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Starts at $16.66/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 12

  • Black


  • Purple

  • White

  • Green

  • Blue

Starts at $19. 44/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 13

  • Green

  • Starlight

  • Blue

  • Pink


Starts at $16.66/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 13 mini


  • Green

  • Starlight

  • Midnight

  • Blue

  • Pink

Starts at $11.94/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen)

  • Starlight

  • Midnight


Starts at $21.11/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 13 (Certified Pre-Owned)


  • Blue

  • Pink

  • Midnight

  • Starlight

Starts at $5.94/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone SE 2020 (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • White


  • Black

Starts at $21.66/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • Graphite

  • Gold

  • Pacific Blue

Starts at $13.47/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 13 mini (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • Pink


Starts at $10.69/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 12 (Certified Pre-Owned)


  • Black

  • White

  • Purple

  • Green

  • Blue

Starts at $12.19/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone XS Max (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • Space Gray

  • Gold

Starts at $8.88/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 11 (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • White

  • Black

  • Yellow

  • Purple


  • Green

Starts at $6.49/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone XR (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • White

  • Coral

  • Blue

  • Black

  • Yellow


Starts at $15. 55/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • Silver

  • Midnight Green

  • Space Gray

  • Gold

Starts at $9.30/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone XS (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • Gold

  • Space Gray

Starts at $15.41/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 12 Pro (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • Graphite

  • Gold

  • Blue

Starts at $8.44/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 12 mini (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • Black

  • White


  • Blue

  • Green

Starts at $13.74/mo

Customize Colors for Apple iPhone 11 Pro (Certified Pre-Owned)

  • Gray

  • Gold

  • Green

Starts at $8.86/mo

How do I Get a Great Deal on a Phone at Verizon?

Looking for a great deal on a new smartphone? At Verizon, we have a variety of smartphone deals and other smartphone offers you can shop online or in-store, including promos on select free phones. So, if you’re looking to save money on a new device, Verizon has you covered.

While shopping for our latest deals on a smartphone, you can explore our selection of new phones eligible for our cell phone promotions. You can even find deals on brand new 5G smartphones, which allow you to access Verizon’s 5G network and experience ultra-fast speeds on the go.

Shop our phone deals today, and experience all that the latest models have to offer at a great value.

Other Smartphone Deals

Interested in other ways to save on a new smartphone? You can also shop our Certified Pre-Owned devices. Or, maybe you’re looking to trade in your older model for a newer device? You can also explore our phone trade-in program and see what your old phone might be worth.

Other great deals on smartphones you can shop include our BYOD (or, bring your own device) promos, as well as our great offers on prepaid phones and phone plans. When you choose a prepaid device or prepaid phone plan, you can enjoy the freedom of no annual contracts.

No matter which deal you choose on your new cell phone, Verizon has the latest and greatest smartphones available at a price you’ll love.

Best Verizon deals July 2023: free iPhones and discounts

We’ve rounded up all of this week’s best Verizon deals into one neat package right here on this page. Regardless of whether you’re an Apple fan or looking to try out a brand new Android flagship, we’ve got both bases covered here alongside Verizon’s best deals on home internet packages and accessories. On this page, you’ll find all the top promotions on our favorite devices – many of which we’ve reviewed personally here at TechRadar so we feel comfortable recommending them.

Verizon deals quick links

(Image credit: Future)

1. iPhone deals
2. Android deals
3. Upgrades & plans
4. Internet deals
5. Tablet deals
6. Accessory deals

Alongside Verizon deals for devices, you’ll also find great options for those simply looking to port their number over to the carrier. Got your own device? The good news is you can get up to $500 in value for your new account with the added bonus of skipping the obligatory credit check. As of mid-2023, Verizon has also switched up its array of excellent unlimited data plans to offer a more flexible buy-what-you-want setup, which makes it one of the top carriers for choice and value right now.

Steering back to Verizon deals on phones for a second, you’ll find distinct sections for both iPhones and Android devices just down below. Generally speaking, promotions across all devices are relatively similar with a focus on trade-in rebates in particular as the best way to shave those device costs down to size. That said, if you’re not looking to trade there are some superb deals right now that don’t require you to hand over an old device – such as on the iPhone 14 Plus and Google Pixel 7a.

While you’re here, if you’re interested in comparing these promotions to what other carriers are offering, head on over to our main best cell phone deals. If you’re still unsure about whether Verizon is the carrier for you or need a little more advice regarding phones, head on over to our best Verizon plans and the best Verizon phones pages respectively. 

  • Browse all the latest deals at Verizon now
  1. Free iPhone 14: with eligible trade-in and unlimited plan
  2. Free iPhone 14 Pro: with eligible trade-in and unlimited plan
  3. Free Pixel Watch: when you get a Google Pixel device with a new line
  4. Switch and save: get a $500 gift card with number port-in (bring your own phone)
  5. Verizon 5G Home internet: free soundbar, or $200 Home Depot gift card

iPhone deals

Apple iPhone 14 Plus: $25/mo free with new unlimited line, plus $200 off an iPad and Apple Watch
Hands-down one of the best Verizon deals this week is this one on the iPhone 14 Plus, which is currently available for free with a new unlimited data plan. Considering none of the usual trade-ins are needed to be eligible here, this is a pretty flexible option overall and one with a relatively low barrier of entry. On top of the massive device saving here, Verizon customers can also bundle in an Apple Watch for $5 per month as well as get an additional $200 saving on an iPad. Great savings, but it’s worth noting you will need a separate cellular line for these accessories, so bear that in mind. Switchers will also get an additional $200 gift card.

Apple iPhone 14: up to $800 off with trade, plus $200 off an iPad and Apple Watch
Looking for the latest flagship? Verizon’s deals this week are offering the usual trade-in rebate of up to $800 on the standard iPhone 14 – enough to cover the entire device if you’re eligible. You can also bundle in an additional $200 saving on an iPad and also throw in an Apple Watch for $5 per month with an unlimited data plan. These are pretty good extras but it’s worth noting that we’ve seen Verizon offer them for free previously, and you’ll also have to pay for those device lines still. Also available this week is a $200 gift card for new customers, eligible with a number port in and unlimited data plan. 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: up to $1,000 off with trade, plus $200 off an iPad and Apple Watch
Verizon has also recently bumped up its trade-in rebates on the 14 Pro models – up from $800 to a whopping $1,000 off. This is a match for the best rebate we’ve seen on these devices at the carrier and those discounted iPads and Apple Watches are also up for grabs here. As always, you’ll need an eligible unlimited data plan to be eligible for this one. See this same deal on the iPhone 14 Pro Max here.

Apple iPhone 13: trade-in for up to $600 off (upgrade)
The best Verizon deals all have something in common – unfortunately they tend to be for new customers or tied to new unlimited data lines. This particular promo, however, is one of the better options for upgraders specifically. Trade-in for an iPhone 13 this week at the carrier and you’ll get up to $600 off, which is around $150 better than the similar options on the latest devices. While a bit older, the iPhone 14 is still great in 2023, so don’t discount it.

  • See all the iPhone deals at Verizon

Android deals

Samsung Galaxy S23: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus $300 off a tablet and Galaxy Watch
If you’re eying up the latest Galaxy S23 series then we’ve got good news – some of the best Verizon deals available are on this series right now. Available is an exceptional trade-in rebate of up to $1,000, which is a match for the best we’ve ever seen at the carrier. On top of that, you can also bundle in a Galaxy Watch 5 for $5 per month and get a $300 saving on a Galaxy tablet on top. You can see this same deal on the Galaxy S23 Plus or the Galaxy S23 Ultra right now too.

Google Pixel Fold: up to $900 off with a trade, plus free Pixel Watch
Verizon’s Google Pixel Fold deals can be combined for some serious value today thanks to a $900 trade-in rebate, free Pixel Watch, and a $200 coupon for switchers, all of which are eligible with an unlimited data plan. While a little niche, we’d still recommend checking this device out if you’re a foldable fan since this is one of the better deals on the market for the device right now.

Google Pixel 7a: free with unlimited plan, plus free Pixel Watch
Verizo’s current deal on the Google Pixel 7a sees this brand-new device being given away for free with a new unlimited data plan. Considering this device features a superb chipset, display, and overall design that’s extremely close to the more premium Pixel 7, we’d say that this is one of the better options out there – especially since you can throw in a free Pixel Wach on top.

Google Pixel 7: $5/mo with unlimited plan, plus free Pixel Watch
If you’re interested in a slightly more premium Pixel device, we’d probably recommend holding off for some better Verizon deals on the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. While both are available with significant monthly discounts on new unlimited data lines right now (and a free Pixel Watch), we’ve seen both of them go for free under the same terms previously. In context, paying $5 or $10 per month is OK but not the best deal we’ve ever seen.

  • See all the Android devices available at Verizon

Upgrade & plan deals

Switch: get $540 when you bring your own device
Don’t want a new device? No problem – Verizon also offers up to $540 promo credit for those who bring their device over from a rival carrier. Note that this credit is applied over 36 months and only applies to unlimited data plans. You’ll also need to be on the Unlimited Plus plan to get the full amount (you’ll get $180 with the Unlimited Plus plan).

Switch: $200 gift card when you buy a device over $699
Alternatively, those who are looking to pick up a device at Verizon can get a $200 gift card if they port their number over from another carrier. According to T&Cs, this one is eligible with devices over $699.99 in value and needs an Unlimited Plus plan. It does, however, stack with the usual trade-ins and freebies that you get otherwise with Verizon’s deals on phones.

Plan deal: students save up to $25/mo with unlimited plans
Verizon offers a hefty discount for actively enrolled students, with a saving of up to $25 per month on the Welcome Unlimited plan. From the small print, it appears that you can have up to two lines with this promo and it also applies if you bring your own device. You will, however, need to log in to prove your eligibility.

  • See all plans and upgrade deals at Verizon

Internet deals

Verizon 5G Home Plus: free soundbar, or $200 Home Depot gift card
Verizon’s 5G Home Plus offers a cost-effective home internet package that starts at just $35 per month if you’re an existing mobile user. Right now, this week’s Verizon deals are also throwing in a free $200 Home Depot gift card and either a free Stream TV Soundbar or $400 off a more premium Stream TV Soundbar Pro. Added up, you’re getting $600 in added value alongside your new internet plan, which could be a compelling option for those looking to switch over.

Verizon Fios internet: from $25/mo when you bundle in a mobile plan
Verizon deals don’t just stop at mobile devices, they also extend to home internet packages. If you’re looking to cut down on your bills in their entirety, it’s a great idea to consider switching up your pricey home internet setup to a more consolidated option. While Fios by itself starts at $49.99/mo as a standalone package, those with an existing Verizon mobile plan can bundle in their home internet for as little as $25/mo, a significant saving. 

Tablet deals

Apple iPad (2022): save $100, plus up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon
The 10th generation iPad is now on sale at Verizon and available with a nice little trade-in rebate if you pick it up with a plan. While the cheapest device in the range, this one is a great pick if you’re looking for a quality do-it-all tablet for streaming, games, and productivity. It’s not as powerful as the other tablets (see below), but it’ll give you great bang for the buck.

Apple iPad Air (2022): save $100, plus up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon
Verizon deals on tablets this week also include excellent options on the latest Apple iPad Air 2022. This is the newest entry in the range and a superb pick if you like the idea of a mid-range slate with a decent mix of features and a reasonable price. As with all other Apple devices a nice little saving if available upfront for an LTE version, plus additional savings if you’re looking to make a trade.

Apple iPad mini (2021): save $100, plus up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon
And, if you prefer a smaller-sized tablet, that same excellent Verizon trade-in deal is also available on the latest Apple iPad Mini. Even better still, the carrier is offering an additional $100 saving if you pick up an LTE tablet via its online store. At just 8-inches, this tablet is much smaller and more bag-friendly than the other iPads. As you’d expect, however, it’s still really powerful and features the same great design as its bigger siblings.

Apple iPad Pro 11 (2022): save $100 plus up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon
Save yourself more than a few bucks with this week’s Verizon deals on the latest new Apple iPad Pro 2021 models. In addition to $100 off the retail price, trade in an old device and get yourself a saving of up to $180 on your new slate. If you’re looking for a powerful LTE tablet, this is one’s a great choice as it not only has a super powerful M2 chip inside but one of the best displays you’ll find on a tablet anywhere.
Apple iPad Pro 12.9: see the same deal here

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G: save $100, plus up to $180 with trade-in at Verizon
Prefer Android? Here’s Samsung’s latest high-end tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8+. This one’s available with the same discounts and trade-in values as the iPad this week and it’s a superb choice if you’re looking for one of the best tablets on the market. Not only does it have a superb AMOLED display capable of 120Hz, but it packs in a super speedy Snapdragon 8 chip inside.

  • See all tablet deals at Verizon

Accessory deals

Apple Watch Series 8: up to $180 off with a trade-in at Verizon
The Apple Watch 8 is the latest and greatest smartwatch from the brand, complete with a superb always-on display, speedy chip, and innovative new health-tracking features. Right now, the carrier is also offering a trade-in rebate of up to $180, which can significantly cut down the usually pretty high asking price for these premium wearables. 

Apple Watch SE 2022: up to $180 off with a trade-in at Verizon
And, those same excellent Verizon deals are also available on the Apple Watch SE this week – the more ‘budget’ orientated device of the two new Apple smartwatches. This superb watch essentially forgoes some of the fancier bells and whistles while still retaining all the most useful features for most people. It’s a great option, and one that’s available with either a decent trade-in rebate of up to $180 right now.

  • See all the accessory deals at Verizon

If you haven’t found the Verizon deals you’re looking for this week, feel free to bookmark this page and return next week. Alternatively, check out our AT&T deals page for all the latest offers on Verizon’s main competitor.

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Is Verizon’s “free” iPhone 14 Pro really free on Black Friday?

best black friday phone deals , and often the best smartphone deal all year long, will usually be a free phone deal when you sign a contract agreement with a mobile network like Verizon or T-Mobile. While you can save a few hundred on a phone from a major retailer, your mobile carrier has deals that can help you. best iphone or best samsung phone for free. Of course, there is a catch.

You can now get one iphone 14 pro or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 year “Free” from Verizon. You can get it from T-Mobile and AT&T. iphone 14 with a similar contract. First, you will need to sign a long-term agreement. Usually it is 24 months, but we see options that last up to three years.

You can get a “free” iPhone 14 Pro (Image credit: Future/Lance Ulanoff)

Verizon can give you a $1,200 discount on your new iPhone 14 Pro, but not right away. You sign a contract to pay for your phone in 24 installments, and as long as you’re a Verizon customer, they pay you every month. If you stay a customer for 12 months and then leave, you pay for a phone you bought a year ago for 12 months.

In other words, you thought you were getting a free phone, but because you left early, you only got half the discount you expected. It’s still a huge discount on a flagship smartphone, but if you didn’t expect to be stuck with a one-time $600 bill, it doesn’t look that good.

You can’t get a free iPhone with a cheap plan.

We’re using Verizon as an example, but every major carrier offers a similar deal. If you want a free iPhone 14 Pro on Verizon, you don’t just need to sign a contract. You need to subscribe to one of Verizon’s most expensive plans.

We’re not just talking about 5G. We’re talking about ultra-wideband 5G mmWave, which mostly only works in stadiums and some major airports. If you want a free iPhone 14 Pro, you pay for it.

You will get unlimited data, but only 50 GB on premium 5G network. Then your speed will be limited. It’s a ton of data, but you can burn through it quickly if you watch a few seasons on Netflix while on vacation. You will also have to pay for the 25 GB hotspot service, whether you use this feature or not.

T-Mobile is offering the iPhone 14 “for free” (Image credit: Future/Lance Ulanoff)

Wait, there’s more. You also get Disney/Hulu/ESPN+ streaming services as a Benefit on your mobile network plan. You can skip these services and pay Verizon the same monthly fee, and then the network will give you a 50% discount on a watch or tablet, or some similar discount. We love Disney and Hulu for streaming, but this gets a little tricky.

All the items on this menu together will cost you $80/month on Verizon in the US, which is the lowest price for a plan that gives you a free iPhone 14 Pro. You can find a $70 plan that cuts out most of the benefits but gives you small discounts on the iPhone.

If you choose this $70 plan, you’ll have to pay monthly for your iPhone. If you add the cost of the iPhone to the monthly fee, your monthly payment will be more expensive overall than if you opted for a more expensive monthly service.

you need to do good business

If you don’t have a business phone, you can’t get a phone for free. When Verizon or T-Mobile say they’ll give you an iPhone for free, that calculation includes paying you enough for the phone you’re selling that your business pays for your new iPhone. At T-Mobile we were offered $800 if we exchange old iphone 11 pro max . It will pay for new iPhone 14.

Trade in an iPhone 11 Pro Max for a “free” iPhone 14 Pro (Future image credit)

Verizon offered us $1,000 for the same phone plus $200 in bonus credits for buying an iPhone 14 Pro. So the same trade will pay for a good phone. Verizon was also willing to accept a broken phone, while T-Mobile reduced the cost of a broken phone to under $200.

During the sales season, such as Black Friday, or ahead of a new phone launch, carriers will offer higher transaction prices and will often accept canceled transactions at a price higher than their value. This encourages you to sign a long-term contract, which is exactly what your mobile network wants from you.

Would you like to leave your mobile network earlier?

Statistically, signing a mobile contract is a good bet. We rarely change network providers, so we must capitalize on our commitment. Verizon Report (Opens in a new tab) The average churn rate is just over 1%, which means that only 1% of customers leave every month and move to another location. Other networks report similar loyalty.

Since you have Disney+ bundled with your data plan, you cannot cut costs by cutting the streaming service out of your diet.

However, there are factors that are forcing us to rethink our networking decisions, especially in the case of Verizon. Verizon’s monthly plan is very expensive. We are in a global cost-of-living crisis and it is entirely possible that the economy will get worse rather than better.

If this happens, we would like to reduce all possible costs. The monthly subscription is the first. If you sign a “free” deal for an iPhone 14 Pro on Verizon, there will be a hefty fine for leaving. Since you’ve included Disney+ in your plan, you can’t cut costs by cutting the streaming service out of your diet.

Why does it have to be so sketchy?

These “free” phones are legitimate deals if you understand and accept the terms. Even with a high monthly contract fee, you still get a very expensive phone for free. The Disney streaming package also costs $10 on top of your monthly mobile plan.

Why does everything seem so sketchy? From the moment we go to the Verizon website to initiate a transaction, it looks like we are being scammed.

The front page offers unlimited plans for $30 per month. We’re hoping for a lower monthly cost, but we read in the short text that only the four-row family fits. Our cheapest option will cost almost three times as much.

Verizon will take over the broken Galaxy S21 Ultra as a business (Image credit: Future)

When we decide to trade in our old phones, Verizon makes us go through a series of hoops before we can get value for the device. We have a full $1,000 lead over older flagship phones like the Galaxy S21 Ultra or the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which is pretty cool. It still looks like the trading cost was a secret that Verizon didn’t want to reveal to us.

When it comes time to choose the right plan, we lose about $500 on a monthly service without Disney and mmWave 5G. The text explaining the various exceptions is again too short.

Overall, it’s easy to get to the end of the deal, only to get a much higher price than we expected. It’s easy to make a mistake, and mistakes at Verizon have the ominous result of high monthly bills. The mobile network offers both Black Friday deals and exams.

If you haven’t changed your mobile network for many years and your financial situation is strong, then do it. If you dedicate yourself to your career for two years, you can really get the best smartphone for free. Your monthly rate will be higher, but you won’t run out of data, and extra features like mobile hotspot and Disney streaming packages on your phone are quite useful.

If there is any uncertainty ahead, it is better to have your own phone and pay a very small monthly fee. Even if you need to buy an old or refurbished phone, you can take it with you wherever you go.