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Bar stools

Pull up a seat and let bar stools be a great addition to your kitchen or dining room. They create a comfortable, casual mood while offering a different feel from seating around normal dining room or kitchen tables. Bar stool chairs are great for sipping your coffee while reading the newspaper or eating breakfast at your kitchen island or prep table. Enjoy a seat at your built-in-bar in your den or basement while showing off your cocktail skills for friends or family. Hover over sideboards, counters or high tables with bar stools that offer a great, modern way to update any space. While they can help you maximize space by offering smart functionality in smaller apartments, they can reconfigure how you enjoy any size space. Dive into homework or arts and crafts with the little ones or go to work on that thousand piece puzzle that you’ll definitely finish faster with the help of these comfy chairs.

Choose the right bar stool

Make sure the bar stools you choose for your kitchen island, bar tables or the site of your Friday poker game measure up. That is, measure the height of your table or counter and know where your ideal position is when seated while sipping your morning coffee, doing some work on a laptop or fleecing all comers in Texas Hold ‘Em—“sorry grandma, that’s my broach now.” Pro tip: Subtract just under a foot from the height of the underside of your table or counter to find the ideal height for your bar stool.

Don’t just measure for height though. Know your space and get ready to feng shui the right way with smart design features that allow you to maximize space. Choose stackable bar chairs or bar stools that are adjustable in height, as well as an array of other options that are designed to sit under counters or slide flush against tables when not in use.

Then there’s style to consider. Get ready to express yours with kitchen counter height chairs and bar stool chairs that range from a rustic farmhouse white that matches everything from kitchen to bedroom furniture, to stunning modern contemporary pieces with artful scooped seats that combine stainless steel and powdered coated steel. There’s the timeless look of comfy bar stools cushioned with a plush, white cotton polyester blend over a curved back sitting over solid wooden legs made from sustainable—and attractive—dark eucalyptus.  Or go with the industrial metal look of stackable black bar stools that will allow you to cozy up to breakfast in style.

Of course with smart IKEA design, form matches function. Stacking bar stools or sliding them under tables isn’t the only way to save space. Select foldable chairs that will get out of your way like your friend Steve after losing big—just $40—at poker. And it’s easier for everyone—even the kids—to pull up a seat with several options in bar stools featuring adjustable height. Throw in other features like padded footrests, the ability to swivel towards the person next to you, curved and cushioned seatbacks and cradling scooped seats, and you’ll see why anyone can pull up to and stay at any bar table or kitchen island for a good long time. 

Looking for more ways to wow guests? Find dining room cabinets and cupboards that can stylishly store and display everything you need to make and serve amazing drinks. 

Frequently asked questions about bar stools

How tall are bar stools?

While bar stool height depends on the table or counter you’re pulling up to, consider that kitchen counters and counter-height tables generally range from 34-36” from the floor. Accordingly, look for seats 23-26” in height. For high tables or counters between 39-42”—otherwise known as “bar height”—go with a seat height of 28-30”.

How should you measure bar stools?

 Measure your barstool from the top of the seat down to the floor.

How much space should you have between bar stools?

You should leave enough space between bar stools for comfortable movement between anyone seated at a counter or table. Think of being out at a crowded bar. Bar stools need to be spaced justenough apart for anyone to get up and retake their seat comfortably.

STIG Bar stool with backrest, black/black, 243/4″

Great chair for face painting!MICHELLE C.I’m a professional face painter, so this chair is the perfect height for me to stand next to and paint children’s and adults faces. Plus it’s super lightweight to carry or strap on my stuff in my wagon.
But putting this together was not the easiest. The directions were not super clear and the piece were too much of the same. The seat was the hardest to put on but once it snapped into place, I was able to tighten up all the screws so the chair didn’t wobble. Overall, this chair is not bad for the price.
Can you tell me the weight limit?5

its okay for a studentLauraits okay for a student apartment3

Does the jobJamie F.You get what you pay for. We bought these because the kids are tough on everything. They are holding up and I live that they are stackable! Good purchase for our fam.5

Best BarstoolDenise P.So easy to assemble. Had 2 original sets since my first apartment, 20 years ago, and they still get so much use in our home. Just got two new ones last year and they are great! Yes, GREAT! They stand up perfectly fine. I use it as a ladder. (Vertically challenged) and they are Phenomenal for the outdoors as well. Who would’ve known? I do and know you do too! Enjoy these chairs. Especially with inflation… the price is unbeatable!
June 17, 20235

Not as pictured/pieces aren’t correctSharon C. First off I agree with all the reviews about assembly. The instructions are not clear the pieces should be numbered or lettered and also the pieces are not fit together with ease. The other thing I wanted to mention was the chair is nowhere near a bar stool size. The chair is a normal size chair for a kitchen table. I’m looking at the description and the picture and my chair looks nothing like that as far as the height is concerned.1

Nearly impossible to get seat onKelsey H.Assembly wasn’t super easy to begin with, but then when it came time to put the seat on it was nearly impossible without bending the plastic hook pieces on the sides. I barely got one of the seats attached and it is still very unsteady/wobbly1

Sad CustomerMonje P.Wayyyyyy too many pcs to put together1

Good valuemarthaGood value4

AdditionStaceyGreat addition to my new apartment home and decor5

Uncomfortable but ok for the priceJosefine B.It’s uncomfortable and the back rest screws come off all the time, which make it feel unsafe. But the price is low.3

Very basic barstoolTinThis is a very basic barstool from Ikea. The price is good and assembly straightforward but it does look and feel flimsy and cheap.4

Right for the priceYvonneI needed temporary bar stools until mine came in. These fit the bill for a temp fix. They will need tightened on regular basis if used for an extended period of time.4

Comfy and affordableSandyThese chairs fit perfectly under my small counter top. They are very comfy and the price was great.5

A little wobblyNICOLEA little wobbly4

Great sale for as is..evelynGreat sale for as is..3

Nice inexpensive stoolReginaldNice inexpensive stool4

Stig Highboy bar stool w/backWilliamEasy to assemble and very sturdy! Great product and great price!5

Clearance findYadira M.I found one of my chairs in the clearance area. There was only one and it was priced at $14.99 (anything in clearance has to be taken as is so it was already put together)
I decided to purchase the one chair because I wanted to test it out at home and I live alone in an apartment with an island. Initially I thought it was wobbly while I tested it at the store but it’s been really great at home. I would definitely recommend it, if you’re looking for something inexpensive and temporary. I plan on purchasing a second chair at full price (bc what are the odds of finding a second in clearance) it’s worth what i need it for5

Stig looks perfect but assemblingUrvashiStig looks perfect but assembling was tough.4

Great ValueDawn R.Great value for the price! Chairs are pretty comfortable for $25 seat. Like some other reviews state, it does wobble on sides some but it is a $25 chair. It looks good & it’s a perfect height for our counters. Also, easy to assemble.4

INOVA – TD MetalDesign

INOVA series – for customized solutions

Laboratory furniture of the INOVA series is built according to the block-modular principle. The basis of any INOVA table are the cabinets, table tops are attached to them with the help of kits, then on the resulting base, if it is provided for by the design, racks and various additional equipment are installed.

Download product catalog

Thanks to the block-modular principle of execution of the INOVA series, you can assemble various configurations to create the most functional layout options.

INOVA laboratory tables have two basic lengths (1040 mm and 1560 mm).

  • Wall table

    • Standard table height: 900 mm.
    • Standard table width: 1040 and 1560 mm.
    • 3 types of worktops.
  • Wall table

    • Standard table height: 900 mm.
    • Standard table width: 1040 and 1560 mm.
    • 3 types of worktops.
  • island table

    • Standard table height: 900 mm.
    • Standard table width: 1040 and 1560 mm.
    • 3 types of worktops.
  • island table

    • Standard table height: 900 mm.
    • Standard table width: 1040 and 1560 mm.
    • 3 types of worktops.
  • Gas taps

    • You can order an unlimited number of gas taps and place them anywhere on the work surface.
  • end table

    • Standard table height: 900 mm.
    • Standard table width: 1500 mm.
    • 3 types of worktops.
  • External corner table

    • Standard table height: 900 mm.
    • Standard table width: 1500 mm.
    • 3 types of worktops.
  • Inner corner table

    • Standard table height: 900 mm.
    • Standard table width: 1500 mm.
    • 3 types of worktops.
  • Cabinets with shelves

    • Basic element of the INOVA series.
    • Usable storage volume: 160 litres.
    • Cabinets with shelves and drawers.
  • Cabinets with drawers

    • Basic element of the INOVA series.
    • Usable storage volume: 160 litres.
    • Cabinets with shelves and drawers.
  • Wall racks with shelf

    • Standard stand height: 530 and 1100 mm.
    • Standard rack width: 1040 and 1560 mm.
  • flower rack

    • Standard shelving height: 2000 mm.
    • Standard shelving width: 1000 mm.
  • office chair

    • Seat cover: vinyl.
    • Laboratory and office chairs and stools.
  • office stool

    • Seat cover: vinyl.
    • Laboratory and office chairs and stools.
  • Wall dryer

    • Body and holder material – ABS plastic.
    • Rear wall material – steel, powder coated.
    • Number of holders – 25 pcs.
    • Maximum holder load – 1 kg.
    • Product weight – 5 kg.
  • Pirates of the Pskov Lake. How people live on the Talab Islands

    On July 9, 2023, a professional holiday is celebrated in Russia – Fisherman’s Day. On this day, RTVI talks about how local residents live and work on the Talab Islands in the Pskov region, most of whom are hereditary fishermen. Photos and text by Mikhail Lebedev.

    In the Middle Ages, pirates and robbers lived on the Talab Islands, and now their descendants, fishermen, live here. The huts got electricity and showers, and boat oars were replaced with motors. But the locals still have to remain outside the law: fishing quotas are too small to feed a family. Talab residents are playing cat and mouse with fisheries inspectors. Every morning, relying on luck and experience, the fishermen go to check their nets.

    The Talab Islands are located in Lake Pskov, 25 km northwest of Pskov. It is not known exactly when they were settled, but in 1470 the Monk Dositheus founded the Upper Island Monastery here. For the most part, local residents are of the opinion that the first settlers were medieval outcasts, and their main occupation was robbery and piracy.

    The 15th century was the heyday of the Pskov veche republic, a state formation with a developed legal and political system, extensive trade relations and military power. Pskov is a member of the Hansa, a large economic union of cities in northwestern Europe, whose trade routes also passed through the waters of the Pskov-Peipsi Lake. The Talab Islands were the local Tortuga, an ideal place for dwelling ushkuiniki – medieval pirates.

    There is no consensus on how pirates became fishermen. The Orthodox community believes that Dositheus brought the light of the Orthodox faith to the island robbers, who were imbued with and abandoned the vicious lifestyle. But local residents have a different version. If you believe them, then with the advent of St. Petersburg, the trade routes changed, and the pirates had to adapt, so the dashing boarding of merchant ships was replaced by fishing.

    During the filming, I was lucky to find the book “Talab Islands. Pskov Lake and Fisheries, 1892 edition. It was written by the island police officer O. Ya. Sandoevsky with the support of the Pskov Statistical Committee. I use excerpts from the book as captions for some of the photographs.

    Mikhail Lebedev

    Talab Islands – three neighboring islands Talabsk (Zalit), Talabenets and Verkhniy (Belov). Local residents call Talabsk a village: it is the most populated, there is an administration, a school and a post office. The upper one is simply called the “island”, only a few families permanently live on it. Talabenets was not inhabited after World War II.

    Mikhail Lebedev

    Now about 145 people live on the islands – many times less than in pre-revolutionary and Soviet times. In 1892, when Sandoevsky’s book was published, the population was 3,120. The outflow of residents began back in the 1960s and 70s and accelerated in the 1990s, during the economic crisis after the collapse of the USSR.

    Alexander: “For many years I worked in Pskov, although I was born on Belov. My parents did not want me to be a future fisherman – this is a dangerous profession, and a heavy drinker. Many of us left after school to live in Pskov, but there I never really settled down and returned. Mikhail Lebedev

    “Whoever observed the life of a Talab resident could not fail to notice his special love for holidays and festivities. The festivities last up to three days each time, and here it is impossible not to notice that the Talab resident loves wine no less than his craft; The fair sex is not much inferior to men in this respect. Talabchanin gets used to vodka very early. It would not be necessary to treat this strictly, imagining him in inclement weather coming from the lake, wet and half-numb from cold and dampness, if he got drunk on such occasions only – but wine constitutes such a temptation for him, before which he cannot even what time can not resist. It seems that in addition to his works, Russian nature itself, loving space, this time closed within a small island, requires entertainment. That is why here, in the close circle of the village, a wide revelry on holidays is especially noticeable.

    O.Ya. Sandoevsky

    “I was born and raised in Pskov, but my grandmother lived all her life in Zalit. I spent almost every summer on the islands. Five or seven years ago I broke my leg, came here to my grandmother Katya and realized that I would like to move here to live and become a fisherman,” says Lesha Brovkin. – In the city, I worked as a sales manager for plastic windows. Stupid work, albeit profitable. Moving is a troublesome business, I have a large family, and all conditions must be created here.

    This autumn I was invited for the first time to a local holiday – Posevukha. It is celebrated when the ice on the surface of the lake begins to set and fishing is not possible for several weeks. Before the formation of solid ice, the island is cut off from the outside world.

    Sowing is a universal booze. She passed in the Lovetska. There were eight or ten of us. I took jars of cucumbers and mushrooms with me, but they were not needed. They drank hard. At some point, Vadik and I started wrestling, the guys began to place bets, someone even won 12 thousand on Vadik. It all ended in a fight. All against all, fight for the sake of fighting. “**** [why] are you sitting like that!” and everything in this spirit.

    I didn’t find out until the next day when I got a call to find out if I was alive. As it turned out, I fought with Sanya Big Muzzle, he weighs 150 kilograms. But apart from a hangover, I had no other injuries. I was invited to continue the celebration, they even gave me an honorary chair. Apparently, that night I passed the rite of passage.

    The islands are deserted in winter. Many have apartments in Pskov, and in autumn they move to the city. Only elderly people and fishermen remain on Talabakh.

    Tamara Petrovna worked all her life as a school teacher on Zalit Island
    Mikhail Lebedev

    Monument-lighthouse to the heroes of the Civil War, after whom the islands were renamed. Local residents honor the memory of the teacher Jan Zalit and the fisherman Ivan Belov, the first Red Commissars who tried to establish Soviet power in Talaby and were executed by the White Guards. Mikhail Lebedev

    Mikhail Lebedev

    Residents of the Talab Islands remember with respect the Soviet period, when a very successful fish farm worked there. At the same time, most of them are believers and honor Orthodox traditions.

    Mikhail Lebedev

    All cars and motorcycles are brought to the islands in winter, when the ice is strong. There is no police station or traffic police unit here, you can see people of all ages and varying degrees of sobriety behind the wheel.

    Andrey. Mikhail Lebedev

    Three years ago Andrey returned from Pskov to Zalit — his father invited him to go fishing. He tunes his “six” during the day, and in the evening he cuts through the island in the company of friends and girls:

    “Space and freedom! I live in my house, not a stuffy apartment. If you don’t really plump, then you can make good money on fish! Yes, it’s hard work, but I’m young and strong.”

    Summer residents and pilgrims come to the islands. Mikhail Lebedev

    Summer is the golden season, the time when you can make money transporting tourists and selling smoked fish. Tourism is the new economy of the islands. Young fishermen understand that it is impossible to return to Soviet times and are looking for new ways to survive.

    Mikhail Lebedev

    The cemetery on Zalit Island is a place of pilgrimage. The famous old man, father Nikolai Guryanov is buried here. People come here to pray and receive the blessing of Father Paisius, rector of the Church of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God.

    “I don’t really like pilgrims. Since the time of Father Nikolai, all sorts of people have come, some with good, and some with evil, – says Anna Yakovlevna. “My friends also heard such conversations: “We will leave all our negativity here, let the locals suffer. ” We have the entire collective farm in the cemetery, people are dying in batches. I think it’s also because of this. Like it or not, but believe!

    I was born in Zalit. I was the seventh child in my family. My father’s first wife died in his youth, in 1934, and a woman was chosen for him – my mother. My grandmother had four girls, and my mother went to help nurse my father’s children from his first marriage. Love, not love. And what love?! He was a widower and stayed with the little kids. They got married. Families have decided this issue, and maybe even neighbors. Such times. But they loved each other, I have warm memories of childhood.

    During the war, the Germans occupied our island, but treated the inhabitants humanely. Almost all of them were taken to Estonia and Germany. My mother was taken to Latvia, my father was then in a hospital in Rostov-on-Don. The owners of the mother were normal, fed, treated well. Mom was only worried about her youngest daughter: the mistress’s sister had no children, and she kept looking – they say, you still give birth to yourself, but leave her to us.

    Elisaveta and Artyom. Mikhail Lebedev

    Elisaveta and Artem came from Minsk. Artyom visited the islands as a child with his dad, who loved to visit his father Nikolai. Artyom recently bought a house on the island. Father Paisius blessed the children to arrange a small cafe and a hotel for pilgrims.

    Mikhail Lebedev
    It is not easy for a Talab resident to get everything necessary for life by fishing alone, which, like any other fishery, and this one mainly, is subject to various kinds of accidents. On the lake, as on the ground, there are some kind of crop failures.
    (From a book by O. Ya. Sandoyevsky)

    “Now there is a lot of bureaucracy on the part of the state,” fisherman Gennady complains. – In autumn and before the first ice, we legally fish with our team in Lake Peipus. And we are obliged to send SMS to the fish inspection when we leave the port and when we have finished fishing, and also indicate the exact number of fish by species. The inspector can meet us at the pier and check the catch. If the data diverges, then a serious fine is issued.

    The entire adult population of the island comes to the funeral on Zalit. Mikhail Lebedev

    Mikhail Lebedev
    “The daily life of the Talabians, who are almost entirely engaged in fishing, seems to be very original. The people of Talab look healthy, strong, tall and beautifully built. By nature, they are careless and underdeveloped, but at the same time they are honest and religious. According to the way of life and mental development, there is no difference between the estates. The education of both is limited to literacy acquired in local schools,” writes O. Ya. Sandoevsky in his book

    “When I was young, I had my first love with Viktor Timokhin, an islander,” says Olga Mikhailovna. – And he wrote me poems from the army, some I still remember.

    Your eyes are like shutters in our bay,
    Green shine for me in the night.
    I will find a fairway among the feelings of any
    And I will find the keys to your heart.

    Girls playing in the garden near the church in Talabsk
    Mikhail Lebedev

    Natalya – Talyusha, as the locals called her – she fished from the age of 12, at 16 she was given a work book. All her life she went to the lakes on a par with men:

    “We came to the islands from the German camps. There was nothing here, everything was burned. Therefore, there were no other options but to work – to go to the lake. And then I got used to it. In general, there are many fisherwomen in my generation.”

    Local residents pay receipts at the post office. Mikhail Lebedev

    At the post office you can not only pay bills, buy newspapers and groceries, but also find people to talk to. It is always crowded here, locals exchange news and rumors. When I was on the islands this winter, I lived with Lyosha Brovkin, and one evening we decided to take a ride around the island in his car. The next day, his mother from Pskov called him with the words: “Lyosha, why the hell did you drive drunk in a car with women to Pskov for vodka ?!”

    So our harmless trip became a detective story that was passed from mouth to mouth all morning, acquiring new details, until it reached the ears of Lyosha’s mother in the form of an irrefutable fact: “Misha, this is an island. It’s always like this here. At one end of the island, someone farted, and at the other they already say that they shit themselves.

    House of Aleksey Timokhin, a hereditary fisherman from Belov Island. Mikhail Lebedev

    Alexei has been fishing in the lake for many years, but now he is mainly engaged in tourism:

    “I caught mine! Now the state has tightened the screws so much that you don’t even want to deal with it. And in the 90s we did not feel bad. We, the fishermen, were treated like island drunks, and all the bandit riffraff paid no attention to us. And the peasants and I caught hundreds of kilograms of fish, sold some to Pskov, some to Estonia, the borders were transparent. So we made village fools out of ourselves. ”

    Vasily Vasilyevich, 86 years old: “I was born on the island of Talabents, there were six or seven houses. After the war, he was no longer populated, and my father and I were built on Zalit. The Germans took my mother to work in Germany, where she died. It was a difficult time after the war, at first they lived in dugouts, in winter they brought in building materials and built houses. I worked as a fisherman and a fish inspector on a collective farm.”

    Mikhail Lebedev

    Dictionary of local words:

    Tonya is a fishing net.
    Putlyuga – tangled net after fishing.
    Tyutki – floats for nets, previously made from birch bark.
    Tyushka – ice hole.
    Pelka – a wooden scoop for smelt.
    Purik – a long pole with a white flag, indicating the place of installation of nets.
    Berebra is a small bream.

    Mikhail Lebedev

    “Nowhere is the rudeness of a Talab resident so obvious as in these festive festivities. Whoever does not want to offend his hearing with expressions that are far from innocent, it is better for him not to leave the house on holidays, especially in the evening. Wherever a few tipsy people stop, there will certainly be heard cursing and smutty jokes. From the book of O. Ya. Sandoevsky

    “Darling, I want to say that it was hungry and hard, but fun,” says Tatyana Ivanova. – On Fisherman’s Day, when the men take their time off, we also had time to celebrate. We called it “soaking the pails.” Let’s get together with the women, lay the table, drink a little and go sing songs around the island. Somehow it was fun, not a burden – or they were just young.

    Until three o’clock in the morning you sew at home, and in the morning the fisherman from the lake will come again. It is necessary to clean up the smelt and dress the cattle, then run to the sewing workshop to work. And then home again. The owner (husband) is in the lake, you need to meet him, cook food, heat the stove to dry the smelt. For this we were caught by the police, put in jail. Drying and selling smelt was considered theft, and we only lived from this. There was nothing after the war, a bare island. So we went to Leningrad to sell smelt.”

    “In domestic life in the character of a Talab resident there are many things that are difficult to explain at first. Their concepts of wealth and poverty, of contentment and shortcomings are purely conditional, temporary. Poor today, rich tomorrow; today there is no bread, tomorrow everything is in abundance. You will not find any desire for savings, reserves for a rainy day among a Talab resident; the lake is the chest from which you can get treasures … “. From the book of O. Ya. Sandoevsky.

    “This is a good place. I can’t imagine living in a city. And I’m not the only one with such a sense of space, freedom. My neighbors, Sanya and Mishka, worked as drivers in the city and returned. Sasha says: “I won’t find a better place than here, but I can feed myself on the lake.” Yes, and Lyoshka Brovkin also returned, although he was generally born in the city. He is a big guy, strong and sociable. Well done guys, you can live here if you don’t feel sorry for yourself.”

    “I moved here gradually. It’s one thing to want to change something, and another thing to do it, – said Lesha Brovkin. – The first stages of the move were during the life of my grandmother. She is a harsh but fair person with her own rules. We had a whole fight over smoking. I was going to smoke fish, and this is not according to grandmother’s concepts. She filled everything with water and expressed her opinion in such a way that the whole island heard it. Radically and loudly! Grandma was not at all very happy that I moved. The main idea is that there is nothing to do here, you can sleep. And in general, grandma is right. It is difficult to find some kind of balance with this matter on the “blue” island. For example, I earned 30-40 thousand a week, and the revelry went, there would be no warm toilet to build for my girls. But, thank God, recently I quite seriously realized how much this prevents me and my family from developing.”

    Anatoly, 73, says: “I was born on the islands, I lived in Pskov and St. Petersburg for 13 years, but I couldn’t. Closely in the city, so I returned back. The islands are a poetic place, poems themselves come to mind:

    Silence and smoothness of the lake, so blinding,
    And you want to sail somewhere, well, like miracles,
    Seething shores, preparing for a storm,
    Sheltering seagulls and giving them food,
    Morning came, and the storm storm rumbled,
    And the stern fisherman gasped softly for vodka,
    The storm storm swept past, tore the nets.