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Troubleshooter | Refrigerator delivered multiple times with damage, Durham man finally gets one, compensation from Home Depot



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Saturday, February 11, 2023


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Durham man’s refrigerator was delivered three times with damage. Here’s what to do if this ever happens to you.

When you order new appliances, and delivery is promised, what happens when things go wrong?

Durham resident Philip Nazo documented every delivery that did not go right when it came to the new refrigerator he bought from Home Depot. The first delivery–his pictures show there are dents in the fridge before they even got the appliance into his home. The second delivery the product also had dents on the new appliance.

During the third delivery, “You see one of them is like two forks went inside the refrigerator, its complete damage,” Nazo said.

After those three failed deliveries he said, “Two times. They called us the night before scheduled for 12:00 to 4:00 and they don’t show up when we call them. Sorry, we didn’t put it on the truck.”

Frustrated with the process Nazo got in touch with the ABC11 Troubleshooter team.

“Because we know you’re the only one going to get it. I watch ABC news. See what you do,” Nazo said.

Nazo said his call to ABC11 Troubleshooter Diane Wilson worked. He finally heard from a Home Depot representative.

“They sent an email apology and we’re going to work on it as soon as we can to deliver the right one.” Not long after Nazo’s appliance was delivered with no problems, and he received $1,500 in gift certificates for his troubles.

Nazo is very happy and said he just wanted the appliance delivered with no damage.

Nazo took all the right steps when he had problems with the delivery by documenting his concerns with pictures and in writing.

Best Steps: Always be home for the delivery, and if you notice a problem, do not accept the item. As soon as you notice an issue, document what is wrong with it on the delivery form, and take pictures of it. Once you report it, try and get a new delivery date.

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Awful Appliance Delivery by Home Depot

Here, I’m going to relate the experience my wife and I had ordering and receiving an LG front-load washer & dryer set from Home Depot.


Update: Home Depot personnel spotted this post, and reached out. As it stands, they have addressed the concerns we have regarding the condition of the appliances we purchased, making us whole in that respect. For that, they have earned my sincere gratitude. Clearly, senior management there *does* care about satisfied customers.

That said, IMO our experience (documented below and in the comments) suggests that Home Depot has some work to do on their appliance sales and delivery infrastructure. In my correspondence with them, I’m encouraging them to address this, and I certainly hope that they do.


Summary version:

After ordering a washer and dryer with pedestals from a Home Depot in one state, for delivery 2 months later in a newly purchased home in a different state, Home Depot delivery/install services has managed to:

  • Miss the scheduled date and reschedule the first delivery.
  • Get a truck stuck in sand trying to turn around nearby at the rescheduled delivery, causing *another* reschedule.
  • Finally deliver a dented washer and the wrong size pedestals (they were mis-specified by salesperson, who also omitted the natural gas to propane conversion kit we’d specified for the dryer and necessitating a separate rush order ).
  • Deliver a replacement washer and pedestals, but botch the install by failing to remove the shipping bolts for the washer (which we attempted to operate—as we were assured it was ready to go—possibly damaging it).
  • Miss the appointment for the scheduled “re-install” to remove the shipping bolts and check for condition.

In other words, they are 0 for 5 so far on delivery and/or follow-up appointments. They have cost me hours on the phone, working to get satisfaction for a $2400 purchase paid for 3 months earlier.

Currently we’re waiting for the re-reinstallation visit and check of the washer for damage from operation with the shipping bolts in place.  Because we have no faith in the installation personnel at this point, we are also working to get the washer replaced, even if it seems to be operating correctly once the shipping bolts are removed at the re-install appointment.   The current plan is to declare it unsatisfactory and demand a replacement, which is *supposed* to trigger a visit by an LG service person to confirm functionality.

Because of their poor track record and the hours I’ve spent on the phone, we’re incredibly frustrated and resolved to never user Home Depot for anything again.

The Whole Story:

  • Going under contract for our retirement home out of state, we went shopping for a washer and dryer, needed for the newly purchased home. Finding a well-reviewed LG set on sale at Home Depot, and given their ability to delivery out of state and on a scheduled date, we used Home Depot. This won’t happen again! I would normally use an appliance dealer, and will certainly only do that in the future.
  • The W/D and pedestals were purchased (and paid for) on May 20, at a cost of ~ $2400.
  • Delivery was scheduled for August 1, but on July 29th that was pushed back (causing various other things to be rescheduled).
  • August 6, the rescheduled delivery failed because the delivery truck managed to get stuck in sand attempting to turn around nearby and access our address. Worse, the driver left without advising me of status, and I had to call into the Home Depot Appliance Hotline to learn the status of the delivery. That was the first of *MANY* calls to their appliance hotline. Ultimately, the delivery was rescheduled for August 9.
  • On August 9, the re-rescheduled delivery took place, but the washer was dented, and the pedestals were the wrong size (they were incorrectly specified by the Home Depot appliance salesperson). After more calls to the Home Depot appliance hotline, the washer and pedestals were returned and delivery of a fresh washer and the correct pedestals scheduled. Annoyingly, we needed to do a refund on the pedestals and a new purchase to get the correct pedestals.
  • On August 16, the replacement washer and pedestals arrived, and were installed. At the time, we were assured that the washer is, “all set and ready to use.
  • On August 18, we tried to use the washer but discovered (extreme noise, high speed spin, vibration) that the shipping bolts were never removed during the install. After more calls to the hotline, our only option was to wait for a new ‘re-installation’ appointment to actually remove the shipping bolts and assess the condition of the washer.
  • The reinstall appointment was set for August 20, but the technician never showed up. We had to *again* call the hotline, and learned that they driver has reported it as a missed appointment—despite the fact that we were home and actively monitoring for the techs arrival during the scheduled window.

At this point, we’re essentially 3 weeks behind schedule, being forced to resort to using a laundromat instead of the $2400 setup we ordered 3 months prior. And, we have little confidence that the re-installer will actually show up on schedule, let alone be able to accurately assess whether the washer is in satisfactory condition.

The latest is that we need to keep the August 23 reschedule of the re-install, and then (should we choose) demand a replacement washer regardless of the condition of the current one, as it may be impossible to tell if it has hidden damage. This is *supposed* to trigger an LG tech visit to verify functionality. We’ll see. Even this took 4 calls to the hotline on August 22 the date I’m posting this; one call was  too early for LG, one call during LG hours that was dropped by Home Depot, one call where we spoke with an entirely useless Home Depot ‘resolution associate’ named Cedric, and a final call to a more helpful resolution specialist.

Overall, I find this to be entirely unacceptable delivery service by Home Depot. We paid in full, in advance, and paid delivery fees. Yet, they could not meet their schedule, repeatedly botched deliveries and/or follow-up appointments. The order was incorrectly written, and parts were omitted. This has cost us hours on the phone, and put us weeks (almost months) behind schedule on our move-in, and caused me to delay other work that we need.  Only after repeated calls and escalation did we get to a plan that *still* has us waiting and dependent on a delivery system that is so far 0 for 5. 

This is by far the worst customer service experience we’ve ever encountered. Home Depot has been perfect in their ability to fail.



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China, as one of the world’s largest manufacturers, is open to profitable purchases of various goods. Practice has shown that the delivery of household appliances from the Middle Kingdom to Russia will cost less than purchasing it from local companies with their margins. This is used by many retail organizations. To ensure that delivery does not cost too much, thereby leveling all the benefits, entrust it to a reliable carrier!

HomeCargo delivery

One of the best logistics companies in Russia is 1Cargo. We will not only deliver equipment from China, but also solve organizational issues related to this procedure. We invite representatives of small and medium-sized businesses to cooperate!

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Household appliances are divided into categories:

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Basic services

We offer delivery of household appliances from China to Russia by road, air, rail and sea transport. We ensure the flow of goods not only to Moscow, but also to Novosibirsk. For companies from the Eastern regions of the Russian Federation, we offer a route passing through Kazakhstan. If you are limited in time, order express delivery.

It is possible to carry out transportation of a small amount of small equipment according to a simplified scheme. The advantage of this format is low cost and no need to go through customs. The list of our services includes container transportation, groupage cargo formation.

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We have offices in the four largest regions in China. If you decide to visit the country on a business trip, you can count on our support. If necessary, we will provide the services of a guide-interpreter.


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