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  • 1996
  • PG-13
  • 1h 30m






This is a comedy about couples from the same family, hit by the economic crisis in Mexico. The plot turns around the eternal question of whether it is worth it to live as a couple.This is a comedy about couples from the same family, hit by the economic crisis in Mexico. The plot turns around the eternal question of whether it is worth it to live as a couple.This is a comedy about couples from the same family, hit by the economic crisis in Mexico. The plot turns around the eternal question of whether it is worth it to live as a couple.

  • Director
    • Rafael Montero
  • Writers
    • Cecilia Pérez Grovas
    • Carolina Rivera
  • Stars
    • Arcelia Ramírez
    • Demián Bichir
    • Germán Dehesa
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    • Awards
      • 9 wins & 7 nominations


    Top cast

    Arcelia Ramírez

    • Susana Limón

    Demián Bichir

    • Carlos Rodríguez
    • (as Demian Bichir)

    Germán Dehesa

    • Psiquiatra

    Rodolfo Arias

    • Enrique

    Maya Mishalska

    Juan Manuel Bernal

    Alpha Acosta

    • Nora
    • (as Alpha)

    Angélica Aragón

    • Teresa

    Alfredo Sevilla

    • Rodrigo

    Leticia Huijara

    • Melita

    Plutarco Haza

    • Francisco

    Mercedes Pascual

    Alejandro Bichir

    • Genaro

    Jesús Ochoa

    • Capitán

    Juan Carlos Colombo

    • Arizmendi

    Luis Felipe Tovar


    • Mariana

    Felipe Colombo

    • Carlitos
    • Director
      • Rafael Montero
    • Writers
      • Cecilia Pérez Grovas
      • Carolina Rivera
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    boring story, low-quality movie

    I didn’t have very high expectations when I rented this DVD, but even those expectations were not met. The movie is about a couple that suddenly separates and somehow does not manage life after that. The husband and wife seem to have forgotten how to be independent human beings.

    The main topic of the film is relationships, but there is nothing innovative or interesting in the way the story is told. On the downside, the actors deliver poor performances although some of them are actually talented (as they have proved in other movies), and the editing is a disaster. Apart from the main narrative, the movie is constantly interrupted by grainy images of the main characters blabbering some platitudes about relationships and even grainier images of a TV psychologist giving inane advice to his viewers. It is hard to develop interest in the story or the characters, and the low-quality of the aesthetic aspects of the film make it a no-go area. I honestly found this movie unbearable and cannot recommend it to anyone.



    • sh_bronstein
    • Nov 23, 2014

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    • Release date
      • 1996 (Mexico)
    • Country of origin
      • Mexico
    • Official site
      • IMCINE
    • Language
      • Spanish
    • Also known as
      • A házasság sava-borsa
    • Filming locations
      • Mexico
    • Production companies
      • Constelacion Films, SA de CV
      • Fondo de Fomento a la Calidad Cinematográfica
      • Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)
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    Box office

    Technical specs

    • Runtime

      1 hour 30 minutes

    • Color
    • Sound mix
      • Stereo
    • Aspect ratio
      • 1. 37 : 1

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    perejil y cilantro – English translation – Linguee

    Aada la cebolla picada, ajo, chorizo y

    contine mezclando y Aada el jugo de tomate, perejil y cilantro, 4 C/F Salsita Goya y el Sazn Goya (previamente […]



    en agua), sal y pimienta al gusto.

    Add tomato juice, cilantro and parsley, 4 tsp. Sazn Goya (previously dissolved in water), salt and pepper to taste.

    Para preparar la

    [. ..]
    salsa verde: Lava las hojas de perejil y cilantro.

    Green sauce: Wash parsley and coriander leaves.

    En una licuadora o procesadora de alimentos,


    licuar la cebolla, el puerro, el pimiento, el ajo,

    el jengibre, el perejil y el cilantro hasta que la mezcla […]

    est homognea.

    In blender or food processor, process onion, leek,

    pepper, garlic, ginger, parsley and cilantro until smooth.

    Vierta el arroz o fideos,

    [. ..]
    cocinar, agregar el perejil y el cilantro pasado.

    Pour the rice or

    vermicelli, cook, add the parsley and cilantro last.

    El mojo rojo es parecido a la salsa de pimentn; el de ajo, adems del

    mismo, incorpora cilantro fresco y perejil.

    The reddish mojo is similar to paprika sauce, while the garlic mojo has

    ingredients like fresh coriander and parsley.

    1/4 manojo entre cilantro y perejil picado

    goya. com

    1/4 bunch of parsley/cilantro

    Pon el arroz en una cacerola a prueba


    de calor o en un

    molde para horno y revulvelo con la mantequilla, el cilantro, el perejil, la ralladura de lima y el queso parmesano.

    Place the rice in a

    heatproof casserole or baking dish, and toss with the butter, cilantro, parsley, lime zest, and Parmesan cheese.

    Aada la Pacaya, el chile Morrn, jitomate, cilantro y perejil, el chile jalapeo, hojas de laurel, pasta de tomate, Salsita [. ..]

    Chile rbol, jugo de tomate y 2 tazas de agua.

    Add pacaya, Morrn

    pepper, tomato, cilantro, parsley, jalapeo pepper, bay leaves, tomato paste, Salsita, tomato juice and 2 cups of water.

    Para preparar el Chimichurri mezcle en un

    tazn pequeo el cilantro, el perejil, el organo, la cebolla, el ajo y si lo desea, […]

    la pimienta roja.

    In a small bowl, combine cilantro, parsley, oregano, onion, garlic and hot pepper flakes, [. ..]

    if desired.

    1/4 manojo entre cilantro y perejil picado

    1/4 bunch cilantro/parsley

    Incorporar el cilantro, el perejil y la menta.

    Stir in cilantro, parsley and mint.

    1 cucharada de cilantro o perejil fresco picado

    1 tbsp. chopped, fresh cilantro or parsley

    goya. com

    El Mojo Verde se elabora bsicamente con los mismos ingrediente excepto con pimienta picona,

    que se sustituye por cilantro o perejil.

    Green Mojo is made with basically the same ingredients, without the ‘picona’ peppers,

    which are replaced by cilantro or parsley.

    ? de cilantro o perejil

    ? bunch fresh cilantro or parsley

    Por lo tanto, un guiso de frijoles de la

    concha, y sazonada con perejil, cilantro y chile, por supuesto, un [. ..]

    acompaamiento agradable.

    So, a bean stew

    of conch, and seasoned with parsley, coriander and chilli will, of […]

    course, a nice accompaniment.

    Si tiene hierbas aromticas frescas, como cilantro o perejil, para guardarlas corte el extremo de la raz de las plantas y colquelas dentro de un vaso alto con […]

    agua y un poco de azcar.

    If you need to store fresh aromatic herbs such as coriander or parsley, cut off the stem ends and place them in a tall glass filled with water and with a little [. ..]

    bit of sugar.

    Para el relleno: 4 pichones, 1 kg de cebollas, 100 g


    de mantequilla, 100 g de azcar, 250 g de

    almendras, 6 huevos duros, perejil, cilantro, sal, pimienta, azafrn y canela.

    For the stuffing: 4 pigeons, 1kg of onions, 100g of


    butter, 100g of powdered sugar, 250g of almonds, 6

    hard-boiled eggs, flat parsley, coriander, salt, pepper, saffron, cinnamon.

    Aada la

    cebolla, tomates, cilantro o perejil, los chiles serranos, vinagre, limn, y la salsita habanera.

    Add onion, tomatoes, cilantro or parsley, serrano peppers, vinegar, lemon, and salsita habanera.

    Estas incluyen el ans, cardamomo,

    alcaravea, manzanilla , cilantro, comino, eneldo, hinojo, ajo , jengibre , perejil y menta verde.

    These include anise, caraway ,

    cardamom, chamomile , coriander, cumin, dill, fennel , garlic , ginger , parsley , and spearmint.

    vnacarenewengland. org

    La planta de cilantro se parece a la de perejil por la forma y el gusto, con […]

    diferencias sutiles.

    The coriander plant close to parsley by the form and the taste with a difference subtle.

    Saque la hoja de laurel y cubra cada porcin con un poco de cilantro o perejil picado fresco, si […]

    lo desea.

    espanol.journeyforcontrol. com

    Remove the bay leaf, and top each serving with a fresh chopped cilantro or parsley, if desired.

    Perejil o cilantro picado para adornar (opcional)

    chopped parsley or coriander, to garnish (optional)

    En 1995, se filma su primer guin de

    largo metraje, Cilantro y perejil, dirigido por […]

    Rafael Montero.

    In 1995, her first feature length screenplay, Recipes

    [. ..]
    to Stay Together (Cilantro y Perejil), was made […]

    into a film directed by Rafael Montero.

    Cilantro fresco y perejil es picado finamente despus de ser molido y lavado, luego es combinado con vinagre.

    Fresh coriander and parsley are chopped into fine pieces after being graded and washed, and then are blended […]

    with vinegar.

    Aderezar con tamari o sal marina y servir con perejil o cilantro picado

    sivananda. eu

    4) Season with

    tamari or sea salt, and serve garnished with chopped parsley or coriander.

    Condimentar el

    adobo con el perejil picado finamente, el cilantro y la menta tambin […]


    Season the

    marinade with finely chopped parsley, chopped green coriander and mint.

    Por consiguiente, las hortalizas de hoja verde incluyen, entre otras, todas las

    [. ..]

    variedades de lechuga, espinaca, col, endibia,

    escarola y achicoria, y hierbas frescas tales como cilantro, albahaca y perejil.

    Thus, leafy vegetables include but are not limited to all varieties of


    lettuce, spinach, cabbage, chicory, endive and

    radicchio and fresh herbs such as coriander/cilantro, basil, and parsley).

    Remueva del fuego y aada el perejil o cilantro, nueces y bulgur.

    Remove from heat and add parsley or cilantro, pepper, and grain.

    Adorne con

    julianas de limn y cilantro al gusto.

    Garnish with parsley and lemon wedges.

    Ademas del delicioso y altamente recomendado ceviche jengibre que


    yo me devore, usted encontrara en ceviche verde

    con albahaca, cilantro, perejil, hierbabuena, rugula y lima: uno con [. ..]

    chipotle y pimienta roja asada; y para los que


    les gusta lo puro, hay por su puerto el clasico Ceviche Peruano.

    Apart from the delicious and highly recommended Ginger Ceviche that I


    devoured, you will find a

    Green Ceviche with basil, cilantro, parsley, mint, arugula and lemon; one […]

    with chipotle and roasted red peppers; and for you purists, there is of


    course the classic Peruvian Ceviche.

    Cilantro – ABC gardener


    • Cultivation of coriander
    • Application of coriander
    • In cooking
    • In medicine

    Cilantro or coriander has been known since ancient times. The seeds of this plant were found in the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs, and in the Bible, manna is compared with coriander seed: “And the house of Israel called the name of that bread: manna; she was like a coriander seed, white, and tasted like a cake with honey.0016 . (Ex.16:31)

    Coriander is an annual plant of the celery family with tall (80–120 cm) and branched stems ending in umbrellas. The flowers are small, pale pink. The fruits are spherical, two-seeded.

    Interesting! Russian name for coriander klopovnik is essentially a tracing paper from the Greek name, since κόρις means “bug” in Greek. This plant received such an unflattering name because of the specific smell of young greens and unripe fruits, due to the presence of decyl aldehyde in them. It volatilizes or is neutralized by other substances over time when cilantro is mixed with other spices.

    Growing coriander

    Coriander is cold-resistant and can even survive frosts, so it is easy to grow it in central Russia, even in open ground. The soil he needs is light, sandy and loamy, with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction of the environment. In open ground, coriander is sown at the end of April. In greenhouses, this can be done earlier – already in February-March. At an air temperature of + 8–10 ° C, the first shoots appear after 12–18 days, and flower stalks form already 40 days after germination.

    The next sowing can be done in May-June, but then the peduncles will appear already 20 days after germination, but there will be fewer leaves. The third sowing is usually carried out in July-August, but in this case the flower stalks will have to wait longer. During the periods of the greatest duration of the day, i.e. from mid-June to mid-July is the optimal time for growing coriander for seeds. With a shorter daylight hours, the development of the plant slows down, which contributes to the growth of greenery. It follows that the earliest and latest crops are best used to obtain greenery.

    Greens must be cut before the bud stage. Dry cilantro leaves in the simplest way – spreading out in one layer under a canopy. Store dry leaves in tightly closed jars. When harvesting for seeds, flower stalks, on which there should be at least 60% of browned fruits, are cut with umbrellas, tied in bunches and dried under a canopy or in a well-ventilated room. After 4–7 days, they are threshed and the seeds are dried. Full ripening of seeds from the moment of cutting the umbrellas lasts up to 4 months (as seed). Coriander seeds are stored in paper or canvas bags in a dry, cool, ventilated place.

    Seeds are sown in rows, in small plots, seed consumption is 2.5 g of seeds per 1 square meter. Sowing depth: 1.5–2.5 cm. Mineral fertilizers and compost are best added before sowing. Plant care is normal: if necessary, you need to loosen and water the soil, as well as weed weeds.

    Use of coriander


    Fresh coriander greens can be used all summer long as a seasoning for meat and vegetable dishes, sauces and added to salads. Mature seeds are used as a spice in the preservation of meat products, for marinades and confectionery. Coriander seeds, as well as cumin, anise, fennel seeds are widely used in baking bread. Coriander is also used to flavor alcohol, such as liqueurs.

    Coriander greens are most often used in Caucasian cuisine: Abkhaz adjika, satsebeli and tkemali sauces, kharcho soup, lyulya-kebab, Azerbaijani shish kebab and Georgian lobio simply cannot exist without it. In the Mediterranean, Central Asian and Chinese, seeds are preferred. Russian cuisine, which has absorbed the best recipes from the West and the East, uses all the coriander. Is it possible to imagine the famous Borodino bread without coriander grains? Without coriander, there is no classic Baltic sprat in canned food. Coriander is indispensable in the popular Indian curry seasoning, and in most spice mixtures under the general name “masala”.

    In medicine

    Coriander is useful for the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the entire digestive tract. It has choleretic, antiseptic, analgesic properties for stomach ulcers and gastritis. Cilantro improves appetite and improves intestinal motility. Adding coriander to tinctures and liqueurs removes the alcohol smell. With cilantro, any food is absorbed more easily, digested faster, without leaving a feeling of heaviness. It is no coincidence that in the Caucasus, where people like to eat meat, cilantro must be added either on its own or as part of sauces for any meat dishes.

    Coriander leaves, flowers and fruits (seeds) are used in traditional medicine. Any preparations of this plant have a fairly strong carminative, diaphoretic, choleretic, diuretic and analgesic properties. They contribute to the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. Coriander is often used as an antihemorrhoid and laxative, as well as for gastritis and stomach ulcers, kidney stones. Coriander lowers blood sugar levels.

    Tea with the addition of dried coriander leaves or seeds soothes, relieves feelings of fear and irritability. It also improves memory and stimulates creativity.

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