. That comes to at least 18 tests per vacuum. To measure the results, we weigh the vacuum’s dust bin both before and after each run.

From there we can calculate the percentage of dirt and debris pickup for every run and the average amount of soil a vacuum manages to remove. Additionally, we run anecdotal (visual) pet hair tests for each vacuum, on all three floor types, to help us select the best cordless vacuum.

Which cordless vacuums cleaned up in CNET tests?

Let’s get right to the numbers, starting with our sand tests. The table below tells you the average percentage of sand each vacuum was able to remove from each of our three test surfaces. The vacuums are listed in order of overall sand removed in total, from the most to the least, so feel free to think of this as something of a sand test leaderboard.

Percentage of sand removed

Dyson V15 Detect 96.93% 95.28% 88.43%Samsung Jet 90 93.05% 85.71% 97.73%Tineco Pure One S11 98.77% 93.38% 78.43%Tineco Pure One S15 Pet 100.00% 88.33% 81.43%Samsung Jet 75 98.61% 90.56% 78.89%Tineco A11 Hero 98.47% 82.50% 72.45%Samsung Bespoke Jet 94.87% 81.25% 77.08%Dyson V11 Torque Drive 99.59% 78.43% 71.57%LG CordZero ThinQ 97.12% 80.88% 67.97%Shark Rocket Pet Pro 100.00% 67.59% 72.41%Eureka RapidClean Pro 94.44% 64.81% 60.37%Dyson V8 Absolute 97.94% 68.30% 52.12%Bissell IconPet 89.74% 66.16% 54.04%Moosoo XL-618 99.07% 41. 30% 52.22%Aposen Cordless Vacuum 67.09% 27.95% 37.67%

  • Sand removed from hardwood floors
  • Sand removed from from low-pile carpet
  • Sand removed from mid-pile carpet

Note: Results listed are the average percentage of total material removed from test surface

As you can see, the Dyson V15 Detect is our top overall cleaner in these sand tests, but note that the Samsung Jet 90 actually outperformed it by a considerable margin on thick, plushy mid-pile carpet. Sucking sand out of carpets like those is a real challenge — most of the vacuums we test can’t even remove 80% of the stuff when all is said and done. The Jet 90 managed almost 98%, which is pretty outstanding. If you have thick carpets like those in your home, it’s definitely worth a look.

Meanwhile, the Tineco Pure One S11 is the only cordless vacuum in the top 5 of our sand tests that retails for less than $500. At a price of $400 (or less, if you catch a sale), it offers a high level of performance at a strong value relative to the competition, which is a large part of the reason why it’s our top recommended cordless vacuum.

That does it for sand — now let’s take a look at how the cordless vacuums we tested handled uncooked black rice, our stand-in for crumbs and other larger-sized bits of debris.

Percentage of rice removed

Tineco Pure One S11 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%Tineco Pure One S15 Pet 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%Shark Rocket Pet Pro 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%Moosoo XL-618 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%Tineco A11 Hero 97.48% 99.37% 97.63%Dyson V11 Torque Drive 98.25% 100.00% 94.68%LG CordZero ThinQ 95.65% 98.51% 98.27%Dyson V8 Absolute 100.00% 100.00% 92.13%Samsung Jet 90 93.05% 98.19% 97.73%Samsung Bespoke Jet 89.74% 98.21% 97.47%Samsung Jet 75 90.28% 98.41% 96.03%Dyson V15 Detect 96.93% 95.28% 88.43%Bissell IconPet 89.74% 93.80% 93.07%Eureka RapidClean Pro 71.76% 88. 62% 76.72%Aposen Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 43.35% 49.06% 46.90%

  • Rice removed from hardwood floors
  • Rice removed from from low-pile carpet
  • Rice removed from mid-pile carpet

Note: Results listed are the average percentage of total material removed from test surface

As you can see, the black rice test is less of a challenge than the sand test, and a number of the vacuums we tested, including the top-rated Tineco Pure One S11, finished with a perfect rating across all three surfaces. Interestingly, that shortlist of perfect-rated cleaners includes two of our value picks, the Shark Rocket Pet Pro and the Moosoo XL-618. Neither one was a standout with sand (in fact, the Moosoo model was among the worst in those tests), but with larger crumbs at least, both are perfectly capable.

The Bissell IconPet features headlights and a nice-looking black and green build, but it wasn’t a top performer in our tests.

Ry Crist/CNET

Other considerations when choosing a cordless vacuum

When choosing the best vacuums in various categories we considered other factors associated with each. We noted any vacuums with especially short battery life or a particularly heavy weight that might make them a less desirable option. 

Cordless vacuum battery life and runtime

Most of the vacuums on our list feature a runtime of 40 minutes before needing another charge, though a growing number of models are starting to offer higher-capacity batteries with runtimes of 60 minutes per charge. In truth, it’s a rare occasion that one would need more than 40 minutes of runtime for a single vacuuming session, and the prevalence of charging docks makes it easy to recharge in between cleaning runs. Because of this, battery life was not weighted as heavily as other features.

Cordless vacuum weight, size and bin capacity

All of the cordless vacuums we tested were between 4 and 7 pounds, but none was so heavy that it affected our recommendation. All of the vacuums on this list were also very similar in height and overall size. The Dyson models are both roughly 49 inches, while the Tineco A11 is shorter at just 43 inches tall. 

The Dyson and Tineco models all have bin volumes of about 0.6 liter, which is fairly common across the category. Our alternate budget pick, the Moosoo XL-618, has double that capacity (1.3 liters) so you’ll need to empty the bin less often.

Cordless vacuum warranties

Cordless vacuum warranties will vary by manufacturer and by model, but the majority of models we’ve tested will offer at least a year of coverage, if not two. The Dyson and Tineco models we tested each offer two years of coverage, as does the Samsung Bespoke Jet, though Samsung only offers a single year for its Jet 75 and Jet 90 cleaners.

Why you should trust CNET testing

Our team of CNET experts, editors and lab technicians has been testing vacuums in a smart home and testing warehouse located in Louisville for over 10 years. In that time, we’ve refined our testing methods and assessments in a controlled environment to measure the proficiency of robot vacuums, full-size models and cordless stick vacuums alike. For more details, check out this in-depth article on how we test vacuums at CNET. 

Cordless vacuum FAQs

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Using the built-in GPS, you can train in lakes, oceans and rivers by recording distance, pace, stroke count, stroke rate, stroke distance and SWOLF.


Dive into the water and start recording distance, pace, strokes, stroke type and SWOLF; Take advantage of advanced pool features including automatic rest.


Guide your workouts and track your progress when you know your critical swimming speed, which approximates your anaerobic threshold speed.


Track time and distance for exercises such as push-off, one-arm swimming or stroke.


When you need to take a break, the Garmin Swim 2 smartwatch lets you track your rest time with two types of timers.


Turn-by-turn pace alerts make it easy to stay on course and reach your goals.


Create your own custom workouts in the Garmin Connect app and display them on your workout watch.


Track heart rate zones, calories, aerobic and anaerobic training effects and more to train smarter and harder.


Find out if your day is calm, balanced or stressful. Reminders to relax will even tell you to do a short breathing exercise.


Track your body’s energy levels to find the optimal time to be active and rest.


As you walk, Garmin Swim 2 tracks steps, intensity minutes and more.


Change your workout routine with activity profiles for cycling, cardio, running and more.


Receive emails, texts and alerts directly to your watch when paired with a compatible smartphone.


With access to multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) you will know how far and fast you have swum during the longest open water swims.