Monitor mount best buy: Monitor Stands & Screen Filters

Monitor Stands & Screen Filters

What does your computer setup look like? Are there a stack of books or packs of paper holding up your monitor? If so, it’s probably time to invest in a proper monitor stand. With a monitor riser or mount, you can create an ergonomic workspace that’s not only comfortable, but tidy-looking, too. Check out Best Buy’s range of monitor arms, mounts, and risers to elevate your monitor and workspace to another level.

Benefits of Monitor Stands

If you suffer from neck strain or eye fatigue when working at the computer, you might need to adjust your monitor. Some monitors are adjustable in height, but many aren’t. Add a monitor stand to your desktop setup to raise to an ergonomic height and give your neck a break. Generally, your monitor should sit about an arm’s length away from you, and the top of the monitor should fall around eye level. A monitor riser or monitor arm makes it a cinch to adjust your monitor to an ergonomic position.

Types of Computer Monitor Stands

Monitor stands range from basic, easy-to-use risers to versatile triple monitor arms. Here are the types of monitor stands to choose from.

Monitor Riser

A monitor riser is a simple, stand-alone unit that raises a monitor to a comfortable height. It doesn’t require installation and can simply be placed on a desk or table to support your monitor. Some monitor risers are adjustable in height, giving you the flexibility to sit or stand as you work.

Monitor Arm

A monitor arm is just what it sounds like – an arm that holds up a monitor. Also known as a monitor mount, a monitor arm works like a TV mount does. It screws onto the back of a monitor and attaches to a desk or wall. A full motion monitor mount can tilt, swivel, and move up and down — giving you plenty of options to find the perfect position. And because it suspends your monitor off the desk, a monitor arm also saves space.

Multiple-Monitor Stand

If your computer setup includes more than one monitor, consider a monitor stand that can hold two, or even three, monitors. A dual monitor stand or dual monitor mount has two articulating arms that can independently support two monitors. A triple monitor stand can hold three monitors, making it ideal for gamers, designers, or anyone else who wants a seamless screen-to-screen experience.

What to Consider When Buying a Monitor Stand

Monitor stands aren’t one-size-fits-all. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the right monitor mount for your needs.

Monitor Compatibility

Check that the monitor stand can support your monitor. For monitor risers, look at the riser’s weight capacity and size to determine whether your monitor will fit. For monitor arms and mounts, consider the weight capacity and mounting pattern. To ensure a proper fit, look for a mounting bolt pattern that matches that of your monitor.


When shopping for a monitor stand, think about what you want it to do. Are you looking for something that simply raises your monitor up? Or do you need something that swivels and tilts? Monitor arms generally offer more adjustability options than monitor risers, but require more effort to install.

Setup and Portability

Setup time and portability are other considerations when choosing a monitor stand. Monitor risers require little to no setup and are easy to move around – great if you often move desks or need a quick solution for elevating a monitor. Monitor mounts take more time to install, but may be more beneficial in the long run because of their flexibility.

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    12 best monitor mounts

    Updated: 22.04.2021 17:11:00

    Expert: Anna Maslova

    *Overview of the best according to expertology. ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

    Gone are the days of large desktop monitors. They were replaced by flat screens that take up less space and give a large viewing angle. Brackets are used to fix them. Unlike stands, they expand your screen positioning and allow you to quickly rotate or move your monitor. If you are currently looking for which bracket to buy, check out our list of the best models based on reviews and sales ratings.

    How to choose a monitor arm

    Let’s take a look at how to choose a monitor mount so you can buy the one that fits your screen and needs. When choosing, it is important to consider the following characteristics:

    1. Installation method. Some models are mounted on the wall, others are fixed on the table top. The second method is simpler and easier to transfer to another place. The first type is more difficult to install, but does not require furniture at all.
    2. Mounting dimension. Sometimes 75×75, 100×100, 200×200 mm. Focus on your monitor.
    3. Diagonal match. Some brackets have a 27″ screen diagonal limit, others have a 32″ screen size limit. By purchasing a product with lower maximum performance for a large monitor, you risk losing money, since it is unlikely that you will be able to combine them.
    4. Permissible load. Varies from 6 to 40 kg. Choose a bracket with a margin for the attached weight, otherwise the screen will constantly tilt down.
    5. Bracket options. Depending on your needs, you may need to rotate the monitor sideways, move closer or further away from the user, adjust the height, tilt the screen up or down. Some brackets are capable of all this, while others are capable of only a part of the operations. For some, the rotation angles reach 270-360 degrees, for others – 120-160º.

    Best Monitor Arm Rating

    Nomination Location Designation Price
    Best Monitor Wall Mounts 1 Ergotron LX HD Sit-Stand “Hand” (45-383-026) 42 684 ₽
    2 BTFS-100W 8 100 ₽
    The best desktop monitor mounts 1 Kromax Office S20 8 637 ₽
    2 Arm Media LCD-T32 4 639 ₽
    3 Kromax Office-9 4 775 ₽
    4 Arm Media LCD-T16 3 780 ₽
    5 Arm Media LCD-T22 3 550 ₽
    6 Arm Media LCD-T31 2 767 ₽
    7 Kromax Office-3 2 777 ₽
    8 ONKRON D121E 2 090 ₽
    9 Ultramounts UM700 1 862 ₽
    10 ONKRON D101E 1 740 ₽

    Best Monitor Wall Mounts

    Wall-mounted devices allow you to fix the screen on a vertical surface, whether it be a wall or a low office partition. This completely frees up space on the table. Also, wall-mounted models are relevant for conference rooms to install the monitor higher for better visibility. But for fixing, you will need to drill building materials, and fastening is carried out on an anchor or Moll dowel. Here are the best options available to buy in Russia.

    Ergotron LX HD Sit-Stand Hand (45-383-026)

    Rating: 4.9

    The arm is fixed to the wall with four self-tapping screws and has two sections of the folding “arm” to move the monitor in the desired direction. On the axis, the screen is able to rotate 90 degrees. You can set it in height within 51 cm, and this is convenient for raising above the table so that the picture can be clearly seen by a group of standing observers. The maximum allowable weight and diagonal is 13.6 kg with a size of 46 inches. If necessary, the display can be tilted down by 80º. When folded, the hinges go one into one almost completely, so the monitor can be pressed close to the wall and nothing will protrude. In reviews, buyers like the product for increased durability and safety. An additional latch is provided to prevent accidental removal.

    The feature of the bracket is the performance using Constant Force CF technology. This means that the links of the “hand” have minimal resistance and you can change the position of the monitor with one hand. Such functionality is useful during large and small presentations, meetings or sharing the monitor with several operators. With one hand, you can quickly turn the screen to another person or group of people, show the data and point it back at you for further work.

    • light weight 6 kg;
    • supports displays up to 46 inches;
    • easy change of position with one hand;
    • loops fold almost completely.
    • high price;
    • not available in every city.


    Rating: 4.8

    The bracket supports 14″ to 24″ monitors. The model is made in the form of a “butterfly” and provides for turns to the right and left by 148 degrees, if the screen is mounted on a flat wall. When fixing the bracket on the corner, the monitor will turn up to 164º. Installation on the end of the wall gives a rotation angle of 180 degrees. The “butterfly” itself rotates on an axis by 360º, so you can rotate the image from landscape to vertical format and vice versa along with the display. To fix the electronic device to the “butterfly” there are several holes for sizes 75×75 or 100×100 mm.

    The manufacturer took care of the increased reliability of fixing the bracket to the wall. The base of the fixture is attached with 6 dowels. This ensures that the expensive electronic device installed on it does not fall off even from frequent turning. Another feature of the bracket is the locking of the “butterfly” with a key to protect the equipment from unauthorized removal from the wall. This is relevant for installation in public places (inside shopping centers, in the subway, etc. ), where the risk of theft is higher.

    • strong fixation on the wall;
    • beautiful view;
    • several options for fixing to the back of the TV;
    • fastening is keyed.
    • no up and down rotation.

    Best Desktop Monitor Arms

    Desk brackets attach to the edge of the tabletop, providing more space for keyboards, documents, and other accessories. Unlike wall-mounted models, installation takes a minute, since fixation is carried out on self-tapping screws or with a clamp. This is ideal for home and office use.

    Kromax Office S20

    Rating: 4.9

    The arm is designed to hold two monitors with a diagonal of up to 32 inches. The metal part is made of aluminum and has a beautiful color. Fixation to the table is possible through a clamp or by screwing a thick base plate. Connection to the body is provided in dimensions 75×75 and 100×100 mm. A cable channel has already been laid inside the device, so there will be no wires outside. Horizontally, the screen can be shifted to the side up to 50 cm, and the monitor can be raised by 24 cm. The hinges can rotate 180 degrees on the sides.

    In the reviews, buyers note the silent movement of the “knees” of the bracket and the ease of changing position. We have included the product in the list of the best due to the presence of a reliable gas lift. It provides a clear hold of the given shape of the “hand” without sagging. This is true for especially heavy electronic devices with a weight of 14-15 kg.

    • withstands loads up to 15 kg;
    • several fastening standards;
    • movement left-right 180 degrees;
    • horizontal offset by 50 cm.
    • high price;
    • short bolts for attaching the bracket plate to the body.

    Arm Media LCD-T32

    Rating: 4. 8

    This is also a bracket for two monitors with a diagonal of up to 32 inches. It is attached to the tabletop with a clamp. Outside remains a beautiful base made of brushed aluminum. Turns of TVs to the sides are possible up to 270 degrees to show those sitting on the side what is happening on the screen. Mechanical gas lift supports monitors without sagging. A built-in cable duct helps guide wires discreetly so they don’t hang over the table. Up-down hinges rotate 90 degrees, which means that the image can be shown both to a standing audience and a seated one. The VESA standard allows you to attach both the smallest 15-inch screen and a large one.

    This bracket is made of even thicker aluminum alloy and stainless hardware, so it can withstand weight up to 18 kg. If you have very heavy old-style monitors, then it is better not to risk it and attach them to such a device. In the reviews, buyers are satisfied with the massiveness of the stand and the manufacturer’s warranty.

    • easy fixation to the table;
    • beautiful performance;
    • rotation up to 270º;
    • fittings made of stainless steel.
    • once every few months it is required to tighten the gas cartridge retainer;
    • tight tilt hinge – you need to hold on to the metal “knee”.

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    Kromax Office-9

    Rating: 4.7

    The review continues with a 32-inch monitor arm with a maximum load of 8 kg. The fixture is made in black and looks stylish in any interior. “Hands” are equipped with a gas lift for a clearer fixation of the position. Mounting plate for monitors is made according to the VESA standard, which expands the list of compatible devices. According to reviews, the clamp attachment has almost no protruding back, which means that the table can be moved as close to the wall as possible without gaps. It is possible to tilt the display towards itself in the range of 0-80º. Installing the structure on the table is easy and any user can handle it. If you need to loosen or increase the tightness of rotation, adjusting screws are provided.

    This model stands out with its 360º screen rotation. This functionality is useful if you often need to show the image on the monitor to other users sitting face to face with you.

    • there is a gas lift;
    • the bracket does not rest against the wall;
    • easy fixation;
    • 360º rotation.
    • some rotation is quite free, up to roll.

    Arm Media LCD-T16

    Rating: 4.6

    The arm is designed for operation with 1, 2, 3 or 4 monitors. It has a cruciform design, where three screens are arranged in a row, and one above them. If necessary, additional “branches” can be unscrewed so that the steel frame does not spoil the view in the office. The maximum allowable diagonal is 32 inches. Despite the complex design, the manufacturer managed to place a cable channel inside, so wires do not stretch from the monitors along the outer part. From the reviews it can be seen that the metal has a high-quality powder coating that does not peel over time.

    This bracket stands out for its quad-monitor form factor. To withstand the increased load, it was made of steel, not aluminum. As a result, the model is able to hold up to 40 kg, which means that each TV can weigh 10 kg, which is quite a lot (most large versions weigh about 8 kg). The product is relevant for web developers or trading on the currency exchange in order to simultaneously monitor indicators on different screens.

    • reliable clamp;
    • built-in cable channel;
    • can hang 4 screens;
    • made of steel;
    • withstands weight up to 40 kg.
    • takes up a lot of space.

    Arm Media LCD-T22

    Rating: 4.5

    The arm is designed for two monitors with a diagonal of up to 32 inches. The hinges allow you not only to bend your “knees”, but also to rotate the display vertically. Fastening to the table is carried out using a clamp or two bolts, but for this you will have to drill the tabletop. From the reviews it can be seen that the bracket is firmly held even on one bolt. The metal construction is designed for the mass of each screen from 2 to 7 kg. If necessary, two monitors can be brought close to each other, but for this you need to move the table a little from the wall. This stand looks very aesthetically pleasing and will look beautiful in any office or apartment.

    In the reviews, the bracket is praised for turning the monitors in both directions by 180º. This is convenient on a table set in the center of the office. So from it you can show the contents of the screen to any user in the room. Buyers also note capacious cable channels, where two thick HDMI wires and a power cord are placed, after which there is still room for thinner cables.

    • simple installation;
    • reliable gas lift;
    • does not stagger;
    • capacious cable channels.
    • monitors of 7 kg will roll down – a strong tightening is required.

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    Arm Media LCD-T31

    Rating: 4.4

    If only one monitor needs to be mounted, users often prefer Arm Media’s LCD-T31. The bracket has 4 points of rotation and can withstand loads up to 9kg. The central hinge allows you to rotate the screen 360 degrees, no matter which way. The frame is made of aluminum and painted black on top. You can adjust the height of the location within 325 mm, so it is convenient for people of different heights behind it. The manufacturer allows two ways to install the bracket on the table. The built-in hidden wire management system makes the workplace look more organized.

    From the reviews you can see that this is one of the few professional brackets designed for heavy monitors. With it, you don’t have to tighten the “knee” tightening once every two weeks or adjust the leaning monitor with your hands all the time. At the same time, the gas lift helps to move the screen with one hand if you need to show something to others.

    • height adjustment 325 mm;
    • smooth gas spring;
    • hidden wiring system;
    • made of stainless steel.
    • the angle of inclination up and down is regulated by a key – hands tightly.

    Kromax Office-3

    Rating: 4.3

    The model from Kromax is designed for office use, but also successfully serves at home. It has 6 degrees of rotation and a spherical joint in the mounting plate. All this provides an unusual mobility of monitors, allowing you to adjust their height, distance between them and remoteness from the operator. The frame is designed for a load of up to 12 kg, and the diagonal of monitors can be from 15 to 32 inches. To avoid glare, the displays can be tilted up or down up to 15 degrees. In the reviews, the owners like that the bracket is relatively cheap and comes with a lot of bolts for attaching various monitors.

    The bracket is notable for convenient height adjustment. Unlike other models, you do not need to pull your “hand” while holding the monitor, but just unscrew the latch and extend or retract the telescopic stand. This is a more reliable option so that heavy screens do not move down gradually.

    • there is a rotation in the plane;
    • capacious cable channel;
    • good powder coating;
    • simple height adjustment.
    • some hinges have plastic elements that gradually shrink and the hinge becomes loose.

    ONKRON D121E

    Rating: 4.2

    The bracket is made of cold rolled steel and has a vertical stand with a height-adjustable arm. Its level can be changed from 20 to 34 cm. The screen can be placed in a portrait and landscape way. All fasteners are already inside the package. This product is suitable for displays with a diagonal of 10 to 32 inches. Tilt angle adjustable 85 degrees up and 90º down. The wires are securely tied in the channel, so they will not fall out spontaneously. Judging by the reviews, moving the bracket to a new place does not leave marks on the countertop, since anti-slip pads are provided here.

    This single monitor arm is one of the toughest of the competition. Its frame is designed for loads up to 10 kg. You can even attach a small TV to it. But for the sake of strength, the manufacturer sacrificed functionality, so there are fewer degrees of rotation.

    • there are clamps for hanging wires;
    • the clamp is attached to countertops with a width of up to 10 cm;
    • under the base there are anti-slip pads;
    • height adjustment from 20 to 34 cm.
    • loses to other models in terms of mobility.

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    Ultramounts UM700

    Rating: 4.1

    The bracket is designed for monitors 13-27 inches with a maximum weight of 6.5 kg. “Butterfly” provides two mounting sizes for 100×100 and 75×75 mm. The clamp has a rubber ring to prevent scratching the countertop. The thickness of the latter can be from 10 to 85 mm. The “knees” of the arm allow you to adjust the height of the monitor for different user heights. The plastic cladding hides cable routing voids to keep the PC looking organic and without unnecessary wires on the table.

    In the reviews, buyers share that the bracket is made of very high quality and performs its functions well. If you need to place a small monitor up to 25 inches, then this is the best option for price and quality. Despite the cheapness, there is a gas lift and a clamp in the design, although more expensive models do not have this.

    • suitable for worktops with a thickness of 10-85 mm;
    • 360 degree rotation;
    • can be tilted down to 45º;
    • made very high quality.
    • diagonal limit 27 inches;
    • load only up to 6.5 kg.

    ONKRON D101E

    Rating: 4.0

    The budget bracket will allow you to install the monitor in landscape or portrait orientation. Screens with a diagonal of 10 and 32 inches can be hung on the frame. “Butterfly” is endowed with two mounting options for 100 and 75 mm between the bolts. The frame is made of steel and can withstand weight up to 10 kg. The huge bracket opens its “mouth” up to 10 cm to capture the tabletop. Height adjustment is performed in one plane along the vertical rod, but it is impossible to move the monitor towards you or move it away from you. But the “butterfly” leans down and rises up, and also turns to the sides by 360 degrees.

    In reviews, the bracket is valued for its reliability and simplicity. Unlike more expensive competitors, there are no “knees”, which means there is less reason to break or loosen up. The model also has one of the widest height adjustments from 20 to 38 cm, which will suit both a child of 6-8 years old and his father-basketball player when using the same computer.

    • cable clamps are provided;
    • attached to the table with a thickness of up to 10 cm;
    • easy transfer of the bracket from place to place;
    • rotates 360 degrees;
    • height adjustment from 20 to 38 cm;
    • landscape or portrait orientation.
    • some come across a crooked clamp clamp;
    • cannot be moved closer or farther away from you.

    Rate the article

    Total votes: 4, rating: 3

    Attention! This rating is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

    Monitor arm selection: what to look for

    • Computer shop
    • Blog
    • Computer peripherals (computer peripherals)
    • Choosing a monitor bracket: what to look for
      (koval@andpro. ru)

      Published: 3 June 2022

      Special stands are usually included with monitors, but their functionality is extremely limited.

      In practice, users often ask themselves the problem of acquiring a reliable and functional bracket. What to look for when choosing – we will tell in the material of today’s article.

      Purpose of bracket

      For ease of use, the bracket must have a setting option, that is, it can be adjusted depending on the specific position of the monitor. If it is fixed at one fixed point, then constantly keeping the neck and head in this direction will be problematic. Because of this, there will be some discomfort: pain in the shoulders, back, eye strain and general physical fatigue.

      A sufficiently functional bracket allows you to fix the monitor at the required visual level, as well as rotate it in both directions and tilt it up and down. With the use of such manipulations, it becomes possible to change the landscape and portrait orientation of the screen.

      With the help of stand settings, you can create a comfortable working environment and eliminate possible discomfort. Of course, this will lead to an increase in labor productivity.

      Note that some models of high quality brackets are equipped with functionality that switches between standing and sitting positions.

      What to consider when choosing a bracket

      In order to purchase the optimal bracket model for solving all the required tasks, it is recommended to consider the following points:

      • Monitor weight. You need to make sure that the bracket you buy is rated for the weight category that can support the monitor you are using. The load capacity of the device can be checked in the product specification.
      • Number of attached monitors. Usually one display is mounted to one bracket. But sometimes there are situations when several screens are needed for full-fledged work. In this case, the brackets can even be attached to the wall.
      • Depth of the table. It is recommended to choose the bracket with such settings so that you can change the position of the hand of the device. That is, move / move the monitor. This will increase or decrease the space on the work surface, which causes additional comfort.
      • Table mount. The standard monitor stand does not have the rigid base that the arm has. On it, the display is securely fixed and allows you to customize its location. The most common installation method is the C-clamp. In this case, drilling and screwing bolts into the countertop is not necessary.
      • Cable management. A bunch of dangling cables will not only clutter up the space, but also create a sense of clutter. Accordingly, it is better to install models with a wire management system that passes them from the monitor through the arm of the bracket to its base. This feature allows you to neatly arrange the connecting wires, which eliminates their constant entanglement on the desktop.
      • Gas lifts and springs. Usually, when using a quality arm, adjusting the monitor is done without much effort. But manufacturers supplement the functionality of devices with various technical innovations. One of them is a pneumatic lift (in other words, a gas lift). This solution has long been used in the manufacture of furniture, in particular – in computer chairs. Regarding the brackets, the gas lift works in a similar way, which makes it much easier and easier to adjust the position of the display.

      Additional mulks

      In addition to the above points, when choosing a bracket, it is also recommended to pay attention to a number of additional functions. Modern monitor mounts often have some related options.

      Many desktop models are equipped with a built-in USB hub. In certain cases, the hub has an autonomous power source, which allows you to connect rather energy-intensive equipment.

      Another feature of some brackets is the removable VESA panel. This makes it possible to install the monitor on the holder more conveniently. That is, the panel is initially attached to the monitor, and then it is mounted on the bracket. Thus, you do not need to hold a fairly heavy monitor on your hands for a long time during its installation.

      Studying the technical characteristics of the device, it is desirable to evaluate all its functionality. In this parameter, they all differ from each other, and sometimes the presence of some special options can become a key selection criterion.

      A few words in conclusion

      When buying a bracket, do not neglect such an indicator as cost. Cheaper devices are flimsy and very unreliable in operation. Get a better quality model, albeit at a higher level.

      The arm is responsible for the location and physical condition of the monitor being used. As a rule, the display costs much more than the holder. If it falls and deforms, more costs will be needed.

      Therefore, the choice of the bracket should be approached as responsibly as possible. Do not be lazy – study its specification, read customer reviews and carefully evaluate its external condition.