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48″ Panel-Ready Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator

48″ Panel-Ready Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Key Features:

Fully Flush, Fully Integrated Design

Obsidian Interior

Style with Custom Wood Panels or Suite-Coordinating Stainless Steel Panel Kits (not included)

Precision Temperature Management™ System

Advanced Climate Control Drawer

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$10,499. 00 MSRP

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This product requires a JennAir panel kit or custom panels to complete the installation. Panel kits and handle kits are available in the accessories section.

48″ Panel-Ready Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator

$10,499.00 MSRP


Starting At

$10,499.00 MSRP

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Top Features

Fully Flush, Fully Integrated Design

This integrated built-in refrigerator fits beautifully into any decor, blending into custom cabinetry with a truly seamless appearance, reflecting your appreciation for the fine details of design. Must be installed in a 25″ deep cabinet to achieve the fully flush look.

Obsidian Interior

Exclusive Obsidian interior dazzles guests as food item colors “pop”, even in matching crisper drawers and the freezer.

Style with Custom Wood Panels or Suite-Coordinating Stainless Steel Panel Kits (not included)

Customize the exterior with wood panels to seamlessly blend with surrounding cabinetry for a fully integrated look, or pair with Euro-Style or Pro-Style® Stainless panel kits to match other Jenn-Air® suite appliances.

Precision Temperature Management™ System

A sensor-controlled system that uses a variable-speed compressor with an independent sensor in each compartment to monitor and adjust temperatures.

Advanced Climate Control Drawer

A dedicated storage drawer with electronic control which provides precise, independent temperature control for sensitive foods.

Produce Preserver

Delays over-ripening* of certain fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene gas. *Based on commonly purchased produce.

Additional Features

Capacitive Touch Controls with LED Display

Allow independent control of refrigerator and freezer temperatures with an integrated design that is easy-to-clean and responds to touch for easy operation.

Soft-Close Crisper Drawers

Soft-Close technology lets refrigerator drawers close softly, quietly, and securely.

Elegance Shelving

Glass shelves accented with brushed aluminum trim appear to float with an open, refined look, providing enhanced visibility while making foods and beverages easy to see and locate.

Automatic Ice Maker

Ensures a continuous supply of fresh ice cubes made from filtered water, in a crescent shape that elevates beverage presentation.

The exclusive Obsidian interior brings a luxurious finish to the inside of this Jenn-Air® integrated built-in refrigerator. The refrigerator achieves a seamless look with a flush design that features concealed hinges and trim pieces. With optional custom panels, it blends completely into cabinetry, a luxury detail that designers appreciate.

Find product dimensions, installation information and more.



Freezer Volume

10.50 cu. ft.

Net Weight

633 lbs

Refrigerator Volume

18.70 cu. ft.

Counter Depth


Installation Option


Door Style


Hidden Hinge


Reversible Door


Air Filter Indicator/Reset


Automatic Defrost


Door Ajar/Open Alarm


Location of Controls

Interior Up Front

Produce Preserver


Water Filter Indicator/Reset


Water Filter Location


Number of Interior Shelves


Supplementary Containers

Wine Rack, Wine Rack

Freezer Number of Shelves


Dispenser Options

Filtered Water

Dispenser Type

No Dispenser

Icemaker Location


Energy Star® Qualified


Prop 65

CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY – WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.



Refrigerator Type




Design Expression


Installation Configuration



Factory Installed

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Shop accessories that allow for proper installation, performance or preferred style.


RISE™ 48″ Fully Integrated Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator Panel-Kit



NOIR™ 48″ Fully Integrated Built-In Side-by-Side Refrigerator Panel-Kit



SxS Refrigerator Door Handle Kit



Armoire-Style Refrigerator Door Panel



Built-In Refrigerator RISE™ Handle Kit, Stainless Steel



Handle Kit-JA,NOIR,BIR,SxS (Qty=2 handles)



Refrigerator Pro-Style Handle Kit, Stainless Steel



everydrop® Refrigerator Water Filter 3 – EDR3RXD1 (Pack of 1)


The best panel refrigerators – Home appliances

Author: admin

Prefabricated panel refrigerators give your kitchen a sophisticated dose of style thanks to the way they blend seamlessly into the interior. Let’s say you want a premium refrigerator but don’t like the commercial look of stainless steel. The panel refrigerator is the perfect choice. It combines a high-performance interior with an exterior that you can cover with cabinet panels to match the rest of your kitchen.

Instead of being the center of attention, the panel fridge is so unobtrusive and hidden that you might have to show new guests where it is.

Like many of the best refrigerators, they are also a smart investment that will add value to your home if you ever need to move.

There are many off-the-shelf refrigerators to choose from, and they all have their pros and cons, from cost to design considerations and durability. It’s easy to get confused when you’re choosing all the options.

To make your decision easier, we’ve put together a guide on what to look for in a ready-to-use refrigerator along with our top seven choices. Let’s dive in.

Our top 7 ready-made refrigerators choose this Miele refrigerator with Shaker cabinet panel doors on the outside. What is a panel refrigerator?

You’ve probably already seen one or two finished refrigerators, even if you didn’t know what to call them. “Panel Ready” is a manufacturer’s term for refrigerators whose doors are designed to accept non-standard kitchen cabinet panels.

You may also see it called “cabinet refrigerator”, “custom refrigerator” or “built-in refrigerator”. Refrigerator brand Sub Zero, for example, refers to its speakers as “built-in” and iconic top-compressor refrigerators as “built-in.”

Sub Zero Ready Panel Refrigerator Styles

Among the best built-in refrigerators you will find many panel refrigerators that differentiate them from the best standard or even the best counter depth refrigerators in terms of design, installation and cost.

Unlike standard or countertop refrigerators, you cannot pull the built-in refrigerator out of your cabinets to clean underneath and behind it. They are built into your cabinets and cannot be moved.

Built-in refrigerators are also a little more difficult to install, since you don’t need gaps between the edges and your cabinet.

To find out more, see our counter depth and standard refrigerator guide.

The mirrored cabinet panel on this built-in refrigerator with bottom freezer and two freezer drawers is a clever design trick that makes a narrow kitchen look bigger. Dimensions of refrigerators with a ready panel

No kitchen or family is the same, so there are many options for your refrigerator cabinet. Some of the most popular sizes are 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″ and 48″ , but you will find others that can suit your needs if you have a custom space.

Types of panel refrigerators

As with conventional refrigerators, panel refrigerators can come in a variety of designs. Each type of refrigerator has both aesthetic and functional benefits, so it’s important to consider which look you like best and which one will actually serve you the best.

Top Freezer: Traditional old school refrigerator with freezer compartment and door on top and fridge compartment and door on bottom. Top freezer refrigerators do not have prefabricated panels.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: is a more modern design with a fridge compartment and door at the top and one or two freezer drawers at the bottom.

French door: refrigerator with two doors on top and one or two drawers on the bottom. Sometimes one of these is a flexible drawer, which can be a fridge or freezer, depending on what you need. We like refrigerators with French doors for narrow spaces because the doors open halfway compared to a single refrigerator door and require less clearance.

Columns: These individual units provide maximum versatility and functionality at an additional cost. You buy each section (refrigerator, freezer, wine cooler, drinks center) separately and can build them into your kitchen in any configuration you like, be it next to each other or in different locations. This luxury home appliance is a premium investment to get the most out of your refrigerator.

Refrigerator and freezer drawers: These mini units are sometimes used in combination with other refrigerators or columns for additional storage. They can also be paneled to match your cabinets.

Undercounter dishwashers and refrigerators can also be supplied with prefabricated doors.

You will spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This is also the room in the house where you get the most return on your investment. Also, you want to like how it looks. The right refrigerator is the foundation.

If you like the look of a built-in refrigerator, there are many practical reasons to choose one.

1. They are no more expensive than other premium refrigerators.

A panel fridge might be a big visual upgrade, but it shouldn’t be a big extra expense. You can often buy them for less than a great built-in stainless steel refrigerator.

2. Ideal if you don’t like the commercial look

Maybe you don’t want a large stainless steel drawer to be the first thing your eyes notice when you enter the kitchen. You might think it looks too industrial or too restaurant-like – not as homely as you would like, or just not your style. A paneled fridge won’t make the same impression – no matter what size you choose – because it hides behind cabinets and fittings. It also allows the architecture of your home, or perhaps your stove or range hood, to take center stage.

3. They update your space (think of home resale value)

Panel-ready refrigerators can eliminate harsh lines and improve foot traffic while sitting flush with your counter and cabinets.

In addition, if you want to make your home more competitive in case you might have to sell it in the future, panel design refrigerators are a relatively simple upgrade that will increase your home’s resale value. The brand name and style of this appliance will attract the attention of potential buyers.

Refrigerator with bottom freezer and one freezer drawer. Reasons you might not like the

Panel Refrigerator

While prefabricated refrigerator panels offer many benefits, they may not be for everyone, especially those looking to make a makeover on a budget.

1. They cost more than traditional refrigerators

Prefabricated panel refrigerators are inherently high-end built-in refrigerators. Therefore, they often cost more than standard refrigerators or refrigerators with a depth meter. In the world of home appliances, they are considered a luxury item, designed to be stylish and modern in almost any kitchen. This is especially true when you start looking into models like the Kitchenaid refrigerator, which combines a luxurious look with a popular brand name.

They also require additional purchases that may not be required for an average good refrigerator. This includes furniture and door fittings, as well as higher installation costs.

2. Harder to install

If you are working with existing cabinets, you may need to make a big change to install a built-in panel cooler where the old standard or deep freezer once stood. You will also need a certain ceiling height for it to fit. And even if you have the space, installation requires more specialized expertise. You want to be sure you are using an installer that is familiar with the brand you bought.

3. When they break, they are harder to replace

The best panel refrigerators are designed to last 20 years or more. It’s a long life, but not forever. If you have an old panel refrigerator and are looking for a replacement, you may find that today’s standard width and height measurements have changed.

For example, Sub-Zero used to make 27″ wide panels ready to fit into bottom freezer refrigerators, but no longer offers that size.

You may find that you need to look to another brand or consider making changes to the surrounding furniture.

How much does a panel refrigerator cost?

Generally speaking, expect to spend $4,000 to $10,000 or more. Like other styles of refrigerators, panel refrigerators vary in price depending on the design and features you choose.

The cost of cabinets and fittings must also be taken into account. A customized cabinet panel with expensive equipment works better than simple designs.

Shipping and installation may be additional costs that you may want to plan for.

Want to compare this to other quality options? Check out our guide to refrigerator prices. If you find yourself in a quandary when you need to replace your aging Sub Zero refrigerator, check out the alternatives.

2021 Top Plate Refrigerators

These seven options cover all bases, whether you need a simple inexpensive refrigerator to modernize your kitchen or you want to invest in something luxurious.

1. Best 48″ Side by Side Refrigerator: Sub Zero BI48SO
Sub Zero BI48SO

The Sub Zero Side by Side refrigerator combines elegant minimalism with innovative technology. Wi-Fi enabled BI48SO with LED lighting is designed to help create a kitchen that works best for you all and breathe new life into your home with its chic design. It incorporates cutting-edge technology designed to best preserve your food, as well as an easy-to-use and user-friendly design.

Looking for more features? Consider its cousin, the Sub Zero BI48SiDO. This model is similar in design and quality to the Classic BI48SO. However, this model has a handy internal water dispenser.

While Sub Zero makes refrigerators with an external water dispenser, we don’t find them decorative in a ready-to-install panel.

2. Best Prefabricated Column Cooler and Freezer: Sub Zero IC36RIDRH combined with Sub Zero IC36FILH
Sub Zero IC36RIDRHSub Zero IC36FILH

These Sub Zero speakers give you a 36″ full fridge and a 36″ full freezer. Refrigerator 20.5 cubic meters feet and freezer 20 cu. feet for a total of 40 cu. feet of storage is huge. You’ll also love the built-in filtered water dispenser and ice maker. Each speaker is equipped with popular Sub Zero technologies such as air purification and airtight locks to keep your food always fresh. Columns cost more but are the most elegant solution for maximum space we know of.

3. Best solution for small apartments: Beko BBBF2410
Beko BBBF2410

While popular panel fridge sizes tend to start at around 30 inches, this is not the only option. This Beko refrigerator saves space with a bottom freezer that allows it to be just 22 inches wide – perfect for city apartments or small homes.

This Beko model includes the Turkish company’s NeoFrost dual cooling technology, similar to what you’ll find on high-end brands like Sub Zero. It also has reversible hinges so you can choose which direction the door will open when installed. Picking the wrong loop is a common mistake, but you don’t have to worry about making it.

4. Best Budget: Fisher Paykel RS36A72J1N
Fisher Paykel RS36A72J1N

This Fisher Paykel refrigerator uses French doors for maximum space and ease of access while still being able to customize its appearance to suit your kitchen. The bottom freezer contains 5.1 cu. feet of space, as well as an ice maker for added convenience.

This model is also designed to have depth to ensure it fits into your closet for a seamless look.

5. Most stylish: Miele KF2902VI
Miele KF2902VI

The Miele KF2902VI includes modern innovations such as Wi-Fi connectivity so you can check what’s in your refrigerator remotely. This Miele refrigerator has a simple, efficient and well-lit interior, as well as a food storage system that keeps food fresh longer.

Another feature we love is the Push3Open doors, which do exactly what they sound like. Thanks to this feature, you do not have to pull the door from the outside. If you prefer modern furniture, this feature will allow you to make the surface very smooth.

6. Best deals on packages: Thermador T30IB905SP
Thermador T30IB905SP

Featuring a premium stainless steel body and custom-made exterior panels, this slim Thermador refrigerator features premium design in a compact format with bottom freezer. The SoftClose door and drawers ensure that cooking is not interrupted by harsh pops when someone takes a drink; we also like that they open and close with a slight push or pull.

The Thermador Freedom hinge design also ensures that your refrigerator is flush with your cabinets, a must if you’re looking for a modern, seamless effect.

It also comes with Wi-Fi, internal filtered water dispenser and ice maker.

What makes the Thermador refrigerator very attractive is the 1-2-Free promotion that the company has been running for the past few years. The brand offers a simple discount system, according to which, when you buy the Thermador series, you get a free dishwasher. Adding a refrigerator to this package will give you free ventilation, meaning a significant savings of over $6,000.

7. Most Reliable: Monogram ZISB480DNII
Monogram ZISB480DNII

If you’re looking for a relatively affordable yet roomy upgrade, check out the Monogram. This upscale GE brand offers a variety of panel refrigerator options to suit every budget. This 48-inch wide side-by-side design is unusual in that it has an external filtered water dispenser; The frame is color matched so it will blend in with your closet. It has solid glass shelves inside and a dairy drawer with a magnetic lock, and is also equipped with Wi-Fi.

If you like this design but need something smaller, it’s also available in narrower 36″ and 42″ sizes.

Panel Refrigerator Installation Tips
1. Use Accurate Dimensions

To ensure cabinet panels fit seamlessly into your kitchen without noticeable seams or gaps, it is important to determine the correct countertop depth for your kitchen. Be sure to read the installation instructions carefully for exact measurements, as different manufacturers may list different sizes. Depending on the retailer and brand you choose, you may also have the option of having a professional interview on site to measure your kitchen before ordering. If you spend extra time on this step, you’ll get smooth delivery and a functional kitchen with no delays that could have been avoided.

2. Order additional services

Depending on the panel refrigerator you invest in, you may need to purchase a fusion kit. Fusion kits are used when your refrigerator and freezer are connected together, such as when you order two side racks. This helps prevent heat from transferring from the refrigerator to the freezer, which helps preserve food better.
Keep in mind that merging kits can add extra width to your ready-to-go refrigerator, so it’s important to keep this aspect in mind when choosing the right refrigerator size for your kitchen and designing your cabinet.

3. Check with your cabinetmaker or designer

You may also need to invest in additional design aspects to make your refrigerator work. This includes handles that are not included (you want them to match your current hardware) and panels that match your cabinet. If you are upgrading from a different manufacturer or a newer model of a finished refrigerator from an old model, you may still need to purchase new panels as your current ones may not fit your new refrigerator.


The refrigerator is a personal appliance that should work with your kitchen, not against it. Ready-to-use panel refrigerators offer the same internal settings and options as traditional refrigerators, allowing you to choose whether you want a side-by-side design, a bottom freezer, or another popular style while breathing new life into your kitchen , producing a more cohesive and seamless design between your closet and appliances.

In this Top 7 list, we aim to include a variety of high-quality, ready-to-run refrigerators with a variety of features and options to suit a wide range of preferences, making it easy to find the refrigerator you love.

Maunfeld Spacious Side-by-Side Refrigerators

With the advent of the refrigerator, the housewife’s life has become much easier, and the family’s diet is much wider. The first models, despite their large external dimensions and small usable volume, became a real revolution in the kitchen appliances market and were sold out at the speed of light. Over time, refrigerators have improved, becoming more spacious, safer and more functional. Following the single-chamber, two-chamber devices, improved three-chamber installations and, finally, premium Side-by-Side models were presented to the buyers’ judgment, which will give odds to any competitor!

Unique Side-by-Side Refrigerators

Leading appliance manufacturers provide customers with a huge selection of refrigeration equipment, and refrigerators are no exception. Today, they can be not only freestanding or built-in, but also have a body of completely different designs: single-chamber, two-chamber, three-chamber and Side-by-Side.

Single-chamber unit – standard or mini-refrigerator – is an appliance with one door, behind which there is a spacious refrigerator compartment with shelves and drawers. Sometimes single-chamber refrigerators are equipped with a small freezer with a capacity of up to 20 liters.

Two-chamber refrigerators already have two doors and, accordingly, two independent compartments – refrigerator and freezer. Such units are more spacious, and therefore are the best choice for a family of 3-4 people.

Three-chamber models look a little different. Between the refrigerator and freezer there is a separate independent section – the so-called “zero zone”, which is best suited for storing perishable products such as meat, fish, cheese, milk and many others.

Side-by-Side refrigerators differ from all other models, first of all, in their dimensions – the total volume of the refrigerator and freezer can be 500 liters or even more! In addition, such units have a completely different configuration: some models consist of two doors, like a swing cabinet, while others consist of four. In the first case, the refrigerator is provided with a full-length refrigeration and freezer compartment, and in the second, the upper two doors open access to the wide shelves of a single refrigerator, and the lower ones to two independent freezers.

Why are they so popular in the US?

The phrase “Side-by-Side” is translated from English as “side by side”. This name is given to a certain form factor of large-sized refrigerators, the doors of which open from the center in opposite directions. For the first time such models appeared in the USA – the prototype of the model was presented back in 1926! Having finalized and improved the idea, refrigerators were released into mass production.

The new model has gained unprecedented popularity, surpassing even the wildest forecasts of marketers. And all why? That’s right, because at a standard height, these refrigerators hold exactly twice as much food as any two-chamber unit.

Side-by-Sides have become an excellent choice for large families, because it allows you to stock up on food for a week or even two, without thinking about daily grocery shopping. In addition, they provide modern electronic temperature control, a touch control panel, an ice maker, as well as many other options that are not available for refrigerators of other form factors.

British manufacturer Maunfeld

Maunfeld was founded in 1998 in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire. Initially, its specialization was rather narrow – air-cleaning systems, kitchen hoods and interchangeable accessories came off the assembly line. With the advent of the success of the products, production has expanded significantly. Hobs, ovens, microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers appeared on store shelves. In addition to them, the brand’s range was also replenished with a wide range of small household appliances:

  • electric ovens;
  • table tops;
  • toasters;
  • grills;
  • blenders;
  • mixers;
  • food processors;
  • teapots;
  • coffee machines;
  • multicooker;
  • mincers;
  • juicers.

Already in 2000, Maunfeld opened two offices in Italy, relying on a combination of English classics and Italian design modernism. Soon, sites in Poland, France, Turkey and China join the Italian cities of Fabriano and Bajgiovar, where products are produced with the preservation of uniform traditions of quality and style.

A special series is developed for each country, taking into account the national specifics of the area: for England it is a traditional classic, Italian buyers enjoy a riot of colors, Turkish models are given elements of oriental luxury, and the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire appreciate the simplicity and practicality of every detail. For the Russians, a symbiosis of stylish design, classic shapes and simplicity of lines has been chosen. So, wherever you live and whatever your kitchen style, Maunfeld appliances will help you create a harmonious interior in any room.

Elegant styling

Side-by-Side refrigerators take up a lot of space in the kitchen, because their volume is equal to two two-chamber models placed close to each other! That is why it is extremely important that such a device is in harmony with the general style of the room, becoming one with it. Models from Maunfeld fully meet this requirement.

The brand’s product range includes large refrigerators with matte and glossy finishes in white, gray and black. Strict straight lines, lack of eye-catching decor and conciseness in every detail – perhaps these are the main criteria that industrial designers were guided by when developing the equipment exterior. Due to its external simplicity, it will be perfectly combined with other kitchen appliances, as well as with furniture, decor and the general mood of your kitchen.

Freestanding units

Like any other refrigerator, Side-by-Side can be freestanding or built-in. In the first case, the device is installed separately from the furniture in any place convenient for you, and in the second case, you will need to make a special box to place it.

Maunfeld offers you simpler, more convenient and less expensive to install units – freestanding. They, in turn, are further divided into two subspecies: two-door and three-door.

2 doors

Two door refrigerators are the most common models. Such a device consists of two independent chambers: on the left is a freezer, and on the right is a refrigerator. The equipment is ideal for those who use both compartments equally: here, frequently used chilled and frozen products can be placed at eye level, and those that are designed for long storage, below.


Four-door Side-by-Side look a little different. The top two doors give access to a one-piece refrigerator compartment with wide shelves made of durable tempered glass, and behind the bottom two freezers are hidden, separated by a partition. The unique design of the top compartment helps organize all containers for easy access and makes it easy to store dishes in dishes of any diameter and shape: baking sheets with dough pieces, dishes with marinated meat and large pots of soup can easily fit here.

The device of models

The inner world of the refrigerator – what is it like? In order for you to place all products in compliance with the commodity neighborhood and at a convenient distance from each other, the refrigerator and freezer chambers of the appliance must be not only roomy, but also ergonomic. To do this, they are equipped with a number of special fasteners, as well as all kinds of storage areas, thanks to which each product always remains in its place.

Refrigerator compartment

Inside refrigerator capacity 317 to 359liters, you will find capacious height-adjustable shelves made of transparent tempered glass. Each of them is edged with a metal frame and a side – this detail helps to protect the products stored below from accidentally spilled liquids. Immediately below them are retractable plastic boxes: dry or wet freshness zones, in which it is convenient to store vegetables, fruits, berries and any perishable products. Hanging trays are fixed on the doors, where you can place juices, waters, sauces and alcohol.

Freezer Compartment

The Maunfeld Side-by-Side fridge freezer has a total freezer capacity of 172 to 203 liters, making it possible to keep a full supply of food for the whole family for a long time. For your convenience, a simple but very convenient storage system has been thought out inside the compartment. In two-chamber models you will find three glass shelves, two deep drawers and three hanging compartments on the door. There are no hanging structures in four-door refrigerators, but six deep drawers with a transparent front wall are provided.

Wet and Dry “Fresh Zones”

How do you keep the taste, smell and texture of perishable foods intact without freezing them? For these purposes, Maunfeld engineers have developed two sections at once, located in the lower part of the refrigerator compartment – dry and wet “Fresh Zones”. The first box maintains the moisture level inside at around 50%, which is optimal for storing meat, fish, poultry, minced meat and dairy products – here they are stored not for 1-2 days, as on ordinary shelves, but up to 5 days. Inside the second level of air humidity reaches 90%, and this creates the best conditions for storing fresh vegetables, herbs, berries and fruits – their freshness period is extended up to 7 days.

Innovative technology

Side-by-Side refrigerators from Maunfeld attract attention with their affordable price, which may alert the seasoned buyer: does “cheap” always equal “quality”? At one time, the combination of these two factors was the key to the rapid success of the British company. The internal filling only benefited from such a strategy, because here you will find only those options that will establish communication between a person and technology, greatly simplify the storage of products and keep them fresh for the longest possible time.

Full NoFrost Defrost

Many of us remember refrigerators from the past: noisy, small, with a thick crust of ice in the freezer and water droplets on the walls of the refrigerator compartment. So, the models from Maunfeld are their complete opposite.

Each Side-by-Side refrigerator features state-of-the-art Total NoFrost technology that effectively mixes cold, dry and hot, humid air. This, in turn, guarantees uniform cooling and freezing of products on all shelves and in all drawers.

The system includes a whole range of accessories: compressor, coolant pipes, fan and evaporator. When the compressor is turned on, cold is actively pumped into the chamber, and in order for all loaded products to be stored at the set temperature, the cold coming from the tubes with freon is distributed throughout the chamber with the help of a fan. When the motor is turned off, the temperature inside gradually rises, and the accumulated heat is deposited in the form of moisture, which is transported through a system of channels to a storage tank located outside, behind the rear wall of the unit. When the compressor is turned on again, a heating element located in the immediate vicinity of the tank is connected to its operation. The heater evaporates the liquid, and the whole process is repeated again, so ice and excess moisture never accumulate – the “weather” without precipitation is always maintained in the chambers.

In the previous generation of refrigerators, this system was implemented only in the freezer. The models of the British company have two independent cooling circuits, which allows you to get rid, on the one hand, of the ice coat in the freezer, and on the other hand, of the “weeping” wall in the refrigerator, while the uniform distribution of cold will help keep your food for a longer period .

Built-in air ionizer

Over time, bacteria and fungi accumulate in the refrigerator, and with them – characteristic, difficult to eliminate unpleasant odors. Unplanned “living creatures” not only irritates the scent, but also renders products unusable much faster than expected. The air ionizer successfully overcomes the above problems by constantly saturating the air with ions with a negative charge.

The device consists of two electrodes with sharp ends located on the rear outer part of the refrigerator in the area of ​​the metal grid. One electrode is positively charged and the other is negatively charged. When voltage is applied to them, a corona discharge is formed. In the process, a certain amount of negatively charged ions appears, which saturate the air inside the chambers. Ionized air prolongs the freshness of food, helps fight viruses and neutralizes allergens contained on their surface.

Antibacterial coating of the chamber

In addition to the air ionizer, the design of Maunfeld refrigerators has one more “trick”: a unique antibacterial coating of the internal chambers. The composition of plastic, which has become the inner lining of the refrigerator and freezer, includes silver ions – a metal that has been famous for its antibacterial properties since ancient times. In contact with silver molecules, microorganisms lose the ability to multiply, and therefore your products are stored even longer.


Are you planning to freeze a large batch of ripe berries and fruits for the winter? Then you will definitely need the Super Freeze function! Despite the fact that the freezing capacity of freezers in Maunfeld refrigerators can reach 10 kg per day, it is not recommended to load all this volume at a time in standard mode. The fact is that warm foods inevitably increase the temperature inside the freezer, as a result of which, firstly, nearby reserves begin to melt, and secondly, the compressor of the device starts to work in emergency mode, which does not benefit it.

In order to freeze your workpieces quickly and efficiently, it is necessary to activate the Super Freeze mode in advance. In this case, the motor smoothly increases power, lowering the temperature inside the freezer to -24 degrees instead of the standard -18. After a few hours, you will be able to load a bucket of bagged cherries, and each berry will freeze in the best possible way! Active cold injection occurs for 30 hours, after which the refrigerator automatically switches to standard operation. A similar supercooling option is provided for the refrigerator compartment.

Ice maker

In the heat of summer, nothing beats a glass of refreshing ice water. True, it is not easy to get the treasured cubes even in modern realities. First, you need to simply remember to fill special molds with water and carefully place them in the freezer, and then find them in the drawers and get the right amount of ice. Sometimes the cubes do not want to fall out under any pretext, and sometimes they pop out all at once, which, you see, is very inconvenient!

To ensure that your interaction with the refrigerator brings only positive emotions, the specialists of Maunfeld have equipped their models with an ice maker. Such units have a special tank into which it is necessary to periodically fill in purified water – ready-made ice cubes in sufficient quantities will always be waiting for you at the bottom of the freezer.

Self-diagnostics of faults

The presence of an electronic control system allows you to make Side-by-Side models even more functional. High-precision sensors instantly respond to the touch of a finger, and the changes are displayed on a bright LCD display. Here you can select a temperature zone and adjust the mode inside it, activate supercooling or superfreezing, turn on the child lock and check the general condition of the device. In addition, the electronic panel will help you to know about an emergency situation: in case of problems, the corresponding problem code will appear on the display, the solution of which is described in the instructions. When the temperature inside the chamber rises, the refrigerator will give an audible signal, and in the event of a power outage, it will keep the cold offline for at least 24 hours.

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