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Gazebos and Outdoor Furniture For Sale in VA

Enjoy the Outdoors – Stay in the shade

It’s time to make your outdoor living dreams a reality with a beautiful, handcrafted LuxCraft™ gazebo from Premier Structures. We’ve partnered with LuxCraft™ to bring the best custom gazebo designs to southwestern Virginia. We have an entire range of structures and outdoor furniture for sale to enhance your backyard experience and make your property all it’s meant to be. Create space to bond with nature and build relationships with elegant gazebos, shade structures, and accessories.

What Type of Gazebo Is Right for you?

Vinyl Gazebos

For a vinyl gazebo, choose between a white or clay color finish. Skip the need to ever update paint or stain…vinyl is virtually maintenance free! And if it gets dirty, it can be easily wiped clean. Best of all, our vinyl gazebos contain recycled material, which helps minimize their environmental impact.

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Wooden Gazebos

Our wood gazebos are crafted with micro-pressure treated, kiln-dried yellow pine, which is aged for five to six months to prevent warping and cracking. Five distinct stain colors give a range of natural looks to choose from.

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Gazebo Options

Whether your priority is a natural look and feel or the lowest maintenance possible, we have gazebos and outdoor living structures to meet those needs! LuxCraft™ gazebos are designed to be customized to your needs and preferences. No two are ever quite the same! To create the best gazebo for your backyard, select a shape, size, and material. Then pick out specific features like color, roof style, railing type, etc. Your gazebo will be custom-built to your exact specifications!

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Oval
  • Octagon
  • Residential – ranging from 8’ octagon or square to 12×20 rectangle or oval
  • Teahouse – miniature gazebo, perfect for one to four people
  • Commercial – for large groups, great for parks, churches, businesses – 16×20 up to 30×60 and beyond
  • Outdoor Kitchens – protect your grill and kitchen equipment as you cook in the lawn or poolside
  • Wood – built using micro-pressure treated, kiln-dried wood and available in one of 5 stain colors
  • Vinyl – white or clay vinyl, containing recycled materials for minimized environmental impact
Other Customizable Options
  • Railing style
  • Door style
  • Flooring
  • Roof & Fascia Style
  • Roof Material and Color
  • Windows and screens
  • Benches
  • Stairs
  • And more…see the catalog for all the details

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Custom Gazebos

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Gazebos Made in the USA

All LuxCraft™ gazebos and outdoor furniture pieces for sale at Premier Structures are constructed in the USA. When you purchase from us, you’re not only buying high-quality products, you’re also supporting the American economy. Buy a gazebo that comes from a source you know and trust!

Local Customer Service

As southwestern Virginia locals, we’re here to help throughout the entire process of designing your outdoor living space. We offer gazebos and outdoor furniture for sale in Roanoke, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Radford, Pulaski, Wytheville, Bristol, and Bluefield, VA, as well as across state lines to Bristol,TN; Mt. Airy, NC; Princeton and Bluefield, WV and the surrounding areas.  Give us a call and let’s upgrade your space!

Customize Your Gazebo

For nearly 30 years, LuxCraft™ has been creating some of the finest custom gazebos on the market. By using superior materials like micro-pressure treated wood, recycled vinyl, and stainless-steel fasteners, they’re able to guarantee that every gazebo they produce is of the highest-quality. And all those claims are backed by some of the best warranties out there!

Want to take it outside?

What does your perfect gazebo setup look like? We’re excited for the chance to help you plan the ideal backyard! Simply download a gazebo catalog below and get an idea of what combination is right for you. Then, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your outdoor living ideas!

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Outdoor Gazebos for Sale in Vermont

Vermont Outdoor Gazebos

A gazebo is a freestanding, open outdoor structure ranging in a variety of shapes that are covered by a roof. Most gazebos are constructed of wood and provide an excellent shelter area for outdoor dining. For outdoor entertaining, enjoying a beautiful sunny day or summer evening, there’s nothing quite like an exquisite patio gazebo. At Livingston Farm, we craft some of Vermont’s finest gazebos and deliver them directly to your desired location. If you’re in the market to buy a gazebo, browse our selection and we’re sure you’ll find just what you envisioned for your backyard. Our team at Livingston Farm takes pride in our competitive pricing, quality craftsmanship, and the customer’s experience.

We build custom gazebos ranging in size from a 6-foot octagon to a 14’ x 24’ rectangle, using either pressure-treated wood, cedarwood or vinyl. We offer screened gazebos (floor and walls) and enclosed gazebos with windows, hidden electrical outlets, and a variety of customized options. A custom gazebo from Livingston Farm in Bristol, VT can make your outdoor living luxurious.

Browse our in-stock buildings available at our Bristol, VT or New Haven, VT location online or walk through our gazebos at either of our sites. Have questions? Give us a call or send us an email. We’re happy to help.

Interested in a gazebo? Drop us a line today!

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Our Gazebos

Square Gazebo

Our square gazebos are of the highest quality and built to last, using #1 pressure treated lumber and 30 year architectural shingles. They come in a range of sizes and highly customizable to fit your needs!

Financing available

Rectangle Gazebo

Our rectangular gazebos are the perfect addition to your patios or decks that often require rectangular dimensions. Our rectangular shape will maximize your entertainment space! Sized to shelter a hot tub, dining table, or conversation set, this gazebo provides first-rate protection against sun and rain.

Finance for as little as $98.00 per month!

Oval Gazebo

Our oval-shaped gazebos offer an elegant styling in a soft oval shape that offers additional room for every entertainment option. This gazebo is the perfect choice for maximum entertainment space.

Finance for as little as $85.00 per month!

Octagon Gazebo

Our traditional octagonal gazebo offers, romance, fun and brings vacation-like relaxation to your own backyard. These gazebos are our most popular style, offering space-saving convenience and attractive styling that fits in just about anywhere!

Finance for as little as $46.00 per month!

We love our new gazebo! It is beautifully built, and Livingston did a perfect job with installation. Thank you!

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Whether you’re ready to place an order or just have a few questions, give us a call at 802.382.0992 or email us through the form below.

Construction of country arbors – practical advice In Besedka.RU – arbors, fences, country houses, wooden houses, houses, cottages

Construction of country arbors – practical advice plot and the most important element of landscape design, a secluded and comfortable place where, in the shade of trees and climbing plants, you will inhale the scent of flowers, listen to birdsong and enjoy peace with a cup of tea or a book. In the summer heat there will be coolness, on a windy and rainy day – reliable protection from the whims of the weather.

Pavilions, gazebos, made in the same style as the main house, decorate the garden, giving it a finished and well-maintained look, harmonize with the surrounding vegetation and emphasize your individuality as the owner of the site. The pavilion and gazebo are ideal places for outdoor recreation. According to the explanatory dictionary of V.I. Dahl, a gazebo is called a “gazebo” – a light structure of various types in the garden, for relaxation and decoration. As for the pavilion, it is a separate building in the garden. Let’s take a closer look at what are the differences between these two similar structures.

An arbor is a light covered building of arbitrary architecture. There are no glazed gazebos (or rather, it will no longer be a gazebo). So, the gazebo has a roof, but there should not be glazed windows.

What is a garden pavilion? This is a kind of “hybrid” of an open gazebo with a garden house. Usually the pavilion is glazed, and its shape must be strictly geometric (it is round, six- and eight-sided). A roof with four or more supports, without perimeter fencing, can also be called a pavilion.

What size pergola to build or buy?

Recently, many people prefer to buy ready-made gazebos, but regardless of whether you decide to buy a gazebo or build it in your garden, the most important parameter is the size of the future building. You must decide in advance what exactly you would like from the pride of your garden in the future. You will be extremely upset if it turns out that the gazebo is too small for your initial ideas and goals, and that you are simply cramped in it. The area of ​​the gazebo is usually from five to twenty square meters. In any case, the inner diameter of the resting place should not be less than 2.5 or even 2.8 meters, otherwise you simply won’t be able to calmly put a table or chairs there for a standard number of people – let’s say, for four. Of course, instead of chairs, you can arrange a bench around the perimeter of the gazebo, and in this case, a diameter of 2.2 meters may be enough for you. In addition, the size of the gazebo should be consistent with the garden. Unless you have a very large garden, the gazebo should not rise in the middle of it, like a tower, overshadowing and overwhelming other design objects. In general, the lighter and more elegant your building is, the better.

Pergola designs – wood, brick, glazed or not

Pergola and pavilion models and designs are extremely diverse. The materials from which the gazebo can be built are also diverse – wood, natural stone. Well suited for building gazebos brick. Forged gazebos also look great. It is difficult to enumerate all the types and shapes of pavilions and pavilions: round, oval, six- and eight-sided, simple and simple rectangular, in the style of a fairy-tale house, a Chinese pagoda, a Japanese house for tea ceremonies. Gazebos are built glazed and open, openwork and light, solid and comfortable, in different styles, from classic to oriental. Whatever style of garden design you prefer, there is an appropriate gazebo or pavilion for everyone, the only question is your inclinations, taste, choice and the ability to afford this or that luxury.

The ability to buy a gazebo rather than build it yourself makes life much easier. Ready-made arbors in a wide range are now offered by a number of Moscow companies. For the installation of typical gazebos, foundation concreting is not required (such are the design features of their floor). The roofs of such gazebos, due to the design features, can withstand a significant snow cover in winter. The customer can choose the most suitable color for his gazebo – the catalog contains about two thousand shades.

Prices for gazebos

Customers usually worry about one question: what are the prices for these gazebos? On average, a typical gazebo project will cost you from $700, but this amount will increase significantly if you make a non-standard order, which will require thorough preliminary work with the client (that is, with you). What order is considered non-standard? For example, a house for secluded relaxation in the middle of a pond, to which an elegant romantic bridge leads from the shore, or a Chinese-style gazebo (pagoda).

For the final choice of model, it is best to decide in advance for what exactly and in what season the garden gazebos will be used. If we are talking exclusively about summer, with its hot days and warm evenings, then a model with fully or half open walls will suit you perfectly. But if you want to have the opportunity to relax in a secluded place and in the off-season, when it is already (or still) cold, then you should build a real pavilion closed on all sides. However, this will not mean that you are separated from the surrounding nature by an impenetrable wall. And the golden colors of autumn, and the blossoming buds in early May, and, of course, the lush greenery of summer – all this will surround you thanks to the wide and large windows. But the built-in heating and underfloor heating, combined with excellent thermal insulation of the walls, will provide you with comfort and coziness even on the most dank days and evenings. In the pavilion, you will work extremely hard, read, knit, and if the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room allows you, then there is no better place to arrange a tea party or a birthday, yours or your child’s.

Where to build a gazebo?

Having chosen a gazebo or pavilion model, you decide which place in the garden should be allocated for this wonderful future building. Since the gazebo is intended for relaxation and solitude, for pleasant impressions, as well as for protection from heat and rain, it is best to build a gazebo in the most picturesque and secluded corner of the garden, from which the best and most pleasing view opens up, for example, on hillside, near a reservoir or among a coniferous garden, a rose garden, on the border with a forest.

However, the arbor or pavilion is not a secret headquarters or a secret spy presence, but the pride and the best decoration of the garden, so it should be visible from any point of the site. So it is best to arrange the gazebo so that it looks the most advantageous. As already mentioned, it is most preferable to place it near the pond, next to the entrance to the garden, in the corners of the site or on the border with a forest or park, but on a bare area, the gazebo will look less advantageous. The pavilion can be erected as a continuation of a brick fence or wall. If you plan that you will always have a lot of guests, or that your family will like to drink tea in the gazebo, then it is better to place it closer to home (for the convenience of organizing a tea party).

Design and decoration of gazebos

Having built a pavilion or gazebo, you move on to the most interesting and creative stage: the design of the building. Here you can give free rein to your imagination, or even turn to the experience of gardeners of the distant past, from whom you can learn various ideas, including the design of arbors. Decorating and landscaping the garden, inventive masters came up with a variety of surprises and games, intrigues and entertainment, riddles and secrets. Walking in the garden, people not only admired the beautiful flower beds and clumps of trees, but also constantly encountered various amusements and pleasant surprises on their way. For example, suddenly, around the corner, a small elegant gazebo, entwined with grapes, could be waiting for you, and in it there was a table set for a light breakfast or a basket of fruits.

The revival of this tradition opens up many opportunities for today’s garden owners. Pavilions, gazebos become part of a fabulously beautiful world, which expresses the delicate taste, creativity and individuality of the owner of the garden. You can choose elegant and beautiful furniture for the pavilion and gazebo, decorate the building with sculptures or cover the walls and ceiling with artistic painting, decorate the windows with exquisite curtains, emphasize the grace and style of the house with stained-glass windows or forged products.

However, climbing plants have been and remain the best decoration for garden arbors, without which the arbor, no matter how beautiful it may be, still seems unfinished. You can buy planting material in one of the companies where you purchased a typical gazebo model. Clematis, honeysuckle, parthenocissus and unsurpassed climbing roses are usually offered in addition to garden buildings. If the pavilion stands in an open place where there is a lot of sun, then it will be decorated with blue- or white-flowered wisteria. Lush flowers will cover the gazebo from the base to the roof, giving it a romantic and mysterious look. However, it must be remembered that the support for the flower cover must be reliable. As such a support, all elements of the gazebo are perfectly used, except for the roof. The pillars are covered with hooks or netting, and trellis gratings are installed between them.

The surroundings of the pavilion are also important. A larch or a beautiful large lilac bush will decorate the entrance, you can also put plants in lawns and pots, plant roses or set up flower beds with other attractive plants. Different flowers gain strength and bloom at different times of spring, summer and even autumn. By surrounding the gazebo with plants that bloom “in turn”, we thus allow nature to consistently change the appearance of our garden structure.

When the gazebo is painted, decorated and furnished with exquisite taste and imagination, it will truly become the face of your garden, its soul and center, and for your family it will become a favorite place for relaxation and communication.

The gazebo remains a favorite element of garden landscaping. Today it is no less popular than in past centuries. Having decided to build a gazebo or buy a gazebo and install it in the garden, it is better to first turn to professional designers or architects who will give you reasonable advice, harmoniously fitting the building into the composition of the garden as a whole.

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Improvement of the Avtozavodsky Park in Nizhny Novgorod: public discussions and deadlines

The Avtozavodsky Park of Culture and Recreation is familiar to many Nizhny Novgorod residents. The territory of 73.6 hectares is located within the boundaries of the streets of Geroya Smirnov, Kolkhoznaya and Molodyozhny Avenue. Located in the heart of a densely populated working-class area, it is a favorite place for walks, recreation and entertainment for local residents. Long straight alleys, retro rides, fountains and more than 13,000 trees attract people of all ages from Nizhny Novgorod.

Photo: Natalia Pylina

But for all its beauty, the Avtozavodsky park has never seen a full-fledged reconstruction in its 88 years of existence. Its Soviet infrastructure is morally obsolete, landscaping is thinning, paths are being destroyed, and it is not safe to be in the wooded part of the space in the evenings. To increase the comfort of a public place should be its comprehensive improvement. Funds for the design will be allocated by the GAZ Group as part of its own New Social Vector program. The administration together with the plant will determine the sources of financing for the work after the creation of design estimates.

In anticipation of the upcoming improvement of the Avtozavodsky park, the first public hearings were held. About a hundred caring citizens gathered to discuss the development of public space in the GAZ Palace of Culture. They were joined by representatives of the authorities, the design company MBU “Nizhegorodgrazhdanproekt” and a correspondent of the Real Estate Hypermarket GIPERNN.RU.

Photo: Maria Nosyreva

How it all began

The history of the city garden of the Avtozavodsky district began in the 30s of the twentieth century, along with the development of the Gorky Automobile Plant and the construction of the Sotsgorod microdistrict. April 19For 35 years, during the subbotnik, local Komsomol members began to improve the swampy area with rare plantings of birch, willow and poplar. The project of the academician of architecture Alexander Nikolsky was taken as the basis: he developed the planning structure of the future park in the form of several intersecting straight alleys with an oval square, a fountain and stalls. At the same time, the first trees were planted here, and later the green frame was supplemented with more than a thousand lindens, maples, birches, ash trees and hundreds of shrubs.

In the 1940s, anti-aircraft batteries were located on the territory of the park, protecting the sky near the Gorky Automobile Plant from enemy aircraft during the Great Patriotic War. But even in difficult times, the park continued to develop. Another attraction has appeared here – the Rodina wooden cinema. It was built according to the project of the architect Boris Anisimov in 1944. And the next year, a cast-iron fence was installed between the city garden and Zhdanov Avenue (now Molodyozhny Avenue). In the same 1945, a fountain appeared in the central part of the space, asphalt was laid on the alleys. At the same time, the territory was officially named the Avtozavodsk Park of Culture and Recreation.

Photo: Maria Nosyreva

Over the next decades, the townspeople continued to plant new trees and decorate the park with flowers. Over time, an open stage for lectures and concerts, a dance floor, and a reading pavilion appeared here. In the 1960s–1980s, the park prospered: many Nizhny Novgorod residents remember how they rode a Ferris wheel here, ate cotton candy and swam in Dredger Lake. In the 1990s, GAZ stopped financing the maintenance of the territory. They tried to transfer it to the balance of the administration, and then created an independent legal entity for management. Today, this is the MP “Avtozavodsky Park”.

What the park looks like today

Over time, the Avtozavodsk culture and recreation park began to fall into disrepair. In the 1990s, the artificial lake became shallow and then dried up: locals remember how they used to fish and ride boats in it, and now ATV rental is located at this place. In 2013, the Rodina cinema was demolished; before that, it had been on fire several times. A little later, a historical and cultural examination revealed that the building had signs of a cultural heritage site.

Many activities have disappeared: the dance floor has closed, the chess club has ceased to operate. Most of the architectural forms and sculptures that adorned the park in the first decades of its existence have been lost. Now the Soviet past of the territory is reminiscent of a family retro attraction with a Ferris wheel, Orbita, Whirlwind, shells and a race track. For younger visitors, there is a town with children’s carousels.

Photo: Natalia Pylina

With the beginning of perestroika, numerous street cafes filled the park alleys. Rest here acquired a slightly different character: noisy companies began to gather in the evenings, residents began to complain about loud music and smoke coming from barbecue houses. Among the residents of other districts, an opinion has even formed about Avtozavodsky Park as a territory with a high crime rate. Some participants in the discussions admitted that their friends do not want to come here for this reason.

What they intend to preserve in the park

In August 1993, the public space received the official status of a monument of landscape architecture. Ksenia Mazina, head of the Nizhegorodgrazhdanproekt project, said that when developing the landscaping concept , the historical construct of the park, included in the subject of protection, will be taken as the basis. This is an axial symmetrical layout with round platforms “strung” on it, which is typical for the planning structure of the territories of the 30s of the XX century.

During the reconstruction, special attention will be paid to the restoration of the cast-iron fence, which was cast by the craftsmen of the 6th foundry shop of the Gorky Automobile Plant. Ksenia Mazina noted that the historical fence can be continued with a new one. If its production is entrusted to the current employees of GAZ, then they can repeat the skill of their predecessors in creating an ornamental grid or come up with something of their own.

Photo: Natalia Pylina

The anti-aircraft gun will be kept in the park during the course of improvement. Every year, rallies are held in the square next to it in memory of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. The historical place should continue to remain here in order to remind the descendants of the car factory workers about the heroism of their ancestors. This opinion of the designers was shared by all residents present at the discussions. The entrance group, small architectural forms, and a fountain are also subject to preservation in the park. And, of course, landscaping.

The main landings were carried out in the post-war years, in principle they are now in a satisfactory condition,” said Ksenia Mazina.

Requests to leave the green frame of the Avtozavodsky Park were heard from Nizhny Novgorod residents throughout the evening. Not just save, but supplement with new trees so that it creates a noise screen from dirt, dust and passing cars. In the shade of trees, Nizhny Novgorod residents dream of walking along the paths, listening to birdsong and playing sports. Among other things, they asked not to cut down the ash-leaved maple, which the designer called weeds.

Photo: Maria Nosyreva

What Nizhny Novgorod residents offer

During the public discussions, the townspeople spoke with love about Avtozavodsky Park. Most of their proposals were related to the restoration of the lost infrastructure and the revival of the cultural life of the public space. For example, Sergey Kulagin proposed to recreate the demolished cinema “Rodina”, this initiative was supported by many of those present.

The retro direction must be kept in the park. I remember that there were very beautiful sculptures of animals here. Where there is a dry lake now, there was a statue of a woman with an oar, and fish were caught in the lake itself. It is necessary to restore the sculptures, re-build gazebos for recreation, the Rodina cinema with a stage,” Sergey Kulagin shared.

Another participant in the discussions recalled evenings on the dance floor and concerts of brass bands, which in the past years were held on the park stage. Nizhny Novgorod offered to restore the stage so that live music would play on it, as before. People will come here with pleasure to listen to the performers. For convenience, benches can be made next to the stage, the woman noted.

Photo: Maria Nosyreva

At the same time, car manufacturers are sure that cultural life should not coexist with drunken rest of companies in street cafes. Therefore, it was proposed to completely remove all barbecue houses from park alleys. According to the head of the administration of the Avtozavodsky district Alexander Nagin, work in this direction is already underway.

I have heard many times that it is necessary to remove all entertainment establishments and barbecue places. Now the central alley has been cleared, it remains to finish off everything else. Now you can walk along the central alley without meeting our car factory workers who are not quite sober coming out. But we will continue the concept. There shouldn’t be places like this! There should be a quiet rest,” Alexander Nagin assured.

Photo: Maria Nosyreva

Journalist Yegor Gerasimov added that in this matter, attention should be paid to improving the reputation of Avtozavodsky Park as a comfortable place to relax. Now it is not such, because the park has many dark nooks and crannies and it is rather unsafe to walk along them. To solve the problem, it is possible to provide lighting and install video surveillance cameras throughout the territory, the man believes.

Is there a place for sports in the park?

Nizhny Novgorod walruses asked to take into account the requests to accommodate their community in the Avtozavodsky Park. Their representative, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the region Andrey Tarasov, said that there is a center for health improvement and winter hardening on Lake Zemsnaryad-1. According to him, in winter there is a font here, in which about 130 people improve their health every day. A two-story building was built next to the reservoir: light was brought into it from a neighboring cafe and a toilet was built. But all the same, it is necessary to create more suitable conditions for bathers – to equip a locker room, equip a bathing area and repair communications.

Photo: Maria Nosyreva

In general, the topic of sports in the Avtozavodsky Park became one of the most controversial that evening. Now in the public space there is a workout area near the arboretum with horizontal bars and outdoor exercise equipment. In another part of the territory, next to the youth alley, there is a rope town, and on the left side of the main entrance there is a skating rink. In winter, visitors to the park go skiing, in summer they ride bicycles, run and play table tennis. But for some residents, the existing infrastructure seems not enough. They suggested adding volleyball, basketball and mini-football courts to the park, laying running tracks and equipping a skate park.

I support those who “drowned” for sports equipment – playgrounds, workout. I consider it necessary to make sports accessible,” said Valery, a participant in the discussions.

Photo: Maria Nosyreva

Opponents of sports enthusiasts, in turn, objected that there was not enough space for all the listed objects in the small area of ​​the park. In their opinion, the green area should primarily remain a quiet recreation area, and sports entertainment can be found at the nearby hand games stadium and the restored Chaika facility.

We believe that our park is not for sports. The sports infrastructure implies too big changes – it is always large-scale, always a lot. Even the futsal field takes up a lot of space. We believe that there are many great places for sports in the district, it is not necessary to take everything to the park, – journalist Yegor Gerasimov argued.

Photo: Maria Nosyreva

During the evening, there were many different proposals for the development of the Avtozavodsky park.