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The best iPad styluses for drawing, designing and note-taking

By Martyn Casserly

Contributor, Macworld JUN 29, 2023 2:28 am PDT

The iPad is a capable device for both art and productivity, but it becomes a stronger proposition in both areas if you have a good stylus to hand.

Whether you’re sketching a new building design, taking notes during a work meeting or designing graphics, a stylus is a gamechanger. But with so many to choose from in just about every shape and size, which is the best for your needs? Everyone has heard of the Apple Pencil, but there are plenty of great alternatives that cost a fraction of the price. 

Here are the best iPad styluses available right now.

Updated June 29 to add Adonit Log Stylus

Apple Pencil (2nd generation) – Best overall

The Apple Pencil is an obvious choice, what isn’t quite so obvious is which Apple Pencil you should choose. There are two Apple Pencils. The Apple Pencil 1st generation is still on sale despite launching in 2015 and there is an Apple Pencil 2nd generation, which launched in 2018. The first generation Apple Pencil, which features later in this round-up, works with the current 9th and 10th generation iPads as well as a number of older iPad models. The second generation Apple Pencil, works with the 12.9in iPad Pro (3rd gen up), 11in iPad Pro (1st gen up), iPad Air (4th gen up) and iPad mini (6th gen).

When we reviewed the Apple Pencil 2nd gen back in 2018 we gave it 5 stars. It’s shorter than the original and Apple has given the 2nd gen Pencil a flat edge you can tap to trigger app-specific functions. This actually makes Apple’s stylus easier to hold and it stops it rolling off your desk. The 2nd gen Pencil is also magnetically attachable to the iPad, which also helps with the rolling.

Another major change is that the 2018 Pencil has no Lightning connector for charging, instead, it charges wirelessly when connected to the iPad, which is much neater. The 2nd gen Pencil is matt white rather than the glossy white of the original (which could be a bit dazzling). You can also tell the two apart because the original had a metallic ring next to the charging cap.

Both the 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencils are equally responsive and pressure-sensitive. You can tilt the stylus to create different textures, making it a great tool for handwriting, sketching, note-taking and illustration.

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Adonit Star

If you want something that feels more like a real pen, a fountain pen at that, then the Adonit Star will be a breath of fresh air. The classic design is reminiscent of a Mont Blanc, but without some of the bulk and most of the price. Popping off the cap reveals a fountain-pen style nib, replete with the ink feed on the back, but on closer inspection, you’ll see that the metal cuts off early, with a black rubber 1mm fine tip being what will actually touch the screen.

As you might expect, the Star is very much intended for those who want to make notes and generally just write on their iPad. It doesn’t have pressure sensitivity, so you can’t have thicker or thinner strokes depending on how hard you press, which would rule it out for most artists. That’s fine though, there’s the Apple Pencil for that. Instead, you get a balanced and very comfortable writing experience, aided in no small measure by Adonit’s excellent palm cancellation feature.

Pairing is simply a matter of pressing the small button on the Star, then when the blue light comes on you should be good to go. If it starts flashing red, this means it is time for a recharge, so unscrew the bottom of the pen and there’s a USB-C port. The Star takes around an hour to charge and will then work happily for around 10 hours or so.

Adonit has come up with something genuinely unique in the Star. Classy looking, nice to write with, and it will definitely get some looks when you pull it out in a meeting to make notes. If there’s such a thing as a Stylus connoisseur, then you can bet that the Adonit Star would be a prizes part of their collection. 

Zagg Pro Stylus

The Zagg Pro Stylus allows users to take precise and quick notes, sketch, mark up documents and more.

It features a capacitive rear tip for quick and easy scrolling and an active tip for smooth, crisp strokes. A tilt detection system also allows you to create thick or thin lines.

This stylus connects automatically and is compatible with all apps that support the Apple Pencil.

It’s compatible with the iPad (6-9th gen), iPad mini (5th gen), 11in iPad Pro (1-3rd gen), 12.9in iPad Pro (3-5th Gen), iPad Air (4-5th gen).

Apple Pencil (1st generation) – Best for older iPads

The second generation Apple Pencil features earlier this round-up, but we still recommend the first generation Apple Pencil, which is still on sale. The older Apple Pencil works with the current 9th and 10th generation iPads as well as a number of older iPad models including the 6th generation iPad and later, the iPad Air (3rd gen), iPad mini (5th gen) and the original iPad Pro (1st and 2nd gen). If those are the iPads you have that this is the Apple Pencil for you. Unsure: check which iPads work with which Apple Pencil. We compare the two generations of Apple Pencil in Apple Pencil (2018) vs Apple Pencil (2015).

One benefit of the older Apple Pencil, assuming it works with your iPad, is that it is cheaper than the second-generation version at $99/£109 rather than $129/£139.

The original Apple Pencil is almost entirely white, with just a metallic band at the non-writing end by the charging cap. This cap conceals a Lightning port for charging and syncing. When you want to charge the Pencil you can just plug it into the iPad’s Lightning port or use an adapter if your iPad has a USB-C port (as is the case with the iPad 10th gen). There is a downside to charging this way: you can’t use the Pencil while it is charging and it looks pretty ridiculous. Here’s how to check the Apple Pencil’s battery percentage.

The Pencil feels pretty good in the hand, with a nice weight to it. The Apple Pencil and compatible iPads have sensors that can detect the pressure you’re using and the angle you’re holding the stylus at, making it effortless to create lines of different thicknesses. In the Pencil’s tip there are two tilt sensors which the iPad’s display will keep track of to work out the exact orientation and angle of your hands as you draw. For example, you can use the side of the Pencil’s tip for realistic shading like you would with a real pencil lead. The Apple Pencil knows to ignore the wrist and palm

You get a spare tip in the box, but it’s identical to the one that comes attached to the Pencil.

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Adonit Log

A stylus bearing the name Log might conjure up ideas of a heavy, cumbersome digital pen, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Adonit uses the name to bring attention not only to the tree-born casing of the stylus, but also because each one is made from sustainable wood. This means the grain pattern in every Log is unique, which makes a nice change from the identical plastic that adorns most styli. 

In the hand, the Log is light and very comfortable to use, with a matte finish that still provides enough grip for accurate writing. It’s light too, at only 13g, making a mockery of its name once more.

At one end of the wooden casing you’ll find a USB-C charging port, while the other is home to the 1mm tip. The latter is also replaceable, with new nibs available from Adonit for around $15/£15. This means the Log can be kept in good working condition for a long time, which is in keeping with its sustainability motif.

To pair the Log, simply tap the slim button on its side. When the blue light comes on,  it automatically connects to the iPad and you’re good to go. It’s not even Bluetooth, so I suspect Adonit is using witchcraft of some sort.

Writing is very smooth, with the tip sliding easily across the display and producing no notable delay or judders that can affect other styluses. I found it excellent for note-taking, even over long sessions as the light frame and consistent performance meant I forgot about the Log and just got on with my writing. Adonit’s palm rejection technology also means that you can happily lean your hand on the iPad display without extraneous characters appearing in the document or other weirdness.

You don’t get the pressure sensitivity found on the Apple Pencil, so you can’t create thicker and thinner lines by pressing harder or softer, which rules it out for those who want to create digital art on their iPad.

Battery life is great, with a one-hour charge resulting in around 24 hours of use. Should you not want to wait that long, then pop it on charge for about five minutes and you’ll be able to write for an hour. 

If you’re after a simple stylus for jotting things down and navigating through the iPad interface, then you can’t go wrong with the Adonit Log.  

Logitech Crayon

While the Logitech Crayon was originally framed as an education tool, the cheap Apple Pencil alternative is now available to anybody that wants it. 

In many ways, the Crayon functions in the same way as the Apple Pencil, complete with easy pairing, reliable palm rejection and tilt support, but there’s one big omission: there’s no pressure sensitivity available here. That’s likely to be a dealbreaker for graphic designers, but if you’re only looking to use a stylus for note-taking, you’re unlikely to notice a difference in performance.

You’ve also got a seven-hour battery life on offer, which should be more than enough for the majority of consumers, and it’s charged up via a hidden Lightning port. That’s not quite as premium as the wireless charging from the second-gen Apple Pencil, but it’s certainly better than the original Apple Pencil.

It’s compatible with the iPad (6-10th gen), iPad mini (5-6th gen), 11in iPad Pro (1-4th gen), 12. 9in iPad Pro (3-6th Gen), iPad Air (3-5th gen).

Bargains Depot B&D 2-in-1 Stylus

The B&D Stylus is a bargain at under a tenner.

It’s made fully of aluminum and comes with twenty extra rubber tips in two different sizes so you can adjust the accuracy of lines. It’s dual tipped too, so you can use a different size on either end.

There is no need for Bluetooth or charging with this stylus.

The B&D Stylus is compatible with all iPads, iPhones, and other touchscreen devices.

Meko Capacitive Stylus Pen

The Meko stylus can be used for note-taking, drawing, writing, and basic selection and navigation – and like the B&D option, it is also made of aluminum without any plastic parts. It uses a disc tip like a few other options in this list.

For an affordable price, you get two Meko styli, two fibre tips, and four replacement disc tips.

Author: Martyn Casserly, Contributor

Martyn has been involved with tech ever since the arrival of his ZX Spectrum back in the early 80s. He covers iOS, Android, Windows and macOS, writing tutorials, buying guides and reviews for Macworld and its sister site Tech Advisor.

10 Best Stylus Pen (Apple Pencil Alternatives) for iPad in 2023


Saptak Chaudhuri

Smart Gadgets
Last updated:
February 17, 2023

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A Stylus pen with a metallic body uniquely designed to cater to worldwide users. Stylus pens are electronic tools that glide effortlessly over touchscreen devices, namely phones and tablets.

Whether you want to e-sign an important doc, play video games, take live notes, swipe your screen right, or edit small touch areas of a website, these pens add great luxury to your work.

Studies suggest that less than 60% of websites are non-mobile friendly. Stylus pens interestingly provide you with 300%+ zooming experience, which makes your job hassle free.

Primarily, these touch pens are broadly classified into two categories:

  • Active (Resistive) Stylus
  • Passive Stylus

What Are Stylus Pens Used For?

Once you join hands with this technological invention, it can make a variety of fine work heavily simpler than ever.

If you are committed to creating fine work of architecture and design, you need precision and accuracy. Stylus pens come in handy a lot this way.

Stylus pens can be used for:

  • Online shopping
  • Sending emails
  • E-signing documents
  • Posting on social media
  • Playing video games with ease
  • Downloading applications
  • Magnifying viewports

There may be a lot of instances when you have to join important calls while dipping your finger in sambar, eating idli, or scrolling down your Myntra wishlists to finalize that gift for your lady love, with that oily hand having a burger.

Have you lost count, right?

Additionally, the Stylus pen protects your display from the unmindful damage that your phone causes.

Why Will You Need One?

One very good question you may ask is, “Why will I not use my fingers over such a product? Why shall I invest a decent amount of money on buying a pen for which I already have an alternative?”

The hint to that answer has already been discussed under the previous heading. Let’s elaborate on it furthermore.

Using fingers to access your tablet or iPad screens leaves fingerprints and marks behind. This, in many cases, may result in damage to the device screen if used without proper gorilla glass.

Stylus pens provide a smudge-free swiping and clicking experience and safeguard your phone screen as well.

Moreover, touch pens can restrict scratches to a great extent. It allows you to precisely access small touching points on the screen pretty well.

There are thousands of such models available in the market. To squeeze down your options, this article below discusses the top Stylus Pens for iPad in 2023!

Stylus Pen for iPad by JAMJAKE

A fine white-shaded, 1 lithium metal battery-supported active pencil may pretty well be a perfect match for your iPad. Lightweight as it can be, this light pen is compatible with iPad Air 3rd/4th/5th Gen, etc. Needless to say, it has been the #1 best-seller product on Amazon.

Preview Product Rating Price
Stylus Pen for iPad 9th&10th Generation-2X Fast Charge Active Pencil Compatible with 2018-2023 Apple… $29. 99 Buy on Amazon

Be very sure about the version of your iPad, and then order the pen as per the restricted generation bracket, as it doesn’t support models before 2018.

Turn on your pen by simply switching the power button without Bluetooth support. The turbocharging facility is available.

This JAMJAKE pen comes with a cool “palm rejection” feature, allowing you to rest your palm on the screen without interference.

Active Stylus Pen by KECOW

Falling in the active stylus category of electronic pens, this copper-made white-colored gadget is specially designed for smooth gliding over iPad screens scratch free.

Highlighted by its dual touch functionalities, this product is suited for a wide range of devices like iPad and Samsung tablets.

Preview Product Rating Price
Active Stylus Pen Compatible for iOS&Android Touch Screens, Pencil with Dual Touch… $16. 99 Buy on Amazon

It is highly efficient for handwriting, note-taking, drawing, and design on an electronic device. With a 1.45mm copper tip and a magnetic mesh end, this stylus pen allows you to enter texts in the text box quite efficiently.

It performs all the necessary functions of a light pen, like drawing, singing, etc., and is extremely lightweight and user-friendly. Intelligent and long-lasting battery life with the device sensor instructing it to switch off the power supply every half an hour.

Stylus Pen for iPad by N-NUOJIA

Available in a wide range of color options, this lithium polymer battery-supported gadget has an average battery life standby of 365 days. This Z-NUOJIA product is compatible with iPad 9/6/5 Generation, etc.

9 3/4/5 Gen iPad Mini 5/6 iPad 6/7/8 iPad Air 3/4/5 White” data-aawp-geotargeting=”true”>

Preview Product Rating Price
Stylus Pen for iPad 9th&10th Gen, Apple Pencil 2nd Generation, 2X Fast Charge Apple Pen for iPad… $23.99 Buy on Amazon

Confirm your iPad model before placing your order. This pen is not compatible with android or Microsoft phones. The sleek design makes it super easy to use, with the all-new Palm Rejection feature as its highlight.

Charging the device for less than 1.5 hours can serve for the next 20 hours with the double-tap on/off the system and plenty of indicators to keep you well-informed about the battery percentage.

Tilt sensitivity allows you to decide the thickness of the line you draw based on the tilting angle to draw high-precision designs.


This 3rd Gen B high precise pencil is extremely lightweight, weighing about 30 grams. Polished in a jet-black color, this stylus pen is compatible with many iPads. It is made up of pom and requires 1 lithium polymer battery.

Preview Product Rating Price
DRYMOKINI Stylus Pen 3rd Gen for iPad 2018-2022 with Tilt, Magnetic, Palm Rejection, High Precise… Buy on Amazon

Built up of a material of really high quality, which allows you to precisely do your work. Warranted day-long 130 mAh battery life with 40 mins of fast charging automatically switches off after a buffer time of no usage.

Palm Rejection and Tilt sensitivity are some highlights of this model. It has a 24 months warranty.

Decked in a matte black finish, this aluminum-bodied absolute pointing device is compatible with the 2018-2022 iPad & iPad Pro & iPad mini & iPad Air.  Reviews and stars prove the worth of the product, with Palm rejection and tilt sensitivity features.

Preview Product Rating Price
Stylus Pen for Apple iPad Pencil: iPad Pen Stylus with Palm Rejection Compatible with 2018-2023… $32. 99 Buy on Amazon

It is compatible with iPad versions of 2018 and after. Also, this pen can manage wide applications ranging from painting, drawing, singing, and playing video games.

Replaceable screw nib facilities are available, which are not easily breakable and easy to use. The Palm Rejection feature adds to the beauty of this touch pen. Just double-tap on the switch at the tip of the device to turn it on/off the latter.

Stylus Pens for iPad by PINKCAT

This elegant white-shaded electronic pen is out for sale under the brand name PINK CAT. Your tablets shall remain scratch free and clean with precision work and accuracy.

9 inch iPad Air 3/4/5 Gen iPad 6/7/8/9/10 Gen iPad Mini 5/6 Gen – White” data-aawp-geotargeting=”true”>

Preview Product Rating Price
Stylus Pen for iPad with Palm Rejection, PINKCAT 2X Fast Charge Active Pencil Compatible with… $19.99 Buy on Amazon

A magnetically designed body that attaches to iPad, resisting it not to roll and losing. 5 mins of fast charging ensure the usage of nearly about 10 hours!

Tilt your pen while drawing as much as it corresponds to the thickness of the line drawn on your sketch. The user does not need to wear Palm Rejection gloves user.

Stylus Pen for iPad by JE

The aluminum body electronic device comes with a hefty 130mAh battery with 90 days of standby time. A highly advanced gadget incorporated with a 1.2mm fine tip and removable pen cap. It has a better experience if used with a tempered glass protector.

Preview Product Rating Price
Stylus Pen for iPad with Palm Rejection & Fast Charging,JE iPad Pencil Compatible with Apple iPad… $25.99 Buy on Amazon

It is perfectly compatible with the 2018-2022 Apple iPad 6/7/8/9/10 and more for Writing/Drawing. It is chargeable with a USB-C port provided with a power indicator button.

Tilt sensitivity feature designed for flawless, accurate drawings. It has a Magnetic absorption design attaching it to the iPad.

Stylus Pen for iPad by COO

This stylus pen is a highly-rated amazon product constructed of a highly resistive body of polyoxymethylene. This COO pen falls into the category of the active stylus with the palm rejection feature. Nevertheless, the product is elegantly decked in a white shade.

Preview Product Rating Price
Stylus Pen for iPad 2018-2022 with Palm Rejection, Active Pencil for Apple iPad 10th/9th/8th/7th/6th… $13. 79 Buy on Amazon

It is super easy to use as it doesn’t require Bluetooth settings. It’s just a one-tap switch on/off the system.

A huge 180 days of standby support and excellent battery life keep the pen going for 12 hours continuously with 1.5 hours of charging. Palm rejection feature supported with tilt sensitivity. It has a magnetic absorption body that can be glued to the iPad when not in use.

Stylus Pen for iPad by GGH

The GGH-launched pen requires 1 lithium-ion battery to operate on compatible devices like iPad 10/9/8/7/6 generation. “Highly Responsive and Perfectly precise” will be the two best adjectives to describe this awesome touch pen, which comes with an amazing feature of auto sleep.

9 inch 3/4/5/6 Gen,iPad Air 3/4/5,iPad Mini 5/6″ data-aawp-geotargeting=”true”>

Preview Product Rating Price
Stylus Pen for iPad 9th Generation,Apple Pencil with Palm Rejection & Tilt Sensitive,Stylus Pen for… $16.99 Buy on Amazon

The latest tilt-sensing technology makes freedom for writing and drawing; the thickness of the line can be changed according to the different angles.

Palm Rejection technology is incorporated into the stylus pen. It has 10 hours of working time with a minimum of 45 minutes of charging time.

GGH Stylus pen is compatible with iPad 2018-2022 version. It comes with a Smart touch switch feature which makes the usage hassle-free.

Stylus Pen for iPad by HAIDERPARY

This Apple tablets compatible electronic pen, composed of an aluminum body, is supposedly one of the highest-rated products on amazon. Available in a wide range of colors, this white-washed device is nearly lag-free.

Preview Product Rating Price
Stylus Pen for iPad, Active Pencil with Palm Rejection, Compatible with iPad 8th/7th/6th Gen, iPad… $11.99 Buy on Amazon

The screw-type nibs are easier to replace and nearly unbreakable. Gone are days of wearing rejection gloves while carving out your drawing on the iPad as it’s installed with the all-new Palm rejection technology.

It uses the Apple tilt technology and creates lines of different depths and thicknesses for you. One-button operation starts the iPad pencil with an LED power supply indication.

Final Words

This article presents you with the creme Stylus pens available in the market. This just narrows down your options list, which we promised. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab what suits you best!

Next, check out how to charge Apple Pencil and Apple Pencil 2nd gen.

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Best iPad Compatible Pens (Apple Pencil Alternatives)

To get the most out of your iPad, you need an Apple Pencil: this stylus lets you turn your tablet into a canvas or notepad, where you can work quickly and efficiently without dying of trying.

The problem (as with pretty much everything from Apple) is that it’s not cheap at all, and if you’ve just shelled out good money for an iPad, you may not want to spend even more on accessories.

That’s why we did a little research to bring you an alternative that you’ll love in every way: Apple Pencil clones that you can buy on AliExpress (they’re very cheap).

Let’s look at them.

How to find them: To find the best selling Apple Pencil clones, do this search.

How to find cheap alternatives to Apple Pencil?

You may have noticed that AliExpress has dramatically changed its permissive policy towards fakes, so now it is very difficult to find fakes.

Despite this rule, you have many Apple Pencil clones on the platform. These devices are completely legal because, although they copy the design and functions, they do not contain Apple logos and distinguishing marks, therefore they are not considered fakes.

Looking at this search, you can see that in addition to clones, you can also find original Apple Pencils, although their price is not the real price.

While you have many cheap options to choose from, you should always pay attention to the characteristics of the clone so that the material and design are as similar to the Apple Pencil as possible.

It is also very important to make sure that the pencil is compatible with your iPad model before purchasing.

Do these Apple Pencil clones work well?

As cheap as these clones are, it’s normal that before you spend money on them, you wonder if they really look like an Apple Pencil or if you’ll have problems using them. But be sure. We explain why you can trust these Apple Pencil clones:

Easy to use

The truth is that the operation of these clones, like the original, is very simple and does not need any recommendations.

If for some reason when you receive the Pencil it doesn’t connect to the iPad, just try charging it to full battery and rebooting and you’ll see it connect right away.

Very similar material and design to

Most of these clones mimic the design of the Apple Pencil and, like these, are made of aluminum and silicone.

Please note that the latest Apple Pencil is charged by magnetically attaching the device to the side of the iPad, and in the case of clones, they are usually charged like the 1st generation: through the light port.

Do you want him to write or draw?

You can find two types of clones on AliExpress. On the one hand, you have inexpensive ones that cost just over 10 euros and are ideal if you want to write or make simple drawings and diagrams.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a pencil for drawing, editing in Photoshop, Illustrator, or anything else on a more professional level, we recommend that you spend a little more on this accessory and make sure it includes a pressure sensor. work more accurately.

Good battery life

Although some customers complain about the battery life of these clones, the truth is that the battery life of the original is also not its strong point: while the average battery life of the Apple Pencil clone is 10 hours, the original usually does not work more than 12 hours

But don’t worry, if you’re very distracted and easily forget to charge your devices by plugging it in for a couple of minutes, you’ll have 1 hour of work ahead of you.

Best Pens Compatible with iPad

As we’ve seen, you have a lot of clones on AliExpress, although if you want to make sure you’re making a good purchase, it’s best to look directly at the specialist brands we’ll show you below.

While some don’t mimic their design to perfection, their features are most similar to those of the Apple Pencil (which is the most important in this case).


Official store: Go to the store

Talking about Baseus means talking about quality.

Undoubtedly, this reputation has been earned over time, demonstrating that their products, in addition to being very affordable, have excellent performance and good durability.

While this brand’s digital pencil doesn’t replicate the design of the Apple Pencil in detail, its features are very similar and up to par with this high-end accessory, but 70% cheaper.

Baseus’ latest model features a palm deflection mechanism so you can rest your hand on the iPad screen without interfering with your work.

It also includes tip pressure control to make different strokes when drawing and has a very good autonomy.

For all these reasons, this stylus is one of our favorite options if you want to invest in a good device for drawing, editing and writing.

See offers


Official store: Go to the store

tip pressure control , autonomy 30 h…

A very complete stylus with very good ratings that made it a bestseller on AliExpress.

This brand also has pencil nibs: depending on your drawing preference, you can use harder or softer nibs to make the pencil glide more easily across your iPad screen.

Aieach’s Apple Pencil clone is so good that even its tips are compatible with the original stylus.

See offers


Official store: Go to store

Fonken has clones identical to the 1st generation Apple Pencil at a very low price.

Although it has a short battery life (about 8 hours of continuous use), if you want a simple pencil that will get you started in the world of digital drawing, you should look into this brand.

See offers


Official store: Go to store

GOOJODOQ pens are popular on AliExpress for many reasons: very low price, design very similar to Apple Pencil, and good performance. It includes palm rejection and high precision for thin and thick strokes. Also, you won’t have issues with recording lags (which is very inconvenient when this happens).

Good news, it is compatible with all iPad models from 2018 to now.

See offers


Official store: Go to store

ANMONE is one of the longest running brands on AliExpress with very cheap electronic gadgets and very reasonable value for money.

As with GOOJODOQ, if you’re looking forward to a digital pen but don’t want to spend a lot of money, ANMONE has a lot of interesting options for you to check out.

See offers


Official store: Go to the store

Can you imagine buying an Apple Pencil clone for less than 10 euros? Well, at VUUV, you have several very low priced models that have thousands of sales.

If you are also thinking about giving it as a gift, this brand seems like a great option as it has a very wide price range, lots of sales and very good customer ratings.

See offers

Paper alternatives

If you’re one of those people who likes to draw on paper but know how important it is to keep up with the trends, you need to know that you don’t have to get used to drawing on the iPad’s glossy screen. A: You can find rough paper texture screen protectors on AliExpress by clicking here.

These protectors reduce the sharpness of the image a bit, so if you also use your iPad to watch movies and TV shows, don’t worry: there are magnetic detachable options so you can wear the protector at any time (click here).

Always check if the stylus is compatible with your iPad

Always remember to check if the stylus you buy is compatible with Apple.

Many famous brands such as Xiaomi, Lenovo and Gaomon also have many stylus models, but unfortunately they are not compatible with iPad.

So, are they worth it?

The original Apple Pencil is quite disproportionately priced compared to what you actually buy. And if on AliExpress you can find an alternative with very good characteristics, paying only a third of the cost of the original, why pay more?

In addition, you also have very cheap options (from 10 euros) that are ideal for checking whether you like this accessory or not, or when you need to perform simple tasks.

In short, on AliExpress you have thousands of very good options to suit every budget, but before you buy anything, you should evaluate well according to your needs.

View Today’s Deals

Best Apple Pencil Alternatives Compatible with iPad and iPhone


if you have a New iPad / iPhone You are probably familiar with the Apple Pencil. This is the perfect pen for writing notes and creating digital art. reverse side of Apple Pencil The price is very high. Don’t worry, there are plenty of great Apple Pencil alternatives out there.

Once the Apple Pencil hit the market, it raised the standard for all pencils available for tablets. Sleek and easy to use, it’s designed for memo writers and professional digital artists alike. But with a price of 9$0 to $130 – For first and second generation Apple Pencils in a row – buying an Apple Pencil can be a hassle.

This is why third parties are required to create their own Apple Pencil replacements. Some of these devices are nearly identical to the Pencil, while others add additional features such as shortcut buttons. And while you might think these pens are expensive or crazy, they are really cool. In some cases, a third-party Pencil may be more useful to you than an Apple Pencil.

However, the pencil market is full of subtle brands looking to make a quick buck. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find the best Apple Pencil alternatives to suit everyone’s needs.

By the way, if you’re using an older iPad that isn’t compatible with the Apple Pencil, you’ll want to buy a Pencil that uses Bluetooth. It’s an annoying problem, but the Apple Pencil uses special screen hardware to communicate with the iPad. Older iPads don’t have this kind of screen hardware, so they only work with the Bluetooth Pencil.

Thus, there are a large number of iPad owners who use tablets that are not compatible with the Apple Pencil. Many of these users are looking for pen to add a new layer of interest to their experience. So here we are, highlighting five great Apple Pencil alternatives that are compatible with most iPad models.

1. Adonite Pixel

If you need an Apple Pencil, then Adonite Pixel is a great option. Notably, the 1.9mm stylus tip provides improved accuracy and more natural writing.

The stylus is not compatible with iPad Pro, but it works with most other recent iPads and iPad mini. iPhone 5 and newer users can have some fun. The built-in grip sensor automatically activates when you pick it up, so the pen is ready to go.

When connected to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, the stylus can respond to 2048 sensitivity levels on the screen. You can create borders of different widths and sizes. There is also a palm rejection function, when the drawing stylus only makes marks on the screen.

Two programmable shortcut buttons give users quick access to functions such as Erase and Repeat. This is definitely not in the Apple Pencil.

You can use the stylus with a wide variety of applications such as Goodnotes, Procreate, AstroPad and more.

Customers can choose between Black or Bronze Pixel. It has a brushed aluminum body.

2. FiftyThree Pencil

Several pencils are available for the iPad, but the FiftyThree Pencil is literally taken from Apple. The appearance is made of natural wood, and the bezel with a beam hole makes it look like a real writing instrument.

Eraser on the other end. Simply flip the pen to erase anything on your tablet screen when using a supported app like FiftyThree’s Paper. Other cool features that are unlocked when using a Bluetooth connection include palm rejection and the ability to use your finger to smooth jagged edges and blend colors right on the page.

And you don’t have to worry about the pen ending up on a table or other surface. The design was inspired by a carpenter’s pencil so the flat design helps the pencil stay in place.

Pencil is compatible with most iPad models, including iPad Pro and iPhone 4s and later. The battery lasts about a month with normal use, and a full charge takes less than 90 minutes.

You don’t have to worry about pairing because tapping the screen will connect the stylus via Bluetooth. Even if you don’t use it with a supported app, it will still work in any other app and on any touchscreen.

3. Wacom Bamboo Duo

Wacom created input devices long before the introduction of the iPhone and iPad. Prepare the Wacom Bamboo Duo Stylus for your iPad (or iPhone), but it also allows you to practice with the included ballpoint pen.

Bamboo Duo does not require power, so it is compatible with any touch screen device.

The side of the stylus has a fully replaceable smooth carbon fiber nib with a mesh end. The pen tip is compatible with standard D1 inks.

Thanks to the triangular ergonomic design, the handle fits comfortably in the hand during use. The magnetic cap keeps the stylus securely on the go and even attaches to your iPad case.

4. Moko active stylus.

Anyone on an average budget looking for a great writing and drawing pen should take a look at the Moko Active Stylus.

The stylus has a 1.5 mm metal tip on one end that provides a realistic stylus feel when writing on the screen of most iPads and newer iPhones. This requires a built-in battery that can be charged in about an hour. This provides up to eight hours of continuous use and automatically turns off after 30 minutes of inactivity to save power.

The other end has a soft rubber tip for battery-free operation that works on any touch screen. With a built-in clip that allows you to place it on your tablet case or in your pocket on the go.

5. Accurate astronaut studio.

Don’t let the volume of Neat Cosmonaut Studio fool you.