Lt4000 craftsman: Craftsman 917.25552 LT4000 tractor information

Craftsman 917.25552 LT4000 technical specs, dimensions, horsepower, fuel economy and equipments

General informations and Service Manual

Make Craftsman
Model 917.25552 LT4000
Company country United states
Production years From 1991
Tractor type
Total build
Service repair manual Craftsman 917.25552 LT4000 Manual

Dimensions, weight and tires specs

Ground clearance

BMX SPECS (Everything you Need to Know)

Horsepower and engine specs

Engine size
Number of cylinders 1 cylinders
Power RPM
Engine torque
Engine torque RPM
Fuel type
Fuel tank capacity 1. 25 gal 4.7 L
Oil tank capacity 1.5 qts 1.4 L
Oil change frequency 25 h

Battery and electrical specs

Number of batteries 1
Battery voltage 12 V
Electric ground force negative
Electric charging Amps 3 amps
Starter motor electric
Engine starter volts 12 V
Parts And Accessories Craftsman 917.25552 LT4000 Parts

Clutch and transmission specs

Transmission type belt-driven gear
Transmission gears 6 forward and 1 reverse

Mechanical and cab specs

Wheel drive 4×2 2WD
Steering system manual
Braking system
Cabin type Open operator station

Hydraulic specsDrawbar specsPower take-off (PTO) specs

PTO claimed power
PTO clutch system manual
Rear PTO system
Front PTO system
Mid PTO system independent
PTO fuel consumption

3 point hitch specs

Hitch control system
Rear hitch
Rear hitch lift

Craftsman produced its 917. 25552 LT4000 lawn tractor model From 1991 in United states with a Open operator station cabin.
This Craftsman 917.25552 LT4000 it has 1 cylinders the fuel tank capacity is 1.25 gal 4.7 L.
This machine has 4×2 2WD wheel drive system,6 forward and 1 reverse transmission system.

– Craftsman provided us with the latest version of its 917.25552 LT4000 service repair manual
– Find All mechanical and electrical parts and accessories of Craftsman 917.25552 LT4000 lawn-tractor here


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Daiwa 22 Exist LT 4000 coil

Product catalog

Night TROUT fishing! White Nights Cup 2023. Film from JPSNASTI.RU

Article 4550133109492


Weight, g 8 10

Gear ratio 5.2:1
Per revolution cm 82
Bearings, pcs. 12+1


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79 942 ₽

100% product quality

Best Price Guarantee

Delivery from a warehouse in Moscow

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22 Exist LT 4000 – the flagship spinning reel from the Japanese brand Daiwa . The newest model is Exist , which was released in 2022 . All the best technologies of the Japanese brand are concentrated in 22 Exist 4000 . Compared to the Daiwa 18 Exist LT , the 2022 model has received a new Air Drive design. Daiwa’s engineers managed to further reduce the weight of the reel rotor without compromising its strength. This resulted in an even easier and smoother spin start.

New Exist LT 2022 received a new weight distribution. The redesigned lightweight front of the reel creates perfect weight distribution when the reel is mounted on the rod.

22 Exist in size 4000 is one of the most powerful and high-torque reels in the series. It will perfectly cope with catching predatory fish in any conditions, whether it is sea or freshwater fishing. The power of the coil is quite enough to fight a real trophy.

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