El tigre the adventures of manny rivera: El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (TV Series 2007–2008)

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

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      Series Info

      Thirteen-year-old Mexican superhero Manny Rivera has powers as the masked warrior El Tigre and some bizarre enemies. Manny is from a family of superpowered ancestors, his own superhero father and villain grandfather. His best friend Frida is very protective, but she can also get him into trouble. He wants to be good, but being bad is a much more exciting adventure!

      • Starring:

        Alanna Ubach,

        Carlos Alazraqui,

        Eric Bauza,

        Grey DeLisle,

        April Stewart

      • TV Network:
      • Premiere Date:
        Mar 3, 2007
      • Genre:
        Kids family
      • Executive producers:

        Jorge R. Gutierrez,

        Sandra Equihua

      Season 1

      Season 1

      Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

      The Real Ghostbusters

      The New Adventures of Captain Planet

      Victor and Valentino

      The Angry Beavers

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      Cast & Crew

      Alanna Ubach

      El Tigre


      Carlos Alazraqui

      Granpapi Rivera


      Eric Bauza

      Rodolfo Rivera


      Grey DeLisle

      Frida Suarez


      April Stewart

      Maria Rivera


      Jorge R. Gutierrez

      Executive Producer

      El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera TV Review

      A Lot or a Little?

      What you will—and won’t—find in this TV show.

      • Positive Messages


        A grandfather encourages a boy to become a villain, while his upstanding father pushes him toward a more respectable life path. The boy’s main influence is a friend who prompts him to lie, steal, and cheat, even when he acknowledges the right thing to do.

      • Violence & Scariness


        Cartoon violence includes falls from great heights, crashes into walls, and characters beating up on others — very little of which results in lasting injury.

        Did you know you can flag iffy content? Adjust limits for Violence & Scariness in your kid’s entertainment guide.

        Get started

      • Language


        “Dang” is infrequent.

        Did you know you can flag iffy content? Adjust limits for Language in your kid’s entertainment guide.

        Get started

      • Parents Need to Know

        Parents need to know that a young female character often encourages her friend to ignore his conscience and lie, cheat, or steal. The two main adult characters offer inconsistent influence over an impressionable boy — the devoted, upstanding father wants his son to be just like him, but the villainous grandfather hopes his protégé will follow in his evil footsteps. Although after much soul-searching, Manny usually follows his instincts and makes amends for any wrongdoing, in this show, life lessons mostly take a backseat to mischievous fun. Make sure young tweens understand that in real life, iffy behavior has more definite repercussions.

      What’s the Story?

      EL TIGRE: THE ADVENTURES OF MANNY RIVERA follows the antics of a 13-year-old superhero-to-be who lives with his super-hero dad and his super-villain grandfather, both of whom vie for his allegiance. Dad Rodolfo (a.k.a. White Pantera) (Eric Bauza) now focuses on fatherhood but can’t resist battling evildoers. Also retired, Granpapi (Carlos Alazraqui) (a.k.a Puma Loco) is also easily tempted back into the nefarious crimes that made him famous. As for Manny, one twist of his belt buckle transforms him into his own alter ego, El Tigre, but he’s undecided whether to use his powers for good or evil. He often turns to mischievous friend, Frida (Grey DeLisle), for guidance. Ultimately, Manny must search his heart and decide where his loyalties truly lie.

      Is It Any Good?

      Our review:

      Parents say

      Kids say

      El Tigre is the brainchild of Mexican-born husband-and-wife team Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua, who have infused the tween-geared series with touches of Latino culture. Tweens will enjoy the zany characters and exaggerated stories, but parents might take issue with the young characters’ penchant for troublemaking, the absence of a strong role model for Manny, and the overall lack of repercussions for his questionable behavior. The most disappointing aspect of the series is Manny’s friendship with Frida, who delights in getting him into sticky situations and relentlessly encourages him to lie and cheat his way out of trouble.

      Talk to Your Kids About …

      • Families can talk about strong role models. Tweens: Who are some of your role models? What do you most admire about them? How do you try to be like them? Parents and kids can also discuss how to make good decisions. How do you handle making a difficult decision? Who do you turn to for help? What kinds of tough decisions have you made? What factors played into your choice? Finally, don’t forget to talk about peer pressure. How would you feel if your friends wanted you to do something you knew wasn’t right? Would it be difficult to say no to them? Could you do it?

      TV Details

      • Premiere date:

        March 3, 2007

      • Cast:
        Alanna Ubach,

        Carlos Alazraqui,

        Grey DeLisle

      • Network:

      • Genre:
        Kids’ Animation

      • Topics:


      • TV rating:


      • Last updated:

        February 11, 2023

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      El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera | this… What is El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera?

      El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (eng. El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera ) is an American animated comedy series that tells about the adventures of the boy Manny Rivera, who lives in Wonder City – “the focus of evil and crime” . The premiere of the animated series took place on March 3, 2007 on the TV channel [2]. Nine episodes of the second season aired on Nickelodeon until September 2008.


      • 1 Description
      • 2 Creation of
      • 3 Awards
      • 4 Episodes
      • 5 Characters
        • 5. 1 Relatives and acquaintances of Manny Rivera
        • 5.2 Villains
          • 5.2.1 Pack of Furies
          • 5.2.2 Minor Villains
        • 5.3 Other superheroes
          • 5.3.1 Friendly Commonwealth League
        • 5.4 Ancestors of Manny
        • 5.5 Other characters
        • 5.6 Pets and other animals
      • 6 Interesting Facts
      • 7 Notes, sources
      • 8 Links


      The series follows the adventures of a 13-year-old boy named Manny Rivera [3] in a fictional Mexican city called Miracle City ( Miracle City ). Manny’s father is the superhero White Panther, and his grandfather is the supervillain Puma Loko. Manny himself owns a magical belt, twisting the buckle of which he turns into El Tigre – a creature endowed with superpowers (including steel claws, a deafening tiger roar, etc.). It is impossible to unambiguously define El Tigre as a hero or a villain, because Manny himself did not decide what he wants to grow up to be: on the one hand, being good is commendable, but on the other hand, “evil is much more fun. ” So Manny is an ordinary thirteen-year-old boy who does not like studying, but loves to have fun and at the same time he has superpowers that he uses for both good deeds and pranks.

      Creation of

      Manny Rivera

      El Tigre was created by a married couple of artists Jorge R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua. Working on the project, the couple took as a basis the memories of childhood and youth spent in “delightful Mexico”, and specifically in Mexico City and Tijuana. The prototype of Manny Rivera was young George, and Manny’s girlfriend Frida Suarez was Sandra. Many episodes of the animated series are based on real events from the life of George and other project participants.

      Gutierrez’s father was an architect, and his grandfather was an army general. In his own words, as a child, his aunts and other relatives often said: “ You are the spitting image of father ”, or “ You are just like grandfather ”, or “ What will you grow up to be, an artist or a general? » [4] Childhood memories morphed into a dilemma between being a superhero or a supervillain.

      Wonder City was based on Mexico City, where George Gutierrez spent most of his childhood.


      2007 – Annie Award for “Best Animated Television Product for Children” (awarded by El Tigre) and “Character Design for an Animated Television Product” (awarded by George R. Gutierrez for his work on the episode “A Fistful of Collars”). He was also nominated for awards in the nominations “Animation of the character of a television product” and “Music for an animated television product.”

      2008 – Emmy Award for “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation” awarded to Sandra Equihua – for the character design of the episode “Enter the Crow”.


      See List of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera episodes .


      Relatives and acquaintances of Manny Rivera

      Frida Suarez

      Frida Suarez is Manny’s best friend, who is always with him, even if her life is in danger (they are peers, friends since kindergarten). He studies at the same high school as Manny, Leone. More than anything else, he loves churros and extreme sports. Leader of the rock band Atomic Sombreros. Frida spends more time with the Manny family than with her own. In the episode “Tigress” twice “borrowed” Manny’s magic belt and became the superhero Tigress.

      Despite Manny and Frieda’s overtly friendly relationship (for example, Manny’s suggestion “Maybe we can hug?” Frida replied: “I’d love to if you didn’t make me sick”), there are scenes in the series that indicate that their friendship may hide warmer feelings. So in the episode “Mustachioed Boy” Manny is driving in a car in the company of girls, Frida is sitting in the same car with a displeased look. Manny is very jealous of Frida in one of the episodes of the second season, and in the episode “No Boots, No Belt, No Brero” Frida, falling into Manny’s arms, kisses him (possibly without realizing her actions).

      Credo: « Cool, dude! »

      White Panther

      Rudolfo Rivera/White Panther – Manny’s dad, Rudolfo Rivera, licensed superhero White Panther (holds a license issued by the municipal president of Wonder City). He always wears a wrestler’s mask that covers his face, the Bronze Boots of Truth, and gloves. He takes off his mask only when he shaves or has to wash it, wears it the rest of the time, even when combing his hair [5] and sleeping [6] . His face is shown in some episodes such as “The Yellow Panther”, “The Mother of All Tigers” and “Unfair Goal”.

      Over the years, unsuccessfully trying to rid Wonder City of crime. He dreams that Manny will grow up to be a real superhero and uphold the principles of goodness and justice. Gets upset when Manny does evil things to Grandpa.

      Creed: “ Manny, tattoos are evil. Tattoos, punks, piercings, dirty panties, white sugar – THIS IS EVIL!!! »

      Puma Loko

      Jorge “Grandpa” Rivera/Puma Loco (Spanish: Puma Loco – crazy cougar ) – Manny’s grandfather, father of Rudolfo. An aged supervillain “retired”. Moved in with Rudolfo and Manny to look after them after Manny’s mom left them (and also because he destroyed his resident evil). Wears a multifunctional Golden Sombrero of Chaos, which transforms into a robotic suit, with which Grandpa does evil. His dream is to grow Manny into a real super-villain. Gets upset and angry when Manny does good.

      Credo: « How glad I am that we are doing evil together! »

      Maria, Manny’s mother

      Maria Rivera – Manny’s mother, ex-wife of Rudolfo. She hates violence and left Rudolfo because she couldn’t handle his work as a superhero and the constant risks to her life. For a long time she lived abroad, where she successfully pursued her singing career (Manny visited her every month). Starts to choke when Manny acts like a hero. Works as a librarian at Leone High School.

      In the episode “Mother’s Glove”, it is revealed that Maria was once a superhero named Plata Peligrosa (Spanish: Plata Peligrosa – Dangerous Silver ) for some time, but was frightened by the destructive power of her Glove of Power and refused to use it.

      One of the gags of the series is that Maria, in order to prove her point of view, always presents a book that has the same name as the thought she expressed aloud (exclaims at the same time: “ And that’s a fact! “). Maria is voiced by April Stewart.


      The character of Sartana of the S-That-World is an allusion to the Mexican rock musician Carlos Santana, while the character itself is borrowed from the work of the Mexican engraver José Guadalupe Posada (1851-1913), who is the author of the character La Catrina (Catrina is a dandy, a skeleton in elegant women’s attire).

      • Sergio/Señor Siniestro (Spanish: Señor Siniestro – Mr. sinister ) is the same age as Manny and is in the same class as him. Very small in stature. Secretly in love with Frida [7] . His best (if not only) friend is Diego/Doctor Chipotle Jr., with whom he competed for the love of Frida [8] . On Leone’s first day of high school, Manny’s incautious comment about Sergio’s short stature makes Sergio the laughing stock of everyone, as a result he considers El Tigre his worst enemy and dreams of revenge. His evil alter ego is Señor Signestro, a supervillain in a robotic suit.
      • El Oso (Spanish: El Oso – bear ) is a large, hairy and superhuman bandit. In some episodes, he appears in the company of a bear named El Osito, whom he considers his twin brother. In the second season, it is revealed that as a child, El Oso was forgotten at a picnic and was raised by bears as a result. He constantly attacks Manny, and no matter how many times he is caught by El Tigre or the White Panther, he always escapes from prison by dinner.
      • Titanium Titanium is a former superhero whose arms are made from liquid titanium that can change shape. Titan was once the partner of the White Panther. After Rudolfo started a family and Manny was born, the Titan tried to administer justice alone, but he failed. He became angry at the whole world, and especially at Manny, whose birth, according to the Titan, destroyed his friendship with Rudolfo.
      • El Mal Verde is a very large green-skinned villain with an iron club hand. [9] No superhero is believed to be able to defeat him. Once the White Panther fought with El Mal Verde and fled the battlefield, but not because he was afraid, but because he did not want to leave Maria and little Manny alone in case of death. Voiced by Danny Trejo.
      • Monsterzuma

        Monsterzuma is an ancient monster that sleeps deep underground. His right hand is replaced by a dragon. A monster can only be awakened by touching the Monsterzuma diamond, after which the monster will not calm down until it crushes the one who touched the stone and “smeares it across the continent”.

      • Dr. Chipotle Sr. is a mad scientist with an artificial eye and an electromechanical prosthesis for his left arm, the father of Dr. Chipotle Jr. He is engaged in the fact that he constructs giant robotic monsters that rob banks for him. He has a habit of talking about himself in the third person. He suffers from an allergy to churros.
      • Diego/Dr. Chipotle Jr. — the son of Dr. Chipotle Sr., boy genius. Takes revenge on the Rivera family for the fact that the White Panther hid his father in prison. Like his father, he has an electronic artificial eye and a prosthetic instead of his left hand. The official identity (seven-year-old schoolboy Diego) is first shown in the episode “Love and War”.
      • Mustachioed mafia – a gang of four people. The ringleader is Don Buffy, an old man in a wheelchair (voiced by John Polito). Use their whiskers as weapons (whiskers transform into giant hairy hands and/or piercing tools).
      Pack of Furies
      • Zoe Avez/Vorona – goes to the same school with Manny, secretly in love with him. In the episode “Come in the Crow”, Zoe taught Manny some tricks, hoping to befriend him in order to annoy Frieda. Crow is the antipode of Manny, her family is complete supervillains.
      • Carmelita Avez / Voltura (Spanish Voltura – predator ) – Zoe’s mother, the supervillain Voltura. Sometime in the past, Rudolfo Rivera left her for Maria, and she swore revenge on the Rivera family.
      • Grandma Avez/Miss Turkey One glass eye. She once had an affair with Puma Loco, but he abandoned her, and she also vowed revenge.
      Secondary villains
      • Komrad Chaos is a retired supervillain, friend of Puma Loko, Russian by nationality. Wears a high fur hat, armed with a hammer and sickle. Also known as the Red Menace. He tells that he once robbed Wonder City’s central bank.
      • El Tarantula is a retired supervillain and friend of Puma Loko. He has six eyes and three pairs of hands, knows how to shoot webs, rents cartoon discs. He says that he once stole the moon and exchanged it for a billion dollars.
      • Mano Negra (Spanish Mano Negra – black hand ) is a retired supervillain, a friend of Puma Loko. It is a living head connected to a mechanical body, due to the high cost of fuel, it rarely uses the body and spends most of the time in a jar of solution. He lives, like the previous two retired supervillains, in a nursing home called “Casa De Adios”. He says that he once stole the city museum, entirely.
      • General Chapusa is a zombie general who coaches the Cavalier Zombies football team, in which his grandson Che Chapusa plays. Incredibly good dancer.
      • Django of the S-Togo-World is the grandson of Sartana of the S-Togo World. Hates adults, and especially when they command him. He has his own Mystic Guitar. The creators planned to develop this character more fully in subsequent seasons, but due to the cancellation of the series, this did not happen.
      • Cactus Kid is a provincial villain who came to Wonder City to conquer it. Knows how to control cacti. Hoping to make Manny jealous, Grandpa undertakes to train Cactus Kid, promising to make him a real supervillain. However, the idea fails, and as a result, Cactus Kid declares the entire Rivera family to be his sworn enemies.
      • The Calavera Bandits are a rabble that lives in Calavera, the “Evil Capital of the World”. The action of some episodes takes place in this town, about which the most sinister rumors circulate.
      • Monster Ninja Clan are old enemies of the Seventh Samurai.
      • Giant robot Sanchez is a giant robot. He lives with his wife and two children, often appears in Wonder City with the goal of doing evil.

      Other superheroes

      • Seventh Samurai is a friend of the White Panther. Rid his hometown of Shogun City, once a hotbed of villainy, of all crime. Destroyed a clan of ninja monsters. Father of Toshiro/Cyber ​​Sumo. Voiced by George Takei.
      • Toshiro/Cyber-Sumo is the son of the Seventh Samurai. A very polite boy. Superpower: Transforms into a robotic sumo wrestler suit.
      • El Cucharón (Spanish: El Cucharón – spoon ) is a former supervillain whom Maria managed to re-educate during her experiment [10] . Possesses mystical power over spoons. El Tigre once broke his favorite wooden spoon. After a successful re-education, he said that he was going to train as a cook, but in the end he received a priest’s license [11] .
      Friendly Commonwealth League

      A group of three superheroes who call themselves the “Friendly Commonwealth League”. The White Panther was a childhood fan and dreamed of joining their ranks.

      • Industrialist – Guard of Los Odinos, dressed in a flying suit, armed with a cannon that fires steel I-beams. Voiced by Bruce Campbell.
      • Cosmic Cleopatra — protector of the Earth, sorceress, controls magical cobras.
      • Silver sombrero – master of the flying sombrero, leader of the Friendly Commonwealth League.

      Manny’s Ancestors

      Manny Rivera’s ancestors through one are heroes and villains, while the heroes have the appearance of the descendants of the Spanish conquistadors, and the villains have the appearance of the indigenous population of Mexico:

      • Jaguar of Justice – Puma Loco’s father, Manny’s great-grandfather, superhero.
      • Mighty Cheetah – Manny’s great-great-grandfather, a supervillain.
      • Golden Lion is Manny’s great-great-grandfather, the first superhero in the River family.
      • Dark Leopard is Manny’s great-great-great-grandfather, the first supervillain in the River family.
      • El Tigre I — the first El Tigre, distant relative/ancestor. He was so undecided which side to choose, superheroes or supervillains, and he developed a split personality.

      Other characters

      • Raoul – Manny’s mustache, which was grown for him by Dr. Chipotle Jr. in the episode “Mustache Boy”. Endowed with an independent mind and self-awareness. At the end of the episode, Raoul and Manny break up because they realize that they are not yet ready to be together permanently. “You were like the big brother I never had, only attached to my lip,” Manny says. Raoul later appears in other episodes, usually when he needs Manny’s help.
      • Emiliano “Chief” Suarez – Frida’s father, Chief of Police of Wonder City. Very harsh and strict. Extremely hostile towards Manny, believing (not without reason) that Frida is in serious danger in his company. Thinks Manny Rivera is a bad influence on his daughter.
      • Davi Rococo/Albino Burrito (also known as Albino Donkey ) is a nine-year-old high school student who considers himself a superhero. Constantly pesters Manny with an offer to exchange superhero professional experience in the field of fighting evil. A certain intrigue is associated with this character, since a definite answer to the question of whether Davi is actually a superhero is not given in the series. With certain certainty, one thing can be said: Davi Rococo, aka Albino Burrito, no one knows where, he produces objects endowed with incredibly destructive energy.
      • Principal Jackal is the principal of Leone High School, who hates Manny and Frieda because they constantly make him the butt of jokes and pranks. He tries by all means to promote their exclusion from school.
      • Municipal President Rodriguez Mayor of Wonder City, a short man with big ambitions and a bad temper, a typical politician.

      Pets and other animals

      • Senor Chappi is a one-legged Amazonian parrot with a hat that lives in the Rivera family home. His catchphrase is “Viva knickers!” (Spanish “Viva Pantalones!”). Also once said “Viva family” (Spanish “ Viva Familia! “) and “Cookie” (English “ Cookie “) in a dream. Favorite food is earwax. Lives in a separate room due to extreme uncleanliness. One of the punishments that periodically falls to the lot of Manny is to clean up after Senor Chappi.
      • Donkey, aka Little Mule – Grandpa’s pet, a lazy and inactive donkey, is extremely devoted to him. Grandpa moved in with Rudolfo along with Donkey and Señor Chappi.
      • Monster Guacamole/Evil Guacamole is a monster created by Dr. Chipotle Jr. It is guacamole, the national Mexican sauce endowed with reason. In fact, it is the first monster in the series that Manny [12] fought. Constantly trying to eat himself. In the episode “Mustachioed Boy”, this creature was given El Tigre’s magical belt and gained cat ears, white sideburns, and clawed gloves. In the episode “Love and War”, Dr. Chipotle Jr. and Senor Signestro joined forces to destroy Manny and created a Guacamole Monster/robot hybrid, assembling the Guacamole Cowboy Giant Robot.
      • Goat is a common goat that lives in the courtyard of Leone High School. Featured in several school-related gags.

      Interesting Facts

      • Manny’s full name (Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O’Brien Equihua Rivera) includes the names of series creators George Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua.
      • The names of Manny and Frida allude to the pair of Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. As George Gutierrez said in an interview, the idea that he and Sandra resemble the most famous Mexican couple came to them after both began to study fine art.
      • In the movie Scarface (1983), one of the main characters is named Manollo “Manny” Rivera.
      • All the villains in the series have red eyes. The exception is Grandpa, who wears colored glasses so that the color of his eyes cannot be distinguished [13] . El Tigre has green eyes (his hero or villain status has not been determined). Pay Peligros (who, despite her outright villainous behavior, is still Manny’s mom, and owes her behavior to the influence of the Glove of Power) also has green eyes.
      • In an interview with Animation World Magazine, George R. Gutierrez said that he was greatly influenced by [14] the Ren and Stimpy Show series by Canadian cartoonist John Crisfalusi. By an evil irony, at one time the channel
      • In the episode “Mother of All Tigers”, which touches on Maria’s singing career after her departure from Rudolfo, her CD covers are shown. One of them depicts Maria, Manny and a goat crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing, which is a parody of the cover of the Abbey Road album by The Beatles (1969) The cover of The Ren and Stimpy Show’s songbook You Eediot!, depicting Ren and Stimpy, as well as Mud Jumper and Mr. Horse crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing, also refers to the same album.
      • Some members of the team that worked on the production of “El Tigre” are presented in the cartoon as residents of Miracle City or students of Leone’s school. For example, George R. Gutierrez is represented as a chubby Mexican with a mustache, who in the episode “Mustache Boy” sits in the office and works with a stapler, and at the end of the episode “Mother of All Tigers” announces the approach of a meteor. Sandra Equihua is portrayed as a Mexican girl who also appears in some cameo scenes. Also featured in animated form are producer Tim Youn, director/executive producer Dave Thomas, co-director Gabe Swarr, and art director Roman Laney.
      • One of the episodes was supposed to take place in Russia. The story had to do with the daughter of Komrad Chaos. Due to the closure of the show, this idea, like many others, remained unrealized.
      • In the episode “Foul Goal”, Frieda is wearing the yellow tracksuit worn by Uma Thurman in the movie “Kill Bill”. The same costume was worn by Bruce Lee in the film “Game of Death” (1978)
      • Characters in the series often make promises to do or achieve something, accompanied by the words “I swear it!”
      • Manny and Frida often refer to Manny’s father as “super macho”, which is an implicit reference to George Gutierrez, who is in a sense the character’s father – Gutierrez’s blog is called Super Macho Blogo!!! and the personal page is located at super-macho.com.

      Notes, sources

      1. Each episode of “ El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera ” consists of two episodes, there are also double episodes in which both series are part of the same story (“Escape from the Grave”, “The Good, the Bad and El Tigre” ).
      2. El Tigre – Canselled, blog post by Sean Jeles, El Tigre animator, October 29, 2007.
      3. Full name Manuel Pablo Gutierrez O’Brien Equihua Rivera.
      4. Where did El Tigre come from?, blog post by George R. Gutierrez, September 10, 2008.
      5. Episode “Bad Days”.
      6. Episode “Solo for a Hero”.
      7. The theme of Sergio’s crush was first brought up in the final episode of the first season, “The Good, the Bad and El Tigre”, and developed further in the second season.
      8. Episode “Love and War”.
      9. The name of the villain El Mal Verde is a play on words. Malverde is a fairly common surname in the Spanish-speaking world, but when pronounced separately, “ mal verde ” sounds like “ green death “.
      10. Episode “Wonder City Worker”.
      11. Episode “Bride of Puma Loko”.
      12. Episode “Night of the Living Guacamole”.
      13. On the other hand, all members of the Pack of Furies wear helmets with colored visors, but the color of their eyes is definitely red.
      14. An Interview with El Tigre’s Jorge Gutierrez in Animation World Magazine.


      • El Tigre, Las Aventuras de Jorge y Sandra: A behind the scenes look at the creation of the Annie & Emmy award winning animated series “El Tigre the Adventures of Manny Rivera”
      • El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera at Internet Movie Database
      • Video of Manny and Frieda kissing scene
      • Official page
      • El Tigre’s virtual bedroom at Nicktropolis
      • Interview with series composer Sean Patterson on AnimationInsider.net
      • Mexopolis: a collaboration between George R. Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua
      • Fulanita: Sandra Equihua’s page
      • Owner of Wendy’s Blog: storyboards from El Tigre director and producer Dave Thomas
      • Interview with George Gutierrez, creator of El Tigre
      • Super-Macho Blogo!!!: George Gutierrez’s blog
      • Holas Crayolas: Sandra Equihua’s blog
      • SuperMacho deviantART page: An unknown employee of the series posts illustrations, sketches and related materials here
      • Collecting signatures: “El Tigre: the Adventures of Manny Rivera” was unfairly closed despite excellent ratings and a loyal viewing community. If you like El Tigre (or anyone who likes it), please subscribe!

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