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The best iPad Pro keyboard in July 2023

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By investing in one of the best iPad Pro keyboards you can convert your compact yet powerful laptop into a workplace that’ll deliver a premium typing experience. Over the years, our reviewers have tested various iPad Pro keyboards, and we’ve collated our top picks here for you in this handy guide… 

You’ll find that most of the keyboards in this guide double as a protective case, so your iPad Pro will be safe when you’re on the go. There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best iPad Pro keyboard, so we’ve specified features like connectivity, size and material, to help you further.

If you’re looking for a general list, check out our guide to the best iPad keyboards. Or you may like to read our round up of the best iPad accessories and the best iPad Pro cases.  

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01. Logitech 12.9 Combo Touch

The best Logitech iPad Pro keyboard 

Weight: 1.7lbs
Smart connector

This lightweight and detachable backlit keyboard is perfect for creatives on the go. The backlit keys have 16 different levels of brightness that auto-adjust. It has a flexible kickstand, offers 2 different viewing angles, and the keyboard detaches. Overall, an excellent piece of kit.

02. Apple Magic keyboard

The best keyboard for 11-inch iPad Pros

Weight: 1.3lbs
Smart connector

The Apple Magic keyboard is pricey, but it is a premium product: It easily attaches to your tablet magnetically, so it’s quick to pop on and off during use.  The design is sleek, but it means the keyboard doesn’t offer much protection. 

03. Logitech K480

Best budget option

Weight: 1.8lbs
Smart connector

The Logitech K480 is a great wireless option for those with a smaller budget. While the keys aren’t backlit and there’s no trackpad, the keyboard works well. It connects via Bluetooth, and has a multi-device button so you can switch between them.

04. ZAGG Pro Keys with detachable keyboard

With Apple pencil storage

Weight: 3lbs
Connectivity: Wireless Bluetooth

The ZAGG Pro Keys keyboard is pretty similar to Apple’s own iPad Smart keyboard, but it’s much cheaper: This versatile case, with adjustable viewing angles, includes rubberized edges, corner bumpers, buttons covers and a durable polycarbonate build, giving it great drop protection.

05. Typecase Touch 11 inch case with keyboard

Colourful iPad Pro keyboard

Weight: 750g

This keyboard case features a stylish RGB backlit keyboard and comes in a selection of colours. The keyboard case is thin and lightweight, making it unobtrusive when attached. The small leather loop on the side of the keyboard is an additional neat feature that helps to store and protect your Apple Pencil, if it doesn’t attach magnetically.

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Best iPad Pro keyboards 2023

No matter if you went for the sizable 12.9-inch iPad Pro, or the slightly more portable iPad Pro 11, there’s no question that they’re some of the very best tablets you can buy – especially since they now have trackpad support.

That said, the lack of a keyboard can make some tasks a real pain. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to get around that issue, including a wide set of peripherals you can buy that allow for physical keyboard comfort.

There aren’t quite as many keyboard options as there are cases, but we’ve rounded up a few for both iPad Pro devices that will help you type out those emails, notes and spreadsheets. As usual, we will keep updating this feature and adding more as they catch our eye.


Apple Smart Keyboard

1. Best overall

$161 $179 Save $18

There’s nothing quite like Apple’s own accessories, including in the case of this great keyboard attachment, though it doesn’t come cheap.


  • Stylish and compact
  • Spill-resistant fabric keys


  • Pricey

$161 at Amazon $179 at Best Buy $179 at Apple

The Apple Smart Keyboard is a compact keyboard that attaches to the iPad Pro, via the smart connector on the rear of the tablets.

The connector allows for charging and two-way exchange of data, and it folds down to become a slim cover that protects the tablet’s display when not in use. The keys feature a spill-resistant woven fabric, and the keyboard itself has a mixture of nylon and metal.


Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

2. Runner Up

$269 $299 Save $30

It might be pricey, but we do think that this is the best typing experience you can get on the iPad Pro – it’s just not in many people’s budget.


  • Trackpad built-in
  • Premium look and feel


  • Very expensive

$269 at Amazon $299 at Best Buy $299 at Apple

Apple’s newest keyboard option is undeniably expensive but is also a pretty superb bit of kit. It floats your iPad Pro off the surface slightly, creating a premium look and feel that’s unbeatable.

The keys are also really great to type on, and it’s the first case to bring in Apple’s new trackpad support, with a typically excellent effort from Apple. This is the best keyboard experience going, but it doesn’t come top for economic reasons.


Logitech Slim Combo

3. A Top Pick

$99.99 $119.99 Save $20

Logitech makes a range of great iPad accessories, and this is no exception.


  • Protects from all angles
  • Great typing experience


  • You can’t use it on your lap

$100 at Amazon $99.99 at Best Buy $99.99 at Logitech

The Logitech Slim Combo is available for both the iPad Pro 12.9 and the iPad Pro 11. It consists of a protective cover and a detachable keyboard for four use modes: Typing, Viewing, FaceTime and Reading.

The Slim Combo comes in blue and black colour options, features well-spaced, backlit keys and it also has a dedicated row of iOS shortcut keys. It connects to your iPad Pro via the Smart Connector so pairing is nice and simple and charging isn’t necessary.


OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

4. Strong Contender

$16 $21 Save $5

If all you need is a keyboard, this is a well-priced choice that will get you typing in no time.


  • Great value
  • Excellent battery life


  • No backlight

$16 at Amazon

The OMOTON Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard is compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9 and the iPad Pro 11 (and every other size of iPad, for that matter).

It’s smaller than a traditional keyboard, has a month’s battery life based on continuous use, which is quite impressive. It connects to your iPad Pro via Bluetooth rather than the Smart Connector.


Logitech Keys-To-Go Bluetooth Keyboard

5. Also Great

Another great product from Logitech – this time a smaller, less obtrusive option.


  • Great price
  • Ultra-portable design


  • Not the most ergonomic

See at Logitech

The Logitech Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Keyboard is compatible with both the iPad Pro 12.9 and the iPad Pro 11. It has a super thin and light design, meaning it can tuck into your bag, between the pages of a magazine or even inside your coat pocket.

The Keys-To-Go Ultra-Portable Keyboard connects to your iPad Pro via Bluetooth so there is no need for a cable but you will need to charge it every now and then.


Brydge Keyboard

6. Worth Considering

$30 $54 Save $24

A nice keyboard that has impressive build quality, Brydge is on to a winner here.


  • Premium aluminium finish
  • Turns your iPad into a laptop


  • Stiff hinges

$30 at Amazon

The Brydge BrydgePro keyboard is available for both the iPad Pro 12. 9 and the iPad Pro 11. It is made from 100 per cent aluminium and the company claims it is thinner than the MacBook Air when combined with the iPad Pro.

The BrydgePro connects to the iPad Pro via Bluetooth and it features backlit, tactile keys with varying brightness levels. There is a three-month rechargeable battery on board and it comes in gold, rose gold, silver and space grey.

Review Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro: a dangerous approach to the MacBook.

Those who wanted the iPad to become a MacBook are making their dreams come true with Apple’s latest steps. New Magic Keyboard, backlit keyboard, trackpad and a really great dual hinge mechanism. , makes the gap between iPad Pro and MacBook almost negligible.

Apple takes short steps and also walks slowly, sometimes very slowly, but it has a very clear goal, and it moves irresistibly towards it. The best example of this is the iPad Pro, which in 2018 received USB-C for connecting common peripherals, ditching the Lightning connector it continues to support in the rest of the iOS device. In 2019iPadOS was separated from iOS, so that the iPad already had its own operating system with characteristics different from iOS. In 2020, mouse and trackpad support came with the release of iOS 13.4. , and Apple took the opportunity to launch a new keyboard: the Magic Keyboard.

Backlit keyboard with regular keys (scissor mechanism) and integrated trackpad. The dream of any person just a few months ago came true. And it’s also made because Apple knows how to do it, because you can make a lot of keyboard cases, but only Apple has come up with one that will make the iPad “hover” above the keyboard, with a double hinge mechanism that will make you fall in love with from the first moment you see it, and when you try it, it leaves you with a smile on your face. And best of all, it’s compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro, a small thing.


  • 1 MacBook-like keyboard
  • 2 Multi-touch trackpad
  • 3 Rugged and heavy construction
  • 4 Smart connector that changes the world
  • 5 Editor’s note
    • 5.1 Pros
    • 5.2 Cons

MacBook-like keyboard the same keyboard as your MacBook

. The “old” smart keyboard has many advantages, such as its lightness and thinness, but the typing experience is not among these advantages, quite the contrary, although you eventually get used to these sensations of pressing “bubble” keys. But when you get back to using a regular keyboard, you’ll realize that this is exactly the feeling you’re looking for. This new Magic Keyboard gives you the same typing experience as a MacBook Pro, with a scissor mechanism that Apple has just rebuilt after a bad experience with butterfly keyboards.

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A keyboard with the same key size, same travel, same typing sound…and best of all, the same backlighting as the MacBook. The lighting system also adjusts according to the ambient light the iPad captures. also offers the right lighting for every situation. If you want to adjust it, you can do so in the iPadOS settings, there are no dedicated buttons for this feature. There’s also no button to turn off the lights, but that’s not necessary because the keyboard turns off when you’re not using it for a few seconds, so if you go to watch a movie in the dark, the keyboard won’t bother you. .

And that one of the drawbacks of this keyboard is the functional bar at the top with the classic buttons for volume control, screen brightness, etc. and the Escape key, which you only understand when you don’t have it. We can always remap the keys from settings and set (for example) Caps Lock to do so. We can also learn endless keyboard shortcuts to perform many tasks. and thus save time, but remember that many of them are not the same as in macOS. My favorite cmd + Q to exit an app is cmd + H. I’ll be wrong on macOS instead of iPadOS soon.

Multi-touch trackpad

The reason for using this new Magic Keyboard was the trackpad. Apple has taken advantage of the inclusion of this element to completely redesign its keyboard, and has changed so many things that the trackpad seems to be the smallest of them all, when in fact it is the most obvious difference. And the thing is, the trackpad soon fades into the background, because that’s no surprise. Make no mistake, the is a great trackpad that many high-end laptops will already love. , but used to the Force Touch trackpad on my MacBook, this trackpad feels outdated to me because the bar for trackpads at Apple is very high, and this one is a little lower.

Its work is perfect, the ability to click anywhere on the trackpad with instant response , as well as the ability to make gestures with one, two and three fingers. Again, a dream come true for anyone who has tried the failed trackpads that rival laptops often have… but the fact that it’s a mechanical trackpad means we have to put it down a notch. Of course, the thickness of the keyboard will be the limiting factor, but Apple, you should always demand the maximum.

I insist: It’s nice to use iPad to move between apps, desktops, select cells in Excel or text in Word, exit an app, or start multitasking. The gestures are very similar to those we are used to using on macOS, although there are some differences. . I think that iOS 14 will complete this section with new gestures and some variations of the current ones, for example, for Slide Over, which is the least convincing me of all gestures.

Robust and heavy construction

The build quality of the Magic Keyboard is top notch. Once you attach the iPad to the keyboard cover using the magnets of both parts, everything becomes one piece. If you give it to someone who doesn’t know what an iPad Pro or Magic Keyboard is, they won’t be able to figure out that they are actually two parts. Still, the ease with which you can take your iPad out and put it back in is amazing. And what about two hinges that allow movements to open the iPad and orient it towards you. It seems incredible that something so simple can give you a feeling of absolute perfection. . Opening the iPad, allowing the screen to tilt between 90 and 130 degrees, closing the iPad – all these movements are so perfectly calibrated and with such absolute accuracy that the first few minutes of using the Magic Keyboard are just dedicated to it.

The iPad Pro “floats” above the keyboard, but it still doesn’t do it, it does it as if it were a single unit with cover and keyboard, without any slack. And if you change the angle by just a couple of degrees, you get that same candybar feel again. There are no marked positions, only a high and a low, and any other position between these two is possible. 9The 0005 iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard set is perfect for typing on your feet, or at least as perfect as any laptop. What it’s not ideal for is using the Apple Pencil, as it doesn’t allow the iPad to be laid flat on a surface. Yes, you can remove the keyboard and use your iPad on your desk to take notes or draw with your Apple Pencil, but I wish it were different.

But it all comes at a price, and that is that this keyboard is heavier than the iPad Pro itself. Magic Keyboard weight for 12.9The 1-inch iPad weighs 710g, while the iPad Pro itself weighs 641g. Together they weigh 1.310g, which is slightly more than the 13-inch MacBook Air and slightly less than the 13-inch MacBook Pro. . We are talking about really light laptops, so this is not the slightest problem. We must not forget that this keyboard is designed to “turn” your iPad into a laptop. If you want to use it to watch movies or play games, you’d better buy a regular case, much cheaper and lighter.

We also pay the price for the thickness, although not much more than the previous Smart Keyboard. . But it was clear to us that we needed a backlit mechanical keyboard with a trackpad, and that it would also be a solid case. It reminds me of those three “cheap, fast, well done” circles that an architect friend reminds me of every time he gets the slightest opportunity. There are things that Apple needs to improve, but there are others that are physically impossible until proven otherwise. What remains unchanged about the Smart Keyboard is the little protection it offers to the iPad as the edges are still completely free. Of course, if we also want more protection, the thickness would be more, we just have to look at the Logitech Slim Folio Pro to get an idea.

The world-changing smart connector

We haven’t talked about the battery or the connection because there’s no need to talk about any of that. The Magic Keyboard uses the Smart Connector on the back of the iPad Pro to operate, use the iPad battery, and transfer essential information in the same way. This ensures that trackpad movements and recording happen without the slightest delay, and a Bluetooth connection is available for any other accessory you want to connect. You also get a free USB-C port on your iPad Pro because the Magic Keyboard has a USB-C port that you can use to charge your iPad Pro. , allowing you to connect a microphone, external drive or camera at the same time as downloading without the need for a docking station or anything like that. This Magic Keyboard’s USB-C port only allows you to charge your iPad Pro, not other devices.

Editor’s note

Apple has demonstrated with its new Magic Keyboard that it remains unique when it comes to creating amazing products. The excellent build quality of the keyboard cover, which as a keyboard and trackpad not only approves, but also receives an A rating, which uses a Smart Connector to be able to forget about Bluetooth and another battery for charging, and with the opening mechanism and iPad tilt, it leaves you in love from the first minute. But you have to pay a high price, and I don’t just mean 39€9 for the 12.9-inch model (€339 for the 11-inch model), but also increased weight and thickness overall. But if you’re using your iPad Pro as a laptop, that price is hard to pay but also fun to pay. .

  • Editorial Rating
  • 4.5 stars
  • Excepcional

(€ 339 a (€ 399

  • design

    Editor: 90%

  • 900 21


    Editor: 100%

  • Keyboard

    Editor: 90%

  • Price Quality

    Editor: 70%


  • Great design and build quality
  • Backlit keyboard and trackpad
  • Smart plug, without battery or bluetooth
  • Adjustable tilt 90-130 degrees


  • Heavy and thick
  • No row of function keys
  • It must not be placed horizontally on a table
  • High price

Logitech Combo Touch review. Keyboard case for iPad is better than from Apple / Sudo Null IT News

I really like the iPad and use it a lot for different tasks. On it I draw, write texts, read, when I study, I write notes in it with the help of Pencil.

This is a very compact device, but it is already very close to real laptops thanks to the keyboard that Apple released. This is truly a keyboard, like laptops, this is not at all the rubber misunderstanding that was before.

The result is a compact mobile device with a large screen. If you have a model with a SIM card, then often it is even more convenient than a laptop, since there is always Internet.

In terms of power, tablets have already come close to laptops, since both have the same M1 processor, tablets have already bypassed laptops in terms of screen, in the latest iPad Pro 12 inches, the screen is much better. The only thing that really slows down tablets now is iPadOS, which does not give anything to load the M1 processor with.

Apple keyboard flaws

But Apple’s keyboard has three big flaws that Logitech has fixed in their Combo Touch keyboard

Flaw number 1.

Doesn’t open

This keyboard doesn’t open fully. And in some moments it is terribly inconvenient.

For example, when your iPad is in your backpack, you want to quickly reach it while you’re on the go. It is almost impossible to do this, if you have to hold the backpack with one hand, then it is impossible to pull the iPad out of its native keyboard. I don’t even recommend that you check it, because I’m afraid for your iPad.

The Apple keyboard case is comfortable to work with when you have it at your desk. You can easily move it, or just pick up the iPad itself and leave the keyboard case on the table. But if you leave the keyboard case on the table and pick up the iPad itself, you immediately get disadvantage #2.

Disadvantage number 2. No protection when you take it out

When you take the iPad out of its original case, it has no protection. Sometimes you want to draw with a pen, but it is impossible to do it in the original keyboard case. You have to take it out, but at the same time the tablet does not have protection at all.

It is scary to use it in this state, you are afraid to hit or scratch it. It gets dirty, immediately everything from your hands remains on the back of the tablet. And the third minus is that it does not lie flat on the table, since the camera sticks out from it, it always staggers.

There is of course an optional Pitaka case that can be put on the iPad and used with the keyboard. But it turns out that you have two covers and this is quite strange. At the same time, the Pitaka iPad case also costs crazy money.

Flaw number 3. The case itself gets dirty insanely. Handprints are visible on it, fine dust immediately sticks to it and this is very noticeable. In general, the material itself is wonderful only when I unpacked it for the first time from the box.

By the way, the white version of the Apple case that came out recently didn’t seem to get as dirty, but I didn’t have it, I just looked at it in the store. There is less visible dust on it, and there is a feeling that the white version of the keyboard is made of a slightly different material. It seems to have less “soft touch”.

About Logitech

All these problems have been solved by Logitech. Logitech has released a wonderful keyboard case for iPad

Usually, all original accessories for iPhone, iPad were better thought out and the quality was also better than those made by other vendors. The quality of the materials was also better than the original. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail. The original cases always had some magnets in the right places, they magnetized with the right strength so that it was much more convenient to use.

But Logitech is just as good as the original. The price here is also not small. It is as thin as the original case, there are no differences in weight either. Although both of these cases are heavy.

About the materials

I like the material of the Logitech case much more, I don’t know what it’s called correctly. I remember Microsoft used to make surface laptops out of similar material. It looks like fabric, but feels like rough plastic.

It has a pleasant tactile feel, but it does not leave any marks from the hands and does not collect dust from the table. (Maybe he collects, but she is completely invisible on it)

Easy to remove

Most importantly, the keyboard can now be unfastened with a slight movement. And this is done much easier than the original case. You will be able to get the tablet out of the backpack with one hand, leaving the keyboard there.

It also fastens quite quickly.


When you unfasten the keyboard, the iPad itself remains in the case. You no longer need to be afraid that you will hit or scratch it. It is much more pleasant to hold it in your hand, since now it does not try to slip out of you.


The foot folds out to allow the iPad to stand upright. With it, you can put it on the table without a keyboard, for example, if you have little space on the table and the keyboard is not needed at the moment.

At some points I like this approach better. Firstly, with such a leg, the tablet shakes less when you type on the keyboard. In its native keyboard case, it hangs on the case itself and there will be a little shaking from any touch, right there it stands on the table and the trembling is much less.

At the same time, everything looks much more interesting in the original keyboard, where the tablet seems to be floating in the air, while it is slightly raised above the table, which looks very elegant.

In addition, if you like to use the tablet with the keyboard on your lap, then with the original cover it will be possible to do this at least somehow, although it will be inconvenient. In a case from Logitech, this is absolutely impossible.

The keyboard itself

The keyboard itself is very similar to the original, the same layout, the button mechanism feels the same. I don’t see any difference in typing either.

The touchpad here is exactly the same, and works exactly the same. In the reviews for the first version of this case, I saw that the touchpad did not press well around the edges, but this version does not have such a problem. It is pressed over the entire area in the same way as the original one.

I really don’t see any difference between the keyboards themselves.


I am also very pleased with the additional row of function keys that expand the functionality. For example, in place of ESC there is a button that allows you to quickly jump to the desktop. And on the right side there is a convenient button that allows you to turn the tablet on or off. And it’s more convenient than pressing the side power button.

There are also buttons for controlling brightness, volume, keyboard backlight and buttons for multimedia.


There is no charging port that the original keyboard has. For example, if you want to mount something on the iPad, it is quite convenient to connect the charging case to the case, and connect an external drive to the port of the iPad itself.