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XOTIC PC allows you to trade-in your computer in just a few quick steps.


Our real-time offer will arrive within minutes after you share a few details and it is reviewed by our team. We provide you with a pre-paid shipping label making this process easy and hassle-free.


Take advantage of our trade-in program and get credit toward a new computer.

Earn Credit

A quick, on-site review of your computer will earn you an instant credit towards upgrading to the latest PC!

Since our founding in 1999 we have grown into one of the leaders in the gaming and performance pc market.

We have produced over 200,000 gaming computer for our customers.

Deep in the roots of all XOTIC PC staff is hardworking Nebraska midwest values.  We are relentless to achieve customer satisfaction.

We will meticulously craft a high-performance system for you that will exceed all of your expectations.  

94% of buyers would return and buy again

Positive reviews from our customers

Out of 5 average rating

Since our founding in 1999 we have grown into one of the leaders in the gaming and performance pc market.

We have produced over 200,000 gaming computer for our customers.

Deep in the roots of all XOTIC PC staff is hardworking Nebraska midwest values.  We are relentless to achieve customer satisfaction.

We will meticulously craft a high-performance system for you that will exceed all of your expectations. 

94% of buyers would return and buy again

Positive reviews from our customers

Out of 5 average rating

★ Judge.me Reviews

Amazing PC!

I’ve only used it for a week or so but my first impressions are great! I love the build quality. I examined every inch and found no issues with anything. It started right up, setup was a breeze and it’s been running perfect since! Thanks XoticPC!

Good Laptop and Good Delivery

Was worried from the bad reviews I’ve seen on Google, but this turned out with no problem!

Great performance, but loud fan

Very happy with the overall build and the performance is right where I expected it. The only drawback is the fan noise. When using the GPU, the fan kicks in at high rpm and is loud. You can prevent this by throttling back your performance, but why get an amazing graphics card if you aren’t going to use it. If you are looking for a desktop replacement, and typically use noise canceling headphones, this laptop will be portable and powerful enough to run all your games.

Great Laptop

Exceeded expectations!

ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733PY-XS96 Gaming Laptop

Extremely happy with this purchase.

I originally opted for an 18″, but due to a delay was EASILY able to work with Customer Service to purchase the available 17″ Strix SCAR. Due to an impending departure out of country, I asked for a rush order and got it…the machine was delivered within days, and was a beauty to behold. Built on the base ASUS machine, I opted for an upgrade to 32G RAM and 2 x 2TB drives. I also purchased a couple of peripherals.

Here is the skinny: pretty darned quiet, and so far everything works perfectly. My biggest takeaway working with XOTIC (first time here) was how easy they were to work with and how very happy I am with the service they gave me in putting the modified unit together and getting it to me after my previous computer died. (not XOTIC, but ASUS Zephyrus 3 years old. Motherboard issue.)

Thanks, XOTIC!



Laptop & Computer Trade In Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Computer Trading is here to offer tips ahead of your trade-in. No one wants to lose crucial work documents or the photos and movies they’ve saved on their computer for protection. So, remember to spend some time moving all your files and folders to an external hard drive before factory resetting your laptop.

If you don’t have an external hard drive, you can always upload them to a cloud storage service like

  • OneDrive
  • DropBox
  • Google Drive.

When trading in your computer, you must supply detailed information about your laptop’s features when you post it for sale online or take it in-store. Keep this in mind and compile all the necessary information on your computer.

For example, you could write down the manufacturer’s name, the model number, the operating system, the processor’s name, the amount of RAM it has, and the size of the screen for your laptop. Stay up to cutting-edge features and specifications.

If you live in Los Angeles, the only method to guarantee peak efficiency and the most current software is to trade in your old computer here with us. Even if they are undesirable, upgrades and replacements are essential. These are costly; utilizing trade-ins is a cost-effective way to ensure your device offers everything you need, such as the best performance, efficient operation, capacity, features, and specifications.

Our team is here to help you make this procedure simple and guarantee that your new device is well-suited to your requirements. 

Please ensure you have closed all your apps, services, and email accounts. Doing this may ensure that whoever purchases your computer cannot access any of your data or passwords that may have been saved under your account. Please make extra security arrangements, even though they are uncommon. The prior owner of the machine, who was you, is protected during this quick process.

Digital Content Management technology may well be used by many apps you’ve purchased on your laptop that can retain files or even the app itself on the computer where it is installed. These apps must be disabled, and the licenses must be transferred to the new laptop. To make the deactivation and transfer process easier and more efficient, you might want to evaluate all your software before you start and establish a list of the apps you want to transfer to your new computer.

The most critical step before trading in your computer is cleaning the hard drive. This ensures that all your data is completely erased from your laptop and removed for good, leaving no evidence or possibility for its recovery. Disk wiping is required because failing to do so will continually wipe out your whole hard drive, making it challenging to restore previous data after you’ve formatted your computer. To guarantee that all your data has been destroyed, you should wipe your hard disk one more. You can be sure that no one will retrieve your data this way.

Both the exterior and the interior of your laptop should be aesthetically attractive. We’re exploring the best way to showcase the value of your computer. A well-maintained device always operates more efficiently, and appealing products generate sales. You may start by shutting down your laptop, turning it over, and giving it a gentle shake to eliminate any stray dirt that might have found its way into the keyboard’s crevices. The particles can also be removed using a duster. 

Computer or phone for P2P trading? — NFT BRIHASPATHI on vc.ru


P2P trading is a niche in which it is not necessary to have a computer or laptop, because a regular phone is enough to work, on which applications of banks and exchanges are supported. But one question still remains open.

What is better to choose for work: phone or PC?

Let’s start with the advantages of working from the phone:

➕ When working from the phone, you only need the phone itself, and you won’t need a PC or laptop, because you can both trade and make bank transfers from the phone. Therefore, you can work more comfortably during any of your movements: on the beach, on the train, in line at the store, etc.;

➕ Working from your phone, you can receive and send bank transfers faster and more comfortably, just switch between the tabs of the exchange and the bank application;

➕ You can update the P2P order book of the most important exchange for P2P trading, Binance, at any time from your phone. From a PC or laptop, you can set auto-update every 5 seconds, but not more often, so you will be less likely to catch profitable deals;

➕ On the Binance exchange, in a P2P order book from a mobile phone, you can select several payments at once and see ads in the order book simultaneously for Tinkoff, Sberbank, etc. From a PC, you can only select one payment at a time.

And now to the advantages of working from a PC/laptop:

➕ Large screen, which adds comfort to work for many affiliates, as well as the ability to connect multiple monitors, increasing the workspace;

➕ If you use any additional extensions in trading: software, calculators, etc. , then some of the above may not work on a phone or will work worse than on a PC;

➕ When working from a phone, it will not be convenient for you to open a large number of P2P order books, charts and exchanges, as well as other P2P sites that many subscribers of this channel use in their work. So if you need a large number of windows, programs or the mandatory presence of multiple monitors to work, then your choice is a computer or laptop;

➕ The order panel on the phone on the Binance exchange is less convenient than the panel on the PC, it will not be convenient to work on volumes with a large number of orders.

So working with a PC is your salvation.

As a result, unequivocally answer the question “what is more convenient after all?” You can’t, because each option has its own advantages. Where there will be more pluses for you and the pluses themselves will be more significant, it is with this device that you will be better off working.

And in any case, before making a decision, we advise you to trade on each of the devices available to you for a short time, a week, for example, and only then make a final decision.

If you have read up to this point, then a bonus for you: FREE MANUAL ON NFT 2022. To do this, go here

With love, your telegram channel “NFT BRIHAZPATI”.

Which computer to choose for trading in 2023? — articles by Alexander Gerchik — articles by Alexander Gerchik


  • What parameters are important to you as a trader?
  • Recommended computer specifications for comfortable trading on the stock exchange.
  • Which is better – a computer or a laptop?
  • Can I trade on a Macbook?

What do you think every trader needs for successful trading? If you say: the head and everything in it, a separate “Bravo” for your answer, but today we want to talk about the technical side of the issue.

The main tool of a stock trader in the age of the Internet is a computer.

How fast is your computer, does it have occasional freezes? Are the charts late? Are there delays in submitting applications? How accurately do they work? And in general, what is better to trade on – on a desktop computer or a laptop? What are the specific options?

There are many questions – after all, it is necessary for the equipment to work all day without lags, often with a second monitor and several terminals.

The topic of today’s publication is which computer or laptop a trader should choose for successful and comfortable trading. What is important to pay attention to when choosing a computer for trading?

In the article you will find out which monitors are optimal for a trader, whether it is worth choosing a tablet for trading and what kind of equipment is needed for beginners.

Courses for traders can be found here

Which parameters are important to you as a trader?

Assembling a computer for a trader should be carried out according to the required parameters in order to avoid freezes, ensure stable operation and high speed for quick information and decision making.

Therefore, the choice of PC should be approached carefully. Start by familiarizing yourself with the requirements in the instructions of the trading terminals, there are technical conditions for productive work. And check the compliance of the operating system with the selected trading platform.

The best personal computers for stock trading are based on the latest and multi-threaded processors. You need high RAM, excellent cooling and ventilation, fast SSD hard drives.

Enclosure required with maximum dust protection. The video card for trading is selected taking into account the planned number of monitors used, the number of outputs depends on this.

Recommended computer specifications for comfortable trading on the stock exchange

For convenient trading without restrictions, recommended requirements:

– processor: 4-core with a frequency of 3.6 GHz

– RAM: the amount of RAM 4 GB / SSD 128 GB the speed of SSDs and the large capacity of HDDs.

– video card: high-quality and expensive

– monitor: optimal 22-24 inches, matte

Tip : install a good ventilation system, licensed antivirus and fast internet via cable.

Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of a trading PC.

1. Screen resolution

The point is not that the maximum amount of information fits on the screen. A lot of windows on a small screen is a crazy strain on the eyes, but this is only part of the problem. The point is different: the larger the screen, the better (further) you can see where the graph will go. And this already has a great effect on the outcome of each transaction and all trading in general.

Therefore, for the comfort of your trading, choose equipment with a screen of 17 inches or more.

2. Computer power and software quality

There are no special laptops for trade, but there is appropriate software, the performance of which directly depends on the price of equipment. We recommend focusing on your capabilities and trading style.

Many experienced traders write that tablets and macbooks are quite capable of tracking and correcting transactions, but for constant and comfortable trading, you still need a good laptop, and even better a desktop computer.

Ignore the messages from the traders’ forums about the convenience of netbooks – they are no longer produced.

As for the cost of buying a computer, this is an integral part of personal expenses for trading, it must be optimized within reasonable limits. You should choose the middle price segment so as not to sell too cheap and not overpay.

At the same time, your computer simply must have a good supply of power. The elevator rule applies here – during testing, the equipment must withstand a load that exceeds the norm by 8 times. Ask – why? This is a job with money, and not small ones. It’s one thing to lose them because of your own stupidity, another thing is because of a frozen computer. Do you need it?

3. The state of the art must match your trading methods

For example, intraday trading with a single screen is extremely inconvenient. In this case, you need 3-4 screens.

It is possible to trade options or long-term on a macbook if you install Windows, a Windows emulator or TradingView.

If you think about the future, in order to install a trading robot over time, then

keep in mind: they all work not on the server, but on the client! Therefore, after closing the lid of the laptop, trading will stop, and you need a constantly working terminal to control the “remote monitor”.

As an option – use an old laptop (notebook PC) or a stationary computer with an uninterruptible power supply and an additional gadget – they can easily pull any terminal without fear of power outages.

4. The optimal number of monitors

Here we must strive for the golden mean. On the one hand, more monitors means more information. On the other hand, an overabundance of information does more harm than good. Start with one or two, and then look at the situation ..

Which is better – a computer or a laptop?

A stationary computer is a kind of office where you can fully concentrate on the process of price movement. A laptop is somewhat relaxing for many: it can be easily carried from place to place. You can trade with both.

The main technical problem when trading on a laptop and a computer is the difference in the diagonal of the screen. The most convenient screen in terms of trading is 30 inches. And to him several monitors of 27 inches. On a stationary computer, everything is in front of your eyes. On a laptop, phone or tablet, the charts on the screen do not fit in the volume that is needed for trading.

According to experienced traders, there is not much to see on modern laptops with 14, 15, 17 inch screens. This is the most important point, because traders trade with their eyes. You need to be able to discern the action in time – where was the volume, spread, progress, result. On a small screen, this is almost impossible. Sometimes you can consider, but more likely you will miss the most important thing.

When trading on a desktop computer, you are easily disciplined by the environment itself – a huge workspace allows you to compress and stretch pairs, it is easier to view levels on it. Usually good traders choose 19inch laptop and attach 1 additional screen to view the full range of price movements.

There is no definite answer – what to choose, a stationary computer or a laptop.

For experienced traders, the advantage still remains with the computer, because it is he who has the ability to optimize and replace components or add additional equipment. Especially if you work at different sites and need multiple monitors.

One screen will allow beginners to master the basics of trading.

With limited funds, it would be wiser to invest them in strengthening the power of the block than to add screens. Without proper knowledge, they will be absolutely useless and can overload with unnecessary visual information at first.

Many traders choose a laptop: it saves space, outperforms “big” computers and has its own powerful battery.

When buying a computer, you will also need an uninterruptible power supply to protect yourself in the event of an unexpected power outage.

Can I trade on a Macbook?

The answer will be ambiguous, there are reasons for this.

All terminals for trading were originally designed for Windows. And for the Mac, they just don’t exist. Although, in terms of its power and speed, the Macbook is much higher, clearer and more predictable in actions.

But! There is always a way out.

Basic solutions that allow you to trade on a macbook.

1.Install Windows into built-in functionality in parallel with the operating system from Apple. You will be able to switch between them. It’s free and depends only on the amount of memory on your Macbook.

2. Remote virtual server costing approximately $10 per month.

Let’s summarize

To make your work comfortable, choose a computer for trading on the stock exchange, based on the proposed parameters:

  • large screen from 17-19 inches, preferably matte
  • processor 4-core with a frequency of 3. 6 GHz
  • RAM RAM 4 GB / SSD 128 GB
  • 1-2 monitors to start, then – according to the situation
  • accessory gadget
  • uninterruptible power supply for a desktop computer.

If you find it difficult to assemble a PC yourself, any outlet that sells components will do it. You will have to buy peripherals and monitors, taking into account personal preferences.

Technique is very important, but without knowledge in trading it will be useless. Look at programs and courses from Alexander Gerchik, choose what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What equipment do you need to trade?

    Choose hardware that eliminates hang-ups, provides reliable continuous operation, and high speed for fast data acquisition and decision making.