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audifi WiFi Music Receiver with Audiophile DAC Bluetooth 5.0 & AirPlay

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Transforms Any Old HiFi Stereo System to enable high-fidelity Wi-Fi and multi-room streaming

The Auris audifi is a WiFi music receiver that works with any amplifier or active speakers to unlock and discover a world full of music streaming services and internet radio stations, all streaming in 24-bit hi-res audio.

It can be used as a standalone streamer alongside your preferred amplifier or grouped with other players to create a multi-room listening experience.

  • Bring high-fidelity WiFi connectivity to any existing stereo amplifier, AV receiver, or powered speakers.
  • Supports WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD ensuring hi-res music playback without interruption.
  • Simple setup directly inside the user-friendly 4Stream app.
  • Hi-res audio streaming with access to Internet radio stations, cloud music services, and your own local music library.
  • Create and control a seamless multi-room system with the intuitive 4Stream app.
  • Powered by audiophile quality ESS SABRE ES9023 premium DAC.
  • Features digital and analog input/output options and subwoofer out.
  • AirPlay to stream from any other music player or service as you’re not stuck using one product app.

“Auris raises Bluetooth audio quality by adopting the latest Hi-Res standard.”

“You can easily move between rooms without the music cutting out.”

“The Auris bluMe is a great and affordable way to add Hi-Res Bluetooth streaming to your home audio.”

Meet audifi

audifi unlocks the world of lossless music streaming and multi-room audio by adding 24-bit hi-res streaming to your existing vintage stereo systems or powered speakers with just a few taps of the intuitive 4Stream app for iOS and Android.

Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, audifi provides the best-in-class wireless streaming experience. With state-of-the-art Bluetooth® aptX® HD, audifi can easily support 24-bit streaming directly from your phone or tablet.


Built-in high-end DAC technology allows audifi to decode and stream audio in all its lossless glory.

Control at your fingertips

Connect audifi to your existing AV receiver or Hi-Fi system and download the free 4Stream app on your phone or tablet to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network to create a powerful streaming audio system.


Instantly select sources, browse your music library, control playback and stream high-quality wireless music from the included music players or leave the app and play from any other streaming service via Airplay.

Stream everything you love

Stream from your music library or use the in-app music services, which include Spotify, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster and more using your iOS or Android phone.


Use AirPlay to stream from any other music player or streaming service as you’re not stuck using one product app.

Hi-Res music. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Add additional audifi streamers to other music systems or your home theater for multiroom sound, stereo pairing and multi-user capabilities. Control your music from anywhere in your home and play any song in any room or every room.

Ultra connectivity

Featuring an array of analog and digital input and output options, audifi gives you infinite playback choices. With the ability to connect to your TV or CD player for audio input, audifi ensures that your physical music collection continues to thrive.


Seamlessly stream your favorite tracks to your active amplifier, stereo receiver, active subwoofer or more and hear it anywhere in your home.

Audiophile Sound. Compact Design.

audifi features a solid aluminum body and a compact design that fits just about anywhere.


Under the hood, you’ll find a high-performance audiophile grade ESS Sabre ES9023 premium DAC and advanced circuitry that deliver a powerful, sonically-pure audio experience.

High-Resolution Audio

audify supports high-resolution audio including FLAC/WAV/AIFF and Apple Lossless (ALAC) up to 192 kHz/24-bit for more accurate reproduction of sonic details, presence and atmosphere.

OLED Display

Know the device status visually and intuitively with the integrated OLED Display. Get info when changing input modes, volume, song info and more instantly.

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High-end audio codecs Qualcomm® aptX HD | aptX LL | aptX & AAC


ESS Sabre ES9023 DAC


Digital & analog connectivity


Sub-woofer Output


OLED Display

Why Do AV Receivers Have Ethernet?

Some of the AV receiver models you will find include ethernet connectivity. This can make a receiver model more expensive, but the real question is, is it needed? How do AV receivers use ethernet connections, and does it justify the price point?

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AV receivers have ethernet ports built-in for a direct internet connection. Ethernet is a stronger connection than Wi-Fi and will better serve your receiver if you are streaming directly from its hardware. A direct connection via ethernet can also transmit regular updates to the receiver’s firmware.

Read on to learn why AV receivers include ethernet ports.

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Ways an Ethernet Port Can Benefit Your Home Theater Experience

What is ethernet anyway? And how will connecting your receiver contribute to your home theater? There is a lot to break down here. First, it is tantamount that you understand what an ethernet cable does. From there, we will break down the benefits of adding this connection and tips for doing it at home.

What Is Ethernet?

Considering that most internet connections that casual users utilize are wireless, an ethernet cable can feel archaic, if not confusing. However, they are ubiquitous. You may have used one while configuring your home’s wireless network.

While a Wi-Fi connection sends data over wireless signals, ethernet sends them through a cable. More specifically, wireless routers facilitate wireless connections from your internet network to your devices. Wireless connections still require one essential wire. The ethernet cable connects the router to the modem.

In other words, the modem connects you to the Internet. At the same time, the router manages your devices to interact with the Internet.

Routers commonly feature ethernet ports for other devices, even if they tout wireless connections. But why would you forego the convenience of a Wi-Fi connection to connect a device to a router via ethernet? It turns out ethernet connections host an array of benefits:

  • Faster speeds. Ethernet cables create a direct pathway between your device and the router, making them a speedier connection than Wi-Fi. At their fastest, ethernet speeds can reach up to 10 Gbps, if not more from modern CAT cables. On the other hand, Wi-Fi connections mostly top out at 6.9 Gbps with Wi-Fi 6 and can run even slower. Speed and consistency makes a difference when transferring larger file sizes.
  • More security. Wi-Fi data travels through the air, which means one could intercept it. On the other hand, since ethernet connections are physical. If one wanted to access information from an ethernet-connected device, they would have to connect to the network physically to do so. That is why ethernet connections are usually more secure than their wireless counterparts.
  • More robust reliability. Many obstructions can inhibit a Wi-Fi signal, including electrical interference from other devices and physical objects. These obstructions increase the possibility of an unreliable connection. However, ethernet cables shield themselves from these obstacles, preventing lags and drops in your device’s internet connection.

How an AV Receiver Uses an Ethernet Port

AV receivers provide ethernet ports for internet connectivity. This extension can offer a boost of features that include regular updates and media streaming services. Some receivers have Wi-Fi connectivity. But sometimes, an ethernet port may be a receiver’s only way to directly connect to the Internet.

Here are some functions you can use when you connect your AV receiver via ethernet cable:

Media Streaming

Streaming, especially music streaming, has become a considerable portion of our media consumption. Now, many AV receivers have streaming services built into the hardware, whether it be third-party streamers (i.e., Spotify) or company-specific offerings (i.e., HEOS). A direct ethernet connection can provide fast streaming through these apps, as well as digital radio.

Firmware Update

Regular updates are a staple in the electronics world today. In the past, the AV receiver you bought would stay the same, warts and all, throughout its lifetime. Manufacturers can now fix bugs in their systems by uploading updates straight to your receiver’s firmware with regular patching. In the early days of Blu-ray players, patching was critical to increase read speeds of discs and to fix crashes. Since an AV receiver is a multi-year, if not a decade-long, purchase, regular updates will give your receiver a superior lifespan.

NAS Files

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. This storage device is attached to a private network, which can be accessed by authorized personnel. In other words, it is like having personal cloud storage. NAS is uncommon in residential homes but gaining in popularity. I have personally had one in my home office since 2010.

However, businesses use them often. If your company uses NAS files for meetings and presentations, an ethernet enabled receiver (not strictly home theater here) may be a great conference room addition.

Tips to Connect Your Receiver via an Ethernet Cable

If you are interested in unlocking your receiver’s ethernet capabilities, making the connection should be fairly straightforward. After all, you need to connect your receiver to the internet router via the ethernet cable. However, depending on the location of your router, this is easier said than done.

Your biggest obstacle will be bridging the gap between your receiver and your internet router. If your router is in the same room or an adjacent room, the connection may require some simple wiring hacks to your receiver.

However, connecting to a router on the opposite side of the house will need a wiring system. If you are building a new home or renovating an old one, this may be an option for you. Otherwise, you will have to get creative.

Plugging the ethernet cable into the router is the easy part. Routers have a few ethernet ports in the back intended for multiple devices. However, if you plan to stream audio or video straight to your receiver from the Internet, investing in an ethernet switch would be a good idea. An ethernet switch will divert internet traffic, so the data primarily travels to the receiver.

Note: Streaming to your AV receiver through an ethernet cable may cause your streaming apps to automatically switch to higher quality settings, thus using more bandwidth. Your internet service provider may urge you to stop or buy a bigger plan if they see you using more bandwidth than your terms of service agreement allows. Always check your internet plan first before making this kind of connection.

Alternatives to Ethernet Use

Maybe you are reading this with some apprehension. How much does your receiver need a direct internet connection if you have media devices with internet capabilities already?

We get it, not everyone would want to use their receivers as a media hub. AV receivers can have clunky navigation and a chunky UI. If this resonates with you, try one of these options instead:

  • Gaming console. All modern gaming consoles have media streaming capabilities. Connect your Nintendo Switch, PS5, or Xbox Series X to your TV. Then connect the TV to the receiver, and you are ready to go!
  • Streaming media box. Media boxes and extensions have become very common. Some examples include Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, and Apple TV. You can plug these into a TV and then the TV into the receiver.
  • Smart TV. Smart TVs are a standard these days. Besides providing Wi-Fi connectivity, Smart TV manufacturers partner with the same streaming box companies we just mentioned to include built-in media streaming. This integrated device connects straight to your receiver.

Final Thoughts

In short, many AV receivers include ethernet ports as a way of streaming media more efficiently than it would over a wireless connection. Ethernet connections are faster, secure, and more reliable, assisting the streaming programs built into the receiver’s hardware. AV receivers can also download firmware updates through an ethernet connection.

However, consumers can get the same media benefits by connecting streaming devices to the receiver via their TV.

Receiver WV Foros Combo – Satellite receivers

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  • Receiver World Vision Foros Combo

Receiver World Vision Foros Combo


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The World Vision Foros Combo T2/S2 combo receiver is based on the new high-performance GX6605 processor, supports the reception of satellite channels in the DVB-S/S2 standard, including T2-MI transponders broadcast for terrestrial digital television networks, and is also the second terrestrial cable tuner in The case supports reception of digital terrestrial channels in the DVB-T/T2 standard and cable channels in the DVB-C standard. For quick installation of a satellite dish and receiver, configuration is supported through the DVBFinder application installed on a smartphone with Android OS.

The receiver supports connection to a wireless Internet network via an external USB Wi-Fi adapter, thanks to which the functions are expanded and become available: IPTV player, YouTube and MEGOGO video services, Weather.

The body of the receiver was equipped with two USB 2.0 connectors, a four-digit seven-segment LED display, the main controls of the POWER, MENU, CH + / -, OK buttons are displayed on the front panel, the audio-video signal is connected via a composite and HDMI output, an external power supply with voltage 12V.

Key features:

  • GX6605 high performance processor
  • Fully compatible with DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T2 standards
  • MPEG2/MPEG4 decompression
  • Video resolution support 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p, 576i, 480i
  • Dolby Digital support
  • Two USB 2. 0 ports with USB Wi-Fi support
  • Digital media output HDMI v1.2
  • Audio/video output RCA
  • PVR functions: recording and TimeShift
  • Media player functions
  • Support for DiSEqC 1.0,1.1,1.2 and USALS
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Support for teletext and VBI subtitles
  • Parental control
  • Fast and blind channel search
  • Software update via USB
  • Dimensions: 130x65x30 mm

Receiver Vu+ Zero 4K

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Vu+ Uno 4K SE receiver

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Receiver Vu + Zero 4K

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Receiver HD BOX S2

good receiver for the money . ..

Sergey Mezevetov

Receiver Zgemma H9 TWIN

in general, the receiver is good, suitable for watching TV and distributing via IPTV

Nikita Mediankov

Receiver HD BOX S2

Victor Kotlyarov I want to tell you to buy a cooling pad for a laptop on this stand, put your tuner and there will be no heat, otherwise the tuner will burn out.


Receiver HD BOX S500 CI PRO

I have been using the HD BOX tuner for 1 month since I ordered it, the tuner works fine, the latest firmware has been installed, everything has been set up sharing, it pulls YouTube without problems, edem tv, HDrozetka movie line, everything also works MI-2T or as it is called multistream pulls did not try the cards and the cam module, and so the tuner will work.


Openbox AS4K CI Pro 9 receiver0011

Can you tell me how to set up a local network? So that everything went on it to the bodies, who will say?


Receiver Sezam Marvel Combo

The functionality of the receiver is really good for the money, but problems with the PSU greatly spoil the impression.



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