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audifi WiFi Music Receiver with Audiophile DAC Bluetooth 5.0 & AirPlay

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Transforms Any Old HiFi Stereo System to enable high-fidelity Wi-Fi and multi-room streaming

The Auris audifi is a WiFi music receiver that works with any amplifier or active speakers to unlock and discover a world full of music streaming services and internet radio stations, all streaming in 24-bit hi-res audio.

It can be used as a standalone streamer alongside your preferred amplifier or grouped with other players to create a multi-room listening experience.

  • Bring high-fidelity WiFi connectivity to any existing stereo amplifier, AV receiver, or powered speakers.
  • Supports WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX HD ensuring hi-res music playback without interruption.
  • Simple setup directly inside the user-friendly 4Stream app.
  • Hi-res audio streaming with access to Internet radio stations, cloud music services, and your own local music library.
  • Create and control a seamless multi-room system with the intuitive 4Stream app.
  • Powered by audiophile quality ESS SABRE ES9023 premium DAC.
  • Features digital and analog input/output options and subwoofer out.
  • AirPlay to stream from any other music player or service as you’re not stuck using one product app.

“Auris raises Bluetooth audio quality by adopting the latest Hi-Res standard.”

“You can easily move between rooms without the music cutting out.”

“The Auris bluMe is a great and affordable way to add Hi-Res Bluetooth streaming to your home audio.”

Meet audifi

audifi unlocks the world of lossless music streaming and multi-room audio by adding 24-bit hi-res streaming to your existing vintage stereo systems or powered speakers with just a few taps of the intuitive 4Stream app for iOS and Android.

Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, audifi provides the best-in-class wireless streaming experience. With state-of-the-art Bluetooth® aptX® HD, audifi can easily support 24-bit streaming directly from your phone or tablet.


Built-in high-end DAC technology allows audifi to decode and stream audio in all its lossless glory.

Control at your fingertips

Connect audifi to your existing AV receiver or Hi-Fi system and download the free 4Stream app on your phone or tablet to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network to create a powerful streaming audio system.


Instantly select sources, browse your music library, control playback and stream high-quality wireless music from the included music players or leave the app and play from any other streaming service via Airplay.

Stream everything you love

Stream from your music library or use the in-app music services, which include Spotify, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster and more using your iOS or Android phone.


Use AirPlay to stream from any other music player or streaming service as you’re not stuck using one product app.

Hi-Res music. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Add additional audifi streamers to other music systems or your home theater for multiroom sound, stereo pairing and multi-user capabilities. Control your music from anywhere in your home and play any song in any room or every room.

Ultra connectivity

Featuring an array of analog and digital input and output options, audifi gives you infinite playback choices. With the ability to connect to your TV or CD player for audio input, audifi ensures that your physical music collection continues to thrive.


Seamlessly stream your favorite tracks to your active amplifier, stereo receiver, active subwoofer or more and hear it anywhere in your home.

Audiophile Sound. Compact Design.

audifi features a solid aluminum body and a compact design that fits just about anywhere.


Under the hood, you’ll find a high-performance audiophile grade ESS Sabre ES9023 premium DAC and advanced circuitry that deliver a powerful, sonically-pure audio experience.

High-Resolution Audio

audify supports high-resolution audio including FLAC/WAV/AIFF and Apple Lossless (ALAC) up to 192 kHz/24-bit for more accurate reproduction of sonic details, presence and atmosphere.

OLED Display

Know the device status visually and intuitively with the integrated OLED Display. Get info when changing input modes, volume, song info and more instantly.

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Bluetooth 5.0




High-end audio codecs Qualcomm® aptX HD | aptX LL | aptX & AAC


ESS Sabre ES9023 DAC


Digital & analog connectivity


Sub-woofer Output


OLED Display

Listen EVERYWHERE Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020


The Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020 is a dedicated assistive listening receiver for use with a Listen EVERYWHERE server, allowing venues to meet ADA compliance with an audio over Wi-Fi assistive listening solution.   Venues can simply lend receivers to guests who want to hear the audio loud and clear.  Experience great quality audio and industry-leading low latency audio at your venue with the Listen EVERYWHERE Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020.

Customize the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020 with the free Listen EVERYWHERE Cloud Services tool.  Easily reflect your venue branding by customizing the app theme colors, channel names and images, welcome videos or logos, and sliding banners to personalize your guest’s experience.

From houses of worship to theaters, higher education and more, the Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020 is an excellent assistive listening choice.

This is a reconditioned and repurposed mobile device, which has been altered to perform only the function of assistive listening via the Listen EVERYWHERE application, with no other device services or applications accessible.  This product is being offered to you from Listen Technologies who has no affiliation with the original manufacturer (OM), Samsung Electronics Co. , Ltd, or any carrier.  OM has not reconditioned or repurposed this mobile device, is not related in any way to the parties who have reconditioned, repurposed, and repackaged it, and expressly disclaims all warranties with respect to its performance.  OM will not provide any product or service assistance, product use information, software upgrades, rebates, or recalls.  All product warranties and service assistance are offered solely from Listen Technologies.

Download Product Data Sheet

See Architectural & Engineering Specs

LWR-1020 Specification


LWR-1020-A1 Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020 (USA)

Architectural Specs

The device shall be a digital receiver operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHz unlicensed Wi-Fi bands allowing low latency streaming of audio from a Listen EVERYWHERE server across a local area network. The device shall be a provisioned smartphone, locked down and configured strictly for use as a Wi-Fi Audio Receiver, running the Listen EVERYWHERE mobile application with no other device services or applications being accessible.   The device shall provide access to WiFi network settings from the home screen.  The device shall provide a method to pair Bluetooth devices from the home screen.  Channel selection shall be made via the front panel touch display via the Listen EVERYWHERE application. The device shall provide easy to access volume control using the side volume buttons.

The device shall support encrypted and secure communications, employing passcode-protected private channels to ensure complete confidentiality in communication and streaming. It shall be powered via a non-removable rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The device shall incorporate automatic battery charging circuitry to charge and maintain the lithium-polymer battery via the USB-C port on the device.  The receiver shall have a 3.5 mm TRRS CTIA compliant headphone connection allowing operation with standard style headphones. It shall have a touch display with auto-dimming, allowing display of the Listen EVERYWHERE user interface as well as battery percentage, Wi-Fi signal strength, charging status, and volume adjustments.

The device shall support customizations to the user interface using a remote Cloud Services programming interface. The device shall support custom app themes and colors, channel names and logos, welcome video ads or logos, and in-app sliding banners.

The device shall have a signal-to-noise ratio of 74 dB or greater and shall have an audio frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz (±1 dB).  The receiver shall have audio latency of less than 80mS.

The Listen EVERYWHERE LWR-1020 is specified.

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This product is available through authorized resellers.

  • One (1) LWR-1020 Wi-Fi Audio Receiver 1020
  • One (1) USB-C to USB-C cable, 39” White
  • One (1) Quick Start Guide
  • Meet ADA compliance with dedicated Wi-Fi Audio Receiver
  • Unlimited channel support
  • Low Latency (see demo video)
  • Great quality and reliability
  • Simple to setup
  • Extremely easy for guests to use
  • Supports Bluetooth® connectivity to headphones, speakers, and hearing aids
  • Supports hearing aid telecoils with optional Neck Loop accessories (LA-438)
Also Needed
Dimensions (H x W x D) 164 x 75. 8 x 8.9 mm (6.46 x 2.98 x 0.35 in)
Unit Weight 205 g (7.23 oz)
Shipping Weight 363 g (12.8 oz)
Enclosure material Glass front, plastic back, plastic frame
Display 6.5 inches, 720 x 1600 pixels
Color Black
User Controls Volume, Wi-Fi Connection, Bluetooth Pairing, Channel Selection, Display on/off
Headphone Connection 3.5mm (1/8″) Headphone Jack, TRRS, CTIA Compliant
USB Connection USB Type C for power and charging
Audio Output Method Loudspeaker, 3.5mm Headphone, Bluetooth Connection
Frequency Response (system) 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 1dB (at nominal input level)
Distortion (system)
Signal to Noise Ratio (system) > 74 dB (at nominal input level)
Dynamic Range (system) 86 dB
Latency (system) 80 mS (may vary per network)
Wireless Frequencies 2. 4 GHz & 5 GHz Access Points
Wireless Support 802.11 b/g/n
Bandwidth Use 125 kbps (when actively playing audio)
Bluetooth 5.0, A2DP, LE
USB Type-C (reversible), USB 2.0
Channel Security AES-128-CBC Encryption (Private Channels enabled)
User Controls Power on/off, display on/off, channel selection, volume up/down
Connections Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth connections
Programming App customizations available via Cloud Services tool (see Customizations)
Display Current playing channel, available audio channels, battery level and percentage, Wi-Fi signal strength, volume status, charging status
+Power & Charging
Charging USB Type C charging cable, 39″ white, supports fast charging (15W)
Battery Type Lithium Polymer (Li-Po), non-removable
Battery Size 5000 mAh
Battery Life 30 hours of audio streaming
Battery Charging Time Fully charged in 2. 5 hours (adaptive fast charge)
App Theme Primary/Secondary Colors in the app can be set via Cloud Services
Welcome Ad Welcome Video/Logo and skip time customizable, via Cloud Services
Channel Names 13 characters maximum, customized via Cloud Services
Channel Logos Small and Large channel logos supported, customized via Cloud Services
Sliding Banners Up to six sliding banners can be assigned and scheduled, via Cloud Services
Regulatory Standards FCC
Specifications subject to change without notice
Quick Start Guides:
User Manuals:
Tech Notes:
+What wall charger do I need for the LWR-1020 receiver?

Listen Technologies recommends the following charger for the LWR-1020:  LA-424 2-Port USB-C Charger. The LWR-1020 Wi-Fi Audio Receiver can be charged using any standard 15W Type C wall charger (sold separately). The LWR-1020 does include a 39″ USB Type C charging cable (reversible) which can simply be plugged into your charger and the LWR-1020 receiver for fast and easy charging.

+Can the content on the LWR-1020 receiver be customized?

Yes, the content can be customized using the Listen EVERYWHERE app. The app theme colors, welcome ad video, sliding banners, channel images, and logos can all be customized using our free Cloud Services tool, same as the Listen EVERYWHERE mobile apps from the App Stores. However, this device does not support offers, PDF documents, or external URLs.

+What’s the difference between the LWR-1020 receiver and a standard smartphone?

The LWR-1020 Wi-Fi Audio Receiver is a reconditioned smartphone that has been specially configured for use as a Wi-Fi audio receiver for local audio streaming, with no other device services or applications being available. When you turn on the device, the only available application is the Listen EVERYWHERE app.

+If guests’ smartphones can be used as receivers, do I still need to provide receivers to be ADA compliant?

Yes, to comply with the ADA, a certain number of receivers and neck loops must be made available to guests. Use our Accessibility Calculator to find the number of receivers and neck loops required based on the fixed seating capacity of your facility.

+Can Wi-Fi be used in place of RF/IR?

Yes, Wi-Fi can be used as an ADA-compliant solution without a radio frequency or infrared system. It’s important to note that ADA compliance also requires the venue to have the correct number of receivers and neck loops (based on the fixed seating capacity) on hand with proper signage.

+With the Wi-Fi solution with 2-16 channels, how do you select the right channel? Does the app allow that?

Yes, users select the correct channel in the app.

+Can the Wi-Fi solution live on an existing building network, or does it require specific access points?

The Listen EVERYWHERE server is designed to be integrated into an existing network and be plug and play. The Listen EVERYWHERE system can be used on a stand-alone network as well. Depending on the application, it may be helpful to consult with an IT/Network Administrator for initial setup. Check out the Network Guide for Listen EVERYWHERE and Wireless Access Point Optimization for Listen EVERYWHERE tech notes for additional information.

+If you have the Wi-Fi solution in place, does that reduce the required number of receivers or loops?

No, the ADA still specifies the number of receivers and neck loops required per fixed seating capacity.

+Will guests be able to access the Internet, other apps, and services on the device?

No. This device has been configured strictly as a dedicated device for local audio streaming via the Listen EVERYWHERE app. It has been locked down into a kiosk mode, prohibiting access to all other services and applications. Guests will not be able to access or install applications, play games, take pictures, browse the Internet, etc.

+How do I manage charging the receivers in bulk at my venue?

For venues that need to charge multiple receivers simultaneously, Listen Technologies recommends purchasing a multi-port charging station or tower such as those offered by Tripp-Lite and many other online vendors. We recommend selecting a charging station that supports USB Type C charging and provides more than enough device slots for the number of receivers at your venue.

+What is the warranty on the LWR-1020?

The warranty on the LWR-1020 is two years.

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Accessibility Calculator

First, select the calculator type, USA (for Americans with Disabilities Act – ADA), California (for California Building Code), or Australia (for Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act 1992). Enter the seating capacity and the number of minimum assistive listening devices required and the minimum number of neck loops will automatically populate based on the calculator type selected.

Calculator Type USACaliforniaAustralia

Enter the capacity in the assembly area

Minimum Assistive Listening Devices required

Minimum number of neck loops required

Receiver WV Foros Combo – Satellite receivers

  • org/ListItem”>


  • satellite receivers

  • Receiver World Vision Foros Combo

Receiver World Vision Foros Combo


not available


The World Vision Foros Combo T2/S2 combo receiver is based on the new high-performance GX6605 processor, supports the reception of satellite channels in the DVB-S/S2 standard, including T2-MI transponders broadcast for terrestrial digital television networks, and is also the second terrestrial cable tuner in The case supports reception of digital terrestrial channels in the DVB-T/T2 standard and cable channels in the DVB-C standard. For quick installation of a satellite dish and receiver, configuration is supported through the DVBFinder application installed on a smartphone with Android OS.

The receiver supports connection to a wireless Internet network via an external USB Wi-Fi adapter, thanks to which the functions are expanded and become available: IPTV player, YouTube and MEGOGO video services, Weather.

The body of the receiver was equipped with two USB 2.0 connectors, a four-digit seven-segment LED display, the main controls of the POWER, MENU, CH + / -, OK buttons are displayed on the front panel, the audio-video signal is connected via a composite and HDMI output, an external power supply with voltage 12V.

Key features:

  • GX6605 high performance processor
  • Fully compatible with DVB-S/S2 and DVB-T2 standards
  • MPEG2/MPEG4 decompression
  • Video resolution support 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p, 576i, 480i
  • Dolby Digital support
  • Two USB 2.0 ports with USB Wi-Fi support
  • Digital media output HDMI v1.2
  • Audio/video output RCA
  • PVR functions: recording and TimeShift
  • Media player functions
  • Support for DiSEqC 1.0,1.1,1.2 and USALS
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Support for teletext and VBI subtitles
  • Parental control
  • Fast and blind channel search
  • Software update via USB
  • Dimensions: 130x65x30 mm

11490 and
15290 i


16990 and
23890 i


Vu+ Zero 4K Receiver

Such advice never buy Chinese made VU+ is shit squared

vladimir shevchenko

Receiver Vu+ Uno 4K SE

In general, the VU+ line is the best receivers, well, and Dreambox, well, the rest is just not serious,

vladimir shevchenko

Receiver Vu + Zero 4K

I advise everyone these receivers, of course you need knowledge about enigma 2-links, you can read on the forums, the image of BLACK HOLE is the most advanced-beautiful-I advise everyone VU + receivers, only the Korean manufacturer MARUS, do not take Chinese -full bullshit – with respect, kovsem vladimir


Receiver HD BOX S2

good receiver for the money . ..

Sergey Mezevetov

Receiver Zgemma H9 TWIN

in general, the receiver is good, suitable for watching TV and distributing via IPTV

Nikita Mediankov

Receiver HD BOX S2

Victor Kotlyarov I want to tell you to buy a cooling pad for a laptop on this stand, put your tuner and there will be no heat, otherwise the tuner will burn out.


Receiver HD BOX S500 CI PRO

I have been using the HD BOX tuner for 1 month since I ordered it, the tuner works fine, the latest firmware has been installed, everything has been set up sharing, it pulls YouTube without problems, edem tv, HDrozetka movie line, everything also works MI-2T or as it is called multistream pulls did not try the cards and the cam module, and so the tuner will work.


Openbox AS4K CI Pro 9 receiver0011

Can you tell me how to set up a local network? So that everything went on it to the bodies, who will say?


Receiver Sezam Marvel Combo

The functionality of the receiver is really good for the money, but problems with the PSU greatly spoil the impression.



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