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Multi-Angle Extendable Desk Cell Phone Holder & iPad Stand

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Your phone is now an acrobat

Your phone gets a lot of love each day. Every time you fall into the TikTok rabbit hole, FaceTime a friend, or turn on your favorite tune, you’re holding your phone. The Multi-Angle Extendable Desk Cell Phone Holder lets you go hands-free, making multitasking easier. Adjust the angle and height and find that spot where your device is in a perfect position.

Multi-Angle】Always find the perfect spot when you’re watching a video

Extendable】Taller, shorter, whatever you like, this phone stand can do it

Sturdy】Your precious devices aren’t going anywhere

You Need This Multi-Angle Extendable Desk Cell Phone Holder When. ..

– You’re watching your favorite YouTuber.

– You’re creating content.

– You hands need a break from holding your devices.

Product Material: ABS + PC + Aluminum Alloy

Phone Holder Height: 7.5in – 10.5in (190mm – 266mm)

Phone Holder Angle: 5-45 degree

Product Size: 2. 36in x 4.21in x 6.06in (60mm x 107mm x 154mm)

Product Weight: 0.44lb (0.2kg)

Packaging Size: 4.33in x 4.33in x 7.87in (110mm x 110mm x 200mm)

Packaging Weight: 0. 66lb (0.3kg)


Number of Items per Case Pack: 40

Case Size: 22.44in x 18.50in x 16.34in (570mm x 470mm x 415mm)

Case Weight: 26. 02lb (11.8kg) 

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Adjustable Office Phone Stand for Desk





Sleek and Elegant

• This cell phone holder for the desk is made of high-quality aluminum alloy with smooth edges and a nice finish with a beautiful metallic luster. It comes with two different-sized hooks to be Compatible with devices of different thicknesses or even hold two devices at the same time. It looks sleek and elegant on your desktop.

• Unlike the other Phone Dock that can not be folded, our desktop phone holder can be folded completely to save space when you go out or travel. The phone cradle for the desk is designed with a low center of gravity and is heavy enough to hold your phones and tablets very solid and sturdy on your desktop, never drop your phone or tablets.

Nice assistance at home, office, travel etc.

• The Portable Phone Holder quickly adjusts any mobile device or tablet for an optimal viewing experience. Free your hands while freeing you from neck pain and frozen shoulder.
Great desk accessories for office and home. A smartphone stands with a perfect viewing angle for making phone calls, watching movies, viewing recipes and using facetime.

Charging Cable Hole

• With shining metallic luster, good rust prevention; with 2 convenient storage holes at the bottom, robust and practical.

• Besides, there is also a cable charging hole at the holder back, with an exquisite cutout that helps you manage the charging cable, keeps your desk clean and ensures safe and stable charging.


• The Stand for Office Desk has two hooks of different sizes, The hook width of the stand is 0. 3-0.5ft respectively, no need to remove your phone case, which is long enough to hold your device with a HEAVY CASE on, please make sure the thickness of your device is no more than 0.5ft.

Universal Compatibility

Stand for office desk work with all 4 -12 Inch smartphones and e-readers, Such as iPhone 13 Pro Max / 13 Pro/ 13/iPhone 12 Pro Max / 12 Pro/ 11/ Xs Max/ Xs/ XR/ X/ 8 7 6 6s Plus 5 5s SE , Galaxy S9 /S9 Plus/S8 / S7 / S6 / Note9/Note 8, LG, IPAD mini, Samsung Tab, Google Nexus, Kindle and so on.

Double 270° Adjustable Multi-Angle

Unlike the other Desk Cell Phone Stand Holder that only have one rotation for angle adjustment, this cell phone stand features a Dual 270 degree multi-angle adjustable and ideal for using Facetime and YouTube,easy to read.

Anti-slip& Anti-scratch

The front soft silicone pad on the Aluminum Adjustable Cellphone Stand protects the Pad from scratches and never makes the screen black. The bottom 4 soft silicone pads prevent your device from slip thus can perfectly protect your device.

Foldable & Portable

Don’t just leave it on your desk, the Double Hook Stand stand easily folds and collapses to fit in your laptop bag for on the go, wherever you go.



Q1: Would you recommend this for a home or an office setting?

We recommend using it anywhere you like. Our iPhone Stand easily folds and collapses to fit your briefcase or backpack. You can take this holder on the go, wherever you go.

Q2: How are the build and quality of the phone holder cradle?

The foldable cell phone Holder is constructed from solid aluminum, and also equipped with rubber grips to safely secure your device.

Q3: Will the phone keep falling down when placed on the holder?

The Aluminum Desktop Phone Dock Holder is made out of strong thick metal and the prongs that cradle the bottom of the phone or tablet are molded, The hinges are solid and have good resistance so no unintended movement for a heavy phone..

Q4: When setting the angle, does it lock (you need to push a button to move it), or is a friction hold (pushing a little too hard will move it)?

The angle is held in place by friction. It is pretty strong so it takes a bit of force to move it. The angle adjuster is stiff enough to hold the tension for a long time without slacking off.

Q5: Will the Aluminum Adjustable Cellphone Stand obscure the subtitles on the device?

The arc edge of the hook is lower than the height of the subtitles of the mobile phone, and will not block the subtitles. Watching movies and chasing dramas with the device will have the best look and feel.

Q6: Can I use the earphones while the phone is on the stand?

Yes you could, but you may need to lay the phone sideways depending on where your headphone Jack is.



Foldable Cell Phone Stand – Aluminum

Needs modification

It is a great idea, however the ledge that holds the phone does not work with any of our phones that have a protective case.

Well built

Very compact. Perfect for traveling and use on air travel..

My husband love this

Stays put. Very adjustable. My husbands phone sits on it all day while he is working. We both have Otterbox cases and they fit just fine. I have the large iPhone and it does not topple over. He threaded his charger through and with the design of the bottom it sits very nicely.

Top quality phone/tablet holder here.

This little thing is very sturdy and well designed for balance. It looks very professional and clean. I have a large iPhone 11 Pro Max with a case and it easily holds my device. But I can also see why it could hold tablets. The weight retention is quite surprising here. I would recommend this to anyone that has a desk set up and wants a professional phone or tablet holder. Will buy again! This company knows what they’re doing.


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    Desk phone stands

    Advantages and disadvantages of a phone holder with a lamp.

    What affects the price of a phone holder?

    We need a mobile phone everywhere. Even driving, motorists cannot do without it. Yes, and there is no need for this, because a smartphone can be used to display maps, navigate the city. Of course, holding it in your hands and driving a car is inconvenient and unsafe. On the road, it is worth using a phone placed on a special holder. This mount is also convenient for use as a tripod to take high-quality and beautiful photos with videos.

    The difference between smartphone mounts and camera tripods is that the latter are usually larger and more durable, since the camera weighs much more than a phone. The main functions of both products remain the same: they support the gadget to ensure stable high-definition shooting.

    Why use a mobile phone holder?

    Gadget mount will greatly improve the quality of your photos and videos. Even if you have a very steady hand, a tripod will do the job much better, especially for long exposures (such as shooting at night).

    When is a holder the best solution?

    1. Recording lasts several minutes or more

    When you want to record a long static video or take a photo with exposure, it is best to use a holder.

    1. Need to take a photo or video in zoom mode

    If you shoot at a distance with a large zoom, the slightest movement will notice blurring and loss of sharpness. To avoid this, you should use a stable mobile phone holder. So you get high-quality static images even with large scaling.

    1. Need to take panoramic shots

    Panoramic shots taken with a tripod will be more stable without cut-off areas. You can shoot the landscape from different angles and at any level (even low from the ground).

    1. Recording video

    Lightweight phone holder lets you capture clear, static video without camera shake.

    1. Photographs taken at night or in poor lighting conditions

    Breathtaking night shots are ideal when taken with the lamp holder. A tripod will allow you to significantly reduce blur and noise, as well as capture moving objects. An additional light source will make it possible to get high-quality pictures even in the dark.

    Phone Holder with Lamp: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Illuminated tripod is essential for taking photos or videos at night. This is an additional light source, needed when there is not enough lighting from the phone’s flash. Lamp holders are indispensable if you do not want to buy a separate light source or an additional flash for your device.

    Benefits of choosing

    • The ability to create beautiful high-quality photos at any time of the day.
    • Multifunctional use of a mobile phone in a car, on a bicycle, etc.
    • Professional lighting for the home.
    • High-quality images for beauty professionals (manicurists, eyebrow artists). No need to buy a separate selfie lamp. You save money and space.
    • Easy and convenient to use.

    Disadvantages of the holder

    There are no obvious disadvantages with the lamp stand. The main thing is to choose a product that will suit you in all respects. Some fasteners may be too low, others may not be strong enough, others may not hold the gadget well. Consider this when buying.

    What determines the price of smartphone holders?

    The cost of the holder depends on the design and functionality. Tripods are of several types.

    1. Self-adhesive

    This is the most budget option. The device is mounted on smooth glass, metal and plastic surfaces. Self-adhesive film may not hold well after several re-glues. This option is more suitable for DVRs and radars, but not for mobile phones.

    1. Suction cup

    Adheres strongly to even glossy surfaces, lasts long and is reusable. The disadvantage is the impossibility of fastening on matte areas.

    1. Magnetic

    These holders come with a metal band or ring. They adhere to metal surfaces with a magnet. This mounting option is a little more expensive due to its convenience and greater reliability. The magnet allows you to rotate the smartphone 360 ​​degrees, while the surface of the phone will not suffer, the mount will not lose strength.

    What to look for when buying a holder

    1. Height

    Smartphone tripods are available in floor, table and mini. The maximum height of desktop holders is 50 cm, they are convenient for recording vlogs. Floor standing can reach 100 cm most often used in studios. Tabletop tripods are best suited for domestic environments: they are very easy to use, durable and simple.

    1. Adjustable

    Models are telescopic, flexible and single section. The first can be adjusted to the height you need by stretching the legs. Single-section able to withstand the heaviest load. The legs of the flexible fasteners can be adjusted, thereby setting the desired height. Single section models can act as a holder or mini tripod.

    1. Attachment

    Use ¼ thread screw or clamp to attach tripods.