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microSD Card with Adapter – 32GB (Class 10) – COM-14832

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    This is a class 10 32GB microSD memory card, perfect for housing operating systems for single board computers and a multitude of other information. Since this is a class 10 microSD it is capable of transferring data at speeds up to 80MB/s allowing it to have a noticeable increase in performance while running an on-board OS.

    Each microSD card comes with its own SD adapter for better ease of access.

    • 32GB MicroSD card
    • MicroSD Adapter
    • Class 10 (up to 80MB/s read-write)
    • 32GB Storage

    microSD Card with Adapter – 32GB (Class 10) Product Help and Resources

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    SparkFun gator:log Hookup Guide

    September 5, 2019

    The gator:log is a serial communication based data logger. This tutorial will get you started using the gator:log with the micro:bit platform.




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    the Micro SD . ..

    by Member #513097
    verified purchaser

    A perfect mate, to the Spark fun ~microSD USB Reader COM-13004~

    my laptop has a micro SD READER, but I use 2 of the microSD USB Reader’s (COM-13004) for the FULL potential of my needs: I do Graffic Arts, and store my art in the 32 Gb card, my other card is for PortableApps, where I use their Graffics Software ! ! !

    I will be buying a few more of microSD USB Reader COM-13004, as portable memory for my Tablet to Chrome laptop!

    The Top Micro SD Card Adapters for 2023



    Computers & Accessories
    Level Up Your Data Storage With the Best Micro SD Card Adapter

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    Buyer’s Guide to Finding a Micro SD Card Adapter

    Quick Links

    Do you find it difficult to transfer files from one device to another? Lucky for you, modern micro SD card adapters can make it all the easier to manage your data. A micro SD card adapter is a device that allows you to use a micro SD card on a device or a computer that doesn’t have its port. With one, you can further transfer data from a PC to a micro SD card or vice versa.A simple yet efficient way to expand the storage capacity of your mobile device, a micro SD card adapter can also come in handy if you have a digital camera that is nearly out of memory. Allowing you to hold up to 32GB of additional storage, transferring your data will be a breeze.To help you navigate the online marketplace, we’ve curated a list of our favorite micro SD card adapters of 2023.

    A micro SD card adapter is a device that provides an interface between devices and other systems. If you have one, you can use it to transfer or share data from or to your SD card. 

    Features to Prioritize While Buying a Micro SD Card Adapter

    While looking for a micro SD card adapter, you need to incline your focus towards the following points: 


    It would help if you ensured that your micro SD card adapter is compatible with your device. Different devices work with different types of micro SD card adapters, and the best way to guarantee that your micro SD card adapter works with your device is to check the specifications. 

    Higher reading speed

    Since you need an SD card adapter for a quick transfer of files and backing up tendencies, you must ensure that it has a high SD card reading speed. This can help you conveniently load and store the data without any hurdles.


    Your micro SD card adapter should be durable enough to bear high temperatures and shocks. Some SD card adapters are made of materials like aluminum that keep the gadget from overheating and giving in to sudden shrugs or shocks. 

    The Perks of Using a Micro SD Card Adapter

    A micro SD card adapter harbors numerous benefits that make it worthy of your investment, including but not limited to: 

    Faster transferring speeds

    Micro SD card adapter allows you to transfer data from your devices and computer at high speed.

    Expanded versatility

    You can create backups of your contacts, pictures, and other files.  It also allows access to large files on devices with small storage.

    Expanded storage capabilities 

    It is also used to create a virtual drive on devices with small storage.

    How to Maintain a Micro SD Card Adapter

    Micro SD cards are susceptible and might get damaged due to a simple error of not handling them correctly or not properly storing or using them. Here are some tips for using your micro SD cards and maintaining the adapter properly:

    • Always store it in a secure place where children can’t reach it. 
    • Avoid extreme temperatures. Store the SD card in a cool, dry place as this will prolong its life. 
    • When inserting a micro SD card adapter into your phone, take special care not to damage the connectors on the card or your phone. To avoid risking damage to the card or your phone, it is best to use the adapter for its intended purpose.

    01 Vanja Micro SD Card Adapter

    The Vanja Micro SD Card Adapter is a blessing in disguise for those who don’t like carrying files around in a simple SD card. This adapter can work with almost all memory cards with total ease, and the speed and convenience it provides are incomparable. 

    It doesn’t matter how much data is present in that little chip of yours. Nothing is impossible for Vanja, and with a combination of premium chops and high-quality plastics it can last for years to come.

    Vanja Micro SD Card Adapter

    Check On Amazon

    02 SanDisk Micro SD Card Adapter

    Even after so much accomplishment in the tech world, numerous devices do not offer a micro SD card slot. While this makes things difficult for those who want to transfer their data without going through a long process, with the help of the SanDisk Micro SD Card Adapter you can conveniently insert a micro SD card in an SD Card slot. 

    While several people avoid using adapters because they fear their cards might get corrupted, the built-in write-protection switch helps in providing your data with the ultimate safety. This adapter may look simple in composition but comes in handy in several ways.

    SanDisk Micro SD Card Adapter

    Check On Amazon

    03 Uni Micro SD Card Adapter

    Transferring big files from one device to another is a hectic task. You have to sit for hours to get the job done, and the Uni Micro SD Card Adapter is designed to address these issues. Allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of quick file transfer as well, it can simultaneously take care of both SD card and TF cards—saving you from the additional workload. 

    And you don’t even have to worry about an unstable Wi-Fi connection while using it. The upgraded aluminum case can reduce the interference, and its heat insulation works to prevent the card from overheating.

    Uni Micro SD Card Adapter

    Check On Amazon

    04 INLAND Micro SD Card Adapter

    The INLAND Micro SD Card Adapter does not disappoint. Allowing you to use it on many devices without any hindrance, you can even insert it in a dash cam or laptop thanks to the compact, durable design of this product. Also shockproof, its three-year warranty allows you to conveniently use it without any worry of damage. This makes it perfect for students and content creators, as well as those who are first-time buyers.

    INLAND Micro SD Card Adapter

    Check On Amazon

    05 SmartQ Micro SD Card Adapter

    Are you looking for a gadget that can help you transfer data from one device to another? The SmartQ Micro SD Card Adapter will get the job done in less time, and to add to its versatility the USB Type C compatibility allows it to get along with many devices, including iPad Pro, MS Surface, MacBook, laptops, PC and even Android phones.  

    Also coming with a keychain hole that makes it easy to carry, the midnight gray shade adds a touch of classiness to this small adapter. You also won’t have to worry about its durability as the premium chips and sturdy metal case protects it at all costs.

    SmartQ Micro SD Card Adapter

    Check On Amazon

    People Also Asked

    How long does a micro SD card adapter last?

    The life of a micro SD card adapter depends entirely on the quality of the adapter. Since low-budget adapters use inferior material to reduce manufacturing costs, users often end up with a low-quality, unreliable product. If the adapter works perfectly, it should take three to five years to wear out.

    Are all micro SD card adapters the same?

    Not all micro SD card adapters are the same. They come with varying specifications, but the main function is the same.

    What should I do if my micro SD adapter gets wet?

    If your micro SD adapter gets wet, you can try placing your card under a thin layer of dry rice. Regarded as an older hack to wick water from exposed electronic devices, you can let your card sit for upwards to 24 hours. If your card fails to load, you can then consider replacing it with a new one.

    Do micro SD card adapters have a waterproof design?

    Unfortunately, not all SD card adapters are waterproof. They are not meant to be exposed to water, and if that happens to be the case your adapter might get damaged or destroyed.

    Can an SD lose its data overtime?

    Your SD card can only lose its data if you delete the files on the card. Another case where users accidentally lose their data is a change of format. To avoid this, navigate your files carefully and make a backup of your memory prior to adding or removing your SD card.

    Do I need an SD card if I have Dropbox?

    While Dropbox performs many of the same functions Dropbox does, having additional storage is never a bad idea. A micro SD card can also come in handy if your Wi-Fi goes down.

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    Seamlessly Transfer Data With the Best USB Splitters

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    Adapter for micro memory card in Engels: 1307-items: free shipping, discount-68% [link]

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    Adapter for micro memory card

    The DVR does not see the memory card – why and what to do “AUTO-DRON”

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    The DVR does not see the memory card – why and what to do


    You cannot use the DVR without a memory card. It is on it that a video is recorded, which in the future may be material evidence for the traffic police or the court. Sometimes it happens that the DVR “does not see” the memory card.


    • Why the DVR does not see the flash drive
    • What to do if the DVR “does not see” the memory card

    This can happen not only with new drives, but also with those already used in the device. To restore the performance of a flash drive, first you need to understand the reasons and understand why this is happening. Let’s try below.

    Why the DVR does not see the flash drive

    There are several reasons why this problem may occur. Let’s consider the most common cases.

    • Accumulator does not fit the class. If you bought a modern registrar, but decided to save money and installed a flash drive from an old phone into it, you can’t do this. Devices that record videos in SuperHD or FullHD format need new class 10 cards.
    • Low memory. Normal video recording cannot be achieved if you have a card with a small amount of memory installed. For example, you set a cyclic recording every 15 minutes, and the drive is only 2 Gb. Such a file cannot be saved, and the device refuses to work normally.
    • The formats do not match. Often, if we take a card from another device, we usually do not pay attention to the format in which it works. It can be NTFS, and the DVR will require, for example, FAT or FAT32. Nothing will be written to the device until we format the flash drive. During the formatting process, the drive itself will change the format and optimize performance. However, do not forget that formatting destroys absolutely all data. Save them if necessary.
    • Factory marriage. The most unpleasant situation is when you need to contact the seller and return or exchange the goods under warranty.
    • Too much memory. Memory cards larger than 64 GB have long been available, but a large number of DVRs only support up to 32 GB.

    Also, among the reasons for incompatibility may be viruses on the card, malfunctions of the device or drive. If the registrar is faulty, this can be detected by other problems. For example, it stops charging.

    What to do if the DVR “does not see” the memory card

    If the gadget is acting up and does not want to read the memory card normally and play video recordings, before taking decisive action, you can try to deal with the problem yourself. There are the following options for this:

    • Check if everything is in order with the car recorder itself. Often, manufacturers compare these devices with a computer, which can “freeze” and “slow down”. The first useful tip is to restart the system. Find and click the Reset button, reboot. Perhaps after this action everything will normalize and fall into place.
    • The second common reason for the complete “invisibility” of the card may be incorrect formatting. Most modern devices use the exFAT or FAT32 format. Simply insert the card into a computer (for example, through a card reader) and format it in the appropriate file system – FAT32 for a memory card up to 32 GB and exFAT for a memory card with a capacity of 64 GB or more. Do not forget to copy the necessary files, since after this operation all data is permanently erased.
    • Pay attention to the adapter. If you connect a microcard through a Chinese adapter, then the error may be caused by a low-quality part. Replacing it may solve the problem.
    • The flash drive may also not work due to a small amount of memory, for example, 2 GB. Video is recorded to the recorders in short periods. For example, 10 minutes. Then the image is erased and a new one is superimposed on top. Modern DVRs are of good quality and shoot with high resolution. If the set time interval does not allow recording a file or its size exceeds the capacity of the drive, a failure occurs. In this case, it is better to buy a card with a memory capacity of 16 or even 32 gigabytes. As a temporary measure, we can recommend reducing the recording time to two to three minutes. But such short clips often cannot capture the full picture of what is happening on the road, so replacing a flash drive with a more powerful one is often a necessity.
    • Marriage, damage. Long service life and trouble-free operation also depend on the quality assembly of the product. You should not buy cheap nameless brands with a very short warranty period. It is possible that they will suddenly fail in six months. If the device is not new, then the contacts on it could become dusty over time. Clean the cardholder, adapter, slot and flash drive itself. Dry them. It is possible that the interior of the car is too humid and the equipment fails for this very reason.
    • Errors, viruses. The easiest way to check a memory card is to scan it with the CheckFlash program or the CHKDSK application. Files that are not always stored may remain unchanged. If the program detects errors, they can be removed. Therefore, if necessary, make a backup copy of the flash drive. This must be done before checking.

    Many problems with the memory card on the registrar are completely solvable. Others require formatting or even replacing the card. Do not forget about a simple but very tricky tip – format the memory card from time to time. Many programmers say that this often helps to avoid problems.

    If even after all the manipulations carried out, the equipment continues to fail, go to the workshop, where experts will answer exactly why the registrar does not respond to the USB flash drive.

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