Printers for hp chromebook: What Printers Are Compatible With Chromebooks?

The 7 Best Chromebook Compatible Printers


Rachel Scherer

Ensure your Chromebook doesn’t miss out on essential features like printing by finding the best Chromebook compatible printers.

Owning a Chromebook is incredible, but it can be pretty frustrating when you struggle to pair it with your printer.

Fortunately, there are many Chromebook-compatible printers that can help make printing photos and documents much more straightforward for Chromebook users.

Here are the best Chromebook compatible printers available today.

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The Canon MB5120 has an outstanding blend of functionality and durability, making it suitable for Chromebook users who want to print crisp documents. This printer packs impressive features in a compact design as it measures 18.3 x 18.1 x 11.5 inches. Its tiny footprint fits nicely in most cramped office spaces, and although it’s relatively heavy since it weighs 25 pounds, you won’t have a hard time switching printing positions.

This printer boasts a 1,200×600 dots per inch (DPI) resolution coupled with a four-color ink system for delivering business-worthy documents. The print quality is impressive as the printer produces colorful photos and clear text.

What sets the Canon MB5120 from some of its competitors is its fast printing rate. The print speed for black documents is 24.0 images per minute (ipm) and 15.5 images per minute for colored ones, so you don’t have to wait for long to print school or work-assigned projects.

Key Features

  • Google Cloud Printing
  • 30,000 pages duty cycle
  • 3.5-inch LCD screen
  • 250-sheet input capacity


  • Brand: Canon
  • Type: All-in-one
  • Color Printing: Yes
  • Scanner: Yes
  • Document Feeder: Yes
  • Pages Per Minute: 24 (black), 15. 5 (color)


  • Intuitive touchscreen display
  • Has scan, print, fax, and copy functionalities
  • Google cloud printing support
  • Impressive print quality


  • Lacks Wi-Fi Direct

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The HP Envy 6055e is fast and compact, making it a top pick for printing high-quality documents from your Chromebook. Besides offering fast print speeds, at 10 ppm (pages per minutes) in black and seven ppm color, the printer delivers nice-looking documents. The color accuracy is excellent since black letterings are visible from far.

The HP Envy 6055e supports the HP Smart app, which lets you print from anywhere after installing it in your Chromebook. You’ll only need to connect it to a local network and then send documents to the printer. The Wi-Fi technology is self-healing, meaning it detects and resolves any connection issues to reduce printing interruptions.

Measuring 17.03 x 14.21 x 5.2 inches and weighing 11.51 pounds, this printer is compact to fit in your small home office. It has a few protruding parts, only requiring you to have enough headroom for opening the scanner lid. Although the printer doesn’t have an LCD screen, it features a smart control panel with five lit touch buttons for quick navigation.

Key Features

  • Energy Star Certified
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • Self-healing dual-band Wi-Fi
  • 100-sheet input tray


  • Brand: HP
  • Type: All-in-one
  • Color Printing: Yes
  • Scanner: Yes
  • Document Feeder: No
  • Pages Per Minute: 10 (black), 7 (color)


  • Easy to set up
  • Allows you to print from anywhere
  • Vibrant prints

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Compact but mighty, the HP DeskJet 3755 is a suitable choice for anyone who has a small printing space. It easily fits on top of tiny desks since it measures 15.86 x 6.97 x 5.55 inches. Better yet, you can move the printer from one desk to another without straining as it weighs 5.13 pounds only.

The printing speed is decent for people who don’t print lots of work-related documents. It delivers a fast print speed of 5.5 ppm for colored papers and up to eight pages per minute (PPM) for black documents. Colored prints pop up with excellent vibrancy, making this printer ideal for professional usage.

Below the 1.1-inch display are eight buttons that let you start, stop, turn Wi-Fi on/off, and choose between color or black copies. The printer has one input paper tray, which handles most paper formats. The high-quality plastic build comes in three colorful patterns. You can pick between blue/white, stone, or seagrass/white to blend with your home office.

Key Features

  • Cloud print enabled
  • Compatible with Windows 8, 8. 1, 7, 10 operating systems
  • Wi-Fi direct wireless networking


  • Brand: HP
  • Type: All-in-one
  • Color Printing: Yes
  • Scanner: Yes
  • Document Feeder: No
  • Pages Per Minute: 8 (black), 5.5 (color)


  • Impressive photo quality
  • Compact design
  • Compact design


  • Low paper capacity

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Small and durable, the Epson Expression Home XP 4000 is one of the best printers for home office users. At the front is an intuitive 2.5-inch LCD that allows you to preview photos while displaying other essential information. The directional, OK, and power buttons deliver a tactile click, so every press is registered as intended.

The unit doesn’t take much space, thanks to its compact form factor. It only weighs 10 pounds and measures ‎20 x 6 x 3 inches, so you can transfer it to small open shelves around your home office with ease. Connecting the printer to your Chromebook is fast via Wi-Fi Direct, allowing you to print documents and vacation photos in minutes.

The input tray handles up to 100 sheets of plain paper and 20 for premium photo paper glossy. It also supports a vast range of paper types like photo paper glossy, photo-quality adhesive paper sheets, presentation paper matte, and more.

Key Features

  • Supports printing, scanning, and copying
  • Two-sided printing
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Wi-Fi Direct capability


  • Brand: Epson
  • Type: All-in-one
  • Color Printing: Yes
  • Scanner: Yes
  • Document Feeder: No
  • Pages Per Minute: 10. 0 (black), 5.0 (color)


  • Crisp text output
  • Easy-to-fill ink tanks
  • Supports wireless and wired printing
  • Fits nicely on cramped shelves


  • Lacks Ethernet

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The Canon PIXMA TR4520 packs lots of useful features that aid in producing high-quality and non-fading prints. Below the tiny display are some highly responsive buttons. They help you navigate through menus, like switching from black to color or pause the printing process.

Being an entry-level printer, the Canon PIXMA TR4520 delivers a printing speed of 8.8 ppm for black documents and 4. 4 ppm for colored ones. Although such rates aren’t the fastest, they are enough to fulfill your occasional printing needs. The printer yields colorful and detailed graphics as it features a resolution of up to 4,800×1,200.

You won’t have a problem printing business documents, plus text articles with small fonts are readable from a distance. The single 100-sheet tray holds a variety of papers, and this capacity is enough to handle occasional printing. You can install the Easy-PhotoPrint Editor app in your Chromebook to manipulate images to your liking.

Key Features

  • Works with Alexa
  • Supports auto-duplex
  • Compatible with Windows, iOS, macOS/OS X, and Android operating systems


  • Brand: Canon
  • Type: All-in-one
  • Color Printing: Yes
  • Scanner: Yes
  • Document Feeder: Yes
  • Pages Per Minute: 8. 8 (black), 4.4 (color)


  • Stunning print quality
  • Easy to use
  • Allows remote printing


  • High running costs

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The HP Envy 4520 is an affordable and convenient solution for anyone who wants to print, scan, and copy high-quality documents. This printer is quite fast, registering up to 9.5 ppm black and 6.8 ppm for colored pages. You get crisp print qualities, almost similar to that of top-tier laser printers.

The printer extends its plastic lip to confine documents, keeping your printing station organized. Most Envy series printers have a slim and compact design, and the HP Envy 4520 is no exception. This small all-in-one unit measures 14.45 x 17.52 x 5.04 inches, making it an ideal choice if you have small storage shelves.

The 100-sheet input tray has adjustable sliders, allowing you to print popular media sizes like A4, A5, and A6. The printer also works with HP’s Instant Ink Service, which keeps track of the ink levels for an affordable monthly fee. You’ll get a replacement on your mail once the ink runs low, ensuring continuous printing.

Key Features

  • Two-sided printing
  • Supports mobile printing
  • 100 sheets paper tray capacity (input)
  • 2.2-inch mono touchscreen display


  • Brand: HP
  • Type: All-in-one
  • Color Printing: Yes
  • Scanner: Yes
  • Document Feeder: No
  • Pages Per Minute: 9. 5 (black), 6.8 (color)


  • High-quality photo printing
  • Fits in compact spaces
  • Low printing costs
  • Works with Alexa

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Meet your home office’s printing, scanning, and copying needs without breaking the bank with the Canon TS6420. Performance-wise, this entry-level printer prints 6.8 pages per minute for colored pictures and 13 pages per minute for monochrome. Such speed is acceptable for Chromebook users with fewer documents and images to print.

The Canon TS6420 uses two standard cartridges, including black and Tri-color. The CL-261 Color Ink delivers vibrant colors in your images and photos, while the PG-260 Black ink cartridge produces sharp blacks in your documents. Like other recent printers, the Canon TS6420 is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control printing with your voice while at the comfort of your couch.

The Chromalife100 System support protects your photos from fading. You can pick between black and white, which are neutral colors that easily blend with many home offices. There’s also an LED status bar that lets you view the printer’s status.

Key Features

  • Supports the Canon print app
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Two-way paper feed
  • 1.44-inch OLED display


  • Brand: Canon
  • Type: All-in-one
  • Color Printing: Yes
  • Scanner: Yes
  • Document Feeder: No
  • Pages Per Minute: 13 (monochrome), 6. 8 (color)


  • High-quality output
  • Reliable print longevity
  • Two paper input trays
  • Voice-activated controls


  • High running costs

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Q: Why Won’t My Chromebook Connect to the Printer?

Firmware updates are a popular way of fixing connection issues. Some manufacturers provide automatic updates while others don’t, so you need to do it manually. If you have never done a manual update before, consider asking for instructions that rhyme with your printer’s model from the manufacturer’s page. Better yet, make sure you update your Chromebook to the latest Chrome OS version.

Sometimes your home network connection may be the problem, so check if your Wi-Fi is slow. Another way of solving connection issues is by removing and adding your printer again.

Q: Should I Repair or Replace My Damaged Chromebook Compatible Printer?

Even the best Chromebook compatible printers experience failure, whether it’s continually experiencing errors, slowing down, or just failing to operate. Whatever the problem is, there are some factors that will help you know if the printer is worth repairing or not. For instance, accessing replacement parts for an old model is expensive, plus they are pretty challenging to find.

Such printers may not even support the latest software upgrades, so consider buying a new one. If the repair cost also exceeds or is almost the same as the buying price, it’s best to buy another printer. You can take the printer to a repairer or fix it yourself if it’s only experiencing connection issues. Remember to update your Chromebook, too, to ensure its printing-supported features are up to date.

Q: How Can I Make My Chromebook Compatible Printer Last Longer?

Like many electronics, printers are likely to fail if the internal parts are exposed to dirt. Dislodging any grime or debris using a can of compressed air ensures the cards move freely without frequent jamming. While off-brand cards may be more discounted than the recommended ones, they take a toll on your printer’s performance.

Such cards only work in the short term and may destroy the print heads’ quality after some time. Another great way to ensure optimal performance is by updating your printer’s drivers since they improve the printing software and eliminate loopholes. In addition, install the cleaning kits and ribbons correctly since being slightly out of calibration causes streaking.

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Best printers for Chromebooks in 2023


Jamaluddeen Adamu

Welcome to stress-free printing from your Chromebook.

Chromebooks have steadily gained popularity over the years due to their portability, affordability, and simplicity. These lightweight laptops are powered by Google’s Chrome OS, which is optimized for speed and efficiency. Furthermore, they come equipped with cloud storage and other user-friendly features, making them an excellent choice for individuals seeking ease of use.

The appeal of these qualities has resulted in their widespread use in homes, educational systems, and offices. While these application areas differ, they all involve the frequent or infrequent printing of materials. And being able to do that from your exquisite Chromebook is indeed a convenience. Fortunately, there are many great Chromebook-compatible printers on the market, and we’ve done our due diligence in collating the best options for you.

  • Source: Brother

    Brother HL-L3270CDW

    Best overall

    Brother’s HL-L3270CDW is a color laser printer with a 2.7-inch navigation touchscreen. It connects via Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB. The printer also supports sheets of various types and sizes, including letters, legal paper, envelopes, and card stock. It’s also well-suited for bulk printing, with a print speed of 25ppm, an input tray capacity of 250 sheets (output of 150 sheets), and automatic duplex printing. However, this printer isn’t all-in-one and cannot be used for scanning or photocopying.

    $300 at Brother

    $300 at Amazon

    $300 at Best Buy

  • Source: HP

    HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e

    Premium pick

    The HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e serves as an all-in-one auto duplex printer with scan, copy, and fax capabilities. It has a 500-sheet input and 100-sheet output capacity and prints at 24 ppm in black, 20 ppm in color, and twice these speeds when scanning. You can connect it to Chromebook via Wi-Fi, USB, or Ethernet. And given that it’s an Inkjet printer, it produces more vivid colors than its laser counterparts — at a steep price.

    $400 at HP

    $400 at Amazon

    $400 at Best Buy

  • Source: Canon

    Canon PIXMA TS6420a

    Best value

    Searching for a cheap, portable, all-in-one color printer to use with your Chromebook? The PIXMA TS6420a has got you covered. It’s a compact auto-duplex Inkjet printer that connects via USB. It prints at a maximum speed of 6.8 ppm in color and 13 ppm in monochrome, producing outputs of decent quality. Also, similar to the Best Overall and Premium Pick, it has a user-friendly 1.44-inch OLED window that delivers clear, easy-to-read status messages.

    $80 at Canon

    $79 at Amazon

    $80 at Best Buy

  • Source: Epson

    Epson EcoTank ET-2850

    Cheapest ink

    “You know a good printer by its ink” is probably what Epson had in mind before creating this printer. The EcoTank ET-2850 is an all-in-one Wi-Fi/USB color duplex printer with high-capacity ink tanks that can print 90x the pages that a traditional cartridge can, saving a lot on ink costs. Plus, you get two years of ink in the box. And all this without sacrificing a crisp, vibrant output. Nevertheless, this printer’s slow 5 ppm/10.5 ppm mono/color printing speed is a drawback.

    $350 at Epson

    $350 at Amazon

    $350 at Best Buy

  • Source: HP

    HP DeskJet 2755e

    The HP DeskJet 2755e is an all-in-one inkjet printer designed for office use. It offers multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB. In addition, it features an auto-document feeder and prints at a speed of 7.5 ppm in color and 5.5 ppm in monochrome. It also includes a free six-month instant ink subscription when you activate HP+. And with the HP Smart app, you can easily set up, print, scan, and copy from your phone.

    $85 at HP

    $85 at Amazon

    $85 at Best Buy

  • Source: Lexmark

    Lexmark C3224dw

    This is a two-sided color laser printer that doesn’t scan or copy but does everything well in the printing department. It prints at a speed of 24 ppm and has a tray capacity of 250 sheets. It features a two-line LCD control screen and offers a fast and easy setup with wireless, USB, and Ethernet connectivity options. It also works with mobile via the Lexmark mobile print app, Mopria, and AirPrint.

    $275 at lexmark

    $276 at Amazon

  • Source: Canon

    Canon PIXMA TR7020a

    Canon’s PIXMA TR7020a is a sleek, stylish all-in-one inkjet printer that connects via USB. It features a 2-cartridge fine hybrid ink system that delivers excellent document and photo results. It prints in a two-sided format at a speed of 13 monochrome and 6.8 color pages per minute, saving you time and paper. It also features a 1.44-inch OLED display and LED status bar, making navigation and operation easy.

    $100 at Canon

    $99 at Amazon

    $100 at Best Buy

  • Source: Brother

    Brother MFC-J4335DW

    The Brother MFC-J4335DW is an all-in-one auto-duplex inkjet printer built for home and office use. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB connectivity, you can easily print from any device, including your Chromebook. It prints at a speed of 16 ppm in color and 20 ppm in monochrome, and its front-loading ink cartridges hold more ink than traditional ones. Moreover, its INKvestment Tank Technology enables up to one year of uninterrupted printing with the four cartridges provided in-box.

    $180 at Amazon

    $180 at Best Buy

  • Source: Epson

    Epson WorkForce WF-2950

    This is the Epson alternative to the ‘Best Value’ Canon printer. They are the same price and have similar features like auto-duplex printing, inkjet technology, all-in-one capability, and a display panel. However, this printer differs in print speed (10 ppm mono and five ppm color) and connectivity (Wi-Fi and USB). But unlike the Best Value printer, this printer isn’t entirely cheap, as its ink runs out fairly quickly and replacements are quite expensive.

    $80 at Amazon

Choosing the best printer for your Chromebook

When choosing the best printer for your Chromebook, there are a few factors to consider. The first and most important is whether or not the printer is compatible with your Chromebook and any other devices you may want to print from. Ideally, you want a printer that supports printing via Wi-Fi, USB, or Ethernet and is also cloud print enabled, so you can easily print from popular cloud apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.

Once you’ve established compatibility, you’ll want to evaluate your specific needs and application. For example, suppose you intend on doing a lot of colored printing. In that case, you’ll want a printer that can handle sheets of different shapes and sizes, has a high input and output capacity, and connects easily with your device. In this case, the Brother HL-L3270CDW is an excellent choice. It’s fast, supports a wide range of sheet sizes and shapes, and enables cloud print. It also connects easily via Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet, making it a versatile option. However, it’s not an all-in-one printer, so it can only print.

That’s where our Premium Pick, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e, comes into play. It comes with similar specs to the Brother HL-L3270CDW but includes scanning, photocopying, and faxing capabilities. It even produces slightly better or more vivid colored outputs. However, you’ll have to spend a little more to get it. Consider signing up for HP+ to get six months of free ink to lessen usage costs.

If you want a more affordable all-in-one color printer to keep up with your everyday needs, the PIXMA TS6420a is an excellent choice. It’s a compact auto-duplex Inkjet printer that connects via USB and produces outputs of decent quality. Its print speed is also reasonable, making it a great option if you’re on a tight budget. Or, you can spend a little more to get the superior Epson EcoTank ET-2850. Since it comes with high-capacity ink tanks that print 90x the pages a traditional cartridge can, you’d save up to 90% on ink costs in the long run. Plus, you also get two years’ worth of ink in the box upon purchase, so you don’t have to worry about replacement ink too soon.

Getting the most out of your Chromebook printer

A great printing experience from your Chromebook goes beyond just getting a superb printer; it extends into usage and maintenance. Once you’ve acquired the printer of your choice, make sure you go through the manual. This will provide you with the necessary information regarding installment, updates, warranty, and how to rectify paper jams and get replacement inks. While it may seem daunting to go through these processes, it will provide stress-free usage of your printer with your Chromebook and other accessories.

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Computer HP ChromeBook x360 11 G5

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Technical features

Archive Yes
Status Out of stock
New No
Free shipping No
Art. No. 1TT16EA
Type Notebook
LTE modem No

Product overview

Rewrite the rules with the durable HP Chromebook x360 11 Education Edition convertible laptop, built specifically for students and educators. It opens up great opportunities for learning and collaboration, offering rich functionality, reliability and easy-to-use operating system Chrome OS .

Rugged, compact solution for students

Ready for anything while studying with the latest Intel ® processor, up to 8 GB of memory, long battery life (up to 12 hours of battery life) 1 , ultra-slim design with rubber Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass 3 and spill-resistant keyboard.

Suitable for all training needs

With 360° swivel mount and two additional cameras 2 Students can enter text with a physical or touch keyboard or digital pen 1 , take pictures and sketch 1 . Create content in laptop mode, collaborate in stand mode, show content in presentation mode, read, write 1 and draw 1 in tablet mode.

Intuitive digital pen

3 and touch controls

Learn languages ​​with ease, write comments 2 , solve math problems 2 and take notes 2 right on the screen with advanced touch control technology. Optional digitizer and HP x360 Batteryless EMR Stylus 11 with Eraser 4 for a natural writing experience; palm recognition technology prevents accidental touches.

Key Features

Simplified Deployment

Automatic Software Update and Chrome OS 9 Antivirus Protection0063 ™ will save you from unnecessary worries.

Fast networking

Stay connected in the cloud with Intel ® 2 x 2 AC Wireless.

More than enough battery power to last all day

Battery life to last a full day of school and homework.

The connectors you need

The notebook has two USB 3.1 Gen 1 connectors for connecting devices and a 3.5 mm headphone/microphone jack. USB-C connectors are used to power and charge devices (via USB-C adapter ) and to transfer data.

Cameras for every mode

Create opportunities for classroom projects with an optional dual camera with microphone that lets students see and hear everything they shoot in four modes: laptop, tablet, presentation and console.

Enhanced learning apps and content

Explore new learning experiences with the optional Google Play for Education app with thousands of innovative apps and lessons.

Simplify your IT infrastructure

Google’s optional Chrome Management Console for HP Chromebooks combines everything you need to configure, manage, and manage users, devices, and applications 5 .

World-class support

Breathe easy, you’ve made a smart IT investment and it’s backed by a standard one-year limited warranty that can be extended with optional HP Care 6 .

Operating system

Chrome OS (64-bit)

Random access memory (RAM)



Intel 900 processor 63 ® Celeron ®

Screen size

29.46 cm (11.6″)


Starting weight 1.4 kg

90 017 Chipset

900 16

Operating system Chrome OS (64-bit) 7 90 064
Standard memory 8 GB LPDDR4-2400 SDRAM (built-in)
Standard memory Data transfer rate up to 2400 MT/s
Memory modules and storage devices 8 GB memory
system storage eMMC 64 GB
Storage type eMMC
Hard drive description eMMC 64 GB
Chipset integrated with processor
Processor speed 1. 1 GHz
Processor family Intel ® Cel processor eron ®
Processor Intel ® processor Celeron ® N3350 with integrated Intel HD Graphics 500 (1.1 GHz, up to 2.4 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost Technology, 2 MB cache, 2 cores)
Graphics Intel ® HD Graphics 500
Display 29.46 diagonal HD IPS touchscreen (1366 x 768) cm (11.6″) and protective glass Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass 3
29.46 cm (11.6″) diagonal HD IPS (1366 x 768) touchscreen with Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass 3 and active digitizer
Display size ( diagonal) 29.46 cm (11.6″)
Battery life Battery is internal and not user replaceable. Warranty service.
Battery type , 47.36 Wh
Power AC power adapter, USB Type-C , 45 W
Weight Starting weight 1. 4 kg
Audio processing features HD audio
Dual speakers
Camera Full HD rear camera (on keyboard module)
Keyboard 9 0018

Full size spill-resistant island style keyboard
Expansion slots Cart. microSD 9
Additional slots Supports SD, SDHC, SDXC memory cards.
Ports 2 x USB 3.1 Type-C
2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 (with Sleep and Charge)
1 x headphone/microphone combo
Wireless Combo dual-band wireless module Intel ® Wireless-AC 7265 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2 x 2) with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ® 4.2 (not vPro )
Security Management Security lock slot
secure microcontroller h2 10
Software Get up to 100 GB in Google Drive (2 year subscription included) 11
Warranty Limited Warranty 1 year (upgrades available separately), 1 year limited warranty on primary battery

1 Based on testing by HP using the Google Chrome OS power Load Test extension. Battery life may vary. The maximum battery life decreases as you use it. See for test results.

2 Requires optional EMR stylus and HP x360 eraser 11. Sold separately; Stylus use requires an optional digitizer, which must be included with your order at checkout.

3 Some configurations require an optional rear camera with integrated microphone. The front camera is standard on all models. Two speakers independent of the front camera are standard on all models.

4 HP x360 EMR Stylus 11 with Eraser sold separately and requires optional digitizer to be included with order at checkout.

5 Google Play for Education is an optional application that requires an Internet connection.

6 Sold separately or as an optional feature.

7 HP EMR Pen sold separately or as an accessory.

8 Weight depends on configuration and components

9 Supports SD, SDHC, SDXC memory cards.

10 Cable for security lock not included.

11 The Google Drive offer is for this device only and is not transferable. Returning the device will void the entitlement to additional storage space. Chrome OS 23 or later is required to take advantage of this offer. Internet access required (not included). For more information on storage refunds, and offer renewal, cancellation, or expiration, visit the Google website:

HP Chromebook 11 G3 Intel Celeron N2840 (1MB Cache, 2.16GHz), 4GB, 16GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics Gen7 | L6V37AA

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