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Browse our electric cooktop models that provide consistent heat and easy cleanup on models with glass top surfaces and find the right one to fit your kitchen style and cooking routine.





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Upgrade Your Kitchen with a Whirlpool

® Electric Cooktop

Our electric cooktop lineup offers easy-to-clean glass surfaces with high-performance features to help you cook all of your family’s favorites. Available in a variety of colors, number of elements, and with features like the FlexHeat Dual and Triple Radiant Elements that give you two or three element sizes in one, you’re sure to find the right fit for your kitchen.

Choosing the Right Electric Stove Top for Your Kitchen

Consider your kitchen layout, where you’ll install your cooktop and which features are most important to you when picking out an electric cooktop. Make sure to measure your space to choose the cooktop size that works best. In addition to compatibility with standard range hoods, some of our electric cooktops are available with a downdraft option. These cooktops, whether they be 2-burner4-burner or 5-burner gas and electric cooktops, feature a built-in ventilation system, eliminating the need for an oven hood and creating the opportunity for more flexibility as you design your kitchen layout. If you have different kitchen needs, explore other types of cooktops from Whirlpool.

Taking Care of Your Electric Cooktop

To keep your electric stove top clean and working like it should, read more about the right way to clean a glass surface cooktop.

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Electric Cooktops | KitchenAid

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Shop electric cooktops from KitchenAid brand to elevate your stovetop techniques and your kitchen style. Explore select models with Even-Heat Technology that ensures consistent heat for exceptional boiling, simmering, melting and more. Inner- and outer-ring radiant elements on select burners give you versatility to adjust heat and cooking size based on your cookware. The low-profile and untethered design allows you to install an electric cooktop nearly anywhere within your kitchen. Browse electric downdraft cooktops perfect for a streamlined kitchen island installation without the need for an overhead vent. Choose from black or stainless steel electric cooktops featuring elegant, easy to clean ceramic-glass surfaces. KitchenAid® electric cooktops provide flexibility and power to meet whatever new cooking challenges you’re trying. Explore our cooktop sales for current deals and savings on KitchenAid® cooktops.


Explore a range of electric cooktop sizes to find the perfect fit whatever your kitchen size or cooking ambitions. Pair a 30 inch electric cooktop with a standard wall oven for a classic size and setup with 4 or 5 burner electric cooktop options to choose from. Or make space for a feast with 36 inch electric cooktops featuring 5 burners and select models with triple-ring round elements to maximize your cooking flexibility. Elevate your cooking even in small spaces with a 2 burner electric cooktop, or utilize these compact 15 inch electric cooktops as a supplemental warmer to prep large meals. Shop our electric cooktops today to find the model that pairs best with your kitchen and your culinary aspirations.




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What are the types of electric stoves by type of burners, coatings

When choosing an electric stove, the user is faced with an abundance of varieties of this technique. Types of electric stoves include several categories. Household appliances are divided according to the type of heating element, surface material and installation method. Despite the fact that there is no strict and clear classification, it is possible to somewhat systematize and streamline the whole variety of the modern stove market.


Types of heating elements

The classification of stoves by type of heaters is one of the key ones, most often sellers subdivide hobs in this way. In addition, the type of heater determines the power consumption of the device, the speed of cooking, the types of suitable dishes.

Heating elements

Heating element burners are the main type of heating used by in budget segment stoves. The format can be in the form of a tubular spiral (more common in desktop models) or disk. Cast iron burners-heating elements warm up for a long time, and cool down slowly. The peculiarity of their installation is that they always rise above the surface of the stove, which creates such inconveniences as accidental tipping of dishes and difficulties in cleaning.

The advantage is the unpretentiousness of the dishes used, the user can install pots and pans from any material or with defects on the bottom.

In addition to stoves with standard pancake discs, models with modified elements are on sale: automatic and express burners. Discs with a white marker in the center are equipped with sensors that automatically regulate the heat supply. Such burners are called automatic. Express drives are marked with a red circle in the center. They have a higher power, due to which they heat up quickly.


These are burners with band heating elements. The heating coil is made of energy efficient alloys. The burner heats up within 5-7 seconds, and after turning off it cools down just as quickly. Adjustment of heat supply is stepwise, energy consumption is 1.5 times higher than that of heating elements. Despite the advanced technology, these types of stoves have not received proper distribution, they are being “forced out” by induction hobs.


This is a quartz tube filled with gas. The burner heats up almost instantly, 2-3 seconds. Elements are installed on glass-ceramic hobs . Energy consumption can be called “average”. If we analyze the reviews of the owners of such electric stoves, we can note the high quality of workmanship and the minimum number of complaints. However, the price of such plates is quite high.


Induction heating elements differ from all of the above by the principle of operation: they heat only the bottom of the pan in which the dish is cooked . Due to this property, the surface of the plate does not heat up, the user is protected from thermal burns.

The power of the burners is adjustable, which ensures the energy efficiency of the appliance.

Important! For cooking on an induction cooker, special cookware with a magnetizing bottom is required.

Read more about induction cookers here.

Combined heaters

Analyzing what types of electric stoves are, one cannot lose sight of combined devices. Can be combined as gas + hi-light, induction + gas or induction + hi-light. As a rule, the combination implies a “2 x 2” division, that is, 2 zones with one type of heater, and 2 with another.

Electric cooker with combined burners

Combo models have gained popularity due to their versatility, a striking example is the combination of an induction cooker and ceramic burners. The former are characterized by low power consumption, fast heating and safety. Ceramic burners are not so safe, but they allow you to use any cookware that is not suitable for “induction”.

Classification by type of installation

Structurally, electric stoves are divided into two main categories.

Built-in electrical appliances

The built-in electric cooker can be a hob only or offered with an oven. The first format is the most popular among buyers. The hob is not so difficult to fit into the interior of the kitchen: installation manipulations are minimal. In the countertop of the kitchen set, a hole corresponding to the size of the panel is cut out in the selected place. An electric stove is inserted into the prepared hole and fixed from below with special mounting plates.

Built-in electric stove with oven

Built-in oven kit requires more complex installation and also imposes a restriction on the choice of installation location. It is advisable to provide a niche between the parts of the headset for built-in appliances. Otherwise, you will have to cut out space at the bottom of the headset to accommodate the oven, and in the countertop – a hole for installing the hob. During the installation of the kit, the upper part is connected to the oven using the wires provided in the design.

In both installation options for built-in electrical equipment, it is necessary to prepare a power line of the appropriate power with a socket for connecting the device.

Cookers of the classic separate format

Electric stoves of the classic plan do not lose their relevance: desktop appliances with a compact oven or portable ones, as well as floor stoves with a full-fledged oven.

Portable or compact table top models buy for summer cottages. Also, the format is suitable for use in a communal kitchen to quickly heat up a finished dish or cook fried eggs when a communal stove is busy. To use the desktop model, you need sufficient space on the kitchen table near an electrical outlet.

The floor hob is functionally superior to the tabletop version. Can be installed in any convenient place in the kitchen. The only requirement is to organize a powerful power wiring from the shield with the installation of an appropriate outlet.

Freestanding electric stove

What is the difference between the coatings

The main working area of ​​any stove is the hob, where the burners are placed. There are several types of coatings:

  • enamel;
  • stainless steel;
  • tempered glass;
  • glass ceramic.


The advantage of enamel is a wide range of colors, and with proper care, this material can last for many years. As a rule, classic freestanding stoves or portable electric stoves are covered with enamel.

Enamelled electric stove

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a practical and aesthetic option, it can be matt or polished. Unlike enamel, steel is more resistant to abrasive powders and metal sponges, but their systematic use can lead to a loss of luster. Stainless steel withstands significant mechanical shocks and in general is a fairly resistant coating. Its only drawback is that steel quickly becomes dirty, all drops of water or traces of food are visible on it.

Stainless steel electric stove

Tempered glass and glass ceramics

Tempered glass, like glass ceramics, attracts with its strength and presentable appearance. Smooth, shiny surfaces will complement any design in a sophisticated way, but requires a special approach when using . First of all, they must be protected from point impacts, any abrasives and metal sponges. Aluminum cooking utensils leave traces, so they should also be discarded, making a choice in favor of stainless steel, heat-resistant glass, cast iron or ceramics.

Comparing tempered glass and glass ceramics, the former loses a little. One of the useful properties of glass ceramics is vertical heat transfer. In simple terms, a heating element is located under the outlines of the burner, which transfers heat strictly vertically. Thus, during the cooking process, it is predominantly the burner that heats up, and not the entire surface of the stove.

Built-in glass-ceramic hob

Function and type of control

Inexpensive models with cast iron or spiral heaters are simple mechanical control . The lack of electronics is not always a disadvantage; for those users who find it difficult to master new equipment, this is the best choice. The option of budget models will not impress with innovation and convenience, but these criteria are not always a priority.

Glass-ceramic or tempered glass tops are mostly equipped with touch or slide controls. Many modifications have a separate display for displaying the current work process and given commands.

Induction cooker slider control

What interesting options can be in such devices?

  1. Adjusting the size of the burner when the cooking zone “adjusts” to the pan. The burners in such stoves cover most of the cooking surface and can be combined, this makes it possible to cook both in small dishes and in large or non-standard ones.
  2. Heating zone extension , 2 and 3 ring zones. As a rule, there are one or two zones in the stove with an increase in the heating diameter.
  3. Panel block from accidental start during cooking or when switched off. The safety option, firstly, will protect young children, and secondly, it will not allow you to knock down the cooking settings from an erroneous touch.
  4. The timer can operate on the entire hob or on a specific heating zone. After the time has elapsed, the burner switches itself off or only signals readiness.
  5. Induction and hi-light hobs step power adjustment . The more cooking modes, the more accurately you can choose the temperature.
  6. Power boost – intensive heating, when the power is increased by 30-50%, by reducing the power of neighboring burners.
  7. Auto-boil – the stove increases power until boiling, then the temperature drops to the set temperature.
  8. Other safety functions when the device automatically turns off when: the liquid boils away or the dishes are empty.
  9. Residual heat/mains connection indication.

Hansa electric stove with timer

Form and design

Modern electric stoves look flawless: no unnecessary details, laconic shapes, smooth surfaces, basic colors. Speaking about color , it should be noted that the glass ceramic hob can be decorated with ornaments or design illustrations. The latter will cost more, but plates with simple patterns are rare, but quite affordable.

Classic ranges in enamel or stainless steel are not particularly stylish, but they are quite capable of complementing both a cozy kitchen and a stylized hi-tech one.

The shape of the stationary free-standing cookers is not creative, unlike built-in appliances. Flat recessed panels can be round, oval, rectangular or custom. The fewer burners on the stove, the more free space will remain on the table.

The number of burners for household electric stoves varies from 2 to 6. The cheapest models use spiral heating elements, stoves with metal heating elements – pancakes are offered a little more expensive. Models with disk-shaped heaters are considered practical. When leaving them, traces of food and stains are easier to remove.

Some brands use in equipping models the technology of changing the shape and size of the burner due to its multilayering. The heating zone is adjusted by means of a touch or mechanical button, depending on the diameter of the bottom of the cookware placed on the burner.

A little about cookware

As mentioned above, the advantage of spiral or cast iron burners is that absolutely any cookware can be used on such stoves. Glass-ceramic surfaces are more demanding, it is not recommended to put aluminum utensils on them, it leaves traces. Induction heaters heat only those dishes, the metal of which contains ferromagnetic elements.

Any cookware can be used on the induction hob using the adapter

Users of glass-ceramic electric cookers are advised to select round cookware. You should also carefully monitor the adjustment of the heating zone in order to avoid burnout of the surface in places of “idle” operation of the burners.

Important! When operating the stove with any type of burners, the bottom of the pot or pan must completely cover the heating surface. Otherwise, droplets of liquid will eventually lead to burner failure.

Regardless of the type of kitchen utensil, be it a pot, frying pan, coffee maker (geyser or cezve), the bottom must be clean and even. Such defects as chips, dents or furrows are not allowed.

Summing up, we can say that the range of electric cookers is able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users. A rich variety covers the entire price range, contains all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors. In the near future, we can expect an expansion of functionality, modernization of control units, equipping stoves with various modules for remote control.

Which tile is better spiral or disc

  • Articles
  • Which tile is better spiral or disc

People have been using desktop models of stoves for cooking for a long time, over time, more advanced designs appeared – glass-ceramic induction hobs. But the classics remain in demand – spiral and disk models. The main advantage of portable stoves is mobility and ease of use.

Types of tabletop electric stoves

Manufacturers offer two types of tabletop electric stoves:

  • Separate stand-alone stove with one or two spiral elements located in a metal tube of a round or flattened (oval) section, or cast iron disks with a flat panel. Best suited for cottages.
  • Cooker combined with oven. This set looks like an oven with a couple of burners on top. Such a model is multifunctional, since it can simultaneously or in turn cook, bake. Some models may have a built-in grill.

These cookers can be installed on any worktop and plugged into a 220 volt household outlet. About floor options, we can say that now they do not produce products with an open spiral – they are in demand: glass ceramics with hidden heating elements, induction infrared panels , etc.

Features of both types

the question for the buyer is which model to choose. You can solve the problem if you take into account the intensity of future use of the device. If the appliance is intended for leisurely cooking for one person, it will be rarely used, then disks can be preferred. If the device is bought in order to provide food for a family of several people, then you should pay attention to the tiles with heating elements.

  • Tiles with an open spiral (TEH) are produced by a domestic manufacturer Lemira, Elna, Thermia. The heaters are placed in a metal bowl or on top of an enamelled surface. The spiral heats up much faster than cast iron discs. In addition, such devices are equipped with informative switches with four degrees of heating. Heating elements are wide and narrow, the difference is in the service life. Such an electric stove cooks quickly, even cooking for several people will take a little time, especially if it is a 2-burner option. A single burner option is often used to light hookah charcoal. A significant disadvantage is that the recess-bowl for the spiral quickly becomes dirty, and the coating, over time, burns out so much that it is almost impossible to clean it. Enamelled surfaces remain in excellent condition for as long as the stove.
  • A disc hob looks much more solid than a spiral one. Actually, the way it is. A cast iron disc is harder to damage and can last longer than a heating element. It is easier to care for such a surface – there are no protrusions, recesses where food particles can get. And the disk itself is perfectly washed. After switching off, the surface keeps the temperature for a long time, especially if there is, for example, a saucepan on top. A significant disadvantage is that the disk surfaces heat up for a long time, cooking takes much longer.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that the spiral model is cheaper, but its service life is much shorter, while the price of the disk model is higher, as is the duration of operation. All compact models, both disc and spiral, are available in two types – double burner and single burner cookers . There are also combined ones, one type per comforter. You can always take it on a trip, it does not take up much space on the way, it is light in weight.

A small table top electric cooker, this is the ideal choice for temporary replacement of a stationary stove.