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The success of your students starts with the right supplies. Whether you’re a parent or caregiver with one or more kids in school, or a teacher responsible for an entire classroom, Staples is a one-stop shop for all the school supplies you need. From writing supplies and paper to school tech and furniture, we have everything on your back-to-school list.

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Staples makes it easy to get exactly what your students need by organizing all the essentials by grade. Shop for preschool supplies like learning toys and rest mats, or elementary school supplies for everything your kids need from kindergarten through 5th grade. Our selection of middle school supplies includes more advanced items like planners and scientific calculators, and you can find everything you need for high school in our high school supplies section. Getting ready for college? From dorm essentials to laptops, get everything you need from our selection of college supplies.

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Whether you want to shop by subject or are looking for furniture and supplies for learning at home, we’ve got the right selection. Browse classroom essentials including cleaning supplies, storage, classroom décor, snacks, and teacher supplies. For everything from school art supplies to calculators, binders, school backpacks, lunch boxes and more, we’ve got what your students need to succeed.

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Whether you’re working from home or outfitting a space for gaming, your comfort is dependent on finding the best chair. At Staples, we provide a broad range of office chairs and seating, so you can find the right fit for you. Select from multifunctional task chairs, computer & desk chairs, drafting stools and more. If you will be using your new chair for multiple hours a day, make sure to get an ergonomic office chair to prevent unnecessary strain.

Comfort, all day long

Office furniture that is the proper size and height makes a big difference. When shopping for chairs, the height of the seat should be adjustable so that the user’s feet can sit flat on the floor with their knees at right angles. Likewise, the accompanying office desk should be at a height where the users’ elbows can sit comfortably at right angles at their sides while typing or writing. Browse our selection to find the combination that’s right for you. If size if a concern, check out our big & tall chairs which can support up to 500lbs.

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If you’re a gamer, you know that a single gaming session can last all day or night. For the best and most comfortable gaming setup, Staples has gaming chairs in colors and styles for everyone. Make sure to match your new chair to an ergonomic gaming desk, the perfect complement for the high-tech gaming computer and accessories you’ve invested in.

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Whether you’re shopping for tech essentials for school, work or anywhere in between, Staples has all the latest products to keep you up to date. Browse our selection of laptops and Chromebooks to find the perfect on-the-go computer for schoolwork, homework, hybrid work, and play. If you’re a gamer, streamer, or work with large files, a gaming laptop or desktop PC might be the best option for you. With installed RAM up to 64GB and up to 2TB SSD, gaming laptops can handle everything from the newest online games to editing audio, films and more. Need more file storage? Increase capacity with an external hard drive.

Shop NXT Technologies wide assortment of tech accessories including chargers, power banks, headsets and more. Staples range of audio accessories can help you create the best audio experience. From headsets for focused work time to headphones and Bluetooth speakers for music and entertainment, find the latest audio technology at Staples.

Show seasonal allergies who’s boss

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, now is when they are at their worst. Stock up on allergy season’s most important products to keep your home, classroom, and office allergen-free. Start with an air purifier to strip the air of allergens like pollen and pet dander and replace existing air filters for improved air quality. Frequently dust, wipe down hard surfaces, and vacuum carpets and furniture to help eliminate pollen tracked in from outside and dander left behind by pets. When leaving the house, check the pollen count and bring a face mask to help filter the air you breath outside.

No matter what you do, it’s unlikely that the symptoms of seasonal allergies can be avoided entirely. Make sure to have over-the-counter cold and allergy medications on hand to battle symptoms, and stock up on facial tissues so you’ll always have one available when you need them.

Spring (Cleaning) is in the air

Spring cleaning and decluttering is a tradition meant to refresh our spaces for the year ahead. Staples has everything you need to clear out the clutter, store and organize your belongings, and all the right cleaning supplies.

Clear out the clutter

Start by preparing a checklist and make sure you have all the necessary supplies. Use storage bins and a label maker to make sorting and organizing easier. Prepare extra boxes for donations and trash bags for the things you no longer need. Look for decorative boxes & baskets that will compliment your home’s décor and use them to organize. You can also use closet organizers and storage drawers anywhere they are needed.

Start with the basics

An all-purpose cleaner, cleaning brush and microfiber cloths will clean most surfaces. Use a duster to remove unwanted dirt and furniture polish to revitalize wood surfaces. Upgrade your broom, dustpan, wet mop, and vacuum to make cleaning any type of flooring a breeze.

The nitty gritty

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop there. There’s so much you can do to reset your home:

  • Improve air quality and eliminate pollen and pet dander with a new air purifier and an air freshener with a scent you love.
  • On a sunny day, take the opportunity to clean your windows – you’ll need glass cleaner, a bucket, a squeegee, and paper towels.
  • Have a step stool or ladder on hand to access hard-to-reach places like the tops of cabinets and overhead lighting.
  • Replace broken light bulbs and check the batteries in your smoke detectors.
  • Use drain cleaner to clear up sink and bathtub drains.

Up your printing game with a Supertank Printer

Looking for a printer with more print capacity that’s better for the environment and your wallet? Shop Staples selection of Supertank Printers for all the benefits of an inkjet printer with the convenience and savings of replacement ink bottles that last longer and cost less per page than standard inkjet printer cartridges.

Find a Supertank printer from your favorite top printer brand including:

  • HP Smart Tank & Neverstop Printers
  • Brother INKVestment Tank Printers
  • Canon MegaTank Printers
  • Epson EcoTank Printers

And don’t forget to browse Staples Ink and Toner Finder to find the right replacement ink for your new printer. No matter what printer you have, enter the brand, cartridge or printer model into the easy-to-use Ink and Toner Finder, and browse for compatible ink.

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    900 66 Battery CR2032 , lithium battery 3 V ( 3 V ) SmartBuy, set of 5 pcs , sr2032 battery , battery for car alarm


    Battery lithium 90 067 3V VARTA MICROBATTERY S24O-BAT-CR2-3AASLF2P-V (BAT- CR2-3AASLF2P-V) Type: battery ,



    6 318


    Battery lithium thionyl chloride SAFT LS 26500 3 . 6V/ 3 .6V , CNA D Lithium, 7700 mAh/7700 mAh SAFT





    Lithium round batteries CR2016 / Batteries key for scales, remote controls, watches, medical devices / 3 V / 5 pieces per pack / Olmio



    50 895


    20 pcs Lithium Battery 3 .6 Volt Li-SOCl2 High Drainage Battery 261020 for Computer Power Support


    Rechargeable batteries ROTEKORS 18650, 4.2 V, 18000 maH, Lithium Ion battery, High capacity, – 3 pack

    DETAILS 900 03

    Battery lithium-thionyl chloride ROBITON ER32L065 Lithium, 3 .6 V/ 3 .6 V, 1/10 D, 1000 mAh/1000mAh Robiton


    Photolithium battery ROBITON PROFI R-CR 14335, 2/3AA, 3 B/ 3 V Robiton Type: battery ,


    Batteries round lithium CR1220 for clocks, remote controls, medical devices / 5 pack / 3 V / Olmio


    Battery CR2032, lithium cell power supply 3 V ( 3 V ) SmartBuy, set 10pcs Y Manufacturer: EEMB, Technology: Lithium,



    1 891


    Lithium battery SAFT LS26500 26500 C 3 90 067 . 6 V 8000 mAh non-rechargeable (LS26500) industrial PLC battery with connector


    – 15%



    Disc battery ( battery / tablet) space CR2032 [ lithium , DL2032, 2032, 3 9006 7 V] space


    Battery SAFT LS 14500 Lithium, 3 .6 V/ 3 .6 V, AA, 2600 mAh/2600 mAh SAFT Type:


    Lithium Batteries3 VoltLithium Batteries

    Batteries Round lithium CR1220 for watches, remote controls, medical devices / 5 pieces per pack / 3 V / Olmio


    Battery lithium 3V VARTA MICROBATTERY S24O-BAT -CR2-3AASLF-V (BAT-CR2-3AASLF -V) Type: battery ,


    Injection molding device sumitomo SAFT LS26500 ER26500, 3 .6 V, Type C, lithium battery, in-line control programmer


    Battery renata CR1225, 3 V BL1


    Batteries round lithium CR1220 for watches, remote controls, medical devices / 5 pieces per pack / 3 V / Olmio



    Battery CR2032, lithium battery 3 V ( 3 V ) SmartBuy Type: battery , Manufacturer :


    Lithium battery 3 ,6 V, C-frame, 9000 mAh Type: battery , Technology: Lithium, Capacity:


    Rechargeable batteries – JYD 14500 (Li-Ion 1800 mAh, 3 . 7 V) – 6 pieces per pack, finger-type. Type:



    5 432


    Battery SAFT LS 26500 Lithium, 3 9 0067 .6 V, CNA C (R14), 7700 mAh with axial leads Type:


    Battery thionyl chloride ROBITON ER2450 Lithium, 3 .6 V/ 3 .6 V, 500 mAh /500 mAh Robiton Type:


    Battery lithium-thionyl chloride MINAMOTO ER 14250, 3 .6 V/ 3 .6 V, 1/2 AA, 1200 mAh/1200 mAh MINAMOTO


    Batteries round lithium 9006 7 CR1220 for watches, remotes, medical devices / 5 pieces per pack / 3 V / Olmio


    Lithium batteries CR1225 Rexant ( 3 V, 48 mAh) (5 pcs.) {30-110 3} (pack of 5 pcs) Brand: Rexant, Code





    Rechargeable batteries LG HE2/18650/2500 mAh/torch battery/ lithium / 3 .7 V/2 pcs Type:

    V STORE 900 03

    Lithium Batteries CR1220 “REXANT ” 5 pcs 3 V 40 mAh blister, pack ANT {30-1114} Brand: Rexant, Manufacturer code:





    Battery CR2016 lithium Duracell CR2016-2BL for watches, telephone, scales, toys, bell, remote control / Batteries batteries 3 V


    Disc lithium battery, voltage 3 V, size CR2032, no blister MALAK CR2032



    314 90 003


    Battery lithium Energizer CR2032 3 v, 2 pcs. tablet Type: Battery , Size: Length 12.000 Width


    Lithium Batteries CR2430 “REXANT” 5 pcs 3 V 300 mAh blister pack 5


    Lithium batteries CR1220 Rexant ( 3 V, 40 mAh) (5 pcs.) {30-1102} (pack of 5 pcs) Brand: Rexant, Code


    Lithium batteries CR1216 Rexant ( 3 V, 25 mAh) (5 pcs.) {30-1101} (pack of 5 pcs) Brand: Rexant, Code


    9006 6 Lithium Batteries CR2032 “REXANT” 5 pcs 3 V 220 mAh blister pack 5





    Bata rail Smartbuy, CR2450, Lithium, lithium , 3 V, blister, 5 pcs, SBBL-2450-5B Brand: Smartbuy,


    Lithium battery CR2032 Rexant ( 3 V, 220 mAh) {30-1108} Brand: Rexant, Manufacturer code:





    Battery Energizer CR2032 3 v, 1 pc. lithium Type: battery , size: length 12.000 width 8,0000066 3 V, 80 mAh) (5 pcs.) ( {30-1106} (pack of 5 pcs) Brand: Rexant, Code


    Lithium Batteries CR1216 “REXANT” 5 pcs 3 V 25mAh blister pack 5


    Lithium Batteries CR1225 “REXANT” 5 pcs 3 V 48 mAh blister pack 5


    Battery Trophy, CR2032, Energy Power Lithium , lithium , 3 V, blister, B0003650 Brand: Trophy,


    Lithium Batteries CR2016 “REXANT” 5 pcs 3 V 80 mAh blister pack 5

    V STORE 900 03




    Battery Camelion, CR2032, Lithium, lithium , 3 V, blister, 5 pcs, 1595 Brand: Camelion, Country


    Battery Panasonic, CR2025, Power Cell s, lithium , 3 V, blister, 2 pcs .) {30-1109} (pack of 5 pcs ) Brand: Rexant, Code

    V SHOP

    Battery Ergolux, CR2025, lithium , 3 V, blister, 5 pcs, 12050 Brand: Ergolux, Country of origin:


    Battery Look, CR2016, Lithium, lithium , 3 V, blister, 5 pcs Brand: Look, Country of origin:


    Clawgear CR123A battery lithium 3 V Shipment: Post or courier. Within 2-4 weeks after

    V SHOP

    Battery Smartbuy, CR2025, Lithium, lithium , 3 V, blister, 5 pcs, SBBL-2025-5B Smartbuy,


    Battery TDM Electric, CR2032, Lithium, lithium , 3 V, blister, 5 pcs, SQ1702-0029 Brand: TDM


    Battery Panasonic, CR2025, Power Cells, Li thium , 3 B, blister, 2 pcs, UT-00000237 Brand:

    V SHOP

    Battery Look, CR2032, Lithium, lithium , 3 V, blister, 5 pcs Brand: Look, Country of origin: 9 0003 SHOP

    Duracell Specialty lithium coin cell battery 2032, 3 V, pack of 2 3 volt lithium batteries 6 volts

    Brand tadiran are reliable batteries that can become power supply for electronic devices, energy-intensive toys or industrial devices. Lightweight, compact, safe element. Buying a 3.6 volt tadiran battery means providing equipment with reliable uninterrupted power throughout its service life.

    The design and principle of operation of lithium batteries

    High-quality tadiran batteries are used for radio channel alarm security systems, such as Astra-3321 or Astra-421. The lithium battery sl 360 3.6 v tadiran is a cathode made of lithium compounds (the base is aluminum foil. Foiled copper is used in the graphite anode). A separator with a porous structure is located between the cathode and the anode. It is impregnated with electrolyte, is a conductor.

    Lithium ions transfer charge, a chemical reaction begins. Voltage is applied to the electrodes, lithium ions move through the separator and are embedded in the anode structure. The battery is charged by the oxidation process. The load causes the ions to return to the cathode:

    • Copper foil with plate becomes “-“.
    • Lithium connections on aluminum will be “+”

    To keep the battery voltage within the required and safe range, the cell is supplemented with a special protection and control board. The electrodes are located in a sealed housing, the cathodes and anodes are attached to special terminals, which are called current collectors.

    Features of batteries

    Manufacturer Tadiran Batteries GmbH produces a range of batteries used in electronic devices, emergency equipment, devices that operate in a special mode – turn on and off according to a given program. Models give operating voltage if the load is pulsating, or at low currents. Power supplies are available with different outputs:

    • Connectors.
    • Axial. Necessary when soldering to a board or for fixing with clips.
    • Traditional with “+” and “-“.
    • Petal.

    Popular standard range models, axial versions available. When creating lithium-ion batteries, lithium is used as pure as possible, so the products are environmentally friendly.

    Benefits of special Tadiran batteries

    Lithium batteries of the brand are suitable for use in difficult conditions, provide significant energy density, high capacity, and impulse capacity. Batteries are impeccable, suitable for powering complex technologies. Battery advantages:

    • High voltage rating – 3.6 v (volts).
    • Wide operating temperature range. From -50 to +80 degrees.
    • Increased energy density.
    • Low self-discharge (about 1% per year). Storage is allowed for 10 years.
    • Security. Bobbin design in the form of a cylinder. If a short circuit occurs, the currents will not reach a critical level.

    Cover welded to body. Long-term storage is possible due to the formation of a protective film (thin but effective) on the anode surface. It prevents a chemical reaction from starting. Plus, there are no corrosion processes.

    Warehouse of Batteries offers popular types of goods:

    • TADIRAN SL-750/S 3.6V 1/2AA 14250 or 14335 SL-761/P 3.6V 2/3AA axial (with leads). D= 14, height – 33.5mm, weight – 12 grams.
    • TADIRAN SL-760/S 3.6V AA 14500, 14505 (size 14*50 mm).