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These minimalist iPads run perfectly…just not on the latest iPadOS or with 100 apps at the same time.

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Joshawn P.

Reviewed in the United States on June 2, 2023

Excellent Quality, works perfectly. I actually order two for my toddlers. They completely enjoy their Ipads. I received them both with 65% battery life already. The are in excellent condition in my opinion. The only thing i didn’t like is that i could not update them to the latest software. Making it virtually impossible to download applications in the apple app store on the Ipads.

iPad 2 16GB – Black – (Wi-Fi)

Overall performance
Lens & Camera


Purchased on January 9, 2023


Sabrina R.

Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2023

Charging issues. No scratches or cosmetic damage. Perfect for playing music FaceTime YouTube and some movie websites. Can’t download apps as model is outdated. Perfect for young child and or elderly persons.

iPad 2 16GB – Black – (Wi-Fi)

Overall performance
Lens & Camera


Purchased on July 6, 2023


Iisha M.

Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2023

iPad is not compatible to and will not let me download things that I want and will not connect to my Wi-Fi

iPad 2 32GB – Black – (Wi-Fi)

Overall performance
Lens & Camera


Purchased on March 16, 2023


Rodolpho V.

Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2023

All good

iPad 2 16GB – Black – (Wi-Fi)

Overall performance
Lens & Camera


Purchased on January 29, 2023


Abdillah N.

Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2023


iPad 2 16GB – Black – (Wi-Fi)

Overall performance
Lens & Camera


Purchased on February 23, 2023

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Ipad 2
Apple’s great commitment to the process of making the IPad 2 a successful tablet was mainly in terms of design. Cupertino played with the hardware as one of the main assets to further increase its distance with the competitors. If the original iPad was already thin and easy to carry, IPad 2nd generation slimmed down considerably in size and weight.
The few 100 grams of weight that separate the from the old model are perceived on the wrist, and ended up with the criticisms of an excessive weight for comfortably reading e-books. Thickness reduction is considerable, and it is striking that the manufacturer has succeeded in embedding such technology in such small dimensions.
Aside from the beautiful aesthetics, it came another innovation: the iPad 2 speakers, which are much better than previous versions. Not only in audio capacity, but also in quality, they provide a much sharper sound.
Another great novelty of the Apple IPad 2 is its predecessor model, a A5 dual-core processor, which raises the clock to 1 GHz, and its new GPU, which according to Cupertino, is nine times faster than the previous model. The iPad 2 is more agile and responds faster to all commands compared to the previous model. Another surprise of the model was the announcement of the long-awaited 2 cameras, the front one and the back one. The IPad 2 price starts around USD 130.
The device was initially offered with three storage sizes: , IPad 2 32GB and 64†GB with two connectivity options.

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iPad 2: Why It’s Still on Sale, and Why You Shouldn’t Buy One

Apple this week unveiled the new new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display. They cost about the same as the 4th-generation iPad and the first iPad mini, but include feature major upgrades to their processors, builds, and, in the case of the iPad mini, display. We haven’t tested them in our lab yet, but on paper they’re significant steps up from the previous versions.

But while the iPad Air replaces the existing 4th-gen iPad, Apple decided not to do away with an even older device, the iPad 2, which will remain on sale for $399.

Why Buy an iPad 2?

First, let me make this very clear: Do not buy an iPad 2. It’s massively overpriced for what it offers. It doesn’t have a Retina display, its processor is much slower than the iPad Air and iPad mini, and it doesn’t incorporate the most recent Bluetooth standard. It doesn’t even have Siri.

If you already have an iPad 2 and love it, keep loving it. It was a top tablet when it was released back in March 2011, and it’s still a functional one. But for $399, you can get the slightly smaller, yet much-better-equipped iPad mini with Retina display. Paying that much for a tablet with a sub-720p screen and a three-year-old CPU is simply a poor buying decision. It’s not much better than if Apple continued to offer the Newton, but now at a lower price of $500 down from its original $700.

It you want a cheap tablet, don’t get an iPad. Apple makes premium products and knows it, which is why it can sell a small-screen tablet for $150 more than similar Android models, and it’s of the reasons why Apple is still selling the iPad 2. Android is no longer a massive, fragmented beast of many tablets of dubious quality. Okay, it is still pretty fragmented and many tablets are still of dubious quality, but Android now has a few tentpost tablets that are worth your attention and, if you’re not married to Apple, are as accessible, and can be even more functional.

The Google Nexus 7 ($99.99 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window) and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX ($179.99 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window) are both 7-inch tablets available for $229 in 16GB versions, less than two-thirds the price of the iPad 2 or iPad mini. They’re both powerful and easy to use, and can serve all of your reading, watching, listening, and playing needs you would otherwise fulfill with an iPad. They’re not only faster than the iPad 2, but they’re sharper even with their smaller screens, with nearly double the resolution of the iPad 2 at 1,920 by 1,200 (compared to 1,024 by 768). They’re not as big as the iPad 2, but like the iPad mini they’re better in every other way. I have a third-generation iPad, but even that’s fallen by the wayside next to my Nexus 7.

Why Apple is Still Selling the iPad 2

There are a few possible reasons Apple is still selling the iPad 2. I believe it is so Apple can continue making money licensing its 30-pin connector. The company is still selling the iPhone 4s (but phased out the iPhone 5 for the 5s and 5c) for the same reason. While Apple doesn’t make speaker docks for the iPhone or iPad, it licenses the rights to include the 30-pin connector on those docks. That connector has been replaced by the Lightning connector, which similarly is owned by Apple and used in new devices. But keeping the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s as products that continue to be produced and sell means other companies will still have a reason to make docks with 30-pin connectors. This is Apple ensuring it can keep making money through that connection.

Wireless audio has made massive leaps in the last few years, and while Apple has captured a good chunk of that market with AirPlay, it means there’s less reason to actually dock your phone or iPad except to charge it. Why walk over to your speaker to control your music when you can keep your iPhone or iPad on your desk or table connected to your computer or charger, and be able to easily pick it up and walk around the room with it? Bluetooth offers similar benefits, and its speakers are much less expensive than AirPlay speakers. Companies will still make speaker docks with Lightning connectors, but wireless audio is clearly replacing the dock that once was a big part of the iDevice lifestyle. The iPad 2 and iPhone 4s can use those wireless standards (even though the iPad 2 has just Bluetooth 2.1 and not Bluetooth 4.0), but their 30-pin connectors ensure that, even if Lightning connectors don’t strike the speaker dock market nearly as hard as the previous dock types, 30-pin will keep going.

Bulk Education Purchases

My colleague Sascha Segan has a different explanation. Apple could be keeping the iPad 2 available for bulk purchases for education and enterprise situations. At $100 less, they could be bought in great quantity compared to the current iPad, which means you could equip schools and businesses with them easier. This makes sense, because the iOS ecosystem is large, well-established, stable, and has tons of education and business apps that can be integrated into systems.

However, Apple is selling the superior iPad mini with Retina display for the same price, and that approximately 2-inch difference in screen size can’t be worth the massive drop in speed and picture quality. Apple is also selling the iPhone 4s, which might still have business uses, but won’t be seen purchased by school districts in large amounts. Neither of those things quite fit with the appeal of bulk purchases for education or business.

More importantly, again, Android offers much less expensive alternatives that can also be purchased in bulk and integrated into education or business. The 10-inch tablet market is still neck-and-neck in price between iPad and Android, but 7- and 8-inch tablets are available for less that can destroy the iPad 2 in speed and sharpness. It might be difficult for a school district or business to move from using iOS devices to Android, but if they’re considering buying iPad 2s en masse, they probably haven’t invested a lot into it yet. Best of all, with Android, you can make significant shell modifications. You could take part of the $150-a-pop you save on a Nexus 7 and use it to have your IT department or a contractor make a menu system to put over the tablets with your school disctrict or branding and the most common apps people will use.  

Apple’s persistence in selling the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s is puzzling, and could be explained by the ways I mentioned above, or something as simple as Apple still has a glut of both products and wants to get rid of them. The iPad 2’s price doesn’t make sense, but there are still many good reasons Apple might still sell it. Whatever those reasons are, though, one thing is clear: You shouldn’t buy one.

For more, check out PCMag’s hands on with the iPad Air (video below) and iPad mini With Retina Display.

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Repair iPad 2, 3, 4 Krasnodar 690 rub. | Reduced prices

Vyacheslav Kachinkin

I really liked the service, attitude. professionalism and quality. Very satisfied. Thank you.


They replaced the battery on iPhone 8 in an hour, I’m very satisfied.


They changed the screen for Samsung A32, they did it in two days (the part had to be ordered), but apart from that there are no other shortcomings.

Egor Yarushin

I liked everything, I recommend it.

Lyudmila Anatolyevna Likhnova

Krasnodar. st. Stavropolskaya, 157. GUYS – YOU ARE THE BEST. I am 70 years old and a smartphone is a very important thing for me. Polite, attentive, friendly and, most importantly, they not only fixed it, but also did not screw it up. Before that, I showed my smart in another place and they turned me down so much that it’s easier to buy a new one. And here they did everything clearly, quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend.


The best service!!! The best and most responsive guys work!!! I did phone and tablet repairs, in e quickly, efficiently, reliably !!! The tablet was fixed in just 3 minutes! If repairing a phone, tablet, then only in this service!


Thank you! We replaced the iPhone screen quickly, in 1.5 hours and with high quality! Excellent service, I recommend)


Thank you very much for saving the phone. Everything was done with high quality and most importantly not expensive, I will recommend to friends!


I handed over my laptop with screen freezing and stripes on the monitor. Fixed the issue within 10 days. Satisfied with service, friendly staff. The laptop has been tested and has no issues.


Thank you for the quick repair (Display Replacement) . Changed in 30 minutes! In other places from 2 to 9 days


I handed over an old HP laptop, there was a complex of problems: a spot of burnt pixels on the screen, a defect in the case, it was necessary to clean the cooler with the replacement of thermal paste and install new software. They did everything: they put in a new, high-quality screen, repaired the case and the rest according to the list … they did it in a reasonable time, with high quality and at a discount! There were a couple of nuances, but they were compensated with more than pleasant bonuses !! The manager Anton and the master Jan were pleasantly pleased, special thanks to them for the advice and work!!! I plan to contact Pedant in the future and will advise my friends!


Hello, I’ve been suffering with my iPhone for a long time (it freezes, it could turn off) and turned to I don’t know much about this, but this is the only place where they agreed to help me and not for space money! I want to express my gratitude to the guys, they replaced the power supply, as I understand it, everything was done quickly and efficiently. The phone works flawlessly, thanks!


Perfectly repaired the phone, gave valuable advice on how to use it, provided a guarantee. Highly recommend to anyone who has any problems with technology!


Very high quality and fast service, polite and responsive masters. I am not the first time a client, they always repair very quickly.


I am very grateful to the guys for the repair of the Meizu smartphone. Fast and high-quality repairs from polite and experienced professionals. I recommend!


Good service! Friendly and knowledgeable professionals who try to explain and explain everything. Repairs were completed on time with no delays. The only downside is not the best location.


Repaired Samsung A50 perfectly! Separately, I want to thank master Vladimir for answering all my questions and explaining what the breakdown is.


Repeatedly applied to this service center, the guys never let me down. I recommend to everyone!


Thank you for the fast and high-quality repair. I recommend! I thought to find out in terms of how long it would take to repair, it turned out here and now. Pedant, dreams come true!


I needed an urgent phone repair while I was in a foreign city. I turned to the Pedant service and was pleasantly surprised, because the masters did everything quickly and efficiently. I will definitely go there again if something breaks again


Good evening. I want to express my deep gratitude to the master Semyon at FMR! Skillful fingers! Twice saves my old man with little blood. Really knowledgeable professional. Thank you for your sincere efforts to help. All the best! Tatiana


The service was at the highest level, quickly and efficiently, the consultant communicated very nicely and conveyed information to me (a person who does not understand what is there and how) in simple and understandable words, thank you for your service, I always recommend you to friends and will continue to recommend

Repair iPad 2, 3, 4 Ekaterinburg 690 rub. | Affordable prices for services


Good quality service done everything quickly friendly staff :))


The second time I applied to this service, both times I was 5+. I changed the battery in my phone very quickly. I called in the morning at lunchtime, the battery arrived, they brought it to me immediately within 15 minutes, they replaced it. Thank you very much.


Everything is fine! The display on the phone was quickly and efficiently replaced. Master Denis is a real professional in his field, he stayed after the end of the working day to complete the order. This is very cool! Thanks a lot!!!


Very fast and quality service!\Polite young people!\Thank you!!!


The screen was broken. Thanks Nikita. I’ve done everything. Everything is fine. As a gift, battery replacements. The prices are acceptable. I definitely advise the master and the service center Pedant. All the best!


This is not the first time I bring my laptop in for cleaning. They do it quickly and inexpensively, so I can advise this service.


Good prices, convenient location, friendly staff. xiaomi repair came out inexpensively.


Convenient schedule, you can come in after work and get repaired the same day. I’ve changed the battery on my iphone twice.


Thank you master Kirill for a quick and high-quality repair!!! Despite the fact that I came 10 minutes before closing, I changed the screen on the iPhone instantly, professionally! All in front of your eyes without further ado, master of his craft! I recommend this service center to everyone. Undoubtedly 5 points out of 5

Sergey Nikolaevich

Yesterday I handed over the VIVO Y19 smartphone for repair, the reason was that I installed a program that I myself could not remove and the screen was blocked. Repaired in 5 hours. Picked up today. The quality of repair and service is beyond praise! Thank you very much!


Many thanks to the service staff at Lenina 69/2, they restored my phone from ruins! Brought my iPhone 7 in for repair after it had been dropped and wet. There was a lot of damage. The craftsmen did a great job!


Everything was done with high quality in just 2 hours and my phone is like new, the service is excellent


Good service, good staff, quick replacement of parts. Thank you very much, I recommend.


The quality of service is at the highest level, the phone was well done, namely, they changed the screen. Thanks for the speed!


They quickly fixed my iPad. There was a problem with the charging port. Polite tradesman and good service!


Changed the battery for the iPhone X. Found a company on the Internet. I read the reviews and decided this is what I needed. I called, the employee Ilya answered, signed me up for the same day, and changed the battery in 15 minutes. He did the whole procedure in front of me, showed me everything, explained everything. Thank him very much!


Excellent service. The employee quickly found the error and fixed it.


Service and quality at the highest level


We quickly revived a phone that had gone off. Service near the metro, convenient opening hours, service at a high professional level.


Thank you very much for the quality replacement of the battery and protective glass!!! The work was done by the company’s employees with high quality and on time!!!


6 years ago, when a child was born, a radio nanny was bought. For a little over 5 years, of course, no one used it because of no need. And now this need has arisen. When trying to revive this device, it became clear that the battery was completely dead. It was not possible to revive a long charge with a standard charger. And the idea arose to contact a phone repair master. And it turned out to be the service in the Karnaval shopping center in Yekaterinburg. The polite master agreed to revive the ill-fated battery. And, oh gods, he came to life. And I want to thank this wonderful person. After all, he saved a lot of money. I would definitely recommend the service to a friend!


Master Daniil very well and quickly replaced the screen on the phone and installed protection. Thank you!


Many thanks to your specialist George. I was very worried that my iPhone charger was broken. George fixed the problem within minutes, while being polite and very friendly. I will recommend your salon to my colleagues and friends.

Pavlov E

Very fast and professional. Explained how much it cost to fix and what could be wrong. Inside there is a comfortable sofa and some water. Everything is super.


It so happened that the iPhone 6 took a dip in the water, which caused the screen to float. I immediately called and reported the problem, on the same day I brought the phone in and after half an hour it was again alive and well, with a replaced screen. The case was already close, but they accepted me anyway, for which many human thanks! Everything is excellent, fast, clean and generally top class. If anything else happens, I’ll contact you again 🙂


The employee quickly responded to the request Connect the case to the display, the display moved away after falling to the floor Everything was done quickly and efficiently


I really liked the service at Pedant Service in the Raduga Park shopping mall, they quickly and efficiently changed the iPhone home button.