Office cams: Hidden Cameras for the Workplace and Office

CAMS Office Addresses

There are 9 regional CAMS offices, and other locations that are dedicated Onsite offices for specific associations.


CAMS Regional Offices

Find your local office on the map, click on the red dot to see the address and office hours.  NOTE: payments are not accepted in our offices, click HERE for payment information.


442 E Main St C, Clayton, NC 27520

8:30 – 4:30 Monday – Thursday

8:30 – 3:00 Friday

CAMS North Brunswick Office 

Closed for lunch 12:00-1:00pm

1175 Turlington Ave.

Suite #201

Leland, NC 28451 

8:30 – 5:00 Monday – Friday

Office: 910-726-9846

Brunswick Forest Master Association (BFMA)

Closed for lunch 12:30-1:30pm

1174 Turlington Ave,

Suite #202

Leland, NC 28451 

Office: 910-202-9890

Fax: 910-408-1179

9:00 – 4:30 Monday – Friday

bfma@camsmgt. com 

Ocean Ridge Master Association (ORMA)

190 Ocean Ridge Parkway SW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Office: 910-239-1333

9:00 – 3:00 Monday – Friday

The Hammocks Association


60 Earl Craven Ct

Bald Head Island, NC 28461 

Clubhouse: 910-457-3767

Winding River Plantation Community Association

Closed 12-1 daily for lunch 

1640 Goley Hewett Road SE

Bolivia, NC 28422,

8:30 – 4:30 Monday – Friday

Office: 910-755-7020

River Run Plantation Property Owners Association

Closed for lunch 12:30-1:00 

Blue Building before entry gate

828 Folly Dr., Bolivia, NC 28422

Monday, Wednesday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Closed Tuesday

Park West Master Association

3850 Bessemer Rd

Suite 130

Mount Pleasant, SC 29466

8:30 – 5:00 Monday – Thursday

8:30 – 4:00 Friday

Office: 843-408-4064

Lake Carolina Master Association

100 Lake Carolina Blvd.

Columbia SC 29229

8:30 – 5:00 Monday – Friday

Office: 803-223-7360

The Summit Community Association

305 Ridge Trail 
Columbia SC 29229

9:00 – 5:30 Monday – Friday

Office: 803-409-9976

Hamlin Plantation Property Owners’ Association 100 Amenity Park Drive
Mt Pleasant SC 29466

9:00 – 5:00 Monday – Friday

Office: 843-216-6891


Tax Collector – Hours & Locations

Our Phone Number for the following services: (352) 368-8200

Concealed Weapon License Applications, Current Real Property Tax, Driver License, Handicapped Parking Permits,
Hunting & Fishing Licenses and Permits, Tangible Personal Property Tax, Tax Certificate/Tax Deed Information,
Vehicle & Mobile Home Tag – Title, Vessel Title or Registration

Best Times To Visit Us

We’re always happy to serve you in person, but your time is valuable. In order to minimize your wait, consider the following suggestions:

  • Use our online or mail payment options first.  For many of our services, such as paying your taxes, renewing a tag, or renewing your driver license, you often don’t even need to leave the house.  For our internet payment options, check out the “Pay Online” menu on the front page.  For mail options, go to our Contact Us page.
  • Mondays, Fridays, the last day of the month, and days before and after holidays are by far our busiest days.  Consider visiting us on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday for a quicker visit!
  • The mid-day hours and the late afternoon hours are our busiest hours.  Quick hint – the hour from 9:30 to 10:30 usually has our shortest wait times!

Branch Offices:

Branch Offices handle all transactions and most Driver License Services.
Only our main branch handles Tax Deed/Tax Certificate Information.  
These images will refresh every 10 seconds,
Please click on the Office, if you need to see a full size image.
Main Office, McPherson Complex

Physical Address:
503 SE 25th Avenue
Ocala, FL 34471
Phone: (352) 368-8200
Fax: (352) 368-8081
Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:00PM

Mailing Address:
PO Box 970
Ocala, Florida

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Dunnellon Branch

Rainbow Springs Government Complex
19995 SW 86th St. Unit 2
Dunnellon, FL 34431
Phone: (352) 368-8200
Fax: (352) 368-8082
Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:00PM


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Belleview Branch

Belleview Regional Shopping Center
10445 SE U. S. 441,
Belleview, FL 34420
Phone: (352) 368-8200
Fax: (352) 368-8083
Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:00PM


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Forest Branch

Forest Center
15956 E. SR 40 closed 12:45PM-2PM
Silver Springs, FL 34488
Phone: (352) 368-8200
Fax: (352) 368-8084
Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:00PM


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S.R. 200 Branch

Jasmine Square
6154 SW SR 200
Ocala, FL 34476
Phone: (352) 368-8200
Fax: (352) 368-8085
Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:00PM

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North Branch

Ocala Springs Shopping Center
7135 North US Hwy 441
Ocala, FL 34475
Phone: (352) 368-8200
Fax: (352) 368-8086
Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:00PM


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Ocala Annex Branch


Ocala Annex
110 SE 25th Ave.
Ocala, FL 34471
Phone: (352) 368-8200
Fax: (352) 368-8087
Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:00PM


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Summerfield Branch

Spruce Creek Terrace Shops
17860 SE 109th Ave. Unit 602
Summerfield, FL 34491
Phone: (352) 368-8200
Fax: (352) 368-8088
Mon-Fri 8AM – 4:00PM


Driving Directions

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View A Map of All Locations (PDF format) Download a free Adobe PDF Reader

Surveillance cameras for the office

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Surveillance cameras are an indispensable element of security systems. The decision on their installation is made by the director of the office. He also notifies the staff about the installation of equipment with the introduction of appropriate amendments to the charter and employment contract of the enterprise. Thinking of buying a kit? The GlazGo online store is pleased to present to your attention the best selection of surveillance cameras for the office – with sound, wired and wireless type, for indoor and outdoor placement.

Benefits of installing turnkey cameras in the office

Installing surveillance cameras in the turnkey office is due to a number of reasons, the main of which is the desire to increase the level of security. Managers acquire recording devices in order to determine the level of workload of specialists, to analyze the effectiveness of the labor process. Office video surveillance can solve a wide range of tasks:

  • industrial espionage prevention;
  • device health monitoring;
  • monitoring the safety of documentation and equipment;
  • video analysis of a conflict situation.

Having made the decision to buy surveillance cameras for the office, the management gets the opportunity to immediately eliminate all internal and external threats. The result of solving the problems above is to improve the financial performance of the company. Over time, the cost of buying video cameras pays off, recording devices begin to bring commercial benefits to the enterprise.

Where to install CCTV cameras in the office?

There are a number of areas in office space for which a special control and security regime should be implemented. These are:

  • cash registers;
  • places of waiting and mass stay of customers;
  • technical rooms;
  • places of storage of material assets;
  • dressing rooms.

In order to prevent litigation associated with the risk of emergencies, CCTV cameras in the office should be installed in the elevator car. It is strictly forbidden to install recording devices in the toilet, locker room, shower room. When planning to organize a fire station on the basis of an office space, the idea of ​​installing a hidden camera should be abandoned. Video surveillance in the office is carried out only openly, with the consent of the company’s employees, with notification of the filming of visitors to the office center.

What to consider when choosing?

Resolution and viewing angle are critical characteristics for office equipment. To exercise control over the work of employees, a resolution of 500 TVL for analog cameras and 720×576 px for devices based on IP video surveillance systems will be sufficient. The smaller the focal length, the larger the viewing angle. It follows from this that a set of video surveillance for an office with 2 cameras for monitoring large premises will not be enough. For full control, several video cameras should be installed in them. Special attention in the selection of PAK components should be given to the functionality of the equipment and the properties of its body.

Price of CCTV cameras for an office with remote access

The cost of CB based on the office consists of the cost of installation work and the cost of equipment. The first is affected by the number and type of video cameras, the complexity of installing the components of an office video surveillance system. On the second – the technical characteristics and functionality of the recording device. Want to know what CCTV cameras look like in an office? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the line of equipment presented in the catalog! For all questions, please contact the managers of our online store.

Video surveillance for offices – installation of video surveillance systems in the office at affordable prices

  • Remote video surveillance from any device
  • Secure storage of video recordings in the cloud
  • Contactless access to the office with face recognition
  • Time management employees

Service demonstration

Connecting any cameras to the service

Easy connection of any cameras for remote viewing and saving video to the Ivideon 9 cloud0003

Online viewing and cloud storage

Viewing video with audio over the Internet from any phone, tablet or computer

Single control

Easily group by camera location and quickly switch between them

Notifications 9007 1

Custom notifications, e. g. on the occurrence of movement or the appearance of “non-employees”

Limited access

For the owner, administrator, security service

Turnkey solution

We will evaluate your premises, select cameras or prepare a complex solution and perform installation

Video analytics for offices

Opening doors when employees are recognized

Alarm output from the camera is connected to door lock or turnstile controllers — after employee recognition the door will open automatically

Formation of “white” and “black” lists

Upload photos of employees with authorized access to the office in the “white list” and “black” – faces detected by the camera, the appearance of which will be accompanied by a notification

Monitoring employees at their workplaces

Camera monitors employee arrival and departure times, as well as total time spent at work

Notifications and video recording

If a person from the list is identified, you will receive a message.

Ivideon smart cameras

Wireless WiFi cameras with pre-installed remote video surveillance service and video storage in the cloud

Ivideon Cute 2

  • Resolution 2MP, 1280×960
  • Viewing angle 125°
  • Wi-Fi
  • Motion sensor
  • Microphone and speaker for two-way communication

4 390 ₽

Ivideon Bullet

  • Resolution 2MP, 1920×1080
  • Viewing angle 87.5°
  • Night vision
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Motion sensor
  • Microphone

5 990 ₽ 90 003

Ivideon Dome

  • Resolution 2MP, 1920×1080
  • Viewing angle 114°
  • Night vision
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi
  • Motion sensor

6 500 ₽

And more than 250 cameras

Application for selection


  • Online viewing from any device
  • Remote viewing of local archive from cameras
  • Transfer of access rights to cameras
  • Public broadcasts Возможность предоставления доступа к трансляции для аудитории до 500 человек. Для увеличения количества участников — обратитесь к менеджеру.”/>
  • Video export to MP4 format
  • Push and E-mail notifications
  • Online viewing from any device
  • Remote viewing of local archive from cameras
  • Transfer of access rights to cameras
  • Public broadcasts
  • MP4 video export
  • Push and Email Notifications
  • Video Recording and Cloud Storage
  • Smart Search for Events in Recorded Videos