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Garmin GPS navigators represent the foundation of the 20+ year old technology company. In fact, Garmin first began life with the idea that top of the line navigational technology could enrich people’s lives; today, GPS devices by Garmin continue to revolutionize the industry and provide highly accurate, dynamic GPS capabilities to a wide range of applications and users. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country road trip or going deep sea fishing in the Gulf, there’s a lot to like about a Garmin GPS device. The Garmin Forerunner and Garmin FR are ideal for runners and other dedicated athletes, as they track your vital statistics, routes, and workouts, even letting users share their favorite routines wirelessly with friends. If you’re out on the trail, the Garmin eTrex or the Garmin ForeTrex can be good options. The Garmin eTrex GPS is a handheld, rugged Garmin GPS device that improves coordination among group members with inter-device location tracking, shareable waypoints, and paperless geocaching, while the Garmin ForeTrex GPS can be strapped to your wrist for hands-free navigation.

Of course, most GPS users want a device that will help them navigate the world’s roadways with ease, and it’s here that Garmin Global Positional Satellite devices really shine. Celebrated product lines like the Garmin nuvi make driving a snap with turn by turn directions, off-road navigation, and modes that go beyond simple highway driving. Garmin fishfinders like the Garmin GPSMAP and Garmin echo take award-winning Garmin GPS technology to the high seas, and the Garmin Rino series even lets you use your handheld GPS device as a two-way radio. Even the links become easier to navigate with the Garmin Approach series, which combines all the features of a golf rangefinder into a GPS-enabled, game-improving color display. Wherever you go and however you want to get there, there’s a Garmin GPS navigator that will show you every step of the way.

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Garmin portable GPS, Garmin handheld GPS

Handheld aviation GPS units and accessories, docking stations and mounting systems, from Garmin, AvMap, Airgizmos, Adventure Pilot, and more.

New and pre-owned Garmin GPS portable units for sale.

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aera 660

Touchscreen Aviation GPS Portable

Garmin Part #: 010-01518-0x


Available in North America and South America versions.
Garmin aera® 660 is a powerful, portable aviation navigator that puts built-in GPS, a 5-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen display and the latest Garmin technology in the palm of your hand.

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aera 760

Touchscreen Aviation GPS Portable

Garmin Part #: 010-02303-00

$1,549. 00

The aera® 760 is a premium aviation portable that is purpose-built for the pilot and the cockpit. The aera 760 boasts a 7-inch bright, sunlight readable touchscreen display complete with comprehensive chart options in a compact and dedicated portable GPS.

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GDL 51

Portable SiriusXM® Weather and Music Receiver

Garmin Part #: 010-01561-40


$300 SiriusXM Rebate Available for a Limited Time!

Providing an easy-to-use and completely portable aviation satellite link, the compact GDL 51 SiriusXM receiver lets you access continuous, detailed weather information — plus more than 150 channels of digital-quality music, news, sports and other entertainment programming.

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GDL 52

Portable SiriusXM/ADS-B Receiver

Garmin Part #: 010-01561-20


$300 SiriusXM Rebate Available for a Limited Time!

Providing an easy-to-use and completely portable aviation satellite link, the compact GDL 52 combines SiriusXM coverage — accessible from
ground or air — with the subscription-free weather and traffic features of an ADS-B “In” datalink. Together, these 2 network link
technologies bring a world of safety-enhancing features — plus access to more than 150 channels of digital-quality music, news, sports and
other entertainment programming — directly to your cockpit.

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aera 660 Panel Dock

Airgizmo Panel Dock for Garmin aera 660

Airgizmos Part #: PD28


The Aera 660 Panel Dock maximizes your use of the aera 660 by placing it right in your panel. Your GPS is held securely in place, and as a result, the touchscreen controls feel comfortable and stable.

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aera 500 Series Panel Dock

Airgizmo Panel Dock for Garmin aera 500 Series

Airgizmos Part #: PD16

$124. 95

The aera Panel Dock fits a standard radio stack. Dimensions are 6.25″ wide by 4.25″ high.  If you are upgrading from an older Garmin GPS, you will be happy to know that Airgizmos has designed the aera Panel Dock to fit the same opening as the 196/296/396/496 Panel Dock, and uses the same hole layout for mounting.

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795/796 Panel Dock

Airgizmo Panel Dock for Garmin aera 795/796

Airgizmos Part #: PD22


Airgizmos’ Panel Dock for the 795/796 follows in the tradition of their other products by holding the GPS securely in the panel while allowing the GPS to be easily removed from the plane for flight planning or for use in a different plane.

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695/696 Panel Dock

Airgizmo Panel Dock for Garmin GPSMAP 696/695

Airgizmos Part #: PD13/AG-ITEM29


As with Airgizmos’ other Panel Dock products, the 695/696 Panel Dock allows you to securely mount your GPS in your panel while allowing you to remove the GPS from the plane quickly and easily.  The result is a streamlined and professional installation that adds to the functionality of the GPS.

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Angle Adapter, 6.25″ x 8″

Horizontal Tilt Adapter for 695/696/795/796/760/ACE/iFly/iPadMini

Airgizmos Part #: PD14/AG-ITEM30

$49. 00

Many pilots will need to install their GPS on the passenger side of the panel. To make the GPS more readable, Airgizmos offers the Angle Adapter. It works in conjunction with the 6.25 x 8 inch Panel Docks® and provides an additional 15 degrees of angle to the GPS, making it much easier to see and use.

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695/696 Panel Dock Cover

Airgizmo Cover for 695/696 Panel Dock

Airgizmos Part #: PD20/AG-ITEM45


Now you can protect your Garmin 695/696 GPS when you leave it in your plane. This durable cover provides a convenient solution for securing your expensive equipment. Our cover completely encloses the front of the GPS while it is in the Panel Dock. The latch can be locked with a standard padlock if desired, to provide added protection against tampering or theft.

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iPad Knee Dock

Airgizmo Knee Dock for Apple iPad

Airgizmos Part #: 44


With the iPad Knee Dock, Airgizmos answers the problem of needing an accessible place in the cockpit for the iPad. If you have become accustomed to using charts on your iPad, you will enjoy having immediate access right at your fingertips.

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496 Panel Dock Cover

Airgizmo Cover for 496 Panel Dock

Airgizmos Part #: PD9/AG-ITEM14

$19. 00

The Panel Dock Cover is designed to cover the Panel Dock when the GPS is not installed. It also covers the Panel Dock™ with the Garmin 196/296/396/496 installed. It will protect your portable GPS from the sun’s damaging rays and from the eyes of envious onlookers.

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496 Panel Dock

Airgizmo Panel Dock for Garmin GPSMAP 196/296/396/495/496

Airgizmos Part #: PD4/AG-ITEM4


The Panel Dock is designed to fit the Garmin GPSMAP 196, 296, 396, 495 and 496 handheld GPS units. The GPS is held firmly in place, but can be easily removed by pulling the release tab, located on the left side of the unit.   The Panel Dock is designed to fit in a standard 6.25″ avionics stack, but it can also be flush-mounted anywhere else in the panel.

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smartPanel Mount, iPad Mini

Panel Mount for Apple iPad Mini (1-4)

Guardian Avionics Part #: IFDR-PM-IPAMI/52-18

From $149.00

The smartPanel Mount for Apple iPad Mini is a flush mounting system to easily dock and seamlessly integrate your existing iPad Mini into
your aircraft instrument panel — giving it a clean, professional appearance in an easy to view position.

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aera 79x Bare Wires Mount

Bare Wires Mount for the aera 796/795

Garmin Part #: 010-11756-01

$69. 00

Expand the communication possibilities of your aera™ using Garmin’s aviation mount with connected power cable. Connect the bare wires to a panel mount product to transfer data, such as a flight plans, to your aera; conversely, you can connect to a panel-mounted radio to transfer data from your aera to the radio.

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Lap Mount

Lap Mount for the aera 796/795/760

Garmin Part #: 010-11756-05


Mount your Garmin aera® 796/795/760 or GPSMAP® 696/695 in planes that have a stick control that prevent the units’ standard yoke mount from working. The mount comes with a hook and loop strap to secure it to your lap.

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16 GB microSD™ Card

Class 10 Card with SD Adapter

Garmin Part #: 010-10683-07


Don’t let space constraints keep you from your next great adventure. Expand your storage capacity with our 16 GB Class 10 microSD card.
The 16 GB microSD card arrives already inserted in the adapter, which can be removed for use with all devices that have a microSD card

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iPad mini (1-3) Panel Dock

Airgizmo Panel Dock for iPad Mini 1-3

Airgizmos Part #: PD24

$124. 50

Now you can fly with your iPad mini securely mounted in the instrument panel while still allowing it to be easily removed when you are not flying. If you have used an iPad with an aviation app then you know how great it is to have such a wealth of information at your disposal. Airgizmos’ iPad mini Panel Dock takes it up a notch. Now your iPad mini can finally have the prominent position on your panel that it deserves!

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Garmin eTrex 30x Travel GPS Navigator

New version of the popular Garmin eTrex 30 GPS Navigator.

The Garmin eTrex 30x GPS Navigator is the top model of Garmin’s eTrex travel navigator line. All devices of the new series are characterized by modern ergonomic body design, color display and preloaded electronic cards. Promo page of Garmin eTrex 30 navigator.

Video review of Garmin eTrex 30x

The new travel navigator is perfect for geocaching. Information about caches can be transferred to the device directly from a personal computer. All devices of the new series use the transmission of points in the GPX format. The navigator saves and displays detailed information about the cache, its location and various hints. To share information about caches, you can use the portal, which contains data on caches around the world.

In addition to the basic functions of the GPS-navigator Garmin eTrex 30x can be used as a barometric altimeter (altimeter) or an electronic compass with a three-dimensional compensator. The compass can work in any position, you do not need to hold the device strictly horizontally.

The navigator is powered by rechargeable batteries. The maximum battery life of the navigator is 25 hours of continuous operation.

Cartography with topographic load with shaded contours of relief and vegetation with digital elevations (not supported in all regions) summer camps, winter roads and other objects of tourist infrastructure, protected natural areas, national and natural parks, reserves and sanctuaries (not supported in all regions)
Cartography with water bodies with navigation load (ship passages, buoys, signs, hazards, piers, river ports) and hydrography (depths, isobaths)
Support for raster maps and satellite images, as well as BlueChart g2 sea charts
HotFix satellite position prediction technology
Function WAAS – differential correction system for improved positioning accuracy
Store up to 2000 waypoints
Store up to 200 routes
Store up to 200 tracks
Store up to 10000 waypoints
Self-setting POIs
Automatic routing (when maps are loaded)
Tilt-compensated 3-axis electronic compass
Barometric altimeter – graphical pressure change tracking and accurate altitude calculation
NMEA support 0183 – marine navigation equipment communication protocol
Special features for geocaching, support for Geocaching. com GPX files for downloading coordinates and describing geocaches
Upload to Garmin Connect – detailed analysis of user navigation data, recorded tracks and the ability to view on a Google Earth map
Area Calculator
Hunter/Angler Calendar
IPX7 Waterproof Shockproof, Water, Dust, Humidity, and Dirt Resistant
Wireless communication between compatible Oregon, Montana, GPSMAP, Colorado, Dakota series devices

2.2″ screen size and resolution (5.6 cm), 240 x 320 pixels (3.6 x 4.3 cm)
Screen type color anti-glare TFT
Receiver type Glonass/GPS highly sensitive
Memory 3.7 Gb internal, slot for memory card microSD
Power supply 2 NiMh or Li-Ion AA batteries (not included)
Battery life up to 25 hours
Connectors USB 2.0 port
Communications wireless data exchange with devices of related series
Features x-axis electronic compass, barometric altimeter
Water resistance IPX7
Instrument dimensions 5.4 x 10.3 x 3. 3 cm
Weight 141.7 g with batteries
Navigation system Roads of Russia. RF. TOPO. Version 6.18

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