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Want to get the best-tasting water and ice from your fridge? Our premium refrigerator water filters use activated carbon filtration to reduce the unwanted impurities in your water. We have filters for every major brand that meet or exceed OEM standards to give you cleaner, clearer, better-tasting water and ice every time!

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Karen Potter Blanco
1 day ago

Fit well. Easy to install.

Paul in Dallas
1 day ago

Easy install and perfect fit for our Frigidaire Model # LFHB2751TF5.

Holly Corrente
1 day ago

Quick purchase!!!!

1 day ago

I hate having to change it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I replace my refrigerator water filter?

Generally, it is advisable to change the refrigerator water filter in your fridge every 6 months. Manufacturers will often publish a statement like “change filter every 500 gallons or 6 months, whichever comes first”. We find that changing the filter at 6 months ensures that the filter is still doing its job at the time of change-out keeping your water tasting great.

What does “certification” mean on a refrigerator water filter for a refrigerator?

A filter certified to a particular quality standard will have undergone extensive testing to ensure the product’s safety and quality. Common certification standards for refrigerator water filters are NSF/ANSI 42, which relates to reduction claims for chlorine taste and odor (aesthetic effects) and NSF/ANSI 43, which relates to reduction claims for over 50 contaminants, including lead, cysts, VOC and many others (health effects).

How do I find the correct water filter for my refrigerator?

Use our filter finder utility to find your filter based on the brand and appearance of your fridge. To find your filter quickly – type model number of your refrigerator into the search box on our site. The model number is usually listed on the door or inside wall of the refrigerator. If you have the existing filter – simply type the part number into the search box on our site.

Will a refrigerator water filter for my refrigerator disinfect the water?

No, a refrigerator water filter’s main purpose is to improve the taste and smell of your water and ice, it will not disinfect the water or render clean water from water that is microbiologically unsafe. Manufacturers assume that the water entering the refrigerator is potable and safe to drink.

Refrigerator Water Filters

Largest Selection

We have the largest selection of refrigerator water filters in all the top brands (including compatible versions at a value price). Replacing your refrigerator water filter regularly is an important and easy step in your home’s maintenance routine. We recommend installing a new refrigerator water filter at least once every 6 months. Replacing your old refrigerator water filter will reduce unwanted taste and odors from tap water. 

Tested & Certified

We carry big name brands like EveryDrop®, GE®, Frigidaire®, Samsung®, LG® and more. These filters are tested and certified to meet or exceed NSF/ANSI standards for the reduction of common contaminants from your drinking water. DiscountFilters also offers compatible brands – designed to offer a great combination of performance and value.

Cleaner, Better Tasting Water

Using advanced activated carbon technology, our filters will improve the quality of the water used for drinking and ice-making. Over time – water filters will become less effective at capturing contaminants, and this is when we recommend replacing your filter. We recommend a new filter every six months for optimal water drinkability and flow.

Fridge Filter Finder

If you don’t know what kind of fridge filter you need, use our convenient fridge “filter finder” above. Simply select your fridge brand, fridge style, fridge filter location and removal type, and we’ll show you the filter that will fit your fridge. It’s as simple as that.

All product names, logos, brands, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used on this page are for identification purposes only. and National Trade Supply, LLC are not affiliated with or endorsed by these brands.

Sediment Filters | Discount Filters

Sediment filters are used in whole house water filtration systems, under sink water filtration systems, and reverse osmosis systems. These water filters capture sediment, dirt, rust and scale and prevent these contaminants from causing problems with appliances, plumbing and other downstream water filters. Our selection includes polyspun, string wound, and pleated sediment filters. We also offer filters with activated carbon – which help remove chlorine and other organics.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

4 days ago

Works great & very reasonably priced!

Zeljko Pavelic
4 days ago

Excellent filter water tastes great

Shannon Clairmont
5 days ago

Item is as described and fit my water filter perfectly. Tremendous value and fast shipping!! I will be ordering again and I have already recommended this company to family and friends when looking to replace filters.

Gary Kendrick
6 days ago

In the stores they come 2 in a pack. They around $18- $20. Most times they are sold out. Here you get a 8 pack for much less if you bought 8 packs in the store. Will shop here again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do sediment filters do?

Sediment filters are the first line of defense against suspended particles in your water like dirt, rust and scale.

What are the different sizes for sediment filters?

There are 4 common sizes for sediment filters. For under sink applications – a 2-1/2” X 10” size is most common. For whole house and well water applications – a larger 4-1/2” X 10” format is common – and sometimes referred to as “Big Blue”. 4-1/2” X 20” filters are also used in residential whole house and commercial application. 2-1/2” X 20” filters are most used in commercial food and beverage applications.

What is the difference between pleated, polyspun, and string wound filters?

All of these sediment filters are constructed from polyester or polypropylene materials and they all perform in much the same way.

Do I need to add a sediment filter system if I have a well?

Yes. Private wells are more prone to sediment contamination than city water. Adding a whole house sediment filter will protect appliances and make plumbing fixtures last longer. Sediment filters are often used a pre-filters for water softeners.

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Main filter ITA-25-3/4, F20125-3/4P Temperature: 35°C, Thread diameter: 3/4″,


Inline Filter ITA-25-1/2, F20125-1/2P Temperature: 35°C, Thread Diameter: 1/2″


Filter for sink ONEGA 5 -ST Antibacterial, F10520


Main filter ITA-05-1/2, F20105-1/2 Standard: SL, Temperature: 35°C, Thread diameter: 1/2

V STORE 9000 3

Inline filter ITA-05-1, F20105-1 Standard: SL, Temperature: 35°C, Thread diameter: 1 inch


Inline Filter ITA-21-3/4, F20121-3/4P Temp: 35°C, Thread Diameter: 3/4″


Inline 900 60 filter ITA-06 -1/2, F20106-1/2 Standard: SL, Temperature: 35° C, Thread diameter: 1/2


Inline filter ITA-21-1/2, F20121-1/2P Standard : SL, Temperature: 35°C, Thread diameter: 1/20061 ITA-05-3/4, F20105-3/4 Standard: SL, Temperature: 35°C, Thread diameter: 3/4 , Thread diameter: 1 inch,


Filter under the sink ONEGA 3-ST Antibacterial, F10311 Temperature: 35 ° C, Capacity: up to 2


9006 0 Filter for sink ONEGA 3-ST Softening, F10311-U Temperature: 35° C, Capacity: up to 2


Inline filter ITA-10 3/4″, F20110-3/4 Standard: SL, Temperature: 35°C, Thread diameter: 3/4


Filter under the sink ONEGA 3-ST Anti-iron, F10311-Fe Temperature: 35° С, Productivity: up to 2 C, Diameter


Trunk filter ITA-10 1/2″, F20110-1/2 Standard: SL, Temperature: 35° С, Thread diameter: 1/2 -U Temperature: 35° C, Capacity: up to 2


Filter for washing ONEGA 4-ST Softening, F10411-U Temperature: 35° C, Capacity: up to 2


9000 2 Trunk filter STEEL BRAVO SINGLE 3/4″, F80106-3/4 Standard: SL, Temperature: 70 °C, Diameter


Filter for washing NEVA Softening, F10602 Temperature: 35° C, Capacity: 2-3 l/min. , Type


23 888

9 0002 Filter for water OMOIKIRI Pure Drop 2.1.4 (4998004)


Filter main line PENTEK black housing 1/2 for hot water

9001 1 TO STORE


7 600


Combination filter (with pressure reducer) FK 06 1/2″ AA Resideo Braukmann Honeywell


Filter for 90 061 purifying water active Whale Aquasource Clear WF1530 308 x 54 mm purifies 4500 l Diameter,


Main filter 3/4″ STEEL BRAVO, F80107-3/4 Standard: SL, Temperature: 86 °C, Thread diameter:


90 002 Water filter for coffee machines Bosch, Siemens TCZ6003, 00461732 Supported brands: Nivona, GTIN:


Filter for washing NEVA Standard F10601 Temperature: 35° C, Capacity: 2-3 l /min., Type


Filter inline PENTEK w/pr 1/2 opaque housing for cold water


Cartridge made of polypropylene thread Admiral FPN-10-10 microns (EFN 63/250, PPY, VP-10M), rope filter coarse filter water for Geyser, Barrier, Aquaphor type: cartridge, capacity: 30 l/min, filter element resource:



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Cheap water filters

rating of water purification filters for home

Under sink, faucet or jug ​​- what’s the difference and which is better

Polina Morovova-Scheiner

does not drink tap water

Author profile

When scale builds up in a kettle, you don’t want to drink this water.

To make it cleaner, you can install a filter. The simplest and cheapest is a jug filter. On Yandex Market, prices for them start at 590 R. But there are other options, among which I chose the best.

Selection criteria

Filtering capacity. Filters have one cartridge – block, module, cassette, stage – and there are several. The more of them, the more levels of purification the water goes through and, as a result, it turns out cleaner and safer. Cartridges contain a filler or liner that traps dirt and dangerous particles.

Filter life. This is the maximum amount of water that the filter can pass through and clean. You can pour more, but then the water will pass as it is.

Installation site. The filter can be placed on a table, attached to a faucet, attached to a shower, installed next to a sink, under it or on a pipe. Some take up little space, such as mug-sized faucet nozzles. And for ten-liter filter systems, you need a whole cabinet.

Price per liter of finished water. Each cartridge has an amount of resource that it can filter. I divided the cost of the cartridge by the yield. For calculation, I took cassettes for hard water from all filters.

Consumables. Every filter needs to change cartridges. There are no such things to put once and for the whole life. Here I estimated the frequency and cost of replacing cassettes and other spare parts.

Filter features. Features of work and care, what can break, what needs to be tightened up, what is included.

The best water filters according to our assessment

I evaluated the filters based on reviews on marketplaces, studied English-language selections and recommendations. I chose the most worthy ones with ratings from 4.5 to 5. The list of final nominees:

  1. “Grand Neo Barrier” 4.2 l – desktop.
  2. “Geyser 1UZH Euro” – compact and budget.
  3. Aquaphor Crystal is optimal.
  4. Geyser Allegro – with perfect cleaning.
  5. Aquaphor Topaz.
  6. “Aquabright ABF-3 1/2” – for coarse cleaning.
Desktop Optimal Perfect cleaning
Barrier Grand Neo Aquaphor Crystal Allegro Geyser
Jug with monthly cassette. Popular simple two-liter filter Waste-free and powerful filter for soft water. Cassettes can be reused High flow reverse osmosis filter. Gives a lot of clean water and takes up a lot of space
On Yandex Market – from 699 R On Yandex Market – from 3190 R On Yandex Market – from 8500 R
Compact and budget For coarse cleaning
Geyser 1UZh Euro Aquabright ABF-3 ½
Screw on tap, one cassette, lasts six months Cleans the water in the pipe from sand and rust. You can’t drink it, but the filter protects pipes and equipment
On Yandex Market – from 2523 R On Yandex Market – from 1409 R

Table top

Barrier Grand Neo

Jug with monthly cassette. Popular simple two-liter filter

On Yandex Market — from 699 Р


Aquaphor Crystal

Waste-free and powerful filter for soft water. Cassettes can be reused

On Yandex Market — from 3190 Р

Perfect cleaning

Geyser Allegro

Reverse osmosis filter with high water consumption. Gives a lot of clean water and takes up a lot of space

On Yandex Market – from 8500 R

Compact and budgetary

Geyser 1UZH Euro

Screwed onto the tap, one cassette, lasts for six months ska and rust. You can’t drink it, but the filter saves pipes and equipment

On Yandex Market – from 1409 R

But we do not distort or embellish the reviews. The choice of specific things does not depend on whether we receive a commission.

Product reviews in Tinkoff Magazine are independent. We make a verdict based on reviews of things and devices that we carefully studied, or how these things performed during editorial tests.

For reviews, we either request products from the manufacturer for testing, or we buy them ourselves, or we study reviews in other publications and user opinions. Our reviews are subjective, but honest and expert: opinions are written by authors who have more than one review behind them. The editorial team of Tinkoff Magazine double-checks the texts, proofreads them and conducts fact-checking.

All prices are at the time of publication of the material, but we update them periodically to keep the reviews up to date.

Tabletop filter jug ​​”Barrier Grand Neo”

Filter jug ​​is the most popular and simple filtration system. Fill it with tap water and wait for it to flow through the cassette.

Cassette contains compressed activated carbon. It makes the water softer: excess minerals settle in the coal, the content of iron, lead, and chloride content decrease. Carbon inserts are available in all types of filters.

Such a system usually costs about 1000 R per jug ​​and cartridge, and then you only need to buy additional cartridges. In most Russian regions, the water is rather hard, so you should take special cassettes for hard water and change them every couple of months.

It is cheaper to buy a set of cassettes, they are often discounted: for example, by the piece – 397 R, and for six cassettes – 1848 R, 308 R per piece. If the water flows too fast or, conversely, super slow, it means that the filter is clogged and it’s time to change it.

This large capacity jug is only 4.2 liters. Of these, 1.7 liters is a funnel, a place for water from a tap, and about 2.2 liters is clean water.

The jug is dishwasher safe, the lid should be cleaned with a damp cloth. To pour water from it, you need to press the lid above the handle – some users say that this is a drawback. If this is not done, water will flow in all directions and blow off the lid.

Crystal clear water and no scale: 5 reasons to choose a reverse osmosis filter How much:

  • on Yandex Market – from 969 R.

A smaller alternative to is the Tokyo Barrier XS Opti-light jug. The total volume is 2.5 liters. It is half the size of the “Grand Neo” – it fits in the refrigerator door. It produces about 1.2 liters of pure water. “Opti-light” made of transparent plastic, it can be washed in a dishwasher. There is a cassette consumption indicator on the cover so as not to forget to change it. This is the lid opening counter and its reset button.

Cartridges for it – cassettes for filter-jugs “Barrier hardness 6”, cost 370 R per piece or 1850 R for six pieces. A liter of pure water – 0.88 R.

How much:

  • on Yandex Market – from 749 R.

A bigger alternative to is the Brita Flow XXL dispenser. The dispenser is a huge jug. The total volume is 8.2 liters. Takes up space on a table the size of an A4 sheet. The filter resource is 300 liters, which is slightly less than other jugs. But cleaning is not single-level, but three-level: from scale and chlorine, iron and small particles, organic impurities and bacteria. A filter for a month, immediately gives a large volume of water – about 5 liters, purifies water to the level of bottled water.

Cartridges are called “Brita Maxtra+ hardness expert”, cost 750 R per piece or 1599 R for four pieces. A liter of clean water is 1.3 R.

Optimal is a filter under the sink “Aquaphor Crystal”

“Crystal” is a three-stage soft water purification system with a separate faucet. It is installed under the sink to the cold water faucet. When you open the faucet, water gradually flows through three filter cartridges. You can drink it. The flow rate is 2. 5 liters per minute. That is, an ordinary kettle with a volume of 1.7 liters will be filled in less than a minute.

To install the system, you will need to remove the faucet next to the sink. To do this, you will have to drill a hole in the countertop or sink with a diameter of 10 mm.

Cassettes purify water from sand, dust, rust, chlorine, pesticides, microorganisms. Cassette resource – 8000 l. This is enough for 6-12 months of daily use for soft water. If the water is closer to hard, the filters will clog quickly, perhaps in 1-3 months. Then you should replace them with cassettes for hard water of the Crystal format. If you know that your water is hard, install a hard water treatment system right away.

There are different types of replacement modules. It is important to use the Crystal format modules, others, such as Standard or Trio, will not work: the size is not the same. Kristall has a convenient system for quick replacement of cartridges: put it in, turn it, it clicks and locks.

Filters can be regenerated every 3-6 months until modules are completely replaced. They need to be taken out, washed and cleaned. Detailed mechanics are in the instructions for the system.

Includes soft water cassette. They cost 2467 R for a set of three modules. Cassettes for hard water — 2557 R per set. The cost of a liter of clean water from any cassette is 0.3 R.

How much it costs:

  • on Yandex Market – 3190 R.

Alternative for hard water – Geyser Standard for hard water. Three-stage cleaning system for washing, but immediately for hard water. The resource of cassettes from the kit is 12,000 liters. Before installation, it is important to read the instructions. It describes that the cartridges are not fully secured and must be tightened tightly before installation. Otherwise, the cassettes will leak. The set includes a wrench for tightening. 10 Slim Line format cassettes, so any analogues are suitable.

A set of three “Geyser” cartridges of 10″SL standard costs 1659 R. Cassette resource is up to 7000 liters, a liter of pure water is 0.24 R.

A set of three cartridges for super hard water “Geyser Max No. 17” costs Rs.

For installation there is a detailed clear instruction, keys, tubes and adapters. A drill will also come in handy for the holes for the faucet in the countertop and for the outlet to the sewer in the closet. The keys are specific, so don’t lose them: they won’t work for other filters. The tubes are conveniently marked with different colors, unlike others. For example, Aquaphor has only red and blue markings. When installing, you need to tighten the flasks with cassettes tightly, otherwise they will leak.

Water tank with a total volume of 12 liters, the actual volume is approx. 8 liters. Filters get dirty at different rates. The pre-treatment modules should be changed every six months, the membrane, mineralizer and post-filter – once every 1-2 years. Before starting work, the entire system must be flushed – instructions are included. The first set of water takes a long time – about three hours. Then the water is collected for about half an hour. Pure water is stored in a tank. It is advisable to use it within 2-3 days. And if you are leaving for a long time, drain completely so that it does not stagnate.

If scale still remains in the kettle after installation, it is worth checking that the hoses are attached correctly. If you confuse a hose into a tank and a hose into a drain, then clean water will go into the sewer, and running water will go into the kettle.

A set of cartridges for Allegro Geyser without a membrane cost from 1560 R for a set of four. You need to change every 6-12 months. A liter of pure water – 0.22 R.

There are also cartridges without the Geyser Allegro mineralizer – from 1674 R for a set of five pieces. A liter of clean water – 0.44 R.

How much it costs:

  • on Yandex Market – from 8500 RUR.

    Flasks with filter cartridges, transparent. This means that you can see when the cassette is dirty and you need to change it. You may need a pump to pump water if the pressure in the tap is low. Cassette size — 10 Slim Line. This filter is suitable for analogues of the same format for different types of water and pollution.

    A complete set of five cartridges for reverse osmosis “Universal Aquabright” costs 1890 R. Two of them need to be changed every 1-2 years. A set of three cassettes for hard water should be changed every 3-6 months. This will cost 641 R. A liter of pure water costs 0.16 R if you buy three cassettes, and 0.5 R if you buy five cassettes. 1890 R. Then “Aquabright” will cost 9495 R. Further – 4454 R per year.

    How much does the filter system cost:

    • on the Yandex Market – from 5682 R.

    Compact and budget – nozzle on the tap “Geyser 1UZH Euro”

    9 0002 This is a sink filter. “Geyser” is connected directly to the tap: remove the aerator from the tap, put on the adapter ring from the kit and the filter nozzle. The water will go into the filter and out of it will be poured out through a small faucet. There is a switch to direct the water flow to the filtration or to the sink. This helps not to waste the cartridge when you wash dishes or collect water for cleaning.

    This filter is convenient to take on trips and can be used on any faucet. It does not need to be connected to the water supply system like reverse osmosis filters. It is easy to replace the cartridge, and through the transparent case you can see how dirty it is. The resource of the cassette is 7000 liters, which is enough for about six months. Cartridges can be regenerated – rinsed according to the instructions and reused.

    When the filter becomes clogged, the faucet may start to leak due to the pressure of the water. Therefore, it is better to install a hard water cassette and clean it every 2-4 months.

    “Geyser” is convenient to use in the country house and in a rented apartment, when it is not possible to install a large filtration system. A liter of water will cost less than a jug: 0.26 R against 1.1 R.

    The filter will fit cartridges for Geyser Aragon 2 hard water, they can be purchased for 1820 R.

    What are water ionizers

    Annual maintenance: in the first year, the filter and cartridges for it will cost 4343 R. Then you need to buy two cartridges annually – 3640 R.

    How much it costs:

    • on the Yandex Market – from 2523 R.

    Coarse cleaning – main filter “Aquabright ABF-3 1/2”

    Master’s task al filter – preliminary water purification. Such a filter is placed not on a tap, but on a pipe. First of all, it is needed where rough cleaning is needed: when water is supplied from a well or spring, when water goes directly to equipment, a battery, an industrial heater, in areas of factories and industries, or when there are old rusty pipes in a house.

    In such places, there is large dirt in the water: sand, rust particles, a lot of iron, chlorine and other unsafe substances, bacteria from well water. The main filter collects it. The outlet water is technical, but purified. You can’t drink it, like any tap water. Then it already enters the filter system on the tap or into the kettle for boiling.

    This set is three-stage – three flasks for three cassettes. You can put cartridges for a conventional filter under the sink, for example, the Aquabright universal set – 609R. A liter of purified industrial water – 0.12 R.

    How much:

    • on Yandex Market – from 1409 R.

    Alternative – single-stage “A quabright ABF-10-34”. This is the same transparent flask as the previous “Aquabright ABF-3 ½”. But only one cassette can be installed there, if there are a lot of three. Normally the filters work with cold water up to 35°C, but this one has a cassette for hot water up to 82°C.

    Users usually put in a polypropylene or rope cartridge. “VP-5 M Slim Line 10” costs 103 R apiece. Polypropylene cartridge “PP-10 M Slim Line 10” – 73 R per piece. Liter of purified technical water – 0.01 R.

    Where are the biggest problems with water in Russia


  • Understand what you expect from the filter. To remove scale in the kettle, so that the water is not yellow, so that it does not smell of bleach – these are all different tasks, and each has its own cartridge.
  • Find out if your water is soft or hard. This can be found on the city water services website. For example, Mosvodokanal has a map of Moscow and a stiffness calculator. For St. Petersburg, there is a table by district from October 2022. Focus on more of the indicators.
  • Estimate your budget for buying a filter now and for annual maintenance. Some cassette sets cost more than a cleaning system and may need to be replaced every three months.
  • See if it’s easy to buy consumables, install yourself and apply for warranty.